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Event Horizon Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed. After picking up the 4k blu ray and revisiting Event Horizon for this breakdown, I found a lot of incredible details and hidden things in it that seeped into my subconscious on a first watch, and this really elevated the movie far beyond the appreciation that I had for it originally. In this video, we deep dive into the film. This is a full breakdown of all the creepy hidden details and things you might have missed when watching it.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul and this video we're breaking down the classic movie Event Horizon. Callisto Protocol and The Dead Space Remake has got me fiending for some survival horror in space so I thought I'd revisit the movie that inspired them both.

Though the film was a critical and commercial flop at the time it's gained a massive following and I think that's because it's something that pretty much burrowed into the brains of every kid who watched it. Back in 1997 this was my first real experience of something that pushed the limits of body horror this much and I think it had the same effect on a lot of people. We're all grown up now and this movie has probably gained a cult following due to it scaring us as kids in a way that left a lasting impression.

Director Paul WS Anderson ended up working with Kurt Russell on the movie Soldier immediately after this and naturally he felt down about the film underperforming.

However Russell said:

“Forget about what this movie’s doing now. In 15 years’ time, this is going to be the movie you’re glad you made.”

And I'm glad he made it too.

Throughout this video we're gonna be going through all the creepy details and things within it that really elevate the movie and hopefully this helps you to appreciate it even more. Now when researching films like this I try and track down the origins for them and see what laid the seeds for the ideas we see on screen.

Screenwriter Philip Eisner appeared on the Overhated Movies Podcast and he said that he came up with the idea for the film when watching The Shining. The Stanley Kubrick Classic is one of my favourite films of all time and incase you haven't seen it it centres around a family put in charge of looking after a haunted hotel for the winter. Due to poor weather conditions there's no escape and Eisner said that he very much wanted to do a haunted house movie in space.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
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JSevens  Even Steven
The clown looks like John Wayne Casey clown costumes he would use when picking his victims
Vercusgames Aylar önce
I don't think the entities on the ship would have let the disarm option go through. I'm pretty sure he knew that and accepted his fate.
ivan grozni
ivan grozni Aylar önce
the sphere is a angel
EMH Aylar önce
Where is the link to the images that can't be shown on TRvid? Thought you said it would be in the pinned comment?
RPRsChannel Aylar önce
*_The center thingamajig also looks like a biblical accurate angel._*
Everything Always
Everything Always 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite horrors of all time.
Travar Aylar önce
I seen this as 15 years old... it scared the shit out of me.
Carmine Mango
Carmine Mango Aylar önce
Came here to say this exact thing!
Mikoto Aylar önce
@Emperor Trevor Norton Alien is my favourite interstellar horror movie. In part perhaps it takes time to set up the story and introduce us to the characters before bringing in the Alien. I enjoyed the second one too. Not so much the third and the fourth is a guilty pleasure.
W H Aylar önce
Lord Pyrinc
Lord Pyrinc Aylar önce
One of the very first DVD movies I ever owned. Great movie, great actors, and a great space horror movie!
IceManHG Aylar önce
Best Warhammer 40K movie so far. Great depiction of Chaos and why you need a Gellar field if you try to travel through the warp.
1099Wert 8 gün önce
This isn't a 40k movie.
Vulkan Lives
Vulkan Lives 24 gün önce
The Emperor Protects.
Matthew Wagner
Matthew Wagner Aylar önce
@The Imperium of Man Thanks for the information. Very interesting.
The Imperium of Man
@Matthew Wagner no the director is a huge 40k fan and he actually planned on making this a Warhammer movie but he didn't get the right from GW so ye
Jason Aylar önce
@Adam Markowski The lore for Vashtorr is that once they willed themselves into existence, they always existed. The Warp is wild!
Twitch Beats
Twitch Beats Aylar önce
My favorite “Easter egg” (if you can call it that) was when Weir was explaining wormholes to the crew, and he called it the “Law of Relativity” instead of the theory, because they actually proved it to be a law with the gravity drive
Rhiannon Williams
Rhiannon Williams 26 gün önce
@perrt Baxter If it wasn't the same, the Universe would disintegrate lol.
perrt Baxter
perrt Baxter 26 gün önce
@Rhiannon Williams honestly I feel ancient civilizations were a lot smarter than we are nowadays. We as a people are dumb as hell. Case in point...the year 2020 across the world.
perrt Baxter
perrt Baxter 26 gün önce
@Rhiannon Williams oh I don't know, I think physics change once we get away from our own system. We can barely get to the moon as it is. So, how can we really say, physics stay the same throughout the cosmos. We don't really know for sure bc we physically can't be there to test the "laws of physics" from our planet to a different location in the cosmos.
Rhiannon Williams
Rhiannon Williams 26 gün önce
@perrt Baxter Physics is the same wherever you go in the Universe! As for pyramids-its the easiest way to pile up a large number of rocks and not have them collapse under their own weight. People were no less intelligent or creative than they are now. Did they have better maths knowledge than we give them credit for? doubtless!
perrt Baxter
perrt Baxter 27 gün önce
@Rhiannon Williams wouldn't the laws of nature change throughout the cosmos? Like, our laws here are different on saturn and so on and so forth? Only thing I really know is that mathematics are what make up the cosmos, there's no such things as coincidences, only probabilities. Earth has patterns, Mars has patterns, along with countless other things throughout the cosmos. Patterns are no different than numbers. Numbers are in mathematics. Mathematics is the only language in the cosmos that can bridge barriers in language between humans across the world and with other beings throughout the cosmos. What would happen if the things we are taught about mathematics is only half of the truth of what mathematics really is. Mathematics were used to build the pyramids and anything architectural am I wrong? How did they build the pyramids, with such large blocks of rock that are too heavy to lift. Even with our advance construction equipment today, we can't replicate them verbatim like they were built thousands upon thousands of years ago with use of our "advanced" machinery. More importantly, how did they move stone hundreds of miles away that weigh over tons and tons, if such civilization didn't have our machinery to work with. What would you say if ancient civilizations were/are more advanced than we are taught to believe that they are, even more so than we are in today's society. wouldn't that mean that back then the ancient civilizations knew more about mathematics than what we are taught to believe there is?
Logan 2 aylar önce
I truly believe that this is one of the best horrors ever made and I will die on this hill. Glad to see some old school stuff in your breakdowns!
P T 18 gün önce
Settle down Francis!
W H Aylar önce
For the longest time it was 8n my number1 spot
Dj Deemz
Dj Deemz Aylar önce
It has loads of great lines into too , the sort of lines you end hearing in music tracks i have heard several tunes sample this film
William Rayburn
William Rayburn Aylar önce
@Lawrence Talbot I am curious what you do consider a cinematic masterpiece?
Lawrence Talbot
Lawrence Talbot Aylar önce
@Logan okay could you explain how the shining is a “cinematic masterpiece”? I found it exceedingly boring with zero scares
Yeagerwtf 2 aylar önce
Saw it in the theater. Scared the hell out of me. Still watch it about once a year. Thanks for the breakdown!!
Dave M
Dave M Aylar önce
@Nexus Drop A movie about what happens when you go through the warp without a Gellar field.
Nexus Drop
Nexus Drop 2 aylar önce
You like WarHammer 40k? A lot of people say this was the first documentation of the warp. Seems to fit pretty well.
Emperor Trevor Norton
Emperor Trevor Norton 2 aylar önce
I remember when I would watch science fiction horror at 13 or 12 this might have been new it might have been out of style since the 50s/60s because it being more mythology driven science fiction horror then slasher style that alien horror was popular for at this point in movie history when but despite all the draw backs it worked 10 fold higher than if they went with what was popular science fiction horror at the time because it stuck out not blended in
George Bagwell
George Bagwell 2 aylar önce
My gf at the time loved horror...we went to see Event Horizon twice...as long as I agree to Titanic 😂
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson 2 aylar önce
This is the only thing that ever made me fear HELL There was a 5 year old kid sitting behind me.
Zenobia Palmyra
Zenobia Palmyra 2 aylar önce
It is so sad, that there will never be a Directors Cut of Event Horizon. I would love to see the Original Cut.
Timothy Dalbeck
Timothy Dalbeck 25 gün önce
I wonder if animation could fill in the scenes that were cut?
Alkiser Aylar önce
I always felt like one of the scariest parts of this movie is how Laurence Fishburns character pretty much does what you think he should do. Stuff starts going down and he just says, we are leaving and we are destroying this ship.
Chris Simpkins
Chris Simpkins Aylar önce
This movie terrified me as a kid. I still watched it several times, though. Something about it always felt special...and totally evil.
Lone Bunny
Lone Bunny 2 aylar önce
I saw this movie in the theater when it first came out. It was at the early Saturday show (like 6-ish) and there were only 3 people in the whole theater (2 friends and me). We all enjoyed it and I still can't understand why it didn't do better. It ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to sci-fi horror.
MOO- Snuckle
MOO- Snuckle 2 saatler önce
@tyler mackenzie holy crap! I remember that movie as well, being almost as scary and twice as hard to follow,and almost noone talks about it or remembers it i feel like
tyler mackenzie
tyler mackenzie 13 gün önce
This didnt do well because it was released when sphere was released
MOO- Snuckle
MOO- Snuckle Aylar önce
Yeah, this is the most memerable horror i can think of that takes place in space. Theres so many angles of fd up goin on that if you see it as a kid, youll likely never forget it. I know i sure as F didnt. And the end shows theres no happy ending for anyone, so yeah, it basically hits every note you want a horror to hit, and also has such a great cast its amazing it somehow didnt get over with audiences at first.
Nexus Drop
Nexus Drop 2 aylar önce
Sci fi movies then to not do well. Same for some horror movies. I think with social media those days might be disappearing, M3gan did well (but it was a 'cheap' film). There are some pretty good shorts of sci fi stuff. "Dust Channel" I think on youtube.
Iggy Moondust
Iggy Moondust 2 aylar önce
The gravity drive also looks like the biblical description of an angel .
Keigan Scott-Lynch
Keigan Scott-Lynch 28 gün önce
An Ophanim, more specifically. Really fascinating little detail, as they are said to guard the throne of God.
DehnusNorder Aylar önce
Which makes sense as the front of the ship looks like an old Demon. So a Fallen angel, coming to collect on sins. :P .
Denneska Aylar önce
Exactly ! 🙂
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Ah nice but if trivia
kyle cornelison
kyle cornelison Aylar önce
I love how Sam Niell can act in movies like this, the mouth of madness, and other scary films, and then at the same time star in Jurassic Park and such lol very much an amazing actor.
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster 2 aylar önce
The shadow over the Paramount mountain and that theme song is worth the price of admission itself, amazing movie, Sam Neil kills it, check him out in, in the mouth of madness, another classic.
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Aylar önce
In The Mouth Of Madness!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Jacqueline Rodenbush
Jacqueline Rodenbush 2 aylar önce
Yes! In the Mouth of Madness was amazing!
Lubz M.
Lubz M. 2 aylar önce
The event horizon is definitely a metaphor about death, right down to the core being a visual representation of the pineal gland. Like death, it is only hell for the crew members if they go into it with anxieties, shame, fears and regrets.
Bruce Kennedy
Bruce Kennedy Aylar önce
Was lucky enough to see this at a screening, pre-release, so no trailers zero clue what it was about except it was a space horror. It blew me away, particularly the incredible set design of the ship which is really a character all itself. And when Larry Fishburn drops the immortal line “We’re leaving” there was an audible cheer in the theatre and an instant classic was born.
Gary Duggan
Gary Duggan 2 aylar önce
Remember catching this in the cinema back in the day and loving the effects and production design. It's aged very well and is probably Paul WS Anderson's best film. It was pretty much down hill from here on. Thought the soundtrack was worth a mention though, pretty banging melding of Orbital techno/electronica with Michael Kamen's orchestral score. Very cool.
Ian666peace 2 aylar önce
The opening score was just a brilliant scene setter. The perfect soundscape to set up the movie
NeverLetOff 2 aylar önce
OMG, this is one of my all time favorite movies! Great review, so glad you made it!
kidwajagstang 2 aylar önce
Same!! It presented me with a point of view/theory about space travel I hadn’t previously been introduced to. If Hell does exist, it would be an alternative dimension and if we create a way of accessing alternative dimensions, Hell would one of the possible destinations
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Thank you, hope you enjoyed the video
Gary Warren
Gary Warren Aylar önce
Thank you. I saw this movie many years ago. I was confused and remained confused by it. Had no idea what was going on. I never tried to watch it over it again. It was just so strange. I really appreciate this terrific breakdown! It makes so much more sense now. I’m ALMOST tempted to watch it again to see if I can catch some of those things you pointed out--nah. It was enough for it to be explained. LOL. Signed G’s family member T
Jennifer Sandahl
Jennifer Sandahl 2 aylar önce
We saw this in the theater and to this day it haunts me. One of the most horrific movies I’ve ever seen. Hence why I naturally clicked on this video 😂
Alfaaz Sama
Alfaaz Sama 2 aylar önce
Oh, so we're just going deep on every middle school weekend sleep over blockbuster rental that forever traumatized my psyche? Cool cool.
Tenth Nail
Tenth Nail Aylar önce
Lol! Right? 👍
hiphopanonymous Aylar önce
Lol yep
KLizzle OnFizzle
KLizzle OnFizzle Aylar önce
Most underrated comment 😊
Keith Baker
Keith Baker Aylar önce
Lol I wasn't allowed to watch this 💀 so I stayed over my friends house and his parents didn't care 🙃 I felt sooo guilty 😅 like I was going to get in trouble lol
Jay Beam
Jay Beam Aylar önce
90’s kids for life.
ImperatorX 2 aylar önce
One of the few films that genuinely scared me, both as a kid and as an adult. Still gets me on edge whenever I watch it.
ImperatorX Aylar önce
@Jason Legacy funnily enough, I've seen Martyrs, and I thought it was more dreary than horrifying.
Michael Barnidge Jr
Same, I think it bothered me so much because it wasn’t ghosts or demons or whatever it was the horror of science going wrong causing something as bad as hell.
Jason Legacy
Jason Legacy Aylar önce
If this movie scares you, you probably shouldn’t watch a movie called Martyrs because you might end up having to sleep with Mommy and Daddy after he he he 😁
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 2 aylar önce
Love the retro movie reviews/breakdowns 🤘 would love to see your views on "The Abyss"
SpacemanSpifff Aylar önce
@José R. Espinoza M. there's nothing subtle about Avatar movies so there's nothing to explain. You're all good. Some Aliens or Terminator 2 breakdowns would be cool.
Chris f
Chris f 2 aylar önce
@Thomas Vidal Great choice! I hope he covers this one
Thomas Vidal
Thomas Vidal 2 aylar önce
For retro films, how about Dark City, too?!?
José R. Espinoza M.
José R. Espinoza M. 2 aylar önce
@Heavy Spoilers not avatars please, the old stuff, the good stuff.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Yeah definitely wanna cover some Cameron at some point
mycroft16 2 aylar önce
Cosmic horror at it's absolute finest. This film just hits every little check perfectly. Tone, look, feeling, music, acting. Shows you just enough to leave you deeply disturbed and allow your mind to really run wild. It also has possible the most iconic sci-fi ship ever. The Event Horizon is a freaking work of art. Beautiful ship design. I would kill to have one of the models fully lit as a ceiling display for a theater room.
Snazzy Puke
Snazzy Puke Aylar önce
Love the theory about it possibly being a prequel to the Warhammer 40k Universe. With the Hell dimension being an early type of the Warp
CrispySatyr03 Aylar önce
Hey wanna have an explanation to what's the hell dimension?
InfraRed LXIX
InfraRed LXIX Aylar önce
@Azhalan I just wish that WSG would cut the shit and endorse it at this point. It might not have the name but it really is the beginning of the warp.
Azhalan Aylar önce
It is most likely the movie that catches the mood of the Warhammer universe best.
Envy Nemo
Envy Nemo Aylar önce
guy behind it said it was heavily influenced by warhammer and the warp
Snazzy Puke
Snazzy Puke Aylar önce
@InfraRed LXIX that's awesome and unfortunate at the same time. The fans of Warhammer seem to bring things to the screen better than the company itself, i.e. Astartes...
Harry Parsons
Harry Parsons Gün önce
I love this movie and wish we could have had the even gorier and more disturbing version. Still one of my favorites
Ian666peace 2 aylar önce
I think it is an amazing film. We can only wonder what Andersons original cut would have been like. I reckon it would have made this the greatest film of all time (apart from Lawrence Fishburn's wobbly chair)
MadamFoogie 10 gün önce
In case anyone didn't know. _Dead Space_ was mentioned a lot. But the gravity drive device was also directly lifted to serve in the final boss fight of _Silent Hill 4._ It's the same grinding mechanism that Eileen potentially walks into, during the timed end battle with Walter Sullivan. Anyway, thanks for the video essay. I wish Sam Neill could get more work in cosmic horror, because he really seems to love the genre. The man has a real talent for depicting madness. Pity Paramount shat the bed so hard.
L B Aylar önce
I saw this movie in my early twenties and it affected me as if I'd been a kid. Absolutely terrifying.
Brett Baratheon
Brett Baratheon 2 aylar önce
Saw this in the theater with my friends. Instantly became one of my favorite horror sci-fi movies of all time. Amazing film.
Chkhito Aylar önce
Love the way you started breaking down classic movies as well. Keep 'em coming!
Jason Laski
Jason Laski Aylar önce
Dead on about it being popular with people who saw it as kids. I vividly remember watching it with my friend at 13 or 14. It was one of those movies that absolutely blew away my understanding of what movies could be.
Beard_Belichick 2 aylar önce
Such a great movie, I was terrified as a kid and the older I get the more I watch it the more I appreciate it.
pink pearl
pink pearl Aylar önce
This film was criminally underrated! I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Good writing and acting definitely worth the watch. Also, if you're looking for another a sleeper try Shutter Island. Another film that doesn't disappoint!
It's Nux
It's Nux Aylar önce
Wow, fantastic breakdown. I've always enjoyed Event Horizon as a guilty pleasure. It's silly and sometimes ridiculous, but wonderfully entertaining and quotable. Now I've gained a new appreciation for the painstaking details put into it. Thank you for that!
Unlucky Fat Guy
Unlucky Fat Guy Aylar önce
Remember catching this movie on cable at about midnight when I was a kid. Everyone else in the house was asleep and I watched every second since I knew I'd be more scared if I didn't know what happened. Shit scared the hell outta me.
John F. Remedy
John F. Remedy 2 aylar önce
I just rewatched this a week ago. Not nearly as scary as I remembered but still such a dope movie…
Yeah Right
Yeah Right 2 aylar önce
Just a small correction, the gravity drive doesn't create a black hole it basically punches a hole in space/time. Dr Weir explains this briefly at the beginning of the film when he folds a piece of paper in half a pushes a pencil through it.
William Rayburn
William Rayburn Aylar önce
I appreciate your in depth breakdown and the details... I loved this movie back in the day and saw it in the theater. It really unsettled me and stays with me till now. Every movie I see with the *punches pencil through folded paper bit* to demonstrate the idea of a wormhole, black hole or light speed space travel, whatever...I think, ah yeah, Event Horizon. I just watched your Shining movie breakdown and very much appreciate your research efforts. I did not remember nor had I noticed the doorways shaped like coffins in this, thats kind of stupidly simple yet subtle enough I missed it. Cheers mate ✌🏽
Figment Forever
Figment Forever 2 aylar önce
My favorite space horror of all time. It’s incredibly creepy and I wish to the movie gods that the cut scenes would resurface in a usuable state (yes I know of the ones recovered from the mine & the VHS ones).
Black Agent
Black Agent 7 gün önce
What do you mean "movie gods"? Homie, there's only one God.
Noe Photos
Noe Photos 2 aylar önce
This is still one of my favorites and the horror still holds up. I had those hands holding the eyeballs in my nightmares for 6 months after this came out. Good times 😅
Herbert Dashwood
Herbert Dashwood Aylar önce
love this movie. loved it then and now. its one of underrated cult films that spark memories
Probation Bird
Probation Bird Aylar önce
That's a bummer about an extended/enhanced version.....I remember when this first came out, it scared the living crap out of me, and it still does today when I watch it! Great great movie, great cast and for it's time, great SFX. Thanks for the content, well done on the breakdown and criticism. Subbed.
Terry Lee
Terry Lee 2 aylar önce
I saw this in the theater. I thought it was damned impressive. One of my all-time favourite movies.
Marko Aylar önce
This one, and Sphere ( 1998 ) with Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L, Sharon Stone.... are my favourite movies from the '90s. I was so impressed with the effects as a kid
Mitchell Wooldridge
Mitchell Wooldridge 2 aylar önce
I love this film and have seen it countless times... yet I never noticed until it was pointed out in this video that the gravity drive engine resembled an eye that was constantly watching both the characters and the viewers. A whole new layer of scary just got added to this movie for me - thanks! xD
White Rhino PSO
White Rhino PSO 2 aylar önce
The novelization actually explains the events of the crew's final log after they'd been fully revealed. Honestly, it came as a complete surprise as I hadn't heard anything about deleted scenes before reading.
Republic Trooper 125
What does it say?
Exinferris Aylar önce
Man, this is the one of the few movies that gives me the chills. You can take all the Friday, Nightmare, Hellraisers, and just toss them in the garbage. EH stays serious, no cliché nonsense, until the end. Imagine Elm Street, but everyone cuts themselves open and throws their intestines at Kreuger. Event Horizon does all that with good script and acting.
Matt R
Matt R Aylar önce
Loved this breakdown so much. I have the same kind of nostalgia for this movie as well also seeing in when I was like 11 or 12, I am surprised I missed so much of the gothic architecture tie ins
Denneska Aylar önce
I don't remember exactly how old I was the first time I watched this movie, but I was a teenager and it became a instant classic to me. The world needs more movies of this quality 👍🏽
cc t
cc t Aylar önce
Thanks for this. More like this please. I just watched Event Horizon for the first time last Halloween and I was surprised I had missed it all these years. It was for sure up my alley and innovative for the time. Glad it's getting its due now.
OCIR 2 aylar önce
back when I was a kid in the 90s I must of watched this on vhs 1000 times. the thing that stuck out to me the most was when they first enter the ship and you see the skulls melted into the wall. I always thought it had something to do with the Doom games cause its the same thing you see in loading screens in Doom.
Actias Luna TN
Actias Luna TN Aylar önce
I remember this being known as "the movie" when we were in middle school because it scared the crap out of us... I love the Disarm button moment; never noticed it before. "Big Disarm button right there mate." 😂 18:10
俏皮话大王 Aylar önce
I always thought the "moon passing in front of a planet" thing is a reference to the Alien franchise. It is featured in each movie, most prominently the third, a moon or a planet passes before some light source, Sun, whatever at the beginning and after the resolution of the movie, the light shines again as the celestial body blocking it moves out of the way.
Cog Aylar önce
Ooooh, I love all the attention Event Horizon has been getting here lately. I place this flick right up there with the Alien franchise as one of my all-time favorite horror movies.
Wild Opal
Wild Opal 2 aylar önce
This is one of my favorite movies from my childhood. This movie inspired the matrix Laurence Fishburne is my favorite part of this film. “We’re leaving “ is a classic line😂
CSXIV Aylar önce
In that one moment, he became the smartest person in any horror movie. Instead of looking at the complete horror and going, "we have to find out why," he was like "nope."
Justin Reid
Justin Reid 2 aylar önce
When Weir's dead wife said, "I have such wonderful, WONDERFUL things to show you" and then gouges his eyes out in the vision. Goosebumps I tell ye, goosebumps till this day. Yikes
Matty Boy B
Matty Boy B 2 aylar önce
Nice review Paul. This is a very cool movie that I never saw in the theater but recall watching several months after it came out on hbo or something and recently got my wife and daughter to watch again with me as we all Love horror and they had never seen it. They loved it and o was even jumping a few times with some of the crazy scenes. Had never heard of the deleted scenes situation so thanks for that info. Looking forward to your take on the shining. One of my all time favorites
No One Star
No One Star Aylar önce
I remember seeing this film, but I don't recall getting into it all that much. Maybe I'll have to revisit it again sometime to see if it WASN'T as implausibly convoluted as I remembered (though obviously and invariably meant to check all the horror and jump-scare boxes IIRC).
Pumibel Aylar önce
Creepy whisper "BILLY!" always sends chills down my spine. I love this movie! Edit: I always looked at the escape pod as an "egg" from the demon ship. They can never escape hell.
Brandon Carroll
Brandon Carroll Aylar önce
I remember the first time watching this film. It went in a way different direction than I thought it was going to...and I loved it!
Gigi Galaxy
Gigi Galaxy 2 aylar önce
“We’re leaving.” Best movie line EVER. The gravity drive looks like an ophanim, a spinning eye wheel (angel?) mentioned in the Bible.
Big Chillin
Big Chillin Aylar önce
Hey Paul, I just re-watched Donnie Darko for the first time in awhile and was wondering if you minded going over this one. It’s a favorite of mine and I’d love to hear your thoughts, theories and inside knowledge on it. I am sorry if you’ve done this already, and would gladly watch if there is an older breakdown vid
Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill 2 aylar önce
This was the height of the Prodigy's fame, with their *"Fat of the Land"* album as one the year's best. So it's fitting that their tunes featured in this horror cult classic.
symmetricat Aylar önce
Good breakdown, & a keen eye upon a very special movie. I would like to add something that've never heard anyone reference to date. My notion has always been that the character of Dr. William Weir, but really the whole plot, is very much based on Stanislav Lem's Dr. Kris Kelvin in Solaris: A Dr. gets called to a tin can orbiting a planet, which - or "Something" - seems to be watching (you mentioned the Eye of Neptune, which, as a Gas Giant, is as close to the description of Solaris as we can get within our solar system). Our protagonist is highly capable, but riddled with guilt about his wife's suicide, whom he feels to have failed. The "Something" begins to "read" the crew & starts manifesting projections of people dear to, but lost or abandoned by the crew members, including the protagonist's wife. Every single one of them is ravaged by these encounters & their guilt that they by now had convinced themselves to have had overcome. This sudden confrontation with their obvious denial breaks them apart, as now everyone is fighting his own shadow. Unable to deal with the irrational, our Dr. does the only sensible thing: he gives in to the seemingly allmighty "Something" & accepts the consequences. This act allows him to free himself from his guilt, to be reborn. In Lem's vision, the Rebirth was a disturbing proposition. Just like it was in Event Horizon. Also, regard the names: Kris Kelvin / William Weir. I do see quite the repetition of alliteration here. Also, a "weir" is dam "that alters the flow characteristics of water". Well, so does "Kelvin".
Megan B
Megan B Aylar önce
Ended up theater-hopping into this movie a couple weeks after it released and it became one of my all time favorite horror flicks.
EVO9_ SL,UT Aylar önce
19:44 When this ship is sucked into the planet it make another shape of an eye (can’t believe you missed it) as Weir is saying “do you see?” Lots & lots of eye references in this awesome movie 👌🏼👁
Alexander Preston
Alexander Preston 7 gün önce
Proverbs 30:17 - The eye is the window to the soul.
Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas 2 aylar önce
Loved this movie bought the special collector's addition years ago. Your breakdown has inspired me to dust it off and watch it again 😁
JPker Aylar önce
My mom loved to borrow VHS tapes from the movie store. She brought this movie home once and I remember seeing it when I was 6-7 years old. It has been behind my head since then... god this movie... PS The eyes on the monitor made my heart skip a beat...
Adam Cadwell
Adam Cadwell Aylar önce
Great video Paul! Been a fan of this ever since first watching it when it came out and watching it in '98. Never picked up on some of the religious symbols scattered throughout like the coffin doorways! Always found the spiked doorways to be like teeth/mouths and they're going further into the beast.
Lincoln7Echo 2 aylar önce
Yep. Saw it as a kid. Seared a mark on my brain and I will never forget it. Nice breakdown.
DerrisDerrison 2 aylar önce
Just watched it then came back to see the breakdown, can't believe I never saw this, I'm a huge fan of horror that uses Dantes Inferno' as a base plot, my favourite of these being 'As above So Below' I would love for you to do a breakdown on that one day, Anyway great breakdown as always 💜
theholyghost Aylar önce
This movie was heavily influenced by Solaris, not the re-make with George Clooney but the Andrei Tarkovsky original which was made in 1972. It's definitely worth a watch or two. I've seen it several times.
GearandaltheFirst Aylar önce
My take on the ending was that the hatch sealing shut as the medic tells the other to go get some gear meant that the ship was still "active" and wasn't going to let the newcomers go either.
Endymion Mikel
Endymion Mikel Aylar önce
The ship is clearly possessed
Daniel Villarini
Daniel Villarini 2 aylar önce
This movie absolutely terrified me. Sam Neil has been in two movies that have scared the shit out of me in my lifetime. The other being “In The Mouth of Madness”
Stoney's Dead
Stoney's Dead Aylar önce
This is the millennial generation's Hell Raiser- which I hadn't realized until you mentioned this being the first really graphic body horror you watched. Some of the imagery reminded me of Hell Raiser when I watched it- but I had already seen lots of gory body horror by then so- it wasn't so disarming to me. In fact, it seemed a bit tame compared to Hell Raiser because the gore was very brief really, the theatrical version doesn't show much. I failed to catch all the references to other horror films based on hell and demons though. That was a cool touch, and really obvious once pointed out. I'm surprised I missed them, but I did. I did catch the eye motif though- and the coffin doorways and gothic arches and stuff. Good break down man.
Mike Saunders
Mike Saunders Aylar önce
Saw this at the cinema back in the day and it blew me away, scared the pants off me. The pan out from the space station at the start is really a 3D falling effect if you see it on a big screen.
Synthetic Humanoid
Synthetic Humanoid Aylar önce
I loved this movie. Watched it in theatres 2x. No wonder I freaking loved DeadSpace!
Aphelion Aylar önce
One of the best movies to have seen in the theater back then. Loved every second of it.
Dimes607 Aylar önce
They were also heavily influenced by Warhammer 40k. The writers loved the setting as kids. When you watch this movie you can really feel it
Ternel Aylar önce
@GrimViridian it might as well be though. Like even unofficial it fits just perfect
GrimViridian Aylar önce
Not only that, they wanted to make it a part of the universe, a prequel, but GW said no
Ternel Aylar önce
If I had to attribute this sort of corruption to only one God of 40k, I think it would be slaanesh.
Perfection, NV
Perfection, NV 2 aylar önce
I remember going to the movies to see this with my mom and let's just say was glad we went during an afternoon showing... this movie still freaks me out
moderatesunited Aylar önce
My brother and I bought this on ppv on satellite TV when we were in junior high when our parents were gone. It blew us away and scared the shit out of us. Probably the directors best film. Wish there was a director's cut.
Desiree Aylar önce
This movie is one of those that freak me out. Once time I watched it several times a year as I love horror movies, but had to take a break. Like it gives me goosebumps like just imagine...if literally the black hole in space was hell....like watching. jeeezus.
Bens Coffee Rants
Bens Coffee Rants 24 gün önce
I loved it the first time I saw it. Great movie. Similarly, you might want to check out the movie 'Sphere' from 1998. I thought it was similar in ways. Also under rated and probably not so well known.
CAPCOM784 Aylar önce
Man such a incredible movie is one of my all time favorites in space.
Travis H
Travis H Aylar önce
Underrated gem of a horror movie.
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas 2 aylar önce
He’s not just Lucius Malfoy he was the Colonel in The Patriot
Libra Embrah
Libra Embrah Aylar önce
this movie honestly terrified me on the psychological level. I was transfixed, fascinated and frightened out of my mind. I have no desire to ever watch it again, but I doubt I’ll ever forget it
CallMeKes 8 gün önce
Event Horizon is the only, and I mean ONLY, movie that has ever scared me. Probably because, like you mentioned, our generation was so young when it came out. And it was the first movie I had seen where there was just no where to go, no way to save yourself. No safe place at all. That said, I wish those more intense scenes could have made it into the uncut movie. That would have been worth a rewatch.
ancipital Aylar önce
I remember going to see this in the cinema - the second half of the film was pretty much WTAF!!! Think I've seen it about once since! Don't think we quite realised it was a horror film when we went to see it as it was advertised as more of a sci-fi film at the time.
Lloyd 2 aylar önce
This movie is the one of the best horror movies of the 90s. Shit goes from zero to 100. The deaths, the gore...that scene with baby bear in space. Is that what would happen if you were in space with no suit? Unforgettable and horrifying!
RetroManchop 23 gün önce
Poor Gal Gadot, you mean man lol😁 As for movie I think the fact that he ends up going into to the black hole at the end made it just terrifying and yeah that idea sticks with you. Saw this at the cinema and hands down it was the best most epic space scenes I've ever seen in a movie, it gave you that epic scale of space that not many other films have ever done.
Daniel Graf
Daniel Graf 2 aylar önce
I remember staying up late at night over the summer when this film was regularly played on HBO or some other movie channel. Was terrifying as a child, especially when the crew finally cleaned up that entry on the ship's log enough to view it.
MOO- Snuckle
MOO- Snuckle Aylar önce
Even uncleaned up its frickin haunting. That whole log entry ordeal is unforgettable and i still gotta agree when guy immediately says nope-fuck this ship right afterward and sets out to blow it up ,mission be damned lol
NeDeS 2 aylar önce
This is a good movie ! It was very slick looking when first released and still holds up reasonably well today. Most people know Sam Neill as Alan Grant from Jurassic Park, but if you are older then you will know Neill as Damien Thorn, and that he was perfectly cast for Event Horizon.
JediBassChoke Aylar önce
Sam Neill is John Trent from In The Mouth Of Madness! Great actor
E Nikata
E Nikata Aylar önce
One other reference along the religious lines; there is an angel type called an ophanim which is a huge eye surrounded by moving rings that also have eyes and sometimes they can be on fire. The gravity drive core is very similar to one, like it's a fallen angel version of an ophenim which again ties into the Hell aesthetic
Peter Poletti
Peter Poletti 5 gün önce
I saw this when I rented it from a video store (remember those?) not long after its theatrical run. I was expecting a straight sci-if, not a horror film, which I think made it even scarier for me!
Don Hickle
Don Hickle 4 gün önce
Just saw this movie. I enjoyed it. The psychological horror aspect of it reminds me of The Shining 😳(edited I commented before he said the screenwriter based it off the shining 🤦🏻🤦🏻)
Blackdog Aylar önce
If I remember correctly, the drive shares a similar design to the "biblically accurate angel" designs that flooded the internet a couple months ago too. So it may very well have been based on the same idea, given how influenced by "eyes" the movies shots and set pieces were
Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman 2 aylar önce
Thanks for making this video. I was one of those kids in the 90s that was scared for months after watching this. It was the scariest movie I ever saw.
Gaming with JC
Gaming with JC 2 aylar önce
Same. 🙈 When I watch the movie today, some of this fear that I had as a child still comes up. His wife without eyes scares me the most.😅
Isaac Duroque
Isaac Duroque Aylar önce
I agree, this film left an indelible impact on me as a kid and will always be among my favorite sci fi or horror movies.
Denim Dan
Denim Dan 2 aylar önce
I still remember the first time I've seen this gem. In 1998 my mom and I had just moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her job required her to travel to Air Force bases all across the country and US territories. But anyways we were staying in a Howard Johnson hotel and I caught this on HBO since it was 4:00 am (I hadn't adjusted to the new time zone yet) and this was the only English speaking movie I could find. It completely blew my mind, and instantly fell in love with the sci-fi/horror genre.
J Synth
J Synth 2 aylar önce
Thank you for breakdowning this "classic"!! I remember watching it on theaters and I was amazeda and terrifyed!
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