Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 562: Failure? Try Again!

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Today I had a healthy breakfast, went for a long walk, and drank a coffee... but only 1 of those is true. We head back to finishing the Shulker Box farm we started last episode... only to discover Failure.

Tough decisions are made, and we get to work on my new design, the Shulker Reactor. We also take a look at a redstoneless auto-brewer design that uses the new water/rail mechanics.

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TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/
World Download (550): drive.google.com/file/d/1aJ6w...

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13 Eyl 2021




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emidiomata1 Aylar önce
Etho what do you think of the current enchantment system? I personally think that it needs to be revamp: I think that the curses are very under used. It would be cool to see curses in all or most of all the books from villages (so to balance them) and the 30 level cap (with better enchantement) could be raised with the trade off of possible curses. What would be your suggestions?
Gnome 132
Gnome 132 2 gün önce
@EthosLab ugh
Darian Stephens
Darian Stephens Aylar önce
It makes me wonder how things would play if 'Treasure' enchantments had their roles reversed. Meaning, you can't find them anywhere, and you can't obtain them from villagers, _only_ by actually enchanting an item directly. It would make the Enchanting Table much more valuable, while still keeping Villager enchantments valuable as a reliable source of the more mundane enchantments. At the same time, it might be too much, or not enough, because then the Enchanting Table would be used primarily for those specific enchantments, rolling over and over until you get a good set. But then again, maybe it would be better, because you can have a good set _without_ Mending and the like, and it would encourage anvil repairs, which I rarely ever see anyone actually do. To help with the anvil problem, maybe Mending could be changed to either repair over time, or remove the work penalty from an anvil, allowing it to be repaired infinitely without worrying about the ever-increasing cost?
Revon Aylar önce
@SelectorOfSouls mmm ah i see what you mean
SelectorOfSouls Aylar önce
@Revon Quoted from the minecraft wiki "The newly-cured villager, if it had a profession prior to being zombified, offers a large discount on trades to the player who administered the cure. The discount from curing a zombie villager persists permanently. If a villager is cured more than once, its discounts increase until the price reaches the minimum of one emerald." So no, 50 is not a lot when the end result is 1 regardless.
SelectorOfSouls Aylar önce
@That Leetri Guy So, if 99% of players don't abuse it anyway, then the same 99% of players won't be affected by the change? The 1% of people that would be affected, wouldn't be affected that much since playing Minecraft is pretty much all they do.
AlphalfaZ91 15 saatler önce
Etho! Did you see that Vechs made a new Spellbound Caves CTM map? You think maybe Team Canada could get together and tackle it? I think that would be really neat! What say you, Ergo?
Ace_890 Gün önce
Hey Etho, I just played your 550 world download. I read the book and you got me. Good job. I have been watching your videos for years and over static that your trolls finally made it to my personal life.
Paxton B.
Paxton B. Gün önce
Ergo, Seinfeld is on Netflix! So now we will maybe understand those references!
D Sherm
D Sherm Gün önce
Hey etho now that Seinfeld is on Netflix I’ve started watching it and love it! What are you favourite episodes?
Abondend Hope
Abondend Hope Gün önce
Hello i haven't played this game in like 5 years, I've just started, how is he flying if he's not using a mod and what fireworks are they and why is he using them so much?
Bagfaced 18 saatler önce
He's using an "elytra", a new-ish item. It lets you glide, and you can use fireworks to propel yourself. You can find more info on the Minecraft wiki
Linus 2
Linus 2 3 gün önce
What about regeneration
Ghastify 5 gün önce
so long
Doginatophat 5 gün önce
I think weakness potions may have served the first farm better
CosmicHi_[Moon] 6 gün önce
Hey etho, if you’re running out of ideas, here some ideas ( I noticed you have kakashi’s skin) Project 1 : Build a whole village, ( Japanese styled ) with a big economy, of fishing, mining, red stone, key-tourist builds, big shinto region, mountains, huge farming, koi fish ponds, smith viliiagers selling “katanas”, use acacia,prismarine, dark oak (I’ll update when I have ideas oof)
Casey 6 gün önce
ETHO ! :) Are you going to start a brand new world for minecraft 1.18? :o season 3??
Tanner Swizel
Tanner Swizel 7 gün önce
Hey Etho! With the new update now adding to the subterrain of pregenerated chunks I'm now wondering what your thoughts are in regards to the future of the mancave. Also, I've noticed your Hermitcraft and Let's Play videos have been waning in cadence over the last few weeks. If this is due to burning out I just want to say I've been watching you consistently make videos for the last 10 years, and I don't recall you ever escaping to Fiji for a month! By all means you should escape, your viewers know you've earned it!
Dào Lê
Dào Lê 7 gün önce
Hoimar Bauer
Hoimar Bauer 7 gün önce
Actually came from RaysWorks. He build a similar farm. I wonder if you can use the tubes of the end-city as a pre-build farm?
WestWorldSin 8 gün önce
He needs to start a hardcore series
Winzze Philip Camarista
I watched the first episode... Did your voice go trough puberty in reversed?
hakotaro23 8 gün önce
That is the coolest shulker farm i've ever seen
FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle
Shulker? I barely know 'er!
YouSawNothing 9 gün önce
What do you think of Wild Update that’s coming to Minecraft in 1.19?
Ftoy 10 gün önce
1 Full month since last video . im having withdrawl
ChrisChin 10 gün önce
I love ya Etho! My number one YTer :D most my builds are inspired by you!
DATM Mrk 12
DATM Mrk 12 12 gün önce
Hey Etho, what mob are you voting for, and why is it the Allay?
Chris Pirolli
Chris Pirolli 13 gün önce
I love Etho
Jeff Fowler
Jeff Fowler 14 gün önce
Hello etho. A few episodes ago you mentioned some weird things that happens in your world form up dating over the years. Like raining in mineshafts and maps looking weird. Is there any other unusual stuff that happens or used to happen
Sharang Ramakrishnan
Sharang Ramakrishnan 15 gün önce
Hey etho, you can use your librarian in your project pokemon as your glass trader for infinite glass as he is an old villager. He might be your glass cheetho.
Sharang Ramakrishnan
Sharang Ramakrishnan 17 gün önce
Fun fact about villagers... You can trade 3 times per day and not 2 times. They can restolk 2 times per day excluding the restock when the work hours start.
Frank Batista
Frank Batista 17 gün önce
@ethoslab Any thoughts on continuing Battle Bane Challenge Map?
Lucas Crookston
Lucas Crookston 17 gün önce
Hello etho! I have been a big fan for many years and have been a subscriber for a while And I have realized how you once dominated the subscriber count for so many years. I was wondering what had changed and why?
Ashley Avenue Music
Ashley Avenue Music 17 gün önce
What if you offset the hopper carts so they arent all collecting at the same time
Human Being
Human Being 18 gün önce
etho is 11k days in this game. why this late mate. Youre 9 or 8 years in. Did they reset or somethin?
Indianadixon 18 gün önce
Sturdymemes 18 gün önce
24:31 was trippy i thought the camera was zooming in until i realized etho was actually flying towards it
Robert Nielsen
Robert Nielsen 18 gün önce
Damn it’s been such a long time! Gonna rewatch years of what i missed - in reverse
Pearce Frost
Pearce Frost 18 gün önce
Took me 3 years from episode 1 but I finally caught up to date
John Joshua Salayo
John Joshua Salayo 18 gün önce
Just discovered this series and I really like it so far in just watching this episode. I like the explaining and thought process when making the farm. I also like seeing cool old builds in the underground base. I also like the healthy mindset when you said you know we hate the slow paced episodes but care more that you enjoy making videos in your own time. Probably a reason you keep going on the same world for years.
Finnche 19 gün önce
Built on a server, shulkers can rarely shoot you which makes you off center. If you are AFK and it does this multiple times, you can die from fall damage. This may be because its a server rather than single player, but it can happen. Not sure how. It usually takes a GOOD while for it to happen tho, so it seems unlikely. It is a fabric server, only difference would be the carpet mod .
DᴀʀᴋYᴜᴀɴ 20 gün önce
The slow pace is one of the main reasons every episode that comes out is such a treat!
TheAwesomeTeg219 20 gün önce
i only wat hed his first and last video. he has had lots of coffee...
Rose Ann
Rose Ann 21 gün önce
Etho intro havent change in years
Fork 21 gün önce
He sounds so different from his first minecraft video
GabrielSN 21 gün önce
Hay im curious...how long has this world been going for? Also side question 🤔 have you ever had a creative block 🚫 or been burnt-out?
Seabassrae03 22 gün önce
Etho do you know that their are different variations of flight rockets? you don't have to use the level one ones. Craft a rocket with 3 gunpowder instead of one.
Andrew Dias
Andrew Dias 22 gün önce
Did you know u were the first person to start the let's play series and the first person to make a boat dispenser?
Imagine doing this for 11 YEARS!!!!
M. MUKUNDA 22 gün önce
Hey etho... I'm new sub to your channel... I came here because I have heard you are the best Minecraft player... And after seeing this I'm also feeling the same.... I follow hermitcraft so much and I'm gonna sit and watch all your series now... Much love❤
anD Pro
anD Pro 22 gün önce
Damn Etho just revolutionised shulker farms
D Sherm
D Sherm 22 gün önce
hey etho, technical minecraft youtuber raysworks just showcased a super efficient shulker box farm based off of your shulker reactor design. I know you're modest, but some of your past designs (hopper clock) have gone on to revolutionize redstone and the technical minecraft scene. how do you feel that so many people look up to you as a redstone inventor?
barbe 23 gün önce
How do you stay inspired to continue playing? I would’ve gotten bored around episode 50
Ashe 23 gün önce
I don't hate your pace, because it's what keeps you passionate!
Coolnubnob69 23 gün önce
Man this is going 10 years alteady
Memer Gamer123
Memer Gamer123 24 gün önce
In the third potion thing try using powered rail without the redsone so it would not go fast and go slower
ricky schober
ricky schober 24 gün önce
That battle bane tease was uncalled for...
GetDoged 24 gün önce
0:54 "Alright everyone, let's go check out Battle Ba- no just kidding" COME ON MAN
JustinGaming 25 gün önce
i have proof ur the best minecraft player 1 ur good at building 2 ur good at redstone 3 ur good at pvp
Spring Kyle
Spring Kyle 25 gün önce
Failure... Try again... Unless it's frogger in Minecraft 😑
Tvelok 26 gün önce
I can't believe I actually caught up with this series! I've been watching since episode 1! :-)
Cute5 27 gün önce
This is actually my first comment on youtube :D. So apperently i am a bad viewer... but to come to a point. I've watched Etho from his first episode on. So almost 10 years. I grew up watching his Let's Play. Troughout the years i consumed qiuet some snacks. Also since im from Germany he helped me to improve my english a lot. Anyways Thank you Ergo for all your dedication in all these years. Big Fan =) i hope there are many more years to come with u my firend
Omar Sharif
Omar Sharif 27 gün önce
I definitely think episodes like the resource gathering and this one with showing and fixing mistakes work out for increasing the number of episodes we get and not forcing you to come up with new ideas each time, but, whatever you enjoy doing is best because I'll always enjoy watching
Justin a
Justin a 28 gün önce
Maybe you could reuse the auto brewing design to make a random potion generator? That'd be cool idk what to do with it but it'd be cool
Kutoro 28 gün önce
This is quite possibly the greatest Minecraft content I’ve ever seen. Does anyone know if this design is bedrock compatible? Assuming you can maybe shorten the design to fit in chunks
LDEIB 29 gün önce
As long as you keep having fun playing the game that's what matters. I always enjoy watching your videos. Can't wait for more. :)
Equizic 29 gün önce
Lewis Gibbs
Lewis Gibbs 29 gün önce
It may be time to start a new world! You seem to enjoy this series less ;-;
Pierce Whitley
Pierce Whitley 29 gün önce
Thank you Etho for being such a recurring element of my childhood and someone I know will always be there, true to who you are.
A Person
A Person 29 gün önce
Couldn’t you use an Iron Golem to gun up and down in the water stream to agro the shulkers so you dont have to? Or is there no way to get it to stay still or to not attack them.
Sung Bok Bessell
Sung Bok Bessell Aylar önce
I love your new shulker farm design! Instead for trying to make a farm despite the shulker weird mechanics you made one utilizing them. It’s amazing
Etho: *makes potion farm in java using complex redstone* Me: *laughs in bedrock*
SamuelDM Aylar önce
Etho ive been watching since before the chocolate island was chocolate and i must say you never stop amazing me... also sometimes make my face look like that one confused jackie chan meme your redstone projects and mob farms are very impressive (unlike my grammar) thanks for all the entertainment and i look forward to future videos
resemblelife Aylar önce
What feels best to you Etho is what is best for us. Happy Etho = happy fans.
resemblelife Aylar önce
Coffee is my bet for true.
Zane Martin
Zane Martin Aylar önce
so when a girl shulker and a boy shulker love each other VERY much
Meme Lab
Meme Lab Aylar önce
The slower pace of episodes makes it much easier to keep up while being a student
toasty Aylar önce
i'd kill to see a timelapse of this farm; exponential growth is a very cool thing to witness, as is entropy on a large scale, and this is probably one of the most reliable ways to show both principles in practice.
The Cinnamon Blob Community
Did you know your the longest person to ever do a letsplay?
henry braddock
henry braddock Aylar önce
Love your naruto skin
clabes Aylar önce
great vid as always.
Lach 'n' Load
Lach 'n' Load Aylar önce
Thanks for another great video etho
Mäx Wonderland
Mäx Wonderland Aylar önce
Loved the episode (as always) :)
Mr.E Aylar önce
etho in the future if you have to get shulkes back again it recommend looking for and end city near and end gateway that way you can just send them back through the portal
mrlonesome Aylar önce
hey etho, what do you do for a living apart from youtube?
Raja Vel
Raja Vel Aylar önce
Etho is your skin is kakashi from naruto
Luca Kollmer
Luca Kollmer Aylar önce
battle bane is a throwback wtf i think i was like 14 when u started that and now im 21
Faze jamjarr 6 brother
This has gon as naruto shipuden I remember wachig eps 30 but now wow dude
andrewmtgx Aylar önce
Hi Etho, I'm just wondering if TerraFirmaPunk is dead? It's been 4 months since the last upload, and I'm pretty sure you said the R.A.D was stopped because it was hard to record it due to different timezones a while ago, anyway I just wanna ask, I remmeber you said you were thinking of starting a new modded ethopack series! Do you have any eta in that!? I can't believe some of my favourite series like the original ethopack and crashlanding / project ozone has been recorded many, many years ago already! Anyway much love etho, keep up the great work :). [Also, just thought that I should try getting myself into a comment at the end of the video! Just realised that I could totally do that one day. This is attempt #1 1:53 AEST THU 23]
Kristiyan Manev
Kristiyan Manev Aylar önce
Etho, I built this farm on my server and after using it AFK for ~30 mins I found myself dead (outside the water column). I guess a shulker managed to hit me and pushed me off the water stream. Just FYI, not sure how unlucky did I get there.
antoniole01 Aylar önce
Love etho so much ❤
Sticks Aylar önce
Hey Etho when will we get an episode of you just grinding resources and talking or even just telling a story?
Szymon Kozeł
Szymon Kozeł Aylar önce
etho you are best veteran of minecraft ever seen, that guy spent 11 years of life on minecraft you are total legend
MarkUnderMark Aylar önce
Hey Etho! A lot of your friends (mainly hermits) have played or are playing MCC. Just wondering if you're interested on joining a competitive event like MCC. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!
Glitch 9001
Glitch 9001 Aylar önce
pog shulk reactor
Vansh Agarwal
Vansh Agarwal Aylar önce
Hey ethos check out the TRvidr sb737 as he make fantastic farms in hardcore he even has a teleportation system from his house to the spwan
Agent12 Aylar önce
I love just periodically coming back to Etho to see what he's been up to, such a great TRvidr.
Akuma Tsubasa
Akuma Tsubasa Aylar önce
ZPOODLE Aylar önce
ETHO IM DYING TO SEE YOUR FIRST LAST LIFE EPISODE!! I'm waiting until you upload before I watch any other creators because I want to see your episode first
Last Piece
Last Piece Aylar önce
ETHO it’s times to make a new let’s play! or literally move into a new area without your tools and stuffs except to break the nether porter and drop it for it to despawn
YouSawNothing Aylar önce
He has a new let’s play…hermit craft duh doi
latha Aylar önce
Fun fact etho is the best mincraft player in building redstone and decent pvp and game progression
Ethan Ee
Ethan Ee Aylar önce
wheres da last life contentttt
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Aylar önce
Thats an incredible amount of resolve to remake the farm
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Aylar önce
Hey Etho! Can you show us your stats?
Timestop Gaming
Timestop Gaming Aylar önce
Hey Etho, I have seen a few of your videos, and I would like to suggest a modpack for you to try: Sbeev's nuclear age/space age modpack. It has a lot of things, and you can even make nukes, reactors, and go to mars, and beat Elon Musk!
random studios
random studios Aylar önce
This guy made 563 episodes?
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