Eternals: Too Ambitious For Its Own Good

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12 Kas 2021




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Cole 10 aylar önce
I feel like this would have been better as a Disney+ show. It could have fleshed out characters and motives some more.
SCAR aw Gün önce
i rather donate leftover "netflix is bad thing month" money to ukraine than pay for disney+ you sounds like american with too much money
Saitama 4 aylar önce
I m not agree because a lot of marvel tv shoe has been a big deception
Cole Reed
Cole Reed 6 aylar önce
@Evan V probably a sequel
lilxamryn 7 aylar önce
this is exactly what my friend and i said. it just wasn’t that good to me cause it felt like it was trying to be too much and at the same time barely giving us anything at all.
Olivia Ketheesan
Olivia Ketheesan 10 aylar önce
when ikaris was thinking about how he loved sersi so he couldn't kill her, the fact that he was only thinking about the only scenes they showed before and not one moment from the supposed 5000 they spent together is hilarious
HeyKeia 3 aylar önce
THIS 😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Tulip Allen
Tulip Allen 7 aylar önce
It was comedic for me 😂
Shihoblade 8 aylar önce
@Miss Steak To be fair, she was the worst part of the movie. Honestly she was terrible. I actually liked the movie but she is definitely why Im stuck at a 6/10.
Om Patel
Om Patel 8 aylar önce
@a_be I know. All that montage does I remind me of the fact that they have like one scene where the6 live each other. They had zero development. They had like one scene where they had any meaningful realationship.
Miss Steak
Miss Steak 8 aylar önce
I hate that i'm super disappointed in this movie. Mainly because i've always wanted gemma chan to join mcu, only for her to be involved in this trainwreck of a movie
Abby Parkhurst
Abby Parkhurst 10 aylar önce
I felt more attached to Makkari and Druig’s storyline than Ikras and Sersi’s. And they were the main characters
WesternWOLF 2 aylar önce
@Grainne Mhaol I agree, and I usually like Gemma Chan in other roles. Throughout the movie, she always looks confused. I get that they were trying to make her more of a shy and kind character, but she should’ve shown way more emotion.
Garlic 7 aylar önce
Druig was the only genuinely interesting character in the movie
exotic merle
exotic merle 7 aylar önce
@Jimena , Makkari being deaf doesn’t make her not perfect :) communication is a hindrance only because of hearing society. There are in fact places in the world where hearing people and deaf people all learn to sign as part of normal life, such as in the Al-Sayyid Bedouin tribe.
Grainne Mhaol
Grainne Mhaol 7 aylar önce
Yeah, because they had genuine, spontaneous chemistry. Plus they're really good actors. I hate to say this, but Gemma Chan is pretty wooden
Sarawithnoh1998 8 aylar önce
Fun fact -Makkari/Druig storyline actually wasn’t intentional, the actors improvised during filming and they kept it in, it sucks that a improvised relationship did better than the written romance though
Kelsey M.
Kelsey M. 10 aylar önce
I'm honestly surprised that Disney even thought it'd be a good idea to introduce 10 characters and their individual storylines in ONE 2 hour film especially considering how hard they've been pushing Disney+ Marvel tv shows. Like they have the perfect platform and a lot of hype about the tv shows but still went forward with this.
irrevenant3 Aylar önce
Yeah, it would've made a better TV show (though it might've been harder to pull such an all-star cast for a TV show). IMO they *could* have gotten the film working with that many characters though. It just requires more clever focus. One thing I'm surprised they didn't do more of is chunking the characters into smaller groups. Have Ikaris, Sprite and Sersi off doing something while Gilgamesh, Phastos and Thena are off doing something else while Druig, Kingo, and Makari are doing a third thing. That way there's a few of them bouncing off each other and we can get to know them. Instead the film gives us almost entirely 1-on-1 discussions or everyone's-all-together-talking discussions. Neither of which are great ways to get to know a cast of nine characters. (10 if you count Ajak, but yeah...). They *do* do that at the start of the film with just Sersi, Sprite and Dane (quickly joined by Ikaris) and that works pretty well - and they're probably the most memorable characters in the film as a result (though that's a low bar).
E 5 aylar önce
@Paula Reyes-Pérez thing is the Eternels do not need Hayek or Jolie, there are plenty other talented actresses out there that are affordable. The MCU has its dedicated fans, we watch the movies and series to discover the story they tell, not because XYZ stars in it. Seeing so many a-list celebrities in the casting of that movie was a red flag to me and the result was true to that warning.
Biiconic 6 aylar önce
i think the production & development of this movie started before wandavision, so they weren't aware of A) disney+ shows being a strong option and B) the insane love and popularity for these shows. In hindsight, yes, all of us can sit here and say "this would be better as a Limited Series" but it wasn't a clear option for them at the time I don't believe also with most of the cast being A - List actors and having Chloe Zhao as a director, a tv show doesn't seem like an option. They're like... MADE for movies or spent most of their careers there. also also: the CGI budget for the third act alone and general scale of it was clearly intended for a theatrical release on the silver screen, not for a tv show at home. I agree the story needed a lot more time, just wanted to say why behind the scenes it probably wouldn't ever happen!
Kseni_Vely 7 aylar önce
This storyline could've been a Disney+ show for sure, maybe even better actors & actresses, although more affordable, could've taken these roles so we could get better acquainted with the characters and felt the importance of the choices made 🤷🏼‍♀️
Kali McCoy
Kali McCoy 7 aylar önce
@Paula Reyes-Pérez that or some celebrities just straight up refuse to do TV (although that culture might be going away so *shrug*)
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 7 aylar önce
The absolute best part of the movie was Druig saying "My beautiful, beautiful Makkari. Did you miss me?" They had a few scenes together yet they had way more chemistry than the main couple...
Adam Guy
Adam Guy 6 aylar önce
It was funny sweet and actually held chemistry even if for only a few seconds and I'll probably remember it the most fondly as well yeah
Dane Roberts
Dane Roberts 8 aylar önce
I have a hard time seeing the Eternals as belonging to the MCU, like if I saw them in a scene with another marvel character they would feel very out of place.
Jfoster 4 aylar önce
@Ella Elliott well it is just a comic just because it's a movie don't mean it invalidates the comics it's inspired from.
Ella Elliott
Ella Elliott 6 aylar önce
it's proof that just because something CAN be made into a movie doesn't mean it SHOULD-especially when it's so seemingly random. I appreciate the MCU for branching out from The Avengers though. I think it should have just stayed a comic
Madison Simpson
Madison Simpson 10 aylar önce
I totally agree with everything you said! Talking on how they act more like coworkers, I found it so frustrating when in-fighting occurred they didn't act smartly against others' abilities. If you're going to bind big-laser eye guy to the ground, be aware they have laser eyes. They act like they've only been working together for a week rather than an era
Zina AK
Zina AK 7 aylar önce
Gabrielle Duplessis
Gabrielle Duplessis 8 aylar önce
Considering it took me 27 years to be closer to my family aka my entire life, I can see where the infighting may come from. After years apart and exploring new facets, different beliefs, experiences, values, and ideas form. You still love your family, but the lost time and added distance make it harder to get along again.
Doc. 01
Doc. 01 10 aylar önce
11:16 EXCUSE ME. Druig had one of the most emotional stories of the eternals because he literally had the power to stop conflict and he wasn't allowed to because it would mess with humans free will, the amount of humanity and free will he has not to use his power across the entire planet is emphized through the actors performance, then by the end of the movie he the eternal to control the unimind pitches in to save the planet; opinions are opinions but you did ask, so...Druig had a story.
lester winter
lester winter 3 aylar önce
actually in the beginning i thought druig would be a villian because he had these control freak hitler type speeches. and then he just…. suddenly cute.
Gabrielle Duplessis
Gabrielle Duplessis 8 aylar önce
@Shu Beckline Chemanji Ayunwi good point.
Gabrielle Duplessis
Gabrielle Duplessis 8 aylar önce
That is why I thought he would be the twist villain because he was the first to go against their values. He was also one of the first to see both sides of the human race. I am glad he was not the villain. I also loved his grounded relationship with Mekari and really hope they get more scenes and development in other films.
I R 8 aylar önce
i think his potential was wasted and instead he was mostly used for witty jokes and asides (like the whole makkari interactions are fun, but they show only one facet of him in short scenes, not the whole picture). We never explore the moral complexities of his power (because controlling people's actions through their minds implies removing their free will, even if it's used for "the greater good"), his reasoning (does he feel righteous, resigned, limited in any away?), his actual grievances with the other eternals, etc. We saw him leave the rest while mind controlling basically two armies, and later still controlling an entire village (with/without their consent? we dont know) but there's still a lot missing there: he could have gone around the world "righting wrongs" for all we know. I'd have love to see more of him explored just as well as all the others... but here we are lol
Shu Beckline Chemanji Ayunwi
@Bruja Cat now am confused again was he not suppose to use it to stop conflict or use it at all, I think it was the conflict part that was restricted
Nicole Kang
Nicole Kang 9 aylar önce
To be honest, while I thought that the movie had quite a lot of problems (Sersei and Ikaris’s inexplicable romance, the lack of Kro’s use in the movie, the odd pacing and a bit too much exposition), I still enjoyed and appreciated what the movie was trying to do and am excited to see where they go with the Eternals in the future. Like everyone else has mentioned, Gilgamesh and Thena, Druig and Makkari have more chemistry than the main two leads.
Sayak Choudhury
Sayak Choudhury 8 aylar önce
I want to see a longer cut of Eternals, I feel like if this movie was 3-4 hour long it could have done the story justice
Normad Garmez
Normad Garmez 7 aylar önce
At that point, it should of split into two movies to flesh the story and characters out.
Gabrielle Duplessis
Gabrielle Duplessis 8 aylar önce
I wouldn’t mind one more hour if it meant more stories were fleshed out.
Patrulha do Multiverso
Patrulha do Multiverso 10 aylar önce
I COMPLETLY disagree with the point you made about Ikaris, having him oppose his family so harshly was very well built since the beggining, he always felt cold and distant, if not for Sersi he straight up wouldn't care about humanity, he (much like Captain Marvel) only knew how to be a soldier, he had a single purpose. His blind faith created the entire action of the last act, how fun would it be only see them become unimind and Sersi freezing Tiamut? It also made the whole collapse of the cult of Arishem much more believeble because it affected these very different characters in very different ways, as expected.
artist around the block
Cult 🤣 And I agree. He was always just so shady. I mean Thena, Ajack and Druig were all shady but just in a way that they would be opposed to the Eternals’ plans all the time not that they would try to kill their family. Ikaris on the other hand gave me murderer vibes!!
Space Wolfie
Space Wolfie 8 aylar önce
This entire movie was held together by how hard each of the actors were trying to make it work. Props to them for giving it their all from a script with as many holes as swiss cheese
Torree Arts
Torree Arts 9 aylar önce
I actually loved this movie but I completely agree with everything you said except the part about the characters. For an ensemble cast, I feel like they still managed to flesh them out with what they could. There are things about characters that are simple but give you an image of what they are. Gilgamesh is one of the strongest warriors in history but he likes to cook and he's a big softie which is what led him to dedicate a life to Thena. Sersi is passive, yes, but I feel like it made sense for her character, even the other Eternals looked down on her and questioned why she was chosen instead of Ikaris. There were a lot of scenes where you could see her be insecure with herself and I think that was pretty interesting to have her arc end with her feeling secure enough to not try to fight Ikaris because she knew he couldn't hurt her. There were a lot of good ideas thrown into this mess of a movie and honestly, I prefer that over a movie that did everything right only because it didn't try to be something more. TL;DR I still feel like I know more about all of the Eternals than I do about Zendaya's character in Spiderman
Abi Ade
Abi Ade 5 aylar önce
I have to agree, your take can also be applied to Druig. He is made explicitly clear to be powerful enough to stop human war with his powers and was even going to be used to stop the celestial. But he couldn’t because it would rob humans of free will. It causes a lot of internal conflict for him - enough that he’s the first to speak out against Ajak and question their purpose. I absolutely loved that. For a character that showed minimal facial expressions and wasn’t even the main focus he was still so emotional, yet distant, and cheeky, yet serious enough to stand for what he believes in. The fact that I got all that from him says a lot. I just wished there was more to flesh him out. I also wish I knew more about Makarri because her powers are so badass I really like her!!
Lucas Pucas
Lucas Pucas 10 aylar önce
Could you imagine if Eternals was a show, and we got a Time’s-Arrow-style episode that takes place entirely inside Thena’s shattered mind, at the end of which she finally achieves clarity and the true nature of the Celestials is revealed? That would have been incredible.
Jenna Smuszkiewicz
Jenna Smuszkiewicz 8 aylar önce
That would have been so COOL!!
Bennyton 9 aylar önce
or just a light-hearted episode of Thena and Gilgamesh living together, cooking
Dea Bielamon
Dea Bielamon 9 aylar önce
@Andrew Duong Shit! That hurt me
Keith Ragin
Keith Ragin 10 aylar önce
smokey 55
smokey 55 10 aylar önce
So where will we put ego the living planet in celestial situation after this movie now?
Dhwani Parmar
Dhwani Parmar 9 aylar önce
Coming to the movie, I feel like it fell flat because the characters were still very new to us but we were forced to care about them. Like Avengers was quite a basic superhero movie, it did not have some super awesome never seen before plot or something, but we loved it because we were attached to the characters. Hell, I was so attached to Tony that MCU ended for me after Endgame. And I did not watch anything after that but after being forced to watch No Way Home, I was so compelled that I binge-watched WandaVision, Loki, Black Widow, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier and Eternals all in 3 days. All because Spiderman is a well-fleshed-out character, and even if he was put through stuff I don't agree with, it brought me back to things I loved about Marvel. But Eternals made me feel so underwhelmed like something was wrong and I kept telling myself that it was my own high expectations that are making me feel this way. But after seeing your analysis, I feel like it does make more sense in being underwhelmed. This was very much Disney's brand of larger-than-life fairytale family is important bullshit than the kind of stuff Marvel usually puts out. They could've made Sersi the best kind of female protagonist who is feminine and delicate while being badass and powerful and frankly, I absolutely hate that lost potential. Really hope they redeem it somehow, tho it is very difficult to see how they would do it.
NewTheJster Jacob
NewTheJster Jacob 8 aylar önce
The strangest part of the movie to me is that even though its so long and there's so much exposition, a lot of it is pointless. Like they say the same thing over and over again, we have a scene of eternals discovering their true purpose and being mildly annoyed about it like 5 times. Even that opening title crawl is useless because all the information that is told to us in that title crawl, is told again in the scene directly after it. I feel if it took a lot of this repition and spent that developing the characters in different ways, it would've been a lot better. Side note I think another thing that would greatly improve the movie is if it was in chronological order, switching back and forth between past and present doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever besides giving us the Icarus killed the leader twist near the end. But I feel like if we knew Icarus was evil the whole time, that would build up the suspense in the scenes that he's in, it would've also made the leader's death more impactful because we don't really get scenes of her until after she's dead.
Lavinia Pașparugă
Lavinia Pașparugă 10 aylar önce
Just imagine how good this Disney+ series would've been if we'd had Thena remember the truth about the Celestials and we would've actually got that family feel. Theoretically, I liked this movie a lot and I allowed myself to be entertained by it, but, at the same time, I agree with all criticism and I can find 100 ideas to make it better.
Alex T
Alex T 10 aylar önce
I agree with the movie being quite bloated however I think the Icarus twist was well set up and was foreshadowed from the very beginning. How they executed it was a bit messy but overall it made sense and didn’t come out of left field for me.
Alex T
Alex T 7 aylar önce
@Bees Knees the myth of icarus is centred around arrogance and being overly ambitious. that mixed with the themes of family in this movie made it make a lot of sense to me. He was too ambitious in his power and in the end he realized that his ambition made him lose the one thing that actually mattered (his family). it wasn't necessarily about Sersi herself but rather her representing his most pure form of love for this family. He had made too many regrets and when he realized he couldn't turn back he decided to give up. And then flying into the sun was his punishment to himself (and fits in with the whole icarus greek myth)
Bees Knees
Bees Knees 8 aylar önce
how…how…i mean he decided not to kill them because he suddenly conveniently remembered every had sex with her on the beach a few millennia ago and why would he kill himself instead of facing punishment it screams cowardice please try to convince me otherwise
Jc v
Jc v 10 aylar önce
I personally Love this movie. I think the story is interesting, I think each individual story is great when they focus on it. And I guess that is my biggest issue with the movie its not as flused out as it could be. So some of the characters feel shallow. The first thing I said walking out of the film was "I like it, but it should have been a Disney+ show."
Je m'appelle Caro
Je m'appelle Caro 28 gün önce
ツgracie 8 aylar önce
when you think about the most successful marvel movies of phase 4, the first one that came to my mind was no way home and honestly, as i think about it now, it feels like the opposite of eternals, with the characters that we already know and love trying to find a solution to a problem and wrap up the plot, while telling us even more about them through their actions and it's just incredibly engaging.
Ada Pieńkowska
Ada Pieńkowska 5 aylar önce
Oh, I hate No Way Home. It was more of a collection of cameos than a film.
korecfirk 10 aylar önce
I do feel the eternals are a family, a disfuncional found family one, they care for each other and have strong connection between them. On something about makkari, gilgamesh and druig i can say that makkari enjoys fun and is relaxed, druig is empathic and broody and gilgamesh compassionate. They just have like basic personalities because they didn't have time for all of them but they do have something that can grow into complete characters later on
Drone Travels - Annick
Drone Travels - Annick 10 aylar önce
To start with the good, it was a really beautiful movie. I tend not to like fight scenes much but I think the fight on the beach was stunning, it was really engaging as well as the scenery in general. As for the bad, well too much is happening and we don't have any time to start liking the characters, especially Ikaris. I feel like if you're going to have one character betray his family, explain why he had to leave the woman he loved for thousands of year and then give him a redemption arc plus see him what, kill himself? You should make it so we actually give a crap because I just found him bland and unpleasant from the start. The worst part is that on comparison the Sersi/Ikaris, the Drug/Makkari duo makes it look like it was absolutely possible to make a compelling love story in a matter of time. Instead, it felt like another 'well they're both pretty so i guess they should like each other's vibe. One last thing, i was a bit disappointed that Eros' look was so simple since Harry Styles dresses ten times better on a regular day. Too bad they just kept the simple look from the comics on that
xokayox 10 aylar önce
“Sersi is more of a tourist than a protagonist” *OH MY GOD THAT PERFECTLY SUMS UP MY THOUGHTS ABOUT HER LMAOOO*
Ada Pieńkowska
Ada Pieńkowska 5 aylar önce
@Shirin 'I wonder what happened' she was far more insecure around Ikarus. I actually like it, how she become so reserved around him and unsure about what to do. The only thing she knew she has to do was protect the humanity.
Dai 10 aylar önce
@Shirin She doesn't have one.
Granolaman 10 aylar önce
@Shirin i think that was out of pretentiousness, the director wanted her to be pensieve, observant and thoughtful, in a superhero movie lol. as for captain marvel im pretty sure they didnt want their first female movie, particularly considering it was a metaphor for feminism to be 'likeable', so they made her a typically unlikeable woman. now some might describe that as sneering etc which are unlikeable traits all round but hey, feminism
Robert Coggeshall
Robert Coggeshall 10 aylar önce
Reserved is the opposite of Sersi in the comics- famous for her parties that she actually uses her powers to enhance. Wish they had used that version. She did save the day at the end, so that made me happy. I figured she would be a critical factor. She froze the celestial very similar to the comics hq of avengers.
Luis Sierra
Luis Sierra 10 aylar önce
she's hot tho
Heidi D
Heidi D 10 aylar önce
We were on a Disney cruise when Eternals premiered, so we watched it at 11pm for "free" on the ship. My husband is a morning person and fell asleep not long into it. He woke up the last 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, he said, "What did I miss?". I said, "You saw the beginning through the first flashbacks, them on their ship, and talking about Arishem?" He said yes. I said, did you see the final battle with the mutant deviant & the giant thing coming up through the earth?". He said, "Yes.". I spent 30 seconds filling him in on Ikaris' betrayal and the celestial's birthing plan, and said, "That's it. You spent your time better than I did.".
Isabela Sasaki
Isabela Sasaki 10 aylar önce
The whole movie felt like the 1st act of a movie, I was 3/4 in and I was still waiting for the movie to begin. Marvel is starting to rely too much on other installments to tell a complete story. I had the same issue with Captain Marvel, but I think as an audience we are a lot more solid and loyal then what they had 10 yrs ago.
CthulhuTheory 10 aylar önce
I think there's some good points, but I think the issue here is a lack of understanding or acceptance of what they were doing with each of the characters. For example, the purpose of the Deviant in the final fight was fairly obvious: He was there to take advantage of the fight and gain Ikaris's powers while they were ganging up on him. Ikaris, at that point, was the biggest threat to him, since he was the only one who could damage him at range and threaten his life if he were to be overwhelmed. Without the Deviants as a threat, there wouldn't be an underlying force causing everyone to gather back together and without that need to gather back together they would have no reason to uncover the truth about the Celestials. If you consider it, they kinda had to do it the way they did because otherwise, without the deviants it would've been hard to make a movie about people with superpowers using their superpowers and discovering the truth. 1) Without the Deviants, Ikaris would have to kill Ajak himself 2) If Ajak were killed by Ikaris the cause would've been apparent as something only one of them could have done. Either burns from the eye beams or physically broken body. 3) This doesn't work because the only other person with the physical strength to kill Ajak would be Gilgamesh, and he was busy with Thena, basically giving him an Alabi. 4) Kingo could have been framed, but his attacks are more blast-like than laser beam burning, so it wouldn't take much to discern the two. 5) This means that there would have been no secret about Ikarus being the secret villain for a plot twist, unless they hide the body and go on a hunt. 6) The problem with hiding the body is it takes the whole method for Cersei learning the truth either out of the equation or delays it until the last possible moment late in the movie 7) Having Cersei learn the thing negates any need for Thena to learn and warn the group 8) Learning late in the movie basically forces a worldsaving scenario into the mix and would need ample foreshadowing to function without giving the audience whiplash 9) This could work theoretically with more emphasis on Thena's mental state, but then reduces Thena from her status as a Warrior Goddess to something more akin to an oracle, which isn't necessarily off brand for her greek status as a deity given the historical association of the gods and oracles, but would be a disservice to her as a character 10) In order to not betray her character as a warrior goddess in this manner, they'd basically only be able to unleash her on the group, which isn't necessary thanks to Gilgamesh, and if the rest of the group were needed to keep her in line... well.... 11) Going that route would beg the question why don't they just kill her or let Ajak mind wipe her since she's so much trouble. 12) Ultimately, this results in either no action for the first 90% of the movie or uncomfortable villifying of a mentally unstable person and watching them be beat down repeatedly over something they have no control over simply for the purpose of dropping clues to the ending. Nah, I like the movie the way it is. You could probably cut out Kit Harrington altogether without changing the movie in any meaningful way, and it definitely would have benefited from being done in a longer format, like a mini series on Disney +, but I think they did an incredible job fleshing out the characters, the backstories, and everything they did with in the timespace allotted. I don't agree that it felt long at all. I saw it twice, and, at least for me, found it to be better the second time around as the choices they made became much more apparent to me in what they were doing and why with the movie. I don't know if it's good enough to earn any awards, but it's definitely better than I expected and way better than the critics seem to think it is.
Paul Trygstad
Paul Trygstad 10 aylar önce
i finally saw Eternals last night. i agree with most of the points in this video, but also feel relatively positive about the movie. had plenty of flaws, but good performances, stunning visuals, and a he non-linear structure kept me engaged. There were a few jarring editing choices which i think were unintentionally comical, and some baffling writing decisions (why does kingo leave before the climactic battle?), but for a marvel film it felt pretty fresh. i enjoyed it more than Black Widow
Ada Pieńkowska
Ada Pieńkowska 5 aylar önce
'why does kingo leave before the climactic battle?' bc he agrees with Ikarius but cannot make himself fight others. Also, he thinks Ikarius is so much stronger that he will win. I mean, it is said in the film why he did it.
MS 10 aylar önce
And Druig/Makkari with just a few interactions now and then had more chemistry than Sersi/Ikaris, which is crazy considering their relationship was one of the main focus of the movie.
Marshall 8 aylar önce
@caitlin b. the broken love plot point would have been a nice hidden theme for Ikaris and Sersis’s relationship, but the thing is the movie does not allude to that AT ALL. If Ikaris’s disconnect had be addressed by other characters then maybe it would’ve made sense but the movie desperately tries to make us believe that they are the strongest couple in the movie and the reason why they are the main focus of the drama. No part in the movie suggested that Ikaris and Sersi’s relationship is a broken one and it’s a shame because that would have been an interesting addition to the story
Mar.S 8 aylar önce
@Imanarchy To me it almost felt like Ikaris just mostly wanted "queen" on his side like he made some list of qualities his mate needed to have - pretty, patient, noble, eternal... and since Sersi fit that list he decided to go for it. It seemed like simply practical choice more than any kind of genuine love. (Maybe little affection underneath with some hope to fill emptiness inide by new mate) It felt more about idea or image he needed to fulfill that about Sersi herself. And from Sersi POV it really looked more like - "Oh well he is handsome, eternal and keeps trying to ask me out for few centuries - plus everyone says we make great couple so i prob should go for it.... right ??" ,)
Imanarchy 10 aylar önce
@caitlin b. Though I understand your point, and it is a good point from the moment he leaves her til the end of the movie; I still think they have no chemistry even in the flashbacks, before they were ever at odds. Even in the end, when we're supposed to see him being torn between his mission and his feelings, and he ultimately lets go of his ideals (and yeets himself into the sun), there's nothing there emotionally imo... It felt a little hollow. Like I understand what it was supposed to look and feel like, I understand what they tried to do, but I still think they fell short.
fusiondog77 10 aylar önce
@asmRTPOP there is a difference between 'mental health' issues and 'being semi catatonic and easily triggered to uncontrollable violence'. I hold issue with the 'semi catatonic' part mostly same as I would for a drunk kid at a party. I also did not make any definitive statements about it as perhaps there were long stretches of stability we never saw. But since we didn't see them, I have to be concerned for someone seeming confused and child like. I think Gilgamesh would be too. I don't want to be specific about my life but I don't need to be told that people with mental health issues deserve loving relationships and I hope you don't need to be told that people who appear helpless deserve some protection.
asmRTPOP 10 aylar önce
@fusiondog77 Stop it stop it people with mental health issues or who are disabled are still allowed to be loved omfg it isn’t unethical. We deserve love. YES I know you meant Thena.
imzarxki 10 aylar önce
Though I am a person who's been following the MCU, I wasn't really keen on watching the Eternals. It was only by coincidence that I decided to watch the film. And coming into it, I wasn't expecting much, so maybe that’s why I didn't get the critics when they’ve said that the movie was “bad.” I actually quite enjoyed it, sure it didn't build much to the world we already knew and wasn’t nearly necessarily driven in a specific plot, but I got a kick out of it. I wouldn’t say it's the best MCU film but it was great generally, personally I’d have it in my top 10 or 5 possibly if they would’ve fleshed out the character more. Overall, I’m still invested in the Eternals story, I just hope the writers gets to smooth out the main plot of the story better the next time we see them.
TheMightyWolfie 10 aylar önce
I had the exact same thought when I came out of the theatre watching this movie. I was like, I read so much about it and was hyped up too, an excellent cast, setting up Black Knight, Celestials but my thoughts were 'Its good but underwhelming'. Also agreed that it would have done wayyyyyyy better as a Disney+ series of 5-6 episodes. The one thing I was most bothered by was that Kingo never shows up in the final fight. I kept waiting for him to show up out of nowhere like Han Solo but he never does. I understand that he didn't want to fight his family over whats right but come on man you gotta pick a side. If you believe in 'Arishem's design' then fight for it. Don't be a chicken. Thats the worst and then he comes back in final scenes like it was nothing. Also the fight scene between Makkari and Ikaris was fucking lit. I think all of us enjoyed that a lot! It was basically Flash vs Superman but infinite times better!
Quila Viper
Quila Viper 9 aylar önce
You said all the exact feelings I had watching Eternals perfectly, thank you for putting it into words so well
M. 10 aylar önce
I liked the Ikaris and Sersiromance bevause it felt one-sided and I think it's a bit the point. He fell in love with her and asked her to be his wife. She has way more chemistry with Dane and I think it's purposeful. She loves humanity more than she loves him. The first scene they share is telling. She's lookkng at the earth saying "it's beautiful" and he responds looking at her while saying it is. (However , yeah I do think Sersi is kind of a tourist)
Dani Difranza
Dani Difranza 8 aylar önce
I watched this a couple nights ago, and I agree with you on almost all counts. It didn't feel like they had any real bonds, the movie hinges on their relationships and it felt like they barely knew each other. Druig though, was the eternal I knew the best. He struggled the most with their task, he had different facets of his personality that came out depending on who he was interacting with, and I think the reason people latched on so hard to him and Makkari is because they have so much POTENTIAL. The movie didn't give them enough screen time to become actively boring like sersi and ikarus. Also more Phastos next time please he seems interesting and nice. I buy into Ikarus being the villain because I personally disliked him start to finish and he was acting kinda shady. Not in an interesting way just an obvious one
Alex Riptide
Alex Riptide 10 aylar önce
Before I watch this, I must say I really enjoyed Eternals, it was a gorgeous movie with great characters, all the shots were very pretty, but I do think they tried to tell too much story for one movie. They tried to introduce 10 characters and tell 7,000 years of backstory while dealing with a world ending event. I agree with a lot of people who were saying we should have had a Disney + series to introduce them and tell their past, with maybe the movie being about the situation with Tiamut hatching. Still holding out the hope for a Disney + prequel series in the future. I hope these characters return as well. Although I have to say they did a very good job weaving the past and present together.
Llorn Barham
Llorn Barham 10 aylar önce
Appreciate the Neil Gaiman (2006) comic recommendation. Quite thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Sprite’s machinations playing a hand with the storyline. I think they should’ve gotten inspiration and a roadmap from the comics and built on that foundation. 🦅
Song Yao
Song Yao 6 aylar önce
The art, CGI, and casting were amazing. But they could have made it like the first season of American Gods, try to build an underline story as the backbone, and expanded into subplots. The eastern philosophy and mythology in the movie are some of the biggest elements for the audiences. But as you mention in the video, they didn't have time to went into the juicy part of it, which is a huge letdown for me. It examples the "non-actions" from "the teacher" perfectly but never gets to show it to the viewers.
Dane Roberts
Dane Roberts 10 aylar önce
At the start, when Kit Harrington was asking Sersi if she was a wizard, when he said "Sprite keeps calling you a wizard" at that point I didn't know Sprite was a character, and thought that there were glasses of Sprite whispering "Sersi's a wizard" to him in restaurants 😂
Pritha Bose
Pritha Bose 8 aylar önce
Dane Roberts
Dane Roberts 9 aylar önce
@Tuoyo Edukugho going by mcu rules a wizard like Dr Strange seems to learn their craft but it seems like witches are born into it, not sure if witches are exclusively female or not
Kelly Morrison
Kelly Morrison 9 aylar önce
lol I thought that too!
Ren Whittall
Ren Whittall 10 aylar önce
Tuoyo Edukugho
Tuoyo Edukugho 10 aylar önce
@Maidenless behaviour Thanks for clearing that up mate,
lexi karalunas
lexi karalunas 9 aylar önce
one of my biggest problems with eternals really wasn’t the movies fault, and that was just its placing. wandavision was one of the most unique mcu projects so far and it was superior to eternals by a long shot (and remains my favorite thing in phase four). but, there are also a lot of plot issues. for example, it makes no sense that they can just erase planets and nobody seems to know about it. earth itself has people off world, all of the guardians and thor would know if earth was destroyed and assuredly that type of thing could’ve happened in other planets? secondly, none of the main characters you’re supposed to like were the ones i ended up liking. i saw eternals three times, and each time i only felt entertained by the movie when kingo came in. plus, gilgamesh and thena had more chemistry in their pinkie fingers than ikaris and sersi. there was no point when i was genuinely convinced that they were in love, when he told sersi he would “be hers” it felt entirely devoid of emotion or love - almost robotic, like some sort of mating ritual or arranged marriage. druig and phastos were also the only people that made me think they actually wanted to save the earth. what reasoning did makkari have? or thena? or literally anyone else in that final battle. sersi is repulsed by it, but why? druig expressed through the entire movie that he wanted to help these people, and phastos obviously had his family. but what did anyone else have? regardless, i did enjoy this movie. i thought it was fun in moments even if it dragged out in others. i liked that it was different, since with so many things in the mcu it would be easy to blend together. i do think that this and shang-chi were in a difficult position, everyone is hyped for spider-man and and the introduction to the multiverse - not getting that can be disappointing. despite enjoying this movie, it’s not all that memorable. especially having been released a month and a half before spider-man.
Lotus the Mermaid
Lotus the Mermaid 10 aylar önce
My husband said that Thena was actually in a relationship with Crow in the comics and that would've been way more interesting. Lol They criminally underutilized Thena anyway - she should've been the leader of the team. Sorry, Sersi.
Abi Ade
Abi Ade 5 aylar önce
Lmao I read “sorry Sersi” in Sprites crying voice and- 💀💀
artist around the block
I liked the multiple plot points. The deviant arch felt like it was representing the Eternals as a family with how Kro was giving out powers to the others and acted like a hive mind. Thena killing him…it? was like a concussion to the family saga of them killing Ajack and Gilgamesh and out a bow on their family relationship. While the celestial arch felt like it was the superhero plot line were they have to save the world and was wrapped is nicely. Plus I also like how the Eternals have such a nice diversity of powers not just magic, strength and speed. Individually they aren’t too overpowered but as a team their powers allow them to do anything. Need a distraction: Sprite. need speed:Makkari: need mind control: Druig need technopathy:Phastos need flight: Ikaris need godly matter manipulation: Sersi.When any of them dies it really hampers the team by a lot showing how important they all are.They have basically every power excepts magic. It really makes them feel more like a unit and thus a family.
Piratearicat 10 aylar önce
You put it perfectly. Literally everything you thought is the same I thought. This movie feels somehow too long and too short. Like it needed to be WAY longer for it to fit all the stories it was trying to tell, and WAY WAY WAY shorter cause BY GOT it feels Eternal.
Scraplette 9 aylar önce
I had a lot of thoughts after seeing the film but the one that stuck out the most after watching it was how irked I was with Ikaris being all "I'm the most powerful. None of you can beat me." I was like, Mate, your team consists of someone who can literally change matter at a subatomic level(and that's before her big power up), someone who can break the sound barrier, and a guy who said he could control the mind of everyone on the planet(if he felt like it) and a one woman army. You can... fly, punch good, and shoot eye beams??? I've only seen it once so it's possible I missed something but I'm curious where Ikaris got this confidence from.
iamlively 8 aylar önce
On a surface level, I liked the movie. It did a decent job of introducing some of the overarching lore and concepts of how the eternals viewed their respective roles regarding Earth and protecting its inhabitants. I felt like they introduced some of the connections to Humans well - like Sersi. Her power innately connected her more closely to humans than the other Eternals, and they did an excellent job of showing that early in the movie. The others were framed as more “battle magic” warriors based on their powers, so I feel the idea that she would lose connection with the others is pretty believable in the movie. I do agree that the subplots and motivations between the group were less fleshed out or prominent than they needed to be for a good film. The pacing was off, and the third act was disjointed. Plus, the impact of the rising celestial (eg, the disruption of the Earth’s core, changes to tide displacement, gravity, and other real science issues) would end humanity anyway. From a purely entertainment aspect, the visuals were beautiful and the acting was great. We didn’t have any crazy stupid plot elements that were completely unwarranted and out of place (I’m looking at BvS’s cringey “Save Martha!” And Time Traveling Flash), but it was a lot like Amazon’s “Wheel of Time” where it expected the viewer to have knowledge from the source material to fill in gaps from the visual story in front of you. I’d rate it a generally positive score… 6.75/10. It sets up the option for some of these characters to have more importance and development in future stories, but it did not successfully utilize most of the cast or properly set up Dane Whitman’s character like it could have.
Professor CrumBerries242002
I think the end fight scene against ikaris is actually pretty good. Not like endgame, infinity war or even winter soldier type level. Those are the best fight scenes in the mcu. Edit: also, shang chi is one of those top 10 best/well choreographed fight scenes
Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs 7 aylar önce
I thought it was really weird how they handled the "villians" of the movie with those creatures being able to evolve into more of an eternal like creature but that's never explored, they are all just killed. However, I love Sersi's powers and think there's a lot that can be done with them given the proper chance.
 ShortHax 10 aylar önce
Sprite’s refreshing lemon-lime powers was my favourite part of the movie
Maidenless behaviour
Maidenless behaviour 10 aylar önce
@The Salt Merchant yeah because she so bony skeletor would be jealous
Taniks, MLG Sniper
Taniks, MLG Sniper 10 aylar önce
Sprite was basically loli Aizen.
Lotus the Mermaid
Lotus the Mermaid 10 aylar önce
I wheezed 😂
Colouroftherain 10 aylar önce
Now that I watched the movie and your video for the second time I kind of agree with the most things said in the video. It could’ve been way better and more detailed as a mini series. Also I totally agree on the pointlessness of the deviant villain. Like what is he trying to do? Kill all Eternals so he has to die inevitably bc the Thiamut is destroying the earth????? And Ikaris killing himself at the end of the movie??? (I first thought he flew away to snitch on the others to Arishem and got so confused that he just straight up flew into the sun) But out of some unknown reason I still really really really liked that movie. I really don’t know why but I do. And I really hope that they do something great with the Eternals in the future. Also: Your videos are really great! I’ve been watching them for a while now (even if I dont know the shows most of the time) and I really enjoy them! Your videos on Fleabag and Sex ed even convinced me to start watching those shows and I don’t regret that at all.
Je m'appelle Caro
Je m'appelle Caro 28 gün önce
I actually loved this movie! And I actually felt they were a family with great chemistry, but yeah, i totally want this to be a series
healthymadness 10 aylar önce
I agree that it felt all over there place at times, too many subplots that make you less invested in the stories. And the characters needed more development and more back story. I wanted to know more about druig and his weird cult and his weakness for makkari. The fuck happened with Tena? Why her? The whole kro death felt very anticlimactic. And sersi felt so bland.... said all this, I generally enjoyed it 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ I didn't look at the time once, I was mesmerized by their beautiful faces doing things. I was engaged but I totally agree that I wish it were a mini series where they could have explored the subplots more thoroughly.
Star Brand
Star Brand 10 aylar önce
Eternals' major problem is...it's huge divergence from the source material. Anybody who read the Eternals' comics, (and there aren't that many issues) felt like this movie was completely disconnected.
xokayox 10 aylar önce
While I do think the movie had too many plots going on, as a whole, I enjoyed what marvel tried to do with this film. And I really enjoyed the character dynamics and wish we saw more of that. Like the small moments between Thena and Gilgamesh and Makkari and Druig were so honest and beautiful. Ajak’s relationship with everyone was so loving and I wished we saw more of those moments instead of the deviant angle. Having the movie focus more on the team and their relationships while also grappling with the all the knowledge Sersi uncovered would’ve been so compelling. But whatever, I can wait to see Thena, Makkari, and Druig go on space adventures with Harry. And, as always, f*ck Sprite.
CIBF 8 aylar önce
I felt like the "main two" of the eternals were picked to be that because they were Gemma Chan and Richard Madden and they were supposed to form a cool, standard-beautiful, young couple (?). I felt so much more love coming from Gilgamesh and Thena, even if it was never stated that their relationship was anything other than platonic. Gilgamesh's death was the only thing I felt in the entire film. He cared for Thena and looked after her for thousands of years, while Ikaris just walked out on Sersi without even making up an excuse. Also, there were writing issues that wouldn't have been overlooked in an MCU film just because they had to squeeze SO MUCH in two hours. At the final battle, Druig disappears after being lasered into the dirt by Ikaris and when he comes back he says to Sersi "I can't do it, it has to be you" or something. But we haven't seen him try! We haven't seen him fail! He should have failed and then reached out to Sersi, not just TOLD her that he couldn't do it himself. And what about Kingo just refusing to take part in the final battle? The climax of the film? Come on! If they all feel like "family" and he agrees with Ikaris but doesn't want to kill anyone else because of it, shouldn't he feel conflicted? Shouldn't he struggle? We need to see some of that! He should at least have been in the middle of the battle trying to keep them all from killing each other until the Celestial emerges, because then he would have served what he believed was his purpose and no member of his "family" would have died. No? It was just so much exposition crammed into two hours.
Lais Silva
Lais Silva 8 aylar önce
Depois de ver esse filme eu conversei com a minha irmã durante um dia inteiro pra falar tudo de errado nesse filme e nessa história e eu concordo totalmente com o que você disse. A história fala sobre seres que viverão séculos mas parece que passou tres dias, eles falam que a humanidade mudou por causa deles mas não parece que isso aconteceu. Cade os desenhos e textos sobre seres místicos nos tempos antigos? E também levaram tanto tempo pra mostrar o que cada um fez mas a makkari ficou na nave o tempo todo, eles nem se importaram em mostrar o que ela fez e como que o governo não viu peças importantes pra história simplesmente sumindo do mapa
654ethan 10 aylar önce
“the more i think about it the more i don’t like it” as a day one mcu fan, this is my exact opinion for every movie because to be honest the mcu is full of holes when you look deeper into them so i take each movie for what it’s trying to be while not ass kissing it
AstroCap 3 aylar önce
I really don’t want to see them give up on the eternals though, I do see potential for something great with this team.
Salty Scorpion
Salty Scorpion 8 aylar önce
I would love to get a Eternals tv show, showing the more cosmic side of the MCU. The war with the Eternals and Deviants. The Deviants point of view when it comes to the Celestials creating them and just letting them die due to the Emergence, Thena’s psychotic episodes, Makkari and Druig’s relationship, Sprite’s love for Ikaris being expanded on, etc etc.
Antonella Svagelj
Antonella Svagelj 7 aylar önce
I actually liked some parts of Eternals. I like the message they were trying to give, but it wasn’t delivered very well. And Idk why but I don’t like Sersi and Ikaris. I think it would have been better if they focused more on Thena and Gilgamesh, I loved those two. She should have been the protagonist, not Sersi!
Julian Wong
Julian Wong 10 aylar önce
Yeah, I remember walking out and wishing it was made into a series instead. I really liked the hints of characters that we got, and thought there was a lot to explore. I'd be curious to see if there were a longer version, whether it would make more sense. Definitely agree that Kro was a miss. And Thena's plot.
Kelly Liza
Kelly Liza 6 aylar önce
Everything you said just perfectly captures how I felt about the movie. I keep saying that it should’ve been a tv show. Not a movie. Or at least broken down into multiple movies. There was just WAY too much plot for one movie, and it’s a bummer! Because the concept was so interesting!
Shr1mpSush1 10 aylar önce
"Eternals, like Batman V. Superman, is a movie that tries to shove an entire season' worth of television into a two hour movie." Holy shit, Eternals is basically The Last Airbender.
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 10 aylar önce
What a waste that movie was.
Gabby B
Gabby B 10 aylar önce
@CRINGE KILLER idk did you forget netflix Death Note exists? That easily rivaled ATLA in terrible adaptation execution
Gabby B
Gabby B 10 aylar önce
Except the movie was only the 1st season :/ so ATLA is even worse
mabusestestament 10 aylar önce
@Selmon Bhoi No It was pretty good 😘
CRINGE KILLER 10 aylar önce
mabusestestament No Bvs ue was horrible
Neal Fowler
Neal Fowler 10 aylar önce
i actually did like the characters and overall story, it's just too bad that the good character writing clashes so badly with the MCU cgi stuff in the fight scenes. i just don't think those two elements work well together at all. had it stuck more with the characters and somehow made the fight scenes more practical and less cgi focused, it would've been far better.
Tomás Caro
Tomás Caro 10 aylar önce
Honestly, i liked the movie, Makkari is one of my favourites, i loved her relationship with druig, more than sersi and ikaris, but it was so unfair that she never had the spotlight in the movie, i hope that in guardians of the galaxy or any other movie where she appears, marvel gives her the spotlight
Ada Pieńkowska
Ada Pieńkowska 5 aylar önce
I don't think we were supposed to love Sersi and Ikaris relationship. They were toxic as f. Sersi, when they meet Ikaris, becomes so much reserved and insecure.
Papa Aeon
Papa Aeon 10 aylar önce
The Eternals, The Deviants and the Golden Celestial was one of the first comic book storylines I read as a kid and it’s always stuck with me ever since then, like the three random Punisher books I had which I was way too young to read. Too bad it couldn’t be done justice. They are actually super cool.
kaká gontijo
kaká gontijo 10 aylar önce
the only reason i could have fun at moments was that the cast, soundtrack and directing are great. the story itself was a bit tiring and somehow managed to become uninteresting although it had (in theory) a lot of cool stuff happening. it's funny how the stories that i actually ended up caring about at all were druig's moral dilemma and phastos' family. what i do apreciate about the movie is how the representation feels natural
RaynieDayz 10 aylar önce
I went to watch it with a few friends and like 2/3 of the way through my mate turned to me and said "this is getting a bit long now, innit?" and afterwards as a group we talked about it and it kinda gave me similar vibes to Fant4stic (not nearly as bad) because of the weird trying to make you care about characters but not giving you any reason to. In the end I only really cared about Fastos and Druig, the latter just because I liked that in the first act he left the rest because of reasons. They killed off Gilgamesh who was up until that point probably the most interesting character for me and the one who felt most "family-oriented" out of the group. Fastos' evolution from not caring to family man was never really explained, as I recall. Kingo's absence from the final battle made little sense because barring the ones that were already dead he was the only one not involved - even if he was there trying to act as a peacemaker it would've at least made some sense. Sirsei was such a bland character that I honestly forgot she was the protagonist several times in the movie. Ikarus being the bad guy was something I kind of predicted but maybe that's just the Superman comparison I'd drawn in my mind after the trailer. Kro's death seemed so ridiculous for me. I was hoping even if they weren't the main villain they could still go around in future films and be a pain in the ass for the Eternals to try and deal with, and grow in strength. I thought Ikarus flying into the sun was the most underwhelming way to end him. My biggest criticism is that while it felt like a Marvel movie visually, it felt nothing like it belonged in the MCU. Shang Chi was far better in my mind. Firstly because I think it was an objectively better movie in all senses, but secondly because despite telling its own story and developing a separate group of people it maintained elements of Marvel and other MCU characters we know and love. The most Marvel part about this was the postcredit scenes of Aros being brother of Thanos and Kit Harrington's situation with Blade. That's it. Like you said. The more I think about it the less I like it.
Kseni_Vely 7 aylar önce
Finally, someone that can put in exact words the sentiment that persists after seeing this movie 🙌🏻
Dervis128 7 aylar önce
Something I find fascinating is that despite all the overlapping stories that never really get the time to develop that they deserve, there are SO MANY scenes of the group just kind of....hanging out and talking about nothing important. Like...they just....sit down and....talk....the world is ending and nobody has a personality, but sure....sit down to dinner and make small talk....
Lucid Dream Queen
Lucid Dream Queen 9 aylar önce
I overall really enjoyed the movie since it had a lot of characters with neat powers, featured takes on ancient civilizations (which I’m a huge nerd for), and didn’t feel the same as so many marvel movies felt to me. I will say I cared far less for the main characters than I did for the eternals who got less screen time. And you’re absolutely right that it should have been a show instead of a movie.
AngryPretzel 10 aylar önce
I took this one just as a set up, intro to new people, kind of movie. It wasn't great, and I agree it was too ambitious, but I do look forward to seeing these characters again, now that we know more or less who they are and what's going on. As you said, it was too much for such a short amount of time, and yes, too many characters. That's why I think future installments will be better (guess I'm an optimist).
ashrbz 10 aylar önce
It was an Alley oop for another movie in the future to Slam Dunk is what ur saying
byrnet down
byrnet down 10 aylar önce
@Normad Garmez gay people existing isn't political
Naomi 10 aylar önce
@Normad Garmez there was no political agenda in eternals. It was definitely present in falcon and the winter soilder, but the eternals simply had a diverse cast with a gay character
Bjarki Steinn Pétursson
With what the ending of the movie sets up, it feels like the next movie will be more focused.
AdrenalinJunkie 10 aylar önce
I had very low expectations, and therefore I had a pretty good time. I did find it astounding though that they a) literally just announced the plot of the whole movie, halfway through in less than a minute of dialogue, and b) they really didn't utilise most of the characters abilities very well - we only learnt how half of these characters' skills pertained to fighting right at the end, which felt like a cop out. Also the subplot about sprite being in love with eye guy was very numpty and had appalling exposition. Having her make humanity changing decisions and literally stab the woman she's been living with for the last century just for unrequited love made zero sense to me unless her superpowers included lack of a brain.
Gabrielle Duplessis
Gabrielle Duplessis 8 aylar önce
I wanted to see more of Thena and her internal struggle of trying to figure out her mind. I was surprised with the twist villain, but maybe if they showed his differing beliefs little by little as the film went on, but he was not my favorite character. I really liked druig and his internal battle because it seemed like he was going to be the twist villain, but he was not. That was what made him compelling. He still tried to help people and his team. He was the first to misuse his powers in order to bring some order back, but realized what made the humans and celestials the same which tied into Thena’s storyline. I definately wanted more if Mekari because she is one if the first deaf people in the MCU. Not Marvel comics, but the MCU. I am hard of hearing so it is nice to see people who are part of that community kicking butt on screen. I also like how they did not show her as disabled and how everyone willingly communicated in ASL. It was not seen as a weakness. Considering her commanding presence in every scene she was in, I wish we saw more of her back story and motivations. I think this became an unintentional have different main characters comment.
#DÏ4B7Ø 4 aylar önce
Woulda been amazing if they all gave themselves up to Kro they made a massive point about how they needed to combine & Kro was the perfect plot devise to make that happen also they where all created by the universe creates so it would have made perfect sense if they stopped fighting each other and worked together towards the end ( side not imagine how cool it would have been to see Krow fully evolve with all there powers 😍😍😍)
Alex Riptide
Alex Riptide 10 aylar önce
I thought they were going to do more with Kro after his whole moral realization of both races being pawns but then he's just back to kill them. Oooh I just realized since he absorbed Ajak's memories he would have all that knowledge of the end of the world's. Oh shit you know what would have been insane would be Sersi absorbing Ajak's memories along with the Celestial orb, and her knowing both the eternals true purpose and experiencing first hand Ikaris shoving her to her death that could have been heartbreaking. And then Ikaris sharing the idea it might have been madweary, with Sersi doubting herself and Sprite doubting her, than talking to Thena again and seeing her drawings, and that being the thing that allows her to realize all the memories were real, and stop doubting herself.
Sara 10 aylar önce
I feel like Shazam is the perfect example of a movie with a big cast that works up to the feeling of “family” between everyone. even when they’re not fully there, you can just see the chemistry edit: I meant only that Shazam is a movie that wants to be about family in a lot of ways too, and that imo it accomplishes the *feel* of family by the end. the characters are realistic and the actors have chemistry. okay, bye
Dylan Anderson
Dylan Anderson 9 aylar önce
I thought Shazam went from a sort of fun super hero movie to the end of a power rangers episode. That end fight sucked shit from the balls of Christ
Ghazan Jazz
Ghazan Jazz 10 aylar önce
@KhaanMan66 The main Villain is Black Adam but not in the first movie, cause Dwayne Johnson is playing Black Adam, would you really want the first Shazam movie to be a Dwayne Johnson movie? ngl everybody is gonna be focused on DJ's character more than Zacks
Ghazan Jazz
Ghazan Jazz 10 aylar önce
True and Shazam is a DC movie that somehow managed to make it work
Noobmaster Ruben
Noobmaster Ruben 10 aylar önce
@Naomi you lie
NegX 10 aylar önce
@CRINGE KILLER sure, Shazam wasn’t as ambitious as this movie. It didn’t have to be though, what it did instead was pretty good.
Gabrielle Duplessis
Gabrielle Duplessis 8 aylar önce
I finally saw this today. While I had issues like the ones you listed, I did love the film. I felt relationships that could have been focused on more was makari and druig and thena Gil. Druig and Makari only had three scenes together and had more chemistry than sersi and Ikirus. I felt through the acting and the writing, we can see their similar values and fondness for each other. With thena and Gil, I loved seeing their friendship blossom and how they wanted to protect each other. I also like how they did not have a romantic relationship which we don’t see as much with male and female leads. Because Angelina Jolie’s acting chops and chemistry with Gil, I did buy her mourning over him because their friendship and bind was shown. I could see their love in the beginning, but because they rushed through it, I can see how Sersi and Ikurus were bland.
baka mangakka
baka mangakka 8 aylar önce
I went into Eternals having just read the Neil Gaiman version. To say I was disappointed was a massive understatement
Ludo Fratta
Ludo Fratta 9 aylar önce
I think that since not many of the actors would have done a serie they could have done a prequel with all the flashbacks and then the present plot to fix a looooooot of problems, bond, love story, character development. However seeing how quickly the mcu plot is moving and how the virus already slowed it down I think it would have been impossible even if they had the intention to do it.
Diana C
Diana C 10 aylar önce
1. I love you showed up your face! 2. You just put into words exactly what I felt when I left the theater 2 weeks ago when I saw the movie! I don’t hate it but it was all over the place! It was impossible to catch up and actually feel something for ANY character! 3. If Tom H and Marvel fuck up the upcoming Spiderman movie I’ll quit Marvel! fr! That would be like the worst case
Legz Diamond
Legz Diamond 10 aylar önce
The best you can say about the Eternals is that it’s visually stunning. The characters, pacing, and - primarily - the writing, were surprisingly un-marvel-like. It didn’t stand as an origin story untethered from the MCU continuity, and yet it’s function as a key - as yet unexplored - aspect of that continuity was also sketchy and lazily rendered. How could something like Thanos have escaped the interest of beings like the Eternals? They literally fell apart because of Hiroshima! There are a thousand better ways to frame just that one tiny thread. I feel like any coherence between the MCU thus far and Eternals evaporates under examination. That’s just lazy.
Privacy Please
Privacy Please 8 aylar önce
I wholely agree with you. Another thing that falls apart once they explain the nature of the eternals is why the celestials made one eternal to be deaf/mute. Why give one a disability that makes it harder for her to communicate with the rest of her team?
Itroll 8 aylar önce
@NegX What no, the visuals in the movie were because of her, her debut film nomad land had stunning visuals similar to this, I know what you're trying to say but all the directors in the mcu have direct control of what the movies look like (in terms of shot types, camera angles, lighting, etc)
NegX 8 aylar önce
@Itroll Not really. You have to understand that all the directors that were involved in any of the MCU movies, do not have complete directorial vision and control over their respective projects. The studio execs (Kevin Feige and Louis Esposito, in this case) always have to put in their inputs so as to make it in-line with their upcoming projects.
Itroll 8 aylar önce
Chloe Zhao is the reason for this
NegX 10 aylar önce
“Un-marvel like” That seems like a compliment lol. Also I found this movie pretty mediocre.
Umar Khan
Umar Khan 10 aylar önce
To be fair I really loved it when I was watching it and came out of the theatre. A few hours later I was just liking it. Now I'm like, it was fine. It's a middle-tier MCU movie for me, like Doctor Strange maybe. For example, the Ikaris suicide thing was weird no doubt, but the concept was the boy who *intentionally* flew literally into the sun. There are no fundamental flows in the story itself, the flaws I can point are in the execution. Like I genuinely felt somewhat sad over Gilgamesh dying when Thena was there, even though their relationship was explored literally 10% of Sersei and Ikaris, yet they made a more compelling couple story. Also I'm not sold on Ikaris going against Ajak over Celestial's plans since he doesn't have memories, no contact with the Celestials and has always done what Ajak said. In fact I'm more sold on Druig's choices even though he wasn't even there that much. Ikaris being flawed might've been the downfall too. It's a great theatre experience though I think it's one of the best cinematography wise still and I STILL think it's a decent watch, it's not bad by any means. And much better than Batman v Superman.
Light and Leaves 🌿
Light and Leaves 🌿 8 aylar önce
I like it mostly for Makkari, Druig, Gilgamesh and Thena ❤️ love them all so much. Sersi and Ikaris were like 'oh you followed me around awkwardly while I was planting stuff so now I love you'
PM. Meowth
PM. Meowth 8 aylar önce
also pretty safe to say they spent all their budget on a “all star” cast and cg because the writing… and the edit my goodness
IamFirtyDucker 10 aylar önce
I love the ideas in the movie but they don’t always land. I think on paper the themes are really interesting. Eternal being struggling to not intervene with a civilisation, wanting them to organically grow. Making mistakes in there development when they do intervene. Sprite wanting to be normal wasn’t established enough and her jealousy of Sersi in order to stab her came out of nowhere. Could’ve been a real intense moment if the movie earned it more. Ajak falling in love with humanity and changing her mind on the mission could’ve been shown instead of her saying it to Ikaris. Too many characters. The family dynamic wasn’t established enough. Kingo leaving to not fight felt abrupt and random, didn’t really see his inner conflict. Deviants become sentient and then have similar motivations as eternals but they don’t really pursue that then he just dies. The character development wasn’t there which made the moments not hit as hard. But the fight scenes were incredible. I like how they actually shot on location. Cinematography was great. I like the mythology aspect. I like some of the heroes. Some really poignant moments like the Hiroshima part, or Druig controlling the minds during the battle. I think on paper it had potential to be great if it was executed a little better but I do appreciate this ambitious attempt. And I’d take this over a safe, formulaic film because at least it has higher highs, as opposed to being mid.
Jordan Patterson
Jordan Patterson 10 aylar önce
Was I the only one who was instantly suspicious of Ikarus when he arrived in London? And his reason for coming to check on Seresi was because he was “worried about her after the earthquake and was checking on her”. Even if it was a worldwide earthquake like movie said, none of the other Eternals were checking back with everyone. He was just super suspicious to me from the get go.
Hayley A.
Hayley A. 8 aylar önce
Same! I was like okay he showed up inexplicably at the same time as the deviant? Clearly he's evil and brought the deviant. Gave me Mysterio vibes.
Spaghetto 8 aylar önce
Yeah, I always told myself while watching "I can't like this guy, and idk why". His character felt so cardboard-ish too. His whole personality was just "Man" lol. Sersi's guilty of this as well.
bubble girl
bubble girl 10 aylar önce
I think he only checked up on her because he knew about the deviants not because of the earthquake.
BeingBumbleBree 10 aylar önce
So here is my thing: I liked eternals but mostly for the movie it could have been. I saw it with a friend and after we left the movie she was kinda meh on it but I really liked it. She had areas where she was confused why a character did something or was confused as to what happened in a scene and I felt like I knew the answers, they just weren't fleshed out well. I am not sure if I knew what some of these topics of internal motivation were ever truly hinted at or explained, or it I just inferred based on what would make sense to me given what we do know about the characters. So I very much wish they had fleshed those ideas out better (or at all) and I think it wasn't possible to do so in the time frame of a movie, so I love the idea of a series!
Flor Aberastury
Flor Aberastury 10 aylar önce
I never watch trailers and I just went to see it without knowing anything, without having any expectations. And I liked it. It was not my fav, no, but I also didn't think it was bad, nor do I now. It did have a lot of stories and it felt slow because it had to introduce A LOT of characters (idk if there's any other mcu movie that's had to introduce so many main characters at once. Not just characters but also their whole story as well), but even so I didn't really mind it. However, I can understand why it's not to everyone's liking, some plot lines seem random, I feel like they could've used Thena a lot better, but overall it was ok. And ~spoiler I guess~ for Kit Harington's ending scene, he's supposed to be the Black Knight, right? I mean, he's Dane Whitman. And I read somewhere that it's Blade's voice in the end, like Mahershala Ali's voice as his new character Blade. I think maybe Kit Harington's scene was out of no where because the writers expected fans to already know who Dane Whitman was, so to already know what he was setting up later? But it still did came out of nowhere.
Nicholas Cain
Nicholas Cain 10 aylar önce
Sersi was handled so tragically, everytime I hear a reviewer talk about her role in the film, I get hit with the realization all over again that she was supposed to the MAIN character. Also, this movie had a sex scene in it, I have to give Disney credit for that. In addition to everything Ninja's mentioned, I found the twist about the Eternals/Deviant relationship and their 'jobs' to end up being so incredibly stupid. Maybe in the comics it's explained, but... why do these dipshits even have free will? The deviants made sense because what I gathered from the film, they were just meant to wipe out early Apex predators and then basically go extinct from some ... extinction level event... but some of them don't die and actually survived and evolved. I don't see why this should have ever been a thing. The deviants were created, well they can be created to exist for a certain time and self-destruct.. The Eternals can be made to not have free-will and go so far as to basically raise and farm intelligent life for thousands of years until an emergence and boom, be taken back by their celestial creator. It's not like this would be the fate of every planet, only some planets with intelligent life contain a celestial, so it's very trivial if one random ass planet has to basically be enslaved.
nalu Aylar önce
That's exactly why I enjoy TFATWS, honestly, it felt so good to watch a super-hero show with no aliens, no magicians and all this bs to distract us from the development of the characters. It was just about Bucky trying to find a way to live with his traumas and get over his guilt, about Sam's connection with the shield, his family and his worries about the racism he'd have to go through if he took the place as captain america. It has a lot of serious topics that are treated with the slowness it needs, with another story developing with ""villains"" that aren't actually villains like we've seen in the past few marvel stories, so the main characters can find their answers during the conflict with them and their arguments to do what they are doing. I understand people criticizing some of the dialogue, but honestly? Maybe it's because I adore these characters too much (Sam and Buck), but TFATWS just really reminded me of why I enjoy super-hero shows and movies: it's not about the amount of power they have (no matter how cool those magical or fight sequences might be), just about how they deal with the world surrounding them and what they can do to help while dealing with internal demons that sometimes are way scariers than the real villains. IDK, I've started following the mcu a few months ago, 've just watched Eternals and DAMN that was a disappointing movie, I can't understand how there are more ppl talking sht about tfatws than this movie lmao.
Mi Squared
Mi Squared 10 aylar önce
I think druig was the best character. The movie kinda emphasizes that he’s mysterious so him not being all that developed was less jarring. Even still they gave us little hints of who he is, a confrontational, flirty, loner, who’s kinda hypocritical. And his relationship with makkari makes sense cause she kind of a loner too. Honestly, Those two have more chemistry than sersi and ikaris. I don’t think I could possibly describe any of the other-more prominent-characters so well. This is all I got: Thena - “crazy” Ajak - leader Sersi - loves humans Ikaris - rule follower? Gilgamesh - strong? Kingo - jokester/actor (wow look 2) Sprite - adult child Phastos - engineering/father. makkari - deaf/loner
Bennyton 9 aylar önce
Gilgamesh is a good friend, that could be material. imagine just him and Thena living together, cooking
Bennyton 9 aylar önce
@Александра Мистулова hahahahaha idk why this made me laugh so much
Александра Мистулова
Sersi also loves instagram for some reason
Qwertzalcoatl 10 aylar önce
I love this movie and Druig is my favourite too. No, I don't read the comics.
HexBug 97
HexBug 97 10 aylar önce
I wouldn’t really give them credit for Druig because at the end of the day he is basically the Eternals’s version of Loki. When you look at it through that lens you can see that MCU Druig is a mix of Comic Loki with a Little of Comic Druig’s personality
DrProfSr 10 aylar önce
I feel the same way about Eternals as I do The Last Jedi. I like it, but if you hate it, I TOTALLY understand why. I think a lot of the philosophical talk really really worked for me but the character relationships were a little weak.
Yollan 7 aylar önce
I did actually think it was an great mcu movie, it had many flaws but in the end i think it was better than some things ive seen. I do agree on alot of points, esspecially the family/coworker bond issue, and i think it would have been better as a eternals series like loki was set up. But I also think it a good movie to start up the next phase of the mcu with a new way to intoduce new people with the eternals as a backstory, like the guy with the sword and thanos brother. I know there will be a second movie and i do hope they will focus more on the family bond of them and also try and slow the movie down and not fit too many things in it at once.
Jasmin 10 aylar önce
Hey :) Love your videos! Listening to them on a loop, preferably while cooking or cleaning :D Could you maybe do the show "Jane the Virgin" sometime? I love how the premise itself is fun and relatively simple - Jane gets accidentally artificially inseminated - and this sets the plot in motion and introduces all the characters. But ultimately it is a proxy to get you hooked on the characters and then you keep binge watching it because you want to know what happens to them next, because there is just so much good stuff happening in that show. Hardly ever seen a show that has such a strong feeling of cause and effect in it's events. And it is super smart and at times meta in a charming way about it's telenovela aspects. If you're currently looking for inspiration what to watch or even for a video (I'd love to listen to u analyzing it): here you go :D
Julie Aubut Gaudet
Julie Aubut Gaudet 10 aylar önce
I agree with a lot of what you said. I've only seen the movie once and I enjoyed it but definitely felt like it was just ok, nothing too spectacular. I think it would have worked much better as a series because I like the characters but felt like there was just too much going on to get to know them. I also felt like Dane should have either tagged along or just not been so prevalent in the trailers as such a big deal in the movie. I was confused because I thought he was one of the main characters from the trailers but nope, he is barely in the movie. Same thing with Ajak, Salma Hyak's character. There are so many little things they could have done to fix the overstuffed feel. Honestly, keeping most of the movie as is but changing the main villains to the deviants and in a post credit scene have the reveal that there is a celestial that will be birthed and destroy the world and they only have a few years to find a solution. Gives us a great premise for part 2 and makes the stakes a little less big for part 1. Even have Ajak be the one to finally reveal the truth to the group when they are having a celebratory family dinner. Anyways, like I said, movie is ok, love the characters and hope they will be better developed in future projects.
Alyssa Lucero
Alyssa Lucero 10 aylar önce
While the whole cast is good, when the time for each character is so small you can really feel which actors are the real “movie stars”. Every time angelina is on screen I cant stop looking at her.
Bennyton 9 aylar önce
she is criminally underused
Lovely Elle
Lovely Elle 10 aylar önce
I know !! Like deeym this movie needs more Ange in it .
Mercury Dynasty
Mercury Dynasty 10 aylar önce
1) They should’ve focused on the meaning and worth of human life and what that means for Eternals. Focus on why the Eternals like or dislike humanity. This and the parts surrounding Thena. I feel like centering the movie around Sersi-Thena-Ajak would’ve made much more sense. Remove the Deviants as well, they weren’t really necessary. 2) Sersi and Ikaris, in particular, need better more fleshed out writing and development. They were the least interesting characters - which says a lot considering Makkari barely took part in discussions and was mainly there fighting, and somehow became a Top 3 favorite for most (including me)! Sersi in particular was just pretty… standard. Nothing unique. Ikaris really felt one note. Sidenote: Sersi’s powers make no sense (for those who didn’t read the comics). 3) I’m looking forward to Kit Harrington’s character but… he didn’t need to be here. His reveal should’ve been a post credit scene with maybe him and Sersi meeting for the first time and then the Celestial appears. 4) Get some chemistry! Thena-Gilgamesh, Phastos-Husband and Makkari-Druig worked better than whatever was happening with Sersi-Ikaris, Sersi-Dane, and Sprite-Ikaris. While I think an Eternals limited series would've allowed for a better narrative build up, I think it would’ve been hard on the budget. I think most of these issues could’ve been fixed by making Eternals a two-parter.
J Grace
J Grace 10 aylar önce
This was a 2.5 stars out of 5 for me, right smack in the middle - mostly because I loved the casting, diversity and visuals of the movie. But don’t ask me about anything that happened, because I don’t know. I watched this movie last night, and my friend and I were discussing it today and I couldn’t for the life of me explain what I watched not even 24 hours before. This movie felt so incredibly complicated, yet underdeveloped and too long but also too short.
Oopee-Doopees McFlannigan
The issues you had regarding the Eternals finale and how it’s supposed to be the culmination of all these interesting plotlines, plus what you mentioned about the movie introducing a lot of potentially cool concepts and then just dropping them - that’s exactly how I felt about WandaVision. What could have been a really heartfelt examination of Wanda’s grief fell flat for me because it boiled down to an overly-delineated good versus evil plot (with the exception of the confrontation between the Visions, I loved that), where everybody’s characterization played second fiddle to the references to a wider universe, and the big action moments. Also like WandaVision, Eternals seems way more disappointing when held up to the comics that inspired it. In WV’s case, House of M is a really fun and emotional journey through an alternate reality crafted by Wanda to escape her grief which itself is riddled with issues and intrigue, while WV felt, at least to me, like it labelled Wanda creating the Hex as a totally valid thing that shouldn’t be questioned or engaged with in any moral sense. For an example of a cool concept that WV introduces and then drops, the show sets up this neat parallel between Monica Rambeau and Wanda. Monica was snapped just like Wanda, and she lost her mother during the Blip just like Wanda lost Vision before it - and each are tasked with dealing with their still-fresh grief while the rest of the world has already moved on. This could have built into a genuine emotional connection between them - but all we get is Monica kinda hand-waving both their grief with the vague “They’ll never know what you sacrificed” line, with Monica otherwise being off-screen’d for a good chunk of the finale. All of this to say, I think the MCU is falling into the habit of drawing on its own past success, that of the comics, and the writers’ ideas - but can’t seem to decide between the three. I’m hopeful that the MCU will strike a balance as the creativity on display in shows like LOKI and What If…? starts to permeate the other movies and shows, but I know that’s not guaranteed, so I’m not holding my breath. Until then, I’ll just keep watching Doom Patrol. fkn love Doom Patrol. if you made it this far, go watch Doom Patrol. it’s real good.
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown 9 aylar önce
This was a great theater experience but really a letdown when i thought about it, like i still kinda love it but I agree it had too much going on with too little time. Hope they get a tv show
Janee Harris
Janee Harris 10 aylar önce
You pretty much sums up my feelings for this film. It should have been a D+ series, though I would have liked it to be a 10+ episode series so we can enjoy more of the different periods in time, and episode solely dedicated on the creation of everything and the laws of the universe, so we the fan will have set rules going forward. Then the rest can properly flesh out all of the characters. I would love a fun full episode that showed us how kingo grew his Bollywood dynasty!😂🤣 And sad episodes about Phastos falling in and out of love with the humans. How he constantly is impressed and horrified of them. Ah well.🤦🏽‍♀️
Darklink82 8 aylar önce
One thing that proably affected how I feel about the movie is that Dane, Phastos, and Makkari were my favorite character from the movie. They also happen to be the characters with the least development and screentime. So the rest of the movie was spent with the characters i cared the least about.
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