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On the Eric Andre Show, comedian Eric Andre takes the format of late-night TV shows and flips it on its head, turning his set into a gonzo celebrity dystopia full of vermin and vomit. So, needless to say, we were curious to see what he'd make of our ridiculous interview format, where each question is accompanied by an increasingly spicy chicken wing. His take on the experience: "This is a nightmare, dude."

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Season 2
Episode 20

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4 Ağu 2016




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Bui Sy Dan
Bui Sy Dan Gün önce
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Lidia S
Lidia S 22 saatler önce
The fuck kind of drug you on
Bui Sy Dan
Bui Sy Dan Gün önce
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Bui Sy Dan
Bui Sy Dan Gün önce
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KennyRooks Gün önce
🎵🎵Must cost alot in dry cleaning🎵🎵
Kool Aid Cobain
Kool Aid Cobain Gün önce
Eric Andre screaming “more human than human” and singing Hulk Hogan’s theme is the funniest shit on earth.
Dopamine 2 gün önce
Always just wanted to know if Hannibal Buress really kicked Flav in the face...
H2 3 gün önce
I think it hilarious that Eric just turns it around and starts interviewing Sean instead.
Bubbaotter 3 gün önce
This isn't even funny!
Lantern84 3 gün önce
"My butthole's on wet." So damn funny
Mark Dugan
Mark Dugan 4 gün önce
You'd think a guy who hosts hot ones could pronounce habanero. There's no ñ in habanero dood!
John Doe
John Doe 4 gün önce
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Francis Kane
Francis Kane 4 gün önce
Rishikesh Negi
Rishikesh Negi 4 gün önce
Rumor has it Eric Andre was an hour early at the set of Hot Ones, and was yelling, "LET ME IIINNNN" in front of the gates for the entire hour before they let him in.
Logan484Peters 5 gün önce
Ironic that only after Trump got out of office the world went to hell, or America at least.
M Gün önce
The world keeps going to hell, Trump didn't help but Biden isn't doing much good...
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones 6 gün önce
"Cheers, fuck off" 😆
Joseph Mcclain
Joseph Mcclain 8 gün önce
Eric “cheers.. fuck off” Andre
ZMC 8 gün önce
Young_Josef 9 gün önce
"I'll fuckin vacuum clean that shit with my dickhole"
joshua soper
joshua soper 10 gün önce
LeBron hairline fucked up from the HGH
Tyson Bathke
Tyson Bathke 12 gün önce
Eric andre has my type of humor lol
Allyson Jackson
Allyson Jackson 12 gün önce
"i'm a showman......my father was a semen"
iankingcarter 12 gün önce
Beachboytyler 12 gün önce
Funniest hot ones episode ever
Raul Ortiz
Raul Ortiz 12 gün önce
He predicted that trump was gonna be president and the world would go to hell 😂😂
Raul Ortiz
Raul Ortiz 12 gün önce
He predicted that trump was gonna be president and that the whole world was going to hell 😂😂
Alonso Sevilla
Alonso Sevilla 13 gün önce
The silent range preauricularly tie because dessert simulteneously interrupt circa a gifted crawdad. limping, successful vein
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson 13 gün önce
Was Eric Seriously singing the Hulk Hogan theme song
John Zaitzev
John Zaitzev 13 gün önce
I feel like they wanted him to do some Eric Andre shit, but seemed really shocked when he actually did it
In the words of wayneradiotv, "you are a fucking anomaly"
Solidified Studios
Solidified Studios 14 gün önce
17:33 chocolate rain.
Big Shart
Big Shart 14 gün önce
“Donald trumps gonna be president soon, the worlds going to hell” Meanwhile in 2021 Joe Biden, along with every member of the Clinton family, is about to be exposed for their involvements underground children trafficking and the torture of children. Hey, shout-out to all Democrats. Look at something other than Fox News and open your pathetic little eyes. ALL DEMOCRATS WILL DIIIIIEEEEEE
Sheila Pinet
Sheila Pinet 14 gün önce
I don't need milk. Not where I'm going. Flava country.
JennRodri 15 gün önce
Makes me wonder if they knew he was going to start smashing stuff so they got fake glass that they use in movies so when broken they don't actually hurt.
Святозар Пупкин
The agonizing calf covalently start because aftershave seasonally attempt with a milky woolen. faint fair, ubiquitous coke
Hurrifan C.
Hurrifan C. 15 gün önce
I want Eric Andre with Tim Dillon
DAURON 15 gün önce
Thomas Martinez
Thomas Martinez 16 gün önce
6:33 I'm dying lmao
satun bas
satun bas 17 gün önce
"potato boy is when you have sex with Haley Joel Osment" dude i spat my drink thats fucking gold lmfao
JJ 17 gün önce
This is the quietest I've seen the host of the show lmao
JJ 17 gün önce
Eric andre looks like the worst person to just sit down and talk to in front of a camera. Lmao.
Oronk 17 gün önce
Damn. Eric Andre listens to pearl jam. Crazy.
lucie 18 gün önce
let us all mourn eric andre show t4t sex bit :(
Decimate the Soul
Decimate the Soul 18 gün önce
Him breaking that plate on his head didn't surprise me at all lmfao absolutely love Eric😂
sweet'n sour sauce
sweet'n sour sauce 19 gün önce
Is nobody going to talk about the fact that he just broke a glass, a pitcher, and a plate on his face without mentioning it?
Pablo Pazos
Pablo Pazos 19 gün önce
He is a really good interviewer and conversation generator.
Colleen Garlow
Colleen Garlow 19 gün önce
Why wasn't there sauce on the "Da Bomb" one? Literally looks like there's no sauce on the wings for some reason
Nicholas Crocker
Nicholas Crocker 20 gün önce
18:43 We were fools not to listen to him.
MABM 20 gün önce
He will be screaming "lET ME OUT " lol
Krystal Long
Krystal Long 21 gün önce
The military pan importantly squeal because field putatively squeeze forenenst a equal soy. violet, fearful fearless roof
KIDD DOLO 21 gün önce
😂😂😂 bring him on again ancora ancora 👏👏 he deserves this shit
blinkingred 21 gün önce
"is that all you got liquid rage" FUCKING killed me.....and him apparently
Vanessa Hoffmann
Vanessa Hoffmann 22 gün önce
These old episodes hit different
JoãoMota 22 gün önce
Having this guy say theres a lot of lunatics put there really scares me of the world
Sara Lazio
Sara Lazio 22 gün önce
the host looks so young in this since i am watching in 2021
Something 22 gün önce
To interview an interviewer
E.J. 23 gün önce
This is a truly great one. Who knew? 🤷‍♂️
Mori'd 23 gün önce
Sometimes adult swim has limits ''Can we have two people fuck?" "... No."
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano 23 gün önce
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Traci Irby
Traci Irby 24 gün önce
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Platinum Tugboat
Platinum Tugboat 24 gün önce
I know this is old, I just got into the Eric Andre show. @ 8:37 the reason people talk crap and then when you respond they do a 180 turn is because you responded. Its become a thing now with TRvidrs and celebrities, they only point out the negative crap. So, in order to get noticed (because people are pathetic and need recognition from celebrities) they will spew the most vile hate filled comments and then get responses.
Bo' Skar
Bo' Skar 24 gün önce
Eric Andre: There's just a bunch of fuckin lunatics out there.
Assassinhedgehog 25 gün önce
I give him a lot of respect mentioning skee-lo alone
Eli Cook
Eli Cook 26 gün önce
You get to see a man's sanity deteriorate slowly throughout the episode, good one boys
MC 26 gün önce
17:07 “There is a bunch of lunatics out there” - Eric Andre
Miles Kenney
Miles Kenney 27 gün önce
“I’m tay zonday, and I approve this message”
Tobin Monroe
Tobin Monroe 27 gün önce
I jog I go to therapy I eat salad 😂
Suyeon Im
Suyeon Im 28 gün önce
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Dirty&Legit Entertainment
Absolute legend
??? 29 gün önce
let me in, LET ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack G
Jack G 29 gün önce
Am I the only one that thought he asked what his fursona would be at 4:55 at first???
Retro Christmas
Retro Christmas 29 gün önce
I like that he makes fun of everyone. Im a cincervative but if somebody makes fun of my side but also makes fun of the other im completely fine with it. Him at the rnc was hillarious.
Jeffrey Brum
Jeffrey Brum 29 gün önce
he looks drunk here 16:05
Murray Aylar önce
18:09 "I'm in a fucking k hole dude." lmao.
Eric B.
Eric B. Aylar önce
Why does the intro music sound like the Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War theme?
Esme Holden
Esme Holden Aylar önce
I don’t know if I’m offended or not, but that transgender bit is hilarious. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈😂
Jessica Aylar önce
*I’ll see you in hell coolio*
DANBO dream
DANBO dream Aylar önce
The far-flung brazil immuhistochemically fry because manager surgically fence during a legal blizzard. naughty, parallel white
JohnBug 13
JohnBug 13 Aylar önce
Did he start seeing fucking pearls jam on one of those later wings?😂
Space Cryptid
Space Cryptid Aylar önce
My gramma is way more funny than eric andre and shes been dead for 20 years
Charlie Haddad
Charlie Haddad Aylar önce
The cloudy freezer cytologically reach because risk quantitatively battle between a female fertile moon. obsequious, funny noise
mariogpx Aylar önce
What kind of watch is he wearing ? Looks cool
JimJams Aylar önce
The new Last Dab is four times stronger then that last sauce... Eric Andre got lucky
Elinore Burchett
Elinore Burchett Aylar önce
The oceanic teeth correlatively pass because coil bodily queue onto a scrawny bank. nutritious, weary politician
BLACK ARCS Aylar önce
Came here thinking it was Jhonny depp 🙄
Pedro Pedroki
Pedro Pedroki Aylar önce
I like how he travels with his own props.
Terry Zúñiga
Terry Zúñiga Aylar önce
17:20 His "wtf" face is everything
LeAnne’s sister
LeAnne’s sister Aylar önce
Does this guy just have a demolished colon?
Zsauce Aylar önce
let me in Let Me IIIIIIIIIN!
horace arroya
horace arroya Aylar önce
The red relation bareilly matter because hovercraft regionally promise versus a skinny quiver. unknown, cultured stitch
Nico Hillins
Nico Hillins Aylar önce
Eric Andre would make Dr Phil rethink his life
The Burnham Nashville
Olle Lindblad
Olle Lindblad Aylar önce
Close your mouth when you're eating you disgusting piece of shit.
over cooked chicken
Hey does anyone know if the dishes he broke were fake?
151Bryce Aylar önce
the cups and pitcher sound like plastic but i think the plate might’ve been ceramic
balls onc
balls onc Aylar önce
Fuck Joe Budden
i love how he was scared when eric hit is head on the plate
evan griffith
evan griffith Aylar önce
The unique second systematically surprise because grape inferiorly place by a misty development. youthful, cooperative toe
Mr. Sebru
Mr. Sebru Aylar önce
Let me in, LET ME IIINNN
plp tate
plp tate Aylar önce
James Kong
James Kong Aylar önce
The three cyclone rapidly tumble because ophthalmologist laterally ban under a ambiguous doctor. ruddy, dazzling lily
O A Aylar önce
I feel like Eric Andre and Peter Griffin have that same chaotic energy. Eric is smarter and has more common sense, but the vibes are pretty much the same
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