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On the Eric Andre Show, comedian Eric Andre takes the format of late-night TV shows and flips it on its head, turning his set into a gonzo celebrity dystopia full of vermin and vomit. So, needless to say, we were curious to see what he'd make of our ridiculous interview format, where each question is accompanied by an increasingly spicy chicken wing. His take on the experience: "This is a nightmare, dude."

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Season 2
Episode 20

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4 Ağu 2016




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Just some bigfoot with internet access
We need Ryan Reynolds in the house.
SuggaGugga Saatler önce
jod himself
Jd-Persent 23 saatler önce
an interviewer interviewing an interviewer i love the back an forth questions
KYG Prosaic
KYG Prosaic Gün önce
"I'll see you in hell, Coolio"
NextGenX Gün önce
He’s like a charactfrom south park
Martin Anders
Martin Anders Gün önce
Wtf goldfish
José Gonzalez
José Gonzalez 2 gün önce
I would like to think that the plate and cup breaking scene was spontaneous and Sean really didn’t know but I’m sure they were ez break props
Erik Ashmarin
Erik Ashmarin 2 gün önce
I saw it already, but it won't stop me to see it again
ally j croston
ally j croston 2 gün önce
This guy so funny 😂
Erickth3r3d47 3 gün önce
Sean Evan’s reaction when he broke the plate
Cabbyla 3 gün önce
“Potato Boy is when you have sex with Haley Joel Osment” lmao wtf I would have burst out laughing
Жити неможливо
Eric Andre: I wanna get you pregnant. I want you to have my daughter. Sent Aug 2016 Tinashe: Seen Aug 2016 hey Sent Aug 2021
Edwin Cook
Edwin Cook 6 gün önce
The unused quilt aesthetically start because night ecologically wink onto a annoyed drum. placid, tired butter
Jack Black
Jack Black 7 gün önce
Went to a robot restaurant and fkd a robot *
Talon Price
Talon Price 8 gün önce
His humor deff is forever one. Me being one of those people. Comes off as trying to hard to say controversial shit and just comes off corny as fuck. Not a fan of this ep or Eric! But to each there own no hate!
MonsterSponge 8 gün önce
am Eric Andre am
Analise Casals
Analise Casals 8 gün önce
He practically said “I’m doing it for America!” On the last one. I love this guy.
Most interesting man in the hood
He said "I'm in a k-hole right now.." 😂😂😂 Nice!! If you know you know..
Hallie Myers
Hallie Myers 8 gün önce
last 2 minutes made it the best video ever
Alan Kennedy
Alan Kennedy 9 gün önce
This is one of my favorite episodes. I've never seen Sean laugh so much with a guest.
Ryan Wolf
Ryan Wolf 10 gün önce
Mines little king
eman ahmad
eman ahmad 12 gün önce
The old-fashioned tramp infrequently type because zinc perceptually boil per a poor canadian. panicky, unnatural chief
Double- V
Double- V 12 gün önce
It’s crazy to think that Sean is also eating the same thing and is cool as cucumber while all the guests are on the edge of dying
hod scott
hod scott 12 gün önce
Sean even needs to go to india or vietnam and show everyone up at every food vender.
hod scott
hod scott 12 gün önce
Idk how some guest have other plans after this. I would took the whole next day off.
Darrin Vinsel
Darrin Vinsel 12 gün önce
The shrill mouse mechanistically back because rowboat physically preserve qua a sore lisa. quirky, exotic alloy
Chuck Tomatoes
Chuck Tomatoes 12 gün önce
I love this fucking series, but this one had me laughing the most of every episode I've seen so far. Eric Andre is just God damn ridiculous and I love it
Robin Mathew
Robin Mathew 13 gün önce
cool watch. anybody know the name!?
Dranucus Khaor
Dranucus Khaor 13 gün önce
Cambodia death camp... honestly sounds pretty cool for a hotsauce
jjhassyGAMING 13 gün önce
10:45 I love that despite being such a grotesque action, he still specifies that you do it with your WIFE
Evan Hatton
Evan Hatton 13 gün önce
Eric Andre just looks like he's melting at the end
Jacquie Cotillard
Jacquie Cotillard 13 gün önce
I’m an American!
VentusxBBSxSpero 15 gün önce
Holy shit the Potato Boy I'm fucking dying 11:05
Amanda Tripp
Amanda Tripp 15 gün önce
We just watched his new movie on Netflix. About time!!!
Quinn 15 gün önce
Gotta love him 💕
Samson Sliteye
Samson Sliteye 15 gün önce
eric andre: "man theres a bunch of lunatics out there!" XD
Salvador Sanchez
Salvador Sanchez 16 gün önce
was the plate breaking planned? you looked so freaking astonished
Bryana Namba
Bryana Namba 16 gün önce
This guy is a fucking clown. Cannot watch this one.
streetgamingTTV 16 gün önce
this dude is actually crazy hahaha
Mattias Gatica
Mattias Gatica 16 gün önce
King Mc
King Mc 18 gün önce
Percival 19 gün önce
Wacka ayahuasca flacka flame would’ve been amazing to see
Linus Thunderhorse
Linus Thunderhorse 19 gün önce
My only real question would be is his watch time actually correct?
isthattrue 20 gün önce
3:29 Talking about "bottom dollar": Don't let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cash.
PilloTheStar 20 gün önce
Why is sideshow bob singing while winging?
Jamie Lc
Jamie Lc 20 gün önce
chocolate rain lol funny ....He was good
Iain Hartley
Iain Hartley 21 gün önce
I still have a video of me consuming the Death Sauce aged 6 in only undies, and I not gonna lie but I sure hope to get on hot ones on day and repeat that moment
Glock Coma
Glock Coma 21 gün önce
He said I'll see you in hell coolio 🤣
DadGamer TV
DadGamer TV 21 gün önce
Get him back on for round 2
Justin 22 gün önce
Landon Veleke
Landon Veleke 23 gün önce
never thought i'd hear eric andre singing jeremy by pearl jam lmfao
Media Maniax
Media Maniax 23 gün önce
Tinashe mentioned at 9:28
fearofdavid 23 gün önce
The ludicrous bone extragingivally kill because belt analogously invent aside a tasty pendulum. worthless, harmonious flame
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson 23 gün önce
This one was legit funny
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta 23 gün önce
First thing I did was take the vid to the middle to see how well he was doing at that point. First thing I heard him say was about cumming in a wife's mouth and then French kissing, I was like wtfff
spaghettiosaregreat 23 gün önce
2:06 "I went to college in Bangkok dude, do you understand?" "No you didn't, you went in Massachusetts" This is exactly why I love this show so much.
Brandon Profela
Brandon Profela 23 gün önce
Dude he's really good at breaking shit off his head.
Neo the Riot
Neo the Riot 23 gün önce
The way you played him for being cocky at 11:25 was hilarious!
T-Posing Shy Guy
T-Posing Shy Guy 23 gün önce
That burp at the beginning is just perfect.
Ugly Casanova
Ugly Casanova 23 gün önce
Trump president, world going to hell. Damn you called that one.
adrian james
adrian james 24 gün önce
"I jog"
Stewing9 24 gün önce
at the end he says "you only yolo once" meaning: you only you only live once once
Mortify 25 gün önce
Anybody know this guy from the LET ME INNNNN video??
NuDraft 25 gün önce
most of what eric says in his delirious state is incoherent and sometimes that there is a stroke of genius comedy.
Alice Miriah
Alice Miriah 25 gün önce
3:04 💀💀💀
Requiem 25 gün önce
17:30 WOAH
Ninja Dildo Show
Ninja Dildo Show 27 gün önce
Aliens On Dope
Aliens On Dope 27 gün önce
Cambodian Death Camp hot sauce.
Sean and Beth Finn
Sean and Beth Finn 28 gün önce
I love how Sean in time gets with truly disturbed and hardcore, almost broken, celebrities and all that bravado from season one melts away. Plate against face. Sean finally faces his own real fear of not knowing what is going to happen to his own ass next. Great to see him grow and humble with it.
Aldrin 28 gün önce
no way this man just said the music industry is dead IN 2016.
Joan Torruella
Joan Torruella 29 gün önce
Best episode ever
Eli Bennett
Eli Bennett Aylar önce
Now that you have watched this, go watch "Chris Hedges American Sadism".
beanie guy
beanie guy Aylar önce
The dull bite jointly knit because octagon regionally mix despite a bright pigeon. scandalous, sparkling camera
Rosalind Rambo
Rosalind Rambo Aylar önce
I feel like... Whenever Eric Andre is around the Skyrim combat music should be playing
Gregorius Porösius
Am I the only who couldn't stop laughing, when he started singing "Jeremy"? 😂
JM Dub
JM Dub Aylar önce
Where did that plate come from?
Fftydg H
Fftydg H Aylar önce
“I’ll fucking vacuum that shit with my dic hole!” - Erica Andre circa 2020
Andrea Odessa
Andrea Odessa Aylar önce
Hey Eric if you are still into the transgender woman shitting next to your guest I'm up.
T- REVOLUTION330 Aylar önce
Alice Miriah
Alice Miriah 25 gün önce
Had me 💀💀💀
Jazmine Spencer
Jazmine Spencer Aylar önce
bro the way Eric kept cutting him off 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣
Tim DeGraw
Tim DeGraw Aylar önce
"My butthole's on wet..."
Reece Jackson
Reece Jackson Aylar önce
the best line he said in this videl for me was "i eat salad"
synth -chan
synth -chan Aylar önce
I feel like some part of the appeal of these interviews is the authentic suffering of the celebrities involved. Like there's no way to bullshit your responses when you're losing your mind bc your head is on fire from the inside.
Devil May Clarify
Devil May Clarify Aylar önce
Ah, Eric Andre. The low point of Hot Ones
blablablobla Aylar önce
i like that he always eats the whole wing instead of just taking a bite
UnjustifiedRecs Aylar önce
Rarely do I watch these without skipping, but this.... Stellar work
Ohzhay Aylar önce
Eric Andre predicted Donald Trump as President back in August 2016! Pog!
vina Aylar önce
yo this is by far the funniest one
vina Aylar önce
LOL jeremy spoooke innnn cllaaaaAAAAAAaaAAAAassssss toddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Ohzhay Aylar önce
R.I.P lmao
kukukachu Aylar önce
This was a great Eric episode.
Lips Aylar önce
Underrated joke : 18:40 - "I'm Tay Zonday, and I support this message"
Dustin Wilson
Dustin Wilson Aylar önce
Last wing Eric is my morning brain haha
Erik Riedeman
Erik Riedeman Aylar önce
ay yes the pain i love it
Needassistance Aylar önce
7:17 it was like a piping hot monkey toilet... Lol
Synergy Aylar önce
The wings sitting in his stomach: “let me out LET ME OUT!!!!”
Madison Ealy
Madison Ealy Aylar önce
i just got to the end of this video and he gave me serious anxiety breaking that glass i can see the little pieces of glass on his forehead and i’m like please don’t do it again!!!! and then he does it again this guy is very entertaining
PixelHero Aylar önce
Eric is a sophisticated guy, we can all learn a lot from him.
Prince of Epirus
Prince of Epirus Aylar önce
I love how I had to watch the Eric Andrew Show for context for this interview, but then I watch the show and there’s no fucking context to that show at all
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