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26 Haz 2022




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Lubby Morolong
Lubby Morolong Aylar önce
If i gave my relationship the kind of attention i give this podcast, i would be married now,with one happy wife.
Zinny Phenyane
Zinny Phenyane 20 gün önce
Simpleme 29 gün önce
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahah hahahahahahahaha i feel you bro...
Nonceba Mda
Nonceba Mda Aylar önce
Nonceba Mda
Nonceba Mda Aylar önce
Kedibone Lekgwathi
Kedibone Lekgwathi Aylar önce
Venessa Mohlakoana
Venessa Mohlakoana Aylar önce
I’m a new mom who has been struggling with postpartum depression. This show has healed me. I love you guys ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rebotile Makuoa
Rebotile Makuoa Aylar önce
Much love to you mommy❤️❤️
Sinazo Nkomo
Sinazo Nkomo Aylar önce
How's the PPD going? I've had it also. Still kinda struggling but I think it's better than the first few months. It's honestly self healing for me. Haven't been attending any counselling or anything. Thing is even if I'd try getting meds, I wouldn't be able to take them because I have so much work to do 😭
Zanele Tshabalala
Zanele Tshabalala Aylar önce
Get well soonest Vee. ❤ Congratulations on baby. 🥰
LeKis Aylar önce
@Venessa Mohlakoana may you continue to feel better. Sending you love and light!
Lulu 'Fierce
Lulu 'Fierce Aylar önce
Keep going mommy. It does get better . If you can get help please do. An hour or two to yourself is important.
Tebogo Lepale Mosehla
Tebogo is improving as a podcaster, and as she said before, she is gaining confidence. In time, she will be good at this. Her mistakes are quite rookie mistakes, but she has good people around her. I like how MacG reminds her that she is a "ghost", which pretty much means she shouldn't hog the limelight like on City Girls. The opportunities being afforded to people on this podcast are a pot of gold... I'm impressed by Fact Checker as well, improvement in each episode You are doing great guys, cruising nicely, and the numbers back you up... big up!!!
A & B skiits
A & B skiits Aylar önce
@Nhlakanipho Zondi NO I MISS HEARING HER
Nhlakanipho Zondi
Nhlakanipho Zondi Aylar önce
@Neo Mohlamonyane so would you say she can replace our original ghost lady ?? 😂💁🏾‍♂️
Ellis Haindobo
Ellis Haindobo Aylar önce
Mbokodo came in on cue when sol agreed to kill the MP-infected person, and that should be her main KPI. Love it!
Neo Mohlamonyane
Neo Mohlamonyane Aylar önce
I love her 🥰🤣😂🤣She’s such a bone carrier, she adds that off the edge controversial element 🤣🤣
Katlego Motaung
Katlego Motaung Aylar önce
Her mistakes are so cute 😍🥰
Angie Lydia
Angie Lydia Aylar önce
When gogo Maweni says "I'm a clinical psychologist by profession" 🔥
Wendy Mbelwa
Wendy Mbelwa Aylar önce
I surprisingly enjoyed the Gogo Mawenis interview, she really articulates herself very well. Learn't a lot, she really clarified a lot of things I've been wondering. Great episode as always 👌🏿🔥
Matilda Raesetja
Matilda Raesetja Aylar önce
I agree with you. I really enjoyed the interview too.
Kay Ndlovu
Kay Ndlovu Aylar önce
Back in the days we couldnt wait to watch ISIBAYA & now we cant wait to watch another episode on this podcast. This says alot about TV. MacG we appreciate you dawg. Namanje ngsasho, uzovinjwa ulwandle!!!
onkgopotse Shadung
onkgopotse Shadung Aylar önce
I only lost my phone for 3 days from Friday to Thursday I was already curious about Monday episode I didn't care about TV I wanted to watch this episode very much
tsholanang moseneke
Lmao bro you read my mind, Damn!!!
tsholanang moseneke
Lmao bro you read my mind, Damn!!!
Tinker 205
Tinker 205 Aylar önce
@ronelle candice TV is not the one face it. Especially DSTV. Shit is good for sports these days. If u still watch Isibaya n em good for u but my bro speaking facts
Advocate Anonymous
Advocate Anonymous Aylar önce
Things have changed
Thato Donvulo
Thato Donvulo Aylar önce
I feel like Gogo was supposed to have her own podcast like your regular celebrity guests you normally invite. There is a lot to be unpacked from her, she has content for days. I felt like I was watching a trailer of her interview. Can you guys please invite her again unpack, her life before ubungoma, her journey in ubungoma, how she met these celebrities, how come she decided to just leave the country (you need to afford to live abroad, we want to hear about her background). Unpack the drama with her baby daddy issues. Story of the pets we need to hear it fully not the pieces we got now. This woman has content for days, please can we have her back.
Ntando Yolanda Zwane
I totally agree with you.
sanelisiwe saliva
sanelisiwe saliva Aylar önce
Gugulethu Sibanda
Gugulethu Sibanda Aylar önce
I go
Onica Ramela
Onica Ramela Aylar önce
The podcast is really healing, every time I watch you guys....I forget everything and laugh my ass out😌🙌🏽I appreciate, Big ups👊🏼🔥💜
Richard clive banda
Working at Podcast and Chill will make one loves their work. This type of working environment is soul soothing. Well Done Guys!
Botsang Lesenyeho
Botsang Lesenyeho Aylar önce
that “i feel like an apple today” out of nowhere is a golden moment. top tier. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
lufuno mashau
lufuno mashau Aylar önce
😂 Bra Dave is funny
Tales Oleat Sekatane
I lost my shit right there 😂😂😂
Royal Florah
Royal Florah Aylar önce
Tebogo killed it as a ghost 👻 Can we please keep her for now 😅🙌🏾
Dalubuhle Ngwenya
Dalubuhle Ngwenya Aylar önce
This episode had me in tears with Gogo Maweni. For years I have struggled with my spiritual identity and after watching I feel and am grateful more than ever for the guidance and protection in my life thus far from my ancestors. I can no longer be ashamed of who I am as an African.
nomnikelo mashiqa
nomnikelo mashiqa Aylar önce
It's how Sol explains himself everyday "I'm not on my phone" for me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 great episode guys 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥 Tebogo was a great ghost lady for the day🔥
Endinako Mali
Endinako Mali Aylar önce
Great ghost lady indeed she had all the right questions
Lebohang Majola
Lebohang Majola Aylar önce
Shout out to her man
Sihle Koliti
Sihle Koliti Aylar önce
I noticed that… shame Solomzi making a disclaimer
Oupa Monareng
Oupa Monareng Aylar önce
Dr Gogo Maweni is such a vibe with her "good school English" 🤣🤣🤣 this show is teaching me a lot about people, including how to "not" judge a book by the cover
Tebellomotaba Aletta
Mac G has so much respect for people 🙌🏿
Mazimakazi Hlanze
Mazimakazi Hlanze Aylar önce
Just 3 minutes into the show and I'm already giggling 😂😂💓💓I love this podcast 😍
MMB Networks
MMB Networks Aylar önce
Gogo Maweni is a game changer man. All of this is deeper than the human eye, what a gift it is to be gifted.
Bab Aylar önce
We are going far with you MacG 🔥🇿🇦,you are touching where ppl don't wanna touch
Rethabile Masia
Rethabile Masia Aylar önce
Tebogo is doing a flipping great job
Rethabile Masia
Rethabile Masia Aylar önce
@Milly Milly I liked how she didn't fear Gogo Maweni 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pati Thakali
Pati Thakali Aylar önce
I think she can even do better if she can open up even more. That’s what makes Mac-G and Sol on their A game because they are real. Honestly she’s good but I think she still has to get out of her shell 🐚. To be a chiller you must be real with no limits🤞🏽.
Milly Milly
Milly Milly Aylar önce
Whoop whoop shes killing it its like shes been there for soo long
Just Human Rampai
Just Human Rampai Aylar önce
For real.😂😂😂😂
City girls 🤣
Thabang Kgabung
Thabang Kgabung Aylar önce
This episode is GOATEd...this is what happens when every one plays their part!
Nandipha Mfamela
Nandipha Mfamela Aylar önce
There is hardly an episode where black coffee isn’t mentioned in this podcast! Mad love for that DJ from everyone!
odwa mavuso
odwa mavuso Aylar önce
What an interesting person! I kept on seeing her on TikTok over the past few days. She's so perspective and thoughtful, and seems to genuinely care about people. I don't personally believe in sangomas, witchcraft or Jesus (not starting a debate 🙄), but I've learnt so much about the practice. I live in SA so family, friends and most folks believe in it, and it always help to understand other people's perspective and reality. It's part of how they're having their human experience, and shouldn't easily be dismissed. If you're confident about your belief systems and truly believe in it, you don't have to bash other people's beliefs and aggressively, arrogantly show how "wrong" they are. Grow up not everyone is you. There's literally billions of us on this Earth. Not everyone thinks like you, had the same experiences and context as you, hold the same values or beliefs like you. Just respect other people. Simple. We have enough problems and conflict already. Choose empathy and kindness.
Because It's Joy In Africa
And all must stop with the name calling. Yhooooooooo. If I could like this comment many times.
Sabelo Magongo
Sabelo Magongo Aylar önce
No man Macg and Tebogo's chemistry is wild 😊😅
PRINC3 3RD 3Y3 TV Aylar önce
Love the show and you guys lifts me up when I am dwn.i am inspired by you guys.i am about to quit my weak ass Job to Chase my passion.coz I been watching you making it happen and had showed me that I can do it too.love you guys.and keep it up.
Gillian Kgalemang
Gillian Kgalemang Aylar önce
I used to hate these guys but hell no y'all are fun😭❤️I love you guys
Kwena Phaka
Kwena Phaka Aylar önce
Hey MacG... Please remember to mention at the beginning of every episode that the viewers must like and subscribe to the channel.... I'm gonna repeat post this until you start doing it... #RoadTo1Million
Dinny Aylar önce
TEBOGO THOBEJANE must be the new ghost lady till Khanyi comes back❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dinny Aylar önce
@Lwazi Madikane ghost lady
Lwazi Madikane
Lwazi Madikane Aylar önce
Khanyi who?
Rethabile Sabasaba
Rethabile Sabasaba Aylar önce
Thoroughly enjoyed this episode 💃🏽 I’ve been watching for the past month or so! Keep up the great work Sincerely, a new Chiller
Bokang Tlhaselo
Bokang Tlhaselo Aylar önce
I had to watch this episode again, I always feel like I'm a part of the conversation, thank you for making us laugh🤣
Katlego Motaung
Katlego Motaung Aylar önce
Tebogo is the best Ghost Lady👻 so far you can feel and see the chemistry.shes really family 🏡
Katlego Motaung
Katlego Motaung Aylar önce
@Mo thank you for sorting nonto for me wa speeta 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Mo Aylar önce
@Nonto King rest. Asinandaba what you prefer. Tebogo is also good in her own way
Nonto King
Nonto King Aylar önce
I prefer the old Ghost lady
Nqontsonqa Aylar önce
Solid episode. Everything is top tie here, Tebza and bra Dave on that Ghosting🔥🔥🔥
Ernest Mashaba Roskruge
This Trans conversation is such a landmine, Seeing everyone tip toe around it is so much fun😂😂🤣🤣
Valentine Israel Shabangu
@wavela vimba some ppl are demanding to be addressed as them. Them and who exactly
wavela vimba
wavela vimba Aylar önce
cancel culture did it🤣
Valentine Israel Shabangu
Nota put it plain and simple......
bonile mafuya
bonile mafuya Aylar önce
was beautiful to watch 🤣🤣🤣
Lizzy Aylar önce
I have never laughed this hard in podcast😂😂😂😂😂when gosty lady was like is it a mental thing,the transgender,then Macg was like' iyoo Modimo' 36:00. Macg is tired of trending 😂😂that yoo Modimo hit hard
Tshegofatso Shokane
The most hilarious thing 🤣. After he says that there's a guy who says "oh Nkosi yam, ai, ae" 🤣🤣🤣
Lindelani Mdletshe
Lindelani Mdletshe Aylar önce
The laughter today though..., I loved that energy
agilem david
agilem david Aylar önce
Ive never in my life Put a comment in this section - but lord i have to be honest this was best episode ever - i laughed every minute - we godda give it to Tebogo though she did a great job - i hope Mc G brings her back man - well done guys
Katlego Motaung
Katlego Motaung Aylar önce
She really killed 🥺🥺you can tell she’s family 🏡
keitumetse mogologolo
This episode was mind opening. To think that social media portrayed Gogo maweni as this evil sangoma who doesn’t spare feelings. She’s an amazing human being! Well articulated. I enjoyed this.
Bhekezinhle Mnguni
Bhekezinhle Mnguni Aylar önce
Haven’t enjoyed a chillers episode in a while , loved this one .
Kedibone Thakhuli
Kedibone Thakhuli Aylar önce
Lol I love her vibes 😍 and she must know that not everyone is out there to hate on her. Put that shield lower gogo cause you're fun AF.
Fhatu Ennock
Fhatu Ennock Aylar önce
Mac g keeps on bringing guests that we really enjoy listening to their stories that we didn't know b4 and found'em interesting,i enjoyed this interview man.gogo maweni is cool n smart.thanks mac g
LeseeegoT Aylar önce
Love how Tebogo is so free with Macg. Gogo Maweni conversation was so interesting.
Isaiah OMZ
Isaiah OMZ Aylar önce
Thanks to the Podcast and chill for acknowledging Sadio Mane for what he's doing for his people and Africa at large🔥🔥- he was discriminated and overlooked because of his proud African roots and he refused to represent France internationally and chose his country Senegal 🙌🏾. I am no longer a Liverpool fan now, I have migrated to Bayern Munich and I will be rooting for Sadio Mane all the way. He is a special player, with a big heart. King of Africa. 🇸🇳🇿🇦🙏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Valentine Israel Shabangu
@Isaiah OMZ well said brother we going with Mane Germany here we come.
Valentine Israel Shabangu
Guess we walking away yea coz why was Mane underpaid
Oaitse Madema
Oaitse Madema Aylar önce
@Isaiah OMZ Bayern Munich is one of the most famous and historic sports clubs in the world today, but that's not all that convinced Sadio Mane to join them from Liverpool. According to 'Bild', the Bavarians have agreed a salary of 19.8 million euros gross per season, making him one of the highest paid players since the club was founded. It is difficult to say for sure which is the current top player in the squad, because, after all, the figures of what each player is paid are not official and, to find out, you have to go to specialised media or those focused on the current affairs of Julian Nagelsmann's team. What is certain is that the former Liverpool player is on the same level as players such as Robert Lewandowski or Manuel Neuer when it comes to money.
Oaitse Madema
Oaitse Madema Aylar önce
And offcourse u go through Google to get to your reliable source mate. I don't know about u, maybe u so smart that u don't ever google anything
Oaitse Madema
Oaitse Madema Aylar önce
@Isaiah OMZ And if u say u follow football, u will know that a player of Mane calibre can't be getting 250K at Bayern, that's his last big paycheck. He is one of the top earners in Germany. U are clueless mate
Tapiwa Mutyavaviri
Tapiwa Mutyavaviri Aylar önce
Look at the number of views in a shot space of time this podcast is goated for real
Leonard267 Aylar önce
Yet another lit session 🔥
wongile nojaja
wongile nojaja Aylar önce
I would love to spend a day with you guys, y'all are smart and filled with humor
Lesley Ngwane
Lesley Ngwane Aylar önce
This is the best Podcast in the Universe🌌🌌 much Love for Sol and Macg along with the Ghost Lady.
Anele Dlangamandla
Anele Dlangamandla Aylar önce
I would honestly love to see Tebogo back-She’s good!
Vincent Vongai Kaerezi
For a moment I even thought it’s the real ghost lady
Zimdollar Aylar önce
Women don't like her
Katlego Motaung
Katlego Motaung Aylar önce
Tebogo fits just bra 🥺🥺🥺💛💛she’s family
Dr Bella
Dr Bella Aylar önce
“I feel like a car today” killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣. People take it too far Ai suka.
Ambani Matovheke
Ambani Matovheke Aylar önce
But guys imagine if Sis Thembi can also be on the show and explain her calling,, it will be wild
Ambani Matovheke
Ambani Matovheke Aylar önce
@Tshepiso Makgotler Yah me too
Tshepiso Makgotler
Tshepiso Makgotler Aylar önce
She will start talking kabo MacG😂😂 I doubt they'll risk it
Zikho Limise Mququ
Zikho Limise Mququ Aylar önce
Yhooo imagine, she's got a GIFT that one
Lavino Mpopo
Lavino Mpopo Aylar önce
"So its like a mental thing in a way?" - "Yhooo,Modimo"😭 Spent more than an hour watching an hour episode,jst rewinding🤣🤣😂😂Danko is Thank u team
Ratie Majaye
Ratie Majaye Aylar önce
Bathong I just love watching MacG especially when he laughs 😃 🇧🇼
Gefte Machivene
Gefte Machivene Aylar önce
This episode was filled with laughter 😂😂😂Like we weren't spared 😂😂😂 every 5 seconds something funny was thrown around
Sihle Koliti
Sihle Koliti Aylar önce
Yoh hehee 🤭
Sip & Relax
Sip & Relax Aylar önce
A lot 😂😂
venussimo Aylar önce
My second favourite episode after Emtee. Maweni is so cool
BG SCHOOLS Aylar önce
🤣🤣 "you can also identify yourself as a car nowadays" Mr. Mashabela should partly join the podcast, he is so funny man🤣🤣
PlaKKa Smirff
PlaKKa Smirff Aylar önce
Dope Epi as usual...4rm the starters(intro)...the main course(topics)...Namathambo 4 dessert(courtesy of GoGo Maweezy) with a cherry on top(Tebza ka sebono se stout). Also a big s/o 2 the crew. Sidenote: I'm slowly crushing on Mbokodo😉and that's a fact...No Cap😎. Adawise ke Plakka aka Lepara Van Pirarà👊🏾
Mac needs to invite his waste high school teacher on Monday 😂 Dope episode 👌
Agzilla Aylar önce
This episode is gonna reach million views 🔥🔥🔥
Dough Entertainment
once you become a chiller there is no turning back
Dolly Marubelela
Dolly Marubelela Aylar önce
True that, we are hooked
Sakaria Tsutsa
Sakaria Tsutsa Aylar önce
Palesa Mbele
Palesa Mbele Aylar önce
Dude....and Im so old....mara Im here😂😂😂
Martin Vilakazi
Martin Vilakazi Aylar önce
Agree with you we all wait for Blue Monday
Lindo Magaye
Lindo Magaye Aylar önce
I must admit, I had a wrong impression of Dr Maweni before this interview, and it wasn't a good one. However, now I understand where she's coming from and what she's about. I enjoyed the interview. thank you Mcg and Sol!
KingNhlingo Mnisi
KingNhlingo Mnisi Aylar önce
This is the power of the podcast 👏 we learn way more here then we do in a classroom
Nelisiwe Nkosi
Nelisiwe Nkosi Aylar önce
Yeah man
Charmaine Sibisi
Charmaine Sibisi Aylar önce
This episode 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Tebogo as ghosty, she is doing a good job…
Thato Juma
Thato Juma Aylar önce
Tebogo tried so hard to get into Mawenis skin but she failed 😂😂😂😂 mawenis confidence destroys every little fly
esdras fleury
esdras fleury Aylar önce
MacG saw himself being jobless when the guest gosht lady said "it is mental". lol
UrsulaJ Aylar önce
Great episode guys... Keep them coming🙌🏾👌🏾
Karabo Shandu
Karabo Shandu Aylar önce
We need new episodes everyday now two times a week is not enough we want more
khuliso reggie
khuliso reggie Aylar önce
Episode to episode.... Podcast keeps on getting better and better
Thu2za Aylar önce
When tebogo intervened on that smoking drugs question, macg lost all the faith 😂🤣😂”eeeey eey ey city girls!”
Zanele Tshabalala
Zanele Tshabalala Aylar önce
Sithi sithi girls 🤣
Baaroma Ntwaetsile
Baaroma Ntwaetsile Aylar önce
@Puseletso Maunye • 500K views McG thought he scored kante owaiii Tebogo ruined everything
Lebohang Majola
Lebohang Majola Aylar önce
simphiwe khoza
simphiwe khoza Aylar önce
Tebogo Mashilo
Tebogo Mashilo Aylar önce
😂 😂 😂 😂
Amokwena Annah
Amokwena Annah Aylar önce
I don't mind waking up early just to watch the podcast, yoh I love this show, proud chiller
Ntandokazi "fudge" Magaqa
I'm here because I saw a snippet of Gogo Maweni I found her so interesting to listen and relate to, I love how well spoken she is,her personality too is actually vibes.
M.A.G- Sports Agency- Athlete Network
It's awsome to see all of you flourishing in your own right! Keep up the great work guys! This podcast will keep bringing you blessings because you bless others.
Thato Modiri
Thato Modiri Aylar önce
That "Ey City Girls" from Mac G 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I DIED!!!
Nozuko Aylar önce
Not me listening to the podcast in public and randomly bursting out laughing and walking around with this huge smile on my face. This episode was wholesome man🤗. From the topics, the guests, punchlines. Thanks guys ❣️
Rendani constatia
Rendani constatia Aylar önce
me bursting out in laughter at 10 pm with lights off everytime
Project iKamva
Project iKamva Aylar önce
I rreeeeeally enjoyed this episode... I laughed so hard
Simphiwe Gxekwa
Simphiwe Gxekwa Aylar önce
Me at work 😂😅😂
AIRMAXSO Aylar önce
I like the fact that you guys are authentic keep up the great Job gents
Mbali Mkhize
Mbali Mkhize Aylar önce
We now going to have AA meeting for addicted chillas,I cant even focus at work without tuning in. "Hi , my name is Pah, am a podcast and chill addict." Hi Pah, welcome to the group....
Lucia Lulu
Lucia Lulu Aylar önce
Omg I'd watch this all day ❤️ Why do I even pay dstv mara 😉
macdonald selebogo
macdonald selebogo Aylar önce
This podcast is on another level🙌
Thu2za Aylar önce
MacG when he hears something positive: “ Aaaaaaaaaaah (starts clapping)….BEAUTIFUL!”
Yandie Aylar önce
Lol everytime
Mathekga Senyolo
Mathekga Senyolo Aylar önce
I missed you guys, team Podcast and Chill, SEBATAKGOMO!
bonakele mbambani
bonakele mbambani Aylar önce
I've never commented on the show before coz I just love the original chemistry and how you guys organically ask Q's, joke and communicate with your guests it's the most entertaining shit ever and I hardly do PC's if it's not Hip hop related please with all due respect get a ghost lady that fits with what yall do or just let ghost lady come back and do the show without a ghost. Awe
Nomsa Nqangase
Nomsa Nqangase Aylar önce
Ghost is on maternity leave!!!!!!! And Ghost lady does not want to be seen as yet. Mac G asked her on previous episodes
Tiggy O'Sands
Tiggy O'Sands Aylar önce
WHile you dishing out advise, please pay the R9.99 subscription too at least ;-)
Million Dollar Dreams
Tebogo killed it also on the transgender topic 🤣💀she was on fire.
Buhle Khamisa
Buhle Khamisa Aylar önce
Being a chiller is educational I learnt a lot in this episode
Mandy Mosia
Mandy Mosia Aylar önce
This episode will land hey... we need Tebogo back as guest ghost lady hey! This is too much 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥
Walter Netshiungani
I just like how Gogo Maweni switches between IsiZulu, Sepedi and English. She's just too good yerrr! 👌💯✅
Mbuso Dlamini
Mbuso Dlamini Aylar önce
This was such a fire episode from start to finish🔥🔥🔥
Omphemetse Mogotsi
Omphemetse Mogotsi Aylar önce
I know Tebogo is still learning this podcast but her style on being the acting "ghost" has a different energy feel, and I love 😂😂😂 Dae part ya transgender 😂
Martin Nakalemo
Martin Nakalemo Aylar önce
This was one hilarious yet funny episode mahn😂😂 everybody scared to say shit they ain't sure about🤣🤣🤣
Lesiba Maaka
Lesiba Maaka Aylar önce
Guys please have bra Dave once in a while on the podcast 🤣he brings that "Tyma" perspective
I am cookie doe
I am cookie doe Aylar önce
I agree lol
Sitsaba Moyake
Sitsaba Moyake Aylar önce
"I feel like an apple" killed me🤣🤣🤣
Thembalihle Miya
Thembalihle Miya Aylar önce
Yes, it can be a podcast that drops on Friday even
Khwezi Phekani
Khwezi Phekani Aylar önce
Lmaooo facts!!
Sjay Mabaso
Sjay Mabaso Aylar önce
I think him Being the friend of the show would slap🤟🤟
Kamo Seaka
Kamo Seaka Aylar önce
Teboho is the mood ,she brought all the flavour
London Beyond
London Beyond Aylar önce
This episode is lit. Loved it. I waited for it. Mwa... BEEN a chiller!
BIG ONE Aylar önce
"Yoh it's getting complicated man, it's getting complicated" 😂😂🤣🤣 Even how Mac said it had me on the floor
Blessed Kgomari
Blessed Kgomari Aylar önce
This episode was emotional and funny at the same time very interesting.
tumelo madumo
tumelo madumo Aylar önce
Gogo Maweni deserves an episode. Theres alot to talk about.
Lungelo Foxxy
Lungelo Foxxy Aylar önce
Wxcually nothing in there I see nothing ,shes just brashing her worth to the show , first she says she can't go to a sangoma Wich doesn't have 💸, being a sangoma doesn't mean worth money it's means calling nothing more ,you can have money if there is a client's , there is something off about her ,but I don't stop you to worship her though but mmmmh!! 🤔
Kay-bi Mabote
Kay-bi Mabote Aylar önce
Can Tebogo come back again 😊she killed it 🏌️‍♂️
Boitsm_87 Aylar önce
Thanks Tebogo for bringing up the ADHD piece 🙏
Tokelo Kgolane
Tokelo Kgolane Aylar önce
I really enjoyed this episode keep up the amazing work podcast and chill 👍 👌 👏 ❤️
Yonela Damoi
Yonela Damoi Aylar önce
I hear you chillers bt ghost lady is the mother of the show dats it period, I can't wait for her to be back, tebogo is not bad and other guest ghost ladies bt the real ghost lady understands what is the show all about . I thank you
Nomfundo ka Mtungwa
Not my sister telling me I’m addicted to the podcast because I was going crazy for missing Mondays episode..😂😂
Azania Mnisi
Azania Mnisi Aylar önce
Can't wait to have GogoMaweni back
Yhooo I love Tebogo, she literally made this even more fun 😂😅😍
Tshegofatso Mathobela
The One Moment MacG Tries To Be Serious And Clap Then Everyone Mizes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ntethelelo Justice
Ntethelelo Justice Aylar önce
It took approximately 2.5 hours to watch a 1hr 38 minutes episode because I kept rewinding. This was Hella funny I loved every second.
The Man
The Man Aylar önce
Ntethelelo Justice
Ntethelelo Justice Aylar önce
Sbu116 sbu
Sbu116 sbu Aylar önce
@Ntethelelo Justice simgadile vele my eye is very watchful of Sol since the gig announcement 😂😂
Ntethelelo Justice
Ntethelelo Justice Aylar önce
Lol that's insane right I'll re-watch tomorrow because this shit was funny Sol brought his A game. Akafuni kuthiwe iKhaya FM iqede ama puns😂😂😂
Sbu116 sbu
Sbu116 sbu Aylar önce
I’ve been watching since 6 o clock (it’s 9:15pm now) and I still have 30 minutes to go 😂😂
Unathi Wendy Booi
Unathi Wendy Booi Aylar önce
I love Gogo Maweni - her aura is refreshing. Great episode today guys. Tebogo did a good job.
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