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Max moves from Mindoro to Manila to live with her estranged father and study in a new school. On her first day, however, she gets off on the wrong foot with Deib, the leader of Alpha 3 and the most popular student of Benison International School.

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iWantTFC 4 aylar önce
Hi! Full episodes of He's Into Her with English Subtitles are available for streaming WORLDWIDE on the iWantTFC website and mobile app! bit.ly/YTiWantTFCHIH Thank you and stay safe! 😀
via hermosa
via hermosa 12 saatler önce
yung expectations ko kay Maxrill 🥺
RDX pop
RDX pop 7 gün önce
Anabel Gonzalez
Anabel Gonzalez 9 gün önce
Disculpa, no hay en español?
Delphine Tanné
Delphine Tanné 10 gün önce
bonjour je voudrais les sous-titre en Français c'est possible merci
destiny singh
destiny singh 11 gün önce
thank u soo much for the app link..gr8 help
nolyann Pascua
nolyann Pascua Saatler önce
Mas Magandang content un
nolyann Pascua
nolyann Pascua Saatler önce
Mas bet ko Kung Ung derektor Neto Ginawang Kwento Ng Boys over Flowers
lizeth florez
lizeth florez 10 saatler önce
Quemal q este en inglés😢😣😭😭😭
Roséverse 11 saatler önce
Does this have season 2?
Delphine Tanné
Delphine Tanné 11 saatler önce
bonjour possible d'avoir les sous-titres en Français merci
SAARO ") 12 saatler önce
Who else is watching from INDIA?
Princeee A.
Princeee A. 17 saatler önce
Ashley delmundo is giving me kang minah vibes (korean actress)
Princeee A.
Princeee A. 17 saatler önce
I'm actually starting to like it, the Leads are both rich that's why I like it, I'm tired of those dramas where rich man poor woman 🙄
Princeee A.
Princeee A. 18 saatler önce
This is my first pdrama high school hehe
Teluu Maha laxmi
Teluu Maha laxmi 20 saatler önce
I just love it,too good
Jay Dii Arr
Jay Dii Arr 23 saatler önce
buti pa taga ibang bansa na appreciate ang series neto pero dito sa pinas. ewan ko na lng 🤦🏻‍♂️
RoseRox Gün önce
I thought at first it was meh (or ordinaryong teleserye lang) but at the middle part, medyo umokay na. Still not as good as Unloving you na first episode pa lang halos perfect na ang every scenes. Even Hoy Love You ganun din. Parang mas gusto ko yung dalawa na yun kaysa dito but hey it's only my first episode. My opinion might change after watching the other episodes.
Coleen Gün önce
Didn't really enjoy unloving you tbh
Joyce Mogadime
Joyce Mogadime Gün önce
Where is her uniform
Joyce Mogadime
Joyce Mogadime Gün önce
She is very pretty😘😘love her
RoseRox Gün önce
They need to fix the English subtitles. Kinda disappointed. I recommend you guys to watch Unloving you. That series is so good too.
RoseRox Gün önce
You guys should watch the movie she's dating the gangster.. it's good too. Also, Unloving You.
NAVYASHREE Alla Gün önce
Every wattpad book ever?!
Husen Bloch
Husen Bloch Gün önce
Please next episodea
annie s
annie s Gün önce
The female lead looks like Nidhi shah
analyn b/0730
analyn b/0730 Gün önce
Rewatching this once again while reading comments and im noticed many of Latinas viewers requesting Spanish subtitles...pero English subtitles ata ang available i hope AbsCBN includes international languages so many viewers could understand to watch this worldwide""porfavor😄
illvnaa llana
illvnaa llana Gün önce
Elle (Melizza Jimenez) and Max (Belle Mariano) are so prettyyyy
Peter Ssenfuma Muwafu
I really this series all the way from tiktok
Peter Ssenfuma Muwafu
He's into her 🗣🗣
Andrea Isabella
Andrea Isabella 2 gün önce
it's my third time watching.
Ot7 Bangtan sonyeondan
Jessy Roustand
Jessy Roustand 2 gün önce
Quie no lo entiende mucho pero ha un asi sigue interpretando lo que dice😉
NOZIPHO Sifihlelwe
NOZIPHO Sifihlelwe 2 gün önce
So adorable and sweet ❤❤🤩😘
Kris Young
Kris Young 2 gün önce
😅😅😅😅 putik Nayan
jennie 2 gün önce
First time Philippine movie.... Suddenly cme here frm Facebook videos
iyak kana ha?
iyak kana ha? 2 gün önce
OMG ang ganda!!!!!
ILuvFangs 2 gün önce
Thank you for the subtitles. It means the world!
KL 2 gün önce
42:45 I cannot with this scene- this is too awkward, not the best filming and editing execution rlly and… I cant stop CACKLING GKGKDKSK
applepiexx 2 gün önce
Hyazyn 2 gün önce
Their fight was awesome what Belle said was really true though
Maryann Obiedo
Maryann Obiedo 3 gün önce
Parang meteor garden hehe
Bangura Dora
Bangura Dora 3 gün önce
Wow ♥️♥️♥️♥️
im a Castaway
im a Castaway 3 gün önce
Nag-enjoy Yung teacher sa drama snendnenen
knnch lynn hyung
knnch lynn hyung 3 gün önce
Medyo maraming pinagbago pero maganda naman. Sa book galing si maxpien sa north korea so wala yung paghuhukom sayang maganda panaman yung part na yun
AhHHhhH ShhHhhH
AhHHhhH ShhHhhH 3 gün önce
where was this based on? I don't remember anyone named Elle in the book ahahah, I thought maxpein only had brothers hahaha
James Leo
James Leo 4 gün önce
Namiss ko tooo huhuhu
Shafiya Shaikh
Shafiya Shaikh 4 gün önce
Can we have eng subtitles for playhouse
Coleen 3 gün önce
Why are you looking for subtitles of playhouse here in the HIH series lol? You commented on the wrong account
What a great defination of ideal love ❤❤❤❤
Lazy AVOCADO 4 gün önce
Is this the next F4
Ahlaaaaam 4 gün önce
First time i watched drama philipine absolute i am liked
The elbaarini family
I love this falapino drama it's way better then other dramas that I've watched
Ankit Rajbanshi
Ankit Rajbanshi 5 gün önce
This is my second time watching this drama case I love this drama so much ❤️😚
Rianne Gliocam
Rianne Gliocam 5 gün önce
haha pangittttttt
Rianne Gliocam
Rianne Gliocam Gün önce
@Coleen sige iyak ka lang diyan, hate comment iiyakan mo? Oo bitter ako tapos? Iiyak ka ulet with caps lock hahaha, nabuang sagad
Coleen 2 gün önce
@Rianne Gliocam hala baka ikaw ang umiyak HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wala ka pala eh. Gosh, I’m enjoying this.
Coleen 2 gün önce
@Rianne Gliocam Eh pake mo? Oras mo ba nasasayang sa sulat ko? Don’t worry; I have all the time in the world and I still have a lot of things in mind to share. And bruh what’s wrong with crying? HAHAHAHA mali na pala umiyak ngayon. Though, I’m glad, that you’re proud bitter HAHAHAHAHAHHA
Rianne Gliocam
Rianne Gliocam 2 gün önce
@Coleen Bat ka nag-essay teh? Todo defend ka pa jan di naman yan thesis, iyak ka lang jan take your time. Basta pangit to para saken, yes bitter ako, come at me nga XD nabuang umiiyak tawa
Fria Colis
Fria Colis 2 gün önce
Haha burn Huwag mo na lang pansinin yung mga paepal wala kasing magawa. Kung di gusto wag nalang manood at magcomment ng kung anu-ano kaya napagkakamalan bitter e.
Antonio RABESAOTRA 5 gün önce
is this an fillipino adaptation of boys over flowers ?
naima kahlen
naima kahlen 5 gün önce
No it's not.. This is a different story
_Malala _000
_Malala _000 5 gün önce
It's my third time watching it and I love it..... The Best Filipino drama ever😘😘
jaz 5 gün önce
rewatch coz y not kddlfkkxmxns
anahonaI 5 gün önce
Let's watch this one more time ✨
prinsesang maganda
prinsesang maganda 6 gün önce
Its so different from what I've read in wattpad. Maxwell isn't here.. But let's see ...I think its nice to watch... Hehehe
Ayeshhh 2 gün önce
wait akala ko si RA LEWIS SI MAXWELL?
decalcomania 6 gün önce
I feel like this is similar to boys over flowers
Coleen 4 gün önce
A wattpad book
Coleen 4 gün önce
No, it's different. This is based from a book
Mugi 6 gün önce
This is my first Filipino drama and omg I was cringing so bad lmaoooo
Mugi 4 gün önce
@Coleen I think I'm on episode 6 now but I agree that it does get a lot better than it starts off
Coleen 4 gün önce
try watching the whole series up until the end, and you will know
Cuatro Bocas
Cuatro Bocas 6 gün önce
Podrás activar los subtitulos por favor para poder ver
Ashifas 6 gün önce
I am first time watching filipino drama ❤️🥰
Isseu Mboup
Isseu Mboup 6 gün önce
Sister Squad
Sister Squad 6 gün önce
i'm here again to repeat this movie sobrang ganda
I love the series but some of the acting is overdone and some situations are a little too exaggerated.
@Coleen yeah I guess you’re right and I did just finish the series yesterday I loved it
Coleen 4 gün önce
Because first of all, this is based on a Wattpad book, and it’s fiction. And you know most of the scenes here are genuine and are really happening in real life. Especially the family bullying part
Indu Bala
Indu Bala 6 gün önce
The main female lead is so pretty ❤️
sasukeGutsZeroLevi alucod
Hoyyyy d nkksawang pnuorin to #DonBelle Sna umbot din kyo s 10 years or higit p..
Afriin Mujahid
Afriin Mujahid 6 gün önce
Me first watching Philippines drama hope for the best❤
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 6 gün önce
I love this series na tatlong beses ko nang inulit na pinanunuod Gaya Ng meteor garden f4 , at boy's over flower pero may pagkakaiba nila. Reminds me my high school life noon kabataan q amazing nakaka inspired... Kailan ang season 2 I can't wait to watch. I'm pinoy fr. Dubai.😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
seyla vorn
seyla vorn 6 gün önce
Cambodia love you
Yo_Auntie_Kim 6 gün önce
Boys over Flowers: Philippian edition
Coleen 4 gün önce
This is based from a wattpad book
Coleen 6 gün önce
It's not
Jahayra Sanchez
Jahayra Sanchez 6 gün önce
O sea, cuántos idiomas hablan los filipinos? Yo quería escuchar su idioma pero la mayoría habla Inglés. Quiere decir que en Filipinas la gran mayoría hablan bastante Inglés? También escuché Francés y Chino 😳
Jahayra Sanchez
Jahayra Sanchez 4 gün önce
@Maharlika Bebz thank you for answering me and yeah!! I heard some words in Spanish 😯
Jahayra Sanchez
Jahayra Sanchez 4 gün önce
@Quench TV ohh, thank you for answering me. I don't speak English very well tho, but your culture is very interesting 😊
Maharlika Bebz
Maharlika Bebz 5 gün önce
Well.. the characters here are rich people... in the Philippines middle class and rich speaks lots of English.. but our main language is Filipino.. with little Spanish in between
Quench TV
Quench TV 6 gün önce
Sorry i cant speak spanish. Anways there are only 2 official languages in the Philippines. It's Filipino/tagalog and English. Tagalog language has a lot of borrowed spanish words. So you can hear a bit spanish words it is due to colonization. Since the influence of America is huge. We are taught to learn english language. It became the second official languages here. Bilingual people tend to mix both languages in their mid sentence it's called Tag-lish. You can hear a bit of korean/ Japanese/French it's part of their script but trust me we dont really speak those language in reality.
catherine magnetico
catherine magnetico 7 gün önce
Nasaan po Ang season 1 pong he's into her posabi nyo season 2 n po ito??
Coleen 6 gün önce
This is season 1
catherine magnetico
catherine magnetico 7 gün önce
Gawan nyo po ng season 3 itong he's into her po maganda po kc mapanood ito please 🥺🥺
Mugi 7 gün önce
10:33 is it just me or does the main girl look exactly like Bae Rona from Penthouse here?
Hming Moiii
Hming Moiii 7 gün önce
Belle Mariano😍🤩
Good Vibes
Good Vibes 7 gün önce
Is this boys over flowers filo adaptation?
Coleen 6 gün önce
Nope, this is based from a wattpad book
Quench TV
Quench TV 7 gün önce
Varsha Kumari
Varsha Kumari 7 gün önce
This drama is lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞
yusuf deen
yusuf deen 7 gün önce
I love this movie💕
Aheibam Shyamananda
Aheibam Shyamananda 7 gün önce
My first Philippines drama I fell in love in this drama can anyone tell me the name of actor and actress
Quench TV
Quench TV 7 gün önce
Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan
sweetlullaby 7 gün önce
"He not OK he was KO" lmao
Nandana 7 gün önce
I am goging to faar😂😂 Iam an indian(malayali)2 years ago i started watching k and c dramas now am in philipia😂😂😂
Donacel Marmis
Donacel Marmis 7 gün önce
Hi guys,I just want to share my story HAHAHAH,I prank my boyfriend that I have a crush of Donny HAHAHAHAHAHA,Then we watched this episode,I can't stop laughing on my man dhai, Nihilak Kay lagi daw Dapat sya Ra,Aw Share ko Lang guys,Iknow cringe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 😂😂
Francis Vhier Pasco
Francis Vhier Pasco 7 gün önce
Ang galing
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar 7 gün önce
Hindi me ha
Krisdine Kayeann Rubio
Idiot boys this days
Lucky Akter
Lucky Akter 7 gün önce
Dear future viewers don’t' worry u won’t be disappointed watching this drama
Praveena Kshatri
Praveena Kshatri 7 gün önce
Where can i watch this drama?
Study Girl
Study Girl 5 gün önce
they uploaded all episodes in this channel :)
Joshua Laroga
Joshua Laroga 7 gün önce
anita nayak
anita nayak 7 gün önce
I am really like this drama, this is my first time Philippines drama and also I love this language, 🤗😍😍 but I don't understand any of these language 😞😞 please upload more and more drama with English subtitles, Love❤ from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Angel 7 gün önce
Lmaoo that last part was cringe
Princess Berry ❤️❤️
We want season 2
Isaac kids Divertido
Em ingles pra voces entederen melhor.Dude, I don't say another word and I'm from Brazil, I love dramas even meis right when there's Portuguese subtitles because man I'm crazy to see this drama I get here every Portuguese subtitles I think everyone has the right to see the contents no matter what parents then please ask to put the subtitles in portuguese that you get even more views or pay for a lesson in korean, chinese, xapones nao sei or youtube please release the subtitles in portuguese for the brazilian zpublic. Thanks
Isaac kids Divertido
Cara nao falar outra palavra e sou do bresil amo doramas ainda meis ne quando tem legenda em portugués porque cara eu tva louca pra ve esse dorama chego aqui cada a legenda em portugués eu acho que todo mundo tem direito de ver os conteudos nao inporta de que pais seja entao porfavor to ti pedindo bota a legenda em portugués que voce ganha ate mas visualisaçoes ou paga uma aula de coreano,chines,xapones nao sei ou youtube porfavor libera a legenda em portugués para o zpublico brasileiro. Obrigada
Zizilu Shijoh
Zizilu Shijoh 8 gün önce
From Kdrama to Cdrama to Turkish Drama and now landing here..Yippee Filipino 😁
Benben Kyong
Benben Kyong 8 gün önce
First tym gana watch Philipns... Let see how it will be... 🥲Korean, Chinese, and Japan. Take a rest for somtym.. I'll be back soon🥲😊
iTz_NighTie 8 gün önce
Potoi Lowang
Potoi Lowang 8 gün önce
Is it remake of boys over flowers??
Coleen 8 gün önce
No, it's not. This is based from a book
PHen2x Calaguas
PHen2x Calaguas 8 gün önce
Okayyy! Marathon again!!! This series was really my favorite 🙌
Berenise Paredes
Berenise Paredes 8 gün önce
Aiman 8 gün önce
wwwa amazing episode 💖💖🇵🇰
Tokki Kookiee
Tokki Kookiee 8 gün önce
Am i the only one who understands tagalog but still looking in subtitle😐
Stuti Kanth
Stuti Kanth 8 gün önce
It’s my first p-drama earlier I used to watch k drama and c drama. It’s a good series so far. Glad it came into my recommendations.
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