English Footballers try the FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE!!🔥 

영국남자 Korean Englishman
görünümler 7 Mn
99% 149 000

Today we give Hashtag United F.C Hot Chicken Ramyeon to see if they can complete the FIRENOODLE CHALLENGE!
If you want to see a behind the scenes check out Hashtag United’s TRvid channel here!
Huge thank you to Hashtag United for giving us their time and letting us film!
오늘은 매운걸 좋아한다는 해쉬태그 F.C 선수들과 불닭볶음면 챌린지를 해봤습니다!
이 영상의 비하인드가 궁금시면 여기 클릭하세요!
저희에게 시간을 내주시고 촬영에 흔쾌히 응해주신 해쉬태그 유나이티드에 감사드립니다!




12 Nis 2022




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@saraahtwc Yıl önce
The two guys who were like *this is just the right amount of spice* so calm, so peaceful had me dying 😂 it was so funny to watch everyone else struggle a bit but they were fine and dandy🤣
ikr others r dying n they’re just chilling 🤣
@saraahtwc Yıl önce
@@aeri_taylors-version but even tho those who struggled enjoyed the heat😂 really fun episode to watch haha
africans, indians, koreans and malaysians are the best at tolerating spice. So much spicy food in these regions
@saraahtwc Yıl önce
@@elmothemilkman99 Chinese too!!!
@@saraahtwc true, chinese hotpot taste amazing but destroys my tongue and my stomach the next day bcus of the heat ahaha
@susankwan6229 Yıl önce
MAJOR props to everyone who could finish it without a problem. I always considered myself as someone with a pretty high spice tolerance but those original fire noodles kicked my butt every time. I tried to build my tolerance to them but I never did no matter how many times I’ve had it. It was painful every time so never got around to the 2x spice level.
@King-pv8fk Yıl önce
Try it with some cheddar cheese (those plastic square slices are fine), it mitigates the heat and go well with it. Edit: Did you know there is also a half spicy version?
Since I'm Southeast Asian, 2x was quite easy for me.
@yourflyisopen Yıl önce
Nah, just put some fuckin extra chilly and you'll get over it XD
@ezraking4176 Yıl önce
@@King-pv8fk I have the 3x version and it’s still spicy af even though I only used half of the sauce and even added some cream lmao
@King-pv8fk Yıl önce
@@ezraking4176 I had the 2x with cheddar and it was managable. The flavour was amazing.
@MeganSin 11 aylar önce
The fact that Marcus can eat the red noodles like it’s nothing is so impressive let alone that he did it in 3 mouthfuls
@gachalife2new543 Aylar önce
2:22 Yo, my man is dying All for that heating goodness from that Fire Noodle x2
@boba5257 Yıl önce
1:45 I freaking died😂😂Anthony and Harry’s spice tolerance is amazing! I just had the regular one and I was so dead from that, they’re incredible
@yujinyi6099 Yıl önce
0:37 was what did me in! I’m Korean and I can’t handle the regular one without it raising hell on me, but he calls it the warm-up!
@CandyMsp-gw2qu 6 aylar önce
I had the carbonara one and I could just handle that the second time
@dabasil 2 aylar önce
​@@CandyMsp-gw2quthat pink one is very delicious
i literally eat these with my sister on a regular, so we filmed ourselves eating the 2x spicy ones and were utterly disappointed when we realised that we were already so used to the spice. buldak noodles are elite.
@Aeroguns4114 Yıl önce
Try the Daebak ghost pepper noodles!
@@Aeroguns4114 deabak ghost pepper noodles hits different! Its so goood😭😭💓
Bro, try the 3x spicy ones. They are good and spicy.
Yeah. I also thought it would be spicy for me. But realised I'm quite used to it. I think 4x would be interesting.
did u know there is a 10x one..? try that lmao i can coz im vegetarian.. i want to try these so bad
@Odysseus_Outis Yıl önce
I was cracking up the whole time watching this clip. What a team~!!. The entire members are so hilarious that I can tell they're well harmonized. and .. 4:21 the two were the funniest!. Kudos to all those who'd finished the evil noodles.
@AzureFox20 Yıl önce
yeah......though you wouldnt get me to try those noodles even if you paid me......I'm alot of things, just not insane
@FutaCockWorshipper 10 aylar önce
@@AzureFox20 Tried it and it ain't bad until 10 minutes later and you're still trying to get rid of the spice grilling your mouth alive
@jasonmontas9536 Yıl önce
Mad props to Hayley, Harry, Anthony, Kojo, Devs, and Marcus for crushing the challenge like champs!!! Lewis chugging the makgeolli out the bottle was hilarious! lol...
I'm impressed with Ben. For someone who can't handle spicy food, he nailed it!
@npatch Yıl önce
I'm only impressed by Hayley and Ben. The rest I'm just jealous of.
@J.SUncle Yıl önce
Well done, champs👏👏👏
@HashtagUnited Yıl önce
They loved it!
@LewisPreston Yıl önce
@eventingirl001 Yıl önce
You guys should take the football team out for a traditional meal/ Korean grocery store like you did with the kids. It would blow their mind!!!
@chioma2790 Yıl önce
Harry and Anthony are my absolute faves!!! Ben is a big man for trying even though he doesn’t do spicy food
@thatuberrican8745 11 aylar önce
I’ve tried the black bowl once, never again. Without question the hottest thing I’ve ever tried to eat, and the sauce on the noodles coats the inside of your mouth so the pain is damn difficult to walk away from. I can’t imagine how much hotter the red bowl is.
@badnova6358 11 aylar önce
You get used to it
@Aidan706 11 aylar önce
I remember when I first tried it it was like this as well. Now that I’ve eaten it around 100 times it’s nothing to me and now I’m trying to conquer the 2x Spicy Ramen
@AlSuNA 11 aylar önce
2x made me cry while jumping around the room, panting like a dog, like that's gonna alleviate my ongoing pain. That's only the gist of it. The pain is indescribable compared to actually eating it 😋
@shaarpener 11 aylar önce
what’s worse is that it’s very dry (if you drain the water) causing it to be way more painful 😭😭
@Aidan706 11 aylar önce
@@shaarpener Yes! I remember one time I didn’t drain all the water so some of the sauce kind of sunk to the bottom of the bowl with the water which made it less spicy. Then the next time I drained all the water because that’s what I saw people doing, and it was spicy as hell.
@apmanik Yıl önce
Definitely need more Anthony's appearance on this channel😂 the eyes/facial expressions r too hilarious😂
@sobetterwithyou Yıl önce
I've always enjoyed the original buldak noodles but the 2x one have always sent me to heaven after just one bite. RIP to those with low spice tolerance who've tried them.
@andinamhawa4814 Yıl önce
Didn't know that this footballer series could be so entertaining. Can't wait for the Taxi Cab series to try the fire noodles as well. Finally Tobi and Ayman got to do the eating!
@mizoe13 Yıl önce
I agreee.. I'm like finally Tobi and Ayman can join them eating 🥺
@andinamhawa4814 Yıl önce
@@mizoe13 and it's the best one too!!
@TBNREllaXx Yıl önce
@mizoe13 Yıl önce
@@andinamhawa4814 Trueee.. Tbh at first I was only following the highschoolers series and then I also got interested in the footballer series, and even the taxi cab series recently. Literally everything from this channel excites me now, which is good HAHAHHAHAHA
@cheffy685 Yıl önce
I love how accomodating he is, shows how respectful and humble the Korean culture is. His hosting skills are elite. Gained a new sub today brother !
@kumaruma643 9 aylar önce
Always love watching these spicy Korean noodles videos! Definitely try holding/drinking some warm water instead of cold liquids. That usually gets rid of the heat immediately after crying a few tears out because it will burn for a bit with the warm water lol
@Hellion541 Yıl önce
The carbonara flavor of their noodles is my all time favorite my family looks at me like I'm crazy for liking the spice 😂😂
@ynwmelly5460 Yıl önce
@gilang26060 Yıl önce
I kinda enjoy the jajang one
my family is the same💀 the spice is so good though!!!
@a.j.1819 Yıl önce
Pair that with some sandwich cheese and little sausages! Heaven!
@yujinyi6099 7 aylar önce
The tomato pasta flavor is one of my favorites.
These noodles actually have great flavor, it's not just pain spice, but they are definitely spicy. I only put half the seasoning and it's delicious
@fridak3791 Yıl önce
이분들 매운거 잘드시는 분도 많고하니, 다음에는 치즈닭갈비,막국수,볶음밥 조합이나 찹쌀,밤,대추등으로 속가득 채운 삼계탕 이나 누릉지백숙 같은 보양식으로 대접해보는것도 좋을거 같네요
@user-bf1oq2so9i Yıl önce
아 맛있겠다
@durkskuntunemun Yıl önce
Cheese chicken ribs what?
@narode2044 3 aylar önce
@@durkskuntunemun roast the seasoned chicken and put cheese on it
@sinalisa2011 Yıl önce
A big round of applause to everyone in this video and a major respect to those that just smashed the challenge without even breaking a sweat!! I mean, I eat that fire noodle regularly, but it still hurts 😂 Oh and fried chicken with the highschoolers???? I'm definitely sold!!! Uugghh next week can’t come sooner now lol
I was already laughing so hard when I saw the students tried them, but this is phenomenal! Made my day. 🤣
@ayeishagee7249 Yıl önce
Hahahaha. I can't even with their reactions. My take aways: "Say it, don't spray it." "They eat this when they feel stressed." Everyone be like: "What?" I'm impressed with the people who tried to finish it all in one sitting even though they cannot handle the spice. Well done, Ben. Hahahaha.
@SherioCheers 8 aylar önce
I'm convinced that not everyone has the same number of spicy receptors in their mouth. I tried the base level spicy and the moment I took a bite I knew I made a mistake LOL - I tried the 2x as well and ended up giving them away as gifts to my brave coworkers since I couldn't even finish one LOL
@Ozzard Yıl önce
They honestly aren't super spicy but in terms of flavor it's VERY good. Would definitely recommend
@wlk2711 18 gün önce
I’m not a Korean. To be fair, I also prefer the black fire noodle as a stress reliever. It’s like a once-weekly thing for me. I feel better after eating it and having my mind cleared at the same time as my sinuses. 🤧😅😂🙈As a South East Asian living in England, I can reassure you the red one is even hotter than the Nando’s highest VUSA hot 🙈😅🤧
@kiuklee90 Yıl önce
Harry and Anthony are the best combo! Love their facial expressions and jokes. They need to come to Korea to do more Mukbang when they retire football career lmfao
@emesky2020 Yıl önce
They are so lovable! We need them to be a regular guests
@nodezsh Yıl önce
You don't _need_ to go to Korea to do more mukbang, but it's not gonna be very interesting staying in the UK, so travelling around might be fun. …Wait, we have Mark Wiens. Never mind.
@I.yawnz. Yıl önce
7:22 “Mate,ill be stress free when you give me a drink” i wheezed so hard i’m surprised he’s not a comedian i had that quote replay in my head the whole day i swear💀💀keep up the work you always manage to make my day😊
@shadowtheimpure Yıl önce
I agree with the guys who really enjoyed the base level. The base level is really nice if you're into spicy food, since it's both spicy and flavorful. The 2X and 3X sacrifice a lot of flavor for more heat and it detracts from the whole experience.
@melan1e 11 aylar önce
I've tried the first lot of noodles and the red, 2x spicy version like he said. Love them both. I usually have for lunch at work but they are the smaller cup (70gm).
@Alex89poland 7 gün önce
In my local Chinese shop, as soon as I saw the red one (not in a pot, but the foil wraper version) I was like "I have to try that" - that's fabolous! I'm a fan of hot things and that is tasty AF! Hot, straight from the pan, done in 5min😎
@Austin2Sexy Yıl önce
The standard noodles are pretty spicy, but not spicy enough to make a challenge out out of. I first had these noodles a few months ago and really liked them a lot. I really liked the taste of them compared to most cheap ramen flavors. I was surprised when I told my friend to try it and he told me they were so spicy it wasn't even enjoyable and that there was a whole TRvid challenge with them. I later had the 2x spicy noodles and it definitely is spicy. But the base spicy noodles are just good spicy noodles that id eat regularly to me.
@maxtor6416 Yıl önce
@JamesSamson487 Yıl önce
I can’t get past the fact he practically finished off nuclear-flavour noodles in THREE MOUTHFULS!! 😱 THE MAN IS A MACHINE!!
@Bellz972 Yıl önce
And he didn't even blink 😅
@choe7146 Yıl önce
한국 사람인 저도 잘 못 먹는 불닭볶음면!!
@surendran9311 Yıl önce
Exactly! I mean its horrible to me and i love spicy stuff. Tho to be fair the thing i dont like is the taste, its like chemicals for me. The normal one is delicious tho
@edbertkhovey Yıl önce
@@surendran9311 agree, smells like some biological weapon.
@honii_0045 Yıl önce
@@edbertkhovey You'll are dramatic 😂🤣
@trage9395 Yıl önce
I love that ramen. The same company sells the sauce for the 2x spicy in 7 ounce bottles. I go through about a bottle a week 😂. I can’t get enough of the stuff.
@matth6014 Yıl önce
Where do you buy the noodles and sauce?
@trage9395 Yıl önce
@@matth6014 I’ve seen it at Walmart but I mostly just order off of Amazon. Hope this helps.
@matth6014 Yıl önce
@@trage9395 tyvm. What would i search for on amazon?
@trage9395 Yıl önce
@@matth6014 I usually search for "Buldak sauce".
@j_sy.2486 Yıl önce
다들 경쟁심 있으셔서 악 쓰고 다 드시는 게 웃음 포인트다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@nickrob6941 9 aylar önce
Lmaooo the two who were super calm and the coach really are out here loving life with these noodles
@zackgeldhof1206 Yıl önce
I LOVE those noodles! Sadly the sodium content is more likely to kill me now. T_T But some day I want to have them again, especially when I am really craving spicy foods. What a fun video! Kudos to everyone for trying!
I picked up some noodles (the ones in the thumbnail image) trying to find a UK supermarket Korean pot noodle to try after watching so many of your previous video's ... I should really translate the wording before just going for it... I drank a pint of milk and my lips and tongue were still in pain 15 minutes after eating hahaha! Keep up the good work though, loving the content!
@soraeki3580 Yıl önce
Damn they all ate the regular buldak noodles like champs... As a Korean American who's bad with spice, I'm in awe lol. I had a single bite of the stuff and noped right outta there, it ruined my mouth for half an hour. Ben is a real one for having so much despite going into the challenge as a non-spicy dish kinda guy
i know the feeling, i had to work my tolerance up. i had a slightly higher base tolerance than most of my white friends (im bengali) but not by much. by the time i got to these noodles, i had worked up my spice tolerance to a much higher level and it still gave me some trouble. i really wanna try the 2x spicy version
@LittleBU96 Yıl önce
If u eat it faster its less spicy
@nippletwist3605 Yıl önce
I usually eat very spicy, but for some reason these noodles burned the shit out of my mouth. Couldn't feel my tongue for hours.
@Paul-sl9zm Yıl önce
@@nippletwist3605 The regular ones aren't even that spicy. Try the 2x red pot version. It's insane
@nippletwist3605 Yıl önce
@@Paul-sl9zm That's what I was talking about. I've tried the red one's. The black ones are nice.
영국인들이 매운 음식을 이렇게 잘 먹다니 놀랐어요.🤩
@FrostonKk Yıl önce
Yeah I fucking love the spice!
@-GS- 10 aylar önce
The hottest curries in the world are from the UK, the indians who moved here created hotter And hotter dishes because the British wanted them spicy.
@InaHorse333 6 aylar önce
We need more of this seria with english footballers its so amazing and hillarious watching their reactions :)
@daleswindells9351 2 aylar önce
I was eating these noodles whilst watching this video so I know what you guys was experiencing 😂
Kojo is so chill. I'm so impressed at how he was able to handle the spice without even flinching.
@erit3662 Yıl önce
Anthony is my fav! I love food and react exactly the same when I have something delicious. Seat dancing for the win!!
@dons5720 2 aylar önce
i miss these guys. bring them back again please! ♥
@KatieBeeTV 10 aylar önce
I actually had this brand's Kimchi Ramen a few days ago and the roof of my mouth is burned 😂 but I think I was just too excited and ate it too hot. Can't wait till it heals up so I can have more 🤤
@user-be2gw8qx3m 11 aylar önce
한국사람인데도 맵찔이라 까르보 불닭도 간신히 먹는데 진짜 대단하다...
This was funnier than watching ALL the best comedians in the world at the same time. I laughed so hard that my side started to hurt.
@grethalia24 Yıl önce
omg harry and anthony. i died at them eating so peacefully 😂😂😂😂😂 not even bothered by the spice. and poor ben 😂😂😂😂😂 excited for next week 😍❤️
@come-0n Yıl önce
아 진짜 보는내내 육성으로 개웃었네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 반응도 재밌고 유머도 너무 재밌어 ㅋㅋ
@ayievargas Yıl önce
You should let Ben try chicken and kbbq!!! He wasn’t there before! That’s to compensate what he had to go through because of the spicy noodles 🤣
@clarab325 Yıl önce
i bought these without realizing how spicy they would be and let me tell you i had to give up half way. i’m usually pretty good with spice but eating buldak noodles just hurts + i wasn’t expecting it lol
@foodiehz Yıl önce
LOVED THIS! X'D and super duper excited for the fried chicken episode next week...FINALLY!
@nCode1 11 aylar önce
I would have this everyday if it wasn't too damn expensive.
@SirBaka404 11 aylar önce
Even the bagged ones are so expensive 😂😭, we get the 3x spicy one in South Africa, but they cost the equivalent of like 7 packs of normal noodles 😂
@belxrxi2443 11 aylar önce
In my country it’s only 2 dollars
@ais5945 11 aylar önce
@@belxrxi2443 they sell here like 6-7 dollar
@rokivulovicgood 11 aylar önce
@@ais5945 It's sad........
@sarahroberts8309 11 aylar önce
£1.40 In the UK have it everyday
@beccisharp Yıl önce
Those footballers reducing my stress by being incredible as ever! I loved how chill some of them were eating that first pot and then even went on to the hotter noodles! Kudos to them!
@anina809 Yıl önce
I once ate the „spiciest“ ones just a couple of months ago and to be honest with you, I expected it to be spicier. It was an uncomfortable type of spice but it wasn’t really that spicy. I ate some ramen a week later (also hot one I didn’t try yet) and it was way spicier, it was really spicy but it was a comfortable/tasty type of spicy. But I still like the texture of them.
@TucBroder 11 aylar önce
We can only get the packed ones here in Denmark, not the bowls. They're super spicy, but I love the taste. I wish I could buy the bowl.
@CalaMarilyn 10 aylar önce
I've had those before. Don't get me wrong, spicy.. but they are really damn good. My father bought me one for christmas 2 years ago along with a few other times. I usually take 1 glass of milk after eating my daily spicy food as to not be dramatic.
@mugen1292 Yıl önce
honestly those noodles are pretty cool, the spice isn't bad it just enough spice to enjoy the spice which is perfect
@rishivaja9288 Yıl önce
I've had the 2x one. They are delicious. Problem is, 5 minutes after your first bite, the heat turns up. And it just does not leave. So funny to watch!
I think this is the only fire noodles episode I've seen where there are people who are actually just chill after eating those noodles. Like, meh, I can eat more. 🤣 On a side note: I'm so excited to see the old boys back!!! Can't wait for the next video.
@thosr861 Yıl önce
Because people play it up for the camera. Don't get me wrong, they'll make your nose run but they're nowhere near as spicy as most people make them out to be.
@Orangeyougladx3 Yıl önce
@@thosr861 it’s super spicy for people who aren’t used to it! Before I lived in Korea, the black one was impossible. It hurt so much lol now I eat it weekly as a meal lol
@buttersnow8707 Yıl önce
@@thosr861 I recently had them with a group of friends, most of us barely felt either. Some were crying immediately, it seems to be a mostly genetic thing
@ShakeJoviFilan Yıl önce
​@@thosr861 to anyone who doesn't eat spicy food at all, just a hint of spice already kills the taste buds. I'm always sweating for hell with just the normal tteokbokki that's slightly spicy (according to my sister). never think of trying fire noodles as my nose starts running by just the spice smell
@DIABStudios Yıl önce
@@buttersnow8707 I somewhat disagree, It more depends on how often and the intensity someone eats spice (and some genetics for initial resistance). I eat spice like once-twice a week and it was spicy. had to blow a nose but didn't make me cry or drown myself in liquids.
@AK-ie2rp Yıl önce
Omg they all did so amazing!! As a Korean American I can’t get past one bite lol
@Caramelletje Yıl önce
I didn't know this was a challenge 😳. These noodles are my favourite and I eat them a lot. Never knew it is for a challenge😵‍💫
@elvawenn Yıl önce
MAD RESPECT. Original spicy was enough, 2x spicy made my whole face numb. Major props to those who could polish it off with no sweat!
@geo7577 Yıl önce
볼때마다 참 멋지고 고마운 사람이라고 느껴집니다 너무너무 재미있고 한국의 문화를 지구반대편에 재미있고 진실되게 전해주셔서 한국사람으로서 감사합니다. 새로운 영상이 올라올때마다 열심히 보고 응원하겠습니다. 모든 스텝과 함께 촬영해주시는 게스트까지 즐거운 마음으로 임해주셔서 감사합니다 사랑합니다
@LadyFayeLovie Yıl önce
This got me literally laughing out loud by myself. My nurse came in the room to check if I’m ok.
@HashtagUnited Yıl önce
Ben still hasn’t recovered 🤣
@OneSec27 Yıl önce
@punkressph1 Yıl önce
No! Hope he did not go to the hospital afterwards
@npatch Yıl önce
Is the vein ok at least? (jokes aside, tell him people wish him a fast recovery and props for finishing the challenge)
@luha_h1ebiz207 Yıl önce
Ben will think of this ramen when he eats spicy food from now on. lol
@hansol- Yıl önce
Oh no 😆
That is epic and seems like they can handle the heat on those spicy scoville Korean noodles 😅🤣
@tatacousin Yıl önce
The 2x spice is our favorite in our family. We add a jammy boiled egg, Mrs. Wongs Sichuan bean paste & scallions! So delicious!
@h1murashi 11 aylar önce
I bought the red one because it was the most common one I saw, and I thought it was the lowest spice level being x2 (and I assumed because the black one was black, it would be a higher spice). I ate it and it was the first time I legitimately panicked because the spice wasn't going anywhere and it made it harder to breathe after I finished the bowl. Would do it again though. Even with the spice, those noodles tasted good.
@imbored8538 3 aylar önce
I really love the 3x ones I can't eat them often because that makes my stomach fked but the 4x ones just ruins my belly instantly so usually the 2x ones are the ones you can eat whenever you are too lazy to cook real food
@alswlrla Yıl önce
wow. props to the ones who finished the ×2 version without a single blink of an eye. I eat original fire noodles quite often,(ik it's the worst for my digestive system but 불닭볶음면 is just so addictive.) but I wouldn't dare eat the ×2 version ever. Apparently Samyang has that evil plan to destroy everybody's a**
@danek540 Yıl önce
ive eaten the 2x spicy my aunt always buys it and the first time i ate it i was dying literally i drank so much water but the second time i was handling the heat alot better, u just eat the ramen a couple of times to get used to the heat. loved the video also
@user-sl2uj5os3q Yıl önce
골기퍼 분 매운음식 정말 잘 드신다 리액션이 평온함 그 자체 ㅋㅋ
Honestly this version is the best one. Perfect heat level for me to thoroughly enjoy. Just missing a fried egg and cheese 😋
@davelim8005 Yıl önce
Love your videos, looking forward to fried chicken epidsode with the highschool students. But I need to see pork belly and bokkumbop with the soccer players!! Love Anthony and Harry, give them somak. Thanks
@user-wq8qc9wu1b 11 aylar önce
많이 웃었습니다ㅋㅋㅋ 개인적으로 매운걸 잘 먹는사람인긴한데ㅋ 외국인들이 많이 매운걸 못드신다는건 알았지만 실제 저렇게 반응할줄 몰랐네요 ㅋㅋㅋ 조금 당황했지만 대한민국 국민이 매운맛에 많이 익숙해 지긴했나봅니다. 다를수 있지요^-^ 외국인분들 다음에 접할경우가 있을때 꼭 참고 할께요~^-^;; 저정도 인줄은 몰랐거든요 배려를 하려면 좀 알아야 대처 할수 있을듯^^::
@user-co2qs3ws3b Yıl önce
초반에 다들 매워하시는데 갑자기 클래식이 나오면서 평화로운 장면이 나오니까 너무 웃겨요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@Queen-nt3rn Yıl önce
I recently found out that Josh used to be in Korean Variety Shows and watching these videos of them making people taste test korean food, part of me hopes Josh and Ollie could become either guests of the show Sixth Sense or maybe collaborate with the producers on a random episode to help them with creating a fake restaurant for the cast.
@mariahruvalcaba3144 3 aylar önce
I can admit that eating the noodles by itself is brutal. I always add fried egg and meat to it. 😂
@dolcevita1107 Yıl önce
Wish you’d do more videos with Anthony and Harry. they’re brilliant
@jackhon Yıl önce
I’ve had this and I added half a pack of spice and still killed me. These guys are taking it well
😂🤣😂 Ben finished me, I had to watch this twice and reply some parts! Edited Ben is me, I am Ben. I can't handle spice. Most people who love spice are West African. Here in the South of Africa we eat normal food.
@emmarina5310 Yıl önce
Everyone: **dying because of the heat** Anthony and Harry: *"I love it. Absolutely nice. Perfect amount of spice 👌"*
Marcus: *x2 red version in three bites*
@PrograError Yıl önce
needs more rock vs elevator calming music...
@sharonc6721 Yıl önce
Ben and Kojo are super hilarious as a team
@richardxia1720 Yıl önce
Those noodles looks good, I wana try it! I’ve been addicted to spicy food ever since I tasted mapo tofu
@sortst Yıl önce
떡볶이.짬뽕.상하이파스타.불닭 추천해요
@BenChili81 11 aylar önce
I love spicy food and these Noodles were awesome 🥰
@Megan-op5ux 7 aylar önce
is it just me or the bulduk cup noodles are actually spicier than the ones you cook from the packets? because a few weeks ago, i decided to make a cup for lunch and holy shit was it spicy.
@british_geek1978 7 aylar önce
No you're right they are. Possible reason is with the packet ones you add water at the end and then mix together. The cup one you drain all the water so the sauce doesn't get diluted at all
@jannyx2732 Yıl önce
Can you invite the cast of "Heartstopper" and have them try Korean cuisine??? 😭 That would be amazing
@minjilover Yıl önce
Mad respect to all the footballers who tried and even finished all of it in such short time! I took like 30 mins just to finish my bowl of fire ramyeon!
@Ktk0627 Yıl önce
even as a korean myself i stay far from that very impressive
@minjilover Yıl önce
@@Ktk0627 hahaha I guess fire ramyeon is really not for everyone 😅 I always pair it with gimbap to soothe my mouth no matter what!
@hyeon320 Yıl önce
Yeah, I used to eat this noodle 3 bags at a time with extra sauce they sold in the bottle when I stressed out. I finally moved on to different job and I no longer crave it LOL. It got me 20 lbs having 3 bags of this noodle 4 times a week.
@user-xm7oh9kw5g Yıl önce
세상에~~~나도 못먹는 라면인데👍👍👍 다음주 너무 기대되네요. 애들이 우리 치킨 맛보고 당장 한국 날라올것 같은데ㅋㅋㅋ촬영때문에 1번만 먹고는 절대 끝낼수 없는데 ㅋㅋ(괜한 걱정ㅋ)
@Pacheco4554 Yıl önce
I love this noodles they are sweet at the start and suddenly hit you with the spice it's so good
@harryjones7117 Yıl önce
@MicroChipYT 11 aylar önce
I've tried both bowls, and the black bowl was almost nothing to me, but the red bowl packed a huge punch on the spice.
@ukyoot Yıl önce
What a good video, I remember when I couldn’t handle the regular fire noodles and I felt like I discovered a whole new level of spice. These days I eat fire noodles regularly, I especially love the curry and black bean flavored ones. I even got my father, mother and my sister to eat it regularly as well. My spice tolerance definitely increased and I’m slowly trying new spicy dishes to satisfy my spice cravings.
@orchidmsc Yıl önce
@blueraineee Yıl önce
I drank 1 L of milk the first time i ate fire noodles (arguably because I got the part with more chilli and wasn't expecting it). Then i slowly built tolerance up and my family and friends say my tolerance is too high now..
They (Harry and Anthony) got SO offended that they'd need the "base level." LOL The bald coach duo (Devs and... Joe?) ALWAYS surprise me with how much heat they like in these videos. "Every time, I watch you play, I'm eating this." LOL Ate the 2x one in 3 bites?!
@sudalie7914 11 aylar önce
I've been rewatching the Hashtag United series. if you're able to, please feature them more on your videos! 😁💕
@EatwithGabe Yıl önce
These noodles are literally fire 🔥 but the 2x spicy is death 💀
@choiharu0226 Yıl önce
불닭볶음면이 10주년이 되었다는데, 오랜만에 초기 컨텐츠로 돌아왔네요 ㅎㅎ 재미있었어요. 매운거에 익숙한 분이나 자주 먹던데, 저는 맵찔이라 ㅋㅋ 치즈와 음료가 있어야 하던데, 잘 드시는 분들은 진짜 잘드시네요.
@inso1223 Yıl önce
ㅎㅎㅎ맵찔이 1인 여기 또 🙋🏻
@user-zo2gk2vu4m Yıl önce
저도 저거 한개 다 못먹어요 맵찔이에요 어릴땐 잘먹었는데 이젠 먹으면 속이 너무쓰려서 ㅠ
@user-dg6ng4ip8l 11 aylar önce
평소에 매운 음식 안 먹었을것 같은데 다들 대단하네요
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