English Footballers try the FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE!!🔥

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Today we give Hashtag United F.C Hot Chicken Ramyeon to see if they can complete the FIRENOODLE CHALLENGE!

If you want to see a behind the scenes check out Hashtag United’s TRvid channel here!

Huge thank you to Hashtag United for giving us their time and letting us film!


오늘은 매운걸 좋아한다는 해쉬태그 F.C 선수들과 불닭볶음면 챌린지를 해봤습니다!

이 영상의 비하인드가 궁금시면 여기 클릭하세요!

저희에게 시간을 내주시고 촬영에 흔쾌히 응해주신 해쉬태그 유나이티드에 감사드립니다!



12 Nis 2022




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Sky chan
The two guys who were like
Susan Kwan
MAJOR props to everyone who could finish it without a problem. I always considered myself as someone with a pretty high spice tolerance but those original fire noodles kicked my butt every time. I tried to build my tolerance to them but I never did no matter how many times I’ve had it. It was painful every time so never got around to the 2x spice level.
imane bouziane
i literally eat these with my sister on a regular, so we filmed ourselves eating the 2x spicy ones and were utterly disappointed when we realised that we were already so used to the spice. buldak noodles are elite.
Elusive Gamergirl
The footballers and crew did really amazing with the hot noodles. Proud of all of them. They're always so fun to watch. ^__^
I was cracking up the whole time watching this clip.
Andina M Hawa
Didn't know that this footballer series could be so entertaining. Can't wait for the Taxi Cab series to try the fire noodles as well.
Meryl Simmons
You guys should take the football team out for a traditional meal/ Korean grocery store like you did with the kids. It would blow their mind!!!
Mr. Fishnugget
LOL Jason is such a savage
Harry and Anthony are my absolute faves!!!
I love how accomodating he is, shows how respectful and humble the Korean culture is. His hosting skills are elite. Gained a new sub today brother !
The carbonara flavor of their noodles is my all time favorite my family looks at me like I'm crazy for liking the spice 😂😂
Jason Montas
Mad props to Hayley, Harry, Anthony, Kojo, Devs, and Marcus for crushing the challenge like champs!!! Lewis chugging the makgeolli out the bottle was hilarious! lol...
Lee Know
Ben was dying 🤣 I can relate!! I thought he's a picky eater but he's doing well!
These noodles actually have great flavor, it's not just pain spice, but they are definitely spicy. I only put half the seasoning and it's delicious
Alzahra Pramanik
Definitely need more Anthony's appearance on this channel😂 the eyes/facial expressions r too hilarious😂
Hera Tsukiyama
I've always enjoyed the original buldak noodles but the 2x one have always sent me to heaven after just one bite. RIP to those with low spice tolerance who've tried them.
Ayeisha Gee
Hahahaha. I can't even with their reactions. My take aways: "Say it, don't spray it."
Harry and Anthony are the best combo! Love their facial expressions and jokes. They need to come to Korea to do more Mukbang when they retire football career lmfao
I love that ramen. The same company sells the sauce for the 2x spicy in 7 ounce bottles. I go through about a bottle a week 😂. I can’t get enough of the stuff.