Energy Champions: The CORRECT Way To Design Manaless Champions? | League of Legends 

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Having talked about Manaless champions and their potential balance implications, I wanted to make a video analyzing Energy Champions in League of Legends, and if they're the right way to design champions who don't use mana or have an alternative resource.
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18 Ara 2021




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@MarioFRC32 Yıl önce
Technically, even if Udyr isn't from Ionia, it would still make sense for him to use energy because he trained alongside Lee Sin
Yeah, back when I mained him I always found it weird he was a mana champ, especially when his static cooldowns fit the tempo of energy.
Well so did Kayn
@azulanazul5988 Yıl önce
@@dylanhelvetios2300 Kayn should have been energy for blue form and fury or something for red form imo
@SarahET Yıl önce
@@azulanazul5988 This is the most brilliant comment I have ever seen, now I will never stop spamming riot with this
@jinspence697 Yıl önce
Fr that would be a sick rework and now that you say that udyr's abilities kind of resemble Lee sins
@Rainwolve Yıl önce
I think the idea of en energy juggernaut sounds really interesting since juggernauts are defined through their team fight ability etc. Making them play tighter trade windows through the usage of energy sounds very interesting since u have to know when to fight and when not to.
maybe a Ionian drunken master type champ? I understand that we have gragas but hes just a very special drunk dude with some special beer, not like martial arts training
@quincy7258 Yıl önce
So you mean something like Sett, but then with the requirement to actually be skilled?
@@quincy7258 or Garen
The energy as a whole is one of the most interesting mechanics in the game and we haven't seen energy champion since Zed. Let's hope to see new energy champion in 2022.
@ceilingfan2007 Yıl önce
Praying they rework udyr's kit to require energy now
@@ceilingfan2007 I now really love this concept of Energy Udyr!
@boiya9327 Yıl önce
@@gabrieljoseozanan6989 I struggle so much with mana on udyr man if he have passive like lee then it would be great
@darrak1 Yıl önce
hope? remove it lol or atleast make them not use whole combi in one energy bar.
@chaosbeing_lol Yıl önce
Well, i think the reason why Udyr was not a energy champion is that he is a jungler and back then in the old days, blue buff was kinda meaningless on non-mana champs ? I think its something like that. Today there is kinda no reason for him to not be an Energy champion, except because he was a mana champion and it was working properly so why change it. But yeah, energy Udyr makes so much sense.
@blyby Yıl önce
I firmly believe and have believed that the lack of a limiting resource like mana/energy is beyond stupid for the balance of spammy champions like kata, riven, viego or even yas and yone to me it just seemed unfair for me to be playing into those matchups trying to manage my mana (for the first 10 mins) while they use abilities on demand
while your manaing mana riven need to strat her CD , and in order to do dmg she need to auto between spell meaning she have to stop casting at some point ( i argue just a bit longer ) kata do need limitation but energy or mana won't work for her , something like tempo : the more she use spell and pick up dagger the lower the CD (but the CD is not fully refunded on E) she will be quite the same but at least more room to screw up
@goatnoodles9162 Yıl önce
riven should have mana tbh
@bingdiggus8579 Yıl önce
@@captaineflowchapka5535 while Riven has to manage her CD, every other champion has to manage their mana AND their CD. Auto attacking between abilities doesn't make Riven any more balanced.
@cherno8336 Yıl önce
@@bingdiggus8579 yes and no because Kata has huge cooldowns that you have to reset and riven too untill she buys ability haste
@blyby Yıl önce
@@captaineflowchapka5535 if your main argument against riven having a resource that limits her ability usage beyond cd is autoattacks then I think you see how you lost your case at the start, with Katarina I don't believe she should have unrestricted self initiated resets on pickups without some kind of a limit like energy, kill resets are a different story. While these champs arent really a problem they are antifun (along with a few others), unless you counter them directly, you play with the disadvantage that you have to manage something they dont have thats what my point is based on
@benthebloon9588 Yıl önce
I wish more champs had energy, I just enjoy it a lot more as a Shen main
How do you enjoy him? He feels like such a pushover in laning phase
@TStizzle19 Yıl önce
@TStizzle19 Yıl önce
@@jordangibson4825 I've actually found pretty good success with him even in Lane. I play Midlane though
@navadax4541 Yıl önce
@@jordangibson4825 He has a pretty strong level 1 and dueling with his Max health damage and auto blocking, but yeah, if you play shen your big contributions are coming in the mid-late game.
@alanyang7801 Yıl önce
Crazy spammers, like Katarina, should be balanced by energy consumption. Champs who have longer CD like Garen should not. Since they have energy restrictions, the abilities should be stronger. Champs like Aatrox should not though since his cast times are much slower and not loaded. For example, Zed has tons of spam and I notice what holds him back from spamming is only energy usage. Lee gets two iterations of abilities, thus energy is needed
@Zero-zr6xx Yıl önce
so true
Well Kata and Garen not having mana was mainly to be noob friendly.
@alanyang7801 Yıl önce
@@dylanhelvetios2300 yes that’s true! But kat got reworked so she’s not too much of a keyboard face roll champ anymore lol. She does need a bit of setup but can still face roll lol. I’ve seen the amazing and the terrible with her and the floor/ceiling is steep lol
@wingofshu Yıl önce
Garen is fine still has cds but Katrina has a free flash that she even gets a reset on, Katrina needs mana or no resets
@aoisora1445 Yıl önce
@@wingofshu removing the resets will make her unplayable, only because of some other champions that have too many ways to lock her down
@sanketower Yıl önce
Maybe giving energy to Yi is a way to balance him, that way he can't just spam Q after every kill.
@Kai_Vega Yıl önce
And he would have to think about saving some energy for that W that could save his life
@@Kai_Vega would never happen. yi mains cant think.
@fallenmoon3071 Yıl önce
@@einjharrelraca7983 I think he gonna be the new yasuo if that change exist
Yi is balanced aruond his current playstyle, you would have to buff his damage meaning he would be more opressive against 1 or 2 enemies, resulting in more early game pressure
@@uncreativeperson8497 as long as it fixes him pressing E and doing 1.5k true damage late game that’s fine. That ability needs to be fixed ffs, his Q and W are fine but that amount of true damage makes ap cho ult look like cheap shot.
@VoermanIdiot Yıl önce
Lee Sin is the greatest ninja of them all though. When he's on my team, he's nowhere to be seen - which is truly ninja-like and when he's on the enemy team, he's the feared assassin that strikes at night.
@ChincerDante Yıl önce
One thing about manaless champions, gnar rage serves very well as a restriction, the fact he will transform with very little you can do about it sometimes serve to limit the fact he doesn't use Mana. We need a marksman with energy. Just make him a true caster that can't attack but who's Q serves as his damage, like ezreal Q with a whole new kit around it
@samaim8356 Yıl önce
@MaderHaker Yıl önce
And they wont abuse manamune. I love this idea
@@samaim8356 honestly, Kennen is more of a mage with some Marksman qualities.
@ammaammo4692 Yıl önce
can you call them a marksman at that point? sounds more like cassio/ryze type of stuff
@MrMakoto2 Yıl önce
A marksman that can't attack is at that point no longer a marksman, just a really bad mage with AD scaling
Vars: we shouldn't make auto attackers with energy Also vars: lets make Udyr an energy champion
@ur_mom_is_so_fat 8 aylar önce
Udyr is an ability caster not a marksman
Energy is a good mechanic for limiting burst potential since the only way to restore Energy is PoM, which means you lose out on other potential runes. Katerina needs energy, no reason she should have zero resources
@brandont860 Yıl önce
Riven should have energy too
@cherno8336 Yıl önce
Katarina is balanced on cooldowns giving her energy would be a big buff, and limiting zed burst?
@@cherno8336 zed burst is limited by his energy. If he has no energy, he cannot use the abilities. I agreed on the first half: typical champ hate BS. But then you fell into the typical champ hate bs yourself.b
@cherno8336 Yıl önce
@@hellfrozenphoenix13 energy doesn't limit burst it's the opposite energy champ have lower cooldowns which gives them higher burst
@@cherno8336 energy limits damage, by giving a small pool of resource that generates quickly. In other words: limits short term use. Aka Burst. Its why Energy Champs in URF are are insanely strong. Energy is a burst limiter, because the champion is made to burst. Give them same champions the same numbers but make them based on Mana, their burst becomes dead flat toxic. So yes, Energy limits burst by quite a bit.
@GranMaj Yıl önce
Energy is really interesting resource compare to just straight up resourceless. It basically Mana but you don't have to build mana item. it had similar purpose but with different ups and downs.
@Zelorp Yıl önce
Isn’t it just… better in every way? You don’t need items for it, it regens very quickly, and most champs that use it have a refund mechanic. All while not limiting their abilities in any way, or even making them better with lower cooldowns.
@MAMAJUGO Yıl önce
Energy Champions seem like a solution to a problem Riot made themselves by making Manaless Champions
@WatchSchoolDays Yıl önce
At it seems they forgot about it after they created after creating Yasuo
@Sonic_Frontiers 2 aylar önce
​@@WatchSchoolDaysyasuo is a low elo noob stomper, if he's a problem you just suck 😂
@atsukana1704 Aylar önce
@@Sonic_Frontiersthis is true, while he absolutely still succeeds as you climb in ranks, your skill must be higher with him to succeed accordingly. I used to hate yasuo but now I just see how I was the bad one all along
@somo4227 Aylar önce
​@@atsukana1704yas has windwall thats enough to make me hate him
@arforafro5523 Yıl önce
One thing I didnt notice you mention is how Shen has a MASSIVE 400 energy bar (double the amount of other energy champions) and huge ability costs. It's got the same regeneration rate as other champions but it allows you to throw everything in one big go and have a loooong downtime if you dont want to work around your refund mechanic. I think they allowed him to use all of his kit quickly considering hes the only tank of the group and might have to engage in less than optimal circumstances.
@kuelhomaster Yıl önce
His empowered AA's from Q regenerate mana, aswell as hitting people with taunt, you only feel his energy when you're chasing/being chased for too long and have nothing to AA
@OuchNesston Yıl önce
I think Kayn should also be an energy champion, it makes a lot of sense considering that he's Zed's student.
Imo it should have energy in the basic form and in the assassin one, and they should give rhaast something else, or nothing, aatrox don't use mana so why should he do?
@Zelorp Yıl önce
Varus uses mana, so…
@lok4890 Yıl önce
@@mattiagambaro7698 this. Also i think it has to do that rhaast is still using Kayn's body. Meanwhile Aatrox... Well, aatrox is essentially using a couple hundreds of bodies to sustain his current body while also burning to hell and back his first one. If that body can even have mana or energy, aatrox might aswell have caught Atreus or something.
Energy has a ton of untapped potential. I feel like it isn't impossible to make other classes of champions that could work with it. Xayah for example is a champion that for a very long time, was night and day with Essence Reaver. Before it, you couldn't use abilities often because her mana pool is extremely restrictive, and that's including the fact that it's difficult for her to force situations where her abilities even become useful. After Essence Reaver, she became a champion because her abilities weren't very impactful at all outside of her ideal circumstance, but she finally had the mana to afford using them for something other than trying to survive or trying to catch. She could afford to consistently poke or shove waves, or even just set up feathers for zoning. I feel like if her E was given a slightly higher cooldown, feathers stayed on the ground for a pinch longer, her Q damage was reduced, and maybe her w given a shorter cooldown and also shorter duration (not sure about that, but it's an idea to consider,) she could be made an energy champion. Rakan might also make the cut with the same sorts of changes, where his E has a high energy cost, his Q heals for less, and something gives him an energy refund would work for him. He already has almost no mana troubles at all, all things considered. I don't think I've ever seen a Rakan forced to base by mana when they're not also below 100 hp.
@mozzy2968 Yıl önce
I think Wukong and Yi definitely could be energy champs and might honestly be better as energy champs. However, Karma is a full blown mage so I think mana fits her better.
First, I would enjoy an Udyr mini-rework that gave him energy instead of mana; his current passive incentivizes switching between stances during gameplay, but with mana he will eventually run out without a Tear item that only gives him mana and one stat. Only thing is that the persistent effect also triggers on the first hit after activation, though that might incentivize him to be played more aggressively. Second, as far as energy mages go, I agree burst mages might be a bad idea, but what about artillery mages or battle mages?
I played shen for a good time when i started(i magically got the pulsefire shen skin) and i bought faerie charms trying to increase my energy regen XD
@Assywalker Yıl önce
Energy on a support is totally fine in principle. Just make the cost high enough and give them a active/risky option to gain energy, like auto-attacking champions, hitting them with skill-shots or staying very close to an ally.
@nicholas9268 Yıl önce
“Dangerous to put big aoe damage on a mana less or energy champion” Kennen: let me introduce myself.
Ya know, I've allways wanted Kayn to use energy because he is Zed's -son- star student
@goatnoodles9162 Yıl önce
sadly he is balanced around mana so he wont go into lane, but riot IS moving him to the toplane
@pawepajak7142 Yıl önce
@@goatnoodles9162 runes like timewarp tonic, biscuits and items like tear are moving him into the toplane
@theloukster6831 2 aylar önce
I really liked the idea of master yi using energy.That way he would not be able to perma spam his Q after 3 auto attacks in late game
@simospeed3087 Yıl önce
What about Riven, if she was an energy champion, I believe she could be more skillful, and reward better Riven champions, but also there's also the possibility that it pushes away people from the champion. I'd like to think Riven's energy restoration would be similar to Lee Sin where she recovers a portion of it by auto attacking while her passive is up. There's a lot to change to balance her out with energy though, but I would like Riot to try this in PBE as a quick idea. She is also a Ionian champion after being exiled from Noxus.
@JaeyXVI Yıl önce
riven is already one of the hardest champions in the game
I think there should be way more energy champions than there are currently, just like you said, i would love to see an energy based juggernaut rather than a full manaless one, juggernauts run out of mana in the laning phase all too often, i think at least one or 2 energy champs to the class would be a good addition
@zihanzhu7452 Yıl önce
This might be far-fetched but I have a slight suspicion that the upcoming marksman will be energy based. They teased a lot about it in the champion roadmap.
@BlackfeatherMain 7 aylar önce
I would honestly love to see an energy marksman. The potential for occasional explosive moments lategame would be pretty interesting to work with IMHO
@MajinMattPlays Yıl önce
I think Energy is a decent mechanic, but I also think it's proven over the years to have a lot of problems. Calling it only a coincidence that 4/5 of the champions who use Energy have been balance nightmares for years, in large part because they have the long term consistency that Mana Champions lack. Playing against Energy champs as a Mana Champion still feels awful most of the time, cause they almost always have shorter cooldowns than you, their abilities get more forgiving as they level up, and every single one of them has frustrating mechanics to play against. Having Mana is a downside as much as it is an upside, and Energy while great in theory, has created a lot of balance problems because it can be restored so quickly compared to Mana. At Level 3, your combo is gonna leave you missing 30-50% of your mana depending on the Champion. Toss one one trade and now you have no combo. Energy Champions not only get their full combo that first time, have an ability for a trade, and then have their full combo for the 2nd fight, and the Mana Champion can't do anything but sit there and watch, much the same as a Manaless champion. tldr - Energy causes a lot of issues, and I think it's good that they're not trying to force it into the game. I dislike it because in a lot of cases it's a dishonest limitation because they'll have their combo back up by the time you're trying to fight again. It's preferable to Manaless Champions, but it has a ton of issues as well, if they release another Energy champion then I only hope they make them better than any of the others (Except Shen, Shen's pretty cool)
@icigs3964 Yıl önce
I think talon could be a good option for energy using, actually his kit has low mana waste so is like if he was already a manaless champ and it could be possible to implement the energy restoration in his passive or jumps, in fact it could be possible to remove the individual jump's cd for each wall and replace it with energy waste, so if he jumps twice the same piece of wall he waste more energy but if he jumps different walls each time it cost less or even it recover energy.
@deathtaco4095 Yıl önce
I like the idea of an energy bot laner. And I think there's a good chance of it with one of the new champion also being form ionea
As someone who was able to pick up most every hard champ (azir, Asol, gp, zed, sylas, etc) in the game in a couple games, rework vlad. He’s the only champ that in 10 or more games I haven’t started rolling lobbies on, you have to exclusively play vlad, and I mean hundreds of games, to know his limits into each matchup at each level and the only way he’s good, is if you know limits perfectly. Even less friendly then Asol when it comes to not one tricking him.
@JurnoBoek Yıl önce
Idk if this was the case but ekko might have been an energy champion during development but the Q made it so that he couldn’t be because it would be infinite shoving in midlane, it would make sense because god knows why his ult didn’t cost any mana on release
@gibarel Yıl önce
Imagine a champion who's cost is time, like HotS deathwing, whenever you cast a skill you are committed to it and can't stop the long animations, you also need skill since none of his skill deal damage at the start.
That champion would be shit.
@300x23 Yıl önce
@@fanficologist6621 almost anything can be balanced. Seems like an interesting idea
@gibarel Yıl önce
@@fanficologist6621 that's not the full idea of deathwing, the rest is: he has a lot more health than anyone, he has more armor the more health he has, he can't be cc'd, he can't be healed, he doesn't have a resource and he can "shape shift" altering 2 of his base skills making them "ranged" versions. Yes he's not the strongest character anymore, he use de to be busted, but now he's is just balanced. Some characters can melt him, and since he can't be healed and his skills are slow he needs good position and game sense, or else he's useless
@Zelorp Yıl önce
He does have a resource. That’s the whole idea.
just sounds like sion with extra steps, and a uncancelable animation sounds like cancer to play now that every champ in the game 100 to 0's you in 2 seconds.
There is a chance that udyr will be the latest energy champ . We won’t have to wait long to know as his rework is just around the corner
@edde2429 Yıl önce
Energy Juggernaut sounds cool, don't think it would be that limiting though since they already have other, bigger limitations
gotta love how every energy champion has a situational condition to restore energy via abilities but akali can just press W
@ColetheFlame01 7 aylar önce
One guy I feel could've worked as Energy is Nocturne. In fact it might've been a nerfed version of nocturne. since I occasionally find myself with more than enough mana to spam my q for ever and just poke mid to late game compared to Energy where if I did do that with Energy I might not have enough Energy for an emergency W cast.
@Abyzdecannes Yıl önce
Akali's energy refund on her passive was not technically removed because it was too consistent, it was removed because it created a too big of a skill gap between bad to average and great players, the champion is already too hard to be balanced properly at all elos and to make her viable in lower elos with her passive refund she would basically be a spam machine in the hands of great players
@LotusSanta Yıl önce
Lee Sin is from Ionia. And as for Zed: SPOILER FOR ZED'S COMIC ISSUES He faked killing Shen's father so that he (Shen's father, his name is Kusho) could lead the Shadow Order in secrecy, as he deemed it necessary for Ionia to have an order that rules the land and protects them from outsiders and maniacs like Jhin, while Shen is fooled into thinking Zed was the bad guy and upholding the traditional values of the Kinkou. Later down the line Zed Does end up killing Kusho, but that's way later when Kusho gets too corrupt and covets the power of shadows more, consuming his humanity and becoming an abomination similar to Nocturne.
@eryalmario5299 Yıl önce
I already know that zed isn't the bad guy
I wonder if riot will ever add a energy support character. There's a character from heroes of the storm called *lt. Morales* that use to have mana until they reworked her so now she has energy, that really increased how long she could stay in Lane before having to reset. (Tl:rd, riot should make an energy based support)
@vumerion5481 2 aylar önce
You COULD turn some mages into energy champions, by changing the rate of energy regeneration and size of the energy bar. Like, 10 time the amount of energy, but 12 time slower regeneration.
@sapphire--9375 Yıl önce
I liked the point where you mentioned ability haste. If they were costless or mana champions you would be able to build alot of ability haste on zed, akali or kennen and just spam the everliving shit out of your abilities. Max ability haste akali sounds especially bad
@IamMeeTV Yıl önce
Which would also make Udyr more balanced cause then he can't just run around the entire map with a shield on all the time cause he has a blue and like 2k mana
@alekss223 Yıl önce
As an akali main i love energy a lot, i feel like its such a skillful mechanic and just the managing of it takes a lot of skill since most energy champion have a spammable ability (5 points strike in my case) that can make u run out of mana pretty fast
@quincy7258 Yıl önce
Openly admitting to be an Akali main? You sure are brave lmao
@alekss223 Yıl önce
@@quincy7258 by far best champion ever i tried more than 100 champions and no one comes close to giving me the fun and the desire to come back to it like akali does. Flawless desigm in terms of enjoyment literally
@Zelorp Yıl önce
Who would’ve thought the play style of “I can hit you all I want and you can’t hit me” would be fun? Seriously, that champ is the worst design imaginable in a multiplayer game.
In theory mana is suposed to limit you, but riot keep on giving everyone means to get mana regen.I cannot think of a champ other than syndra or tear champs that runs out of mana in lane, so I don't see the point for mana in champs like qiyana or ekko who can cast full rotations of spells multiple times with 5% mana
@zandromex8985 Yıl önce
The problem is that they just keep on removing mana items. We used to have Morello and Athene´s. Now only enchanters get access to mana regeneration, and mages only get two mana items: the mythic and seraph´s. So they have to give everyone insane mana stats just to function without those items they do not have. I´d much rather have actual options in terms of mana than just bruteforce stats into my champions. It´d also be an actual balance lever to gatekeep mages from spilling into assassin´s items and viceversa, which is the problem Riot keeps bringing up so they can refuse to create actual ap itemization.
@viktormizak7054 Yıl önce
i think an energy enchanter is possible as long as their a buff enchanter or deisigned to more easily top off health pools but have a hard time against burst so a patch healing enchanter instead of a burst healing enchanter.
@xenocheeze6633 Yıl önce
While she is completely unrelated to Ionia in any way, the way Samira plays makes me think that she's a champion who could use energy very well. Just make her refund mechanic something like landing a melee range q or blocking a projectile with w and then bam, instant energy champ
@zertyf7427 Yıl önce
I tried to make fan-reworks for an energy adc , ignoring lore I think my best atempts are: -Varus , make his CD shorter put high energy cost on them and ad energy refunds when he pop blight stacks (based on how many) -Samira not much to do, her Q is similar in usage to akali's Q (realy short cd main damaging spell ) so give it a high early cost, for W and E and give them a 30 to 40 cost. She regain energy based on her style rank. Aphelios a really unique take on energy where it works almost like a reverse rumble heat mechanic , each auto consumes energy shared for both weapons you wield , reach 0 energy changes your on hand weapon and refounds you half your max energy. I didnt made the numbers yet but it would be like , just last hitting you can keep the weapon indefinitely ,playing normaly or fighting but with low atk speed will give your weapons the same up time they curently have but pushing too hard or with too much atk speed ,you quickly change weapons . Bring down the dmg on his spell in favor of a shorter CD (also create a way for him to use the gravitum spell out of combat) give it a huge energy cost (around 80) . This rework in my opinion gives Aphelios a smoother gameplay , spamming your spell in lane our out of combat to get to the weapons you want dont leaves you OOM and useless for long because energy regenenerate much faster . Spamming spells in combat gives you a higher dps but will leave you with a sub optimal weapon combination much faster than in his current form
@scire105 Yıl önce
One thing to note. Mana serves a big purpose after getting your mythic for mana champions. And that is to gate wave clearing and wave management. Sure if i'm playing Orianna i'm not likely to run out of mana during a team fight. But if we add having to hold a siege for a few waves now things aren't looking that good unless i got blue buff. Mana gates how long a mage can hold a siege and how long can it stays on the map. If mana wasn't a problem after min 15 then a lot of mages would be way stronger.
@kitkup8570 Yıl önce
I think Energy is way better than manaless, it takes skill and experience to play them. Really want to see more of them.
@PassokaMix Yıl önce
I think Riven should have energy. She has too much mobility to run from danger without any cost, making it pretty frustrating to fight against, and if she refunds the energy with her passive, she would be the same on the agressive, while not being able to escape as much
@Luna.Trickster Yıl önce
Crazy as it sounds, I always think Samira should have been a energy champion
An energy control mage would be interesting, I think Syndra needs a rework to push her away from karthus’s style, she definitely doesn’t feel like control mage as is. Azir could also be an energy champion without much issue.
@dj_rh Yıl önce
What you say about mana champions being able to never run out is completely true. Any mana jungler can smap their abilities as long as they have a blue buff.
@arrow3z406 Yıl önce
Can you please talk about true damage champions (champions that deals true damage).
@hecatia666 Yıl önce
A Juggernaut with energy as resource would be very interesting!
@maverickanator Yıl önce
I feel like it might be possible to make riven use enegy, and make her passive restore it so people can't mindlessly spam.
Hey Vars, would you consider doing some premade team orianted video? Something like comps and things to abuse when you are playing with your friends and are able to voice chat
@eryalmario5299 Yıl önce
I'd rather you watch LS
@xenxenxena Yıl önce
The first energy champion I played was Shen and I really enjoyed energy over mana. Especially being a complete noob at that time that didnt understand what runes or items did. I clearly saw how I spent more energy in an all in than mana but at the same time it was regenerating quick enough so I could try engaging again. It allowed me to learn the champion and laning while not excluding the resource management completely out of the equation. Completely resourceless champions dont make much sense to me, especially when they have things like wind wall in their kit which literally renders half of the existing champions useless in a teamfight for free. (windbros are honestly their own category of bs for me)
@shumanbeans Yıl önce
Windwall is nasty but I feel Yasuo's Q, E and R are conditional enough to keep him balanced. Adding resource management on top of those restrictions might be too much.
@rex9412 6 aylar önce
an energy base enchanter could be really cool. you give them low cooldowns and high energy costs so they can only do 1 rotation for like 180 energy but they get all their cooldowns before the energy recharges. you could give a champion like this an energy refund if they hit everything to let them only have to wait for the cooldowns. and the part I like the most is that it's super easy to tweak as it's just the cooldowns and numbers that would be the issue and energy refund. nothing in that idea would be broken just a rewarding and new way of rewarding good ability usage. I am thinking a support that is like small heal, small shield, and some cc basically sona-milio mix but idk what they would be to be interesting and different in how they heal and shield and stuff. but I really like energy idea.
@zion5988 Yıl önce
Im sure Qiyana could be reworked into an Energy Champion
@vexacion9735 Yıl önce
That would be terrible lol. Imagine if Qiyana could just spam Q in lane without punishment
@zion5988 Yıl önce
@@vexacion9735 it would make much more sense tho, as every other assassin she‘d be strong early but gets weaker lategame, right now she is an assassin in a very weird spot lets be honest
@5-Volt Yıl önce
Energy champ that isn't from Ionia? Wait that's illegal.
@vexacion9735 Yıl önce
@@zion5988 I agree that she's in a weird spot, but not having mana would be an insane buff to her in basically every way. Early game the main thing stopping Qiyana from being uncounterable and spiralling out of control is mana
@zion5988 Yıl önce
@@vexacion9735 there should really be some Assassin mana items, aswell as a QSS AP item. It‘s time riot
I love energy. Please give us more energy champions
@vo1ce147 Yıl önce
Vars : I think I forgot something Viewer : if you forgot, then it wasn't important Vars :yeah,you right................. Hold up, wait a minute ( loaded His D-eagel and start shooting Yone head again) The entire Yone Subredits : stop he already dead
@5-Volt Yıl önce
I wonder if there will ever be another energy champ. Hasn't been one since Zed and he came out in S3...
@Booyah910 Yıl önce
Riven would be a good energy champion, given she went to live in Ionia to repent and help them rebuild and face her guilt. She’s already manaless. All basic ability casts would cost 40, making all 5 casts use up the 200 energy. Obv, her ult would have no cost. And her passive for weaving autos could refund 30, so she could refund 150 on a full rotation, if done correctly. Meanwhile since her full rotation is 200, it still means newer players to her can still do a full rotation, but won’t be as efficient. It could also be a huge lore moment for her, showing just how far she’s come on her path towards redemption, and having left Noxus behind.
@BigMuskachini Yıl önce
Yeah agree
@nanashialfarr Yıl önce
I would love to see a enchanter sup that uses energy, but I know it would be trash because riot loves bruisers and assassins and hates enchanters and adcs.
@user-kf2wf1oc6s Yıl önce
There are some energy marksmen in mobile copy of League (Kimmy and Lesley). And one of them have unique type of autoattacks which probably will have that new mm in 2022.
@dawidlol1337 Yıl önce
The reasons for why Syndra doesn't have energy costs makes me think why they made Zed an energy champion... doing a full rotation from safety just to do it 15 seconds later... sounds familiar... also dirk items are perfectly balanced
Rumble's ressource is the most interesting and flavourful ressource in the game and it's sad that nothing that has been released in the last few years that even tries to think outside the idea of mana or ressourceless champs. The only thing I can think of now are these "3rd level ressource bars" like Irelia passive, Gwen Q or Corki R (or Sett W), but I can hardly call those a ressource, more like an indicator of power windows. I really hope that Riot releases a champ with an interesting twist on a ressource, like a champ that needs to gather a ressource by auto attacking to cast most of his kit. Riot teased an electric ADC, it would be cool if he uses autos to charge himself up to cast strong abilities that he cant use when he hasnt charged himself up before. Similarly Vlad could be reworked that his E damage depends on his Q stacks, it's much more flavourful and forces him to set up a combo before he can delete anyone
@shacolin6546 Yıl önce
Well, if I'm not mistaken, Yi, Karma and Wukong are all older than Zed and by the time Zed got released, league's lore was very different.
@khonsengrey4986 Yıl önce
I feel like Yi is not energy user because he's an beta character. The idea of energy wasn't even close to execution back then and he just left like that. Karma is actually a mage so it fits her to use mana Wukong actually does look like someone who would heavily benefit from switching to energy pool
@12ARedSon Yıl önce
Just my humble opinion: Energy should be renamed to ki/chi depending on the localization. Fits better thematically and is more distinct from the Fury resource (aside from their obvious differences mechanically).
Maybe the new marksmen works with energy or a refilling passive to use auto attacks non stop till he runs out of it.
@seansmith7906 Yıl önce
All champions should work with mana, then have a secondary energy bar when and where needed. Nearly all energy champions are hard to balance.
@joaobrito2653 Yıl önce
Akali is the champion that doesn’t follow the energy rule. She is an assassin that uses energy, yet she gets multiple rotations of spells off in one fight. I have always felt that her design is just wrong because she is an assassin that plays more like a bruiser. Assassins are meant to go in and then get out or die. Akali can go in, use her shroud and zone the entire enemy backline for 5 seconds, then she can also zone for an extra 2.5 seconds with hourglass.
@kyriakos022 Yıl önce
Can you imagine if Master Yi couldn't just spam Q? How wonderful the game would become?
@Machiroable Yıl önce
He would have a energy refund on take down on his ult.
@UserLoL9880 Yıl önce
I never really care about any energy Champion becouse of the skill cap they required (expecialy Lee sin) but I thing is a really good resurces to use. And I thing Udyr can be a really good usage of that like you mentioned but seeing the list of champion I think Riot did everything soo each champion is really depended on his cost/non cost with the exept of Yone that is a copy cat of Yasuo for some reason.. Even if before he was released we know that only Yasuo can use the Wind tecnique but Yone you it too soo... Yea it does not make really sense... In the future if they realise a new energy championor a new cost I would love too try it out... For sure it will not be with the next 3 champion becouse the marksmiten use electricity and they are focused on his auto meccanic, the next one will be a Chembaron from Zaun and related too gold and mind control(?) and the last one will come for the preaty much comfirmed Void event with a new (maibe female) VoidBorn along side the secret rework (spoiler is Spawn from Spider-Man). But maybe 2023 will have some new good stuff.
idc if its energy or rage or a new resource, i just want more alternatives to mana
@heehee4341 Yıl önce
Ironically, i think manaless ap champs were hurt, or at least didn’t benefit as much, from the s11 item changes. Imagine a vlad with everfrost or crown
@di5963 Yıl önce
i think they could rework master yi and wukong to be energy champions, but master would need a lot of changing to do that
I would love to see an energy marksman
@GameBreaker1055 Yıl önce
Yi and Wukong as energy champions... That might not be such a bad idea.
i like the energy mechanic. what i dont like is how certain energy based champions, dont have any negatives to using energy but get all the benefits. akali for example when she had 2 different ways to refresh her energy on per passive and her donut. Energy has this issue where it can easily go from the "constant moderate use of abilities" you described to "im practically in urf because my abilities have no real cooldown and my energy refreshes let me spam non stop huehuehue xD lul git good scrub"
@anhhy5486 Yıl önce
but he literally talk and put on screen the fact that akali got nerf , her passive energy regen got deleted and nerf and more nerf and winrate sub 50%...
An enchanter with energy could work like, small and regular shields
@bazejpawlak1009 Yıl önce
Personally I always felt like Sett was supposed to have energy but something went wrong
No, because sett has high CD's and doesnt apply same properties as akali, zed and kennen
@wilsonlee4658 Yıl önce
Sett doesnt matter. If he has enough energy to rotate 1combo. Then it doesnt matter if he had energy or lot. All of his skills except of Q has almost 8s and above CD
@ConfettiBerg Yıl önce
@@faziufaziowski4572 and has no forms of poke, he literally just runs at you.
I tought it was for ninjas too, until i tought at all the champions that use it and took Lee'Sin out of it. So looking at what ninjas and monks have in comon, we can see they're all martial artists. So, the martial artists are the ones to use energy. At least that's my point of view.
@tiggerbane4325 Yıl önce
In my opinion energy is just mana by a different name. They really shouldn't count as manaless champions sure it's rapidly recharging mana but the thing still gates in the same way as mana. Unlike something like fury.
@Angelus_Moon Yıl önce
Theoretically, Yuumy is a mana champ that has the properties of energy champ, her passive and E has fixed percentage mana stats, she can't benefit to much from stacking mana, and pls riot fix the client and the game
@vitty5995 Yıl önce
Idk why they don't just halve Shen's Energy costs, refunds and maximum energy. I think there is no point in having double the maximum energy but basically doubled costs
Too bad almost all energy users don't actually care about the concept of having "limited casts in a short time frame"... because they can still simply burst you with their entire kit and still end up 2 screens away at the end of it.
@JynxVer Yıl önce
And uh, how would Shen do that?
@@JynxVer Can you define "almost all" for me?
@JynxVer Yıl önce
@@SangoProductions213 Uhh, google is your friend?
@@shumanbeans What prevents a Lux from killing the whole team, or any other mana based mage? Design, damage, and cool downs.
@@SangoProductions213 and those champs are designed around their energy, so what is your point? and do you really want to use the mage with the short high damage one hit kill combo that requires her to only hit one ability resulting in your death? That she can spam because she is a mana champ? Because idk about you but when I get ulted by Zed I still feel like and I can outplay him meanwhile if I get hit with one lux root, I start up a TRvid video and wait for the combo and grey screen to finish
@Majkamajy 11 aylar önce
Really sad to watch this video, after Udyr got reworked and they didn't change him into an energy champion. What an opportunity they missed.
@sortilien2099 Yıl önce
Any cost is fine, mana, energy, rage, HP... even no cost is not bad, it's always balance by conditions. Zac is a good HP cost champion if he land his ability & play smartly with blob he can fight forever but he need's to fight. Mundo's Q is good rewarding for hitting champion moreover with revitalise and/or spirit visage. No cost needs a trade of... to be balance What is good about energy champ is the need you to play the champ "the good way" to have refounds. ___________________ On Vlad : i would like his Q to change passive to mark target like Eve W on spell once it's full channel, you consume the mark on the next spell & heal (high on champs very low on minions. That would reward vlad to go into the fray mark as much target as he can and blast them.
@BigMuskachini Yıl önce
Lee sin is probably the only champion where energy is well designed. If you don't get autos off you very easily get energy lockedf
@htlchtlc Yıl önce
And shen, you will run out if you miss twice
@oldanglish1452 Yıl önce
Hot take: Nocturne should be reworked into an energy champion. It’s never made sense to me why his mana pool is so low and it doesn’t same to fit. Obviously his kit would need to be adjusted, but it could open some neat opportunities to work in more skill expression with landing his q.
@lok4890 Yıl önce
no, thanks.
@oldanglish1452 Yıl önce
@@lok4890 y not? Op lane nocturne?
@guidomista3570 Yıl önce
I honestly think Kayn should've been an energy champion
QOTD: No Energie Champs please, the reason riot didn´t made more is because they are broken, all 5 energie champs are strong and picked like every 2nd game, if they add 5 more we will have only energie champs in every game for sure
@Grayard Yıl önce
Yone should be reworked to become an energy champ so he doesnt spam shit so often x) thanks for the video
@PxSkills Yıl önce
Sadly a rioter just said that they aren't going to make any other energy user champ, since apparently they are so difficult to balance :c
@ingamrvr Yıl önce
I'd rather see more energy champs than manaless champions, because manaless champions don't always even have long cooldowns...
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