ENDERMAN ATTACK - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

Black Plasma Studios
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Everyone has been kidnapped and corrupted by Endermen- even Alex! Follow Steve in his journey to rescue Alex and the village residents. At the Endermen's base of operations, threatened by Steve's attack, the EnderKing decides to take the fight to more favorable ground- the dimension that Endermen use to teleport between place to place known as The Gap.

Matthew Bliven



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20 May 2022




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Skyres Productions
Skyres Productions Aylar önce
Amazing animation , like always!
Yesmin Khan
Yesmin Khan 2 gün önce
at 6:00 its anikme fight time
José Garcia
José Garcia 5 gün önce
Why did i just now find this channel 🥲
Ерома Нұрома
I prefer the Dream SMP and CG5 if they join BPS server though🤣
Netherytka Aylar önce
Is Skyres you? I wasn't expecting you here
Yoda 16358
Yoda 16358 7 gün önce
I love the green-eyed enderman reference. Was it intentional? (For those unaware, Minecraft Endermen used to have green eyes, which is why Eyes of Ender are green. It was changed with the introduction of Nether portals, to create a similarity to the two evil things, nether portal and enderman. This is according to one of Mojang’s fact videos they did)
Lukas Not-my-last-name
Lukas Not-my-last-name 18 saatler önce
I think it was because it’s drop was an eye of ender
AshlFLIMS 2 gün önce
I knew that too
The Fluffy One
The Fluffy One 2 gün önce
They also had a black smoke effect instead of the purple particles I think.
Moonwalkers 5 gün önce
And the Minecraft book with the green eyed enderman
Star Master
Star Master Aylar önce
Something I always love about you guys is how you use the soundtracks in the right moments and the astonishing animation that you have mastered(especially in the bossfight segment).
Rand al'Thor
Rand al'Thor 22 gün önce
@MattSquared What is the soundtrack for the bossfight? I love it
MattSquared Aylar önce
I pick the soundtracks first, then animate to them!
Dániel Tölcsér
Dániel Tölcsér Aylar önce
As all other black plasma creations, this was a good one too, but honestly, i think that the sword fight and the more realistic movements are better than this magic, flying thing.
Nivaeli [EN Vtuber]
Nivaeli [EN Vtuber] 24 gün önce
So amazing! Best depiction of the End I've seen yet! Props to everyone who worked on this! :D
Lygen Core
Lygen Core Aylar önce
The trailer reminded me of Songs of War. THE best minecraft animation I’ve ever seen made by Black Plasma Studio. I’m really sad they decided to stop it because it didn’t reach the number of people they were expecting. I’m definitely going to watch it for the 4th time after having seen this one which promises to be as good.
Š.V. 12 saatler önce
@Steve Gamer yea i thing that make sense
kumaresan s
kumaresan s 16 saatler önce
@Bhavna Thakur 😎😎😎
Bhavna Thakur
Bhavna Thakur 16 saatler önce
Songs of war is the best they should really make a part 2
kumaresan s
kumaresan s 17 saatler önce
pixelator kcj
pixelator kcj Aylar önce
Gotta say this is one of the better animations from Black Plasma Studios if you ask me.
DimensionalDuck 25 gün önce
its amazing how you portray so much emotion and feeling in an animation with no words spoken!
Crafter M
Crafter M 16 gün önce
This is truly amazing and has outdone previous animations. The endermen abducting everyone in the background was cool and well made so no context was needed. The idea of the wndermen hypnotizing the players to do their bidding was so creative and original while not feeling like it was a wierd addition but a cool concept that deserves to be in the actual game. The animations are so smooth and pretty. But the freaking fight scenes! The fight with possesed Alex was well made thinking of the environment and the ender camp infiltration was so badass. The battle with green enderman in the end or void was undescribable. The blue arc of Steves diamond sword was perfect and the sfx were well put. Not too heavy but wnough to give off a badass feeling. One thing, wth happened to Steve and Alex's helmets? When the green enderman teleported them thw helmets just disappeared.
Judita Gattnarova
Judita Gattnarova 8 gün önce
i like the fact that green-eye endermen actually existed in early versions
Mont27P Aylar önce
A massive welcome back to Matt who put together this awesome animation for everyone. Glad to have you back, Matt
Student of Studios
Student of Studios Aylar önce
Porque las comunidades de Minecraft no podemos ser así
Resurrection with ZRx
Really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I love these videos. Would you consider making a video for my TRvid channel Resurrection with Zrx. You do an amazing job and I could never do anything extensive as this.
Jaden Sullivan
Jaden Sullivan Aylar önce
Matt Moment
HDR Upscales
HDR Upscales Aylar önce
a new animator? that's wholesome
goodjoker17 Aylar önce
I want join talk about behind the scenes in discord but i was one day late:(
Yasininn 76
Yasininn 76 29 gün önce
Tbh, this animation started out pretty rough on some details like how at 3:00 you can see Alex's running animation looking a little weird, and it ended up with a tad too much of anime style in that end fight, but the other parts were still gorgeous as always
Marcus Leung
Marcus Leung 12 gün önce
@GOJI_GUY_2 s t e v e f l I p
GOJI_GUY_2 16 gün önce
steve flip
Crowy GD
Crowy GD 23 gün önce
Ahora quieren agregar el multiverso al universo de black plasma studios xdd estaria epico!!!
DartLayt Aylar önce
Cool animation! Specially special effects and fights at the end. And I know how difficult it is to make this content, so I say - you are great, and thank you for these animations
Epeon 27 gün önce
Great stuff! I'm glad to see another animation. I do have one recommendation though, nothing major, just that in the End fight the sounds didn't seem to 'impact' as hard as they should? Idk felt a little underwhelming. Still a great fight tho.
Shem Aylar önce
Everyone is appreciating the animation, but no one is acknowledging the idea of a different type of enderman. It's honestly a good concept, using telekinesis to move and pick up blocks is an ability that could be very related in the end, especially being related to the eye of ender since the eyes float towards their target, the stronghold.
KeanTheKingYT Aylar önce
And The Boss Is The OG Endermen
Nicefang Aylar önce
@Coolwarfare yeah that’s what I thought
Nicefang Aylar önce
@peak freans maybe I’ll watch him cause I love a good minecraft animation series
Nicefang Aylar önce
@the one of the deep ocean yeah
the one of the deep ocean
endermen have so much lore that they have their own demension
Meow of Ender
Meow of Ender Aylar önce
Steve seemed very talented in that floating area. Almost as if he's been in low gravity or zero gravity places before...
GothicGolem29 18 gün önce
@Max mos ohhh ok cool
Max mos
Max mos 18 gün önce
@GothicGolem29 yes, in the end of Animation Life, we see them entering the world of Alex and Steve
kimberly Clayton
kimberly Clayton 21 gün önce
hmm i wonder why
GothicGolem29 27 gün önce
@hyder is that the same universe as this?
hyder 28 gün önce
He has in minecraft life animations
Sen Kichita
Sen Kichita Aylar önce
Hmm, pretty interesting that the green-eyed enderman dropped an eye of ender. Could it be that there's another race of endermen, and this particular enderman that died is the last of it's kind?
Fearless 10 gün önce
I really love these Alex and Steve series 🤩💯🙌 please keep making more because we the audience can't get enough of it, it's like when a new Alex and Steve episode comes out we always wonder what are they going to find on their crazy, amazing, awesome, slick 😎💯, exciting adventures to get together, keep up the great as well as stunning animation and movies etc Black Plasma Studios 🙏🙌💯🐐💪👍.
ルチ「Ruchi」 Aylar önce
I'm so glad I came back to this channel and see that alex and steve are back.
MattSquared Aylar önce
Glad to be back animating for Black Plasma! Enderman Attack was nothing short of a passion project for me, inspired by some of my favorite shows and movies. Looking forward to telling many more stories on the channel in the future :)
NightspeedTD 29 gün önce
Your animation skills are amazing! There’s just one thing, though. Can you make it so characters seem less “emotionless”?
Hmmmm. Aylar önce
Songs of war....
Sammy Yeager
Sammy Yeager Aylar önce
Arthur Verelst
Arthur Verelst Aylar önce
amazing animation man, especially that red - black - white frame of steve stabbing that green enderman was amazing, a surprise, but a welcome one!
1k challenge with 0 video
this man always Tries to do something and extra ordinary and make his audience feel excited for every next,love you
Ashaly 101
Ashaly 101 10 gün önce
I’m so happy I found this channel! Can’t wait too see more man!
Fluff Aylar önce
que bonitas animaciones❤
The Serpent
The Serpent Aylar önce
Seems like Steve has massively improved his skills since the events of animation life to the point where he's roughly on par with Alex.
The Serpent
The Serpent 23 gün önce
@Luiz Fernando Indeed.
Luiz Fernando
Luiz Fernando 23 gün önce
it's implied he is stronger than everyone by a large scale after the end of the full movie
The Serpent
The Serpent Aylar önce
@Sephticus Good analysis!
Sephticus Aylar önce
I think they were always somewhat on par with each other; they just have different fighting styles Alex is faster and more agile. She tends to space out her opponents with her better mobility and her trident's longer reach, evade enemy attacks, and close in only once there is an opening in their defence. Steve is stronger and tougher. He tends to fight close quarters with his opponents, block their attacks with his shield, and deliver power swings with his sword.
Yahng 1109
Yahng 1109 Aylar önce
I’d say he got even better then Alex!
ThunderFox2_0 Aylar önce
great job on this animation you guys always make master pieces. I have a question, are you guys planning on making a songs of war part 2?
Nonsense2 29 gün önce
After a year, i have forgoten that he makes the best minecraft animations, glad to be back playing minecraft
Agent_Spyder 29 gün önce
The Alex and Steve series is by far my favorite one and it keeps getting SO MUCH BETTEEERRRRR!
macaw gaming
macaw gaming 28 gün önce
keep up those great animations black plasma studio! your still doing great
Mini 303
Mini 303 Aylar önce
Let's appreciate that Steve finally changed his STONE Sword into a DIAMOND Sword .
Mont27P Aylar önce
@MattSquared haha I am going to have to be real with you, but that’s not close to true. Minus Thomas with Ocean Monument and Fox Thief, there hasn’t been really any other Alex focused anim, plus maybe village raid. Mostly including the upcoming ones as well. Mineshaft and Redstone Christmas were equally split, but everything else from me including Dragon Egg has been heavy on the Steve side, lol
Mini 303
Mini 303 Aylar önce
@Gamer's Theaterlol yeah, he used the stone sword to fought against herobrine in animation life, but it's time for an upgrade.
Nithral Aylar önce
@MattSquared fake news
MattSquared Aylar önce
Steve deserved a moment in the spotlight in these animations, lets be real here the other directors favor alex too much
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Aylar önce
His stone sword was a relic of when he fought Herobrine. That sword holds his powers
Karol Engel
Karol Engel 22 gün önce
ITS BACK YES! I also love the detail and the sound it is so cool. this is what i would be like if Minecraft was real. also, if you watch the old animations, they did not have much detail no offense.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Aylar önce
Cool animation! Specially special effects and fights at the end. And I know how difficult it is to make this content, so I say - you are great, and thank you for these animations
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 2 gün önce
They should definitely make the ender plague a thing, and make it so that every mob you see has purple particles around them and everything is foggy
SHRAM 23 gün önce
its good to have this animation back
SithRitter Aylar önce
A stunning animation. Just what I hoped it would be. I was not dispointed by it. And I´m so happy to see another "Alex and Steve Life" animation again. Good job guys, you´ve done it again
MattSquared Aylar önce
I'm glad you enjoyed it!!
MattSquared Aylar önce
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Hyperfox Aylar önce
This TRvid channel is a pro at making anything intense, and heroic. Awesome vid guys! ❤️
Poké champ
Poké champ Aylar önce
I! ❤️! This SERIES!!! You guys rock!!!
Brahma_mama Aylar önce
Just have to say this animation is AMAZING! I’m sure that this will join my top 5 soon but currently it’s definitely in the top 7! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
IgnitedHybrid Aylar önce
This was cool. Alex ambushing Steve from the forest canopy was easily my favorite part. Alex should consider using Channeling. It's a great enchantment.
Fatihah Rahmah
Fatihah Rahmah Aylar önce
A thing that i like about black plasma: the animation is amazing,the quality of the video is just like an rtx and the animation is an story animation 👍👍👌👌
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Aylar önce
Plus, Steve and Alex share a better marriage than my parents
Dinohunter 2361
Dinohunter 2361 Aylar önce
@mdlskao true
mdlskao Aylar önce
no, its better than rtx lmao !😁
Dinohunter 2361
Dinohunter 2361 Aylar önce
Packos Aylar önce
Nothing strange, just Steve being herobrine for 2 minutes. 😂😂😂 Very good animation nice job for all the animation you have made. You are one of the top 5 minecraft channels. In my opinion
~ῨØňąą~ Aylar önce
this reminds me of the raid episode, i don't remember the name so much but it reminds me of the pillagers forcing the villagers to do things for them
ThiTho Bustamante
ThiTho Bustamante Aylar önce
Thanks for bringing us another video of steve's series, they are the best the best video, please keep making more videos like this
Magnetik 28 gün önce
When the Enderman transferred them to his dimension, they should have become more defenseless, but they somehow quickly got used to gravity and high jump speed
HarishMan Aylar önce
I’m happy Alex and Steve life is back as it was a really good animation series, now they’re taking it to the next level. Great work as always Black Plasma.
Artemis Penguin
Artemis Penguin Aylar önce
You guys never cease to just amaze me!
Maya's galaxy world
Maya's galaxy world 17 gün önce
Black plasma studios when are we gonna get the next animation video cause I can't wait for the next one your animations are so nicely made!!
Francisco NC
Francisco NC Aylar önce
I loved the animations they are great, please make more videos of Alex and Steve
decraft45 Aylar önce
Están súper cool sus animaciones wow los felicito 🙃
Critters Pictures
Critters Pictures Aylar önce
Amazing and unique animation! Love the design choices in the effects and character movement, most impressive! Eager to see where this leads next and welcome back Matt!
Critters Pictures
Critters Pictures Aylar önce
It certainly turned out very nicely! A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one :)
MattSquared Aylar önce
Thanks for the comment! I was experimenting with a very stylized kind of character movement, very anime inspired. I didn't know how well it would translate to 3D, but I suppose if you enjoyed it, it was passable! Thanks for the welcome back, looking forward to a bright future with BPS :)
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Aylar önce
return of the king
ninjaxpvp Aylar önce
This animation was really good and I can't wait when they make a animation with the warden
HIHOSILVER 5 gün önce
I love how the normal motives of Endermen are "You looked at me funny, I hate you now"
kimberly Clayton
kimberly Clayton 21 gün önce
dude i love your animations so much there so cool and i love how steve and alex never back down from a fight
Li8m Aylar önce
Can we all agree this is the coolest minecraft animation we have ever seen.
Azulex13 Aylar önce
Cómo extrañaba estás animaciones ❤️
Aariz Awan
Aariz Awan Aylar önce
MattSquared Aylar önce
!Encantada de estar de vuelta!
Karla Bautista
Karla Bautista Aylar önce
Yo también ya las extrañaba
Daniela Valdivia
Daniela Valdivia Aylar önce
iceskimo Aylar önce
Elliot's Gaming Adventures
i love the animations you make black plasma keep it up with your amazing content
Numberlander Channel
This episode has the break in (story) sequel, but instead of the good ending we got the evil ending
Does this mean that there will be an ender dragon fight in Steve and Alex life?
Blender Knight Studios
One of the best masterpieces I have watched! Keep it up
David_08 Aylar önce
I love Alex and Steve Life. It reminds me to the big Alex and Steve movie❤
alexander grandos
Me facinan estas animaciones ❤️
Dragomirl 12 gün önce
I love how steve just mercilessly kick alex in the face
bee pro
bee pro Gün önce
your animations just get better! 😃
Rand al'Thor
Rand al'Thor 22 gün önce
I LOVE the music for the battle, does anyone know what it is?
The Diamond Emperor
Matt, this is absolutely amazing! I remember watching the Avalon animation you made a few years back. Great to see you back animating! Great work matey. This is probably one of my favourite animations so far. The amount of effort that must have gone into this.
The Diamond Emperor
Yeah, its been quite a while. I was amazed when i saw the animation This has to be one of my most favourite animations BPS has produced so far! There's some amazing story aspects of the animation that have still got me wondering lol. Its great to have you back as an animator!
MattSquared Aylar önce
Wow, you've been around for a long time to remember that haha! I'm glad you liked it, I pride myself on trying to become a better director and storyteller every time I create a new piece of work, and I'm glad you think so highly of this one :)
David N'dri
David N'dri Aylar önce
Well done, I loved this episode
Ali Chowdhury
Ali Chowdhury 17 gün önce
This is the most intense minecraft scene ever Love it!
Boaz Burger
Boaz Burger 26 gün önce
i hope we get a minecraft like this when we have machines like in "ready player one"
28. Bạch Thị Minh Tâm
When he realizes that Alex is infected by the enemy, steve is very calm about the situation. This is a bit strange but if anyone has watched the 3 parts of Minecraft Animation life, they will understand
Eli Paden
Eli Paden Aylar önce
I love seeing how far they have come. It’s the little things like facial expressions and the quality of shaders that just brings these to life I know saying this won’t matter much but please bring back songs of war. I’m not sure but I bet it’s one of your most viewed vids and I think I would pay for a sequel.
TheEnder_ Entity
TheEnder_ Entity Aylar önce
I feel you entirely here. I've watched Songs of War at least 5 times since the full movie was released, and it never fails to disappoint. Seeing this, I've noticed that there are so many little details that have gotten even better, and it's impressive. (Btw, please bring back SoW)
cachorrina 29 gün önce
Me gustaria mas momentos como 3:16 no creen ❤❤
Sanjeeta 18 gün önce
Orst Rama
Orst Rama Aylar önce
Amazing animation, as always black plasma studio
Wolf Fang
Wolf Fang Aylar önce
One of your best animations yet!
Zenith 5 gün önce
3:06 steve calculated the entire world to hit the enderman.
J15Minus Aylar önce
Black plasma studio is one of the best Minecraft animating channel ever, thanks for the videos. (also I said one of the best because (don't be offended) there were other youtubers that make quality Minecraft animations like Alan Becker)
DC INC CO Aylar önce
Agreed. This is like Alan Becker but 3D with shaders and great animation.
Reyho Aylar önce
I can now only watch black plasma studios and alan becker as they are the best of the best
Dinohunter 2361
Dinohunter 2361 Aylar önce
wait whut
wait whut Aylar önce
@itsmeguesty_1 imagine a Roblox kiddo making a conclusion
sean Aylar önce
Not one of the best... THE BEST mc animator
ひろちゃん Aylar önce
MittelEgo Aylar önce
The animations are getting better and better!
Cool_Sword20 Aylar önce
Great to see the duo back!
TwistedAkitoHD 18 gün önce
Man it must've took lots of time to master your animating skills using blender
Foxtrottheweird Aylar önce
This animation is on a whole new level! You can really see how you improve at the animation movements when you look back at songs of war! Watched the whole series again because of the trailer, Keep up the good work!
MattSquared Aylar önce
I actually didn't work on songs of war at all, my last animation was Tiny Derp. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! Songs of War was really high quality and to be compared to that is an honor!
BavariaZombie Aylar önce
Echo Zed
Echo Zed 19 gün önce
Half of me is freaking out at how well animated this is and the other half is stuck on "ha ha minecraft animation"
Fearless 10 gün önce
Could you guys please make a sequel to village raid when Alex and Steve were given a woodland mansion map to out as well as find it, we are really curious and wondering how it would play out, what did they find on their way there etc.
Jaimin Detroja
Jaimin Detroja Gün önce
6:54 this scene like movie " Bahubali" 😂
Abigail Rickens
Abigail Rickens Aylar önce
Best one yet! The part I loved the most is the unknown endermen dimensions and how Steve got the enderman's speed too, great story! Really well animated and can't wait for the next one!
MattSquared Aylar önce
MS Austin
MS Austin 9 gün önce
Bruh, this has to be one of their top 5 best vids. The beautiful choreography and animation 🤌
Eravern Aylar önce
steve: does not want to hurt alex also steve: dropkicks her in the face
epicmionion101 28 gün önce
You know I would love to see the sword steve got from herobrine its such a iconic weapon for steve in these animatiom life things
Rashmi Kashyap
Rashmi Kashyap 18 gün önce
Amazing animation, it is mind blowing, I like the fighting scene so much
𝓩𝓪𝓃𝑒 Aylar önce
When Black Plasma Studios and Rainimator upload new animation at the same time. You already knew this is gonna be great day.
LivedCloth2010 Aylar önce
Hold up he uploaded?Gotta check him out bye
MattSquared Aylar önce
I hope we didn't dissapoint!
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Aylar önce
both are end themed
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Aylar önce
And EnchantedMob went back to making music videos
Xander Musa
Xander Musa Aylar önce
@danrey ramos Rain just uploaded today
BlaQ Ice
BlaQ Ice Aylar önce
Gotta watch out for those chest monsters. Loved the video guys, you always do amazing! Stay frosty!
sashaironfist Aylar önce
your animations are soo cool i love them
Ravən 19 gün önce
Mojang should hire Black Plasma Studios, so creative.
Experus_ 7 gün önce
the sad thing is is that the way Steve slices the enderman, the cut looks like ghostboos/raboos when he dies in dsmp. Great animation, im so happy that your posting again!
GiAnMaC10 17 gün önce
"Oh look he ain't wearing aarmor, that's why he died quickly" My brain: AHH PLEASE WEAR ARMOR!
Mrprok95 playz
Mrprok95 playz Aylar önce
this is a masterpiece, its like Minecraft got an anime
ὄντος 26 gün önce
This is what Mojang wishes they could have done with the end
Edus Turkmendag
Edus Turkmendag Aylar önce
Bence bu ekibin bu kadar iyi işler çıkarıp , aynı zaman da da minecraftın hikayesine bağlı kalması müthiş ve burdan black plazma studio ya sesleniyorum lütfen yeni video attın .!!! 🥺
Michael Oates
Michael Oates Aylar önce
Can everyone just take a moment to appreciate what Black Plasma Studios has done for us and how hard him and his crew work to make these animations!
Саматов Токтар
Саматов Токтар
HeroNick Aylar önce
Nice one!
I FAILED My Japanese Health Exam.
GIANT DERP (Minecraft Animation)
görünümler 52 000 000
AGENT DERP (Minecraft Animation)
görünümler 22 000 000