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Emmy Award-winning actress Anne Heche is in critical condition after a car she was driving crashed into a Los Angeles home, sparking two fires, while investigators try to figure out what happened.
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9 Ağu 2022




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@nursekathy4480 Yıl önce
That poor resident of the house. She lost everything.
@Nurse Kathy The good thing is her gofundme is currently over $131,000. There's even a pic of her two cute puppies there.
@Robin-mj6jv Yıl önce
Plus she has insurance. This is just an inconvenience.
I consider the occupant lucky. Material things mean nothing.
@Foodledoodle1 Yıl önce
That’s woman’s home & possessions can be replaced. Anne’s life is not…🙄
@Robin-mj6jv Yıl önce
@@Foodledoodle1 the comment was about the resident of the home.
@bonnie3937 Yıl önce
Thank God for the neighbor that bravely helped the woman and her pets in the house as well as Anne. He did the best anyone could do. God bless him and I pray for healing for all involved.
Hundreds of children were murdered and raped while you had your God focused on this.
@nancysloan3731 Yıl önce
The beautiful Anne Heche in critical condition is so tragic. The tenant whose home was destroyed my heart goes out to her also. The mental trauma this woman is going through is unimaginable.
@pafena Yıl önce
Why is the tenant an afterthought? She is blameless in this situation.
@apatizinguense Yıl önce
DUI suspect and home wrecker Anne!
@googlephoto1067 Yıl önce
Who cares if she's a Hollywood star. What stupidity
@pippadawg7037 Yıl önce
@@apatizinguense She was knocked off.
Let us not forget the tenant whose house was on fire and was left with no belongings. I hope everyone is all gonna be ok soon.
@briancannon3987 Yıl önce
one word....insurance. im sure anne has incredible insurance thatll cover it
That's why we pay high insurance premiums
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
A LIFE (& a very Talented & Sweet one, at that, in Anne Heche!) is worth FAR MORE than any property anywhere!!..And how can anyone "charge" her?.. She may be lucky to survive. Truly wishing Anne all the Best!!- ❤🙏
@trublkbelle Yıl önce
@@briancannon3987 smh insurance can't replace all your life's memories. So rude to minimize her loss and trauma. Sad for Anne but she caused the accident so that's in her
@hshsgdggge Yıl önce
@@trublkbelle Exactly. Imagine just minding your business and someone likely driving under the influence just destroys your house and life in seconds. It's not like the victim had a fender bender, her life was turned upside down. The celebrity's insurance better cover it, but that's not enough. Nothing will ever be enough for the poor woman who did nothing wrong.
@Beaux4Life Yıl önce
Let's avoid condemning or blaming her, calling her names, judging what we don't know, etc. Try to be kind - doesn't cost anything. Pray for her, if you do that. Send positive energy if you can.
@jimmcdevitt6084 Yıl önce
You mean the homeowner…..right?
@cinderelly2592 Yıl önce
Good for you I’m glad someone said this. People are quick to condemn others and not work on their own stuff. Her life is not anyone else’s, nobody knows what others live through. Bless you🥰
@susy2265 Yıl önce
Yes- kindness and compassion for someone who is in some ways a broken soul, but who fought hard to keep herself afloat in the rocky waters that was her life.
@emlee5905 Yıl önce
If she was dui then these are the consequences .She could have killed someone.Stop condoning drunk drivers
@escpat Yıl önce
I can smell lawsuit coming. Can you imagine how that homeowner feels after losing everything in the fire. It’s like your old life as you knew it is gone. While it’s too early to tell what the exactly cause of the accident is, you can’t help but be mad if I were the house owner.
RIP. It’s heartbreaking. All of her work reduced to this moment. They should given her a tribute playing all the movies she was in. Praying for her family. We all have things we deal with.
I was sitting at a stop light. Coming at me was a van that was veering left and right as I sat directly in its path. I had nowhere to go at a red light cars all around. But suddenly the vehicle went from directly towards me to the other side of the road. Lunch hour too. When my light turned green, EVERYONE went j about their way not even stopping. Even though I was almost killed , I looked for the van. It ran into a house. The driver, a man barely able to moan in response to my “are you alright?” Then a neighbor yells out her front door that firemen are coming and I need to get away from the van. The man had a medical emergency and died at the hospital. I was so sad for this man and his family. You never know what you don’t know Let’s let the investigators do their job and we pray for Anne and the poor woman who lost all her things. God bless both these woman 🙏💕
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
Yes, an incident like this just happened off my street this summer!. It happens all the time!.. In that case, he had a heart issue/med conflicts, yet 3 other innocent people actually died, plus severe property damage... But, no one ever attacked him!!-??... At any rate, People always should come before property, of course!!-
Glad to hear the home owner, Lynne Mishele's gofundme is currently over $131,000. There's even a pic of her two cute puppies. And I really pray for Anne Heche to recovery physically and most of all mentally. She has struggled with so much mental illness her whole life, and she seems like such an adorable person, but she's plagued with so much mental pain. She gets erratic and out of control and she needs help.
I agree. I contributed what I could. This whole situation is devastating. I am glad Lynne Mishele and all of her pets are safe. 💕🙏🐕🐕🐢
@colenexoxo8939 Yıl önce
AH Needs Spiritual Help.
@colenexoxo8939 Yıl önce
@@jennifermartinez2834 Me Too🙏
@lapacesiaconvoi Yıl önce
the woman inside the home i think was renting occupancy.
@Robsav-yx6vi Yıl önce
You are a kind person. Thank goodness for humans like you ! Best wishes
@cinderelly2592 Yıl önce
Poor woman. We all have our demons, some of us are fortunate to be able to let go. But it’s a constant battle. Bless her.
@davidmarks8318 Yıl önce
Are you serious?
@taxicamel Yıl önce
Why would you "bless her"? Bless her the choice she made?? As of 12AUG22, she has been declared legally dead. Also, narcotics were found in her system. End of story. Not sure why it is expected to feel remorse or pass on condolences to anyone who does drugs. She could easily have killed people on her way to this driving error ....which was no "accident". It is fortunate that it was only her that was killed. .
She was incredible in the lifetime movie
@oldyellersghost Yıl önce
Probably vaxed. 🐾
@luznegron4226 Yıl önce
Your awezome...I've read so much negative B.S . Yes it was her fault...but by the Grace of God everyone else wasn't killed...and material things can be replaced, more then enough cash has been donated for the lady in the house..amèn.. I feel for her she says she lost alot of memories that can't be replaced...I say, be grateful to be alive make more memories...and keep the ones that burned alive in her heart... Humanity 🤔😔
I understand she was going through deep depression I pray for her. She hasn’t had an easy life Be Well 🙏🙏🙏
I can't imagine anything worse than burns, whatever the cause, I feel compassion for her pain.
@media696 Yıl önce
Burns are definitely the worst That and breaking a few ribs
@kimkrebs451 Yıl önce
Burns have a pain that can never be described.
@AA-ke5cu Yıl önce
Remember the wife who snuck in while her husband was sleeping and cut his penis off with a kitchen knife? Then picked it up and threw it outside? While he was running? That must of hurt pretty bad?
@jeanmckenzie29 Yıl önce
Don't do drugs and drink and drive !
@taxicamel Yıl önce
As of 12AUG22, she has been declared legally dead. Also, narcotics were found in her system. End of story. Not sure why it is expected to feel remorse or pass on condolences to anyone who does drugs. She could easily have killed people on her way to this driving error ....which was no "accident". It is fortunate that it was only her that was killed. .
@glam0r0us Yıl önce
Dear sweet Homer. Keep next to your mother. She needs you and your siblings. Our heart is with you and your loved ones. Keep strong. 💙
I was reading about her children & I believe the youngest is like 9yrs old. I lost my Daddy when I was 9 & you don't ever fill that hole in your heart. Praying for her kids & the rest of her family, friends & fans 🙏 ❤
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
@@michelleallred8521 Yeah, it's just devastating. From all indications, she was an Awesome mother to them!!- RIP Forever!!-
@annehoffman7089 Yıl önce
I appreciate this respectful report about her, especially that it didn’t show her coming off the stretcher before going into the ambulance. It takes a quality news station to do that.
@lillyflower2994 Yıl önce
Quality news 🙄😂😂😂
@pafena Yıl önce
She doesn't deserve respect.
@AA-ke5cu Yıl önce
Why cover up the fact she jumped up like a jack in the box. That's not accurate news.
@pafena Yıl önce
@@AA-ke5cu Exactly, it's what happened but ppl choose who they wanna sympathize with or what makes quality news, it's ridiculous.
@@AA-ke5cu I’m confused. Was she on the stretcher as pronounced dead and then suddenly sprung up? Why was she covered?
@stephaniefox896 Yıl önce
I hope she will be ok. If she was drunk then I’m glad no one was killed and that she gets help
@susansmith493 Yıl önce
Help and accountability.
@velvetbees Yıl önce
When she ran into the garage door in that apartment building, I think she might have been turning her car around. Then this big guy came over and ordered her out of her car. He was scary. I think he scared her and she took off hoping he wouldn't follow her.
@Foodledoodle1 Yıl önce
@@susansmith493 Alive, help THEN some accountability. My god people, homes can be replaced. HER life is on the line & can’t be replaced
@susansmith493 Yıl önce
@@Foodledoodle1 Yes. I said help and accountability. Hysteria causes critical thinking skills to diminish.
@bigbengamer Yıl önce
@@velvetbees When you're under the influence of a voluntarily consumed substance that heavily impairs your judgement, your state of mind is no longer a valid defense. So for me, it doesn't matter why she kept going. She kept going. Everyone could cry woe is her because of her history, but there are countless people in this world who've lived worse lives than her, and didn't have fame and fortune to balance it out in the end(as many have). Yet if any of us would do this, would anyone come to our aid? Nope. This comment section would be filled with posts up to and including to the effect of "lock em up and 'trow away the key". Do I want that for her? No. I fully acknowledge that she is dealing with her demons, and not everyone finds their devil's bane. But there has to be a point where compassion has to end and justice needs to step in. Maybe her doing time will do some great healing for her.
It's really a miracle no one was killed! Speeding kills! Prayers for everyone , 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💙💜❣
@JMD621 Yıl önce
Ann won’t live.
Don't drink and drive. This is tragic.
@juliagulia5823 Yıl önce
Addiction has got to be one of the worst things. Destruction from the inside. Thankful the family wasn't harmed.
@wonderwoman5528 Yıl önce
She is in my thoughts. I hope she can recover from this and have a good life
@cocoaorange1 Yıl önce
According to reports, she is in grave condition, and not expected to survive.
@wonderwoman5528 Yıl önce
@@cocoaorange1 in that case, I hope she is finally at peace and I am sending my love to her two sons
i think its way more heartbreaking that the homeowner lost all of her possessions in the fire because of what Anne did. it's pathetic how people like you only care for the rich and famous, even when they're doing something that is illegal. yall need to pray for them and not for her
@wonderwoman5528 Yıl önce
@@iknowexactlywhoyouare8701 I have sympathy for anyone suffering from mental illness and addiction, whether they be poor or rich. Items can be replaced, a person cannot. Family photos can also be stored on the cloud. She will recover, but Anne’s sons won’t.
@judithgrace9850 Yıl önce
@kathyrama4570 Yıl önce
So sad. Especially for her son, to see his mom burned and in a coma.
I hope the best for the lady who lost her home and her dogs. Hope they are safe and well.
@redsloane9905 Yıl önce
The 2 dogs, the turtle, and the resident were all safely saved. (Which you may already know by now)
@donnawarner1907 Yıl önce
She is a great actress, loved her in everything I ever saw her in, praying for her and her family
She truly is
@davidmarks8318 Yıl önce
Shes a drunk. Clown
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
@@FreedomofSpeech865 She is SO Genuinely Talented (& sweet, too)!!-
@karyherndon4266 Yıl önce
This is heartbreaking and difficult to hear. I am so sorry that, this is the way things are now. Praying for her healing this evening. Thank you for this update. 🙏💙May she recover!
@nativedoll3557 Yıl önce
Even though she’s been a drunk and junkie and had no regard for others really you may want to rethink that statement
@jsetennis9224 Yıl önce
I'm heart broken, she wasn't herself when this happened, I'm praying that she can heal from this.
@Gfysimpletons Yıl önce
@@jsetennis9224 ? She was exactly herself……freak! A drunken druggie
I'm sure your magical wishes to a make believe iron age sky God will make all the difference.
@@nativedoll3557 None of what you say has been proven yet. There is not a toxicology report yet.
She seems to have had this drinking problem for year’s. Glad everyone is okay but she needs to be held accountable plus get help!!!
@drumtwo4seven Yıl önce
@jeannec9112 Yıl önce
The shop owner she had visited 10 minutes before to purchase a wig said she didn't seem impaired at all so so I guess time will tell could have been something wrong with her car her accelerator could have stuck anything could have happened let's wait for the final outcome before we point fingers
@briancannon3987 Yıl önce
its deeper than that. shes nuts
@taylorfrye8778 Yıl önce
@@jeannec9112 tmz captured images of alcohol in her car minutes before the wreck in the cup holder
@@briancannon3987 Not nicely put but all if her issues are MI related
RIP ANNE HECHE. Sending prayers to her family. So sorry for your loss 💔🙏
@Karaunicorn Yıl önce
Praying for her recovery both physically and mentally. 😢Praying also for the woman who lost her home and all her possessions. 🙏🏻
@drumtwo4seven Yıl önce
@rrjohn5 Yıl önce
Why not do a piece on the homeowner who narrowly escaped death and lost everything she owns. Her story is the tragic one.
@Pharmaspy Yıl önce
She was a tenant from what I understand. Homeowner lost the home, renter lost all her belongings
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
Yes, I know someone who lost everything & their pets in Hurricane Katrina. The bystander should be glad to be safe & sound!!- It was a terrible accident, but not intentional harm!!-
@breal7277 Yıl önce
Given, all she's been through in her life, she did well for herself career wise. Too bad she couldn't fight all her demons and turned to drugs and alcohol. Sometimes life is not fair.
she sounds like a very very broken person. Best wishes and thoughts of healing inside and out to her!
i think its way more heartbreaking that the homeowner lost all of her possessions in the fire because of what Anne did. it's pathetic how people like you only care for the rich and famous, even when they're doing something that is illegal
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
@@iknowexactlywhoyouare8701 Sorry you guys are so jealous of Anne Heche!!...I think it's clearly most tragic for her & she was a special person. People always should come before property!!..
@pippadawg7037 Yıl önce
She was not broken. She was murdered.
@pippadawg7037 Yıl önce
@@dpw181 Try not to choke on the mainstream media BS you are being sold. She was murdered.
@pippadawg7037 Yıl önce
@@iknowexactlywhoyouare8701 Chilling name. It wouldn't surprise me at all if you do know. Did you push her back down into her body bag as she tried to claw her way out? Of course not, you are too low level for that.
Reporters PLEASE Stop saying "she is in a coma and has not gained consciousness". She was put into a medically induced coma. She for sure was put on ECMO for her badly damaged lungs. She more then likely will loose a portion of her legs< (Feet). She was reported to have no shoes on and was in the burning car for around an hour. Pray for her and her family please.
I hope the owner of the home truly is ok and I pray for her.
This is so sad.
I pray with all my heart Ann Heche will be fine. I pray for her son I know he is worried about his Mother. A fan of Ann Patricia ❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹😇😇😇
@biatch1966 Yıl önce
Loved Anne since Another World days… she was great on Ally McBeal… I hope she survives & gets the help she needs. I’m glad to see a go fund me for the poor woman who lost everything. It’s a sad situation for all involved. ❤️❤️🙏🙏
@Number8Swan Yıl önce
Very sad how much her life has changed within 15-20 mins. She may never be able to work in the profession she loves. Or even live the life she loves. God bless!
I can't believe she died!!! I admired her as a person and loved her as an actress! My heart goes out to her family.
My heart goes out to the chef who sautéed her liver perfectly. Great with scallions.
She has passed away. Prayers for her 2 sons. 🙏 No matter what the circumstances, they have lost their Mother. 🙏🙏
@treeleigh634 Yıl önce
I feel sorry for the house owner
Yes !
@Thea-gj2or Yıl önce
What about the person almost run over in the alley before the house crash? That car was a weapon.
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
ha! There was about 7 feet of safety space. I'm far more concerned about Anne Heche!!!- 💗 She needs the concern!!-
@TheVlandsberger Yıl önce
Almost is not DID. Almost? I saw the video, too. It wasn't "almost" except in the news and for the sake of creating scandal and more drama.
@Thea-gj2or Yıl önce
Toodeloo. She probably did not intend to hurt anyone or herself but the look of shock on that pedestrians face....
I think she's already suffering the consequences of her actions, and will continue to do so if she lives. Miraculously the other 2 women in harm's way will be ok (the pedestrian and the lady in her house). What a horrific event.
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
To be honest, I live in a city & we have cars go by like that on a daily basis-?? I so hope Anne can come back stronger!! She's amazing!!- ❤
@@toodleloo2253 I just read a few moments ago that she's being kept alive artificially until they can determine if any organs can be donated. She's been declared brain dead due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Had she survived, it seems her life would have been horrific. I hope her spirit has found peace.
Not nice to live badly burned better dead,
@purplesky4763 Yıl önce
I hope she recovers a 100% mentally and physically
@vickeys6927 Yıl önce
20 minutes before the accident she was at a salon talking to the owner who says she was very coherent and he saw no signs of her being drunk or on drugs. The Ring camera show her car flying down the road squealing. Sounded like she had the brakes on hard, however the car was not slowing down. Those cars have had problems with the throttle sticking and even accelerating on their own. Was this the case here? We don't know BUT we don't know that she was intoxicated either! Best to reserve judgment till all the facts are in. No matter what, it is a sad, sad incident and I pray for all those affected to have the very best possible outcome.
@brookejones6777 Yıl önce
the throttle on my mom's car got stuck. It was so scary. The car kept giving itself gas
@vickeys6927 Yıl önce
Glad she is OK! Now that they have declared Anne brain dead, I hope the people saying she needs to be held accountable crawl back into their holes. Saying things like that with no facts shows no compassion and they deserve none when they mess up.
@jancillee6945 Yıl önce
This country is fucked
@redsloane9905 Yıl önce
Agree. Tks for your voice of reason!
@iriskessler1535 Yıl önce
Yes she had drugs in her system. It's a very sad situation. Prayers for her sons and the family
@TheJess4484 Yıl önce
I pray she gets through this x
Wow. She had some serious issues. It finally caught up with her. Glad she didn’t hurt anyone else.
@wintrykiss Yıl önce
i pray she will pull through
Hope Heche will be alright ❤💔❤, getting burned is soooooo awfully painful. It'll be a challenge, sadly. Glad the person in the house was ok....sad she lost everything 💔....fortunately tho, material things are replaceable. HUGS2U ❤
@Melissa46909 Yıl önce
So…..Sorry For Everything She’s Been Through! I Can Relate To Her Pain!🙏❤️
@lilmissredbonee Yıl önce
How did she die when she was alive on the stretcher going into the ambulance? How did she go back unconscious? I’m just curious
@Oilofmercy Yıl önce
Imagine being at home having breakfast and a car drives through your wall. Omgs. Prayers for All victims 😪
@atonement7232 Yıl önce
I hope she is going to be okay. I know she’s not now by t I really pray that she pulls through, and then she can start the recovery process. Burns are the worst, I hope her body can hold on and let her get through through this 🙏💖🙏
Be more concerned about her victims. Stop kissing z-list celebrity butt.
@AFMKI_ Yıl önce
Tragically she’s not expected to survive and has already been declared brain dead her relatives are waiting to find out if her organs are viable to donate as was her wish, May she RIP
@yayaf28 Yıl önce
Yeah hope she lives so she can buy that person a new house and fill it with everything she needs, then she can go spend sometime in jail after she heals.
@jaredkyle5987 Yıl önce
We never know what’s going on deep inside someone until we walk a mile in their shoes…. Sounds like she had a dark childhood… we pray for you Anne… please get better in every way.❤
@chavale2 Yıl önce
DRUG killed her Mind and Emotions now killed her physically DEAD on ARRIVAL at HOSPITAL
Miss Anne, you can rest now in peace and healing. God Bless you!
@andersonomo597 Yıl önce
In seconds her life has taken such a catastrophic turn. Sadder still is the effect this will have on her 2 sons and other loved ones. Still, she was behind the wheel. She is the instigator of all this. So very very sad.
@mandoist Yıl önce
In reality, her "issues" have been ongoing for years. Apparently, as a few of my friends have sadly proven, she may have been beyond help.
Insurance will cover the house damage, the renter has been compensated 131k so far for her contents, If found to be DUI, it will be a 1st time charge, no felony a misdemeanor, speeding, almost hit someone is driving wreckless, no one else injured, property damage on garage door. She'll slip by on severe charges.
Poor impulsive choices can change your life! Think before acting! Ask yourself, "How will this effect me in 24 hours?" If the results could cause destruction, disaster, injury, jail, death, regret....don't do it. Tomorrow is another day, another time. ANOTHER CHANCE!
@sherirex7177 Yıl önce
Don't assume that she was drinking. They are investigating. She could have had a heart attack or stroke or any other kind of medical incident.
@andersonomo597 Yıl önce
@@sherirex7177 News reports are saying that evidently she had cocaine and fentanyl in her system.........
@DodongoManoof Yıl önce
very sad
@GG-PAT Yıl önce
Prayers going out to all involved 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
@rosebudame Yıl önce
Sad. I wish everyone well.
R.I.P. Anne Flying high with the Angels you’re free now!
@hagar1981 Yıl önce
Wow she's one of the best actress I know, wow I hope she gets well soon
@bobgordon236 Yıl önce
I agree. One of my favs along with Dorothy Kilgalen, Betty Boop, and Tanya Freeber
Praying 🙏 🙏 for her recovery.
@TaharkahX Yıl önce
It's a miracle that no one was killed.
I 2nd that emotion.
People don’t understand the long term effects of childhood trauma. My heart truly goes out to all involved. I hope Anne pulls through physically and mentally and that the homeowner and tenant are well compensated through Anne’s insurance and/or estate.
@1962pjh Yıl önce
But she was so crazy and all her "traumas" were probably made up.
@@1962pjh I don’t believe that. She was troubled for sure, abuse can contribute greatly to this
@cynthg9547 Yıl önce
I do I was sexually abused then was in a car accident cause a 80 year old man ran the stop sign became a parplegic for rest of my life I have PTSD and major depression I don't do drugs it's not ok to do drugs she's a mother doing cocaine and driving she did not care about nobody else
@@cynthg9547 I am so sorry for all the trauma you’ve been through hope you are getting help with the PTSD and depression.
@KAMB_n_Jinx Yıl önce
We never know what demons eat at others. I’m sad for her and her family. But, traveling at that rate of speed thru a neighborhood is reckless and irresponsible.
@oldyellersghost Yıl önce
Not if you’ve been vaxed. 🐾
@nolagirl2458 Yıl önce
She tested positive for cocaine
@pippadawg7037 Yıl önce
@@nolagirl2458 Of course she did. She was set up. She certainly didn't look so burned in the live footage of her trying to claw her way out of that body bag.
@@pippadawg7037 She DIDN'T look burned....some people are saying her back was all burned up...If you look kind of closely you can see she is still wearing that little pink tank-top she had on earlier that day!!! NOT all burned up or melted.🤨✌️
@pippadawg7037 Yıl önce
@@scottshepard3662 I agree. I noticed the little top too. She looked perfect. I have seen her from several angles from different news stations. The woman wasn't burned and who would shove a burned woman around so roughly? EMT usually stop and get help to gently guide the person back to laying down. You don't shove anyone like that unless it is a kidnapping. The "firefighters" on the scene walked like Feds with their heads on a swivel looking for loose ends and possible witnesses to suppress. She was obviously murdered.
@b4peace1 Yıl önce
I’m sorry for the lady who lived in the house and her losses!
@deeguerrier3791 Yıl önce
That is so sad... My heart goes out to her family🙏🏽
I feel sorry for her I know what it’s like to go through trauma like she did I hope she gets the help she needs I hope she makes a full recovery
@verajones9158 Yıl önce
HIS name is JESUS!!!!
@@verajones9158 ver(a) funny but not what I meant lol
@jimmcdevitt6084 Yıl önce
Prayers go out to the homeowner, hope she’ll be alright getting back her life after this tragic event.
She be a millionaire because of this and it'll have nothing to do with your pointless magical wishes to your make believe iron age sky God.
@talib8926 Yıl önce
I'm 🙏 for Anne
@mandoist Yıl önce
You should al know that this pattern of "no news" means she is barely hanging on. No doubt arrangements are in the works for the inevitable. Medically-induced comas are common for burn victims. But intubation points to more extreme issues. Alcoholism and other drug addictions can not always be remedied. So many people are beyond help.
My exacts thoughts on it. They'll likely announce she was taken off life support.
@cherylp.3347 Yıl önce
She needs Jesus. That’s what she needs. Fame, money rarely brings peace and happiness.Praying she doesn’t slip into eternity without Him.
@colenexoxo8939 Yıl önce
@@cherylp.3347 I Agree.
@wfm5121954 Yıl önce
You are right, Kevin. The press has been silent, other than, to go over the same facts. I think she did irreparable damage to her body. The scariest thing, to me, is what we cannot see. Her lungs are charred or at the very least severely damaged. If it had gone better we would have heard it.
With all that Anne has gone through in her past & what she is going through right now, I feel afraid for her if she survives this to be honest.
Thank god she did not kill anyone. There no reason people have to drink and drive anymore eveything can be deliver to your house. I feel for the homeowner
@redsloane9905 Yıl önce
ASSUMPTION 🙄 The tox report will take a number of weeks to determine exactly what was in her system. You know, like Rx meds, OTC meds...but let's just keep blaming her in the meantime.
She’s been on a very rough road and it just got so so much harder. I feel for her boys the most, imagine this being your mom. I do know she raised good boys.
@HH-gv8mx Yıl önce
She has sons? Is she married? She’s been a hot mess for a long time seems like every time I see her she’s either inebriated with a little mixture of is it booze and pills maybe with bipolar? It is going to be a hard road ahead her… And I have a feeling she will try and kill herself because any type of acting career is really over for her with those type of burns.
@@HH-gv8mx she’s dead so there’s no road ahead of her. I just spoke to her 2 weeks ago and respectfully you don’t have any idea of who she is or how inebriated she’s been. She’s a person in recovery as am I, relapse can be apart of recovery but sometimes we don’t make it back. 2 years clean and sober and I can assure you she was a loving mother and a good person.
@HH-gv8mx Yıl önce
@@matthewramsey5239 I don’t doubt for one minute that she was a loving mother and a good person. But you can’t tell me that she was two years clean and sober the last time I saw her on an interview this past year she was obviously fucked up regardless it’s a shame that this whole thing happened . I feel so sorry for her boys, and all of those who knew and loved her.
@@HH-gv8mx I said I was was 2 years clean I never said anything about her sobriety as first of all it’s anonymous but 2nd I respect the struggle and know a little bit about her outside of acting and she was a lovely and kind woman. Very misunderstood
@pamelamark3609 Yıl önce
Rest in peace Anne Heche...💐🌹🌷🌺🌻🌼🏵️🌻🌸🌺🌹💐 The world won't be the same without you.🥺
@stacieshaw2032 Yıl önce
Prays for her and her family that loves her and shares with her struggles …. I pray she recovers well .. dual diagnosis not only affects the individual but also everyone around them that said I hope that the victim of this fiery crash recovers from their losses also
Such a tragic life! I pray for her soul. Ann is at peace now
@ChillingOut247 Yıl önce
To be honest, I feel worse for the home owner. She was likely intoxicated and shouldn't have been driving. Even if she wasn't intoxicated, if she started to feel strange for any other reason she should have pulled over and called for support. She's wealthy, she can afford that.
I REALLY do not think we are being asked to choose who we are more concerned about . Jesus.
She was 100% under the influence. And I feel that plays a major role In all this.
Material possessions can be replaced, a human life cannot. It appears that AH will not survive.
@thee_morpheus Yıl önce
Reports are saying it was cocaine
@redsloane9905 Yıl önce
Great blaming. Imagine you're joyous she has passed. 🙄
@cd-yq9ou Yıl önce
Everyone please take mental health seriously..so sad. If you or someone you know seems to be going through something...always lend a helping hand or reach out for one. RIP
@connie6545 Yıl önce
Every time I see an update about Anne, I catch my breath, hoping she is still alive! She has lived such a tumultuous life and can't seem to get it together!! Mental illness is NOT a nonchalant condition that can be discounted, considered lazy, or dramatic! It HAS to be managed on a DAILY basis--it's all about BALANCE (in a society that apparently doesn't have ANY--or is perceived as such). Unfortunately, the lady that lived in the house has lost ALL of her worldly possessions and traumatized--the RECOVERY for both of these women will be long and hard. There are no easy answers, here!! Wishing BOTH get the appropriate care they need!
Prayin for gentle healing. God Bless you with a miraculous recovery Anne🙏
My Deepest Condolences 💐 to all whom loved her.
@jimmcdevitt6084 Yıl önce
Oh good Lord….her poor trials and tribulations…what about the innocent homeowner who’s life won’t be the same?
@jammzy2959 Yıl önce
It's okay to care about both parties hun.
@verajones9158 Yıl önce
She was not a homeowner, she was renting, but by the GRACE OF GOD,her life was spared someone posted, she has a good amount on Gofundme so she should be okay, a long with Renters Insurance,I hope Anne KNOWS JESUS????
@normag6769 Yıl önce
I agree. If I think my life sucks, or feel unbearable pain, I can seek death on my own, silently, without bringing disgrace to others, hurting or killing innocent pedestrians or people just minding their own business. Would be selfish to bring others down with me.
@jammzy2959 Yıl önce
@@normag6769 yes because you 100% knew she was seeking death. You sound like a complete clown.
@kimmanning2913 Yıl önce
Beautiful talented one, we're getting you there. Rest in the arms of Jesus. You are loved, Anne.
@brandymj2900 Yıl önce
“Fighting for her life”…anyone consider that’s the last thing she wants to be doing?! Isn’t it possible she slammed into the house at such a high speed intentionally?
If that's the case, I wish she would've just driven or jumped into a river, killing herself, so that she did not mess up the life of the homeowner and pets. But I guess if she already was not in her right mind, she would not have been able to make a sound decision like not driving in a residential area in her condition, in the first place.
@luck2know Yıl önce
@donnakreye8339 Yıl önce
Good point
@dianeb.358 Yıl önce
I don't believe Anne would possibly kill someone in their house and, if not, destroy it and all its contents. I believe if she wanted to end her life she'd do it some way where it involved only her. I don't believe she did this on purpose. She's a great actress and has 2 sons.
@Teresa-we2ke Yıl önce
Strength and Love to Anne Heche and woman and her 2 dogs who's house was destroyed in this horrific event. All of it's terribly heartbreaking.
@bobgordon236 Yıl önce
Don't forget about the lady's beloved parakeet Blob. Safe in his new temporary cage made by hand with an egg carton, paper clips, string and Liquid Nails.
Prayers going up I luv her as a actress 🙏🏽 ❤️ praying for her!
Heartbreaking news. My heartfelt condolences to her family. RIP.
@monicascott2354 Yıl önce
"Nearly hitting a pedestrian..." And the dude's more than six feet away.
@helenlewis9425 Yıl önce
This is a tragic story all the way around, things can be replaced but not memories. A woman is battling for her life and likely will not make it. I feel for her sons and families of both women. Such a tragedy!💔🙏🏻😢
Get well soon...
@hariseldon2450 Yıl önce
Do we know what triggered this? Did she go psychotic? She was driving like crazy and crashed into another building before the accident and she had a bottle of vodka in the car.
@colenexoxo8939 Yıl önce
And most likely a lot of meth. You don't go as fast as she did just with drinking. I can see it being a combo imo.
@blackeagle6268 Yıl önce
She simply an alcoholic. Period
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
@@colenexoxo8939 Fyi, her younger brother, whom she dearly loved, perished in a speeding car accident into a tree. I just hope she can survive another tragedy. I really admire her!!- 💗
@tw8198 Yıl önce
Cocaine and Fentanyl
@redsloane9905 Yıl önce
Or......did the throttle stick? Did she have a medical issue occur? Let's just blame drugs, booze, the survivor.....🙄
@waytoson Yıl önce
Just announced she has passed... Such a tragic end... Prayers for her son and family...
@lindsaydt66 Yıl önce
A SAD situation all around. Praying that the homeowner can rebuild as soon as possible and suffer very little trauma based on what has happened. Praying for healing and recovery for Anne Heche 🙏
@sherirex7177 Yıl önce
I hope she will be ok. So terrible.
@talib8926 Yıl önce
🙏🙏 prayers to Anne heche
God habe mercy on Anne hache.My prayers to her. I Hope she gets well.GOd bless her.
My ex brother-in-law died from being burned on 35% of his body…his lungs were severely damaged and he didn’t live but 3 days after his accident….
@JMD621 Yıl önce
She won’t make it.
@toodleloo2253 Yıl önce
So sorry!!.. I hope Anne can pull through in some way!!.. She's already defied the Odds many times before.
@annawofford559 Yıl önce
Sorry for your loss
@lauralewis3792 Yıl önce
My heart breaks for her son and loved ones 💔
I am heartbroken to hear she didn't make it & the only solice in that is she was a designated organ donor, so hopefully something came out of this sad tragedy. Apparently she was going thru a lot & was crying out for help. Prayers for her family, friends & fans RIP Anne💔🙏
@leeboriack8054 Yıl önce
The police have yet to get a warrant for a sample of her blood to verify drug use. This is horribly unfair and shows favoritism towards celebrities. She could’ve killed several people. A sad situation for everyone.
@kathsch8966 Yıl önce
Where's your proof of your statement saying they haven't obtained a warrant yet for a blood draw?? If you go to 2:16 in video it very clearly says they already obtained a warrant and did the blood draw.
@theresacoy9881 Yıl önce
They got the warrant shortly after this accident, so yes they took samples of her blood. That is standard procedure for incidents like this.
If they didn’t get blood, it would only be because she was so badly burned, they couldn’t find a source. I’m relatively sure they got their sample.
@theresacoy9881 Yıl önce
@@cynthiaamitrano8915 I agree 100%
@user-hi4ts3fi7n Yıl önce
An early toxology test said NO Alcohol was found in her system! The wig shop guy said she was NOT impaired! The same toxology report that said NO Alcohol probably showed NO Drugs! She sat up like she was trying to get a good breath or get away or both! The doctor said he INDUCED a coma! Later a news report said she was in a coma at the scene! The doctor that spoke on the news said her lungs were damaged by the smoke inhalation! Then the news said she was brain dead! I've seen 2 people that were brain dead and they could NOT pull covers off of themselves, let alone sit up! WAKE UP EVERYBODY! Stop believing the lying news and believe your own eyes! That was not a brain dead woman in a coma that sat up on the gurney! What made her drive like that? Why is this case closed before the reason why she was speeding like that was revealed! Was the car impaired?
@annvasconi1697 Yıl önce
I feel bad for the people's whose house was destroyed .
@iriskessler1535 Yıl önce
Fact!!!!!!!! She's dead
@brianhayden720 Yıl önce
God bless you and your family hope you pull through.
@drumtwo4seven Yıl önce
@susancarty6638 Yıl önce
i feel bad for the home owner nobody says anything about her home that was demolished or how she is i hope heiche gets well but she was driving drunk and she needs to be held accountable for what shes done.
@TheVlandsberger Yıl önce
Geeeeeeze, have you read ANY of the other comments? Plenty of people talking about the homeowner.
@redsloane9905 Yıl önce
You KNOW she was driving under the influence? Great ASSUMPTION and blaming. The resident, her 2 dogs and pet turtle were safely saved.
I am so sad to hear about the accident for everyone involved
@marywissing7135 Yıl önce
So sorry life has so many twist and turns that are unexplainable may she be at peace and remembering as the great actress and mother she was