Embarrassing Couple Stories (ft. Emirichu)

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Animated storytime collab with Emirichu and Wolfychu! We've both had a lot of embarrassing and clumsy moments happen in our relationships, and today we're sharing some of those stories with you!
Check out the video on Emirichu's channel too! www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_mG8...

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These are like top 10 embarrassing anime moments but in front of the boyfriend edition! Awkward moments like these are so much worse when you've only just started dating too haha

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21 Oca 2022




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Check out the video we did over on Emi's channel too!! Hope you guys enjoy! <3
TJ Toons
These couple stories bring so much smiles and life to me i loved all of them! thanks for sharing :D
How cute, the man literally stopped in a place he feared just so she could stop suffering. It would be good if there were more people like him
Bradley MiiTuber
Man, embarrassments can be SO overwhelming. Also, I hate stomach cramps and waiting for the toilet. Aside from that, Wolfy’s work is so impressive.
I seriously thought we weren’t gonna make it to the rest stop... 😂
"You know most people open the door first"
D.J. Droz
They look so cute in each other's styles! Wolfy's been doing a lot of collabs lately, but that just means twice the cute videos and we get to see her in different styles.
No One That Matters
(: seeing wolfychu’s art in Emirichu’s style and vice versa is really cool
Dakota Morrison
The animations is making these stories so much better, they are so funny to watch. I love these videos, you bring a smile to my face.
•Bunnii Draws :3•
Let’s talk about how much work wolfy puts into this!!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Being in a relationship?
Jelly Jess
I can so imagine Jordan’s reaction to the burp hahaha sounds like he’s a keeper!
The Music Decomposer
All that’s missing at that rest stop is a big sign saying “DEFINITELY NOT HAUNTED”.
💜 Misty & Kitty 💖
“Hey buddy, it’s either the creepy rest stop or you passenger car seat. You decide!”
Junpei Penna
I love how both Emirichu and Wolfychu both uploaded at the same time and never failed to entertain us
Timothy Messer
On my wedding day we were taking photos after the ceremony. My wife was drinking rootbeer between shoots, and then let out a loud burp that echoed throughout the wedding hall. We got a photo of her laughing about it right after it happened. Her and her brother always had burping contests, so there was no embarrassment... just mad respect. It was the best photo of all that were taken being it was so candid.
Emirichu trying to make a good first impression
Larva Tuba Show
The fact that Jordan stopped at his nightmare place so wolfy wouldn't hurt anymore is the most wholesome thing ever. You two are literally couple goals!! Love your stories, wolfy!!
Damn Wolfy's imagination of Emi is adorable.
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