Elden Ring's Demigods ► Explained!

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Mark Morales
Mark Morales Aylar önce
After playing for over 100 hours I got some of the lore. Most of it is pretty hard to find like the other souls games. But there was one piece of lore I was able to figure out all on my own. Malenia is the blade of Miquella.
M B Gün önce
Now that's what I call a joke! Dude, that was so well structured. The payoff was so good and came out of nowhere! Everyone, take notes. This is brilliant lmao
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 4 gün önce
@Pace What the hell are you doing for so long? I full cleared the map in 150 and that was including many hours being afk.
Jimbobway 9 gün önce
"...one piece..."😳
EET FUK 10 gün önce
huh? she never said that to me, never heard her talking to me as well. it's like Carl Froch never mentioned he knocked George Groves in front of 80,000 fans in Wembley Stadium.
Daddy Chetty
Daddy Chetty 11 gün önce
With 3 play throughs I can't tell you how many times I've heard that phrase. 😭
Andy B
Andy B Aylar önce
Rykard coming in with, "TOGETHAAA!" at the beginning of the Malenia section really made my day hahaha
B Dawg
B Dawg 19 gün önce
@SunRedux yes!! Love how he snuck that in lol
sonny wilson
sonny wilson 24 gün önce
subtitles say fuck off rykard lol im dead
SunRedux 25 gün önce
18:13 you hear a faint TOGETHAAAA in the background as well!
Valsh 26 gün önce
He was mad that his section was so short.
isotopian 27 gün önce
"No, Rykard, please." 😂
Jim Realnamington
Jim Realnamington Aylar önce
It seems like Radhan's story is kinda based around stalemate. Not just with Malenia, but he had a torn alliance between his own family and what he admired. As Radagon's son, and someone that idolized Godrick, he would be aligned with the golden order. But as Rennala's son, and brother to Ranni (seemingly on good terms) he would be aligned to the Carian loyal line. He may have known that Ranni's fate would result in either the destruction of the Golden order or his family. So, instead, he chose to lock them in stalemate by holding back the stars, and ensuring the survival of both.
Near Darkroad
Near Darkroad Gün önce
@RoninRonnie tbh, the horse is pretty much better to die than continue to being his horse. Like dude, Radahn, just find other horse. Oh right, you idolize Godfrey, the man who break the neck of his own lion for...what exactly?
Near Darkroad
Near Darkroad Gün önce
@Victor Leta you are correct but most players seem to idolize Radahn too much like he didn't do anything wrong.
Near Darkroad
Near Darkroad Gün önce
He want to save both part of his families but by doing what he did, he eventually end up destroying both of his families. By not fully committed on killing Malenia, the war end up with no victor, with all sides suffered lost and no one take responsibility to restore order to the Land Between. By stopping the stars, he stand in the way of Ranni's plan to break free from the curse of Empyrean and removing outer gods control on Land Between. In rude remarks, dude is half assed about his end goals and the only things he achieved are being able to continue ride his horse thanks to his gravity magic, become a strong warrior like his dad and step dad and die a warrior death.
Great Teacher
Great Teacher Gün önce
@Straight White Male That's the dynamic of a lot of family with mixed children. Siblings tend to favor full siblings than half or step siblings especially if they grew up together.
RoninRonnie 11 gün önce
This is an excellent theory! That would explain why he would be interested in halting the stars, because he did not want to loose one or the other. Because i always found the explanation that he just wanted to ride his horse kind of stupid…the horse does not look like he cares about it that much…and that would not explain why he wanted to challenge the stars. Very very interesting thought! Thank you very much for sharing.
Santiago Aylar önce
I really would like it to Rykard to have an ending of his own. I genuinely wanted to devour the gods together with him :(
Near Darkroad
Near Darkroad Gün önce
I know, right? Like, Rykard, my man, I willing to join you but you need to stop attacking me. How I'm supposed to join the serpent king famileeeee if you keep bonking and cooking me?
I am malenia, blade of miquella
And after the Black screen the credits roll, there would be an iconic, bioware Sex scene TOGETHAAAAA with him.
Mushmoor 7 gün önce
Tiara 10 gün önce
betterbardowins 10 gün önce
Harlburger Helper
Harlburger Helper Aylar önce
I have theory that Radahn might've conquered the stars to keep Ranni from betraying the Golden Order and leaving, might've done it out of love for his sister as well as duty to the Golden Order
sultan788 9 gün önce
@Harlburger Helper The Golden Order is an odd one, as in Morgott's scene we see all the seats empty as the family have all been disbanded, pursuing their own journey. Though, that's something Marika wants as according to Melina, Marika said "Here are these great runes. Make of yourself whatever you desire, a lord or god, whatever. But if you become nothing, you will be forsaken, amounting only to sacrifice". So i'd definitely say each of their intent in plans isn't directly attacking another, just unfortunate coincidence. Through Ranni's ending we learn she hates the idea of how such a divine being or God can be so close in physical reach. Look what it's caused. Multiple Gods in search of selfish, individual powers and ideals (herself included), multiple Elden Lords and anybody can be Elden Lord, rules broken and bended. The initial purpose of the "Elden Ring" has now been lost through time, it's imperfect now and has no reason to continue existing in her eyes, hence her command of the Black Knives to start the chain of death against Godwyn, the first of the fallen Demi-Gods. Now she wants a new God, this Dark Moon/Star God, something unreachable and too distant for everyone. But since Radahn conquered the stars, he's just unfortunately getting in her way, though i'm sure they still love each other. Radahn learned star powers from a star lord, to stop the stars. That seems really confusing on surface level, why would the star lord teach that to someone? To essentially say "my own people are terrible, do not let them come here. I'm not powerful enough to use this star power but I can teach it" which a Demi-God would be more than capable of using. We don't know much of Radahn, not a single dialogue from him. But we know he's honorable (waits for Malenia prosthetic attachment before attacking), highly respected across Land Between and regarded as the strongest Demi-God. He looks up to his father (red hair), Godfrey (armour) and his mother (magic), and uses that magic to also protect his dear horse. He even fought Malenia in the same location we fight Radahn, he was seemingly defensive. It seems his actions are protective. Since there's seemingly little mention of connections between Ranni and Radahn, it's unlikely he would know of Ranni's plans or her pursuit of space God specifically, he just knew what dangers are out there and decided to protect the lands. But since his inspirations are from both Moon and Golden Order, it's hard to say which he's fighting for, it's more suggested it's his own thing, just like how Maleina has her own army too of Cleanrot Knights, not affiliated with their parents or known God. Though i'm sure he knew Renalla didn't like Radahns plans either as her powers are linked to the moon and stars too, but again, he's more likely to be fighting for a greater cause that most characters are unaware of Edit: disbanded family meaning they all left the Greater Will (the Erdtree a.k.a current God), hence Morgott calling them all "traitors"
Harlburger Helper
Harlburger Helper 10 gün önce
@sultan788 that does make sense. I feel like you could argue Radahn's inspiration by Godfrey might've led him to share beliefs in line with his including serving the Golden Order but that I'm wholly sure of. But he and Ranni are direct siblings, they may not have had as close a relationship as Malenia and Miquella but still brother and sister. I don't think Radahn acted expressly to prevent Ranni from fulfilling her destiny, but I do believe it's entirely possible he knew what it'd cause in relation to his own sister, I mean he stopped the stars from moving which directly prevented Ranni from moving forward
sultan788 10 gün önce
It seems like all the children of Renalla and Radagon's have become much older and on their own unique path. I'm not sure either of their plans are in direct relation to one another Rykard rejected the Golden Order but got consumed by power. Still looks up to Radahn and conspires with Ranni as sibling love Ranni is influenced by the Dark Moon, in slight opposition to her mother and definitely to her father, disliking the idea of how a Godly being like the Elden Ring and Erdtree are in arms reach. She wants a new god and chase her own ideal destiny, which unfortunately requires Radahn to die, not for personal reasons though. She kills other Gods to remove the idea of the Elden Ring, hence the Godwyn incident Radahn is inspired by Godrey and Radagon in war and also inspired by Renalla as a scholar. Then found greater purpose using his Demi God power to halt a greater threat indicated by being taught star magic from someone that comes from the stars, a warning. These are adults unlike Malenia and Miquella whom goals are linked with one another, like kid siblings looking out for each other. Radahn doesn't seem strongly affiliated to any Order or God, studying the outer gods and space/stars then using his own god powers to deal with the potential problems. Meanwhile Ranni wants a new god but not in the way the Erdtree is
Random Guy
Random Guy 15 gün önce
Hol' up, that actually makes sense.
Madison Kilbourne
Madison Kilbourne Aylar önce
Just realized that Godwyn is the nameless king of elden ring, where in dark souls he was cast out for accepting dragons, but outlived most other gods. Meanwhile in elden ring he was praise's for accepting dragons, but killed before any other god
marceelino 21 gün önce
@Konniptionz I stopped reading after the few lines. It went to some crazy off-topic. Yeah, you are right, Dark souls games are the same and their sequels are just a cash grab based on the first one. You mentioned different genres of games. You are right, there are many games that are simply copies, not providing anything new. Just cash grabs. Plus, your 100 bosses are like 20 bosses painted differently.
Konniptionz 24 gün önce
@Arwah Yeah. I think it's a reference to the Stormbringer blade used to kill Yhorm the Giant dude. Not really much of a conspiracy. It's just an upgraded version of that fight. : /
Konniptionz 24 gün önce
@marceelino Over 100 bosses to roughly 40 bosses and maybe 1/10th of the content. Same game. Got it. Lol. Everybody, don't need to buy Elden Ring. By that logic, we also don't need to buy any Dark Souls games after 1. They're the same. Just another cycle of the rekindling of the First Flame. ... I mean, by the same logic every shooter game? Same thing, just units placed in different areas. RPG? Same mechanics. Just different sprites and story. You can say something has the bare bones of anything and go " Lol it's the same " - but can you really say it's the same beyond a few references left behind for fans of their previous games? The enemies are new designs, similar attack patterns with new speeds. The bosses are all rather different to any of the medieval stuff in Dark Souls 1 - 3. Maybe Demons Souls stuff it lines up with? But not often, but even still, it's a game with well over 100 hours of content on just one character and Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 could all be completed in half that time. Not beaten, completed. ... It's clearly gonna have different story beats, different outcomes and different characters involved now. Ranni for instance is an Empyrean, not some immortal worm creature that lurks in the shadows. She's a daughter of a demi-god that wants to make the world a place of cold logic, not cruelty based on how someone feels like the Golden Order. Golden Order wants to keep it's power because it's trying to maintain what order it can after screwing up and accidentally making life so diverse and full of conflict, causing all the pain, suffering and war it has. It's done it's best to essentially become a totalitarian state that spans the Lands Between so nobody can rebel and do more harm. Rykard sympathized with Ranni and rose up against the Golden Order, knowing full well he'd be branded a heretic, his wife and children forever having to do battle with the Golden Order and their " heroes " for centuries to come. It's fairly different. Plus- when did you need a special blade to kill gods in Dark Souls? You literally walk up to Gwyn, the very Lord of Cinder and slap him in the tits. You can do it with anything. Even a broken straight sword and he drops. Meanwhile in the game, you can't truly defeat gods unless you have Destined Death back in the world.
Konniptionz 24 gün önce
@Moon Man The only connection is a few references and people like Patches that even appeared in Demons Souls when that game had nothing to do with Dark Souls and was it's precursor, then he shows up in every Dark Souls because they liked having a funny trickster character that messes with lore nerds in a meta way too. They even stated that openly.
Sujamma_Enjoyer 🇷🇺Z
@Gregory Bennett patches is in every souls game just like the moonlight blade there not tied to any certain story
leon jakobsen
leon jakobsen Aylar önce
I really hope that the dlc expands on melina, she feel like the only character who we're still missing some crucial information about. Even with Miquela, we broadly know who and what he is, and what his relations to the other major characters are. Melina is this weird enigma, who knows a lot about seemingly everything, but noone else ever even mentions her
JD pitmint
JD pitmint 7 gün önce
@IsaiahtheAvenger see i thought that maybe melina was actually never fully born as a mortal, and gave ranni, her sister the inspiration to cast her mortal body as rennala went insane melina's name could be seen as a combination of two names too, rennala radagon and ranni share name conventions, but so do marika, rennala and melina, i think as an act of cruelty, melina was seperated from her mortal body by marika, who was done being radagon at that time and set her plan in motion to destroy the elden ring. melina being the gloam eyed queen is interesting too, as gloam means dawn. ranni is the dusk melina is the dawn and yes, her body is still in the cocoon that rennala clutches, but her power to "rebirth" the player is eerily reminiscent of the ability to turn runes to strength
IsaiahtheAvenger 21 gün önce
@Marvin - Fair enough, the Moons may not be Outer Gods but they're alive and sentient to some degree. I still wouldn't say they are negative influences though, they're against the Golden Order and Greater Will so their intentions are good as far as we know.
Marvin -
Marvin - 21 gün önce
​@IsaiahtheAvenger I have to disagree with you that the moons are just objects and nothing more, and I think you've also misconstrued them as guides when it's only the lost Dark Moon that served as a guide. Let me point to some descriptions and dialogue: During Ranni's ending, she tells the player that now "Cometh the age of the stars, A thousand year voyage under the wisdom of the Moon." An innocuous and unmeddling object usually is not described as wise. Rennala's full moon states: "Queen Rennala encountered this enchanting moon when she was young, and later, it would bewitch the academy." This implies that Rennala was enchanted by the moon, and that she used the full moon to bewitch the academy, likely owing to her rise to power within the academy. Finally, the Frozen Armament spell says, "The snowy crone taught the young Ranni to fear the dark moon as she imparted her cold sorcery." If the dark moon was a harmless object of worship, why would the snowy crone warn Ranni to fear it? As for the lost black moon, the Moon of Nokstella --"This talisman represents the lost black moon. The moon of Nokstella was the guide of countless stars." We know from Sellen and from first-hand experience that the stars contain life, and that life is terrifying - just ask Astel.
FastenedCarrot 23 gün önce
@IsaiahtheAvenger Ranni: "I'm gonna kill myself and put my soul in a doll because the moon and shit" Ranni Simps: "I see no flaws with this"
the incognitive
the incognitive 24 gün önce
I 100% believe that Melina is Miquella and Malenia's sister, just read the descriptions of all 3 butterflies!
masternod Aylar önce
I must say I really like Morgott, he seems to be kind of a family person to me. I mean he is guarding the entry to Godrick and sure it could be because Godrick is weak, but they are family, so maybe he is there to defend his family. Morgott even calls Godrick "The Golden" rather than "The Grafted". Also in the throne room, someone is putting those chairs in the arena, a chair for each but the two Omens, perhaps he hopes the rest of his family will cease their ambitions and aim to be a peaceful familiy. I can just see him phoning up the rest to ask over for familiy meal: "Hey Mogh, you got time, right?" "Sorry, I am plotting" *click* "Hey Male..." "I am Malenia, Blade of" *click* "So, Rykard, still wants to eat the gods?" "TOGETHER!!!" *click* ... "Guess it is just me and a phantom image of my dad... again..."
XXIVVIXCIII 16 gün önce
Morgott wasn't protecting Godrick. He was there to stop a tarnished getting an easy great rune. Because like everyone else knows, Godrick is a joke.
Dante Stogsdill
Dante Stogsdill 16 gün önce
Oh, this comment thread is golden... much like the beautiful Erdtree.
John Doe
John Doe 19 gün önce
@David Hong same vibes as that tweet, "peepaw made burgers for all grandkids, only I showed up"
chrisgsayshello 22 gün önce
Mohg: Literally how in tf did you get this #? We don't even have an area code here.
Dom Sumner
Dom Sumner 23 gün önce
@David Hong lmao "its like grafting" ur a comedy genious
Rootz Party
Rootz Party Aylar önce
Sudden thought: cursed children have horns when they are born. It's entirely possible that mothers of such children may not survive the birthing process, or at least not as often. So the Omen may also have the association of death of the mothers.
@JD pitmint Yes
JD pitmint
JD pitmint 7 gün önce
@Xxx_Jim_the_Reaper_xxX she literally shattered the most powerful object in the world and the question of "but baby was spiky how she survive that" stumps you
Ajehy 9 gün önce
That would absolutely make childbirth nightmarishly dangerous. Even reading this comment made me wince. It may also be a reference to the game ICO. In ICO, horned children are considered bad luck, so your character (who looks about 8) is buried alive at a haunted castle as a sacrifice.
@Painted Collection Agreed.
WAFSack 22 gün önce
Another thing about Melina possibly being connected to Malenia and Miquella is that her armor set, the traveler's set, is found right outside Malenia's arena, next to the other bloom of scarlet rot (it's also the armor set that Millicent wears, just without the bloodstains).
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Matt J
Matt J Aylar önce
Godwyn: "Violence is not the answer!" Horah Loux: "He's right. Violence is the question. The answer is YES!"
djamba TV
djamba TV 8 gün önce
Horah Loux: "thats why morgott is my favorite"
Bastardog Aylar önce
WeirdyBeardy Stuff
WeirdyBeardy Stuff Aylar önce
@Matt J I cackled quite wildly. Thanks lol
Matt J
Matt J Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! If Miyazaki wrote Jesus, he'd have a sister that manifests as a tentacle on his back that tells him to do bad things.
Medellinin Aylar önce
@UNDERGNOMES more like a good 25 lol
Aaron Bouck
Aaron Bouck 16 gün önce
After learning more about the demigods, I'm kind of sad we didn't get a Rykard or Mohg ending: I'd have loved to 'devour the very gods togethaa,' or eventually replace Mohg and meld our blood with Miquella to bring an Age of Blood.
An Idiot
An Idiot 5 saatler önce
@Ernesto Gallegos bro it’s a bot saying that💀💀💀
Ernesto Gallegos
Ernesto Gallegos 2 gün önce
Yo bro you won!
Razin Rushdan
Razin Rushdan 6 gün önce
Maybe in DLC
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GoldenMale Aylar önce
Ranni, Rykard and Radahn are the best generation of children in my opinion, their power scale, personalities and designs are the best, the parent's were smashing good it seems hehe
MaxSnow24 8 gün önce
@B Gill debatable since they are definitely radagon's children and since radagon is marika, then radagon's children are marika's children. It honestly seems like the idea of them becoming demi gods through adoption is an excuse. Everyone in the lands between seems to know Rykard, Radahn, and Ranni are all demi-gods even though Radagon and Rennala are not (known to be) demi-gods. People even call into question why Marika would take a mere champion (Radagon) as her consort, so Radagon is not considered a god by most people in the lands between, so Rykard, Radahn, and Ranni should just be normal people pretty much, it seems them being adopted by Marika as step-children is a good enough explanation for the people in the lands between but since we know Radagon is in fact a god because he is Marika, I'm pretty sure Rykard, Radahn, and Ranni were demi-gods already from birth. Radagon becoming Marika's consort and her adopting them is just a cover story explanation for how they became demi-gods.
B Gill
B Gill 8 gün önce
funniest part about that is they're not even directly related to Marika. they were simply taken in as her adopted children and made demigods. they weren't even born with the power
Patrick Hebdo
Patrick Hebdo Aylar önce
The painting at the end gives such vibes of a young Radagon’s adventures with Torrent. It would make sense as to why he belongs to Melina at the beginning, Radagon wanted to give the next destined Lord his steed to assist.
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 28 gün önce
What could also possibly support the theory that Melina is indeed, a daughter of Marika is one of her Marika's quotes - "In Marika's own words. Hear me, Demigods. My children beloved. Make of thyselves that which ye desire. Be it a Lord. Be it a God. But should ye fail to become aught at all, ye will be forsaken. Amounting only to sacrifices...". The sacrifice might actually refer to Melina here. If the theory is correct, the rest of her could-be-siblings are on and all famous and significant, while she's the unknown drowned in obscurity. Haven't this tidbit being brought up anywhere, so i thought it was worth mentioning.
Enka Svenka
Enka Svenka 5 gün önce
@Cory Baxter M-R-G or G-R-M, George-RR-Martin
Cory Baxter
Cory Baxter 6 gün önce
Why do you think most demigods and omens name starts with either M, R or G? It's to literally indicate to whom they descent from. They all come Marika, Radagon, Godfrey or Renna (moonwitch sry if I got her name wrong ).
Nandikesha Jungwirth
Nandikesha Jungwirth 23 gün önce
Such a good point, thanks for sharing this
옹발이 ONGBAL Aylar önce
Butterfly theory is really interesting. Great content as always ! 👍👍
Auvisome Aylar önce
Ogre ogre ogre play DMC
Swaraj Sarkar
Swaraj Sarkar Aylar önce
The Elden Ring alongside almost all of Fromsoft games have some incredible stories to dive into. It would be amazing if it is adopted into a live action series or movies.
EET FUK Aylar önce
omg. the GOD!
Megalinc Aylar önce
The Elden Lord has spoken
SosaTheOG Aylar önce
Ongbal was the true OG legend before let me solo her
Daris Waters
Daris Waters 13 gün önce
I hope someday we'll get a "Prepare to cry" series on all the demigods, especially on Morgott (though actually I already cry over his lore)
Gladiator Marcellus
Gladiator Marcellus 15 gün önce
When I first came across a smoldering butterfly in limgrave I killed a random guy next to a campfire and I thought he was burning butterflies for fun to escape the boredom of sitting around for something to happen
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H N Aylar önce
That Miquella and Malenia segment was beautiful Vaati, you really captured how much love the siblings had for one another and how far Miquella would go to save his Sister.
Paulo Eduardo dos Santos Ariente
I've always quesioned myself about why Gransax attacked. Then I remembered that the god of Placidusax fled, and that the Erdtree actually envelops something else, maybe the remnats of the Great Tree, related to the god of Placidusax and the arrival of the Greater Will via the Elden Beast was seen as a defilement, making the ancient dragons ready themselves to cut down the Erdtree in time.
Al Fall Doot
Al Fall Doot 2 gün önce
No, Placidusaxx was an elden lord, so he must have served the greater will has well. The God who fled was probably more like Marika than the greater will
Sentinalof Yourmom
Sentinalof Yourmom Aylar önce
Perhaps melania emphasizes that she's "the blade of miquella" not for the tarnished but for herself. I mean if she is semi-controlled by an outer god, perhaps that constant mention of who she is allows her to not let go. And helps her remember what she's fighting for. And maybe the reaosn mohg is obsessed with miquella is because of miquella's purity. If the point of miquellas haligtree was to accept all, that would mean Omens could find peace after death.
曹雨婷 6 gün önce
@Snazzy Jovial Wyrm maybe. There is definitely a big change in her character between the 2 phases. She was talking about a nightmare where she was completely consumed by rot(which is pretty much reality), and in the second phase “let your flesh be consumed by the Scarlet Rot”??? There is something lost to her after her bloom and she only regain it after death.
Rogue Wave James
Rogue Wave James 6 gün önce
​@曹雨婷 that doesn't necessarily mean she's "only" saying it out of pride. she could still be reassuring herself, considering she is vulnerable to the rot and its memory wiping aspects. it's still a possibility, we can right out because of difference in translation.
FastenedCarrot 23 gün önce
I'm not sure peace is anywhere in Mogh's mind at all. After death or otherwise.
DarkKingHades Aylar önce
@Kun Exactly. Mohg doesn't have the power/ skill to create a new type of albinaurics. So instead, he corrupts the second generation into something quasi-new, like the orcs in Middle-Earth.
Spiny Slasher
Spiny Slasher Gün önce
It makes perfect sense that unalloyed gold is resistant to rot, as it parallels gold's inertness in real life. One of the reason why gold is so valued is its resistance to decay, which makes it ideal for protective plating to resist against the elements, making it very much in demand in sensitive electronics.
Lost Remote
Lost Remote Aylar önce
You know, now that I think about it Miquella was the unalloyed gold needle for the Haligtree. Once he was removed Time/Rot did its work on the tree.
UnholyWrath3277 6 gün önce
Miquella fed the tree with his blood which was basically a fountain of youth. It just never was a natural tree and couldn't survive without this outside influence
Thomas D
Thomas D Aylar önce
The scarlet bloom in the Malenia fight is the third one. The first is the wings referenced in the prosthesis wearer's heirloom description - her rot form has the wings; the second is the fight with Radahn in the trailer. The third is in the fight with you under the Haligtree that the Scarlet Aeonia description says will turn her into a true goddess, and her remembrance is of the rot *goddess*.
Deadgye 26 gün önce
"Though born into the accursed rot, when the young girl encountered her mentor and his flowing blade, she gained wings of unparalleled strength." The wings she gained was the flowing sword and it's culminate technique the waterfowl dance. If the unparalleled strength she obtained were wings of rot why would the description say "Though born into the accursed rot"? And if her mentor caused her rot to bloom for the first time when they encountered each other, why would he have taught her after that? It's possible you're right, but I'm not sure it really fits. Also, it's possible to interpret the Blue Dancer Charm's description, "Blade in hand, the swordsman sealed away an ancient god - a god that was Rot itself.", as him mentoring Malenia as opposed to him fighting a rot god long before he met Malenia.
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 29 gün önce
Yeah he seemed weirdly clueless about Malenia's lore. He said that Malenia resisted the Rot through sheer willpower, but that's horseshit. Yes she didn't like playing puppet of an Outer God, but it was Miquella's Needle doing the resisting for her. And her pride still had her prefer playing puppet than losing a fight fairly. And he also said that her Goddess form is just her true form which she suppressed (like the closely kept secret of Radagon being Marika and vice versa), which is more nonsense and again paints her in a much better light. She doesn't have a choice. It's as simple as her being possessed by the Outer God when not injected by unalloyed gold, which allows it to act through her the same way the Greater Will acts through Marika. She doesn't hide/go into god mode at will. It's something that happens when the Rot blooms through her a third time, which was against us. I don't understand how so many people get this wrong. The item descriptions ALWAYS speak in past tense, and the Scarlet Aeonia incantation literally spells it out for us. How people are still theorizing about her boggles the mind...
Sharif Abdelal
Sharif Abdelal 4 gün önce
The Haligtree feels to me that it has many of the same themes as the Painted World - also a place for people who don’t belong, as well as being a secret area in DS1.
A Glimpse Inside
A Glimpse Inside Aylar önce
I look forward to these videos like I look forward to a new release of my favorite TV series. Well done Vaat!
LordSevla Aylar önce
Just need to split the explanations better. Sometimes there's so many different topics in the same video...
TomOhawk Aylar önce
Yes, Vaat…
Dennis Aylar önce
Yeah true and it has the same "30 mins are over way to quick" feel as well
The Groom Reaper
The Groom Reaper Aylar önce
Same, I feel like the videos are slower to release than they used to be and that just makes me more interested.
chris4203 Aylar önce
Hell yea the only lore vids I’ll ever watch
nintendawesome Aylar önce
i always thought melinas hair being strawberry blonde was a huge implication of her origins. A mix of red and blonde, but closer to blonde might reference her alignment as far as marika/ radagon go.
Adrammelech, the Wroth
I can respect the mighty Gransax. He has a really cool spear and he taught Lyndel some humility.
gigaChadow Aylar önce
“I don’t know if you’ve heard it yet, but malenia is actually the blade of Miquella” 😂😂 keep up the great work vaati thank you for the great video!
[HENAH] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
I was really hoping for a age of blasphemy ending or age of the serpent, that and an age of blood would be incredible, I’m not an invader mainly but they deserve a cool ending.
betterbardowins 10 gün önce
i think there is a chance that we see something from rikard in the dlc since his face is still in the arena
I am malenia, blade of miquella
Also, love your pfp.
I am malenia, blade of miquella
Both, varres and rykards bitch short questline could unlock Some endings, like you said, however i wonder how rykards bitch questline would continue after the serpents Fall. And for varre, it is disappointing that it ends with you just killing him and then mohg (near mohgs boss room are These Red Stones that let you invade varre.), i still don't get how People found him hard.
thealphapoodle 10 saatler önce
I may be late to the party with this, but having spent more than a week dying to Malenia, I noticed that sometimes, at least in the first phase, she’ll look up at the hole in the Haligtree where we can assume Miquella was before Mogh took him after she kills me, as if she were only just now realising that Miquella is gone. I like to imagine that she started her campaign across the Lands Between in an attempt to establish Miquellas order in the world, and while she was gone, Mogh decided to take Miquella from the Haligtree, where the latter was attempting to cure himself from his curse within the tree. After her battle with Radahn, Malenia was brought to the Haligtree weakened and barely conscious, and until the point where the Tarnished disturbed her rest, she didn’t even realise her brother was gone. Therefore to me, when she says that she awaits his return, she means Miquella‘s return is his return from his own slumber within the Haligtree.
Facundo Vera
Facundo Vera 4 gün önce
Radahn sure was a general, just not one of the Golden Order. Elden Stars: "It is said that long ago, the Greater Will sent a golden star bearing a Beast into the Lands Betwwen, which would later become the Elden Ring." A Sword Monument close to the Impassable Greatbridge: "The Starscourge Conflict. Radahn alone holds Sellia secure. And stands tall, to shatter the stars" Ruins Greatsword: "The ruin it came from crumbled when struck by a meteorite, as such this weapon harbors it's destructive power." Radahn probably thought he did everyone a favor by holding the stars. And he also prevented the Greater Will from using them to punish the Lands Betwwen. Carian Retaliation: "This was the Carian royal family's secret means to prepare against the disloyalty of the academy. The moon and the stars would one day go their separate ways." I think Radahn was helping the royal family by weakening the connection of the Academy sorcerers to the stars. There's a portrait of Radahn in the Volcano Manor, which means the Gelmir Knights admired him. There's an Abductor Virgin in Redmane Castle, and some outside in Caelid. Rykard helped Radahn in his war. Morgott calls Radahn a traitor, and we see them fight during the intro, which means the Redmanes sieged Leyndell. That sure made Radagon proud. When telling Jerren about Iji he tells us Iji forged swords resistant to the rot for Radahn's army. Jerren tells us to inform Iji that killing Radahn will set Ranni's fate back into motion. Then when we tell Iji he is flabbergasted as to how he didn't think of this possibility. This shows the act wasn't specifically against Ranni as if it was she'd have already known. The Greater Will banished Radahn's idol, later made his father marry another woman and drove Rennala mad.
Jason Aylar önce
I think the Carians were descendants of the Nox who weren’t buried underground. Separate from the astrologers who come from Mountaintops. The reason why the sword of night and flame is in Caria Manor is that it’s a trophy for the Carian’s political war against the Academy.
Cheval mongole
Cheval mongole Aylar önce
Nox like Wakfu lel
heyoceans Aylar önce
i agree!! i also came to that conclusion because Ranni tells you to go underground and it seems the underground areas are linked to their above ground
Petra B.
Petra B. 23 gün önce
I do believe that the Golden Order halted the movement of the stars long before Radahn was ever born, partly because of the wording of the lore in the astrologer item descriptions. It’s implied that the halting of the stars is both a result and a cause of the waning of the sorcerers’/astrologers’ power, in tandem with the growth of the Erdtree’s power. The stars, as we know, have an order of their own, which is why Marika went to war against Liurnia in the first place - the Greater Will could not tolerate competing Orders. Since Radagon/Marika couldn’t defeat them in battle, however, they married into the lineage instead. It’s unclear how exactly this may have proceeded, but ultimately Rennala’s acceptance of Radagon allowed the Golden Order to supplant that of the stars, and halt their movement. It’s interesting to use this as a way to examine Rennala and Radagon’s relationship as well. The sorcerers of Rays Lucaria turned on Rennala when she was left broken by his departure, and the game implies that they saw her brokenness as an obvious weakness, and she was not the champion they thought her to be. But the implications of what happened to the stars (the source of her power) after her acceptance of Radagon also seem to imply that this marriage was, at least symbolically, a concession of defeat tantamount to a win in battle. It seems Radagon “conquered” her one way or another, but that the people of Liurnia only realized it after the era of the Erdtree’s abundance was over, and the source of their own power was still locked away. To that effect then, Radahn’s conquering of the stars would amount to him declaring for the Erdtree and the Golden Order on his father’s and his idol’s behalf, as the Golden Order would, after the shattering, no longer have the power and influence to keep the stars in check. So Radahn took on that mantle for it, and accomplished what his father, effectively, could not.
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Snazzy Jovial Wyrm
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm Aylar önce
Godwyn's story is so sad, especially when you take into consideration what happens to Fortissax, a powerful ancient dragon whom he fought, defeated, and then became best friends with. When Godwyn died, Fortissax tried all he could to try and save him, only to become corrupted by Death, forced to forever live a horrible nightmare.
Dyneamaeus 29 gün önce
@Jsh Tng If the Moons of Caria are in fact Elder Gods, then Ranni is certainly a pawn manipulated into acting as it desires. Of course, if they aren't her ending is still pretty dark, since there's very little chance the puppet-princess will to win.
AscendantStoic Aylar önce
What I find truly bizarre is how little to nothing is left of Godwyn's legacy, no armor, no weapons, no incantation, no statues or paintings in his image, it's like he never existed or someone went out of their way to erase all signs of his existence (as if ashamed of what they had become, maybe the Golden Order!?).
Wow Gaming
Wow Gaming Aylar önce
I thought Godwyn was a villain. Your MC is sort of an anti hero and his wife Ranni.
Joseph Gold
Joseph Gold Aylar önce
​@Farty Fazbear Because each outer God has an "order" to their system, even if that system is chaos, and a sin is "tampering" with the goals of an outer God. This usually results in extremely unfavorable results, either as punishment or by unintended consequences. This isn't to say "sins" are evil, because an outer god may have an agenda that's entirely deplorable, but it is understood that to propagate most outer Gods have some method to their madness that is able to spread its will onto others.
Kyle C
Kyle C 8 gün önce
As someone who didn’t result pickup much of the lore while playing, your videos have been amazing to help understand what was going on.
Kouhai 16 saatler önce
This isn't really important lore-wise, but I find it neat how the Great Runes align based on the parents of their holder. The Great Runes of those related to Godfrey(Morgott, Mohg and Godrick) are centrally aligned. The children of Rennala and Radagon(Radahn and Rykard) have left-aligned Great Runes, and the children of Radagon + Marika(Malenia, Blade of Miquella) have right-aligned Great Runes.
VAB0L0 Aylar önce
I truly appreciate the depth of tone in Elden Ring, you can have both a mythical demi-god who conquered the stars to a standstill and a ridiculous, emaciated horse supporting a hulking brute... _Togethaaa!_
Deadgye 26 gün önce
26:35 The most likely theory is that Melina is Ranni's other half, possibly the same way that Radagon is Marika's, or something similar. Or a partial rebirth, or created from part of her soul. Melina is the daughter of Marika, but don't forget Radagon is Marika. Consider that the previous two butterflies are associated with Empyreans. The third Empyrean was Ranni. Melina says that she is "burned and bodyless". Ranni's empyrean body was burned by the black flames of destined death and killed. Ranni's soul body matches Melina's model perfectly and the eye marks combine to create a five-taloned claw. When they fade away they also fade in the same style or blue glitters.
LePeppino Aylar önce
I just love how these pieces of software created a whole community to play, create and discuss theories; it's just a nice thing to do... TOGETHAAAA
my_name_is_desh! Aylar önce
reapordeath Aylar önce
Lugent Aylar önce
Tbf most story driven games have that effect on the community.
Ryan Skinner
Ryan Skinner Aylar önce
Ryan Karuna
Ryan Karuna Aylar önce
Saint Buddy
Saint Buddy Aylar önce
Gold in Elden Ring is kind of a conduit for outer gods, so the unalloyed gold means gold pure of the influence of outer gods, which is why it wards off the rot and madness
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 22 gün önce
I just found out that Renallas Full moon sorcery stuns the silver tear enemies, or puts them into some kind of slumber. This may have some kind of lore implication, but at the least, it is a useful gameplay tip for sorcery builds. I haven't found that fact in any video or Elden ring wiki, so might be a contender for another 10 useful Gameplay secrets or even lore video ;) Love your videos keep on doing what you're doing! Greetz from Germany
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Elijah 14 gün önce
In the battlefield outside Leyndell, Melina repeats some of Marikas words to you, where she speaks directly to her demigod children, saying something along the lines of “make something of yourself, or you will only be good for sacrifices”. I think this is a really poignant thing for Melina to tell us, because I think it heavily hints at her identity and why she is a kindling maiden. I don’t believe she was always meant to be the kindling maiden. I think once upon a time, she may have been the gloam eyed queen, and when she ultimately failed, she was forced to become the kindling maiden as we see her today- only good for use as a sacrifice. Just a theory, but I think it makes sense.
Ya boi The Cadian
Ya boi The Cadian 13 saatler önce
Pika_Gal 3 gün önce
I’m playing NG+1 and I honestly missed so much through my first play through… I butchered through and barely knew any lore etc I’m so glad I’m taking my time this time and actually fighting bosses I missed it’s worth it!
Mayank Pant
Mayank Pant Aylar önce
I am damn sure we will be getting a "miquella's" dlc. He is such a mysterious and interesting character that it would be such a waste not to dive deeper into his character and his ambitions.
Voldebutt Aylar önce
im wondering, since all of the DLC in each Souls game sends you back into the past, that we will encounter Marika and actually have to help her get into contact with the Greater Will, and call forth the Greater Will to appear after we destroy Elden Beast in the finale
John P
John P Aylar önce
I think Miquella exists only in mind somewhere inside that cocoon past Mogh's boss room. The DLC that we go into might be a dream world of some sort. Just imagine how cool that kind of place could look. Might have an overarching heaven like theme and angels to fight that mimic malanias look.
Potatex Aylar önce
I'm still waiting for a Lightning of Tomoe DLC...
The Monolith
The Monolith Aylar önce
@Solaire Solalalalalemon How does Castle Sol reveal a "darker side" of Miquella? As far as we know right now, he was trying to use Castel Sol's power over the eclipse to return Godwyn's soul to his body. While we don't know if this was meant to return him to life or grant him a true death to escape from the horrific limbo he's currently in, either way it just shows he cared about his brother. What's so bad about that?
Noah Caelum
Noah Caelum Aylar önce
Miquella is essentially the only one who can canonically murder Outer Gods like the Greater Will.
Thomas Hart
Thomas Hart 15 gün önce
One comment about the Melina being a daughter of Radagon/Marika: I do think it's worth paying attention to how Melina refers to certain characters. Melina talks about her mother as giving her a purpose, speaking about her mother in ways that to me implies that Melina has met her mother, knows who her mother is, can recognize her voice...etc. But when you hear the "spoken echoes" in the churches, when Melina relays them to you, she refers to Marika as "Queen Marika." Not mother or anything vaguely familial, she speaks of Marika like most people do. I'm not saying that disproves the theory obviously, Fromsoft clearly wants to keep Melina's story more vague, but it is something that gives me pause.
James Rogers
James Rogers 15 gün önce
I wonder if any further dlc will give us more
Il Re Giallo
Il Re Giallo 25 gün önce
I personally see a connection between the omen's horns and the spirit's horns (wich are branches of a new tree, growing from their body and their souls). Maybe omen are "seed" of a new three, but in the Age of the Erdtree they are seen as a curse
Abbas Kizilbash
Abbas Kizilbash Aylar önce
Vaati this is absolutely amazing as always! I know other people would agree, but you put so much time and research into these videos and they always turn it amazing! I loved your chapter-like series you did on the story and lore of Sekiro and I think Elden Ring would be a perfect game to try something like that again! Can't wait for the next video!
Ponzuu 26 gün önce
I really love all the tiny jokes mixed in with the thoughtful narration. I think a lot of other creators have tried to weave jokes in with their video-essays, but most make a jarring shift in focus to their joke. These lore videos are such a rare treat in that they are not verbose, and yet very thorough and entertaining.
Ridire Oíche
Ridire Oíche Aylar önce
According to a veterinary student friend of ours, Malenia and Miquella's cursed illnesses are similar to exaggerations of deformities produced by inbreeding. A kind of Impism, in which the person remains physically juvenile for the rest of their lives but continues to grow mentally, and excessive tumors or scarlet rot from gaps and overlapping dna sequences/alleles. Could the curses be a punishment from the greater will for marika mating with herself?
TheWhiteGoblin Aylar önce
@Hannah Becton Now that is an interesting theory, especially with death being bound away. Might explain why she would be so willing to burn the tree down in her own way.
Hannah Becton
Hannah Becton Aylar önce
@Crustáceo You reminding me of that fact granted me with a new theory… Melina is bodyless. All souls return to the Erdtree when they die, but Melina was born in the Erdtree. What if Melina was the stillborn child of Marika and Radagon? And her unborn soul continued to develop and grow within the Erdtree?
Markus Aylar önce
Inbreeding sounds just like something GRRM would write into the story.
DarkKingHades Aylar önce
@Glockenspiel Yes, exactly!
DarkKingHades Aylar önce
This has been my thinking from the moment I learned that Marica and Radagon are one entity.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
Vaati's videos are some of the only videos where 30 minutes feels like 5. It's just so immersive and nice to listen to.
Chris Albert
Chris Albert Aylar önce
The biggest mystery in this video is how these screens and video perspective shots are possible in a game with no pause, no photomode, or free cam. Now that's something I really want to know.
Chris Albert
Chris Albert Aylar önce
@facundo torres Really? Do you know what mods have these free cam features? I only know the Nexus, and they don't have anything of the sort
facundo torres
facundo torres Aylar önce
Oh the elden ring engine is nearly identical to the dark souls 3 engine so modders have had an easy time cracking it like an egg and adding free cam
Revenant Gaming TV
Revenant Gaming TV 2 gün önce
This is hands down one of the impressive and entertaining pieces of content ever produced on this platform. There is nothing quite like playing through Elden Ring while learning about the game from these videos along the way. These videos make my playthroughs that much more enjoyable and Vice versa! Thank you for all the hard work you put into these videos I can’t wait to see what’s to come.
Caleb Caldwell
Caleb Caldwell 28 gün önce
Anyone else notice that Margit/Morgott seems to have some of his horns cut (his forehead for example mainly has stubs.) Contrasting his face with that of Mohg or some of the shunning ground omen, I can't help but believe that he cut his own horns off, perhaps in reverence of the Erdtree.
Dorkish _
Dorkish _ Aylar önce
So from the sound of it, the Stars knew Ranni's destiny of overthrowing Marika, and therefore the Golden Order. So the star that crashes to the earth and reveals the Enternal City was meant to crash much sooner to assist her in this task. However, due to Radahn's faith in the Erdtree and the Golden Order, he must have conquered the stars to prevent that very thing from occurring. Damn, I fricking love this game's lore lol
Vetzki 26 gün önce
@DanteMundus you reminded me that, even +230 hours in, I've been *completely* neglecting the Hill of Swords descriptions. I'll definitely be paying more attention to them now smh.
Restless 29 gün önce
@Stephen Jenkins you call me butthurt over what? Look, i just said radahn failed then you reacted so hurt that you have to bring up an irrelevant person as Ranni in the discussion to cope for Radahn. Then proceeds to accuse me as a Ranni fanboy in the process. Whos butthurt? not me for sure. You are coping hard its hilarious
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins 29 gün önce
@Restless I rest my case
Restless 29 gün önce
@Stephen Jenkins cope
Merom Darisier
Merom Darisier Aylar önce
If you focus on the fact that melina's left eyes is purple and sealed by claws, you may think that she is the dusk-eyed queen of the godskins which was beaten by maliketh. Marika may have sealed her power of dark flame which can kill a god to protect her family from a power linked to destined death. Melina have the power to kill a god that's why she will hunt the player of it became the lord of frenzied flame, the avatar of an outer god.
Sebastian Boyce
Sebastian Boyce 29 gün önce
Theory about Omen. I think it has to do when the parents lose their grace. The greater will punishes the parents by way of their children. I think Mohg and Morgott were born closer to Godfrey completing his mission, right before he is divested of his grace. That moment when he loses the fight in his eyes basically, where Marika no longer has a use for him (and by consequence the Greater Will is also done with him)
The7Reaper Aylar önce
The lore in this game is wild but so damn amazing
Big Fest
Big Fest Aylar önce
Always love your editing. Spoiled myself on a 170+ hours first playthrough and you never disappoint. Thank you.
Elementroar Aylar önce
The scarlet rot seems modelled after real world apple rust, which is a fungal infection of cedar and apple trees. Even the knotted growths in Caelid look like it, as does the ‘lotus’ like bloom of the scarlet aeonia. And just like how a tree can’t stop the fungal infection without outside help, the Erd Tree/Golden Order seems unable to stop its influence on Malenia, as Miquella found.
KonyHawksProSlaver 16 gün önce
it isn't though, it's probably a reference to higanbana (lycoris radiata), aka "ressurection lily", it has symbology in Japan tied to death and ressurection. look it up
Hannes Erwing
Hannes Erwing 18 gün önce
Just found out that apple rust also affects Shimpaku juniper, an indigenous plant to Japan. Used in bonsai decoration, it was once a symbol of status.
Eliott Hung
Eliott Hung 23 gün önce
I just want to answer this one because I investigated on this topic for a bit and I found the scarlet rot to be a reference about grey rot, wich is caused by a fungi that develops on a lot of fruits. Interistingly enough, when grapes are infected with grey rot, this disease is also called "noble rot" (if handled properly, it can make unique awesome wines, but if the fruit suffers it from too long, it dies). It also looks the same as what we can see in Caelid.
Church 28 gün önce
@fkerriga look up the 40 fruit tree, branch grafting was definitely an inspiration for him
Nook Small
Nook Small Aylar önce
The similarity between the lotus bloom and real life apple rust growth is almost identical. It's most certainly influenced by it. Great observation! Thank you for sharing.
AscendantStoic Aylar önce
Amazing cinematic presentation, nice work Vaati. About Radahan, the only way to use a finger-killing knife is to have a "fate" (which probably has something to do with also being an Empyrean), and to have a fate the stars must be free, so to prevent people from wielding the finger-killing knife from Nokron I'm quite certain the Greater Will tasked Radahn with arresting the movement of the stars to prevent anyone from murdering their two-finger emissaries, which is why Ranni tasked us with taking out Radahn (and it just happened that he (and his men) also wanted an honorable death, so win/win). As for Godwyn, what I find really strange is how there is nothing of Godwyn left behind except his giant unsightly mermaid corpse, no paintings, no weapons or armor used by him, no incantations, no statues ... for someone as important and heroic as Godwyn (he singlehandedly beat an ancient dragon and then befriended two of the last remaining ancient dragons effectively ending the war) he has no presence or legacy left in the world, it's like he either never really existed or someone intentionally went out of their way to erase any signs of his existence, I wonder if that was an intentional choice by the devs/Fromsoftware!!!?
david Delgadillo
david Delgadillo 2 gün önce
theres a secret alternate ending to the lord of frenzy that has me believe she's related to Ranni from her closed eye opening. Both Ranni and Melina have to be burned in order to destroy the Erdtree so maybe the flame god tied their souls? idk
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Aylar önce
Honestly, I would love a full backstory and part in the story for Ranni. She just interests me so much and I want to know more about her part/her ending
Connor Stratford
Connor Stratford Aylar önce
Radahn is by far my favorite fromsoft character and one of my favorites period
I think Melina has to be the sibling of Malenia and Miquella. All the other siblings come in threes. Her name starts with an M. All of them are afflicted (including Melina, if she’s afflicted with fire). In addition, her hair is pink, a combination of Radagon/Malenia’s red and Marika/Miquella’s white.
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 29 gün önce
@Mori If she is the Gloam-Eyed Queen, no wonder Maliketh utterly embarrassed her and her entire clan at the same time without even having a weapon. She's weaker than a single Apostle. Although that might just be because he took her powers from her once he was done with her.
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 29 gün önce
From has been pretty consistent with its names. First and last child of Gwyn were (likely) Faraam (first) and Fillianore (last). His middle children were Gwynevere and Gwyndolin. So Melina being born in the Erdtree and her mother being there + her being called child of Marika in the game files + her name starting with the same initials to those of Malenia and Miquella does seem to strongly suggest she is. She's the runt of the litter, lmao! Malenia claps ass physically, and Miquella claps ass mentally. Meanwhile Melina claps ass, uhh emotionally? I guess?
v k
v k Aylar önce
you know how in our history, royalties often had a hidden heir to the throne just to secure the lineage. maybe the story of Melina is inspired by that ideology. she knows lyendell very well. she has the knowledge on how to end it all. she has the movements of assassins and she can use spirits to aid herself.
@Špinavej Zvuk I don’t think Malenia was ever in love with anyone (other than, arguably, her brother). I think of Millicent and her sisters as “seeds” that she left behind after she bloomed and brought the scarlet rot to Caelid. Seeds that germinated on their own and Gowry only found them and raised them. That’s my theory, anyway.
@Špinavej Zvuk Ah, I wasn’t aware of those quotes, I just remembered Millicent saying she didn’t know if she was sister or daughter to Malenia so I always thought sister haha
Mothman_ Slayer
Mothman_ Slayer 21 gün önce
I swear the thought process and story telling FromSoftware does is always so amazing and detailed.
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Dickmond Dickelheimer
G.R.R. Martin's writing works perfectly with fromsoft lore because he doesn't have to finish or explain the story its up to the player
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 29 gün önce
He wrote the history of the world, while From took his world and characters from there and made the story with it. I think they put his talents to use in the best possible way. His characters are, no offense to From Software's own great characters, so much superior to anything I've experienced in a game before. Just the depth of someone like Maliketh alone is incredible.
Lord Hypnocat
Lord Hypnocat 29 gün önce
You can really tell Vaati grasps the themes of duality in Elden Ring. He even demonstrates the concept himself if you've turned on subtitles and compare them to what he says at 18:01. The duality of man indeed
David Colwell Miniature Painting
The work that must go into making these videos. Getting all these amazing shots to go along with the script is just incredible production. I wish I could like this video multiple times.
Eirik Sundby
Eirik Sundby Aylar önce
Mohg's character design actually does an immense amount of work in telling his story visually. Mohg, unlike his Brother, saw his accursed blood as a blessing rather than a curse. He fanatically worships the formless mother, as she blessed him due to his curse. This is visually communicated by Mohg's curse growing unchecked on his body. Rather than shave down horns in places where it'd be inconvenient to have them grow, Mohg has allowed his horns to grow to the point where one is sprouting from between his fingers and Another digs into his eye. He is blinded by fanatical belief in his blessing, literally.
Shane Lovelace
Shane Lovelace Aylar önce
@Zach Conant lol
Zach Conant
Zach Conant Aylar önce
@Shane Lovelace “more crazy” huh, I kinda liked Mohg and thought he had some good points.
Shane Lovelace
Shane Lovelace Aylar önce
I saw an interesting post a while ago that also pretty much said the same thing, but also mentioned that the horn piercing his eye might also be growing right into his brain, making him even more crazy
jonmac1987 Aylar önce
He's literally putting more 'points' in faith... I'll see myself out....
parto bakhtiary
parto bakhtiary Aylar önce
Amazing point!
JCW Aylar önce
People and content like Vaat's are rare. So subtle. Yet so mindblowing. Im really thankful for the channel and I will support when possible.
László Kovács
László Kovács Aylar önce
It is remarkable that how much work you put in making these videos. You make our gaming experience much deeper and better. Thank you.
Coldsteelblue 5 gün önce
I've got a theory; I don't actually think Malenia is dead, she seems to bloom in the face of death, being shanked by Radhan & when we beat her down in phase 1. At the end of the battle there is a massive lotus flower in the arena, it's led me to think that she is blooming into something else, unrestricted as that's how we get the unalloyed gold needle, the one miquella made & it's imperfect, needing to be finished in the past. It's just an idea as I don't think there's anything in game to support it, but I'm curious to see if anyone else thinks similar With regards to melina, I think she's tied to Ranni, as she mentions that she is burned & bodiless & if we view Ranni's body, it's burned almost beyond recognition. There is also that image that shows melina's face fits in perfectly with the ethereal visage on Ranni's doll. Just my thoughts on this
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Andy Boots_ACTA
Andy Boots_ACTA Aylar önce
You’re an absolute artist. Thank you so much for what you do for our community
Fiddlevlad Aylar önce
I absolutely love your content. Incredibly informative, elegant, at times highly speculative, but ultimately insanely interesting. If I could express but one wish, then it would be the distinction between theory in everyday conversation and a scientific theory (as opposed to hypothesis). I find your research so impressive and thorough that I honestly think your content would benefit from your making that distinction in future content, since I feel you use the word theory for both highly speculative guesses as well as pretty well-founded and well-argumented theories.
Evil Shenanigans
Evil Shenanigans 27 gün önce
With all these outer gods stuff, it would have been cool to have a ds3 covenant type deal with these gods. Maybe in the future
Jimmy Roberts
Jimmy Roberts 5 gün önce
Vaati, for lore purposes, it might be wise to state that Fortissax was considered the “mightiest Boulderstone”, not the mightiest dragon!
Wickwood The Wanderer
These videos are always so amazingly well crafted that they win out even over my ADHD. Vaatividya must truly be Miquella then, with content of unalloyed gold to stave off the brain rotting ADHD
blackhorse06 Aylar önce
Wow. Thank you! Your description provides incredible depth and perception to these characters, to a level well well beyond imaginable for a game. You have shown us ll how masterful Elden Ring truly is.
Wisecat studioz
Wisecat studioz 2 gün önce
I really wish Melania and Miquella had their own ending in the game, burn the erdtree and plant a new superior haligtree as the other one was not able to be fully grown. A pivotal part of their ending could be maybe offering the unalloyed needle to Melania and revealing the location of her brother as Mogh kidnapped him
PopeDope69-420 16 gün önce
I can’t wait for more of these videos. They’re so interesting and relaxing.
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ToodlesEl Noodos
ToodlesEl Noodos 3 gün önce
I don’t know where the Envoys come from, but since they’re at Haligtree and the Erdtree, I think it points to some thing out there had expectations. Miquella to become the next god after Marina, though stripped of that by the Formless Mother through Mohg. My last theory is us. The next age that would be set by the Tarnished and the Envoys expecting that. An Elden Lord is coming, but they know not which if the Tarnished will accomplish this and what kind of age it’ll be.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
When he mentioned “Malenia - Blade of Miquela” many times in a row, we all felt that.
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 29 gün önce
I'm fortunate enough to have gotten her second try and thus only hearing it twice. 2.2K hours on DS3 really prepared me well for this game.
Faux Fawks
Faux Fawks Aylar önce
@Obi One As much as I hate to say that I did it, but rivers of blood is pretty effective.
Obi One
Obi One Aylar önce
@Faux Fawks I actually just started elden beast the first time last night..I was getting everything I missed before I start ng+. Elden beast sucks ! I hate having to chase him around the arena , I'm going to try again tonight with my bleed build before I maybe change up my build.
Faux Fawks
Faux Fawks Aylar önce
@Obi One Were you also upset at Elden Beast being reistant/immune to everything? Including the supposed "god killing" black flame. I had to resort to bleed cheese to beat it the first time. Buncha horse shit.
Agressive Pebble
Agressive Pebble Aylar önce
Coming from beating her in ng+7, hearing that so many times triggered my PTSD
The Crab Maestro
The Crab Maestro 27 gün önce
I think radahn could also have been trying to prevent more fallingstar beasts from landing in the lands between. Every one of them that is found above ground is found in a crater which means they were likely comets at one point, and radahn controlling the stars would mean that none could land. Then again, the fallingstar beasts seem to know gravitational magic themselves so who knows
Javi 19 gün önce
I'm really hoping/looking forward to seeing more about the Stars/Moon faction in the DLC. It seems to me that wherever Astel and the Fallingstar beasts are from, whatever power the astrologers followed, they are the biggest challengers to the Greater Will. It would explain why arresting the stars was such a big deal, and what it means to do Ranni's ending where it seems like you're setting out to explore outer space. Elden Ring is secretly Mass Effect with glowy alien overlords. Plus I just love the aesthetic of blue space magic.
Shrimp3r JR
Shrimp3r JR Aylar önce
What an interesting collection of stories, wouldn't it be nice to actually experience them in the main narrative/plot.
Camron .W
Camron .W Aylar önce
I think one of the best details I found had to do with the Volcano manner, the Ghostly Knight which tells you of the Serpent Hunter wears a set of Gelmir Knight armour.
Caleb Hackler
Caleb Hackler Aylar önce
In support of the “Fire Butterfly theory/Melina is a sibling.” One of the first things I noticed during my initial playthrough was the scarring on Melina’s body. Her hands in particular are covered in burn scars, as if she was set aflame from an early age. Maybe she became the kindling, because that’s what she always was. Love the lore Vaati! Stellar as always.
Le Nin
Le Nin Aylar önce
maybe the reason she could be used as a kindling is her being cursed by the frenzied flame god with her being "burned and bodyless" and all. also as a sidenote this theory gave more credibility of melina being the gloam eyed dusk queen since destined death and the kindling seems to both be connected with the frenzied flame
v k
v k Aylar önce
ooooh this will explain that maybe she was cast aside considering she was burnt at birth or during childhood in the public view but was secretly taught the method to light up the giants flame. maybe marica kept this daughter of her hidden from the order just in case the order rejects her. like a backup plan.
Vibra Aylar önce
Melina's eye marking has three appendages as if it were referencing the Three Fingers. Her taking a stance against the Three Fingers may be how she regards "burning" in general. It's the difference between controlled burning of dead trees, branches, and any other brush, and a wildfire, or "frenzied flame", that burns any and everything that can burn. It's likely why they made it so that the Frenzied Flame harms its wearer.
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm Aylar önce
@DrTrollaux There may actually be a chance that the Frenzied Flame was created specifically by the Greater Will, as a great mistake due to the atrocities that the Golden Order committed to the Albinaurics and the Merchant people. The two fingers and three fingers may have been a one whole hand at one point before they split due to conflicting feelings about the Golden Order, and the three fingers was locked away because it wanted the Golden Order gone, while the Two Fingers wanted it to stay. Thus, the Three Fingers created the Flame of Frenzy to snuff out all life, as it may believe that the Greater Will's ideas and plans would only lead to more pain and suffering for anyone and everyone.
Quazer Aylar önce
@QuintaFeira12 And Radagon to 3 with each mother - with Rennala, he had Ranni, Rykard, and Radahn, with Marika, they had Malenia, Miquella, and Melina. The R and M naming is intentional
Pedro P
Pedro P Aylar önce
After fighting a crumbled version of Radagon, It's cool to watch the teaser trailer and see Marika/Radagon hammering at the ring and the crack on their shoulder growing with each hit. For a while, it bugged me how similar that was to the scar on Godwyn's back as seen in his assassination scene, but his definitely looks more like the half of the Rune of Death. Another thought on Radagon is his red hair. The giant braid item says the red hair is related to the giants, and possibly their curse which led people to believe Radagon was cursed by the giants. But what if having red hair means lineage and Radagon is of giant descent? The braid also says he hated his red hair and, much like Marika turning against the Greater Will and Ranni against the Fingers, he could have turned against his own kind.
Julio Guadalupe
Julio Guadalupe Aylar önce
Beautifully explained. Very masterful reconstruction of the Elden Ring timeline with an emphasis on the key events that drive the story and it’s character’s motivations. Also you have a great voice. Thanks for cutting this together and narrating. It has further endeared me to the incredible world of Elden Ring.
ph0kused Aylar önce
9:50 i always thought radahn conquering the stars was born out of sibling rivalry between radahn and ranni, in game it is said by iji that lady ranni’s fate is tied to the stars, and possibly he held back the stars out of loyalty to his father. But it could be all of the things you mentioned, either way i wish there was more dialogue about ranni and radahns relationship as bro and sis, they are the best characters in my opinion.
Trice Aylar önce
There's actually evidence to suggest they were working together. Dialogue from Jerren mentioned how Iji's weapons never succumbed to scarlet rot, implying Iji personally made weapons for the Redmanes, and by extension, Ranni helping Radahn. And think of it, Radahn had a conflict with every demi-god except his siblings and Mohg (mostly because he didn't know he existed). Just because Radahn embraces his red hair doesn't mean he's pro-golden order. Rykard also embraced his read hair via his Gelmir knight's manes.
hausy Gün önce
The most memorable From Bosses for me are Melania and the Giant Ape from Sekiro. I will never forget when I finally managed to beat either of them. 10/10
DoubleFalcon Aylar önce
Near the Minor Erdtree Church just outside of Leyndell, you can find a single grave that seems to be tended by one of the erdtree guardians with an item, which turns out to be a smoldering butterfly. This really confused me when I found it but in light of the smoldering butterfly/Melina connection, could this be her grave, or somehow linked to her? Haven't heard this gravesite discussed anywhere else.
Jaysaber Aylar önce
It's also worth noting that this grave is only a few feet away from the wall of the city. It's about as close as you can get. Definitely seems like it's important.
Gede Wahyu Prasetya
@Pithecophaga jefferyi Aeonian butterfly ~ Malenia, related to rot Nascent butterfly ~ Miquella, related to purity Smouldering butterfly ~ Melina, related to kindling
Pithecophaga jefferyi
Wait how is the smoldering buttrfly connected to melina, blade of torrent?
David Hong
David Hong Aylar önce
Alternatively, there was originally a cool sword there, but aome other Tarnished looted the grave before you could. That one guard is really embarrassed, so he keeps watch and hopes nobody will notice the empty grave.
Tyler Rhodes
Tyler Rhodes Aylar önce
As always, Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love every video and appreciate when a new one comes out! The in game picture/animations are just so on point. Looking forward to the next upload! Stay safe and healthy Vaati ! Cheers!
humble heathen
humble heathen Gün önce
I like the idea that in dark souls lightning is the ban to dragons. In Eldin ring dragons use lightning as easily is breathing.
Maria Lettieri
Maria Lettieri Aylar önce
Malenia and Miquellas story is so intriguing and heart pulling-I pray they get a DLC
Yak Yenry
Yak Yenry 2 gün önce
Does anyone else think that its possible that Miquella was chosen by the Greater Will as its Empyrean? Marika, Malenia, and Ranni are the other Empyreans we know about, and each of them was chosen by an Outer God seemingly to establish its control over the Lands Between. From that I don't think it that far fetched to assume that Miquella, who is as previously stated an Empyrean, was chosen by an Outer God to take control of the Lands Between. The only difference is that I personally believe Miquella was chosen by the Greater Will to be the successor of Marika because of his ability to produce Unalloyed Gold which could ward off the presence of the Outer Gods. Think about it... if the Greater Will noticed that Empyreans such as Malenia who was clearly influenced by an Outer God were being born, then wouldn't it want to create some sort of defense against that? That defense could have come in the form of Miquella, who the Greater Will might have blessed with the ability to discover Unalloyed Gold and use that as a way to ward off the influence of other Outer Gods. If Miquella could replace Marika as the God of the Lands Between with an Elden Lord at his side, then maybe he could of somehow incorporated Unalloyed Gold into the Elden Ring and/or the Golden Order or made his own order with Uanlloyed Gold that would have prevented the influence of Outer Gods other than the Greater Will, securing its complete control over the Lands Between. I believe that given this theory the reasoning behind why Mohg kidnapped Miquella and why his plan has seemingly failed make all the more sense. We know that Mohg wishes Miquella to ascend to Godhood with Mohg as his Elden Lord, most likely with the intention of ruling from the shadows and essentially putting his Outer God, the Formless Mother, in charge of the Lands Between. And why would Mohg think Miquella could become a God? Because he knew that Miquella was an Empyrean, and thus was chosen by one of the Outer Gods to become the next God of the Lands Between. Why didn't his plan work though? Perhaps it is because of Miquella's Unalloyed Gold, or perhaps just his nature as an Empyrean, that prevents the influence of the Formless Mother and thus Mohg's plan of using Miquella from coming to fruition. One pretty big hole in the theory I can think of is why if the Greater Will's plan is to use Unalloyed Gold to block the influence of other Outer Gods did it not just pass on the ability to Marika rather than choose a whole different Gold to supplant her? Additionally, it pretty clearly seems like Miquella has grown his Haligtree and its followers in opposition to the Erdtree, as he even allows those that were spurned by Grace such as the Albinaurics to make a home there. From this, it could be gathered that Miquella doesn't actually support the Erdtree and therefore the Greater Will, which would make it odd that he also was the Greater Will's Empyrean. One reasoning I could think of would be that he is just flat out rejecting his destiny to be the Greater Will's Empyrean the same way Malenia doesn't seem to truly embrace and seek out destiny to become the Goddess of the Scarlet Rot. The only other explanation I could think of would be that the Greater Will essentially wanted Miquella to the entire old order and the Erdtree, and so this would explain Miquella's actions of growing the Haligtree in opposition to the Erdtree as going along with the Greater Will's desire to create a new, different order. If it wasn't abundantly clear this is all pretty much speculation, but I do think it pretty logically draws conclusions from the actual facts that we see presented in the lore. I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts. I also can't wait for all of this to be proven completely wrong if/hopefully when From makes a Miquella DLC for Elden Ring.
Q Aylar önce
Miquella also wanted to rid himself and his sister of their curses via the Haligtree. This is why Malenia was there, why there appears to be two trees sprouting from one base and one is “incomplete”, while the other is riddled with scarlet rot.
177013 Aylar önce
She prolly left to fight radahn for his rune, as it protects against the rot, in an effort to help cure her rot.
Cosmic Aylar önce
Perhaps that's why Malenia keeps saying she's the Blade Of Miquella? To remind herself of her true purpose, and not letting her fall completely into the clutches of the outer god.
JustAnotherTurd Aylar önce
@Dyppity Joop Family, right? smh
Danny Kanerva
Danny Kanerva Aylar önce
so Mogh basically ruined Miquella's plan to help his sister by kidnapping him out ?
Dyppity Joop
Dyppity Joop Aylar önce
Yes also Mohg, Miquellas half brother stole him from the haligtree and attempted to wed him in order to become Consort to Miquella and establish a new age, since Miquella is an empyrean and thus can turn to a god, and is said to be the closest empyrean to god hood. although Mohg may have been mislead by his outer god guide the Formless Mother as Miquella posed a threat to all outer gods due to his unalloyed gold stopping all outer gods, so the Formless Mother may have lead Mohg to the kidnapping. But regardless when Mohg kidnapped Miquella from the wounded Malenia due to her wounds from Radahn, he stopped the Haligtrees growth, making it incomplete. Also due to Miquella's bewitching charm Mohg became truly smitten with him, and no longer wanted him just to establish his own order and truly "cares" for Miquella, in a fucked up way, I mean Mohg is Miquellas much older half brother, soooooooo incest pedo goatman is obviously fucking horrible.
Eddie Maiden
Eddie Maiden 27 gün önce
If From makes miquella into a boss for DLC, I’ll bet his fight would be similar to malenia, where he starts out as a noble, deific figure, and then in his second phase he turns into some horrid abomination due to being around Mohg so long
Uzicarries 8 gün önce
@dog No. miquella becoming a boss doesnt make any sense. Not every npc in the game needs to be a boss. Miquella has the body of a 4 year old. In no way is that boss material
dog 8 gün önce
@Uzicarries yes
Eddie Maiden
Eddie Maiden 13 gün önce
@Uzicarries understandable, have a great day
Uzicarries 16 gün önce
A crab
A crab Aylar önce
Did Malenia really bloom the first time fighting Radahn? 1) wouldn't she need to have done it before to know how it works 2) wouldn't she have had to do it before, for her people to know to take it back to the Haligtree and pop her out of it again? 3) Wouldn't the first time be when she first found out she had the rot? Way before all her parts rotted off? 4) that's definitely the third one when we fight her, and a second blooming somewhere between Radahn and now would leave another giant rot area, no?
Facundo Vera
Facundo Vera Aylar önce
I would argue that the Swamp of Aeonia is very big so probably it was the first time Malenia bloomed, when she was about to die, then she bloomed a second time with Radahn.
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