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Let Me Solo Her is inspiring us all in a world that's not super awesome right now. He's not the hero we asked for but he's the hero we need. 😂

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ELDEN RING RAP - "Solo" (Let Me Solo Her Song)




20 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Klein Tsuboi
Klein Tsuboi Aylar önce
At a loss for words XD Thank you for the amazing song and rap!
Indonesian v1nce
Indonesian v1nce 10 saatler önce
The elden lord
Nessessary Gün önce
@Guts fr like goddamn, praise the elden lord
TTVKyberWolf Gün önce
I got elden ring last night, it finished installing this morning.. I will practice hard to continue your work on Xbox
Ziggs loko de acido
Bow your heads, our lord is here
Daniel Dorvil
Daniel Dorvil 2 gün önce
miracleofsound 10 gün önce
This is just RIDICULOUSLY catchy, lads. Earworm & a half. Great stuff :) Love the byzantine/arabic scale as well
Caroline Miller
Caroline Miller 8 gün önce
This is what introduced me to elder ring
The Fool
The Fool 21 gün önce
The switch in tone from Malenia's epic melancholy to Let me Solo Her's unhinged chadness never fails to get me.
SakuraSensations 4 gün önce
I love it so much!
Riva Houkes
Riva Houkes 4 gün önce
@AmericanDivaa it's like all serieus and ready for a fight and he just strolls in with "here i go murdering again"
AmericanDivaa 4 gün önce
I freaking love it, the contrast couldn’t be stronger! XD
Riva Houkes
Riva Houkes 5 gün önce
@blue nebula "cool bro, listen to this tho"
blue nebula
blue nebula 5 gün önce
It's just like a person that singing their sad song untill a random dudes come in and rapping like a rap god
beaawsome 22
beaawsome 22 Aylar önce
This single person is forever immortalized in Elden Ring history. They even buffed her because of a single person that was just that good.
Verges Calvin
Verges Calvin 4 gün önce
@Tante Julchen Exept Leroy was acting :/
Nemuri Tori
Nemuri Tori 5 gün önce
forever immortalized in Gaming history.
JustLetMeComment 9 gün önce
@Cuddlebug the players described the video as "a dramatic recreation of real events". They weren't sitting there literally calculating percentage values, and Leroy probably didn't shout his name as he charged, but the general tone of "fuck it how hard can it be?" followed by disaster is true.
Cuddlebug 10 gün önce
Wait seriously?
Sir Apple
Sir Apple 10 gün önce
@Skelton Slay8er It was.
Jonas Parks
Jonas Parks 26 gün önce
Malenia: "I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat." LetMeSoloHer: *"Then allow me to introduce myself."*
Ruby rose
Ruby rose 13 gün önce
Took him 200+ times to learn her now they are a God at fighting her
Sad Potato
Sad Potato 15 gün önce
Better yet: Malenia: oh woe to those standing before me for i shall slauther them without mercy... Fear me! Lmsh:I got no pants and IM VICIOUS!
Spackwadge 16 gün önce
That line is so raw it gave me chills
S O U P 18 gün önce
Malenia: you can't defeat me I kill you all! LetMeSoloHer: *clears throat* observe
Le Chunky
Le Chunky 23 gün önce
Ongbal: *waiting for his(upon character)turn*
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I guarantee all of us don’t feel maidenless anymore after listening to this.
Ivan Castro
Ivan Castro Gün önce
Tay Mack
Tay Mack 5 gün önce
Yes we don’t feel maidenless but we are still maidenless oh how we tarnished suffer
Hanma The Demon King
@kkjoshjoker hello mr Just a guy with thicc mustache
kkjoshjoker 8 gün önce
Hello Mr. Just Some Guy without a Mustache
mind assassin
mind assassin 16 gün önce
Let Me Solo Her gets all the maidens, and he earned them.
bryan norton
bryan norton Aylar önce
"Let Me Solo Her" has become such a legend, he (or she) has their very own action figures and now their own rap. MAKE THIS PERSON A BOSS BATTLE!
Shehab Sheikh
Shehab Sheikh 2 gün önce
Or a dlc about him
Klaus Zhang
Klaus Zhang 4 gün önce
Well, you fight. I watch. Lol
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 5 gün önce
It would be to hard
James Kahre
James Kahre 5 gün önce
That would be great 👍
Harambe 6 gün önce
He should be a summonable ally instead.
Kyle Allen Music
Kyle Allen Music 12 gün önce
This chorus hits hard man. Freaking awesome job! Good to have you back bro.
notsoadl 23 gün önce
"Let me solo her" Is forever embedded to Elden Ring history.
The Rose Reaper
The Rose Reaper 22 gün önce
More like the entirety of Dark Souls history. I don't think there has been anybody who willingly gone out of their way to solo bosses for other people.
Dizzybun 24 gün önce
Can we appreciate that he has Rivers of Blood, but doesn't even use the Ash because he's not dependent on it? Most people beat Malenia through numbers, or a powerful ability, or a foolproof strategy. This man instead fights her head-on, and proves himself the better swordsman altogether.
SakuraSensations Gün önce
I agree that it’s extremely impressive that he beat her without any super great weapons, abilities, tools, etc. but I disagree that somebody using those things is lesser for it. People can play the game however they want. If somebody gets through this very difficult boss, good for them. Bravo if they do it like Let Me Solo Her, but let’s not shame anybody if they don’t have the time to learn every dodge pattern for the-let’s establish once more-most difficult boss in the game.
Selidor Blackfire
Selidor Blackfire 14 gün önce
I figure he doesn't use it because of animation lock. It's safer to be able to dodge.
Nid Salim
Nid Salim 16 gün önce
@ClayXros LMSH sounds a lot like Lamashtu, the mother Goddess of monsters.
ClayXros 20 gün önce
Malenia: I fear no Tarnished. But.....that _thing_... LMSH: _walks slowly from the fog wall_ Malenia: IT scares me
Gradual Orc66
Gradual Orc66 Aylar önce
Anyone who has played fantasy games knows one thing: legends are confirmed when bards sing about them. Let Me Solo Her has achieved legend status
Handsome Banana
Handsome Banana 8 gün önce
@NickAsNickName especially when the bard starts spittin some bars
Big_Man 28 gün önce
@Garry Cross and shall last more than decades my friend
Garry Cross
Garry Cross 28 gün önce
The story will be told for decades
Jrsonic_yt Animations
Jrsonic_yt Animations 28 gün önce
@NickAsNickName lets wait them to seduce a dragon
Mav Vynne
Mav Vynne 29 gün önce
Let Me Solo Her: SmvR & ONGBAL
Mokadelic 28 gün önce
This man has every right to walk around the world feeling like a God, because he deserves it.
a random guy
a random guy 25 gün önce
he IS a god
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Aylar önce
I have heard the expression, "They will sing songs of your great deeds" but this is the first time I've actually seen it happen.
Nessessary Gün önce
@Borderose indeed, he inspires many including me
Dank Bench
Dank Bench 7 gün önce
Stolen word by word, at least change a few words
Pointless_Normalcy 10 gün önce
This is a copy pasted comment
Jan 14 gün önce
@Rudolf Dirks Yep, thats fair enough XD
Rudolf Dirks
Rudolf Dirks 14 gün önce
@Jan the dragon born was all players. This guy is one player. He is a legend. A real legend.
Brainwave 101
Brainwave 101 23 gün önce
"I have never known defeat." _"Then allow me to be your teacher, today we shall learn the definition of failure."_
mekolidon 28 gün önce
im not gonna lie i thought this was gonna be one of those cringe rap songs. but DAMN THIS HITS HARDER THAN GODFREY'S FISTS!
Fat Mork
Fat Mork 5 gün önce
It slaps harder than my abusive ex
Jaylen Jones
Jaylen Jones 16 gün önce
I like the song but melaina in the beginning is the best part
LOID 22 gün önce
hits harder than will smiths slap
dovargorath 25 gün önce
What wording
Monarch 007
Monarch 007 Aylar önce
I really hope this guy sees this, he probably will see this and still not believe that you actually made an entire song based on his character. Personally, I would feel absolutely honored.
Blabafush 29 gün önce
he did see it
Doom skull v2
Doom skull v2 Aylar önce
He has been summoned
Sebastian B.
Sebastian B. Aylar önce
@Jan Postma thanks
Jan Postma
Jan Postma Aylar önce
@Sebastian B. his yt name is klein tsuboi
Sebastian B.
Sebastian B. Aylar önce
@Jan Postma What? I couldn't find him
David Cardona
David Cardona 17 gün önce
I'd really like a full song of just Malenia's parts extended, the singer's voice is beautiful and the beat is great, unironically the best parts of the song. Song is a bop though, really well done!
Dotkaeon Fuwa
Dotkaeon Fuwa 5 gün önce
Davidicus 9 gün önce
really, her part is so good. I'd love to hear that song
David Cardona
David Cardona 14 gün önce
@Vadan Drumist heck yeah dude
Vadan Drumist
Vadan Drumist 15 gün önce
The "Malenia, before LMSH showed up." version.
Michael McGaming
Michael McGaming 23 gün önce
imagine becoming an icon of the Elden ring community, people call your name, worship your name, even write songs about you.
Aichi1138 2 gün önce
The true Elden Lord
Monokuma 14 gün önce
Theminecraftian772 4 gün önce
I get chills every time I hear "Who is this man, bringing the world together." Because it's true. It united more than just the community it spawned in.
CaseStingray 21 gün önce
What people don't realize is that "Let Me Solo Her" is like the new Solaire Of Astora from dark souls 3 (if yall remember him) just unstoppable.
CaseStingray 12 gün önce
@Luke Deakin Close enough :/
Michael K
Michael K 15 gün önce
@Luke Deakin I seem to recall there was a player in Dark Souls 3 calling himself Solaire of Astora that helped a ton of players with bosses, similar to Letmesoloher.
Mambi WhoKnows
Mambi WhoKnows 16 gün önce
We shall never forget our Sunbro!! Never!!
Luke Deakin
Luke Deakin 16 gün önce
Solaire was in DS1
-–——·≈·[The Patriot]·≈·——–-
When your so legendary in the Elden Ring community and so well known, that you got a whole rap song about you.
Random Headshot
Random Headshot 12 gün önce
@Draiden The HyPE mAn melina's the one who helps you level up.... You're thinking of Malenia, blade of Miquella
Neoraani Aylar önce
Oh? Didn’t expect to see you here Mr.Patriot.
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez Aylar önce
Jesus Christ! It came out not too long ago and already there's a widespread meme!
Arusham Shafeeq
Arusham Shafeeq Aylar önce
Some of my friends refuse to believe that that isn't a cut scene that comes after killing her
MABfan11 15 gün önce
"i ain't looking for fame, nor the applause of a crowd. i speak with the blade and leave with a bow" this line is so fucking fire
Johnrich Ivan Paña
Johnrich Ivan Paña 29 gün önce
At this point if he became a boss I can’t even be mad getting slaughtered, this guy is a legend
Frostphoenix 26 gün önce
This had me rolling more than an Eldin Ring player :D Also Malenia's vocalist absolutely killed it.
certified bruh moment
certified bruh moment 25 gün önce
roll into the ground
Graziano 10 gün önce
I never played Elden Ring, but this is an epic concept. A hero travels the universe to battle the same foe in every world. A lot of brave warriors are not able to defeat her, but he is. This is why he became their champion: he fight for them, and wins, over and over again.
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Aylar önce
I have heard the expression, "They will sing songs of your great deeds" but this is the first time I've actually seen it happen.
Ardale Primo
Ardale Primo 6 gün önce
Jt music is 100% the bard in their dnd sessions
SounderMoth 8 gün önce
Prof. Jamal, 34K Cultists
@ImMcWheezly I don't know it.
ImMcWheezly 9 gün önce
I’ve seen it before, ever heard of silly billy vs the unmatched power of the sun
spino11096 9 gün önce
@Dark Naio that might be slightly due to the popularity of this game vs the previous. Prior to this game most online discussions stuck to reddit but with this ones popularity bringing it to more common platforms a noble act was able to blossom into a legend.
Nugg Destroyer
Nugg Destroyer 15 gün önce
You guys literally are turning him into a legendary hero. The bards singing of his glory.
Aniko Etoiel
Aniko Etoiel 2 gün önce
Was anyone else speechless when they started rapping in another language. I had to replay the video a few times to try and figure out what they said! Awesome vid guys as always.
amlda 19 saatler önce
"Let Me Solo Her" In the face of all danger and all doubt, one legend arose, one tarnished was summoned to be the communities archangel. -evanf1997-
Brian James
Brian James 2 gün önce
This song captures the mood of the game and Malenia's grace and ferocity. I can totally imagine her singing that first part as she cuts you to pieces. You also give LMSH a personality that we can all identify with. Truly excellent work, sir. Well done!
Krepp Aylar önce
Never thought JT would make a rap about Let Me Solo Her, he has truly ascended now that the bards of gaming have told his tale
Garry Cross
Garry Cross 28 gün önce
@Alex Dana Its still up, better check the real LMSH, Klein himself
Garry Cross
Garry Cross 28 gün önce
Never thought letmesoloher would let a bard tell his tale
Deathstroke81 29 gün önce
@Jeremiah Cash tell you what man you pull of the same thing he has and comeback to me
Alex Dana
Alex Dana Aylar önce
It's too bad let me solo her deleted his account after beating her 1,000 times
Sliferslacker21 Aylar önce
@Jeremiah Cash I mean, that’s your opinion and that’s totally fair for you to think that. But you should also respect that others think so differently. We can all have different opinions and be respectful about it.
Just Andy
Just Andy 20 gün önce
Reading the line "I'm flawless, like the jawline of Chad. Reincarnate of Giant Dad" just hits in all the right places. Excellent work as always
pls kill me
pls kill me 19 saatler önce
I swear this game franchise will never get old
Ryan 12 gün önce
"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering" - Bruce Lee Pretty damn sure LMSH already achieved that
NnH Kairyu
NnH Kairyu 18 gün önce
You know you've birthed a legend when the bards sing of you for generations. 🤣
Erik Ghostwood and the crew
this man makes me feel like the jar helm needs to become the new armor of the sun, a symbol of comradierie for all tarnished and a beacon of friendship
gunslinger_lucky tanki junky
Imagine becoming so popular that you get a song made about you. HE HAS BECOME A LEGEND!
Dr. The Rake
Dr. The Rake 15 gün önce
@zoro4661 wait whAT?
Prink PBJ
Prink PBJ 19 gün önce
@Your_Father one of the more recent cases of this saying
Your_Father Aylar önce
"They will sing songs about your heroic deeds"
Sir. Mannington
Sir. Mannington Aylar önce
Bard's literally sing his praises.
Sora Ad Caelum
Sora Ad Caelum Aylar önce
@zoro4661 alright thanks
Yharnam Iyhill
Yharnam Iyhill 15 gün önce
The developers should put him as a secret boss with max AI reflexes. The only way to hit him is by taking off all of your own cloths. ;3
Nessessary Gün önce
Imagine, back in midieval times, a knight actually did this
YouTube Stuff
YouTube Stuff 23 gün önce
I love this song, but can we get a separate song about the boss? That opening was awesome
bsalt forblox
bsalt forblox 23 gün önce
I know right!
Nightmare Chaser
Nightmare Chaser 24 gün önce
They say every legend are held in the halls of history through song and this definitely puts him in the halls of From Software's legends
NemRaps Aylar önce
I beat the Elden Beast but still can't beat her 😢
GhostSpartan018 27 gün önce
@Reese Walker i fought it before th3 nerfed bleed
Bliss Aylar önce
@DRATACKT255 you know the best way to dodge her 3 part AoE slashing attack is to unlock the camera? That's quite literally the first time in FromSoft history that unlocking the camera has been used to most efficiently dodge. So sure, you may have killed her first try, but her attacks are still very unusual. Then add the Bloodborne rally on top of that
Meddatron Aylar önce
become chris brown
watertommyz Aylar önce
​@Gwyn It's one of the easiest bosses in the game. You literally just need to be patient, get behind it or attack its wound. the only thing it has going for it is part of a two phase fight.
André Gregory
André Gregory Aylar önce
Strategy 1: use bloodhound step + swarm of fly. You can solo her without coming near nor getting hit. Strategy 2: bloodhound step dual wielding greatswords, she stagers almost every hit. Strategy 3: use the shadow sorcery spells, she won't dodge these. Strategy 4: use that crisol horn incantation, it send Malenia flying every hit, it's the most disrespectful way to defeat her. Hint: if you want to use a summon, don't use the mimic, use Tiche, almost all her hits stagers and some even flatten Malenia, and as she is so fast, Malenia has difficult hiting her, so she won't heal. PS: but if you want to have a real, enjoyable fight, and say you really defeated her don't use any of this. GIT GUD.
Scruffygorgon 77
Scruffygorgon 77 18 gün önce
He got most of the let me solo her lore in that amazing song. Thanks for reminding me why I subbed
Scruffygorgon 77
Scruffygorgon 77 18 gün önce
Also i love you and your voice so much you’re awsome
Jmoney TheGodOfMoney
Jmoney TheGodOfMoney 27 gün önce
GiantDad: I am the legend and no one can defeat me Solo: “walks from the shadows behind him” I pretty sure I can Solo you
certified bruh moment
certified bruh moment 25 gün önce
cryzz0n 25 gün önce
- got known by the majority of, if not all of the eden Ring community and bled into the internet. - art of him was drawn on R34. - a song by Jt Music was made about him Let Me Solo Her has truly achieved internet legend status
Paper Antlers
Paper Antlers 18 gün önce
So after a bit of looking into it I actually figured out that "Menage A Trois" means a relationship with 3 people in the same household, usually involving sex. But after I looked into it more I figured out that it's essentially the French word for having a threesome. Now it's also worth mentioning that "Menage A Trois" in French doesn't imply sexual context. So basically, the lyric "No Menage A Trois Sorry Brah" is referring to the fact that LetMeSoloHer is rejecting a Menage A trois. A.K.A. a threesome, which if you remember in French just means "a trio of people." TL;DR "Menage A Trois" means 3 people together. The lyric "No Menage A Trois Sorry Brah" basically means "No, I'll do it alone." If you're a For Honor player (or most multiplayer fighting games tbf) this is commonly referred to as your teammate saying "Let me 1v1." When you have the opportunity to gank. Basically being honorable. lol.
Mind flayer
Mind flayer Aylar önce
"Let Me Solo Her" finally had his legendary battle theme dedicated to his greatness. Let us all join in our new anthem of the true elden lord!
Teenage Silver
Teenage Silver Aylar önce
@Mind flayer perfectly said, I agree most of this
Mind flayer
Mind flayer Aylar önce
@Teenage Silver I don't think hate to greatswords, my first playthrough I was carried by Rivers of Blood but most of my beginning gameplay was with the Lordsworn's greatsword which I used up to that point. The colossal weapons I like less only because of how slow they are but I really enjoy the Ruins Greatsword because of it's cool attack, same with Radahn's Greatsword(s). I will admit Rivers of Blood and bleed in general are very broken in this game, but powerstancing and comet azur infinite mana are too, heck there is even a tank build that allows you to block attacks free of stamina and health while poking from the side with a spear. So my point is while yes bleed is very powerful, you have to admit that there are many other builds a person can claim as "broken" that can make the game very easy. The only way to prove yourself even good in this game is if you beat it as a level 1 Wretch it seems like, and even that may be considered a "broken" class by some players. In the end of the day, let us at least respect eachothers opinions and respect the amount of time it took "Let me solo her" to perfect Malenia, the said to be "hardest boss in the game." Although even that can be debatable.
Derrick Fuler
Derrick Fuler Aylar önce
Long live the true Elden lord of battle
Teenage Silver
Teenage Silver Aylar önce
@Wheezy okay, it's better. But the bleed mechanic is still broken. If he used a unpopular weapons, he will prove that he is a true lord of the game. It's a bit bad when metabuild is so popular and played by him, a lot of noobs will imitate him. From this comes a lot of hate on heavy weapons in Elden for no reason
Wheezy Aylar önce
@Teenage Silver lol he may have strong weapons but he is not using the rivers of blood special he only uses basic attacks so idk what you talking about
Felix Fauxington
Felix Fauxington 15 gün önce
“Why where armor if you don’t plan to get hit?” Are we just gonna ignore how powerful a line that is
Kai Howard
Kai Howard 6 gün önce
@Nolmc A very chad line indeed, it was Let Me Solo Her who said it in an interview😏
Nolmc 9 gün önce
A very chad line
CurlyHairedDevil8 26 gün önce
Imagine being such a legend that you literally got poets singing your praise. A true warrior.
Alex 19 gün önce
imagine being the strongest being in your prime with god-like powers and undefeated titles, and there's this guy out of nowhere with a pot on the head and an outfit only covering his balls defeated you without taking any damage, and the modern era made a song about how funny you lost to that guy 🤣.. truly a Legend worth remembering🤣
Ethan Jones(RedAlchemy19)
This song is catchy as hell,lol. Especially the Bass, it has no right being that damn good.
Mineias Aylar önce
"CAN NOTHING TAKE HIM DOWN!?" Hearing Malenia being scared gave me goosebumps, well done
Brooks Harper
Brooks Harper Aylar önce
You don't understand. This is the boss music that plays on her end when she fights him.
Bahajiru TMSPT
Bahajiru TMSPT Aylar önce
"look at me. I am the boss now"
Kelly 24 gün önce
I love the hype over this guy so much. One of the internet's favorite heroes. He will be a legend for all time in our hearts
Kusanagi 17 gün önce
I pretty love this song, but would it be too much to ask for a full Malenia song using the start of this one ? It just feels so right for the vibe of the character
José Daniel Rivera
José Daniel Rivera 14 gün önce
La leyenda que apareció de repente y contrarrestar al "git ut" . XD, no paso mucho tiempo desde que se descubre su legado y ya tienen hasta rap, fanart y figuritas.
Celso Simões
Celso Simões Aylar önce
Foda demaaaais. A letra, a batida, o som, mandou bem demais cara. You nailed it man!
Burak Akbay
Burak Akbay Aylar önce
Lets not forget: *Let me Solo Her* The Hero we needed That helped Thousands pass this cancer boss. (He helped me too, if you see this thx a lot man)
Drake York
Drake York Aylar önce
he said himself that he lost count of how many he helped at the 300-400 range, so it might not actually be wrong to say that he has actually helped more than 1000 people get passed melania.
Agent Maine. {ai:sigma,beta,theta,omega,zeta}
Let me solo her is a god..... He even helped me to and I honestly want to know who he is so I can pay him
Hapy Boi
Hapy Boi Aylar önce
@DaedricDrake Your sarcasm reminds me of English humour, there is a lot of Sarcasm
Some Nerd
Some Nerd Aylar önce
@Sora Lockhart damn. Good on them :D
Sora Lockhart
Sora Lockhart Aylar önce
@Some Nerd he's on pc I believe, but I have seen a few people starting to imitate him/her on other consoles
Dabowler68 ch.
Dabowler68 ch. 18 gün önce
A man that loved a boss so much he wanted to fight her over and over...
DarthNoob 17 gün önce
"This rotten rapunzel requires a barber, but an arm and a leg is what I'm gonna charge her 😤 " that shi cold af
Zetta 20 gün önce
This is amazing work. God I love the Fromsoft community lol.
Jimmy Weller
Jimmy Weller Aylar önce
I kind of want a rap song just about her now. That beginning I was like… damn, she truly is the rot queen
Tim Bomb
Tim Bomb Aylar önce
"I don't plan to get hit so why wear armour?" now that's a flex. Imagine this in an anime or something. Dude steps up to this powerhouse character, wearing no armour and actively hindering themselves with a pot on their head telling all the other warriors to step back and let him fight solo. Absolute chad.
Invicibla 19 gün önce
@darkm0n54, So?... Practically just explaining a very experienced player. Same goes for Solo Max Level's and Worn and torn, what kinda point are you trying to make
darkm0n54, 21 gün önce
@Invicibla you do know let me solo her practice malenia's pattern over and over to dodge her movement not use skills like ultra instict
Invicibla 21 gün önce
@darkm0n54, Same thing with Worn and torns, except he has a skill became stagnant water constantly dodges even against medusa, he closed his eyes, MULTIPLE TIMES
darkm0n54, 21 gün önce
@Invicibla are you fcking kidding me? Solo max level newbie's mc literally did the whole entire game over and over again for how many years until he's only player left trying to clear the game and when it became a reality he only needed a knife and nothing else to dodge attacks from a minotaur at level 1 for 30 minutes straight without getting tired because he already knows the minotaurs attack pattern bruh
Invicibla 21 gün önce
@darkm0n54, Thats just wrong, Max levels Mc is not like the statement at all, Worn and torn's just works, go fucking read them
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen 24 gün önce
Oh my gosh. The MV beautifully captured "Let me solo her"' spirit!!! In love immediatly!!!!!
EvilFJester 25 gün önce
"Let Me Solo Her" has stepped from a simply mortal, a mere player, into the realm of mythos. They have became the modern Hercules or Achilles. the internet can be awful, but sometimes, its just right.
Magnus the Red
Magnus the Red 23 gün önce
@EvilFJester it cool I'm just a huge mythology nerd
EvilFJester 23 gün önce
@Magnus the Red no worries! My bad!
Magnus the Red
Magnus the Red 23 gün önce
If you are talking about greek mythology then it is heracles hercules is the roman version sorry I'm just a huge mythology nerd
M72 6 gün önce
Legends like this are part of what makes videogames so beautiful.
SakuraSensations 4 gün önce
God, I can’t stop listening! It’s so catchy!! I don’t know who’s singing Malenia’s part but their voice is gorgeous…
Cole Phelps
Cole Phelps 29 gün önce
You know you're a legend when people make a song just for you
bruno cairn
bruno cairn 29 gün önce
Praise the potman😆
Alex Park
Alex Park 28 gün önce
who ever does the female voice does such an amazing job and the song is just fire and the rap is so good
Jarrod Steers
Jarrod Steers Aylar önce
Through action, a Man becomes a Hero. Through Death, a Hero becomes Myth. Through Time, Myth becomes Legend. Through seeing Legends, Man takes action. How many more Legends will start from this spark, I wonder?
Simon Wayne
Simon Wayne 15 gün önce
I listened to this before reaching melania and I didn’t know who this guy was. I thought it was just a fun song by an elden ring fan. Now that I’ve listened a second time and get the context this song SLAPPED my jaw to the floor! This is awesome
Dariusz Black
Dariusz Black 18 gün önce
"Im not searching for glitering armor and treasured swords, statues with my face carved on, applause of the crowd or songs of bards. I only crave for path carved with my blade and skill that bring me to Eternity".
He is not a hero, he is legend
Moonriseoversunset 24 gün önce
WHY AM I ONLY SEEING THIS NOW?!?!? Why am I not subbed anymore?!?! The heck youtube.... Ugh in any case I love the song its so cool to see you guys write a song for just one player. Both you and Let Me Solo Her are both legends. Keep up the good work both of you.
Rai 11 gün önce
I love how I have absolutely nothing to do with Elden Ring, nor have I ever wanted to. I haven't played a video game of any type at all in over a year. And even *I* know of this guy
Valkyrie501 Aylar önce
“I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat.” “I am Let Me Solo Her, and you WILL know defeat.”
Loona the Hellhound
Loona the Hellhound 25 gün önce
Lol baki
Tarnished v1nce
Tarnished v1nce 26 gün önce
No lore perspective he would not be able to easily kill her
Chris Daniel Ladion
Chris Daniel Ladion 29 gün önce
@Ethernet Cable faxs
Kerrx_- 29 gün önce
I am Let me solo her blade of the tarnished an i will show you defeat
Derp lololol
Derp lololol Aylar önce
@tierra source of destruction oh ok.
TheDepressedTurtle 15 gün önce
Can i just say that this song has the catchiest beats in the internet so far imo
Krescentwolf Aylar önce
I love that the greatest hero to come out of a super grim-dark Souls-like is a meme-tastic naked guy with a pot on his head. It's somehow totally appropriate.
J.D. Clayborne
J.D. Clayborne 12 gün önce
Bro, Let Me Solo Her actually has his own rap, thats crazy.
rickxhoshinji 9 gün önce
An immortal ballad worthy of the legendary faceless champion.
Um Sujeito Suspeito
Um Sujeito Suspeito 25 gün önce
Ser for possível, gostaria que alguém deixasse a letra dessa bela canção em respostas no meu comentário, por favor
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 8 gün önce
The man, the legend, he even has his own rap
Dipp Rebaixado
Dipp Rebaixado 17 gün önce
if "let me solo her" were a main history boss im pretty sure no one would see the ending
Pedro, The Sun Owner
Pedro, The Sun Owner 20 gün önce
great song, and perfect tribute to Let me solo her.
MagicCardboardBox Aylar önce
If they ever make a sequel, I really hope he's canon in some way.
Deadly Kracken
Deadly Kracken Aylar önce
They should add a statue of him or something like that
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez Aylar önce
I’m expecting him to be in the dlc or something I know you can find him in the puppet shop haha
BestrJestr Aylar önce
It would be funny if he was the canon protagonist of the first game in the second.
x cool
x cool Aylar önce
@chunky's weird toaster and also he keeps runing into a bald guy called patches
Resting Traveler
Resting Traveler Aylar önce
cloth of a true champion "the only thing that the champion wore besides his trusty headpiece He wore this while he traveled the worlds to help those to weak to kill any beast."
Storm Rider
Storm Rider 17 gün önce
I’m not really sure how I feel about the scars in the art. That would imply something actually managed to hit this beast and don’t to imagine what such monster could do that
sk_Hermit 5 gün önce
Maybe the art was inspired by the attempts LMSH did when he fought Malenia
Potato wifi123
Potato wifi123 12 gün önce
One cannot start a beast, they start as everyone does, a newbie, yet as time passes, many get better, they become veterans, and know the craft, but some break the limit, and reach Godly Status as Let Me Solo Her achieved
Tetrikitty 13 gün önce
the scars are from all the practice he did to get that good
sinanxd 11 gün önce
This guy needs to be boss. Imagine his awakening, crimson katana starts emitting angry flames and stuff!
RAGE 18 gün önce
God I wish he one time show up in a Souls convention and act like a random dude in it and he will go up on stage and say " I am 'Let me solo her' " and it will be like Tony Stark revealing he is Iron Man. Much respect
Riyuu GIN
Riyuu GIN 11 gün önce
Malenia at the start of the fight : "This is not my boss music" LMSH : "Yes, it is mine"
Will3116 Aylar önce
This dude is really just becoming a whole legend. Reminds me of Leroy Jenkins like WAYYY back
ChaosStorm 096
ChaosStorm 096 Aylar önce
Let Me Solo Her is the new Leeroy Jenkins, in a way.
Some Nerd
Some Nerd Aylar önce
Donovan Millard
Donovan Millard Aylar önce
I never would have made that connection, but it's totally accurate lol
Let's Not
Let's Not Aylar önce
@Aqua-Simp And a wow character that you can get by completing a mock leeroy raid
tylermech66 Aylar önce
@Super Saiyan Diclonius There was also the reference by From Soft themselves in the form of Paladin Leeroy from DS1
cloudsRniceC0M3 20 gün önce
us listening to this on youtube is like the equivalent to a fantasy setting where we listen songs in the tavern about the legendary hero... this gamer is a myth reborn.
V 3 saatler önce
Damn i never see such amazing community like this absolutely epic
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy Aylar önce
this does... bring a smile to my face
Eyein 16 gün önce
I remember when this man started his legend. And now to see him made into a song, truly a legend of the gaming community
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon Aylar önce
This guy has literally become a legend. -known far and wide for his deeds -people singing songs about him -everybody who knows of him turn their heads when he is mentioned -people trying to cash grab on his fame (merch based around him but he gets nothing from the profits)
Ogi 25 gün önce
@Shadow Dragon yep that's the one. And we got more than 100rules but don't worry, only half of them are fucked up
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon 25 gün önce
@Ogi i see... wait- rule 63? How do we have that many rules on the internet? And is that one the rule where everyone has to have a counterpart of the opposite sex?
Ogi 27 gün önce
@Shadow Dragon sorry to disapoint but half of it is just rule63 and futanari
Brendan Donohue
Brendan Donohue 28 gün önce
@Jelly monster I was just trying to make a joke lol but Yeah I 100% agree these people are just helping this aint a competition of who's the est helper
Jelly monster
Jelly monster 28 gün önce
@Brendan Donohue I'm not. I'm just pointing out that legends are getting so much hate, too the point they stop helping. It's sad
Katzenpalme 17 gün önce
the music, the voice...awesome
Jaxonian Aylar önce
“There was once a man who slayed 1,000 Malenias.” “Sure Grandpa, let’s get you to bed.”
Sovi the Disastrous
Sovi the Disastrous 28 gün önce
I love how every souls game ends up spawning and forging this legend amongst the community
Zero 25 gün önce
“Let me solo her” is gonna go down in history of Elden Ring
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Aylar önce
This man has gone far beyond a meme. He truly is elden lord now.
Sin Of Wrath
Sin Of Wrath Aylar önce
More like elden god
Hapy Boi
Hapy Boi Aylar önce
Have we found THE Elden Lord? Yes, I think we have
nestor batista
nestor batista Aylar önce
Garbo Aylar önce
I mean, you’re not wrong
x cool
x cool Aylar önce
No he is beyond elden lord he is the incarnation of 1v1 me noob (said noob being well we all know who)
Scottish panzer
Scottish panzer 20 gün önce
This is literally doomguy I know this ain't doom but this guy is the closest we'll get to a god of gaming just due to how his legend has grown
Martin XY
Martin XY Aylar önce
I just imagen this dude walking in sayin "HONEY IM BACK!!" every time
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