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Watch the unedited run here: • I beat Elden Ring...



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19 Mar 2023




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Bushy 11 aylar önce
Watch the full run here: trvid.com/video/video-U3AEbPx9N8U.html
BigBuddha2012 13 gün önce
i was about to doubt the legitimacy of the "no hit run" with such a skip lol
Undestroyable Gaming
Undestroyable Gaming 3 aylar önce
@Hboss-43 peanut butter
Wyrade 7 aylar önce
@Hboss-43 Personal best.
Hboss-43 7 aylar önce
what does pb mean bushy
Uncle Phil
Uncle Phil 8 aylar önce
Strategies I didn't even know existed. Well done.
NeKKtar 11 aylar önce
This Elden Beast fight was impressive Edit: the whole run was impressive
gooHero 6 aylar önce
@BLZShadow bots.
hapwn 7 aylar önce
You will never see me using an ugly stick!
Valy999 8 aylar önce
@Just why And I'm the fifth! Edit: comment I mean
Just why
Just why 8 aylar önce
How am I the 3rd guy but 4th comment to reply to a 2.3k comment
Evixity’s speedruns
Evixity’s speedruns 8 aylar önce
Leon Soul
Leon Soul 11 aylar önce
I never, ever, thought someone would be able to do something remotely close to this, when just thinking about the elden stars attack. Good job man you deserve so many more subs and views. The video was great👍 keep it up. Already waiting for more content!
Saki Covert
Saki Covert Aylar önce
there's actually a hitless run someone did that contains every souls game from demon souls all the way to elden ring hitless if they got hit they went back all the way to the first game
Andres Gomez
Andres Gomez 2 aylar önce
Someone beat all the souls sekiro included without getting hit
George 2 aylar önce
@bob brown yeah but I think all fromsoft games combined main bosses are less than all bosses elden ring
bob brown
bob brown 2 aylar önce
just wait till u see the run where they play every fromsoft game in a row without taking a single hit
HiddenWen 11 aylar önce
I love how there are so many seemingly useless items in a normal playthrough (for example, I just went a strong weapon build and never bothered with most ashes of war or even things like starlight shard), but once you start getting creative and use different builds or attempt challenge runs, they suddenly become instrumental! Love the diversity of this game.
Kiro25 4 aylar önce
@♥Olga Gaming♥ he is confused because he cant be hit...so how do he reduce his hp
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron 6 aylar önce
@Alex Smith That’s pretty standard for no hit runs in Fromsoft games like without Seppuku people find other ways to get to low HP to get the effect but now Elden Ring actually has an easy “damage yourself on command for a buff” option which is dope
PulaTelephonics 7 aylar önce
In a normal play-through it gets as creative as you want it to be imo
♥Olga Gaming♥
♥Olga Gaming♥ 9 aylar önce
@Alex Smith Lol, he can't be hit.. It means HP doesn't do anything for him because one hit is the end anyway... so he can fight with even 1 HP.. that's why the Branchsword was an obvious pick
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 10 aylar önce
I was so very confused about the Red Feathered Branchsword, since it only works with low HP. But a couple seconds after I realized that he has a bloody Uchi, and is most likely going to use Seppuku on it.
Isaiah 11 aylar önce
One of 8 in the world... what an honor. Amazing run and video, I'm blown away by the consistent skill
Cracked Ceramic
Cracked Ceramic 3 aylar önce
​@That Guy I'll ask again. What do u hope to accomplish by insulting me? Are u seeking self-gratification? Are you trying to prove yourself superior online? When does the satisfaction kick in? Right after your long hate-filled response? Hours later without you receiving a response? Days later? Or are you seeking to hurt me with words somehow? [ "You have no point" "You're ironic" "You're embarrassing yourself." ] .. Do you think these random insults hurt me somehow? I'm genuinely curious. Every time I ask questions tho, I either get deflection and avoidance or hormonal rampages. Why does question put everyone in Fight or Flight Mode? 🤣🤣 Atleast after rereading, this convo was pretty fun. Even if I'm one of the clowns participating this time around.
Cracked Ceramic
Cracked Ceramic 3 aylar önce
​@That Guy Jeez this was a rude one.. Also your comment got moderated by YT.. It got reported I think? Anyway, do the bare minimum for a second. How'd I gaslight you? How'd I put words in your mouth? How am I being a hypocrite? This was nothing but an onslaught of insults with no reasoning to support it. And that doesn't 'win' you the argument. Saying someone is 'wrong', and having what u think are "Witty comebacks", doesn't make you look good. You look angry.
Cracked Ceramic
Cracked Ceramic 3 aylar önce
​@That Guy Also also, why can't you just keep a cool head and respond like a normal person? Why respond angrily and call me mad and pathetic mindlessly? What.. Is that supposed to do? Entertain me plz. What are you really expecting here? Are you expecting me to get upset? Are you expecting people to join your side? Is it just self-gratification you're after? "Haha, yeah I really owned him with that one!" Is your goal to dump out what u think are "Great Comebacks?" for self-satisfaction? I'm genuinely curious 🤔🤔
Cracked Ceramic
Cracked Ceramic 3 aylar önce
​@That Guy Yes, yes, yes, snapping back like a cornered animal. Totally "not mad tho" lmfao. The dialogue here is like an 80s sitcom ngl
Cracked Ceramic
Cracked Ceramic 3 aylar önce
@That Guy Ppl think you're mad for a reason yk? You don't need to scream and curse for people to tell you've been offended. There's literally no motive to come on this video, watch it all the way through, then go in the comments to be negative unless you weren't just personally upset. Must be pretty hard being That Guy lmfao
Jet 11 aylar önce
It took me 6 hours straight to beat the elden beast and this dude just did it without getting touched
Bastard 14 gün önce
@BASED MAN bro really the elden beast?😭😭 unpatched rahadan destroyed me and I loved it took me like 3 days 46 attempts
laurenz 5 aylar önce
elden beast is extremely easy once you get him down, i first tried him in ng+6 and ng+7, took multiple hours on my first playthrough though
Aliquet 8 aylar önce
@Jet r/thathappened
Name ´·,'
Name ´·,' 8 aylar önce
@Tyler Durden even then he'll go underground and come up 50 miles away from me in the opposite direction lmao
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 8 aylar önce
@Name ´·,' so I'm guessing you don't use any range attacks?
prakash dorai
prakash dorai 10 aylar önce
Fighting the death bird that drops the death poker without any hits is in itself an achievement
RPJoca 10 gün önce
There is an easy cheese
GrizzM09 11 aylar önce
Bro this was so sick and well made congrats on the no hit
Bushy 11 aylar önce
thanks man, I really appreciate it.
Haku 81
Haku 81 10 aylar önce
Be warned, Rykard CANNOT be fought like that anymore. The ash of war for the serpent sword does NOT stagger him every time you use it now.
Undead_Ban_Kai 5 aylar önce
@σ - sigma yeah must've been. Really sucked it made it so much harder and wasted so much time.
σ - sigma
σ - sigma 5 aylar önce
@Undead_Ban_Kai it must have been a bug, I just checked 30 minutes ago and used a +6 and it does significantly more damage
Undead_Ban_Kai 7 aylar önce
@Glory to Ukraine like i said i tried him before upgrading and after +6 it and it literally didn't increase the damage even 1 damage more for me. Idk if it was a bug or they changed it later again to do more damage but when i tried him it didn't.
Glory to Ukraine
Glory to Ukraine 7 aylar önce
@Undead_Ban_Kai No they did not.
A B 7 aylar önce
@Undead_Ban_Kai wtf
Kevin Alencar
Kevin Alencar 11 aylar önce
This is absolutely insane. The level of accuracy, even with the numbers, to pull this off is just incredible. Awesome job (and amazing video).
ight001 11 aylar önce
This deserves more views, you've got the voice of a streamer
JimShotFirst 17 gün önce
@Dan C dude, what? He didn't get hit at all in the grafted scion fight. Like, you're just straight up lying. Post a timestamp if you really think he got hit, because I watched his HP bar for the whole fight and it never went down even a little bit.
bagel spelled right
bagel spelled right 2 aylar önce
@Oliver Withers y u mad
Fabián Kunda
Fabián Kunda 6 aylar önce
its Mr. strimmer.
cakoseijin 8 aylar önce
@Dan C average bleed user.
ChrisPNuts 11 aylar önce
Dude i thought you had at least a million subscribers just based on how well made this video is, glad to see you're blowing up a little, you deserve it. Subscribed
gvdsent 11 aylar önce
with the level of commentary here i think you definitely deserve more views. sub from me, well done on the no hit
LawlessDarkness1 11 aylar önce
Day this came out I thought… some day somebody’s gonna do a no hit win… I never thought it would happen so soon! Amazing work man!
LawlessDarkness1 11 aylar önce
Absolutely incredible! I just started NG 7 and doing naked wretch clubs run, but not SL1 cause I don’t want it to take 2 hours to chisel an enemy down. I tried it yesterday and it was SUUUPER boring! Literally was registering like 25 damage on some guys… insane. But what I am doing to tread my toes in this realm of play… no healing! So any time I go to a bossfight I just unequip the heals first, or depending on the dungeon just have em off the whole time. I get my nice health bar, but only that. So I can make a couple mistakes, but literally like one maybe two cause Ng7 like everything can still one and two shot you depending on the enemy. So it’s NOT a no hit run, but it’s pretty close cause you only really have one maybe two til death anyhow hahaha what’re you workin on next?!
Bushy 11 aylar önce
and I was world's 8th! BushidoYu got a no hit run around 10 days before me.
Dakota Osgood
Dakota Osgood 12 gün önce
I love the contrast of the after recorded calmness and thoughtfull explanation of what is going on vs the sheer stress and hype of your voice immediately after you beat the challenge. Great job man.
Markus Szelbracikowski
This is impressive and all, but no one is praising you for how accurate you recreated gigachad with your character. Amazing work there!
Colby Linn
Colby Linn 7 aylar önce
Dude you’re legendary. Love your commentary and the way you carry out your play throughs. I always wanted to git gud at these games, but I’m just a tiny baby. Thank you for these videos so I can live vicariously through you!
Nick C
Nick C 11 aylar önce
Death's Poker is such an underrated weapon. It's not the best weapon in the game but that semi-ranged frost attack is dope. Very few enemies in Elden Ring have frost resistance so it works wonders on just about anything if your stats are right.
Danny Robinson
Danny Robinson 10 aylar önce
The way you dealt with radagon off script with all the pressure of a near complete run was very impressive
Emil Eriksson
Emil Eriksson 9 aylar önce
Not just blown away by your dodging skills, but also your timing with buffs and items and absolute mastering of spacing, always making sure the bosses have to walk the entire length of the aoe. Just wow man.
bvwalker1 11 aylar önce
Incredible! You are so knowledgeable and skillful. I’ve played over 300 hours and still suck. I’m going to try and learn from your video. Thanks so much! Subbed!
Justin Bae
Justin Bae 11 aylar önce
Yooooo this was so sick. Video was really well made, I love to hear the strategies and planning for these challenge runs. You got some dedication man!
Ronin 11 aylar önce
Respect for the surgical precision that you executed this run with. great stuff
Doofstro 15 gün önce
I remember watching this for the first time, it truly sucked me into the mass possibility in Elden Ring.
CauseOfDeath 11 aylar önce
Well done, very impressive! I can't imagine how stressful these runs are!
Julian Meinke
Julian Meinke 10 aylar önce
I remember watching your GWENT content, and seeing this video do well makes me extremely happy, I hope all the best for you Bushy!
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron 6 aylar önce
I’d think I’d want to use magic for something like this, considering you’ll only have blue flasks so total MP pool will be crazy. Even if just for buffs etc like Flame Grant Me Strength Also I imagine stuff like shadow bait, darkness, rejection/WoG (ie the “get off me” spells) might be very helpful in ameliorating some of the more annoying parts of the “no hit” aspect
cheesesilk 3 gün önce
this is cool! Seen a lot of these challenge videos but this is probably the most interesting (rather than just bein hilarious) Hats off
Erdbeer Joghurt
Erdbeer Joghurt 2 aylar önce
I just beat Eldenring like 4 days ago and watched your videos while playing. I am SO amazed what kind of runs you do and picked some techniques for myself to FINALLY kill the Eldenbeast (The Lions Claw Ash of war is just... wow.) Got the Geame in May for my birthday on the PS4, jst wasn't able to kill the Eldenbeast. Now got it again for the PC like 3 weeks ago and finally made it :'D Keep going with these crazy runs! :D
IDK Gaming😐
IDK Gaming😐 Aylar önce
This just goes to show how op deaths poker is. However, I bet he could have done it with a dagger just as easily. This was extremely impressive.
Nahh Man
Nahh Man 11 aylar önce
This is absolutely insane, congrats man!
That Guy
That Guy 10 aylar önce
Props to you sir, that was amazing 🤘
Karam Ashour
Karam Ashour 8 aylar önce
This takes the “just don’t get hit”Elden ring meme to a whole new level 😂
Jayson Doyle
Jayson Doyle 11 aylar önce
I knew poker had the damage. but I thought it would be too slow to pull this off. bravo man you really got all the timings down
Fiddler Fiddle
Fiddler Fiddle 6 aylar önce
Damn that weapon is insane, congratulations on the run dude, this was huge
Isaac Coumbe
Isaac Coumbe 11 aylar önce
Fantastic job all around. Great edits and commentary. That death’s poker seems pretty fun to mess with I’ll have to see about it. typed the first part of this while you were fighting Elden beast, finished with a serious laugh at the hype after you being so professional the whole time.
Bushy 11 aylar önce
I was really focused. 2 weeks of prep and grind for this run
EKKO 9 aylar önce
Bro love how he killed malekith in like 10 seconds 😂 (btw this whole run was amazing)
I heart nishiki
I heart nishiki 11 aylar önce
This is genuinely so impressive, congrats!!
Anthony Bishard
Anthony Bishard 11 aylar önce
This video definitely earned you a sub. Congrats man! This is so impressive!
Mr. Protagonist
Mr. Protagonist 2 aylar önce
“Wait you can heal in this game?” - Giga Chad playing Elden Ring
Max Novak
Max Novak 10 aylar önce
absolutely loved this dude. great content
Nathan Huesmann
Nathan Huesmann 11 aylar önce
Absolutely incredible, well done!
TheSheepersGame 11 aylar önce
That weapon art is OP LOL. This is the runs I like instead of those any% runs that never actually fight anything.
Gojo 2 aylar önce
@im toxiq that's the point
Why are you here
Why are you here 5 aylar önce
@im toxiq go on, i'll wait for your no hit video, WITHOUT cheesing. Do it
J C 7 aylar önce
@im toxiq how did he glitch the game?💀💀
Erwann Mariot
Erwann Mariot 7 aylar önce
@im toxiq I don't think you understand the game mechanics to say that. There's only like 10 people who did it because it IS hard. The timing are tight, and you need to come up with strategies and plan B. Watch at least some of the full run and you'll understand :')
RageGamingVideos 11 aylar önce
Absolutely bravo
Bushy 11 aylar önce
hey I appreciate that rage.
Fi 9 gün önce
Wow. The skills. Just wow. Even after seeing it I’m still in disbelief. This must be what AWE feels like. Wow.
Evan Iberson
Evan Iberson 9 aylar önce
I didn’t even know you can skip Margit and Godrick 😂 incredible work man! So impressive
General Malarky
General Malarky 9 aylar önce
The Maliketh fight made me literally laugh out loud. Amazing strats dude!
Joaquin 11 aylar önce
I never thought that someone would be able to do this but this is just insane
EmeraldRagnarok 11 aylar önce
Dope as hell! And with my favorite weapon! Congrats dude this was sick!
Michael Ringel
Michael Ringel 10 aylar önce
I get this game is the latest in the soulsborne kinda series, but this must be the fastest game release to no hit run I’ve seen for a game like this! Aside from terrific execution, it seems like the openness of the game/ashes of war makes this much more doable than ds3/ds1 for example. Great job Mr Bushy!
A B 7 aylar önce
@Taking Back Toxic ?
Michael Ringel
Michael Ringel 9 aylar önce
@Taking Back Toxic interesting question. I prefer the ranni ending since it seems to be the one that ‘breaks the cycle’ similar to rejecting the fire in the dark souls games. But I think canonically, the real ending would be age of fracture. This ending implies a tarnished of truly no renown never wavering from their quest to mend the ring, and doing so at the cost of a fractured world. That said, it’s lame so I like snow queen! What about you?
Taking Back Toxic
Taking Back Toxic 9 aylar önce
@Michael Ringel What do you consider the canonic ending is?
Michael Ringel
Michael Ringel 9 aylar önce
@Taking Back Toxic yea was trying to get that across in the first sentence, but you did a much better job explaining that sentiment. Can’t wait for elden ring 2 where it’s no hitted the same day it comes out
Taking Back Toxic
Taking Back Toxic 9 aylar önce
Its because things like no hit runs, and only use xyz are already things people have done in other games, so naturally people want to do them in this game.
emmanuel wolf music
emmanuel wolf music 10 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing to see this talent . Unreal,well done buddy
darkwingdaph Aylar önce
I used this weapon for my entire first play through with a death shaman theme. It destroys things, struggled a lot with Malenia and Elden Beast sadly.
NerdRelief 10 aylar önce
Fantastic run this is incredible!
Dil lil
Dil lil 11 aylar önce
Good stuff dude. Love the commentary and the explanation 👍👍
I Am Matrix
I Am Matrix 10 aylar önce
I've died about 10 thousands times. i couldn't even begin to think about what goes into a no hit run. insane. GGs dude
YourReality BAMM!!!
YourReality BAMM!!! 11 aylar önce
Good job my friend! This run was Legendary.
nah yea
nah yea 17 gün önce
i’ve been stuck on gold godfrey for about 2 weeks now and i never thought to do that method you used,thank you
misfiteando 11 aylar önce
Great video! Nice to see you blowing up Bushy! Hope to see you doing this with more games! Nioh 2 is quite good too
Pyroific 11 aylar önce
this is so impressive, well done!!
Josh Cummings
Josh Cummings 9 aylar önce
Man good job on that you had to put in work to figure out the bosses like that. That's insane good job
Duquette 10 aylar önce
6:23 small thing to note: Not sure if it matters, but if you charged R2 while Rykard is down, he won't get up right away. Leaves an opening for two fully charged R2s on the head. Sick run btw
Bushy 10 aylar önce
the only thing that matters on no hit runs is 100% consistency and just using the L2 "bug" is the most consistent strat, even though it's very slow.
Giulio Beccafichi
Giulio Beccafichi 11 aylar önce
You are so damn underrated man, that was awesome
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 10 aylar önce
Well done! Your patience is impressive!
KaiMod 11 aylar önce
Very nice run! And impressive narrating
Master of the Miscellaneous
That Elden Beast fight was god tier man
XxReaperZeroxX 3 aylar önce
“That’s some Weenie Hut Jr’s shit” caught me so off guard I damn near fell off my chair laughing.
xDarksyde 7 aylar önce
That was an amazing run.
Ser Jaime Lannister
Ser Jaime Lannister 11 aylar önce
Damn Bushy went from dominating pro rank to dominate the Lands Between
Jhayrango 11 aylar önce
Deserved the sub and like, thought this was a big channel with how well planned this vid is. Keep up the great work man
EatLeadCobra 10 aylar önce
WOW. Absolutely incredible. I can't even imagine how your heart was pumping during the end of the run!
Satan 7 aylar önce
Would love to see this with all the side bosses too
Craig Summers
Craig Summers 9 aylar önce
Wow, can't believe the greatness and skill I just witnessed, fp to you man that was awesome. 👏👏👏 Def worth a subscribe 👍
Just Boban
Just Boban 11 aylar önce
such high quality content for unfortunately so low subed channel like you, from video editing to audio through pure content and fun, love your content dude , keep it up and you will hit big leagues :)
Dr. Ian Leizrev ง
Dr. Ian Leizrev ง 11 aylar önce
" ... This video may make this look easy, but it took me 2 weeks." Brother, it took me 2 weeks to beat Malenia 😄 Congrats. Phenomenally done. My jaw was on the floor all the way through.
tee t
tee t 11 aylar önce
An incredible run
Egal 7 aylar önce
Beast dude 😳 complete mastery, I’m using this as a guide
The Dancing Pipe Stuffer
Watching runs like this is like watching a piece of art. It always looks so effortless, like anyone could have dodged through all that bs. And i don't think you can fully appreciate runs like this until you've played elden ring or a souls game yourself. Great video. But I'm a bit bummed you didn't include malenia 🙄🤣
Jersey Life
Jersey Life 11 aylar önce
Congratulations man. What an achievement
Aries Tzitzikas
Aries Tzitzikas 10 aylar önce
great run man this is mad solid
tiddle51 11 aylar önce
Killer commentary man you definitely deserve subs with noti’s on and you just got one more from me. Keep it up!
Bushy 11 aylar önce
Much appreciated!
Lethal Sands
Lethal Sands 10 aylar önce
I knew it was coming eventually. But I consider this to be really fast lol. Amazing job, and great video.
Cody Lavoie
Cody Lavoie 11 aylar önce
Meanwhile I can’t even beat the last bosses without summons.. insane stuff man
Dare 11 aylar önce
Going through the whole map to get to every boss got to be the hardest part of this
Fiilthyy 2 aylar önce
Bro, you know how many tries it took me to kill half of these bosses? Jesus man, i wanna build something like this
Thor Jacobson
Thor Jacobson 10 aylar önce
Good god man. The reaction after was awesome
Morph Borch
Morph Borch 10 aylar önce
Fun fact: That skill causes constant pausing because when the ghostflame does any damage, it registers as a weapon hit, triggering the slight pause weapons usually make upon impact with an enemy, simulating the weapon connecting with the enemy.
Uh Oh IT'S A TRAP! 6 aylar önce
@The guy who asked Lmfao🤡
The guy who asked
The guy who asked 6 aylar önce
@Uh Oh IT'S A TRAP! bro objective information isn’t copyrighted wtf
Corum Sorensen
Corum Sorensen 7 aylar önce
@iBONK Do you...Not think that multiple people can arrive to the same conclusion?
Dreaded Aquarius
Dreaded Aquarius 7 aylar önce
@tofoilmao they're just sharing info why are you white knighting so hard
Veckoza 5 aylar önce
Bosses: "Put these foolish ambitions to rest." Bushy's character: "Stay outta my personal space. I love me my personal space."
The Stoner's District
The Stoner's District 11 aylar önce
Absolutely insane ! Wow dude ! 🙌🤯
Kautoga 11 aylar önce
This is amazing! congrats my dude!
Bunnykill 11 aylar önce
You make this game look piss easy, legend!
VillianBehindGlasses 11 aylar önce
This has motivated me to try out Death's Poker asap. If it's THIS powerful against bosses without a specialized build
Markus Henkel
Markus Henkel 11 aylar önce
Exactly, imagine how strong it is with a leveled up character and the right scaling
Matheus FFS
Matheus FFS 11 aylar önce
nice editing and story telling man! got my sub
Mac Baise
Mac Baise 11 aylar önce
Your editing and video making process is that of a multi million subscriber channel, cannot wait for you to blow up.
Heff Jobbs
Heff Jobbs 9 aylar önce
doesnt show us his method for killing a death rite bird no hit but shows us the entire rykard fight. classic
M1NDFYRE 8 aylar önce
Subbed, Amazing run. Still haven't beaten the game myself.
Gubbers 1410
Gubbers 1410 7 aylar önce
imagine beating the whole game with no hits and then one small projectile from elden beast hits you
poop 11 aylar önce
Dude is massively underrated
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 11 aylar önce
What I learned: Death's Poker is OP.
The Knightikins
The Knightikins 10 aylar önce
And so it begins. The start of the final Elden God run.
Austin Riley
Austin Riley 11 aylar önce
I can’t believe you only have almost 900 subscribers with such quality content...just keep pushin my man you do this for the fun I’m sure not for views or likes or whatever
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