ELDEN RING: Dexterity Build Invasions!

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Trying out a dexterity build centered around a wide variety of weapons

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24 Mar 2022




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Johnny America
Johnny America Yıl önce
Forgot how much I enjoy watching you Chase, you're like the Bob Ross of invasions. "I feel like we could kill the wizard first but sometimes its nice to go after the phantom first" is like hearing "let's paint some happy little trees"
Captain Dildar
Captain Dildar 7 aylar önce
Best comment on TRvid
CwapIsMe 8 aylar önce
@Tyr Lant this is a livestream
Josh May
Josh May 9 aylar önce
@Tyr Lant this is true, he doesn't often go for full meta damage, just look at his general lack of buffs used. He does typically go for max health though, which is really just smart play for pvp and uses items that anyone at his level should have access too. So I feel his success is more attributable to pure skill than running OP builds.
Tyr Lant
Tyr Lant 9 aylar önce
@J B he just doesn't upload his deaths much so it looks like he always wins but he does die occasionally. Also he doesn't really use the most OP stuff or he would do a lot more moonveil, bleed builds, etc.
J B 10 aylar önce
He does a great job at dodging everything and making good decisions. But that he often has double the hp and does double the dmg of his opponents, really cuts down on his risk of death, and benefits his ability to kill his enemies when deciding to do so. That’s the nature of the game. But I figured I’d point it out to anyone who doesn’t realize. When you have access to all the items and do testing to see what works best for different purposes, it results in these elevated stats. He could possibly do, just for fun, a kind of badly optimized build, with less vigor, less access to talismans and weapons (depending on the level). Then he would have less hp and do less damage, which would result in a much higher risk of death, and would make his enemies more powerful in comparison to him. As opposed to him almost always being the far more powerful character, in addition to being far more skilled. Could be fun!
Lyinar Baeldeth
Lyinar Baeldeth 17 gün önce
Respect for both your skill and your chill. Truly a pleasure to watch some non-toxic PVP.
Scruffy TLR
Scruffy TLR Yıl önce
Your patience, versatility and situational awareness are inspiring. I feel like I learn so much every time I watch one of your videos. Easy subscribe.
PierreLucSex Yıl önce
Indeed, great style
Tabaco Green
Tabaco Green Yıl önce
@Elodie Channel trully skill
Elodie Channel
Elodie Channel Yıl önce
@Tabaco Green In another recent stream he showed that it really is just muscle memory. Part of his pre-stream is practicing pressing start and navigating to the weapon he wants.
Tabaco Green
Tabaco Green Yıl önce
@Falcon Family how he does That? Is not that macros? I don't get it how can you go so fast to the weapon you want like you have to press the d pad in your controller like too fast is just impossible. If anyone know about it I would appreciate to hear your opinions. I watch him since ds3 and he always amaze me and blows my mind when he switch that fast.
Falcon Family
Falcon Family Yıl önce
His ability to change weapons mid combat is crazy.
Lorne Yıl önce
That entire engagement starting from 29:42 was so good. The enemy took a very tactical approach and never let up on it, but despite their efforts you bested them. GG indeed.
justin magee
justin magee 9 aylar önce
Damnit im at 10:27 and you makin me wana skip for a second but I wana see the whole vid. Oh its 4 hours long hahaha didnt see that hahaha
Sam Yıl önce
the 15:05 elevator kill is the most hilarious one i have ever seen what a gigabrained play :)
Tezca Coatl
Tezca Coatl 4 aylar önce
lmfao, that is a true souls moment xDDD
Michael A. Volz
Michael A. Volz 11 aylar önce
Your invasions are so entertaining. Love it! I don't even play any souls game, I just watch you invading people.
tim othy
tim othy 14 gün önce
I wish these long form invasion videos were in their own playlist. I would love to binge the streams seperate from normal PvP vidies
Austen Atkinson
Austen Atkinson Yıl önce
Happy to see the massive increase in views on your channel man I’ve been watching for maybe a year now and you’ve always provided good, fun, and informative content. You definitely deserve the title of elden lord!!
Yukio Yıl önce
? Who doesnt. Its nothing to be proud of tbh
Strange Object
Strange Object 11 aylar önce
I’m used to people getting loud and aggressive during pvp so this is a nice change. Love your work😄
Mr. K
Mr. K Yıl önce
Elden ring is my first souls game, my journey as a invader has been rough, but I’ve definitely been improving thanks to your content!
Oh, my god! They killed Kenny! The Bastards!
@ANMS Sound // Cyberpunk Vibes Use leaden hardtear when youre about to get ganked as well. Inf poise for like 20 seconds, but thats enough to kill the host.
ANMS Sound // Cyberpunk Vibes
Two tips. POISE. ANTI BLEED SPELLS/ITEMS. Now you'll win 9/10 fights. Poise is broken. Literally way too strong, stack it. 90+ lets you trade and win with most (anything not 2h and ultra or bigger, minus a few jump attacks)
J Foster
J Foster Yıl önce
The invader life is one full of pain suffering and calling bs. You'll laugh you'll rage you'll have moments of genius and it's all so much fun.
There’s a type of warming stone which may have some interest for you when dealing with drawn out fights. If you run through the frenzied quest, you can unlock a frenzy-warming stone (I forget the actual name) which will only heal those who have done the same (not many). So you can drop one at low cost to FP while you’re letting your regen do it’s work, and if they were to push you off-their madness would climb (when you would heal) which is normally enough to create space, and help with managing the truncated flasks.
Spider Yıl önce
I’ve never seen this dude lose, what a legend.
Ghardyne Yıl önce
Idk if anyone ever looked into it but the Butchering Knife Greataxe has A dex scaling with Keen. Definitely think it's an interesting mix up when invading as a dex build and it retains B dex with bleed, cold and poison.
Lavinia Whateley
Lavinia Whateley 10 aylar önce
3:29:20 "Now it's me and the moonveil. Now it's just me." Honestly my favourite haiku.
J Edd F Thornton
J Edd F Thornton Yıl önce
The Blessed Dew talisman regenerates HP. Tower of Return (south west of weeping penninsula) has a trapped chest that sends you to a small isolated area of the Capital. After the Golem, there's a chest on the right in a cubby of the battlements.
stupidfakename Yıl önce
There are certain areas in game where it has a very high chance to just disconnect you. For instance everytime i went near the stormveil shack i lost connection with hosts or cooperators. There are other places/landmarks/areas but this one is the most prominent as it happens 100% of times
Lavinia Whateley
Lavinia Whateley 10 aylar önce
I cannot describe the emotional rollercoaster 28:50 has been. At the edge of my seat the entire time, I'd be willing to sit there for 10 minutes watching your health regenerate if that is what it took to kick their asses. I sure am happy I was alone in the room when you did because I was laughing like a maniac. This alone is a sub from me, thank you 🙏
Le Noir TNB
Le Noir TNB 11 aylar önce
WZ Tan
WZ Tan Yıl önce
the worst thing about the moonveil is that the beam even staggers through full bull-goat's, setting up more hits from their team in ganks
Prohxy Yıl önce
@True Combo King oh absolutely, dont get me wrong it needs balancing, but for now it's the only counter play and counter play is worth learning.
True Combo King
True Combo King Yıl önce
@Prohxy yeah…but if you get hit by it then you get chunked freaking hard. It’s such a fast weapon art.
Prohxy Yıl önce
I've never seen it do that, but you can also parry the weapon art, it's quite easy if there's someone who is bad enough to only rely on that.
MrHydra12 Yıl önce
Does it with just the beam? For me it seems like I need to get hit with the full blade too for it to do that, at least post Moonveil poise adjustment (which is still too high to be fair)
Jeffrey Rife
Jeffrey Rife Yıl önce
Missed the live as always but it’s great to see what kind of weapons you’re using and take some inspiration. Dual spears seems really strong when you play it but I think you’re just 4x as good at roll catching as me 😂
Eon 2
Eon 2 Yıl önce
@True Combo King parry is the spears enemy they have like 3 "hit" frames each.
Jeffrey Rife
Jeffrey Rife Yıl önce
@True Combo King oh yeah! Boulder into honed bolt has killed me a dozen times at this point
True Combo King
True Combo King Yıl önce
@Jeffrey Rife Haha, there’s so much weapons to choose from, not to mention the arts. I really, really like one of the incantations you get from the big boi in Caelid. The boulder one. Catches some people off guard in PvP when you’re swinging with reduvia and they roll away and then a big boulder flies into them at the end of their roll for a ton of damage. I especially love it when they just try to turtle. Finally made it to a certain gigantic castle with an entire sewer system below it and acquired some equally awesome incantations I might just have try out.
Jeffrey Rife
Jeffrey Rife Yıl önce
@True Combo King I am also smooth brain but claymore with flaming strike with a backup with thunderbolt carries me through 70% of randoms 😂
True Combo King
True Combo King Yıl önce
@stupidfakename yeah, if you’re actually good with spears then it’s hard to be stopped. I, for whatever reason, can’t roll catch like this absolute chad so I just do all my invasions the same way. I get them down low, they drink their estus and as they drink it, I toss one of those jars at them that stops them from drinking anymore. I love that you can just craft these so long as you have the mats.
Seburban 11 aylar önce
Love it when Chase takes out the spears and absolutely annihilates everybody after done playing.
Wold Studios
Wold Studios Yıl önce
You should of used the Urumi! It's my favorite dex weapon, it has an S scaling in Dex
Dupstep_Paladin 6 aylar önce
Lumps of flesh are honestly so useful. Just make sure to have a bolus on hand too
TRSammy 11 aylar önce
Chase you're awesome to watch! Keep up the good work.
Nick Pop
Nick Pop 11 aylar önce
Keep it up with the elden ring invasion streams!
Nick Martin
Nick Martin 9 aylar önce
15:15 is the greatest pvp kill I have ever seen in a game lol. Greaaaaat plays 😂 fight starts at like 13:00 I think.
Jayce Mckinnis
Jayce Mckinnis 11 aylar önce
He is so nice like the most chill guy ever
Chase Simmons
Chase Simmons Yıl önce
If you go keen, you can just use lightning grease or spell for even more damage that scales off dex
KRich144 Yıl önce
You should have a shield with carian retaliation for your dex builds to counter wizards
Mercosian Yıl önce
I don't remember if this is new or in any other souls game. But I love the music that plays during pvp battle, just adds the right amount of tension to the whole situation on both sides.
Christopher Wallums
Yeah it’s a new mechanic. This is actually the first time a souls game has had music in the world it self. All other souls games only had music at the hub area or in boss battles. But it honestly gets old for invasions after a while and I turned it off personally. But it Would be cool if they allowed you to pick the themes, like certain boss tracks etc to play instead of the standard music while invading.
Che knauss
Che knauss Yıl önce
I love the retribution that's dealt here. Freaking cheeser's with that shield. They had the biiiiiiggest balls until Chase got those weapon buffs off. Then just panic run.
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams Yıl önce
Love your stuff brohiem! I have been genuinely enjoying your videos. My main build is Str/Fai 2X Great Stars with Waves of Darkness on my primary and Thunderbolt on my offhand. The shield I swap my offhand for is the Spiked Palisade Shield and I also use a seal and the madness kiss incantation for dealing with the impenetrable shield and melania sword builds lol. It’s a fun build as I built it myself and I’m not following the crowd crutching OP stuff and I win 75% of my duels.
Funny Wise Erdtree
CHASE! Another great video but I’m here to talk about hybrid builds and how fun it is but not in the traditional sense! I’m talking about a bleed/scarlet rot build that can utilize the rot AND blood exultation talismans! It’s so much fun smacking everyone with a strike weapon that does solid damage, and has two status effects. And just to be a thorn for others, I threw bloodhound’s step on it too! I’m sure you could utilize this to more effect than I can! Would love to see what you can do with the mixup potentials, plus scarlet/bleed might be better on a thrust weapon or something. I’m sure you could think of something cool! Just figured I’d shoot the idea out there!
C M Yıl önce
Glad to see you getting all the views, new subs and donos Chase. Well deserved.
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez Yıl önce
Aye man just letting you know, my dex/faith build with the gransax spear hits people for about 1400-1500. You should definitely try it again sometime!
Berry Yıl önce
Interesting thing about the tree spear you used around 9:45 is that it can be buffed despite it being a somber weapon. I think its weapon art is also a buff and if you have faith you can buff yourself even more but I think it has to be done in a certain order for things to not override each other. Saw an interesting video that claimed it was a sleeper op because of that
Kelevra Yıl önce
@Berry It is a bit bizarre that it's not, especially because you can't change its ash of war but can buff it.
Berry Yıl önce
@Kelevra oh really, it definitely looks like one, i guess it would make sense why its buffable then.
Kelevra Yıl önce
It's not a somber weapon
stupidfakename Yıl önce
41:00 so glad you got that. That was so satisfying to watch in the end
antony BRISSON
antony BRISSON Yıl önce
Was about to comment exactly that. Soooo satisfying
evn Yıl önce
I think dex will scale much better more late game!
Caleb Denny
Caleb Denny Yıl önce
“Elden Ring kill of the week” - Shaded Castle, ignition of mimic barrels to horizontal devastation by way of Claymore
Doug Foster
Doug Foster 11 aylar önce
29:10 such a good match! Your chat was talking smack about how the 3 guys were chicken but the point is to not die and I feel they were smart! Until they aggroed that knight XD
1IGG 9 aylar önce
No, the point is to optimize your time. Shitting your pants for 20 minutes is pretty stupid. Rather charge and finish it in a minute.
Sinisphere Yıl önce
The 1v3 win against the gank squad was heroic. Glad chat pointed you toward the raw dumpling to get you back in the fight when it was looking grim. Tense invasion.
Hotel Hyena
Hotel Hyena Yıl önce
Dude I was so nervous during that invasion this man is a legend! 💪🏽😂
Lucas Moreira
Lucas Moreira Yıl önce
Amazing battles. I loved.
Originality Yıl önce
can never be there for streams but love catching up on my down time, been watching for years chase keep up the good work my man! your a HIRUU
Electrik Jimmy
Electrik Jimmy Yıl önce
Love the content bud. Im at a point right now where theres so many builds i wanna try and im not sure which ones to go with. Really thinking about going with dual frost heavy thrusting swords.
PierreLucSex Yıl önce
I'd love to see that
Pave papi
Pave papi Yıl önce
Its crazy how people will be okay with dying tens of times to a boss, but as soon as they get invaded they think its the goddamn matrix where you die in real life if you die in game. These mfs will do ANYTHING not to loose to an invader.
Nelson_ Rebel
Nelson_ Rebel Yıl önce
I'm fine with it. I mean the whole point is to fight and not die
John Yıl önce
It's wild too because in Elden Ring you're never far from a grace, and you even have a horse now--so there's basically zero danger that you're going to permanently lose a bunch of runes to an invader or lose any important progress. No downside other than a little blow to your pride and a loading screen.
Pave papi
Pave papi Yıl önce
@Louis you can be honourable in invasions
Louis Yıl önce
@True Combo King invasions have no honor only duels have that
True Combo King
True Combo King Yıl önce
Yeah, it’s fking gross. If I get invaded, I abide by the old honor system. I’ll drink an estus to heal back to normal HP/FP and I’ll fight the invader but if he pussifies and runs after getting hit a bunch of times OR runs away, hides and heals, all honor is gone and I’mma torture the mofo because he’s in my world and I have trolled players since the very first souls game. Throw a lvl 1 rune (200 runes) by the edge of a cliff. Use mimic veil. Greyoll’s roar -> hello cliff, buh-bye world. If I’m the one invading, I’m okay with using heals if the enemy intends on being a total wimp and 2v1 you or runs and hides. Pro tip - scarlet rot/poison are so good in PvP just to track where the enemy is, since you’ll see the damage ticks and their healthbar when they run and for whatever reason, players that I’ve been killing don’t use their consumables to cure ailments at all.
Forgiven Gods
Forgiven Gods Yıl önce
I think 150 is gonna end up being this games pvp cap.. a lot of people seem to be pumping up to 150-180 but that’s just a lot of the people I’ve talked to on ER which for many is their first souls game
TKOSaya Yıl önce
it is so satisfied to see you defeat 3 people team
Tabaco Green
Tabaco Green Yıl önce
1:47:10 You are the best pvp player of souls games for sure. I just wonder how exactly he switch the weapons so fast.
Tabaco Green
Tabaco Green Yıl önce
@Elodie Channel I seee, anyways looks like a fucking macro
Elodie Channel
Elodie Channel Yıl önce
Agreed! As for weapon switching, it's lots of practice, mainly. He has his inventory sorted by "Order of Acquisition" and just takes things out of storage in a specific order. After that it's muscle memory of navigating menus to get the weapon you want.
ImmortalBP Yıl önce
hilarious when its 2v1 or 3v1 and they are scared to fight, then it becomes 1v1 and you just decimate the host immediately lol
Matteo Brandi
Matteo Brandi Yıl önce
@Nyarlathotep bruh
PATRIOT Yıl önce
@Nyarlathotep The invader should feel good because everyone in this game is a peanut brain as in they only use the absolute best and broken things against the invader.
Kanouken Yıl önce
@Nyarlathotep well tbh even if players are bad at PvP fighting 1v2 or even 1v3 can be really hard. All you really need is to get one hit in and the person can just get stunlocked until they die. If an invader beats a squad of players I’d still think he’s pretty good at PvP
Nyarlathotep Yıl önce
@Kanouken exactly, and then invaders feel good for ruining their fun because it boosts their ego. Man they’re “so good” etc
Kanouken Yıl önce
That’s usually how it goes. People that co-op tend to be bad at PvP whereas for a lot of invaders that’s all they do
GreenAnonymous Yıl önce
I am having the hardest time invading people in this game. Went to The fight club area, I can actually hold my own fairly well, but Im just overwhelmed by bullshit normally. I watch these vids and I still dont know how to fully replicate it
Chinchin lovs
Chinchin lovs Yıl önce
One of my favorite ds pvpers, not trying to be rude but this game tends to bring out the bad aspects in people with the current state of pvp, your respectful down to earth and keep a good atmosphere on your channel. Keep doin what your doin its nice to see.
prosketch OFW
prosketch OFW Yıl önce
Scott Jund dropped a video explaining lightning/fire/physical split damage, quite useful👍🏻
Nya Nekomancer
Nya Nekomancer Yıl önce
Yo! Scott is making some amazing comprehensive content on this game and its great to see him being a huge number nerd!
Electrik Jimmy
Electrik Jimmy Yıl önce
Hell yea! I gotta check that out
Defunct Channel, New One In Description
Exactly, Chase. Wizards were already strong in Souls before, and they're stronger in Elden Ring now. I don't remember any sorcerer builds complaining about bosses up until this game got released and they had to fight Rennala. It's funny, normal dex and strength builds have trouble with posses having physical damage resistance anyways and we never complain about bosses having physical resistances, but the first time a sorcery build faces a boss with magic resistance it's like the end of the world lol
Eon 2
Eon 2 Yıl önce
The problem is the fact bosses are nearly immune to certain damage types I'm general. Those highly resistant to physical damage are rarely story essential bosses. Also you don't run out of green bar permanently on melee, but you do run out of blue on casters. Mages also have to level up their swords and staffs instead of just the sword. They also don't have the stats to buff their weapons at that point usually. I hate the falling star beast enemy's. Not because they are hard mechanically but because they are hard statistically. Being 90% resistant to 70% of all melee weapons is bad design.
Falcon Family
Falcon Family Yıl önce
Sorcerers are stronger in PVP in elden ring but still easy to dodge most things and its a better pvp experience with them overall. In PVE regular mobs become effortless and most bosses are cheese but they have enemy movesets that counter mages better in Elden Ring than other souls games. Most of them are just optional bosses not the main ones.
Maths Yıl önce
Lol the casuls dont know how to do physical battle
TY GR Yıl önce
At one point level came up, I suggest 135, you can connect with 150 and 125
PierreLucSex Yıl önce
Great style as always
Shreyas Surve
Shreyas Surve Yıl önce
@15:15 he is a true Savant at making us laugh 🤣
Thipy Games
Thipy Games 9 aylar önce
tht 3v1 streched fight was omg, pure skill...
Cruz Slns
Cruz Slns Yıl önce
Finally the infamous dex build I’ve been waiting or this
bleth Yıl önce
Is there a reason you upgrade your weapons to +17 and +7 ? Does weapon upgrade level lock you out of certain level ranges or is it possibly the max upgrade level with vendor stones? Also, should I worry about my warrior character pretty much not being optimal for anything at 120?
Armor of Thorns
Armor of Thorns Yıl önce
Being sub optimal by 2 to 5 levels is pretty minor and will be the determining factor in only the closest fights. Just take 1 point each out of damage, health, and endurance.
Smilin' Contender
120 will most likely be using max weapons, ceratinly higher than +7/17
Angus Leung
Angus Leung Yıl önce
52:03 jump didn't have i-frame, elden ring just have realistic hitbox, he jumped over your needle that's why you didn't hit him
nowherefool Yıl önce
always have shield with carian/golden retaliation. almost everyone spams spells/AoW.
Zach Foster
Zach Foster Yıl önce
This game and it’s players continue to amaze me
Tabaco Green
Tabaco Green Yıl önce
Indeed. We have worst rats than in ds3. Ds2 will be always the most mature and best community we had. I miss that times so much. Right now I just enjoy punishing rat players. Too much new players that are under 12 at least mental in Elden Ring.
Soneloy Son
Soneloy Son Yıl önce
Love your streams
hysteric bunny
hysteric bunny Yıl önce
the ash of war mechanic makes chase a nightmare on pvp, its almost like he has a counter for everything, not to mention the very high iq usage of the area.
ID Nsanc_
ID Nsanc_ Yıl önce
You can use the red finger seal to teleport around and you get 5 per invasion
Hugo STAKS7 11 aylar önce
Liked and subbed you are a beast !!!! Keep that positive energy you have bro and continue smoking em 💨 💯
ADHD Gaming
ADHD Gaming Yıl önce
Lightning scales off your casting seal dragon , golden , two fingers, it's on build.
James Shawver
James Shawver Yıl önce
im wondering if they will open up all the colosseums around the world for the coordinated pvp. Giant Jar Arena in Calid, Storm Hill Arena
Majber Yıl önce
1:23:42 what do you think about dual wielding them?
MajinJustin872 Yıl önce
When will you do a crit/parry build for pvp. Trying to get good at elden rings pvp parry, but it’s hard with non stop weapon spams
MG Yıl önce
All invaders ever use rn that i find are magic parryers who just parry a glintstone and get a 1 shot invis knife to use, or madness bolt spammers who stagger lock you. Oh and i cant forget about rivers of blood spammers. But they get stomped still
MadRabbit0wnzu 11 aylar önce
My only question is dual spear, dual rapier or dual curved swords
Krzysiek Bazyl
Krzysiek Bazyl 11 aylar önce
Emotional damage pierces event the greatest of shields
Seymour Carson
Seymour Carson Yıl önce
Are whips viable in pvp? Just curious not really expecting a video or anything. Have really been enjoying the combos with them in pve though.
Milton Yıl önce
Dual wielding them its cool.
Michael R
Michael R 11 aylar önce
how did you get all those tears and items at level 90? did you get through the game at that level? some stuff i havent ran into yet in my game
Lukeisabat Yıl önce
Omg chasetheGOD. That 3v1 was insane. Those 3 were such cowards.
Pauly V
Pauly V Yıl önce
It’s all about the Mohgwyn’s Spear roll catches.
Regalia Yıl önce
2:04:50 Call of duty spawns be like:
A Tsylor
A Tsylor Yıl önce
What level is this build are you using to invade the capitol area?
woundedlobster 11 aylar önce
1:00:50 I have never seen somebody get deleted so brutally
Keith Morgan II
Keith Morgan II 10 aylar önce
elevator strat around 15:10 is perfect lol
IXlRoninlXI 11 aylar önce
44:07 you didn't have to call the haters out like that xD Side note love the content and I love all you comments. Smile even when your unhappy bc your smile will make someone's day much better. You're beautiful
Caleb Newell
Caleb Newell 9 aylar önce
2:04:54 “Hey there!” 🚶🏻‍♂️🗡
DrunkenLuckyLuke Yıl önce
hey, do you have a specific controller layout? i feel like you sometimes move so fast, even youre camera cant follow xD and weapon switches are on point. impressive!
Adammo50 Ferenczy
No yostick?
justin magee
justin magee 9 aylar önce
That malenia attack can help u jump huge gaps by the by
Fenn Yıl önce
Do a crucible dragon build...... Essentially its basically a fth build with 18 points in arcane and i forgot how many in int but those are there to let use drgon magic and magma magic as rolling magama and rykards rancor can be strong pressure tools on anyone running with the time it takes for them to blow up. The spells beyond those 2 which count as 3 spells are aspect of the crucible tail as well as horns, dragon claw (and dragonmaw if you want chunkier damage option as well tho idk if it got hyper armor or poise boost like it seems dragonclaw got) Theodosius magma breath and than the normal fire breath for mounted dragont breathing and mix ups to make trlling what your doing harder as well as agaheels flame breath. The spilled works out because there's a staff that uses pure faith and if you wear the silver cure mask then you can get actually 8 free points into arcane meaning you only need a boost your to 10. Honestly with this sort of build I would say that you should basically not put anything into your strength or dexterity but just put some points into endurance so you can actually wear some armor and have some stamina to work with and then after that jump about 50 to 60 points into your mind stat with then you put however many points you have left into your vigor which I'm pretty sure my build landed somewhere around 50 just maybe I got it up to 60 but I can't quite remember I don't feel like logging in just a check at least right now. Personally I did this build on a Confessor and honestly it's a pretty fucking fun build especially since like I said earlier, Dragon claw seems to have gotten a poisonous or maybe outright hyper armor making it a good kind of like gavel of haima type attack. Really my biggest thought behind this bill essentially was just a thought of wanting to be a true Dragon Knight channeling the aspects of the Dragon to fight my enemies and honestly with how good the aspect of The Crucible spells are actually pretty damn good especially since dragonclaw and dragon breath attacks kind of cover your bases and of themselves even without the aspect of The Crucible stuff
Doug Foster
Doug Foster 11 aylar önce
Bro that elevator kill needs to go into highlights reel
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Yıl önce
@ChaseTheBro you should try underworld invasions.
Hysterical Hyena
Hysterical Hyena 24 gün önce
I was like this dudes pretty cool then he used thinderbolt, dealt 600, then switched to dual nagis w poise and i was like, this is not cool.
Angus Leung
Angus Leung Yıl önce
Chase is it possible to have a duel competition with you, audience could join and have the chance to fight you. It's my dream to fight someone like you. You could set up some rules to ban people from using op stuff such as BHS, double bleed weapons so people can have more fun to play with different build. I see a lot of streamer doing the duel competition for last few weeks with Playstation sponsor
Andrew 10 aylar önce
How did he go to Farum Azula without burning?
Barnesofthenorth Yıl önce
What's the best infusion for quality? Been trying quality built and honestly finding things like fire or holy are still better than what should be the quality one. It almost feels like the scaling on that infusion is broken.
Barnesofthenorth Yıl önce
@Nya Nekomancer ah :( hopefully that'll be patched too, if not guess I'll have to turn this one into just a Dex build as I have strength already
Nya Nekomancer
Nya Nekomancer Yıl önce
If you visit Scott Jund’s channel, they go over scaling for Quality weapons in the game, and they are sadly not reaching high damage numbers relative to the stat commitment. It’s unfortunate…
mf coming out of tha shower
best souls youtuber out there, my eternal like for you, Bro
Jay Bell
Jay Bell Yıl önce
Please bro use the nox flowing hammer the L2 so good for group and single target
Devin Fordale
Devin Fordale 7 gün önce
LMAO at the ganker that fell down that elevator. 🤦‍♂️
Darrell Middleton
That lift kill had me crying 1000 IQ tactics
SlimeFanBoi Yıl önce
The reason for no rings is your character be Maidenless
Ghost 118
Ghost 118 10 aylar önce
Man he gets the reds that help and I get the reds that kill me so they can fight the host💀
The Way She Goes
The Way She Goes Yıl önce
Done with high level pvp untill the boss nerfs status effects and sheilds but it's cool cuz I'm still playing my favorite game ever working on builds and exploring
Listless viewer
Listless viewer Yıl önce
He’s too powerful
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