Easy way to make a lot of cash

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Easy way to make a lot of cash

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my Personal Facebook account: facebook.com/nishantchhetre/

Software used in this video: Photoshop cc 2020
Image used in this video:
Music used in this video: trvid.com/video/video-FmaobNjMox0.html


"Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."



5 Haz 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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grapexels Aylar önce
Second part is here👀🔥trvid.com/video/video-SOHM1n5grvY.html
•Mah official•
•Mah official• Aylar önce
Mari0 Aylar önce
@Palace Wandering kid wants him arrested shut up
Backrooms Entity
Backrooms Entity Aylar önce
Isn’t that, illegal
TunePlays Aylar önce
Ty dude for da free million im taking from that u showed me
AlexPlayzYT ™
AlexPlayzYT ™ Aylar önce
Merkew 2 aylar önce
That was actually what i needed thank you, now i can make a lot of cash!
pyro 23 gün önce
You in jail yet homie?
Veer 26 gün önce
@JĀGŪĀR GAMING seriously dude they were rescued and were sent to Poland first
Ad k
Ad k 26 gün önce
Next think you know the fbi will me tracking your device
Merkew Aylar önce
@McDiggleton :D?
@Veer at home
Yeet🇺🇦 Aylar önce
Everyone's search history after this: How to escape prison
Gamer Chlo's
Gamer Chlo's 10 gün önce
The replies are getting real boring
Theb Jesdin Muhong
Theb Jesdin Muhong 11 gün önce
Captain_Blox 13 gün önce
Damn 470 likes and 24 replys ima change that to 25 replys Also im the first 1 to reply so dont even think that ur the og one joke hehe
L. 13 gün önce
Damm 468 likes and only 23 replys lemme change that
Gamer Chlo's
Gamer Chlo's 25 gün önce
@Rosie Girl It kinda is cringe lmao
Mateo Montellier
Mateo Montellier Aylar önce
Never shrink an image horizontally or vertically, always in diagonal
bleach Aylar önce
A more precise way is to measure a real bill, make the canvas size that in cm/in x how many you want (height and width times 5 would make a 5x5 bill chart), brick fill, randomness off, done. Steam summer sale gonna be crazy
Idk, if it was in a layered pattern..you could cut it out easier...also a few of those are probably going to be resized or croped in a strange way
Gaby R
Gaby R Aylar önce
Wow this really worked 😊. Can you do one for getting out of jail please? Me and my friend kinda need it...
business man v1nce
business man v1nce Aylar önce
Ask Richard he knows
Boshin Aylar önce
tell him
Boshin Aylar önce
@Gaby R idk man, you maybe?
Gaby R
Gaby R Aylar önce
@lawless Owl So... Who's gonna tell 'em?
lawless Owl
lawless Owl Aylar önce
What did you do? Did you ACTUALLY WORK for it??
CallMeNugget! Aylar önce
"Finally, something useful to have for my printer!"
nareman Aylar önce
Can also just select the layer the money is on to eliminate the white border
Henry's Game Channel
Alternate title: how to make lots of money in a more complicated but more organized way
Random Person
Random Person Aylar önce
Thanks! Now I can finally do my jail speedrun, I’m loitering, in my car drinking, and I’m using my laptop for this! I’ll update y’all
asalt 2 aylar önce
Damn it worked, now can you do a tutorial on how to break out of jail?
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 15 gün önce
Sergie Cullo
Sergie Cullo Aylar önce
Smug Yanfei
Smug Yanfei Aylar önce
I was about to say the same thing 😂😂😂
Grethel castillo
Grethel castillo Aylar önce
@i have exactly 999,999 subcribers vice president from RAF 2
•-Cocoa-• Aylar önce
@grapexels sorry what?-
Mr. Close call
Mr. Close call Aylar önce
Dude!!! Ur a genius I finally got what I want, please help this guy alot people!
SouthlandBoysUSA 29 gün önce
Me “WOW IT WORKED THIS WAS SO HELPFUL” Also Me “Looking for a video how to escape jail doesn’t find one” Tells Mom to use my fake money to bail me out” Mom Also goes to jail” Me “well crap”
Random Green Teenager
Imagine printing the money yet you forgot there's a "Stock Image" logo in the money itself
ৰোহণ Rohan
ৰোহণ Rohan Aylar önce
I thought he would systematically line them up so he can print them and cut them into pieces for purposes unknown.
Luke KM
Luke KM Aylar önce
Alternative Title: "How To Get In Jail in Under 1 Minute!"
Demon Stream
Demon Stream Aylar önce
No email,no computer,no cap, just facts
꒒꒐ꇙᎯ! Aylar önce
Vigilant yaksha Xiao
@Monkey D. Luffy ye make a lot of cash for a game texture or background if it was for real life it wouldn’t be random or messy
malaysia country ball
I eat pog
I eat pog Aylar önce
@Monkey D. Luffy yea make a lot of money for a damn background
Odes Aylar önce
Wow I could do something illegal though thank you this helps a lot
Armins Fruity
Armins Fruity Aylar önce
i found this very useful 10/10
Woxxfy Aylar önce
Joke aside, it’s a great photoshop tutorial
DBack50 Aylar önce
Holy shit I can finally pay off my rent! Thanks to this life hack!
IrRegular Aylar önce
Rather than using a marque, you can alt-click the layer thumbnail of the layer with what you want to select and it will select everything on that layer with an alpha higher than 0. Often this will give you a quick, clean selection
IrRegular Aylar önce
@grapexelsI find better to teach the right way!
grapexels Aylar önce
Yes i know buddy just teaching begginers simple way
Can You please tell me the name of the app? Please🥺 And thank you maybe i'll do that at school and surprize the teacher
Vukan Nikolic
Vukan Nikolic Aylar önce
Fun fact: it takes the same time to do it normally
Red Ruby Gaming
Red Ruby Gaming Aylar önce
Your gonna need to do this after you buy Photoshop
Ма га
Ма га Aylar önce
Спасибо помогло
f22theking Aylar önce
Still waiting for the part where he shows how to make a lot of cash
Sedat Dinç
Sedat Dinç Aylar önce
I put it one by one instead of trying so hard and I finished it now.
E110r Gu3st
E110r Gu3st Aylar önce
"Easy way to make a lot of cash" that's literally 14 steps
Basic Mobile Player
A nice cash background tutorial hope nothing bad happens
secretilmas Aylar önce
Him: shows you how to make much money Me: finding a picture on google
The real 1000 iq🗿
Dysen chrono
Dysen chrono Aylar önce
I guess there's no need for me to take that scholarship test lol
Lizzie4756 26 gün önce
Did you use photopea for that? I use it at school in ICT lessons! 😃
Lizzie4756 21 gün önce
@grapexels ok!
grapexels 21 gün önce
Cheez TAG
Cheez TAG Aylar önce
Bro this was good, I make make it into an NFT and actually make money!😂
Itzmebean Aylar önce
Guys this isn’t on how to print the money it’s how to get a money background
Coconuts Aylar önce
I love how you reply to every comment that really shows you care about your channel and viewers
ISAM🇺🇳 Aylar önce
@grapexels now how do I get out of jail
grapexels Aylar önce
Thanks man i really do❤️😍
ᏌᎡ ᎷᏫᎷ Aylar önce
The first one is easier for me🙂
RAFTAAR YT Aylar önce
Now it's confirmed that u need to do hardwork to earn money
Auroral Shine
Auroral Shine Aylar önce
I thought he was just going to show us the harder way to copy paste things...😅
Prisha Lamba
Prisha Lamba Aylar önce
Fun fact : you can't copy and take a printout of cash
GarlicPlays Aylar önce
POV: You thought that you were actually going to get lots of money in real life 😂
LowQualityGames 22 gün önce
Everything is simple but people make it complicated
Jere Lähdemäki
Jere Lähdemäki Aylar önce
The title should be : how to make simple things complicated.
Isabela Brito
Isabela Brito Aylar önce
Literally, the easiest way is the least fast and the hardest way is the fastest.
Luca377Bazooka_ Aylar önce
Thanks! I can financially recover from my debt!
Rayyan Rah
Rayyan Rah 2 aylar önce
Yes, this is smart, just make it background so no need wasting time copy-paste it.
friend☆ Aylar önce
@helavion im pretty sure everyone is joking, who would be that stupid to print it-
helavion Aylar önce
but still tho theese are fakes and dont feel like real money and if u wont write on them "DIS CRAP FAKE" or smth like that u could be facing consequences
Julie_ Peach ÚwÙ
Julie_ Peach ÚwÙ Aylar önce
Duhhh, who wants to lose time and cash when doing cash?
Clay Brown 3rd
Clay Brown 3rd Aylar önce
You can't its fake money it can't copy all the stuff money has
grapexels 2 aylar önce
Yeah buddy
DeviLuce Aylar önce
For legal reasons, this is for artists only, not for criminals. Sorry for the confusion 😂
Isaac Shuflin
Isaac Shuflin Aylar önce
Hi class welcome to illegal acts 101. Today we are going to learn how to make and print money first off if you haven’t already refer to the video attached to the comments and in 1 sentence (5-6 words) share what you learned from it
Ajay Marble
Ajay Marble Aylar önce
"The cops outside" Grapexels: "Lock up the house"
Cat Siras
Cat Siras Aylar önce
Cant u make a brush with that texture so when u Paint the money appears? It could be cool, and if u do, i Will learn how to make brushes xd
Khabbi Khaan
Khabbi Khaan 2 aylar önce
Shopkeeper denied when I printed this and tried to pay
Khabbi Khaan
Khabbi Khaan Aylar önce
@FBI you misspelt NUDES
FBI Aylar önce
“Yes HQ send a nuke”
Khabbi Khaan
Khabbi Khaan Aylar önce
@Zahra Abaid no he just needed separate bills 🤣, i printed this poster as it is
Zahra Abaid
Zahra Abaid Aylar önce
Its illegal he saves you bro.
Harley Gaming
Harley Gaming Aylar önce
@JustMusic yasss everything is possible 😶😅
Obsidian Aylar önce
Apple forging money is a federal offense, plus dollar is spelled with an “a” not an “e”.
º Aylar önce
You dont have the invisible ink so it cant be printed
Rockeh Aylar önce
Bro forgor that copying or printing money is illegal-
Diamondbird1132 Aylar önce
“Easy way to get a lot of jail time” Yes I know it’s a joke
Wyatt Schuster
Wyatt Schuster Aylar önce
"How to make it onto the fbi's watch list"
F.B.I Aylar önce
@ZachGotYeeted Were currently tracking you down
ZachGotYeeted Aylar önce
@F.B.I i have a dead body in my basement
F.B.I Aylar önce
@German Gamer Officer ♦ Yeah 2
Maritendo Aylar önce
@seerat italia yes, yes he does
German Gamer Officer ♦
@seerat italia classifed information
Kulasa_edits #♡Roadto100subs!♡
Omg ty for helping me 😁 now can you make a tutorial to Ft be out of jail?
randoms 29 gün önce
This video is a rare clip from zimbabwe's bank cctv in 2007
Rafael Quin
Rafael Quin Aylar önce
Dang bro tysm this helped me so much bc I went to jail cus I tried the first one and i tried the second one and I made the bail money🤑🤑🤑
◍宝LITE 고양이◍
"How to get in jail easyly"
SmollFluff Aylar önce
Easily* its ok man easy mistake
IlikeBridge Aylar önce
Max 13 gün önce
And that ladies and gentlemen, is the secret to success
CollapsedReactors Aylar önce
It Worked Now Can You Do A Tutorial On How To Escape The Goverment?
Heather Durgin
Heather Durgin Aylar önce
That's illegal BTW, so don't actually try this, but great editing skills 👍🤗
Im Not Dream Productions
Alternate Title: How To Teach 6 million people how to go to prison within minutes
TanyaThePrincess Aylar önce
I thought this was a method to print money😂😂😂
Bruhn't Aylar önce
Would have probably took 10x less if you did it the first way
War_Reimon Aylar önce
You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.
grapexels Aylar önce
Ok3y bro😂👍
Bruh Aylar önce
So true this is also how I counterfeit my money
Захар Цудило
Тем временем деньги которые нигде не будут приниматься из-за того что в Фотошопе для принимания таких купюр которые напечатаны ну короче на этой купюре не будет специальных цифр которые считай микроскопные
Zyan Aldous Ballesteros
"Easy way to make a lot of cash!" His FBI agent : I n t e r e s t i n g
Beter Aylar önce
This should be named "How to do something that will get you to be arrested!"
Wakelogger Aylar önce
Thank You! Also,can you do a tutorial on how to hide from SWAT cops?
Sara Hosain
Sara Hosain Aylar önce
amoguses Amoguses
amoguses Amoguses Aylar önce
Bro you messed up the tutorial u gonna download the hax 💀
uz3rname Aylar önce
Andro Štefanić
Andro Štefanić Aylar önce
Wow i was doing it the wrong way all the time!
Stinky Roll
Stinky Roll 16 gün önce
So much work
Darkmatter Demon
Darkmatter Demon Aylar önce
Can you teach me how to print it and properly cut the money out
V0lDEDD! 26 gün önce
برتقالة حزينة
"Dad how did you meet my mom" -well, we met at jail..
Naruto Aylar önce
@EpicToons cause this is illegal
EpicToons Aylar önce
How is this related too the video.
Teriyaki Aylar önce
@experial essme takiya
Teriyaki Aylar önce
Hi orange
dendro cat
dendro cat Aylar önce
I'd like but its at 69 😀
Natan Leba
Natan Leba Aylar önce
Wow! This really works!!![1111!!
RollingSky69 Aylar önce
"Sir, why are the money's codes the same?"
꧁༒☬𝓶𝓻 𝓴𝓮𝓷𝓸𝓴𝓸☬༒꧂
This would take longer then just the normal method 💀💀 Now a tutorial on how to get out hell i rally need it
Your_gamma_crypup Aylar önce
Imagine if u print a pice of money That’s actually illegal don’t actually do it
PyraChillGun Aylar önce
Hey can you do a tutorial on how to be un-wanted in 76 countries?
TN_Stuff Aylar önce
It takes longer on the second way
rydoku Aylar önce
Alternative title: *How to get arrested easily*
Saleem Hashmi
Saleem Hashmi Aylar önce
Actually the first way was more easier and faster than second way😒
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett Aylar önce
Illegal title: imma make lots of cash using photoshop Content: 😉
Syahrul Ridzuan
Syahrul Ridzuan 2 aylar önce
Love the basic, feel so refreshing. I remembered tge first time I started this with a cheap laptop. What a day
angga rismayadi
angga rismayadi Aylar önce
Good r
grapexels Aylar önce
Ance Setiaw
Ance Setiaw Aylar önce
Next : print it and prank the shop keepers - ! :D
BlackAnony Aylar önce
I think that's illegal. No one can make cash with their own. If you do that you'll under arrest😐
Iguh Dants
Iguh Dants 21 gün önce
Kkkkkkkkkkk super fácil kkk
6424 Saachi Sahu
6424 Saachi Sahu Aylar önce
I would've just done the first one😎😎
Avinash Yein
Avinash Yein 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much!! Now I can print money as much as I can!
El Crashitø29 XD
El Crashitø29 XD Aylar önce
I think the seller compares it to the original money and rejects you
grapexels Aylar önce
Yup you're welcome
Sarah Aylar önce
You all know this is for easily making that digital pic, right?
bts and shinee armyshawol💜💙
Omg tysm i wanted it for the video i was working from a week
This is good to make wallpaper 👍
Hans the Plush movie maker
Fun fact: 3 year olds still know this is a crime
Enri14 〤
Enri14 〤 Aylar önce
Ppl who search on yt "Easy ways to get real life money" Them finding this: 💀
Elliot Aylar önce
Enri14 〤
Enri14 〤 Aylar önce
I wanted these comments to only be skulls but nvm
originaly random
originaly random Aylar önce
Ara Aylar önce
danny reigns
danny reigns Aylar önce
@Grandtale aizen?
Own Made
Own Made 20 gün önce
Everyone: i'm gonna try it Me: Bruh... isn't it illegal?
Onyxthaphonix Aylar önce
Just did this and bought a 4k HD high resolution TV with the money. ( EDIT ) OH GOD THE FBI FOUND ME
Noob • 1.3M views • 1 day ago
I thought this was "How to print cash properly" And I was from this "How tf is he not canceled yet” To this "oooooohhhhh-"
Virna Dwi
Virna Dwi Aylar önce
IM too lazy to do this,i Will rather take a pic of real money on the floor lol
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