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8 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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reXpair Aylar önce
Official website reXpair.com, shopping & joining *AFFILIATE*
DUCK 🦆 Gün önce
Idk man might have to get that kit for myself ehhehe
Camden Sterling
Camden Sterling Gün önce
Thats kinda sussy bake
Frédéric Cremer
Hugonino 6jours
Baxtiy Rishtanskiy
Baxtiy Rishtanskiy 3 gün önce
Ajoyib mohirlik bilan ishlangan
Rafael d
Rafael d 3 gün önce
Vende no Brasil ???
z 7 gün önce
I keep one of these repair kits in my truck because I work in construction and need to do this about once a year.
Doug Stopera
Doug Stopera 7 saatler önce
Shit I work construction and had 4 nails in 2 weeks
Nazif Zariqi
Nazif Zariqi Gün önce
@Victor abdo t
Jugotoronja 2 gün önce
Yeah bot
Victor abdo
Victor abdo 2 gün önce
But it’s just temporarily and then go to a place to patch it , or it can stay like that for ever ?
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez 4 gün önce
@john doe i know, I guess it depends on where you drive and how often, I do this about 4 times a year
Mychael Walmir
Mychael Walmir 4 gün önce
Profissão muito Boa fui borracheiro a 5 anos aprendir muita coisa Boa!!
É Esse o famoso macarrão, Que se coloca nas rodas?
Crazy Gün önce
Então é assim q os pneus nascem?
Speedytwitcht 2 gün önce
This saved our holiday this summer: we were going on a road trip from Belgium to Italy where we got a flat tyre, because running on a spare for more then 2k km wouldn’t be very good, would it now?
SilentViper 6 saatler önce
Man these have saved me several times and still hold strong years later
BUDOG TV Gün önce
Caraca que maneiro que legal que maneiro que legal cara
M u f f i n
M u f f i n 14 gün önce
guys! this isn't just for tires, fixed all my wife's complaints too! 10/10 my friends 👍
Cloud Striker
Cloud Striker 2 gün önce
Where the fk are you ppl from??? Lmfao! Lololol
Cole Phelps
Cole Phelps 2 gün önce
Straight to jail
Avocado 6 gün önce
U didn’t just go there👀
Andy OD
Andy OD 7 gün önce
Mouse 7 gün önce
You’re really that small?
Jeff Bourke
Jeff Bourke 5 gün önce
This looks like so much fun, I am going to put some nails in my tyres just to try it.
Newyorkr4life 3 saatler önce
1nyell 11 saatler önce
Datboiiii64 Gün önce
Let us know how it goes
Khairin Arif
Khairin Arif Gün önce
Good luck on that 😃
The Royal Crowned Tiger
I use the rounded long plugs, and it works well, for both larger and smaller puncture. The flatter plugs seen in the video, would be more ideal for smaller puncture.
Bruno Emanuel
Bruno Emanuel 2 gün önce
É Solução Rápida e Prática.
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams Gün önce
We been doing this for over 20 years working for a towing company. 💖💖
Arkreation Letrah
Arkreation Letrah 15 gün önce
I kept a straight face the entire time until I read the comments. That said, great job. I feel very educated on tire repair.
Juxe Beats
Juxe Beats 13 gün önce
@Joe R trvid.com/video/video-7BqWQT23DP4.html this is very similar to the process my instructor taught me for tire repair
Juxe Beats
Juxe Beats 13 gün önce
@Mike E trvid.com/video/video-7BqWQT23DP4.html this is very similar to the process my instructor taught me for tire repair
Joe R
Joe R 13 gün önce
@Juxe Beats I was taught by an excellent mechanic and he told me about a guy who used to sell those plugs in the video. Even back then fixing sidewalls was illegal.The guy drove around and would punch holes in his own sidewalls and fix them with these plugs. You ream out the hole. Put a plug in the other tool centered. Coat it in glue. Push it in the hole and pull back let it doo That's fl
Mike E
Mike E 13 gün önce
@Juxe Beats anyone can change a tire. Are you trying to sound cool that you too know how to change a tire? If you are not sure what my point is maybe you should go to Jake Paul's channel and troll his followers instead. My point is, I have plugged over 20 tires of mine in my lifetime and everyone has lasted the life of the tire. You said to take it to a professional? Do you have them change your spare tire too?
Juxe Beats
Juxe Beats 13 gün önce
@Joe R what method do you use?
the cryptic angle
the cryptic angle 5 gün önce
I love when they do this so satisfying
Имперский Штурмовик
Мне летом парниша на шиномонтаже вот так же за минуту всё сделал. Кайф👍
Имперский Штурмовик
@Placebo 00 да
Placebo 00
Placebo 00 Gün önce
Это на безкамерку делают?
Oshi Narutinho
Oshi Narutinho 5 gün önce
Muito bom gostei 👍
Miguel Mejia
Miguel Mejia Gün önce
Gracias por este video super excelente ya no cambiaría llantas
Sonia Maria Pereira Machado
Trazer esse jeito e treinar nossos borracheiros aqui no Rio grande do Sul,eu achei maravilhoso,tenho certeza que os guris aprenderiam rápido, parabéns
Daniel fergos
Daniel fergos 6 gün önce
@Gustavo Sibuya Mas o problema e que se o prego sair sozinho esse prego vai sair voando muito rápido e pode pegar numa pessoa ;v
Gustavo Sibuya
Gustavo Sibuya 6 gün önce
O próprio prego já tava funcionando
Everardo Eller
Everardo Eller 6 gün önce
Isso empena pneu
Renan Augusto
Renan Augusto 7 gün önce
O nosso tarugo funciona da mesma forma e já usei até em rasgo maior que parafuso
heretustay 5 gün önce
Tire: "Damn dude, take me out to dinner first!"
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf 4 saatler önce
Henry Carter
Henry Carter 4 saatler önce
Heyo 13 saatler önce
Guy: Tell that to your ex
Mui Gogito
Mui Gogito 13 saatler önce
The tire in 9 months 🤰🤰🤰
Alone Forever
Alone Forever 2 gün önce
Sus 😏
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown 4 gün önce
Just in case anybody is thinking these types of repairs are permanent they are not. It is possible for it to last the life of the tire but most of the time you get a couple hundred miles from the patch before the plug starts to separate. It’s always best to buy a new tire as soon as possible after patching. You can’t see inside the tire if there are any broken wires you’ll lose air all around the tire
Kloud Nine
Kloud Nine Gün önce
Always like seeing ppl work with their hands....especially do it urself!!!!
Adeley Rodrigues
Adeley Rodrigues 3 gün önce
Eu tenho o material mas não sabia usar, ,valeu esse vídeo.
Dashersacct 16 gün önce
Man the way you just shove that thing in there like that shows you've got some experience. In fixing flat tires of course
PareshuGames 14 saatler önce
God my dirty mind
_ASWIN S.S Gün önce
Praveen Issac
Praveen Issac Gün önce
DadaMusic 8 gün önce
John Kimbrough
John Kimbrough 8 gün önce
Ayo what do you mean by Experience lol
Fabio Almeida
Fabio Almeida 16 saatler önce
Muito bom
Inky :D
Inky :D 2 gün önce
Worked great, now to test it on my tires
道昭磯部 2 gün önce
Karolainne Oliveira
Karolainne Oliveira 2 gün önce
Bom saber. Só preciso saber que cola é essa, e se tem aqui no Brasil.
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 6 gün önce
To us it looks normal, but to the tire it felt ✨EXPLICIT ✨
Praveen Issac
Praveen Issac Gün önce
That tire was already prepped with that nail
I learned this when I was 10
Sebastian E
Sebastian E Gün önce
Left Swerve
Left Swerve Gün önce
The tire likes it rough~
Raiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun 2 gün önce
Kevin McCaffrey
Kevin McCaffrey 2 gün önce
If you look above the plug he is working on you can see other plugs above it. Took him a few times to make it look so quick n easy.. it's a pain the ass to be that quick that u still have enough air still left in the tire.
Frequensee 3 gün önce
This what my husbands spends all that time in the garage doin?? Tire's getting more attention than me! 😂
Echø Miles
Echø Miles 2 saatler önce
Fitrah Nuno Syahbani
Fitrah Nuno Syahbani 2 saatler önce
The tires are more round than you
BIG POPPA 19 saatler önce
Do better than lmfao 🤣 kidding of course……😏
Pete 3 gün önce
Isn’t that what tire shops call a “ plug?” That’s been around for decades… as far as I can remember.
Scott Simpkins
Scott Simpkins Aylar önce
People have been repairing tires like this for many years. My father taught me how to do this repair and I’m 61
Slick McGurk
Slick McGurk 16 gün önce
@X04N u have actually seen the plug fly out on highway u must have slow motion vision I've fixed many a tyre similar to this by way of rubber plug and never seen one fly out.
Slick McGurk
Slick McGurk 16 gün önce
@The RealMathilda me too
Slick McGurk
Slick McGurk 16 gün önce
Yip me too I've been fixing tyres like this for years using a piece of rubber.
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Aylar önce
@the lone fool lmfao the odds we meet again in the same day on different videos XD idk man i like to give my opinion and make jokes and ive been on yt with this channel for 8 years now XD
the lone fool
the lone fool Aylar önce
@Twilight Sparkle why you're in every TRvid comment Section?
Temmie Block
Temmie Block 2 gün önce
Спасибо большое!
syl men
syl men 3 gün önce
Thank you, I just replaced two expensive tires not looking forward to the two others I know are coming, 😟
reXpair 3 gün önce
reXpair.com for more toolkit details.
Amílcar De León T.
Allá por los 70's, GoodYear Oxo, ofreció este tipo de material para parchar llantas pinchadas. Fue tan útil y efectivo que no faltaba en mi caja de herramientas cuando hacía viajes fuera de la ciudad. Nada nuevo bajo el sol.
Márcio Queiroz
Márcio Queiroz Gün önce
se o parafuso já fez o furo, pra que ficar esfregando esta ferramenta, ela está quebrando o arame, deixando a região do furo fraco, o melhor a fazer seria só dilatar bem pouco para que o macarrão se ajeite no furo , colocar a pressão correta e fazer o teste de vazamento no tanque de água.
Steve Chance
Steve Chance 7 saatler önce
Don't put "Fix-a-flat" goop in your tire, unless you are willing to buy a new tire when you get to your destination.
Nayo Silver
Nayo Silver 4 gün önce
Having a fix-a-tire can in your car its easier and much faster.
한보라 7 saatler önce
공기압은 어떻게 채우나요?
Dustin Is Driving
Dustin Is Driving 6 gün önce
Always keep one of these kits handy. Much faster then waiting for a tow
The Royal Crowned Tiger
@Isaac Meza : We are better prepared for when something happens to our cars, at unexpected moments. I check and change the rad hoses and serpentine belt, as it shows signs of aging, or signs of degrading, spongy hoses, veru stiff hoses, cracked belt, etc. I should carry a spare belt, just incase, and maybe extra rad hoses too.
Isaac Meza
Isaac Meza 2 gün önce
@The Royal Crowned Tiger same here and I have a tool bag just incase plus and extra serpentine belt.
The Royal Crowned Tiger
I have the tire repair kit, can of tire sealant, spare tire with wrench and jack, tire pump, as well as booster cables, and booster box, also spare light bulbs, and a box full of tools, zip ties, electrical and duct tape, extra lubricant and fluids for the car too.
Migyl 4 gün önce
@Aryan Negi if the air loss isn’t too bad you can probably just drive to somewhere nearby that has a pump
Brent Gambrell
Brent Gambrell 4 gün önce
@Aryan Negi probably.
Zero Six
Zero Six 6 gün önce
be aware the speed rating on any given tire is void upon such a repair
tal da fã do 24 por 48
e foi assim que nasceu o relâmpago McQueen.😎💪
Ari Braúna
Ari Braúna Gün önce
Preciso de um kit desse.
damon millman
damon millman 6 gün önce
I keep that kit and a compressor in my trunk at all times.
Klown 5 gün önce
"The day I got reincarnated as a Tire."
Avia Herrell
Avia Herrell Gün önce
That is so cool and satisfying
Ailton De Oliveira Ferreira
Os borracheiros tem um tarugo apropriado, uma espécie se gaxeta, que ja vem.prpnta para enfiar nos furos. Pode encher o pneu logo em seguida.
Dom 16 saatler önce
Had to do this once a month when I was a courier
Sweatiz 18 gün önce
One day I will be enough mature to watch this without laughing
Kanang Ewe
Kanang Ewe 21 saatler önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣 now that you've mentioned it! 🤔🤣🤣🤣
Praveen Issac
Praveen Issac Gün önce
Julienne Angelo Carpo
רפי אלהרר
רפי אלהרר 2 gün önce
trulyundeniable 3 gün önce
Dang it I had to laugh after reading this 😂
B 5 gün önce
The pressure in the tire may be lower. But the pressure between you 2 increasing hard
joe herp
joe herp 10 saatler önce
The dealership 5 minutes before giving back my car with “completely new” tires
Eli Limon
Eli Limon 6 gün önce
😲no puedo creer lo que estoy viendo 😲😲😲.es totalmente asombroso...que maravilla...estoy muy sorprendida...😲👍. excelente trabajo.🤩👌
Nestor Ochoa
Nestor Ochoa 4 gün önce
Esto sirve de imprevisto pero si lo haces mucho dañas mucho más el neumáticos. Solo seria para una emergencia
the Last
the Last 16 saatler önce
Looks like a lot of practice with that motion.
croplaya Aylar önce
I like how you took the time to actually take the tire off, have a nice clean workspace, gloves and all.. compared to me rolling around at the gas station concrete trying to force the tool through pulling every muscle in my body while screaming
Air Fried Quads bw
Air Fried Quads bw Aylar önce
@Joe Gardner done the same thing. Even got dish soap from a pizza place once, it worked.
Stephen Stein
Stephen Stein Aylar önce
Ooooookii is no No
Ken Sutton
Ken Sutton Aylar önce
Lol most people do this because most people aren’t making a video and have someplace to be :) but yea, this is very satisfying how clean and professional It is!!
Brian Rawlings
Brian Rawlings Aylar önce
Even has some nice turf grass underneath him for his knees
Ben Coss
Ben Coss Aylar önce
Man if you're taking the tire off you're working at it way too hard! Just get you a good slime plug the slime brand plug and plug it, doesn't take all that soap doesn't take all the other thing doesn't take it getting it off get in there turn your steering wheel one way or the other where it's out plug that baby and be done with it and off you go.
Cửa Hàng Mai Văn Tèo
Perfect good job 👍👍👍
reXpair 2 gün önce
Thank you! Cheers!
zBob F7
zBob F7 3 gün önce
Totalmente seguro: pode confia
Lawrence jacobs
Lawrence jacobs 3 gün önce
It’s called a plug and has been around for a hundred years!
Edríano Rodrigues silva Rodrigues
Top 👍🇧🇷💯♥️
valkyire williams
valkyire williams 10 gün önce
Also for those that seem to think it's lube it's more likely actually glue/liquid cement and it only appears easier after he uses it BC of that the tool in the hole is doing it's making the hole larger so the spike can freely move back and forth it's covered in a grit
Robert Pumphrey
Robert Pumphrey 9 saatler önce
That was wrong, once you have cleaned the hole your supposed to insert the rubber then quickly pull out the tool thus creating a mushroom on the inside then and only then can you trim the excess off the tyre.
Fancy 4 gün önce
Shorts like these make my day better. Very inspirational keep it up!
Fancy 3 gün önce
@mitchel wangler I forgive you :)
mitchel wangler
mitchel wangler 4 gün önce
@Fancy it’s not really new, but I apologize for telling you to shut up your clearly not a bot, I’ve seen numerous bots post similar comments so that’s my bad.
Fancy 4 gün önce
@mitchel wangler It's inspirational to use new ways to solve problems 😭
mitchel wangler
mitchel wangler 4 gün önce
@Fancy then it’s something fascinating or helpful; how is this inspirational we got different definitions of the word then.
Fancy 4 gün önce
@mitchel wangler no you, I learned something new
DL OMG 2 gün önce
Kit: 100 $ Vulcanizado : 5 $
I was here
I was here Gün önce
Last week I had a rear tyre punctured and tyre shop guy (bob-jane) wanted me to get my rear tyres replaced with new ones because they were worn out (according to him) since it's an AWD (Subaru) I should buy 4 new tyres 😂🤣 My car already has almost new tyres, I got them only couple of months ago. When I said, I can't magically make $750 appear, I just want my tyre fixed. He said, "they'll try but cost $45" The tyre had a tiny nail.
Angelo Rivera
Angelo Rivera Aylar önce
This is way better than the original, this one's way easier and faster.
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@Sak 20012019 hes talking about the actual law regarding patchs/plugs. If you go to a show and they used the wrong shit, they are liable for all damages. Is it that hard for you to understand, he even stated its federal law.
Anh Minh Shyn Babi
Anh Minh Shyn Babi 24 gün önce
@Chan Park gìcu
Ilyas nador
Ilyas nador 24 gün önce
عنجد انو فزيع
Nick N
Nick N 25 gün önce
@Chan Park buy
Matt Conway
Matt Conway 5 gün önce
Or.just get regular plugs without the blue shit, they work just the same. If there's still air bubbles it's because you didn't exactly follow the angle of the nail/ream job.
ASMR lottery645
ASMR lottery645 Gün önce
빠르게 박는 모습이 인상 깊습니다
바른말고운말 14 saatler önce
파워 색스
Svetlana Tsarichanskaya
Клей " бомба"😁
Mavinho Souza
Mavinho Souza Gün önce
Ninguém hoje em dia faz mais isso, existem os manchão.
Jerry Dilliard
Jerry Dilliard 17 gün önce
This is no different than plugging a tire the way we have done it for years. Yes it will out last the tire!
Uru Sledge
Uru Sledge 15 gün önce
@Niko Bella-Khouf if you live close enough to a tire shop that you can get there before the tire is flat I would just take it there. The repair (if it is a fixable puncture) is free or at worst about the same as the cost of a plug kit. Plugs are best used in situations in which you can't get to the shop without running on a flow tire and/or don't have a spare.
Niko Bella-Khouf
Niko Bella-Khouf 15 gün önce
@Uru Sledge thank you. I used to think the plug was good enough, now I need to figure out the patch from the inside part
Not Foryou
Not Foryou 15 gün önce
Plugs are good at slow speeds. Not allowed on performance tires in countries where you DON’T have to drive boring!
Uru Sledge
Uru Sledge 16 gün önce
Not really. I spent several years working in tire shops and had several a year come in that had been plugged (sometimes recently) and had a slow leak from the plug. Best way to do it is to use a round rubber plug-patch or round plug and patch placed from the inside of the tire. Just a plug usually starts to let air through, and just a patch let's water into the belts, rusting them and weakening them, making the tire more likely to blow out later in its life.
Andre Torres
Andre Torres 16 gün önce
Not true there is a difference, you add like 4 extra steps doing it this way so that it feels more technical 🤣
영구없냐 5 gün önce
사실 저정도 사이즈 타이어는 지렁이 찌르는게 아니지 빼서 안쪽에서 때워야지
黒ウサギ Gün önce
Legends say that he’s still aggressively stabbing the tire
Time Traveling Old Man
That looks like the cheapest tire plug I have ever seen.
BillyGoatChin 4 gün önce
That’s how it do be looking when you’re applying the goo to the rod my brother
Richard Phan
Richard Phan Aylar önce
I’m assuming that blue stuff is rubber cement. My question is why did you put it on when you were cleaning out the hole? The point of doing that is to get rid of loose rubber pieces so the patch can stick. Wouldn’t the rubber cement keep the rubber pieces from getting removed?
Bowties&10Ply's Aylar önce
@Austin Fleck You're close, it cold fuses the rubber together; and if done right it shouldn't have any issues
Dterm Aylar önce
It's rubber cement he was using like a lube. The better you Reem it without going to big the easier to pop in the plug.
Ed Kasper
Ed Kasper Aylar önce
@Austin Fleck the fancy term for the chemical reaction is vulcanize. (Exothermic, gives off heat.)
Austin Fleck
Austin Fleck Aylar önce
Pretty sure the blue stuff is a chemical agent that semi dissolves the rubber before it cures so it has a chemical bond instead of just a physical bond. It’s like welding just with chemicals and rubber. The file probably is used to get finer particles of rubber to better mix in with the blue stuff so it can dissolve and more thoroughly fill in the potential small spaces and air bubbles. not sure tho. Just a semi educated guess
Геворг Валерджан
Это уже по современному,залатывает или заклеивает отверстия в шине ,учитесь это очень важно знать,всем шоферам.
Stan Washighski
Stan Washighski 2 gün önce
I've plugged a thousand tires, only two failed. Used rubber cement on both, ever since just reem, plug and pressurize leaving the excess of the plug for the road to even out.
stuart skelton
stuart skelton Gün önce
Helps if u take the film of the plug rubber first before pushing it in the tyre 🙈🤣
Nathan Chambers
Nathan Chambers 20 saatler önce
Gee...... what's really amazing is that these have been around for a hundred years and you just figured it out.
reXpair 13 saatler önce
little improvement on those kits
Mellosus 15 gün önce
That hit the wheel's *G-spot* _You can't change my mind_
Jaahnavi Karan
Jaahnavi Karan 7 gün önce
try wu
try wu 11 gün önce
es1002 13 gün önce
Why would you say this
FBI 14 gün önce
*FBI* wants to know your location
Erti Shqip
Erti Shqip 14 gün önce
Demon_Child 2 gün önce
*makes sure no one is looking* *sticks in tire and starts going in and out aggressively*
Paulo fisioterapeuta
Paulo fisioterapeuta 4 saatler önce
Qual a função dessa cola? Não precisa de cola.... O próprio tampão é suficiente.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Loo 4 gün önce
Mujeres en su primera vez: ay pibe no tan rápido que me duele Hombres en su primera vez:
phương Minh Tỉnh
phương Minh Tỉnh 17 saatler önce
Tuyệt vời 💯
Real Me
Real Me Aylar önce
Usually the instructions for using a cylindrical shaped plug require the user to quickly pull out the plug once it has properly inserted into the tyre.
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent
Tire: Starts leaking. Him: "God damnit... *wait a minute-"*
ben deaton
ben deaton 2 gün önce
Lmao. They invented this decades ago. Available at any auto parts/tool supplier. Most good truckers won’t roll a mile without this with them.
Yusei Satou
Yusei Satou 2 gün önce
Seeing the comments made me imagine a scenario where one of these guys just bring a screwdriver, a piece of tape and some glue to bed
Jaiden D.
Jaiden D. 19 saatler önce
Samjamrose 3 saatler önce
That’s so cool
Joseph Occhionero
Joseph Occhionero Aylar önce
Yes however hot patches like these tend to wear out after you drive for a while. Generally plugs are used for getting you to a shop to have it properly repaired or for permanently repairing tractortires or ATV tires as they are normally not going nearly as fast as car tires, meaning the tire won't be flexing as much, making it less likely to leak. I want to say it's about a 15 percent chance these hot patches will last over 1000 kilometers and still hold air tight.
Rob Sorgdrager
Rob Sorgdrager Aylar önce
@Mark Zeppelin you understand the physical loads that a regular car tire under perfect conditions and maintenance is put under right....how many cars on the road would you guess are properly maintained? Being a mechanic I would guess about 15% of all cars on the roads today are in need of zero repairs to major systems and that's because they are less than 8 months old. I don't have a problem with you gambling with your safety but as soon as your mistake involves me or my family then we have issues. I have also been requested to help inspect cars involved in accidents and my job is to find signs of neglected vehicles. I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face when I can prove a person failed to take responsibility and I get to pin a life destroying judgement onto them. DONT BE A PILE OF SHIT, TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR BECAUSE IT CAN KILL PEOPLE....STOP BEING STUPID!!!!!!
Rob Sorgdrager
Rob Sorgdrager Aylar önce
@Kim Jong Chill nope. It's because I don't want your uninformed ass killing some one I know or love.
PandasRFat Aylar önce
I've had a plug in my tire for about a year and haven't had any issues, like I'm not even kidding
Joey Aylar önce
Yeah depends on your use case, I would never use a tire plug myself because i speed (german guy here) and i am sure as hell not gonna trust this
Buckit Aylar önce
I've been slapping plugs in for 20 years. No issues to speak of.
•Hisako_San• 2 gün önce
Con este video se ve si eres malpensado y yo lo soy👍
João Pedro Alexandre da Silva
O pneu depois: 🤰🤰
Quiter19 5 gün önce
That's awesome
Julimar Soares
Julimar Soares 5 saatler önce
Sera que tem no brasil?
Shmeebitdog G
Shmeebitdog G Aylar önce
Wow this is crazy a tire plug kit that takes 10 more steps and does the same thing totally worth it
adamwest Aylar önce
@N I C K and you do realize that all three of them go together correct
R2-D2 Aylar önce
@Yeet And delete I have warranty on all my tires so basically I took it in with a screw in it. and just decided to replace it with a new one for 16 bucks. My set of tires cost me a little over 500 bucks. But worth it with that warranty.
N I C K Aylar önce
@adamwest punctuation? Grammar? I don't remember saying that shit. You too need to work on your reading comprehension.
adamwest Aylar önce
@N I C K and look at that like usual it's always someone who doesn't have something to add that's got to talk about punctuation grammar
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis Aylar önce
My thoughts exactly
Иван Сударский
Как временная мера для доезда до Шиномонтажа чтобы полноценно заклеить...
Muhaiminul Islam
Muhaiminul Islam 3 gün önce
Why watching these stuffs are always so satisfying 😅😅
Ken 5 gün önce
Wow never seen this revolutionary technology before
Joey Alvarez
Joey Alvarez 5 gün önce
Temporary fix. Always, Always, Always get it patched from the inside!
Sonny Ragland
Sonny Ragland 12 gün önce
This isn't just for popped tires...it also helped my erectile disfunction! 10/10! And for just $19.95!
Funniest cats and dogs 🐶🐱 part 11
It’s too hard for maniac #shorts
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The ANTI-GRAVITY Smartphone! 😳
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Got caught doing this challenge 😂
٣٠ ديسمبر ٢٠٢١
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