Easily 3 Star the 2020 Challenge (Clash of Clans)

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The 10 Years of Clash Event brings the 2020 Challenge to Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming shares an Attack Tutorial Guide to 3 Star the TH13 Challenge. The New Event, 10 Years of Clash, brings a New Challenge Level every day to highlight the 10 years of Clash of Clans. Todays Inferno Dragon strategy does require adjustments as the attack unfolds, however it is the nature of the troops provided unfortunately. However with the steps provided you will have more than enough spells to get your 3 stars. Clash On!

10 Years of Clash Videos:
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Judo Sloth Gaming
I Made a Version 2 for the 2020 Challenge for anyone struggling:
This one was very difficult
Cameron Curtis
I'm really struggling keeping my heroes alive during this strategy, my royal champion gets super low before she even gets to the inferno so it results in me using her ability super early. Also for some reason my troops keep ignoring the middle section of the base and it just causes so much issues
Rowan Keller
This helped me so much. This was definitely one of the harder challenges and I applaud judo for all he has done.
cyberlingual panther
This time it took me around 20 tries, but I did it!
Papa Clay
I’ve had much success with the rest of the bases after watching your videos but this one was definitely the hardest for me even with the video! Thank you for making these challenges as easy as possible keep it up! Much love!
Richard Li
This one is really hard, even follow your guide, it still took me 5 tries to 3 star it. Cant imagine beating it without your video. Thanks Judo!
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Let’s appreciate Judo for making these daily videos super quickly
Rahul Pable
This was the toughest so far!!
This one was very difficult. Even with the guide.
serdy ximi
Can we all appreciate his content never disappoint us
Perciponie Eamitel Austria
I will never beat these challenges without your tutorial, greatly appreciated Judo!
I could have never got through this challenges without your help Judo.
Chester Cornista
To anyone having trouble with Judo’s strategy, drop your skeleton spells on the first compartment after dropping the inferno baby drags and make sure to use the warden’s ability if you need to. Dont wait it out.
I Am Nelson
I'm very impressed how this kind of guides are "reviving" CoC as it was beforly, and I am sure you're way to make it is an important part. Thanks for bring us these guides being so shortly and specific in comparation with other channels.
Fahim Ahmed
wow.1.1 M views in just 9 hours.Judo is just killing it
Elise touch
Love these tutorial judo, much appreciated and I’m greatly impressed that your doing so good at these!
leo chhabria
That was by far the hardest one yet, but thanks judo for being so helpful!
You explain the most complicated tutorials so easily.Thank You Judo!
Louis Siew
I find this challenge greatly annoying. For some reason, sometimes when I try to place the battle blimp, the balloons sniping the archer tower did not go down and the cc troops did not activate.
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