Dwyane Johnson and Emily Blunt Joke About Having WWE FACE-OFF Against Each Other (Exclusive)

Entertainment Tonight
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ET caught up with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt at the premiere of 'Jungle Cruise,' out July 30. The co-stars joked about how they got involved in the project, including Emily 'ghosting' Dwayne after he asked her to be part of it. Amid rumors that Dwayne is returning to WWE, Emily joked that she'll be taking The Rock on in the ring.

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31 Tem 2021




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dalangie 7 gün önce
"Usually you would... whats that thing?.... oh, respond..."
saimcheeda93 20 gün önce
When did John Winchester become an interviewer?
Janet Thomas
Janet Thomas Aylar önce
I think she's already taken Dwayne on..puppy dog eyes
Linganna Yadav
Linganna Yadav 2 aylar önce
Very very nice
Mauricio Vasconcelos
Mauricio Vasconcelos 2 aylar önce
Menos brigas não
Mauricio Vasconcelos
Mauricio Vasconcelos 2 aylar önce
O casal. Johnson e Emily uma dupla de peso, ligamentos e empreendedor Cinematográfica e shows Tendo as marcas? Teremana tequila Pães bolas saborosas com mel amendoim a vontades
Hancy Rajnish
Hancy Rajnish 3 aylar önce
Let's build 😁😁
Marissa DeMoss
Marissa DeMoss 3 aylar önce
Their funny He curses too much, though
krishna murli
krishna murli 3 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-cMoAFU0Cqos.html , trvid.com/video/video-qZmzhrBCSXM.html, trvid.com/video/video-g6XFiDoRctw.html .,
Pete Mitchell
Pete Mitchell 3 aylar önce
Hah they are joking they are not actually going to fight each other.
MonsterManish 3 aylar önce
Rock looks like Michael Douglas
Alonaldo De Souza
Alonaldo De Souza 3 aylar önce
I like she, she is very Natural and happy. But sometime she talk wird stuf
Md Islam
Md Islam 3 aylar önce
They not casting her again I tell u that
Manuel Martinez
Manuel Martinez 3 aylar önce
lol riiiiight
Mansoor Qureshi
Mansoor Qureshi 3 aylar önce
Is it me or does it seem like the rock can’t stand Emily?
Allie C
Allie C 10 gün önce
Quite the opposite, if you watch the interviews! This is how they jive.
lildoc 3 aylar önce
It's all part of an act my friend. Have you watched any promotional interviews of the Rock and Kevin Hart for Jumanji? Same thing. They pull each other's legs and wind each other up. Because the makers know that if they can show a good friendly chemistry between co-stars in the interviews, people will definitely go and watch the movie. I am not saying they are trying hard to be funny or the jokes are scripted. But I am sure the actors have knowingly given each other that extra freedom to do that in public.
Younes jones
Younes jones 3 aylar önce
So the rock he acts like he's a important actor he would never be a great actor in Hollywood I'm not hating but a fact
FLaSH Game Er
FLaSH Game Er 3 aylar önce
Fuck no everyone knows Dwayne Johnson outside of the USA as rock couze of his wrestling career his is just famous all around the world.@Younes jones
Manuel Martinez
Manuel Martinez 3 aylar önce
I mean he doesn’t carry himself like he’s an Oscar worthy actor lol, he clearly has huge box office draw and so he jokes about the “actor grandeur” because of that.
Kevin 3 aylar önce
@Younes jones dude stop.
Younes jones
Younes jones 3 aylar önce
@Padhil Tazali there is more actors have charisma better than him
Padhil Tazali
Padhil Tazali 3 aylar önce
yeah but the fact is he is the most paid hollywood actor. The box office magnet. Being talented not bring money u need charisma
Robert S
Robert S 3 aylar önce
I'm sorry but that is such an old white man outfit the rock has on. Ugly AF with black 👞 and belt wtf.. fire your stylist bruh!!
sarcasticnerdysquint 3 aylar önce
Seriously stunned with their chemistry
krishna murli
krishna murli 3 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-cMoAFU0Cqos.html , trvid.com/video/video-qZmzhrBCSXM.html, trvid.com/video/video-g6XFiDoRctw.html .,
Tony P
Tony P 3 aylar önce
I’d love to see Emily Blunt in WWE
Antonio Nuñez
Antonio Nuñez 2 aylar önce
Now that would be crazy to see.
Red Cdot
Red Cdot 3 aylar önce
Wow he dodged that WWE question so hard
Apparently he's returning to wwe in November so he probably don't wanna spoil anything
Space 3 aylar önce
Emily saved him
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
Wow my all time favorite The rock
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
So nice 👍 my favorite The Rock 👍
Bea Gratela
Bea Gratela 4 aylar önce
"Stop flrirting" "DON'T STOP. DON'T STOP." HAHAHAHA 😂
Allie C
Allie C 10 gün önce
“stop flirting!” Says the man flirting 😂 They have great friendship energy and I love it (with a little bit of flirting on the side haha).
The Rock
The Rock 3 aylar önce
Hello bea non-stop hahaha
Karan Vinod
Karan Vinod 3 aylar önce
I hope that man realized that Emily freaking Blunt said "bye, handsome".
Aryan T R
Aryan T R 4 aylar önce
YES! YES! YES! to this!
Cicera Maria
Cicera Maria 4 aylar önce
Celebrities Then And Now
First ever 8 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.... our favorite
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick 4 aylar önce
Dwayne rock ,and Emily blunt are friendship goal I never knew I needed 🥰❤.
Ekagr Mohan
Ekagr Mohan 3 aylar önce
Yeah its like Jen and Chris. Amazing chemistry.
Mr Sloth
Mr Sloth 4 aylar önce
I agree.. I'm fan of both . but this chemistry was amazing.. The Rock and Emily great stuff.. Hope they do more together
Bailey Ryan
Bailey Ryan 4 aylar önce
Haha it was more emily that joking about them facing each other. The rock wanted to tag team 😂
krishna murli
krishna murli 3 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-cMoAFU0Cqos.html , trvid.com/video/video-qZmzhrBCSXM.html, trvid.com/video/video-g6XFiDoRctw.html .,
Vernell Mack
Vernell Mack 4 aylar önce
طارق يوسف
طارق يوسف 4 aylar önce
My Reality
My Reality 4 aylar önce
This is so fake, all the way to the bank.
Maxx Books
Maxx Books 3 aylar önce
😂 Karen be mad or the Emily and her nerd husband john fans ...
Hermès Jumanji
Hermès Jumanji 3 aylar önce
Progress 4 aylar önce
iconic chemistry
Mary Anne
Mary Anne 4 aylar önce
Avik Das
Avik Das 4 aylar önce
It's weird that The Rock is not talking in 3rd person
gallardorsq 3 aylar önce
@UNISTAR them mic skills
UNISTAR 3 aylar önce
He;s Dwayne Johnson right now. Man, I wish this time when he returns, he starts talking in 3rd person, those back-in-the-day were some of his BEST promos.
H.K 4 aylar önce
The Rock speaks in 3rd person, Dwayne Johnson doesn't.
alana 4 aylar önce
"usually one would, what's that thing? OH rEspOnd" 😭😭😭
mark casvier
mark casvier 4 aylar önce
Meteoric out outfits spraying output out
LSK Clips
LSK Clips 4 aylar önce
Damn ! Get notification while watching the movie 😂
Isaac 4 aylar önce
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
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