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IT’S TIME. coming October 22.


Oscar nominee Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival,” “Blade Runner 2049”) directs Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ “Dune,” the big-screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal bestseller of the same name.

A mythic and emotionally charged hero’s journey, “Dune” tells the story of Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, who must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence-a commodity capable of unlocking humanity’s greatest potential-only those who can conquer their fear will survive.

The film stars Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet (“Call Me by Your Name,” “Little Women”), Rebecca Ferguson (“Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep,” “Mission: Impossible - Fallout”), Oscar Isaac (the “Star Wars” franchise) Oscar nominee Josh Brolin (“Milk,” “Avengers: Infinity War”), Stellan Skarsgård (HBO’s “Chernobyl,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron”), Dave Bautista (the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, “Avengers: Endgame”), Stephen McKinley Henderson (“Fences,” “Lady Bird”), Zendaya (“Spider-Man: Homecoming,” HBO’s “Euphoria”), Chang Chen (“Mr. Long,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), David Dastmalchian (“Blade Runner 2049,” “The Dark Knight”), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” Netflix’s “Sex Education”), with Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling (“45 Years,” “Assassin’s Creed”), with Jason Momoa (“Aquaman,” HBO’s “Game of Thrones”), and Oscar winner Javier Bardem (“No Country for Old Men,” “Skyfall”).

Villeneuve directed “Dune” from a screenplay by Jon Spaihts and Villeneuve and Eric Roth based on the novel of the same name written by Frank Herbert. Villeneuve also produced the film with Mary Parent, Cale Boyter and Joe Caracciolo, Jr. The executive producers are Tanya Lapointe, Joshua Grode, Herbert W. Gains, Jon Spaihts, Thomas Tull, Brian Herbert, Byron Merritt and Kim Herbert.

Behind the scenes, Villeneuve reteamed with two-time Oscar-nominated production designer Patrice Vermette (“Arrival,” “Sicario,” “The Young Victoria”), two-time Oscar-nominated editor Joe Walker (“Blade Runner 2049,” “Arrival,” “12 Years a Slave”), two-time Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Paul Lambert (“First Man,” “Blade Runner 2049”), and Oscar-winning special effects supervisor Gerd Nefzer (“Blade Runner 2049”). He also collaborated for the first time with Oscar-nominated director of photography Greig Fraser (“Lion,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”); three-time Oscar-nominated costume designer Jacqueline West (“The Revenant,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Quills”) and costume designer Robert Morgan; and stunt coordinator Tom Struthers (“The Dark Knight” trilogy, “Inception”). Oscar-winning and multiple Oscar-nominated composer Hans Zimmer (“Blade Runner 2049,” “Inception,” “Gladiator,” “The Lion King”) is creating the score.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present a Legendary Pictures Production, a Film by Denis Villeneuve, “Dune.” The film is slated to be released in select theaters in 2D and 3D and IMAX and on HBO Max on October 22, 2021 and will be available on HBO Max’s Ad-Free plan in 4K UHD, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos (English Only) on supported devices for 31 days from theatrical release.

The film has been rated PG-13 for sequences of strong violence, some disturbing images and suggestive material.



21 Tem 2021




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Goji Center
Goji Center 6 aylar önce
Everything about this film so far is simply amazing.
STALKER - ANONIEM 8 gün önce
@Jesús Miguel Gonzáles Rivadeneyra but...am I right?
Jesús Miguel Gonzáles Rivadeneyra
@STALKER - ANONIEM Hi there, dude do you realize this precedes Stars Wars, right? The "Dune" novel came out in 1965. Stars wouldn't be released until a little over a decade later. I'm saying this, and I love Star Wars.
STALKER - ANONIEM 10 gün önce
I guess we didn't watch the same movie. I thought it was STAR WARS but without all the awesome stuff.
Adrian 17 gün önce
U aint see a good movie fam
Dr retardo
Dr retardo 24 gün önce
the music is decent,, story wise its too basic
LuKasAV6 2 aylar önce
The film was absolutely gorgeous on the big screen. Can't wait for Part 2.
🖤Starry One✨
🖤Starry One✨ 2 gün önce
same oml I can’t fuggin wait bro-
Vikash Sharma
Vikash Sharma 8 gün önce
@domremy I reckon $20
THURA PYAESONE 24 gün önce
@dogle bhai yes ,lol
Sahil Bhatia
Sahil Bhatia 26 gün önce
I came here because i dont want to wait for second part
domremy 26 gün önce
How much were you paid for this comment?
Lucas Mayer
Lucas Mayer Aylar önce
This movie was so atmospheric. It felt as if you were actually stuck in the desert yourself. At the points where you actually got to see green it was like a breath of fresh air. Such an experience.
just a person with the name kevin
i like how they showed all of zendaya’s screentime in this trailer
Speeding Atheist
Speeding Atheist 6 gün önce
@Daniel Lanigan O'Hara Pay attention. I was talking about Spider-Man.
crep 6 gün önce
@Speeding Atheist idk why people hate on actors, I'm not talking about Zendaya specially, but I usually enjoy the movies the way they are and I don't even know which actors play there lmao, I like or hate the characters, not the people that play them
Someone_VIP 8 gün önce
@just a person with the name kevin agree, she definitely killed the 2 lines of dialogue that she had in a 2.5 hour long movie 😂 . But still need more of Daya!
just a person with the name kevin
@Someone_VIP who cares she killed it
Someone_VIP 8 gün önce
Why would Zendaya sign on to be in the movie for 30 seconds? I guess it don’t matter if she’s getting paid $300K either way…???
wolfpoly 2 aylar önce
This was honestly the most exhilarating and fresh movie I've ever watched. It felt like an experience that a movie should give. Even without reading the books was I able to quickly catch on to what was happening throughout the film. PHENOMENAL MOVIE! Definitely recommend :D
Justin LaVine
Justin LaVine 21 gün önce
Dune was some of the sickest sh*t I've ever seen. From the female- Muslim-analog smiling as she committed a suicide attack, to the glorification of apartheid practices in the mind control scenes, it was disgusting. It was also disappinting given how poorly the studio adapted the source material, and how little resemblance it bore to the book. For example, the transition from Paul-as-prince-in-training to Paul-as-vanquished-exile was made by the statement: "Go with the flow." After I saw that, I understood exactly why Hollywood stopped hiring American screenwriters.
Adrian 22 gün önce
@Rosemary Nguyen Alien, Dark City, Blade Runner, Total Recall, 2001: a space odyssey, 12 Monkeys, Contact, The Terminator, Interstellar, Inception, The Fifth Element, Matrix, Stargate, the thing 1982, Starship Troopers, Predator, Children of Men.. I could go on and on, but there are a few off the top of my head. And I hope everyone had a good Christmas and have a great New Year, all the best everyone, no hate here, but this movie was just not for me.
Rosemary Nguyen
Rosemary Nguyen 22 gün önce
@Adrian i'm curious...what sci fi movies do you actually like?
Adrian 23 gün önce
@azy For me the only thing good about the movie was the cinematographer and the way it was shot. The story was terrible and boring and the dry acting was average at best. The music was "OK" but nothing special.
azy 23 gün önce
@Adrian Story, cinematographer, music, choreography, and more
ChillYourMind 6 aylar önce
The trailer alone tells me this is gonna be the movie of the year
Asif Alamgir
Asif Alamgir 19 gün önce
@philip kemp bell but look at now. It Isn't
Justin LaVine
Justin LaVine 21 gün önce
@Thaibiohazard123 Dune was some of the sickest sh*t I've ever seen. From the female- Muslim-analog smiling as she committed a suicide attack, to the glorification of apartheid practices in the mind control scenes, it was disgusting. It was also disappinting given how poorly the studio adapted the source material, and how little resemblance it bore to the book. For example, the transition from Paul-as-prince-in-training to Paul-as-vanquished-exile was made by the statement: "Go with the flow." After I saw that, I understood exactly why Hollywood stopped hiring American screenwriters.
Justin LaVine
Justin LaVine 21 gün önce
@Jose Rodriguez Shin Godzilla was awesome!
Justin LaVine
Justin LaVine 21 gün önce
Dune was some of the sickest sh*t I've ever seen. From the female- Muslim-analog smiling as she committed a suicide attack, to the glorification of apartheid practices in the mind control scenes, it was disgusting. It was also disappinting given how poorly the studio adapted the source material, and how little resemblance it bore to the book. For example, the transition from Paul-as-prince-in-training to Paul-as-vanquished-exile was made by the statement: "Go with the flow." After I saw that, I understood exactly why Hollywood stopped hiring American screenwriters.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray Aylar önce
@Klaus Contact Total Recall with Arnold Schnwarzengger? Those effects were comical even for the 80’s. T2 is exceptional but all the money went into the one Terminator chasing them. Barely any CGI was required elsewhere.
S Shah
S Shah 2 aylar önce
In theatres this movie is just unbelievable. Spectacular.
Vlad Dracula
Vlad Dracula 22 gün önce
@Shao Kahn are you 12?
domremy 26 gün önce
Fake comment
laur lauryn
laur lauryn Aylar önce
@Ben Dover yes bcs people like support the creators…. movies give a diff experience. sorry you’re too miserable to like it
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Aylar önce
i watched it for free via torrent. you actually pay to see movies peasant? lmfao clowns
Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn Aylar önce
were you getting head the whole time? if so i agree. If not you must love 2.5 hour long movies with zero action or anything exciting going on.
Zephyr Aylar önce
"This is only the beginning." Part 1 was a masterpiece, everything from the acting, cinematography, soundtrack boosted an intense and breathtaking tale that set the stage for a war of galactic proportions. What a film and a masterclass of an adaptation that is the catalyst to the creation of a hopefully massive franchise.
Goanna Go
Goanna Go Aylar önce
Going by the 2000 low budget tv series, which I love, should be 3 parts for 1st book, then that series did 1 part for 2nd book and 2 for the 3rd. 1st part in series ended with Paul flying into storm. Hope they keep going.
Nick 1138
Nick 1138 2 aylar önce
I enjoyed the 1984 version of Dune, however I enjoyed this one even more. The visuals were amazing the musical score was perfect; I thought it was very well paced so it didn’t leave me bored; the storytelling really pulled me in almost immediately. One of the best films I’ve seen in the past two years. Hats off to this one.👌🏾
OttoWatt9000 20 gün önce
It was a Masterpiece. Absolute Masterpiece! I cannot WAIT to see more! That was so phenomenal and cinematic immersive experience that I did NOT want the movie to end. I’m so hyped to see more Dune films of that caliber in the future. This new Dune 2021 film is an absolute MASTERPIECE! True cinema and beyond phenomenal!
froge Aylar önce
it's so nice when something actually lives up to expectations 😌
OttoWatt9000 20 gün önce
It was a Masterpiece. Absolute Masterpiece! I cannot WAIT to see more! That was so phenomenal and cinematic immersive experience that I did NOT want the movie to end. I’m so hyped to see more Dune films of that caliber in the future.
Jon Sudano
Jon Sudano 6 aylar önce
Damn Gary Oldman cast as the sand worm that guy is so versatile
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel Aylar önce
Tf? 😂
J T 2 aylar önce
@Krzysztof Rojek with over 34 thousand likes it's hardly under appreciated.
beerye3 2 aylar önce
@Savon Lofton probably explains why I didn’t feel much of an emotional connection between the sand and the spice being played by Natalie Portman
Savon Lofton
Savon Lofton 2 aylar önce
@beerye3 that's actually Hayden Christensen whos playing the sand. Liam Neeson played all 20 date palms in Arrakeen
stare 2 aylar önce
Kathryn Pacis
Kathryn Pacis Aylar önce
My partner and I are HUGE sci fi fans. We watched Dune last night and I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. Arrival is one of my all-time favourite films, and I notice how Denis literally creates perfection. Dune was a majestic and all-round spectacular masterpiece (Yes!) What a first part! Mindblowing with certain goosebumps. The amalgamation of the sound and visuals....don't have words for it.
Be Free
Be Free 22 gün önce
Im a huge Sci fic fans too but Arrival is pne of the Strangest i've ever seen. Or maybe we are just different taste about sci fic movies
domremy 26 gün önce
amrita madhukalya
amrita madhukalya 2 aylar önce
Went to the movies after 1.5 years with no knowledge of what Dune is. Came back so blown by it that I booked another ticket. This is epic stuff. A movie that has the potential to spawn dozens others.
Zimrack 23 gün önce
I wanna play dude
Camila Fonseca
Camila Fonseca 25 gün önce
A masterpiece. Amazing movie, I was absolutely blown away! It made me start to read the books. The cast, cinematography, score, story, everything was great. It was not boring at all, just slow-paced and you need to pay attention to understand the deep worldbuilding and plot. Denis is a genius, he was able to create a beautiful adaptation out of a book that has long been considered unadaptable.
OttoWatt9000 9 gün önce
@Jallakka anyone who says this movie is anything BUT a complete masterpiece is a pathetic child who shouldn’t be taken seriously and deserves to get called out on. They’re out of their mind as this Dune movie is MASTERPIECE and one of the greatest sci-fi movies of the 21th century.
Jallakka 10 gün önce
I agree. The children in the comments are laughable.
OttoWatt9000 20 gün önce
It was a Masterpiece. Absolute Masterpiece! I cannot WAIT to see more! That was so phenomenal and cinematic immersive experience that I did NOT want the movie to end. I’m so hyped to see more Dune films of that caliber in the future.
Ger Alvarez
Ger Alvarez 2 aylar önce
Having read a lot of mixed reviews, I watched the film with low expectations. Even though the first hour is a bit slow, once you get used to the rhythm of the film, the second and final act are outstanding. I absolutely loved it!
In The Kitchen With Matt
Looks absolutely AMAZING!!!
Ogün 18 gün önce
reza ramadhan
reza ramadhan 20 gün önce
Gumunan tak boetak wahaha
Old OddJobs
Old OddJobs 5 aylar önce
In The Kitchen With Matt
@Trebor6127 Or maybe give it a chance. I thought the same thing about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, I was like this movie looks so dumb. I went in with low expectations and loved the movie. Of course, that wasn't based off an epic book either. It's always a tough thing trying to do an iconic book justice with a movie.
Trebor6127 6 aylar önce
@In The Kitchen With Matt And I probably I won't. It's a shame really because I looked forward to watching it, but the trailers are so bad they put me off.
lily scarisbrick
lily scarisbrick 12 gün önce
Can't wait to go back & see this again next week - this film was truly incredible, I agree catch it in the cinemas whilst you can, the overpowering scores of Hans Zimmer just makes it the most incredible cinematic experience I've had. I remember thinking it's over 2 hours it'll feel like forever, but it really doesn't. I hope fans of the series will be happy with it, I can't wait to read the books now as well. Unbelievably good job on everyone involved 👏🏽👏🏽
William Hoffman
William Hoffman 15 gün önce
Outstanding movie!! Dune was compelling; a masterpiece of science fiction literature and now a stunning film!
Tushar Kadian
Tushar Kadian 2 aylar önce
Watched this movie in IMAX. It was an absolutely amazing cinematic experience. The movie is shot so well with beautiful visuals and accurate soundtrack. It's a bit tough to keep up with all the names in the starting but it's not hard to follow afterwards. There are a few things which you would question if you haven't read the book but still the overall movie is easy to follow even if going blind. Overall rating: 8.5/10 caz of IMAX.
OttoWatt9000 20 gün önce
@Tushar Kadian that’s fantastic to here and I’m glad you love the movie even more because this movie is PHENOMENAL and FANTASTIC all the way through and a true masterpiece and a cinematic achievement of the 21th century! So glad it exist and so hyped for future dune films of this high of a caliber! Masterpiece films awaits us in the future!
Tushar Kadian
Tushar Kadian 20 gün önce
@OttoWatt9000 I agree with you more now and appreciate the movie better now that I have re-watched the movie. I haven't read the books so there were a couple of things which I didn't know while watching the movie. But a TRvid video helped me out on things I missed. The movie was very well executed and I have high expectations from the second one.
OttoWatt9000 20 gün önce
Don’t agree at all that it deserves it “8.5/10” at all as I’ve read the book as well as it’s easily 10/10. And it deserves WAY more than because of “caz of IMAX” at all because this would have been a phenomenal film anywhere even without imax, it’s just IMAX enhanced the experience more than ever. The names are pretty easy to understand at the start as their not difficult at all to follow and there is VERY few thing you would question even without the book as the movie has subtle details and nuanced visual questions to forward events and sequences. It was a Masterpiece. Absolute Masterpiece! I cannot WAIT to see more! That was so phenomenal and cinematic immersive experience that I did NOT want the movie to end. I’m so hyped to see more Dune films of that caliber in the future.
foxtrot lima
foxtrot lima 2 aylar önce
It's an awesome movie. The musical scoring is out of this world. I can't wait for the sequel.
Yen 6 aylar önce
This feels like a movie that has to be seen at cinemas
moviemaster8510 2 aylar önce
Easily the best IMAX experience I’ve had since Avatar.
rarest_account 2 aylar önce
Alex Hristache
Alex Hristache 2 aylar önce
@Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu I'm so glad!
Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu
@Alex Hristache its been approved!!
Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu
@Gazzy i felt the same way
Robert Stenn
Robert Stenn 2 aylar önce
What a masterpiece of a film. I finally saw it earlier today and I'm still in awe. The only thing is if you don't see this on the big screen you're missing out!
imagine a world like that
I’m in love with this movie. I saw it twice, on my birthday the second time. It really is a surreal experience watching it.
Pritha Mukherji
Pritha Mukherji 2 aylar önce
If Dune doesn't win the Oscars for VFX and Original Score, Im seriously gonna stop watching it
Biggiiful Aylar önce
@Dave Crupel they're gonna stop watching the Oscars. Not Dune
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel Aylar önce
Why would you punish the movie, for the sh¡t-hheaded decision making of the Oscars? They award the worst movies, and punish the bestd ones.
ChickenDue 69
ChickenDue 69 2 aylar önce
You will not i promise
Sintel MK
Sintel MK 2 aylar önce
yeah u should stop watching dune
Pritha Mukherji
Pritha Mukherji 2 aylar önce
@Knownasnemoo yes. Cause they did not use the sound from the previous version
gtown gtown
gtown gtown 2 aylar önce
The costume-design sends chills down my spine. Epic.
YaBoyPsycho 6 aylar önce
So hyped to see blockbuster season making a comeback
BushKit 20 gün önce
Edward Morow That comment did not age well
Star 042
Star 042 6 aylar önce
@dblvision they may all be the same, but so are sun sets and rainbows
trev 6 aylar önce
@dblvision God please no
dblvision 6 aylar önce
@Olle Selin I bet you are
Olle Selin
Olle Selin 6 aylar önce
@dblvision i'm gonna enjoy "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts"
Peter Theodosiou
Peter Theodosiou Aylar önce
Mate this movie is an absolute experience in cinema! The soundtrack with the bass and the cinematic beauty of these shots, its a must see!! Such a great story and a great cast, cant wait for part two.
Pedro Pires
Pedro Pires 2 aylar önce
I've just watched today and I think it was very good really worth it! The plot is very interesting, the visuals are amazing, the soundtrack for me is the best Hans Zimmer is a total genius during those hours the score helped a lot and it combined really well with the movie. Besides that I really liked some interpretations like Chalamet and Bardem but all the others were good too! Great movie definitely congratulations Denis Villeneuve! 👏
고민시 2 aylar önce
For those who are undecided to watch it or not, I definitely suggest that u would watch it. I'm telling y'all the movie is soo good. Waiting for part 2 🙌
Ian Marsden
Ian Marsden 2 aylar önce
So, finally after a few rain checks for illness and work issues I have seen. It's a very good movie although I suspect that the first 30 minutes will be a little confusing for people who have not read the book. The direction is good, the acting is very good, displaying the characters very well. The sandworms are everything you could hope them to be. The vastness of space and plot are well depicted, especially by the Guild Highliners. The cinematography is simply superb particularly the long shots of the deserts of Arrakis which evoke thoughts of slow moving yellow oceans. Quite breathtaking. The score is very very evocative, great job. One thing that troubles me a little is that there was no mention of Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen who, in the novel is a counterpoint to Paul Atreides and is an important link in the connecting chain between Atreides, Harkonnen and Bene Gesserit. And also provides the moral finale in the novel. That said it was by far the best adaptation of one of my favourite books and my 13 year old daughter (who hasn't read it) also enjoyed it greatly. The last thing i have to say is the most important. You must watch this at a cinema. It's definitely a big screen movie.
TiJ 4 aylar önce
Just from the theater. This is a masterpiece. WB don't be greedy, Netflix throws 400 mlns on Knives Out sequels. It's not about money, it's about reputation, it brings honor to the company. Let Deni Villeneuve start the production of the sequel! We need the second part!
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray Aylar önce
@Midwinter being purely entertained is why flashy action is more popular than anything else with substance. I’m not being rude. It’s just a common truth. It’s why Fast and Furious is way more popular then There Will Be Blood. Because one is more entertaining to people. So I guess FaF deserves to be ranked higher than There Will Be Blood
RedWhiteAndBlue4evr1 2 aylar önce
@TheStone Dumb comment. Pretty sure youd have to be on acid to enjoy that slow paced, awful waste of film. And judging by all these other comments, Im not wrong.
RedWhiteAndBlue4evr1 2 aylar önce
@Midwinter The last rating I saw on the new one was over 8. Highest Ive seen on any main stream movie since Avengers End Game. Looking forward to it. I hope you're wrong, but if it bored you then it will probably be bad for me too. lol
Reinier 3 aylar önce
I thought it was boring. Some good scenes but def not what i hoped for. Not bad, but also not that good for sure..
Bathtub Barracuda
Bathtub Barracuda 3 aylar önce
@tk Iguess Blade Runner 2049 failed because the original (despite being loved by critics and film fans) was not franchise material and the bad marketing of trailers didn’t give a single thing away about what the movie is even about.
MartinaanitraM 2 aylar önce
This is a masterpiece, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! Go watch it!!!
Maulana Yafie Danendra
YOOO THIS MOVIE IS SO AWESOME. The environment, the sound effect, the spaceships, the star wars vibe but 1000x better, jason momoa was also badass. Cant wait for the next part!
Okay Aylar önce
@Kosma Warrior If you read the books, you were spoiled 40 years ago.
Kosma Warrior
Kosma Warrior 2 aylar önce
@Igzilee yup
Igzilee 2 aylar önce
@Kosma Warrior True, but its still an amazing movie
Kosma Warrior
Kosma Warrior 2 aylar önce
But trailer spoils whole movie
Haris Mahmud
Haris Mahmud Aylar önce
Seriously nice. Loving it. Timothee seems a good young actor. Looking forward to watching dune 2.
paul vu
paul vu 2 aylar önce
The acting was spot on and the cinematography is pure visionary. Didn't now Hollywood can produce this caliber production and best director for 2021.
SI Not Found
SI Not Found 6 aylar önce
Yudhi Prayoga
Yudhi Prayoga 6 aylar önce
Just don't
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 6 aylar önce
Glitchtastic 6 aylar önce
Hype is the fun killer - earlier comment
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 6 aylar önce
Yes you can. You can do anything.
C Ellis
C Ellis 6 aylar önce
.... it looks even more horrible than the Abrams Star Trek.. another sci fi theatrical disaster.....
Doc_Lighting 2 aylar önce
This movie is a masterpiece. One of my favorite sci-fi movies ever. Absolutely blown away
Tanya Netvoyodelo
Tanya Netvoyodelo 2 aylar önce
So, what am I supposed to do with myself until the next one comes out in 2023? This was spectacular! Finally a great movie. Scratched every Sci -Fi itch. 🤤
John Orazio
John Orazio Aylar önce
You could check out Foundation, based on the books of Isacc Asimov. It looks just as amazing as this is.
Sambit Koley
Sambit Koley 2 aylar önce
They should have done a tv series. Such an incredible book.
goldielocks 2 aylar önce
The music made the experience of watching this in the movie so fascinating! Definitely the best part of the movie.
DedWorth 6 aylar önce
I can’t wait for the soundtrack of this movie. Hans Zimmer has never disappointed me, so I have very high expectations for the soundtrack. It’s going to be very epic.
R R 4 aylar önce
@Johnny NiteTrain I've listened to the whole thing from Zimmer... not as good as Brian Tyler's score from the 2003 Children of Dune miniseries. Tyler is mostly known for scoring Ironman 3 and the new Formula One theme. Listen to his "Summon The Worms" score.
R R 4 aylar önce
@Esme GiGi Genevieve Squalor I've listened to the whole thing... not as good as Brian Tyler's score for the 2003 Children of Dune miniseries
Ang C
Ang C 5 aylar önce
never???? widows soundtrack sucked !!!
Johnny NiteTrain
Johnny NiteTrain 5 aylar önce
@Aditya Induraj I’ll have to look him up, thanks. I love to find out about new composers and the films they’ve done. A good score always sticks out to me, whether it’s a bizarre score like the Kevin Bacon film Cop Car, to the Queens Gambit which I thought had an amazing score throughout. While on the subject of Hans Zimmer, one of my recent favorites of his was the Planet Earth 2 intro or theme. I love that piece of music….
Gemel Walters
Gemel Walters 5 aylar önce
@Aditya Induraj gotta disagree there. The woman at the end was the best part
Gerard K
Gerard K 2 aylar önce
Watched it today. Great movie- story clearly explained ;incredible visuals and music! Denis villenueve and Hans Zimmer -awesome! Definitely a theatre experience!
Jøseph 2 aylar önce
a magnificient story, movie, theaterical masterpiece, from start to finish, with costumes that rival imaginations, sets that define majestic plus gripping storylines that compel the 2.5hr viewing. Needless to say, I enjoyed this movie, one that I've waited very long to digest and reflect
Brayhan Tellez
Brayhan Tellez 2 aylar önce
Está película es una obra de arte necesitamos la parte 2 🔥🤯
Alston Albert
Alston Albert Aylar önce
The big screen experience was mind blowing 🔥🔥😍
warriorblood 252
warriorblood 252 5 aylar önce
I've never seen a movie trailer that actually made me want to read the book
Garrick Parsons
Garrick Parsons 2 aylar önce
@Kiran I love the third book.. After Leto2 becomes god emperor it just becomes an acid trip.
Scott H
Scott H 2 aylar önce
Some movies, although great, will never be able to do the book justice. Examples: Dracula, Carmilla, Jurassic Park, Dune. Read the books, and if you need more, then watch the movies.
Lucas Chacon
Lucas Chacon 4 aylar önce
@PersonOnEarth what a setting eh? The God emperor's universe, that is.
Eldon Hill
Eldon Hill 4 aylar önce
@K the first one
John 4 aylar önce
I have. Bladerunner. why is TRvid crying? Ohh, I must have got drunk and commented Dune. Oh, well.
we friends now,bitch
Dune totally blew my mind. I'm impressed. Definitely the movie of 2021.
WarlockofWordsReturns RB
Hear hear!! Bring on part two.
Les Paul
Les Paul 2 aylar önce
One of the best SF movies ever. Excelent author of the book, excelent plot, good actors, picture and effects! In scale from 1 to 5, it is 5!!
Giangg ._.
Giangg ._. 2 aylar önce
this is such a masterpiece, can't wait for the part 2~
Dr. McBoofus
Dr. McBoofus 2 aylar önce
I've seen this movie twice(Both in cinema because it would be a war crime if I didn't) and it blew my mind. Can't wait for part 2.
Kenneth Dunn
Kenneth Dunn 5 aylar önce
Dune is one of the greatest sci fi books of all time. The fact that so many great actors/actresses wanted in is zero surprise to sci fi book enthusiasts
Ventress The Assassin
Ventress The Assassin 5 aylar önce
30,000 Leagues Under The Sea is up there as 1 of the best.
21 years ago. 16 years ago.
@Scott Adler but it's one of the most influential literary franchises in fiction. So yeah it's important
Scott Adler
Scott Adler 5 aylar önce
@21 years ago. 16 years ago. It doesn't matter. It was a mediocre book anyway with a lousy internal reveal -- Fremen are saving water fro0m the atmosphere and that's going to create oceans! No it won't.You can't create anything from nothing. There are thousands of great classic science fiction stories tht have never been made. Why make it for a third time. It's such a waste.
21 years ago. 16 years ago.
@Scott Adler lmao u are gonna eat ur words once u watch Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival and then Dune. Denis movies are more than just sci fi. They handle so many complex themes with subtlety and it's his passion project since childhood to adapt this book. He wouldn't fail
Kenneth Dunn
Kenneth Dunn 5 aylar önce
@Rithwik Prathap indeed ridiculous statement. But at same time. One of the best perks of being an actor or actress is being part of a great story. And dune qualifies in spades.
Rudy Jackson
Rudy Jackson Aylar önce
My favorite scene was when Paul Atreides envisions fighting alongside the Fremen sand warriors. He has the spice-induced Blue eyes and is clothed in the desert ninja-like suit and dual-wielding blades. The acrobatics and precision strikes make him a fearsome foe to the Imperials! The movie direction and cinematography is epic. Bravo!!
tuber00009 Aylar önce
Can confirm: this movie is brilliant. Go and see it on the big screen sooner rather than later..
TheLyonKing5 Aylar önce
This trailer was awesome and I’m happy to say the movie lives up to the hype and more!
John Paczkowski
John Paczkowski Aylar önce
Seen it today. Visually stunning. Hans Zimmers score was beautiful. Brainy story. Overall a gorgeous movie
SNOW SOS 6 aylar önce
So hyped for this
weaselman 434
weaselman 434 6 aylar önce
@Michael Kowalczuk by far my all time favorite book to read. A bit different than your standard writing
Michael Kowalczuk
Michael Kowalczuk 6 aylar önce
@weaselman 434 I have
Anna S
Anna S 6 aylar önce
Me too! I just hope this is NOT one of those situations where all the good scenes were put into the trailer and the rest of the movie sucks. The chances of this are very low, given the really excellent book this is based on, as well as the awesome cast. And obviously, the visuals are stunning, we can already see it. Fingers crossed.
Michael Kowalczuk
Michael Kowalczuk 6 aylar önce
Oh yes, Dune is awesome.
kapten krok
kapten krok 6 aylar önce
@Topaz Nora its not about making something good its about selling an experience that is close to cocaine
April 2 aylar önce
I just watched the movie last night and it was absolutely AMAZING!! Can’t wait for part 2
fanboy Aylar önce
What an amazing experience. Utterly awaiting part 2!
Parasmunt 2 aylar önce
Excellent film, beautifully made. The visuals are evocative and entrancing.
ponyone1 2 aylar önce
This movie is AMAZING! It has everything I like in movies, like all in one !
Manan Jani
Manan Jani 2 aylar önce
I won't lie. I just went to the cinemas with zero knowledge about the movie, the plot and the cast. But, oh my god. This is a masterpiece! This movie is just just too incredible. Each and every one nailed their part, the plot was intense and amazing, and the cinematography was just wow. An absolute banger. Do watch on theaters, you would definitely not be disappointed. This movie is pure perfection!
Totally agree!
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 2 gün önce
Just got it from a red box, I quit watching movies post endgame just because everything seems so crammed down our throats and bloated and boring. But man, I’m glad I watched this. It left me feeling like I did the first time the fellowship of the ring ended. Wanting more. Hopefully this is the start of a new Hollywood saga/universe that we can really get into as fans.
@m. richards I've never seen the original so I can't compare the two, but I thought the same thing before I watched it. The movie has a LOT more character than the trailers show. Its way better than the trailer made it seem.
m. richards
m. richards 5 gün önce
It looks super generic compared to David Lynch's version.
That was pretty much my experience. It was a great movie. It made me wonder if this was what it felt like to watch A New Hope in theaters when it first came out
Scott Aylar önce
Having never read the book, this film and story was incredible. Definitely one to see on the big screen. I am now in two minds on whether to read the book or wait until Dune II arrives!
Chris Trajectory
Chris Trajectory Aylar önce
Just saw it. I loved it. The costumes were excellent, the music was quite unique and jarring (in a good way), the cinematography was great- it really conveyed scale. You could immediately tell it was from denis lol. It is different to the usual hollywood superhero movie- I'm not saying those are bad, but I just prefer this. It is a hard book to translate but I believe it was done well, and information was delivered creatively i.e. Paul learning through the video textbook is also teaching the audience
SabunFab 2 aylar önce
Better than expected. Epic. Every frame can be printed and displayed in an art gallery. When Blade Runner 2049 and Game of Thrones got married and had a baby. Here's to Desert Power!
William Pitt
William Pitt 2 aylar önce
The movie ia worth the hype. The story is comprehensible - great - and the effects stunning, its not the average lazy MCU VFX. This movie is something else.
Twice tan79
Twice tan79 2 aylar önce
This is a masterpiece movie! I loved it and I can't wait for part2
Mystery Scoop
Mystery Scoop 23 gün önce
I always wanted something better to replace Star Wars. And I think this is it… Masterpiece! Looking forward to other parts of this amazing story…
Justin LaVine
Justin LaVine 21 gün önce
Dune was some of the sickest sh*t I've ever seen. From the female- Muslim-analog smiling as she committed a suicide attack, to the glorification of apartheid practices in the mind control scenes, it was disgusting. It was also disappinting given how poorly the studio adapted the source material, and how little resemblance it bore to the book. For example, the transition from Paul-as-prince-in-training to Paul-as-vanquished-exile was made by the statement: "Go with the flow." After I saw that, I understood exactly why Hollywood stopped hiring American screenwriters.
Tony .D
Tony .D 21 gün önce
Ummm, just wait til part 2. I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet
Weasel 22 gün önce
Man, one can only hope.
PLTBW 22 gün önce
I wouldn’t quiet go that far now.. 😂
Christian McGuire
Christian McGuire 22 gün önce
U r high
Yellie12 Aylar önce
If you have not read the books, please do not go into this movie expecting some Star Wars-esque action blockbuster. This is a series about complex politics and history, deep character interactions and universe building rather than action adventure. I see so many reviews saying that it’s extremely boring and these people clearly don’t understand what the source materials or story itself is about - in the whole first book there is literally no action at all apart from the very end! Do not watch this if you can only watch marvel movies - you will not enjoy it.
speedboy6776 Aylar önce
This movie was boring. Not that I was expecting a Marvel movie, it just means either the source material is boring or hollywood did not do a good job adapting the novel. I've seen plenty of dramas that had no action that were not boring. Lack of action is not the only reason to call a movie boring.
Sándor Barics
Sándor Barics Aylar önce
A fantastic movie! Loved it. Can´t wait for the sequel
Meadmaker 452
Meadmaker 452 6 aylar önce
If this movie turns out to be 4 hours long, it still might not be enough for me. It looks absolutely magnificent. Hoping beyond hope that they've finally done Herbert's story justice.
stackunderflow 5 aylar önce
2 hr 37 min
Angel 5 aylar önce
It’s a little over 2.5 hours long
Eric Austin
Eric Austin 5 aylar önce
@Will Deegan Might be why they chose him... recognizable star to be in every film?
Music and Movie Fan
Music and Movie Fan 5 aylar önce
Well I don't know if they will make it epic enough but the actor list they have for it is pretty amazing to being with....lets hope it only gets better from there.
William Alarie
William Alarie 5 aylar önce
@Will Deegan somehow i don't get the sense that a single person involved in the development of this thing is NOT familiar, anywhere from pretty damn well to very intensely, with this story.
Ismail Azmee
Ismail Azmee 2 aylar önce
ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE! I had no idea what this was until i randomly watched this. Best trilogy movie since lord of the rings.
R33z 19 saatler önce
Fantastic Movie! 10/10. This film honestly reminded me of the old Islamic days, sandy deserts and the attire. Dune 2 will be 11/10. 😀
Kasia Heffernan
Kasia Heffernan Aylar önce
The best film I have seen in a long, long time. I love the book. the film has exceeded my expectations!
Sip 2 aylar önce
Really loved reading the book Really loved playing the game Really loved watching the movie
Arthur Wong
Arthur Wong 2 aylar önce
Read Messiah as a kid. Didn't even know it was the second book. Then read Dune. Then played Dune 2000 to death. Now thoroughly enjoyed Villeneuve's vision of Dune.
Felix 4 aylar önce
Really refreshing experience after lots of superhero blockbusters lately. I really loved that the movie takes its time and isn't afraid of making its audience really pay attention with it's world building. I was a little surprised by it being a part one since I didn't see any of that during advertisement. Although I don't mind it since this movie clearly needs more time than it's current runtime to cover the whole book. I am just really hoping that Warner doesn't block the second part due to a low turnout. That would be heartbreaking after such a strong start.
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman 3 aylar önce
Thanks so much for the positive comment and like. I so much appreciate your love for me and my movies. I hope I get to keep doing better to satisfy you all…
Vlad Dracula
Vlad Dracula 3 aylar önce
@SerDankalot96 Denis wants to make a trilogy. The first two movies being Dune and the third being an adaptation of Dune: Messiah to complete Paul’s story
Hot Thingz
Hot Thingz 3 aylar önce
Born2Boogup 3 aylar önce
@Abaddon WB are cowards. They would never put our mighty Shai-Hulud on the big screen!
Hypocritical Satire
Hypocritical Satire 4 aylar önce
@ta ya Literally copied and pasted the comment below this one be original.
Daniel Fazio
Daniel Fazio 2 aylar önce
Personally I knew nothing about it going in, and truthfully I thought it was incredible in a weird way. Like there’s just so much to digest about it. Read up and learned about the books, watched it a 2nd time and it was even better because I understood everything. I think the film is just very polarizing. Meaning that it’s a very niche film, people are either gonna absolutely fall in love with it, or hate it so much. The actors I think were a big draw and to mostly the wrong type of people. It’s just a very niche film. But it’s worth a watch on HBO Max, if you don’t like it turn it off pretty simple
Susi Orion
Susi Orion 2 aylar önce
Una obra maestra que se situará entre los mas grandes espectaculos del septimo arte. Una autentica joya del cine.
M N 2 aylar önce
This was one of the best movies I have ever seen, I can’t fully describe it, I really felt it. I am really liking this dark approach Warner Bros is taking to counter the Marvel assembly line pumping out the same plot in different costumes.
CrackBuckey 2 aylar önce
I saw the film and I assure you that you will not regret going to the cinema the film offers a sublime photography and the direction of Denis Villeneuve was fantastic in the same way with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya That have a lot of future,
Deep Fiction
Deep Fiction 2 aylar önce
Saw it today. No regrets. No disappointment. No bad feeling. Absolute Banger.
Helder Pinto
Helder Pinto 2 aylar önce
@Sanderbraat love your positive vibe bro, there's movies, games and books I ended up loving after revisiting later. This is a special movie, maybe check it out again once pt2 is out.
Helder Pinto
Helder Pinto 2 aylar önce
@FotY that was a great summary man! Tkx
Ronin R
Ronin R 2 aylar önce
@Am Hkm haha that's because they dragged it a lot just to make more parts like maze runner. I am not sure how many parts would be there. Plot is a fight for a land which is rich with mineral sort named spice which once you have can rule the universe with some game of thrones like backstabbing. I wish movie run time was 1.5 hrs.
Wyatt DePriest
Wyatt DePriest 2 aylar önce
I got the iMax experience and the movies crashed while they were in the sand storm XD
Real112RB 》
Real112RB 》 2 aylar önce
@billiardsandsnookervideosnsw NGM it takes 2 movies to cover a book... 😀
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral 2 aylar önce
So glad I don't watch trailers anymore. Finished the movie couple of days ago and came here just to see how much they gave away and wow.. It's basically a summary of the whole thing, too many spoilers.
Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey 2 aylar önce
Greatest sci-fi movie ever. I can watch two more times.
Pedro Humberto
Pedro Humberto 9 gün önce
It was so WONDERFUL! This is a masterpiece! This movie has a excellent cast, but I just saw it because it has Timothée ;)
susbow Aylar önce
Brilliant Masterpiece 👏 👏 my lord what an amazing movie 🎬 to which I cant stop thinking about how extraordinary this is! From the score to the acting- pure magnificence. I have seen it 3 times in the theater with the 4th time coming up this Fri Dec 3rd in Imax.saw it on HBO Max 3times but 100% this should be experienced in a theater at least once you won't be disappointed 😉 I wish 2023 was here already just to see Part 2!! The hype is real!!!
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 6 aylar önce
Looks so good
Vinzenz Stein Ferrari Freitas
@Sach!N And it didn't flop :) get rekt
ahzerlumli 6 aylar önce
The next Alita.
Leroy Vermilion 770
Leroy Vermilion 770 6 aylar önce
@Sach!N No it won't
peachmelba1000 6 aylar önce
@Careful Icarus I agree. I get the feeling that fairly minor characters from the novel are going to have far too much screen time, in either the name of diversity, or in making some kind of political statement. And I really hope that as this new movie cycle continues (if it does) that it's properly shown just what a reluctant anti-hero Paul becomes, and what a monster his son.
AgingFlux 6 aylar önce
@Issac Li You see flops within flops.
Domčaa :3
Domčaa :3 2 aylar önce
I didn’t know anything about the plot of Dune.. well after watching this incredible movie I wanna read all of the books from Frank Herbert.
Lorenzo B
Lorenzo B 2 aylar önce
excellent choice, books are much more, I'm reading them for the second time
Godz Emen
Godz Emen 2 aylar önce
Dont always hold my breath watching a movie but this made me forget i was breathing! Nailed it! Can't wait for part 2.
Albus Tran
Albus Tran Aylar önce
I intend to watch this on HBO Max on October but theathers in my city were about to open so I waited. Thank God, I did it. "Dune" is so so so much more in cinema. Hans Zimmer's score is insane! Cannot wait for the second part. Now, I enjoy the book series.
heemunie Nguyen
heemunie Nguyen 11 gün önce
2:24 no matter how many times I watch Dune, I'm still fasinated by this moment 3:13
Shane 6 aylar önce
My sister died at the beginning of the pandemic. She and I loved the books so much and felt they were instrumental in our development as we grew up together. Watching this was bittersweet knowing she won't be here to see it. But I think she'd have been overwhelmed with how incredible this production looks - exactly how I feel now. I'm so excited for October 22nd.
Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar 6 aylar önce
@Shane dude, respect your sister's memory. Strangers likes and empty condolences mean nothing to you!
Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar 6 aylar önce
@Smith 🍆 ring
Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar 6 aylar önce
@Dave Box you have my permission to simp.
Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar 6 aylar önce
@BoxStudioExecutive yes. Not every dear memory has to be put on display for likes. But was it really dear in the first place if you can do that with it 😒
Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar 6 aylar önce
@Subterranean Homesick Alien no. Stop prostituting your personal stuff for likes, Narcissus.
Mohammed Kahla
Mohammed Kahla 2 aylar önce
I watched Dune with 4K resolution on a 65-inch screen, what an experience! Pretty astonishing movie! (Its only deffect is the fact of being part one of the story, I can't wait 🤤) Highly recommended to watch it in a movie theater if possible (don't miss the chance 🙏), if not, in a big screen and high quality as possible! . . . Generally, try to have the best possible experience, as you can.
Jaehaerys 2 aylar önce
One of the best sci-fi movies to be made
John Webster
John Webster 2 aylar önce
Just got back from the cinema and just wow. An absolutely incredible experience.
conner schupp
conner schupp 2 aylar önce
I just saw it and I enjoyed the film, so did the lady. She has no idea what dune is and neither do I. But I have bought the first novel and hope to get lost in its pages soon. Fantastic work by the whole production, I could not find a flaw in the presentation. The ending is abrupt but hopeful. The onscreen presence helps lead the audience like it should. Marvelous acting by the mother of Paul. Haven’t seen anything like it in years!
Sonov Pru
Sonov Pru 6 aylar önce
I cannot get over the visuals. Every frame is gorgeous. This is not just a movie, this is art!
Максим Валько
reddit moment
Darryl Schipper
Darryl Schipper 6 aylar önce
typical Denis Villeneuve ;) every single one of his movies are .
Simping for Fiji
Simping for Fiji 6 aylar önce
Every movie like that these days lol
Matthew A
Matthew A Aylar önce
This movie was absolutely amazing! Definitely going to see this multiple times in theater, and hey maybe I’ll read the books.
Username [Redacted]
I started reading the books also. If you don't hate spoilers and want to know more about the the Dune universe. It's great. I like the changes they made in the movie. I like what they kept and also removed in the movie. the books are more details but I prefer how the movie makes you ask more questions instead of having long paragraphs detailing how things work.
JRXCIII Aylar önce
This was like a sci fi game of thrones with the factions and back stabbing. I love it.
Jlee 2 aylar önce
Maybe the best cinema experience I've ever had. Spent the whole time in awe. I'd need to see lotr in the cinema again for a fair comparison though..!
Fanny Agustin
Fanny Agustin 2 aylar önce
I am in love with this movie. Dune is incredible and brilliant movie. I totally agree with Director for make Dune become two part. Sadly I must to wait until 2023 for part two
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo 3 aylar önce
It’s hilarious how many people think Dune is ripping off so many movies, when it was Dune that inspired them all. It came out in 1965, people! It inspired two, almost three generations of pop culture and it continues to be relevant even to this day!
Charlie To0 Human
Charlie To0 Human 3 aylar önce
@Pierce the spice, Melange!!!
Robert Richards
Robert Richards 3 aylar önce
@Pierce .......It's too close to the Afghanistan/Drugs wars. ME thinks..
indoraptor Rwakaara
indoraptor Rwakaara 3 aylar önce
@91clarie star wars was probably inspired but it's not a ripoff
Nick Martin
Nick Martin 3 aylar önce
@seragx99 trust me it isn't
seragx99 3 aylar önce
On the other hand what worries me the most is that the Dune books have never been culturally relevant outside English speaking countries and what I'm getting from the trailer is that it's boring AF.
Columbus discovers the New World #shorts