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Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss the 2021 Denis Villeneuve Sci-fi Movie - Dune -

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23 Eki 2021




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Blind Wave
Blind Wave 9 aylar önce
Raw Rider Patrons can watch the Full Length Reaction HERE: blindwavellc.com/dune-movie-full/
The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins 8 aylar önce
I can't access the video...
Krombopulos T
Krombopulos T 9 aylar önce
Idaho is one the greatest fighter in the universe. he is extremely well known. even the Emperors people is scared of him.
The Magic Man
The Magic Man 9 aylar önce
Fun Fact: George Lucas based Star Wars off of Dune. It should be pretty obvious by the EVERYTHING
jake connors
jake connors 9 aylar önce
I feel like I signed up to be in a dune study class….I like it😁❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kevin Rubio
Kevin Rubio 9 aylar önce
In answer to your question about ridding a worm @52:00 The hooks that you saw Kynes brandishing before she was killed, pry open the skin of the worm exposing its innards to the harsh abrasive sand. A worm will keep the exposed area away from the sand and not submerge, allowing the Freemen to ride them.
HØNESTLY 9 aylar önce
Sucks that you guys couldn’t see this in cinemas, it’s an unearthly experience.
Darkstar Aylar önce
Sad world we live in when you can't enjoy something without it having to be in some specific way. And then you passive-aggressively trash other people for not having the same experience as yours.
snaski 3 aylar önce
When people uses the Voice, you can feel the bass in the theaters. Its amazing
thatcher 2000
thatcher 2000 5 aylar önce
After the oscars there could be a new chance
Aya Ehab
Aya Ehab 7 aylar önce
I watched it yesterday and regretted not going to the cinema so much! It's epic either way tho
Leah Marie
Leah Marie 9 aylar önce
I interpreted the “I’ll show you ways of the desert” thing as this: It didn’t happen exactly as Paul saw it, but ultimately Jamis did teach Paul a lesson by challenging him to that duel. He learned a lot about the Fremen culture from Jamis’ challenge.
GalaxyGal040-15 Aylar önce
Yep and even the vision where Paul literally dies in the duel with Jamis shows him something: that his visions are POSSIBILITIES: branching futures, and even that possible future can teach him something about his destiny. He must kill a man (in fact many more than one) to fulfill his destiny
Darkstar Aylar önce
@Elessar No. You need to get off your high horse, mate.
NINmann01 2 aylar önce
@Elessar Yes. However, just because those visions aren’t symbolic in-fiction, doesn’t mean they aren’t symbolic when it comes to the reader/viewer’s interpretation.
Rachel Ottley
Rachel Ottley 7 aylar önce
Benjamin O'Donnell
Benjamin O'Donnell 7 aylar önce
This in one of the two problems with Paul's visions: (1) they can be metaphorical and allusive; (2) they show probabilities and possibilities. What Paul sees are multiple threads and pathways of what might happen. When multiple threads end in the same result (e.g. his death) he can see what is the most probably result of a particular event or decision. Sometimes all the threads come together into one event or one decision and everything after that splits off - and a "nexus" like that is so blinding, it is hard and sometimes impossible to see beyond it.
J Bro Also Draws
J Bro Also Draws 9 aylar önce
The soundtrack and tone of this movie actually kept me in a trance, this might be Sci fi cinematography at its peak imo
GalaxyGal040-15 Aylar önce
@Britton Stanaland That's just Hans Zimmer. His strength is orchestration and atmosphere. Combined with Greig Fraser's cinematography, it gives the otherworldly and awesome feel that a Dune adaptation should have
Di :3
Di :3 Aylar önce
Absolutely! An otherworldly grandeur experience!!
Liam Prince
Liam Prince Aylar önce
@den71353 M Obnoxious? No. You might be, but IT wasn't. It was an oscar winning MASTERPIECE.
DLD Aylar önce
@jessicag Yeah seeing it in imax made that film fricking spiritual, it's crazy. The size of the screen and the sound were equally important in making this film so awesome to watch.
Atlas Marvel
Atlas Marvel 3 aylar önce
You're easily excited. Seek help.
Nick Young
Nick Young 9 aylar önce
I think the thing that impressed me the most about this movie over the 80's version, is how they explained so much stuff visually without narration. It's impossible for me to know how effective that was for people who are not familiar. But little things like how the mentants's eyes roll up when they are processing was cool. Also like the fighting scene, not explaining the how shields work, and that Gurney Halleck was serious and stressed just by acting and not exposition. Very well done.
iconocast 7 aylar önce
like all great movies "show dont tell"
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 8 aylar önce
@Colby Boucher Oddly enough I agree completely. I say oddly because I tend to really like slower paced films. Bladerunner 2049 is one of my favourite films ever and I thought the slow pace of it was absolutely perfect. I was afraid that due to the lack of financial success Villeneuve had with 2049 that he’d compromise on his vision for Dune and ramp up the pace. Instead he cut a lot of intriguing sub-plots for time and that somehow made the film feel both slow and rushed simultaneously. I also think the score contributed to the odd pacing by being so thick in the mix it was kind of suffocating, leading to a lack of feeling of space (which I’d have thought you’d want in a movie about a desert planet).
eXponentia 8 aylar önce
I'm currently reading the book after seeing this movie and being so drawn in. I'm shocked at how much exposition/dialogue/inner monologue that was not in the movie that I read and go "huh, the movie gave me 75% of this just through the acting, expressions, body language and framing alone." The book is for sure filling in gaps here and there and expanding upon certain things, but I'm absolutely shocked at how much of the book I already know. The only other time I've been this impressed with a movie adaptation is the second Hunger Games movie, which was nearly 1:1. This adaptation is not 1:1 but it is phenomenal at conveying the feeling and themes the book tries to get across without having to be a checklist of plot points.
Travis Bewley
Travis Bewley 9 aylar önce
I think if they had just mentioned the machine jihad early on and that they had laws against making thinking machines then the rest would be easier to decipher. You would be able to make the logical leap that they were training humans to do the jobs of computers.
Ross Nicolas
Ross Nicolas 9 aylar önce
I'm not familiar with the lore but with the cinematography, editing and the direction by Villenueve and the strong acting of the cast, they really did a masterful job. Like early on you know there's no computers in this universe and the one dude's eyes go up to compute something,they might be their versions of computers. There's already tension with Leto's hesistance to sign the decree in the start where he knows there's something up. Really really good movie that makes me want to read the books and lore. Hoping for part 2 and 3 maybe.
sebastianwillows 9 aylar önce
"Why can't the shields deflect things that are moving fast or slow?" They can be calibrated to block slow-moving things, but then the wearer suffocates because air can't pass through.
Connor Boyle
Connor Boyle 2 aylar önce
@Omnissiah iirc a lasgun hitting a shield will detonate both the shield AND gun with that level of destructive force. You're essentially setting off 2 nukes in a very small area.
Danilo Oliveira
Danilo Oliveira 5 aylar önce
@RolyPoly ships and buildings shields are actually calibrated to block nearly everything exactly because they can have their own environmental control, then the only limiting factor is power source, but then you can just use a lasgun and blow up everything. it actually comes up in the book a couple of times when people use lasguns offensively against shields in a suicide move. another thing that happens in the book is shields that cover only half of the body, since one side is open to allow airflow, the other half can be calibrated to block at much slower speed, becoming nearly impenetrable.
Dominic Everlast
Dominic Everlast 8 aylar önce
The writer thought of everything, ha? Phenomenal cinematic experience, especially in IMAX 3-D holy shits.
TheAngryDanishViking 8 aylar önce
@Brian Mcgarry indeed. And drain of power nearly instantly cuz of the massive powerdrain from stopping anything from your own inertia, to air molecules, dust motes, etc. etc.
Brian Mcgarry
Brian Mcgarry 8 aylar önce
@TheAngryDanishViking yeah it would block all movement lol
Joseph G
Joseph G 9 aylar önce
Saw this in theaters, when someone used 'The Voice' it shook the entire theater.
Conor Gleeson
Conor Gleeson 9 aylar önce
Loved that.
Noir Angel
Noir Angel 9 aylar önce
The reason there is little to no use of guns is because the personal sheilds are designed to stop fast moving objects from passing through, rendering bullets obsolete and well, primitive. Slow moving objects however can pass by easily (and allows oxygen to flow by). Laseguns do exist (those lasers that cut through anything), however if the beam of the gun comes in contact with the shield, a chain reaction occurs with an explosion equivalent to a nuclear bomb. Thats why melee weapons are so vital to combat.
Noox 9 aylar önce
@Musiccer Pretty sure lasers in Dune aren't light.
Musiccer 9 aylar önce
I understand the shield in principle. It acts like a Newtonian fluid that hardens when hit hard by a fast moving object but easily penetrated by slower moving projectiles. However, why would the contact of light with the shield cause an atomic blast. Light is not conventional matter and it should just travel right through the shield, or if it doesn’t, it should be reflected or absorbed. But there is nothing that can explode
EL34Glo 9 aylar önce
@WebX Marvel is silly af
Noox 9 aylar önce
@Great Dude A lightsaber could have more utility outside of combat, such as, having a light source in the dark and cutting through obstacles to clear a path. Many people like multitools.
Kaleiohu Lee
Kaleiohu Lee 9 aylar önce
Such a faithful adaptation. The only thing that doesn't come across yet is how epic the scale of the events unfolding actually is, but that's also part of being the first book. For non-book readers the main thing to understand is that the books take a lot of time to explain the concepts behind how and why things work the way they do in this vision of the far future.
Elias Kosmidis
Elias Kosmidis 5 aylar önce
@TheFrenchSelkie The thing is they are not part of the story really and it is another world so it just doesn't make sense that's all. Out of context. But yeah if you like it I'm happy for you.
TheFrenchSelkie 5 aylar önce
@Elias Kosmidis I personally think the bagpipes were great
Elias Kosmidis
Elias Kosmidis 7 aylar önce
It's fairly faithful to the plot of the book but there are some key omissions. The iconic banquet scene for starters, apparently it was filmed. Kynes here is a black woman, in the book Kynes is a male off worlder. The tent scene is a very important scene in the book where Paul transcends time and space, which was played down in the movie, shame. Stilgar doesn't come into the story that early in the book. The baron doesn't come across nearly as grotesque or intelligent as he is in the books. The entire suspicion of Jessica as the potential collaborator and Leto going along with it is gone. The fear of a trap being set by the Harkonnens is never really explored. Very little of Hawat and Mentat discussion in general. Piter is a non entity in the movie, in the book he is a fascinating character at the Baron's side prior to his death. Not enough in the movie of the baron to be honest. But I think the biggest error was ending the film where it ended. Hurts the pacing and beats of the movie. It should have ended with Leto's death. Also, what's with the bagpipes? That was an error in judgement. That's not to say the movie wasn't an achievement. There is a lot there to appreciate.
Ítalo 8 aylar önce
Hey man, i was reading the first book and i paused at the scene when paul first gets his powers in the tent with his mom... in the book he felt like god or omniscient, i was so confused i decided to pause. The whole book series feels like this?
Raggedy Adams
Raggedy Adams 8 aylar önce
Yes and no. As in, yes it is and no it isn't, but mostly no it isn't, otherwise yes it is. If you can figure that one out, you're good.
God Emperor of Dune
God Emperor of Dune 9 aylar önce
Dune is a magnificent series of novels. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The fourth book is an absolute masterpiece.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
I'm always kind of surprised how many people have been saying they love the fourth book. I definitely enjoyed it, but for some reason I thought people were not really a fan of that one. I will say I really, really hope they manage to make a film of it, eventually. We have had screen adaptations of the first three books, but never the fourth one. It would be great if they ended up doing all six. If nothing else, I hope eventually somebody decides to do a proper R-rated premium cable or streaming service television series of the books, Game of Thrones style, with a nice high budget, high production values, great actors, and then like 10 hour-long episodes per book for six seasons. Really do the books justice, with all those nuanced character scenes. A series for people with long attention spans, that trusts its audience and doesn't need to dumb things down.
SteveNathn 8 aylar önce
Messiah is my personal favorite.
Catherine Sanchez
Catherine Sanchez 9 aylar önce
@Colin Melton god emperor breaks my heart every time I read it
God Emperor of Dune
God Emperor of Dune 9 aylar önce
@Bill Hicks A fair point. I truly hope to see the day where it is able to come about.
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks 9 aylar önce
@God Emperor of Dune yes and no. The biggest problem cinematically of course, is that a large portion of it takes place in Leto's head. This can be mitigated by soliloquies or vision scenes of course but you run the risk of losing the essential fact that this is all about the consequences to the choices Leto 2 has made. What encourages me is the fact that even in this one they are setting a precidence of a series not overly reliant on dialogue. The fact is that by the time they ever get to God Emperor Of Dune Hollywood will probably just be obtaining the proper equipment and artistic tone to do it justice.
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe 9 aylar önce
The key thing to understand and that I hope the second film makes clear is that Paul is not a hero, he's an antihero. The visions he sees are of multiple possible futures. Jamis giving him advice was from a future where they didn't fight (possibly a future where Jessica wasn't with him). That he sees multiple futures and not just one, makes him fallible and dangerous, particularly once the Jihad is launched in his name, with fanatical legions commiting atrocities trying to avoid a possible future he sees. That's why he's so upset with his mother in the tent scene as he can see this in his visions. Dune is the ultimate critique of the white saviour story. Paul and his mother manipulate the locals and their traditions. To quote: “The bottom line of the Dune trilogy is: beware of heroes. Much better to rely on your own judgment, and your own mistakes. Dune was aimed at this whole idea of the infallible leader because my view of history says that mistakes made by a leader (or made in a leader's name) are amplified by the numbers who follow without question… I am showing you the superhero syndrome and your own participation in it…” - Frank Herbert
dajtoad1 2 aylar önce
@fakecubed100% correct
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
@Julio Basically George Lucas read Dune, which is a book about the subversion of the messiah myth, then decided he'd make his own version of it for kids that played the trope straight, and made Star Wars (A New Hope). Now there's no Death Star in Dune or anything like that, but if you want to compare Paul Atreides to somebody in Star Wars, compare him to Luke Skywalker. Except instead of using space magic to win the day, Paul Atreides is cursed by his power, he is tormented by it, and he's left with nothing but choosing the best of a million bad options, surrounded by ultra violent religious fanatics, stuck on a desert planet forever.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
@ScarlettMi Read the books. At least the first one. You can always stop reading the first book at the point where the first film ends. That will give you so much more depth and understanding of the universe where all of this is happening. You'll understand the Imperium, the politics of it, the culture, the class system and the futuristic feudal society. You'll have a better understanding of the Bene Gesserit's abilities, including those Jessica taught Paul (which she wasn't really supposed to do, but she knew how dangerous Paul's life might be, and wanted to give him the best possible chance of surviving and thriving). You'll also have a better appreciation for the planet Arrakis, what the ecology is really like, what the history of it is like, and just how important it is to the off-world economy. Best of all, you'll get more great character scenes and get to know some of these characters much better, and what their thoughts are while events and conversations are happening.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
Basically Jessica was supposed to have a daughter, that daughter was supposed to marry a Harkonnen heir, ending the feud between the two great houses (and bringing both families under the control of the Bene Gesserit), and then the son from that union was supposed to be the Kwisatz Haderach, the chosen one (who the Bene Gesserit would also control). Jessica loved Duke Leto, and the Duke wanted a son, so Jessica gave him a son (Bene Gesserit can control that). So, instead of the story about the chosen one, a messiah story, we get something else, something chaotic. We get the whirlwind. That's the subversion of the trope. And so much crazy stuff happens once the whirlwind is unleashed.
zeuanimals 3 aylar önce
@Luciano Francesco I feel like people who say that just need to be eased into it. I know people who say that they hate sci-fi, but they love Black Mirror. That's all any good sci-fi ever really is. It's a look at a world or universe that's affected by one or many societal and technological changes and how they affect our humanity. The space ships and lasers are often just window dressing.
Velociraptor 9 aylar önce
"(sees)Whatever a teenage boy sees." "Zendaya?" I'm dead.
Kennia Soriano
Kennia Soriano 3 aylar önce
Jsiabot 4 aylar önce
@Losel Jukes Zendaya is my number 1 fr
Vincent 9 aylar önce
Cheems bonk incoming
Jack Melton
Jack Melton 9 aylar önce
as a teen boy yes
johnny johnny
johnny johnny 9 aylar önce
RIP in peace bro
Arthur Bridges
Arthur Bridges 9 aylar önce
Without spoilers, Jessica has been teaching Paul the mystical arts and mental focus of the Bene Gesserit. The spice is hyper- activating those abilities and the prescience.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
@Arthur Bridges I really wish they had spent more time explaining Thufir Hawat, and at least mentioning that Paul had been getting mentat training. The whole plan that Leto and Jessica had for Paul was actually quite incredible, it's such a shame it didn't come to fruition the way they'd hoped. I mean a fucking mentat duke, that knows the Weirding Way, he'd be unstoppable in the Landsraad. And then crazy Bene Gesserit breeding programs and the spice melange and an unfortunate bit of kanly kinda took things off the track. But man, what a power couple Leto and Jessica were. I wish we'd gotten more of their scenes from the book.
TruckDrivinGamer 9 aylar önce
@dunerat42 I think that was the only true disappointing thing to me, was that they did not explain who Thufir Hawat and Piter de Vries were, never used the word Mentat, or explain how the reason their eyes rolled in their head at certain moments was because they are literally human computers performing calculations.
Peepli 9 aylar önce
@theFANDOMrealm I mean some people have also been confused because they thought this movie was the whole thing despite a "Dune Part 1" opening credit
Arthur Bridges
Arthur Bridges 9 aylar önce
@dunerat42 I've read almost all the books including the preludes. But it would be difficult to mention that Paul had Mentat training without discussing more about Thufir Hawat and that school.
theFANDOMrealm 9 aylar önce
@Hello Neighbour it really is, not sure why so many people are confused. I went with a group of friends who had never read the books or seen the movie and they understood.
Mark Arandjus
Mark Arandjus 9 aylar önce
If y'all think Denis is gonna need 4 years to make a sequel, you might want to check this guy's filmography - he made 7 films in the last 10 years, the man's output is inhuman.
M Wrench
M Wrench 8 aylar önce
The date is already set for October 2023.
Snarflcat 9 aylar önce
× The Sardukar "language" is just a battle language that only they know, so even intercepted communications are useless to an enemy. They ALSO speak the Imperial Common that everyone does, therefore The Voice still works on them. × The Benne Geserit have EXTREME control over their own bodies. They can control any one muscle w/o involving any other (try that), they can isolate poisons inside their own bodies then change them into water at will, they can control IF they get pregnant, AND the sex of the baby. They can look DOWN THEIR ANCESTRAL DNA to get answers from any of their female ancestors. These powers the natives call the Weirding Way, which is mythical/religious/legend.. These allow them EXTREME martial arts prowess, on the verge of magic. They are sworn unto death not to divulge these secrets, so the offer to teach the fremen the weirding way is an unprecedented opportunity for the Fremen warriors. They would NEVER pass that opportunity up, nor allow ANYONE to harm the woman who is teaching them.
TAO TOLOGY 3 aylar önce
They also, although they don't use this (widely) have the ability to fine tune their hormones and body processes to drastically increase their lifespan. It isn't used since to reveal this ability would put a target (or a research scientists scalpel) on their back.
Raggedy Adams
Raggedy Adams 8 aylar önce
One last little hint, and then I'll say no more: it's all tied in with Jessica's parentage.
Raggedy Adams
Raggedy Adams 8 aylar önce
@hivera - more like an unexpected shortcut, since the BG's prophecy does come true, just a generation early. It's like the Jedi prophecy that Anakin Skywalker would bring balance to the Force, but in reverse. Like, *majorly* in reverse. :p
hivera 8 aylar önce
@Raggedy Adams oh interesting, so she gave a kwizatz with lesser efforts lol
Raggedy Adams
Raggedy Adams 8 aylar önce
@hivera - remember the whole breeding program they talked about? Well the idea was Jessica was supposed to have a daughter with Leto who would then become a Bene Gesserit sister and become a concubine to a Harkonnen heir, and then that child would theoretically become Kwizatz Hadderach. Jessica choosing to have a boy fucks with their plans in ways that will likely manifest in the sequel film, but any more detail than that would be spoilers so just keep it in your brain.
olenti 9 aylar önce
This was a surprise! I don't know why since it's in hbo max, but I wasn't even thinking about it. Please see this in IMAX though! It's amazing!
Zoulzopan 8 aylar önce
its unfortunately not showing in IMAX where I live, all the IMAX is showing Eternals ugh.....
polen 9 aylar önce
Same! Never thought I was going to like it. Watched it on HBO Max now I'm planning to watch it in the cinema once it's released in the cinema in our area.
DEEP FRYER HOUSE 9 aylar önce
I couldn’t get imax but I made sure I saw it first in the theater
olenti 9 aylar önce
@Primus1414 actually, I meant I don't know why I didn't realize that BW would react to it since it's on hbo max. I do know warner made all their movies a day and date release this year though.
Primus1414 9 aylar önce
It’s because there’s a contract between HBO and WB that says all their movies will be ported to HBO and theaters at the same time due to the pandemic. It’ll give people options to watch the movie in a safer way
collecter343 9 aylar önce
Movie was a great adaptation of the book, whole environment matches, political machinations, the techniques of the people in it and just the way the story plods along. Now that doesn't guarantee that you'll like the movie since the book was hard to get into even for an avid book reader like me. In any case I'm happy I saw this in theaters, truly a great performance from everyone involved.
BeckyBex 9 aylar önce
I tried to start the book and had a hard time, then I went to see the movie and it made it so much easier to re-approach the book and appreciate it. I havent be able to put it down since seeing the movie. And when I think back to the movie I can see how great an adaptation it was.
hellfish2309 9 aylar önce
I did like it, I enjoyed supporting it in theaters; but I don’t think the story fits the theatrical release format… like ‘No Time to Die’ felt a little stretched across ≈2.5 hours, but there’s SOOO much Dune to cover in ≈2.5 hours
sleptking 9 aylar önce
@Andrew Glassman This reads like an 80's bully line from a movie.
Andrew Glassman
Andrew Glassman 9 aylar önce
This comment plods along. Is reading so very hard for you?
Grunt 9 aylar önce
The prophecies are made to be understood philosophically. Jamis did teach him the ways of the desert, by dying to Paul's blade. Just as Paul did die during the fight, as "killing another man also kills oneself", so Paul died and Usul rose in his place.
bait 8 aylar önce
Thx for explaining
CasualGamerPT 9 aylar önce
@theFANDOMrealm That was said in his vision! That's why figured out he had to kill Jamis in order to Paul to die!
theFANDOMrealm 9 aylar önce
OMG. Yes. There are smart people out there who don't understand this. I've been telling people from the very beginning and they are like, oh.
Brett Diving
Brett Diving 9 aylar önce
I don't know man (and I'm one who usually agrees with Eric on most things when it comes to movies) but this completely blew me away. As someone who has never had any prior exposure to Dune, this film had me gripped the entire way through. It's been a very long time since a film got me invested as much as this one did. Incredibly gorgeous to look at, Hans Zimmer's score was phenomenal (I will definitely be listening to this film's score for a long time coming), acting was off the charts (Chalamet specifically was outstanding), and I'm completely drawn into this world. I'm a massive sci-fi fan, and I've seen plenty of films or tv shows that are good, but are also just cut-and-paste of other familiar stories. This felt new and fresh. Also (and I normally never say this because most films don't really warrant it in my opinion) but this movie NEEDS to be seen on the biggest screen possible. The experience of watching this in IMAX was unreal. It's extremely rare for me to consider a film a "masterpiece" ... but my god, Dune was a masterpiece and a masterclass of the sci-fi genre. Cannot wait for Part 2. Also, it's very easy to see why George Lucas drew an immense amount of inspiration from the Dune book for Star Wars.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
As a fan of the books, I watched the film the first time, mostly just nervous they were going to fuck it up somehow. When it ended, and the credits rolled, I mainly just felt relief. My primary emotion watching the film was just gradually relaxing more and more until the end. I enjoyed my second watch of the film a *lot* more. I could just start relaxed, and enjoy the show. I deliberately avoided and reviews, previews, interviews, or trailers, so other than knowing they made one character more "diverse", and knowing that Denis Villeneueve makes really good movies, I didn't know what to expect. The film is very, very faithful. It was about as well done as anyone could have hoped. I would've liked about 20-30 more minutes of runtime, a few added lines of dialogue they cut out, a scene or two added that wasn't included, and maybe some more discussion of the political, cultural, and economic situation. The book has so much more depth to just about everything, even the glowglobes you see following characters around have a full explanation in the books, and it's done in a way that's entertaining, all the exposition is carefully and subtly woven into the story in a way that feels totally natural. So I'm really glad people enjoyed it without reading the books first. I wasn't really sure if people would get it, and a lot of stuff is glossed over so the film can focus on Paul and Jessica's story. I hope people who enjoyed the film go and pick up the books and read through them. It will definitely enhance your viewing of the film and its sequels. If nothing else, at least read the first half of the first book, you can stop where the film stopped. It will just give you some of that depth you're missing, and better explain just how high the stakes are, and who all the characters are. Characters in the film who come across as being really minor are fully fleshed out in the books, and they are very much worth getting to know better.
B B1
B B1 9 aylar önce
Read the Book! it is amazing fiction.
Colin Mckinnon
Colin Mckinnon 9 aylar önce
Totally agree with everything you said, MASTERPIECE is the only way to describe this movie and the Soundtrack was awesome, Can't wait for part 2 🎥🔥🔥🔥👍✌️
EL34Glo 9 aylar önce
@mojiyoru Nah I watched it at home. I didn't watch dune for effects and sound
Eric Gant
Eric Gant 9 aylar önce
37:50 “But why doesn’t it go further in the ground?” Sandworms are covered in a tough, leathery series of ring segments that protects their soft, sensitive inner skin from the abrasive sand. Worm-Riders use tools called “Maker Hooks” which they imbed at the edge of the ring and then use to pry the edge up. The worms reflexively rotate their bodies to get the exposed flesh as far from the sand as they can, and stay on the surface until the Worm-Riders remove the hooks. The hooks are also used to control the direction the worm travels by being placed on different sides of their bodies. 🤓
bait 8 aylar önce
Doremi Fasolatido
Doremi Fasolatido 9 aylar önce
The idea about how Duncan (in particular) fights with his blades is that he was trained on a planet called Ginaz, where the best swordsmen in the galaxy are. Presumably they have developed a technique of subtle motions within conventional swordstrokes that allows a blade to bypass a shield more readily, so that it seems as if they didn't slow down at all. . It's a flimsy explanation, but considering the themes of Dune, while not an explicit part of the books, would fit quite readily. Ginaz was also (according to the prequels by Herbert's son) the last place one could find thinking machines, after the Jihad against them. The Swordmasters there used the machines to train to fight the machines. Which is why their students are the best. They literally trained to fight opponents with super-human strength, speed, and precision. Like Batman sparring with Superman.
bait 8 aylar önce
Travis Bewley
Travis Bewley 9 aylar önce
I mean even in the 2nd book they had sword fighting machines that Paul trained with. You didn't need computers to push peoples swordsmanship to the limit.
theFANDOMrealm 9 aylar önce
Its not really a flimsy explanation. Its basically the same in the book.
Rhyan Shelby
Rhyan Shelby 9 aylar önce
I hope they get more into how crazy important the water is. Reading the book, it's like everything anyone does on Arrakis is to preserve water. It just takes over everything
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
The dinner party scene would have been a great addition to the film.
James Hughes
James Hughes 9 aylar önce
"If I say the waitress will fall and then I trip her it's not as interesting" Yeah but if you told a bunch of people that this specific waitress will fall for thousands of years building a Mythology and trip her without anyone noticing it becomes quite quite bit more impressive
beetle bob
beetle bob 9 aylar önce
And if you made efforts to breed genetics during that time to eventually produce a waitress who will trip and fall in just the way you want to cause people to frame the event in the way you intended, your bag is sealed. Lol
Kit Johnson
Kit Johnson 9 aylar önce
Like Jim Halpert using "telekinesis" to move the coat rack.
Jason H
Jason H 9 aylar önce
It was very suprising that you guys are not more familiar with the Dune universe. It was one of the biggest influences behind Star Wars and Game of Thrones.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
I've always felt that Game of Thrones was just a fantasy version of Dune, but is that actually confirmed to be a direct inspiration?
Yuvraj Tripathi
Yuvraj Tripathi 9 aylar önce
Watched this movie in theatres today. I was hoping you guys were going to do the discussion/review soon but didn't expect the reaction. This movie was so epic and majestic, with the haunting score behind every masterfully crafted visual that is simply mesmerizing.
melissa sotelo
melissa sotelo 9 aylar önce
I hope they end up seeing it in IMAX.
NicoBlac 9 aylar önce
@Eva Audelo I mean why wouldn’t you take an opportunity for your business & always growing your business over just simply seeing a movie in theaters? Sounds like an easy choice
Eva Audelo
Eva Audelo 9 aylar önce
Yeah, they are more interested in clicks for their streaming channel...
Marisu 9 aylar önce
So bizarre that we wound up getting adaptations of Foundation, Dune, and Wheel of Time all within a couple of months, not to mention the Witcher for dessert. My cup runneth over! I need a bigger cup to stop the runnething! 🥳
redsands1001 9 aylar önce
Foundation has been up and down for me.
Chaos T
Chaos T 9 aylar önce
Hell of a time to be alive, entertainment wise at least.
Ahov 9 aylar önce
Calvin was so enthralled he didn't even sip his drink until the film was over lmao
Crafty 9 aylar önce
There is a scene when Paul and his mother are in the "tent thing" and Paul goes into panic rant about the future. That is a pretty good breadcrumb about the scope of what Paul is facing, or will face. That is, if you haven't read the books.
Raff D. Braff
Raff D. Braff 7 aylar önce
@moonlightstripes Same! Maybe we’re thinking of the same anime but I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. Fascinating stuff!
moonlightstripes 9 aylar önce
Haven't read the books but because of the concept of seeing the past and future I was so intrigued for that scene! My gosh I cannot wait to see the reveal. Gave me the same feeling as another anime I saw that deals with the same concept.
theFANDOMrealm 9 aylar önce
I freaking cried during this scene. I know there are those who criticize his casting but he is exactly what I imagined Paul looking like and his acting was fabulous. His best performance since "Call Me By Your Name".
Mike A
Mike A 9 aylar önce
his acting was too good
Annette Antinori
Annette Antinori 9 aylar önce
Loved that part in the movie
Evaggelia Theofanidou
Evaggelia Theofanidou 9 aylar önce
The dreams are symbolic and metaphorical. Jamis did teach him the ways of the desert "It's kill or be killed". Also house Atreidis is from ancient Greece. It was the house of king Agamemnon, king Menelaos, Orestis, Iphigenia, Electra, Clytemnestra. Have you ever read Homer? They were literally a cursed house (spoiler from the Dune books the Atreidis descendants with the gift of sight are called cursed). Atreas and his bloodline was cursed by his own father when he accidentally caused his younger brother's death. Another nice link from ancient Greece with the movie is the bull. The Atreidis curse was broken when Orestis returns with his sister Iphigenia from Taurida - Land of the Bulls.
GT V 9 aylar önce
I was literally just thinking, "I wonder if Blind Wave has reacted to Dune yet." and here you guys are uploaded 5 or so minutes ago. Just finished the movie last night, and although it felt incomplete (being a part 1), it still felt like a masterpiece. Especially visually.
Redlaytee 9 aylar önce
I liked at the end, during Paul's duel, he saw a pile of bodies in a vision right before he took his first life. I found it a good representation of the bodies he must create and climb during his future journeys. Although long, it kept my attention and I like the flow of the story. It was easy to understand without too much exposition. I enjoyed it.
Travis Bewley
Travis Bewley 9 aylar önce
I think it also might be Paul's realization that no matter what happened, if he lived or died the killing would still be carried out in his name, by that point it's unstoppable.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man 9 aylar önce
After watching Dune, I've realized that everything what I thought made Star Wars unique is not unique.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man 2 aylar önce
@fakecubed I definately see the similarities with his prequals and they're both too long to be engaging
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
We know for a fact that George Lucas read Dune, and was directly inspired by it. Of course, he chose to make the most kid-friendly, pedestrian hero's journey story he could think of, and just threw in a bunch of neat special effects, which to be fair were pretty neat for the time. Dune is a lot more complex, and it's a subversion of the messiah myth instead of playing it straight like Lucas did. I definitely prefer Dune. It's not even close. Everyone should read the books. Frank Herbert was the Tolkien of science fiction, except Frank Herbert could actually write a narrative well.
Christian Acosta
Christian Acosta 9 aylar önce
@Gabi 2001 Nobody said it was a carbon copy. Lucas clearly took many ideas from Dune though.
Gabi 2001
Gabi 2001 9 aylar önce
Nah, Star Wars is still unique. There are a lot of differences imo
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man 9 aylar önce
@Tomas Korganoff yeah
Nick Craig
Nick Craig 9 aylar önce
"This is just like Arrival!" Arrival was also directed by Villeneuve.
Oran Mc Clintock
Oran Mc Clintock 9 aylar önce
Literally just back from watching this in IMAX, can't imagine any other way to watch it. The sound design, soundtrack and visuals turned up to 11
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell 9 aylar önce
"I've seen all this before" I feel like 'Valerian and Laureline' and 'John Carter of Mars' suffered from this. People watched them and felt they were full of tired tropes, and yet they were each the source of almost all of those tropes.
Валентин Жданов
I will just answer possible future questions and give interesting facts: - Greg Fraser is the cinematographer of this film as well as the upcoming Batman - The film was shot in Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Jordan, and Norway - Hans Zimmer dreamed of writing an ost to Dune - Paul's blue eyes mean that he has been using Spice for a long time, like Fremen - There was a war against machines in the Dune universe, and therefore there is no Artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, the inhabitants of different planets have abandoned them, and rely only on their skills, experience, skills in mechanics, engineering, etc... - The Bene Gesserit is an order of priestesses /witches / fortune-tellers (different cultures and mentalities perceive and call them differently) consisting only of women who have influence within political foundations and represent themselves as advisers/ mentors close to royal families (like Arethusa sorceresses from the Witcher universe, well, almost ...) --The bald guys who stood next to Vladimir Harkonnen (The Flying Fat Man) when he took a bath are Mentats, they are a living archive and a guide -Those who attacked the Atreides at night are the Sardukars, one of the strongest armies and the personal guard of the Emperor (the Harkonens are even less cruel compared to them, and unless only the Foremen can repulse them, by the way, they are one of the reasons why the Emperor was never dethroned) ruthless, real self-murderers, carry out any orders (somewhat reminiscent of the Outriders of the "Space Dogs" from the Avengers:Infinity War) when you saw a scene with Mongolian singing under a rain shower, then pay attention there people were sacrificed in the form of a ritual, this is one of their traditions...(according to the Aztec type)
Charles Dunkley
Charles Dunkley 9 aylar önce
I'm hoping for a trilogy. The second movie can finish off book 1 and the third movie can cover the events of the second book. That would work well. Overall, I thought this was a fantastic adaptation of the story so far. There's so much to cover and the 2 and a half hours flew by for me. I would have loved a little more time with the family once they were on Arrakis before the Harkonnen attack but I get that pushing the length beyond the current movie length would have been a harder sell.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
I'm actually really hoping they get at least as far as the fourth book, and that Villenueve directs them all and they maintain a high budget and high level of faithfulness to the books. If we got all six books, I'd be over the moon.
Имя Фамилия
Имя Фамилия 9 aylar önce
That could be much more than a trilogy if they film the couple next books espetially about Leto III - Paul`s son
Noah East
Noah East 9 aylar önce
I believe thats the current hope and plan to finish off Dune next movie then do book 2 to cap off a trilogy
Anthony 9 aylar önce
i dont know how i feel about them continuing after book one. some of the books are actually impossible to make into movies. especially god emperor imo
Faegon 9 aylar önce
Would’ve loved for the first book to be a trilogy with each covering one part. It would’ve been a benefit to the ending.
streakermaximus 9 aylar önce
36:20 Yes, he does. Paul has to adapt to fighting without a shield. In the book he keeps slowing down for the actual strike to get past a shield. The Fremen think he's fucking with Jamis and consider it bad form.
Arjun Manoj
Arjun Manoj 9 aylar önce
Man this movie hits REALLY hard in IMAX though - it’s one of those audiovisual experiences that only comes around once every few years (the last one was probably Mad Max: Fury Road). Also, I don’t know how fair it is to want Dune to have more jokes, quips or “ruckus” - it’s more important for it to be the best version of DUNE it can be, than simply ape whatever Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or even Marvel did in the past (I personally blame the latter & the internet for general audience’s attention deficiency & addiction to frequent dopamine hits- joke or fight scene every 5 minutes - rather than letting a film do what’s best for its own particular story, themes & tone).
agresticumbra 9 aylar önce
If this iteration of Dune was altered to be more like those franchises, I wouldn’t give them a penny to see it on IMAX. Villeneuve demonstrated his reverence and love for the literature.
JetpackJill 9 aylar önce
Well said!
jgrado3 9 aylar önce
I do appreciate that Idaho and Rabban never had a showdown. Would’ve been super easy to Hollywood it up with Mamoa vs Bautista but I love how they made it super clear that Rabban wouldn’t have stood a chance. Idaho took down an entire squad of Saurdukar while Rabban only started beheading people after they were captured. One on one showdowns just weren’t in his character.
FrshChees91 9 aylar önce
I couldn't believe 2.5 hours went by when it ended. Literally thought we were halfway through the movie lol
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
I really hope someday, somebody with talent and a large budget puts together a Dune TV series. X-rated (as called for in the books, at times, but not gratuitous), on premium cable or a streaming service, give it the full Game of Thrones treatment (when Game of Thrones was good), do 10 episodes per book, an hour long each episode. Maybe some of the books (Dune Messiah) could be fewer episodes if there's not quite enough material. Keep it faithful. Trust the audience to get it, and don't dumb it down. Don't add unnecessary action. A lot of episodes will just be characters talking to each other, or Paul having visions. That's okay. There's enough action in the books, and that will happen when it happens and it doesn't have to happen every episode. Anyway, if I had a billion dollars, I'd get the rights and I'd do it, produce it entirely myself to make sure it was done right, expecting not to make any of the money back, but not having to worry about investors or a network demanding changes. The film was great, but man did it leave so much of the depth out that you get in the books. I think the film was about as good as we could've hoped for. But maybe film isn't where Dune can really shine. I get that people want to go see it in IMAX or whatever and really take in the desert, but to me the books were never about the visuals. There's no long, lingering shots of endless sand in the books. It's just words on the page. And yet the books are among the best novels ever written.
MartiniGasolini 7 aylar önce
Technically it is about halfway.
Pitiless Nightmare
Pitiless Nightmare 8 aylar önce
@EL34Glo Dune would be like the next Lord of the Rings trilogy hahaha
beebeebboop 9 aylar önce
same lols
Mikko Kivisto
Mikko Kivisto 9 aylar önce
Technically speaking, we are halfway through the movie--still half a book to go.
DrawingPicture 9 aylar önce
I feel like they're really missing out by watching this at home. I was completely blown away by this movie but a lot of that was the visuals and the music just doing their absolute best on the big screen. I'm still in awe of the movie and I can't really put my finger on it other than it is the feeling(?) that it gives me. The epicness of it all. I just love it.
Zemplin Castellan
Zemplin Castellan 8 aylar önce
I concur.
Lanthirrhos 9 aylar önce
This was a pretty darn faithful adaptation. While there are definitely differences, they are fairly low impact on the main story. We were mostly missing the early story Mentat intrigue (but we still got the the same place in the end), and a lot of detail for the characters/world. That second bit always worries me when they adapt a book I've read, because it is so hard to judge how the uninitiated will be able to assimilate that knowledge (or if it will ever be presented).
Jake D
Jake D 9 aylar önce
Maybe the Baron will get that replacement Mentat he was always talking about in the book.
theFANDOMrealm 9 aylar önce
I agree about the adaptation. This is easily my favorite movie of the year. Just a couple of things. When they originally announced Dune and that Timothy Chalamet was going to be Paul, I was a little apprehenisive about it but Damn, he nailed it. When the trailers came out I was like this is exactly what I imagined Paul looking like. I will say there were only 2 small nitpicks on my part. First is the absence of really much discussion about the navigators and spacing guild. Secondly, the fight between Jamis and Paul. I thought the way it was filmed took away some of the meaning from the fight. I didn't really want them fighting loin cloths but something more like MMA fighters today would have been ok or what Paul was wearing in the opening scene because a lot of the movie is about Paul growing up and becoming a man and leader. We also know he was just as well trained if not better than the fremen so the contrast between this skinny athletic kid vs hardened warrior was lost a little with the both still suited up. Then after the fight him becoming a man and finally teaching these fremen warriors another fighting technique. I think this is especially important because there has been no mention of the "sound" weapons so it appears they are being left out which means the fighting style Paul used has to be far superior to the fremen for this skinny kid to have beaten their warrior. But thats ok. Still loved it.
Chaos T
Chaos T 9 aylar önce
@Chris Malinowski I'm glad to hear that.
Chris Malinowski
Chris Malinowski 9 aylar önce
Denis said in part two he will focus on the mentats
Patrick Elmasian
Patrick Elmasian 9 aylar önce
There are 6 books written by Frank Herbert then he died and his son took his father's notes and started writing the current series which explain ALOT of the backstory by going into the past explaining the machine crusade where the AI enslaves humanity and the Butlerian jihad in which they gained freedom from the machines. The biggest law becomes, not to make a machine in the likeness of a human mind. This is why mentats came into being, they are humans capable of computation and analysis through spice and other drugs.
Hypatia 9 aylar önce
BH and KJA books are dangerous for integrity of FH's Dune lore. The main problems are not low imagination level, shallow storytelling and not-masterful use of language but stupid retcons. If you read closely you can see that wrong lore-killer decisions. In Jihad trilogy and sequel books, with Omnibus and Erasmus, they turned Dune into kinda copy of Terminator duology by James Cameron. But Dune is no Terminator story. It is more painful, and realistic despite its kinda fantastic substance. Frank Herbert in six books: Humans are enemies of humankind and humans exploit other humans by using AI by never losing the reins of AI. But humans with AI seduced the beauty of their own creation and never stopped to use it. Exploited humans rebelled against humans with thinking machines. And Butlerian (butler+ian) Jihad started. Humans who were against the dependency on AI won. BH and KJA: Humans made AI and then lost its reins. So battle between ultimate evil AI and humans started. Humans won.!!!?????? But this is not FH actually meant! This just oversimplifies, reduces and ignores the richness of Dune's main Frank Herbertdish argument. This makes Dune a non-Dune. And they did this intentionally. I do not think that they did not understand FH's main idea. I think that this was a deliberate act and I do not know why. Why shattering the integrity of Dune's lore? This is so frustrating. To be honest, I initially really wanted to love Extended Dune books. But now, no.
nerolisk 9 aylar önce
yeah theyre cool books just for the lore but definitely dont reach the level of storytelling the original series did
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell 9 aylar önce
Unfortunately the Son doesn't have his father's understanding of deep philosophy and religious theory. After the first six, the rest feel a little like just shallow action stories.
Anneli Elisabet
Anneli Elisabet 8 aylar önce
Saw this in theaters with a Finnish friend. When the name Harkonen came up, she whispered "sounds like a Finnish surname" (it really, really does). Next thing on the screen we see Stellan Skarsgård naked in some kind of steamchamber. She whispered "It's a sauna!" and we both broke down in giggles.
Renáta Béres
Renáta Béres 4 aylar önce
Harkonnens are clearly Finnish in my canon
NEO MIMZY NEO MIMZY 9 aylar önce
Rick looks like he regrets that he not went to the movie theater, and his face says "Dudes please at least shut up....". 😁
Oran Mc Clintock
Oran Mc Clintock 9 aylar önce
Yeah he had to spell everything out for them, instead of them just letting the scenes play out
tom andre Olsen
tom andre Olsen 9 aylar önce
Totally understandable, i would be too
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez 7 aylar önce
I don’t think you all felt the full experience of this movie by watching it on the small screen and cracking jokes every 10 seconds. It’s a shame because you missed out on such an epic movie.
Alien Terrestrial
Alien Terrestrial 7 aylar önce
Well some theaters aren't open and maybe they don't feel safe going to them just yet.
Patrick Elmasian
Patrick Elmasian 9 aylar önce
Paul can see all possible outcomes and like the space travelers guild who can see paths thru the stars, he can see the best path thru to the best future outcome. Without the spice all of the different guilds and special abilities by all the different people isn't possible. 2 things distinctly left out are Paul's heritage and why the sisterhood are influencing the bloodlines. Crysknives are supposed to be blooded whenever unsheathed as well, because if they are left exposed to the air, they dissolve.
Beyney 9 aylar önce
Oh so that is why the Fremen cut their wrists at the end of the duel?
Teresa Luz
Teresa Luz 9 aylar önce
I watched Dune in the movie theatre yesterday. It was an extraordinary movie going experience. I went with my mom. We loved it. Timothée Chalamet was amazing. Everyone was amazing, actually. I read the book and it's a great adaptation.
Crescendoll 9 aylar önce
Yeah this video was a miss for me, got super excited when i came home from the theater and wanted to see what you guys think, what i got is a hyperactive Aaron and a Dismissive Eric. =/ Edit: At least the comment section is pretty good.
desert spring
desert spring 9 aylar önce
I get that it’s a reaction, but I feel like I don’t know, it was less reacting to what was on screen and more focusing on unrelated tangents and that’s one of the things I find hard about reactions because it’s like not what you want to see and you just know it takes away from the personal experience of watching a film when there is so much that takes away your focus.
Wurzelknecht 9 aylar önce
The vision with Jamis is actually not in the books (at least not that I remember), but I really liked it. Because the theme with the visions in the Dune franchise is that they only show a possible future and not one that is set in stone. All of Paul's visions in this movie were possibilities and he has not yet learned how to know which path leads to which future. As a book reader, I found the idea of a future where Jamis was a friend and a mentor quite fascinating.
Wurzelknecht 2 aylar önce
@fakecubed ...and as his friend - who also killed him - it is my sad duty to now take his wife and his coffee set.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
I was a friend of Jamis.
Mysterious Mr. L
Mysterious Mr. L 9 aylar önce
I like that, but I also like to look at it as being symbolic of Jamis' importance to Paul even with the way events actually played out. They only briefly met and then Paul killed him, but Jamis plays a pivotal role in Paul's life. I think Paul having visions of him as a mentor is an interesting way to show this connection without having to state it in dialogue.
Krainor Blackthorne
Krainor Blackthorne 9 aylar önce
You have to remember that Dune was the scifi book that inspired - Star Wars , Battlestar Gallectica, Star Trek and everything scifi that came after.
fakecubed 2 aylar önce
George Lucas read Dune, thought that was too complicated a story for kids, dumbed it down, played the messiah trope straight instead of subverting it as Dune does, and then made Star Wars. Apparently Frank Herbert was quite furious at the blatant rip-off. But Frank Herbert told a much better story.
I dont do birthdays
I dont do birthdays 9 aylar önce
It's true that Dune inspired a lot of sci-fi but Dune was itself was inspired by Foundation. Funny how the movie and tv-show are released at the same time. Dune came before Star Trek though, but only a year. I doubt the creation of Star Trek TOS was influenced by Dune but the later series contain many references to Dune.
Namikaze Inferno
Namikaze Inferno 9 aylar önce
Star Trek came before Dune
Dark Jedi Knight
Dark Jedi Knight 9 aylar önce
I saw this movie in IMAX last night and honest to god it was one of the best movie going experiences of my life! And while I loved that you recorded your reactions to this movie I feel bad that this was how you first experienced this movie and not in IMAX. With Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, and now Dune Part One Dennis in my opinion has now solidified himself as one of the best sci-fi and all around filmmakers of our time.
East Coast J
East Coast J 9 aylar önce
Not sci-fi but his movie Sicario was also amazing. He can do no wrong.
vickster5001 9 aylar önce
Just saw this tonight on IMAX and it was simply stunning on the big screen. Some shots are breathtaking. I’m going to enjoy seeing you react to this, but I’m a bit gutted your first viewing is on a TV and not the way it was designed to be seen, which is on the biggest screen possible. I hope you go to a cinema to see it too.
Dark Jedi Knight
Dark Jedi Knight 9 aylar önce
@den71353 M everyone ignore the troll.
den71353 M
den71353 M 9 aylar önce
This was a horrible movie. Boring to a T.
Lumos 9 aylar önce
yeah same, saw it on big screen. And thought the same, im sorry for them to first see this on a TV
Eric Gant
Eric Gant 9 aylar önce
50:00 Think of the desert as a vast ocean, but with sand instead of water. Scattered throughout the desert are mountains & other solid, rocky protrusions. Those are the islands. The worms are like whales; they can travel easily through the sand, but solid rock is a barrier to them. In the scene, the worm chases Paul and Jessica as far as it can, stops as it comes to the “shore” of the rock they’re standing on, and then turns away to track down the diversion of the thumper. 🤓🤓
Living Phantom
Living Phantom 9 aylar önce
The best praise I can give this movie is that I went into the theatre at 3:30 and came out at 6:30 and it felt like I'd been there for 20 min. It just let time go beyond what I could experience and kept me in a trance the whole time, I loved everything about this movie ESPECIALLY the soundtrack. Which was a shock to me that Eric didn't like it, I loved how almost eerie and ominous the speaking ladies theme was; how raw and powerful the desert theme with the "AHHHHEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH", and the slight mechanical sounds and horns that came with the Harkonnen. Can't wait to watch the rest of the movies!
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man 9 aylar önce
I gotta give WB credit for the way they handled Dune, just imagine how Disney would have directed it.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man 9 aylar önce
@Welcome 007 true
Welcome 007
Welcome 007 9 aylar önce
At least they would have marketed it better and didn't betray the box office chance. Wb at least charge 10-15 dollars at hbo max
Russell Williams
Russell Williams 9 aylar önce
FYI: personal shields are weak to attacks behind you. Hence do not facing away from the door.
C Duncan
C Duncan 4 aylar önce
I love the movie and read 3 of the books when I was a kid (53 now). This video came up in my feed and I typically avoid them. Glad I did watch! You guys were funny and entertaining especially because you "get it" or figured stuff out without being OCD and arrogant like the videos I avoid like the plague! The guy that read the book had a lot knowing smiles but let all of you enjoy your own experience, which made the video awesome to me. My spouse had zero exposure to the books and Lynch movie, but enjoyed this version without having to research and prep. There's a guy named Quinn (?) who has a fantastic video explaining the reason for "no computers". Worth checking out. Side note....did anyone think the Emporer's Herald's spaceship look sort of like the ship in Hitchhiker's Guide?? lol
Tysolo Blaec
Tysolo Blaec 9 aylar önce
They’ll be a part II, WB is building a HBOMAX franchise, Dune is the foundation. There’s the Benegeserrit show and I believe the other Dune books will be HBOMAX limited series for each.
Tysolo Blaec
Tysolo Blaec 9 aylar önce
@ৰাম I agree, though WB just announced Part II to be released in cinemas October 2023. There’s still 60% of the book to be covered so hopefully the second half will be like 3 hrs and 15 minutes
ৰাম 9 aylar önce
Novels should be tv series. Each chapter an episode. Each book a season. They can still make part 2 a miniseries.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man 9 aylar önce
hope the budget holds up
Metal Monk
Metal Monk 7 aylar önce
Of course Calvin thought he knew everything about this universe right away. Conforms to his character 🤣
Meadmaker 452
Meadmaker 452 9 aylar önce
The spice awakens visions of multiple possible futures in Paul. So, some of the things he sees don't turn out exactly the same way in reality, and some do. At least at this point. That's also why Jamis was teaching him the ways of the desert in one possible future, but in fact Paul had to end up killing him. Either way, Paul benefits from the information, it's just how he uses it that becomes an issue. He doesn't understand it initially either, like learning to walk for the first time. You're going to get it wrong a lot before you get it consistently right.
Eelco Blaauw
Eelco Blaauw 9 aylar önce
It was just announced they gave the green light for the sequel! They're aiming for October 2023, so only two years of waiting.
Whiskey 9 aylar önce
"Maybe they should have made it where you can't get through fast or slow." Cool detail covered somewhere in the books, they were designed that way because if the shield stopped everything coming it's way, it would even stop air from getting through, so you would end up suffocating. So they compromised by stopping anything going over a certain speed (like bullets or fast blades). And if lasers hit it, something like a nuclear explosion goes off, hence why there are almost no lasers shown.
M. Johnson
M. Johnson 9 aylar önce
Eric, you can’t watch this on tv, then complain it doesn’t look, feel or sound epic. Make a theater run now.
SpicySnowman88 3 aylar önce
@Isak Leo he knows that dune came first, he was drawing the connection with how Lucas was inspired by dune to an extent.
The Crypter
The Crypter 9 aylar önce
@The Apologetic Aberrant Pretentious Dune fans are the worse.
thenicesven 9 aylar önce
It was his first opinion, wtf did you expect him to base the Visual's off of if he has only seen it on TV?
Jeff and JoAnn Bauer
Jeff and JoAnn Bauer 9 aylar önce
@Isak Leo And was cited by Lucas as one of his inspirations.
ErichWilliam 9 aylar önce
I could have easily sat through another 3 hours of this. Absolutely fantastic!
ArmchairGravy 9 aylar önce
IMAX or bust for this one. I can't really stress that enough. It was good on my home screen, great at the local cinema, but IMAX was An Experience.
Yeelawn Mask
Yeelawn Mask 9 aylar önce
Fun fact. The fat harkonnen isn't flying. . He's just floating on anti grav tech because he's too heavy to move on his own
Chris Overstreet
Chris Overstreet 9 aylar önce
The different abilities are mostly skills learned, though some require specific traits that border on mutations. Tech in this universe doesn't allow for computers above a VERY baseline capability, so they have a lot of schools of learning to mimic what you'd get from computers. And yeah, the Navigators basically do trip balls on spice and just point in the direction they need to go. That is, hilariously enough, what they do.
Chris Overstreet
Chris Overstreet 9 aylar önce
I LOVE the books and I LOVED this movie. I want Part 2. Now.
StormcrowLU 9 aylar önce
Loved the reaction, but if there's one movie of the last five years you absolutely have to see in the cinema, it's this one. The scale and immensity of it is mind blowing. I don't think it comes across much or at all on the small screen.
svampen 9 aylar önce
I havent read the books or watched the original movies and such but i thought that this movie was fantastic. It really sucked me in. I was glued to the theater screen and it was entertaining too and the world is so mystical for me who doesnt know much about it. I cant wait to see the other movies when they come out.
Rah Sheen
Rah Sheen 9 aylar önce
Zendaya collected the easiest paycheck in the world with her role in this movie. Shoutout to her lol
vsGoliath 3 aylar önce
I dunno, man, easiest paycheck probably goes to Harrison Ford for Rise of Skywalker.
SpicySnowman88 3 aylar önce
@said bkd 300k for this movie
said bkd
said bkd 6 aylar önce
How much money are we talking here?
bait 8 aylar önce
qdominika 9 aylar önce
Remember lena headey in season 8?
Daniel Ford
Daniel Ford 9 aylar önce
This movie was my first exposure to the world of Dune, and I absolutely loved it. From the concise world building to the incredible production design, I was immediately swept away by the epic scale of it all. And yes, while the sequel will do a lot for the series overall, I think many people overlook the story arc that was there. Just like the first Lord of the Rings, it’s about the breaking of the fellowship, and that deeply influences what happens next.
John Reid
John Reid 9 aylar önce
Gorgeous film. Best of the year and one of the best classic sci-fi films in years. Remember this book came before Star Wars, even Star Trek, Game of Thrones - any of that. Incredibly hard to adapt to screen
William Ozier
William Ozier 9 aylar önce
41:10. OK, as a super fan of the book who understands he has no objectivity THIS specific discussion has made me decide to officially give this movie a 9/10. The main reason it is not a 10/10 is because the ending is too cliff hangery. The fact that you understood perhaps one of the of the most esoteric concepts which took the books chapters, and chapters, and sometimes entire whole novels to convey tells me the movie is successfully communicating the concepts of the book.
CWM 9 aylar önce
Lmao dude this is Part 1 wtf 🤣
John Reid
John Reid 9 aylar önce
I agree. I had no problem with the ending. I just wish the movie had been 3 hours and given us more character development. Could have used more of the backstory about Dr. Yueh and why he betrayed. Also could have used a few minutes extra of the Mentats. And the banquet scene would have been great
EL34Glo 9 aylar önce
Ending wss perfect as it leaves you wanting more in a good way. I had no issue with the ending. But I could have watched 3.5 hours of it. I had other issues as wanting more interactions between some characters. And less quick cuts in some scenes to other scenes. Which is why I agree 9/10
Hi Mum
Hi Mum 9 aylar önce
Lol what do you mean TOO 'cliff hangery' it's a cool cliffhanger that sets up the next installment aka the second half of the first novel. Are they supposed to just kill of the Emperor and Paul and introduce my boy Leto in this movie. They have to slowly build up to that and a cliffhanger is the best way to keep the audience interested.
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 9 aylar önce
This is the type of movie that IMAX was made for.
Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson 9 aylar önce
Something that's not explained in the movie regarding lasers is that due to some technical aspect there is a feedback when lasers come in contact with shields. In the book it's almost a subatomic bomb on both ends of the laser when that happens. Potentially useful if you're willing to self sacrifice, but most army's avoid using lasers because of this issue.
TruckDrivinGamer 9 aylar önce
All very true, and to carry it a step further: to avoid people using it as a kamikaze measure, sacrificing one lasgun ship for a shielded city on someone else's planet for example, there is an agreement between all the planets in the empire that if one of the great houses willingly uses a lasgun against a shielded opponent, that houses planet will be obliterated by everyone else in the empire. It's by mutual agreement that atomics, and also lasguns against shields, are not used in warfare, in order to preserve humanity from self-destruction.
Cody Edmonson
Cody Edmonson 9 aylar önce
George Lucas really took alot of inspiration from dune. The fermin are basically sand people, spice, a chosen one, "the voice" is like a jedi mind trick, and sand worms. I didn't realize how much inspiration he took till I watched this 🤣
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man 9 aylar önce
worms, desert planets, politics, space tech, spice, and the force, you're actually right.
ratnick 9 aylar önce
No…. Not all blue eyes people are Fremen… it’s anyone that has had long exposure to the spice. Hence why the workers on the harvesters have the bright blue eyes…….(however, it is fair to assume that blue eyes equals fremen, since all fremen do have it)
Amun Ra
Amun Ra 9 aylar önce
Correct. Spice addiction is rampant so anyone that eats or is exposed to spice regularly will have the blue eyes.
Ryan Hampson
Ryan Hampson 9 aylar önce
To answer what Liat Kynes was doing setting the thumper, she was calling a worm to ride..She was holding the tools to mount and scale a sandworm…The reason the worms don’t just go under the sand with a rider is one of the tools opens and holds open a segment/scale of the worm. The worm instinctively rolls that section as far away from the sand to prevent injury and that brings the rider to on top of the worm. As long as that tool is in place holding open the segment of the worm it will not submerge into the abrasive sand as that would injury its softer fissure under the skin.
Feargal011 7 aylar önce
'Why didn't the worm dive deep?' The maker hooks open a ring segment, exposing the sensitive flesh below the ring armour. The worm will not dive below the sand so long as the hook exposes the underlying flesh. Fremen ride worms by moving hooks around a segment ring, turning the worm in the desired direction. Fremen goad a worm to top speed and exhaust it before they drop off near their destination. The worm will then dive deep to recover and the Fremen can leave safely.
Joe Mauceri II
Joe Mauceri II 9 aylar önce
“The Fat guy” was Baron and played Stellan Skarsgard, Erik Selvig, and wearing a suit and prosthetics and he was absolutely terrifying in the role.
Super Anxiety
Super Anxiety 9 aylar önce
I personally was super stunned by the visuals. The music and sound design in general too, it really immersed me in the movie, also the music kinda reminded me of Nier
Mircea Pintelie
Mircea Pintelie 9 aylar önce
The Sardaukar scene and the entrance of Bene Gesserit witches were pure art.Also the Voice was visualised wonderfully. But the lack of the multiple nuances,plots within plots, made many who watched it not getting the depth of characters.Maybe Duke Leto approched the most of the book character
Nini Davis
Nini Davis 9 aylar önce
A saw this 2 times in the theater .WOW ..i was so absorbed in this ..the music visuals .creativity Amazing !! They Gotta mark part 2
Leela 9 aylar önce
Honestly this is a cinema movie, its actually insane in the cinema. I was speechless once it ended, just sat in silence for 10 mins or so
will radle
will radle 8 aylar önce
Anyone else think this kid would have made a great Anakin Skywalker. He pulls off the dark soul very well
Robert West
Robert West 9 aylar önce
Crazy how Calvin figured out exactly how drum sand works
George Daugherty
George Daugherty 9 aylar önce
I mean, the visuals of it makes it pretty clear. Not too hard to figure out really.
Lord Telperion
Lord Telperion 9 aylar önce
Very impressed with the film. My main critique is the absence of the Guild Navigators, they're only mentioned a couple times and briefly seen once (and those were just First Stage Navigators). The Guild are the true power behind the Throne and the true rulers of the fate of Mankind via the prescience of the Third Stage Navigators. All the conflict we see in the book/movies are the visible repercussions of the secret war the Bene Gesserit are waging against the Guild, culminating in the creation of a super-user of prescience to usurp the Navigators at long last... which of course spins out of their control thanks to Jessica. The Guild are the true masters of Dune, holding the Fremen hostage by agreeing to not annihilate them from orbit, nor allow anyone else to, in exchange for Spice. It is only when Paul discovered the secret way to kill the Worms and end Spice production that the Guild are forced to capitulate and become the hostage instead...forced to transport his armies across the Imperium in the Jihad.
Backyardspedlords 9 aylar önce
The main thing I dislike about this movie is knowing how long I'll have to wait until I get to see a part II.
OP Daniels
OP Daniels 9 aylar önce
@Nikki 115 no studio is crazy enough to put "Part I" in the start of the movie without having a Part II in the works lmao
Namikaze Inferno
Namikaze Inferno 9 aylar önce
@Nikki 115 its been confirmed for October 2023
Backyardspedlords 9 aylar önce
@Nikki 115 Not confirmed but from what the heads of WB and Legendary are saying, it seems very likely.
Nikki 115
Nikki 115 9 aylar önce
if there is going to be a second part?...it hasn't been confirmed yet
Blake C
Blake C 9 aylar önce
Jamis did teach him the ways of the desert, through action.
t j
t j 9 aylar önce
Sort of. Paul is now "living" possible futures which is why he knows the ways so we'll and how the jihad affected him so much. He "was a friend to Jamis."
CasualGamerPT 9 aylar önce
Just saw this on IMAX ! Amazing movie, way better then I was expecting! The music was in the right moments!! Very, very nice! I didn't even felt the 2 hours pass by! The books take a lot more time to explain in detail things that take 30 secs to explain in the movie! It's very accurate in my opinion.
desert spring
desert spring 9 aylar önce
See, when you talk about other stuff and look away from the screen, you tend to miss stuff. But I guess that’s hard to avoid when you aren’t in a theatre.
Pixie Write
Pixie Write 9 aylar önce
This movie is so visually stunning and the background score is so good, I wanna see it again in theaters.. just to soak it all up
Jack Stanley
Jack Stanley 7 aylar önce
Story and plot aside. There is NO way anyone can hate on the cinematography or the score.
Farrukh Tariq
Farrukh Tariq 9 aylar önce
Damn it must be a chore to watch something with Aaron.
Placebo 9 aylar önce
@Shane Stafford Agree 100%. Sometimes their videos are unwatchable for me because of this exact reason.
Shane Stafford
Shane Stafford 9 aylar önce
@KierrokCyclone I love reactions. Its hard to tolerate just straight up distractions though.. And nah, he jokes about his made up hypotheticals and ruins his buddies authentic reaction experience. It becomes: them telling Aaron he’s wrong, and he just keeps hypothesizing. Meanwhile, essential dialogue passes, which confuses someone like Eric, who wants all the intricacies to be heard. I feel like I can speak for a decent chunk of their audience when I say (without disrespect) Aaron’s reaction/analysis isn’t usually the main reason we watch them
Shane Stafford
Shane Stafford 9 aylar önce
I was struggling hard to watch w him on this one
SteveNathn 8 aylar önce
I really liked that this movie set up a few things for future movies. For example the little mouse that they showed in multiple shots. Or the shots of his religious Jihad which will become very important if they make a movie out of the second book
HAYDO-99 9 aylar önce
Hard to imagine Aquaman, Thanos, Drax, Polka Dot Man, Poe Dameron and Zendaya all in the same movie
T D 9 aylar önce
The movie was phenomenal. They have GOT to do part 2 + several more. It blows my mind that these guys geek out over Star Wars so much but were underwhelmed by this. It’s like preferring Velveeta over gruyere 😂😂😂
Nico Alfonso
Nico Alfonso 9 aylar önce
This has to be watched in the Cinemas. IMAX makes a huge difference.
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