Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century

Adam Something
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The worst of urban planning and capitalism, plus some slavery for good measure. Welcome to Dubai, everyone.

This is a reupload due to a copyright claim against an old footage of Bucharest I've used in the previous version. This should be fine now.

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1 Eyl 2021




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Adam Something
Adam Something 4 aylar önce
RIP old video, hello new video. This time without any potential copyright claims.
Frog Gün önce
What footage was it?
orcastruck gaming
orcastruck gaming 2 gün önce
@Andrew Mellor I use arch btw
mushmush 6 gün önce
PLEASE ADD SUBTITLES!!! I want this to get SO MUCH more reach
Fayaz Althaff
Fayaz Althaff 8 gün önce
What was the claimed content?
Pieter D
Pieter D 9 gün önce
Hi, I really like your videos, but I would also really appreciate it if you put sources in your descriptions. :)
 ShortHax 4 aylar önce
Dubai just feels like a Sim City game with infinite cash. RIP comment
Federico Spadone
Federico Spadone 6 gün önce
..played by a not-so-smart 12 yo kid with bad taste
frankkobold 6 gün önce
@Khalid Safe sure, let's break it down: construction? Financed by oil money. Tourism? Infrastructure/buildings (since there is no relevant history/natural landmarks) financed my oil money. Financial trade, same with diamonds/gold/...? Motivated to move there for the oil trade. The moment that leverage is gone, why the hell would any competent trader live in a freaking deserts and not in Singapore/NY/Paris/London/Hong Kong/...? Same, why would businesses go there, even though there is none of their plants/HQ? Ah, maybe only if they get there special trading benefits, like small taxes? And does a country with no oil has the political/economic power to keep such benefital arrangements alive? Being a significant tax haven? Hm, I wonder which power houses, which would prefer that kind of trade in their own financial places? Oh I don't know, maybe USA/China/EU/.. Who don't have a reason anymore to be nice to a country which has no relevant resources at that point? Honestly, are you being paid for not thinking more then you can throw a stone? We are talking here about a place which is naturally not a suitable place to live (especially with global warming). Which geographic location has little to no special significance. Which can't supply any population besides some tribes/villages with food on its own and is not close/surrounded by many rich trading partners. All it has, is oil. That's its initial founding and the core of its political power. Take it away, and it's only Luxembourg just with a shitty climate and no wealthy neighbors.
Khalid Safe
Khalid Safe 6 gün önce
@frankkobold Oil contributes less than 1 percent to GDP of Dubai, meaning all the money you see from wide variety of Businesses. Read please
frankkobold 6 gün önce
@Khalid Safe sure, ofc honey^^ It will suffer the same fate like Edmonton in Canada, when oil rush is over. Both are places with no reason to have any business there. Every business/trade what you can have in Dubai you can have somewhere else better. It only works as long as subsidies (oil money) is getting pumped into it. Can you name one business/trade/... What can be feasible prosper in Dubai? Which wouldn't be cheaper, easier and more profitable close by?
Khalid Safe
Khalid Safe 6 gün önce
@frankkobold you seriously need to educate yourself. Dubai is independent of OIL 20 years ago, Wake up and go read before your speak 😹
Waldemar 19 saatler önce
The Burj Khalifa poem is like something Dan Bilzarian would write.
thehumanshitpostbot 2 gün önce
I never really knew much about Dubai at all aside from it having the world's tallest building but after finishing this video, you've got me sold on hating Dubai
The real Speedwagon
@thehumanshitpostbot I prefer socialism or some kind of third positionist corporatism ideology. Something like the economy of fascism without the reliance on slave labor and the propping up of a “superior race”. I don’t like pure tankie communism either.
@The real Speedwagon yeah i've been sold on that for a while now. I still prefer captialism over communism but whether or not you like it, you gotta admit that capitalism is kinda fucked
The real Speedwagon
I’ve already been sold on hating capitalism. Especially Dubai. It’s everything I hate about capitalism and should not exist period
Vermillion Pengu
Vermillion Pengu 2 gün önce
When I grow up, I want to be a poop truck driver.
Suprith V
Suprith V Gün önce
Despite all this info online, here Indians will struggle like anything to go to Dubai or Emirates, it a matter of dignity and pride, and they really think they will make crores of rupees there, looking at few people who came back after making good amount of money. What they don't see is the thousands of other Indians who are trapped there, for life..
Wilmson Aylar önce
Let's be real and simple here. If your billion dollar house, hasn't even been planned with a sewage system, it's just a glorified tent.
Mansur Ali
Mansur Ali Dakika önce
@no info ancient rome and greek polises got the science from ancient egypt. Well, more specifically, maths. Btw, did you know that the people of ancient hellas used olive oil while practicing sodomy? Truly wonderful, wouldn't you say? Magnifique!
aida aliten
aida aliten 21 saatler önce
Glorified a lot
Davide C.
Davide C. 2 gün önce
mochipii 8 gün önce
@Hamza Warsi Ancient arab people maybe, not today's arab 😁
Kon_The_Boss P
Kon_The_Boss P 10 gün önce
There is a sewer system 🤦🏽‍♂️ it was a hoax bro hahahahahahah
mochi 8 gün önce
i’m a native of the united arab emirates , and i agree with everything you just said . i have no idea of how architecture works , i just hate this country and everything it stands for ^___^
Mahi Mukati
Mahi Mukati Gün önce
@Mervin theyre an emirati not nessicarily a government official. And idk if you know how life works around here you cant exactly just start marching and get what u want this ain't the US. whoever this is, telling them about suicide rates in dubai and how it must change into a historical city probably wont change a thing. this video could get 300 million views and it most likely wouldn't change a thing. I feel like your the type of person to see an indian walking down broadway and ask them to change their ways and stop pressuring kashmir
Mervin 2 gün önce
And here’s one more question: As you’re Emirati, when you try to contact the Emirati Government to try and make Dubai back to normal, how long will it take for Dubai to be back to normal? I wanted Dubai to change, abolish modern slavery, build an incredibly unique Arab city 7:48, and build Palm islands inverted, so how long will it take for Dubai to change? Can you try to do it? If this video is about 50M views, it can be changed back to normal easily, and it takes time to change I know how life works, and I never heard that type of person seeing Indians walking down broadway in New York, I’m not Indian and I never pressure Indians in Kashmir in that situation.
You daily Kangaroo dr.
@ahmed stupid if they weren’t they could just use translator
ahmed 2 gün önce
Speak Arabic then to prove
Mervin 4 gün önce
Can you read all of these? Maybe you should try to contact or talk to the UAE government to abolish modern slavery in Dubai like what USA did when the US abolish slavery after the American Civil War ended, Emiratis should stop confiscating Indian Passport which is very bad and they can’t go anywhere and cannot go back to their homeland because Indians are trapped inside Dubai. and also Dubai must change it, they should build a very true unique Arab city like what he show in the video 7:48, as a non-Arab, this Arabic city shown in that part 7:48 looks better than Istanbul, Turkey, I’ve never seen like this before, I would like to see this part 7:48 because for me, it looks better than Istanbul, Turkey, if Dubai built like this 7:48, then this will attract more tourist than Burj Khalifa instead of the Oligarchs trust fundings. Each countries should have their own culture, France has their own culture, Japan has their own culture, even Italy has their own culture. I don’t like why Dubai doesn’t care about their own Arabic Culture, they should stop wasting their money on skyscrapers and Man-Made islands And also Dubai should build Palm Islands inverted into the land, should be made out of water, Kuwait actually did this inverted which made it really impressive from space, it was Al Khiran, which is located in the Southeast of Kuwait. Dubai should not build man made Islands like Palm Jumeirah because the suburbs and hotels are slowly sinking. Modern Slavery in Dubai makes Indians commit suicide and it’s not really good, that’s only at least 2 Indians died from suicide every single week, it was shocking yet unsurprising. Without modern slavery then there will be absolutely no suicides from slavery, no slaves is much better, if Indians died from suicide, then Indians will go to heck. There’s also Filipino slave maids, which is mostly girls enslaved by Emiratis, Dubai should also abolish Filipino slave maids also. Indians and Filipinos should spread awareness about what’s happening in Dubai, they should never go there, they should watch the video Dubai is a Parody of the 21st century. Dubai should never be built to look good from the sky. It should be built to look good from the perspective of the people walking through it’s streets. Dubai’s freedom is very low and it’s not as high as Luxembourg and Singapore, according to the Freedom House, the freedom level is about 17/100, which is not free. Dubai should buy a taste, a soul, and an Arab culture Dubai got their worst house tour, it was mansion, recorded by Mo Vlogs, it has a small sink, and a small kitchen, and the worst clock, Dubai should fix their houses and suburbs and stop copying American style suburbs, Dubai is like China. I also heard that in the year 2020, the British people contacted the UAE government to unban ROBLOX because all ROBLOX Players in UAE were very sad, now currently, ROBLOX is unbanned in UAE in 2021, it was not banned in Turkey and Russia, it was very popular for all the kids around the world and there wasn’t any problems for kids, the Emiratis are very stupid when they ban the popular kids game “ROBLOX”. If if you’re British and you try to contact the Emirati government, they can respond but it will take months to get ROBLOX unbanned. It’s currently unbanned now. You should try to contact the Emirati government, get these info from all parts of the video and also the top comments that has many likes, make sure everything you say is all correct.
BLUX Aylar önce
Never visiting Dubai. The real joke is the western people saying that they are done slavery, yet still visit Dubai. As an architect-student I really like the Burj Khalifa for it’s accomplishment. But really it is made of blood.
Alex Saatler önce
@Daloa Nice talking to you, although you seem to try to convinve people using "just trust me" and are unser the expression that the bad in the cointries shouldn't be called out. Slavery problem in Dubai is quite well known and if you tale Europe, it has a less severe slavery problem. Dubai overall seems like a place not worth visiting. Expensive projects with the same copy paste style of the world, poor infrastructure and of course, some the worst city building practices in the world. More widespread slavery compared to say Europe is a cherry on top. You seem adamant on either denying slavery in Dubai or sweeping it under the rug. Somehow, most countries don't take away people's passports. Also, the whole "low crime rate" is a lie to my knowledge. Reported crimes are rare, but crime itself is still common. Moreover, passport stealing wouldn't help much with fighting crime, but seems to be an attack on workers. Passports are something you need to be identified inside the country and be able to use various services. Passport taking seems to be usually done with the intention of trapping someone in the country. It wouldn't help with crime cause if you are a criminal, your passport would identify you as one. Slavery is a big problem in the world and Dubai is no exception. Judging by available information, Dubai has a bigger slavery problem than the rest. And it's not very hard to trick impoverished and maybe even illeterate workers by promising them fair wages and then taking away their passports and forcing them to work in extreme conditions, live in slums and earn a wage significantly lower than what was agreed upon (if the money is actually given). You would have a much better time talking if you acknowledged the problem, but your comment leave the impression that you think you must at all costs sweep Dubai's problems under the rug.
Daloa 7 saatler önce
@Alex so you are telling me that the exception which obviously exist is the reason why you confront a country with those hard offense… I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me here my point was about the fact that people point their fingers on the UAE but don’t understand that life is different there than they know and no workers (even the ones getting their passport taken away) are not suffering. For someone who is living such a priviliged life has no idea on how that Economy works and that it changed really good in the last 20 years with laws much more. It’s incredible to offend Dubai with the fact that people get their passport stolen and get treated like slaves which first of all is an exception which happens even in Europe and the USA where foreigners get screwed to get good money in those country’s but still are forced to work as you explained. I am really tired of discussing with you as you obviously go always one step too far although the topic is already out of context, just make your own mind and if I can’t talk about what I experienced backstage of beautiful Dubai then I don’t know who can but then don’t start talking about something you clearly don’t know enough.
Alex 19 saatler önce
@Daloa You seem to be talking about workers, who are not enslaved in UAE (although passport stealing already raises and eyebrow, since it already means that the worker is to a great extent at the company's mercy and the company will get away with much more mistreatment), while i'm talking about when a worker's passport is taken away, they are treated like dirt, they are paid nearly nothing, can't return to their country due to not having a passport, etc. Of course, most countries have a lot of bad things. Does that mean that they shouldn't be called out? From the way you comment it seems like you should take your own advice.
Daloa 19 saatler önce
@Alex alright then do the exact opposite of what makes sense and stay forever in your country and never see anything beyond you horizon… you may not like it but everywhere you go there are good things hiding bad things. You can’t rent about Dubai with such a stupid topic as I said, for people that have normal 9-5 jobs or similar with 18 bucks a hour it may seem unfair but for them the money they get is more than enough to have a wealthy life in their own country… you still have to consider that many people working there don’t have any degree which is obviously a big problem of third world country’s (I also think we should support them more) so the jobs they are doing are simple and everyone could do them. To work in or for the UAE is a opportunity which many take and they know what they are getting there. Slavery for me means to treat workers bad and not care about them but there still IS media in the UAE and Saudi arabia and they know that. Like I said I know some engineers there and I know how they treat their workers, they also got their passport taken away but if you trust your employer they trust you at some point too… it’s also a really religious country and working is also a part of it. You should consider facts like that before spitting around with aggressive facts like Modern Slavery which does look completely different in Country’s like China, Romania and Sudan… they are completely different but still you would all consider slavery which is unfair. Never forget the big whole before talking about things you maybe didn’t overthink before commenting.
Alex 20 saatler önce
@Daloa the guy who did research based on available data is more trustworthy than a person using their unknown if true experience as an anecdote in such situations. While common sense is not a very good thing (cause it's often just prejudices and stereotypes), even it is more in video author's favor here. Yep, internet has a lot of lies. It also has a lot of truthful information.
L. N.
L. N. Aylar önce
This is a great video so far (halfway through rn). As someone who's lived in Dubai as a child for a couple of years (dad was briefly a pilot for Emirates), it's really just ostentation built for rich people upholded by the only thing that ISN'T fake - the modern day slavery. One of the things I most clearly recall is looking through the car window whenever we went out and seeing the sheer number of buses completely full of south-asian "workers" who likely wouldn't be able to send any amount of income back home to their families if that was their original plan nor buy a ticket back to their countries when the back-breaking work had been enough on them. And there was very much a culture of mockery and disregard for their accent/culture/hard labour in spite of the fact that they very much were (are) the ones responsible for building the city with their bare hands.
Like blacks in América (not just Usa) but the continent or most of it
iZnoGouD 7 gün önce
@King S and what countries it will bring in front? White and fluffy USA and EU?
Mqtisse 9 gün önce
@L. N. Well, if it were for free (assuming its like totally free, not a gift or something like that), id go anyway, just becuase i wouldnt actually be giving them any money while using their services.
Mustafa Aljasmi
Mustafa Aljasmi 14 gün önce
L. P.
L. P. 28 gün önce
@Grubheck So agree!
Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
This man has given me a reason to flex my small Himalayan Cottage over the world's tallest building Bloody Genius bro, here take my sub
Acclipse 4 saatler önce
And is very cool
Vamsi Krishna Boda
Vamsi Krishna Boda 3 gün önce
A small himalayan cottage sounds very peaceful
a t
a t 2 aylar önce
Dubai is a classic example of the fact that money can't buy a brain.
Sayyid sahal
Sayyid sahal 2 gün önce
@Jennie i think the only thing Dubai can't provide is tourism, the only that can be considered as beautiful is arid desert and mountains.
Karthik Narayan
Karthik Narayan 10 gün önce
@TripleLayerLemonCake Bruhhh the last thing I think about US is culture... What culture do you guys have?? Christmas?? Thanksgiving?? America is literally a country built on immigrants.
Khalid Safe
Khalid Safe Aylar önce
They ⁧‫said UAE(Dubai) do not respect human rights! UAE won membership in the international organization of Human Rights They said UAE supports terrorism in its counter-form "organized crime", so an Emirati brigade became the leader ⁧‫of the interpol‬⁩! They said Dubai is 50 years old! The response came by making UAE national day “a global day for the future” Wants more ? Dubai hosting EXPO 2020 during the pandemic The UAE/Dubai during pandemic achieved the fastest vaccination rate in the world Dubai/UAE achieved the number one on the world list of the safest countries to walk at night Despite the United Nations estimates that foreign investment flows worldwide will decrease by 42% in 2020 due to the pandemic, the UAE / Dubai achieves 44% growth in foreign investments coming to our country in 2020 compared to 2019 to reach 73 billion dirhams UAE/Dubai in the top 15 countries in the world with the best quality of life Dubai launches Hope orbit to Mars Dubai is one of the least countries in the world with artificial intelligence universities and a minister of AI! The UAE / Dubai in 2017 topped the global ranking as the largest donor of humanitarian aid in relation to its national income, with a value of 19.3 billion dirhams.
Kentucky Mushroom
Kentucky Mushroom Aylar önce
Haha ever heard of brain drain. Yeah that's money buying a brain pal
BangDroid ✪
BangDroid ✪ Aylar önce
The snowflakes from the desert are most delicate
Hugo Correa
Hugo Correa Aylar önce
Thank you for your work, now I don't want to go there, so many more places to visit
Aaryan Rahman
Aaryan Rahman 2 gün önce
@A Sims i agree with you, mate
ctographer M
ctographer M 7 gün önce
@A Sims and Dubai is the heart of 21st Century slavery, I don't see your point in bringing up ancient history.
로라 [Laura]
로라 [Laura] 7 gün önce
@A Sims You sure do like to waste a lot of time trying to defend Dubai- sorry not sorry that we can see through all that BS
A Sims
A Sims 8 gün önce
@Dan James maybe I am a rich and good person you can't know that
Dan James
Dan James 8 gün önce
@A Sims yes. of course they are all arrogant. why do you idolise rich people so much?
Shawn 2 gün önce
Thank you so much for this video. We need intelligent, public transportation and homes for everyday people. Not rich people dystopias.
Mehrdad Afsharimehr
I lived in that region for 5 years building a hospital. The amount of money these countries waste on construction and other things is absolutely sick. I am talking about building a large building, do not like it then tear it down. Waste on the magnitude of taking bundles of cash and burning them. Then they treat these workers like this. It is disgusting.
Mickey Mishra
Mickey Mishra 12 gün önce
@Mustafa Aljasmi You pay them ahead of time? Why?
Mustafa Aljasmi
Mustafa Aljasmi 13 gün önce
@Mickey Mishra Bro look some people just say that they are making these people as their slaves, Bruh my dad has visa's for like 10 construction workers and i dont see my dad making them slaves, also if u ask why my dad has their visa's cuz when we hire them they take the money and fly out of the country so taking away their visa's is the best option so they wont run away and take the money without working
Mickey Mishra
Mickey Mishra 13 gün önce
@Mustafa Aljasmi I also have this funny feeling that some people are there just because it's an easier life than being back home. has a person who has worked in construction I find it really hard to believe that you can't find another job in construction unless you are worthless in the first place. there is always maintenance and work to be done and I am a little bit skeptical about the actual folks that don't have any work to do and are not able to get money from the local economy..
Mustafa Aljasmi
Mustafa Aljasmi 13 gün önce
@Al Nadozie Bruh stop lying u didnt live there, also when i ask most of the workers in my city i always get a positive answer. Also lets see which country has the most pollution... and guess what its india and not UA. and also The US has thrown about 12% of the whole plastic on earth into the ocean But in the UAE 83 metric tons is produce and about 70 metric tons are recycled. and now who pollutes more ?????
Al Nadozie
Al Nadozie 13 gün önce
@Mustafa Aljasmi actually i lived in the UAE for two years as an over seas intern. And just because you’re from somewhere doesn’t mean you need to mindlessly overlook the atrocities committed. Multiple cab drivers who i spoke to while living there confirmed everything stated in this video. And there’s literal proof and statistics also cited in this video. You’re blatantly ignore disgusting levels of human rights violations to defend a country that thinks it’s a good idea to build man made islands while destroying marine life and fucking up the environment. Jesus man how blind can you be
Zunta Lutra
Zunta Lutra 20 gün önce
part 4 is probably why i don't ever want to visit the gulf states as a brown person. i've heard a lot of horror stories in regards to Filipino workers who are stuck there and often imprisoned by their employers to be their house maids and other work. my worst fear is being taken for a crummy worker instead of a tourist if i ever visit relatives out there.
Rana D
Rana D 2 gün önce
@unkown Saudi Arabia is nothing like Dubai or the UAE, it is not even considered fancy. It’s 80% percent Saudi people working in every job you can think of. And especially with the recently imposed rules. When you visit Saudi Arabia, you’ll see the huge difference, there are even many poor Saudis who we donate food and clothes to from time to time!
@Sharky McSnarkface they are enslaved...
Sharky McSnarkface
Sharky McSnarkface 10 gün önce
@Morgan Huffman They’re just a hair away from being technically enslaved. “Crummy” is being nice.
Morgan Huffman
Morgan Huffman 11 gün önce
The fact you call these imprisoned workers "crummy" implies you might fit well in this hole of a country...
unkown 12 gün önce
You can visit some countries except Saudi Arabia and uae and you should. Its a really old culture that we can learn, but I myslef have heard amny stories about tourist kidnapping in uae.
AbdulKhujliwal786 29 gün önce
Burj Khalifa's "poop trucks" reminded me of skyscrapers in China which only look good from above (in an aeroplane), but are completely empty, with poor build quality, and where you can't even flush some toilet paper because of lack of sewage system.
Pradyu_kun 2 gün önce
@T. D. Are you trying to argue that since the Burj Khalifa has a sewage system, Dubai is not a joke? lol
T. D.
T. D. 4 gün önce
@Grapeyard Nah uh. This isn't how this works. Burden of proof is on you. You are the ones making the outrageous claim that the tallest building on Earth is not connected to a sewage line. You show your proof. I have already shown a paper saying that BK is connected, even if it was written in the planning stage. This is evidence for my claim (not decisive, but evidence nevertheless). You, on the other hand, have shown nothing. Your claim is presented without evidence, hence it can be discarded.
Grapeyard 5 gün önce
@T. D. Can you show me a reputable source that's written after 2010?
T. D.
T. D. 5 gün önce
@Grapeyard My source is the best thing available. What are your sources for your outrageous claim? I googled this subject extensively before, and all I got was the BoingBoing article which started this whole hoax, and a bunch of other articles which cite said article (the Inhabitat article).
ctographer M
ctographer M 7 gün önce
@Grapeyard he did search Google, he just forgot to mentioned he filtered out all results published after 2009.
Elijah Navarro
Elijah Navarro Aylar önce
Living in the Dubai, I agree with this a lot! You might see many incredible architecture like Burj Khalifa and the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall... THEN you go to the impoverished areas and the irrigation problem becomes incredibly noticeable. Honestly, the impoverished areas wouldn't even be that bad if people stopped dumping pornographic calling cards on the ground. And there are a lot of pornographic cards on the ground.
Berar Vlad
Berar Vlad 2 gün önce
@The Call of The Void I watched the video and I visited Dubai and as a tourist it was a really good vacation
sneakersxland 2 gün önce
Dubai Marina & Sheikh Zayed Road are full of these cards
The Call of The Void
@Berar Vlad “the city is amazing” did you even watch the video..
Berar Vlad
Berar Vlad 10 gün önce
Yep i saw the cards lol, other than that the city is amazing
Empress Afia
Empress Afia Aylar önce
This is true
Jakes 97
Jakes 97 25 gün önce
Went there on holiday a couple of times and loved it, after school I moved there for a year and worked as a waiter. Finally, I saw the true Dubai, their treatment of Indian laborers and Phillipinos. They (especially their youth) disgusted me. Confiscation of passports, physical abuse, sexual abuse, imprisonment of women who fall pregnant out of wedlock along with wrongful and indefinite imprisonment of foreigners. An absolutely awful people. But hey, it's clean, safe and very fancy...
Henry Mak
Henry Mak 6 gün önce
@Veronica Safe for the rich and famous but only until the people rise up to slay those who enslave others.
Veronica 8 gün önce
Safe? For whom?
Dino Falls 2022
Dino Falls 2022 23 gün önce
I'm arabian from country Called Oman and I'm absolutely agree with you, Dubai is so terrible
Sk Soyeb Ali
Sk Soyeb Ali 3 gün önce
Oman is very beautiful country 🇴🇲 ... Mix of Desert, green and Sea .. I really love Love from India 🇮🇳
Line Aylar önce
I once travelled to dubai with my mum and stayed for some days. The sole impression I got of it was, emptiness. Just no soul to find anywhere. The only people walking the streets were tourists and it was like no citizens who actually lived there could be found anywhere. I can only surmise that they don't let the people live close to the tourist areas and hide them away somewhere. It was an absolutely soulless experience. No life in the streets
Karthik Narayan
Karthik Narayan 10 gün önce
Looks like you've only been to the tourist areas. Dubai is more than just Downtown and Jumeirah.
snow man !
snow man ! 17 gün önce
to be honest in every arab country you will never find someone walking in the streets ( not even tourists) i guess it because the hot weather
Luisa Natalia
Luisa Natalia Aylar önce
A little dramatic statement 😅 How do you identify a resident on the street? I am one and I live in a very touristic area.
*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*
@Alec Baldwin Don't generalize everything. Dubai is the opposite of Islamism, it's a fake heaven on earth.
Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin Aylar önce
Sounds like the land of allah to me. It’s the same in any izzlamick country
Mohamed AK
Mohamed AK Aylar önce
You have to understand that, for the most part, Dubai didn't use it's own money. It used political authority (and loans) to drive projects that attracted (borrowed) money.The mindset was "let us embrace capitalism as much as possible". As a result you got real estate projects fueled by debt attracting speculators (using loans) hoping to sell to end users (using bigger loans). The whole system nearly collapsed in 2008, but Abu Dhabi stepped in with bailouts in order to prevent the UAE currency from tanking.
Prounce Aylar önce
I used to live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and I completely agree with the slave state segment. If you talk to taxi drivers, most of them will say that they have lived in Dubai for 5-10 years and they’re family are in they’re own home countries, they live with 8-10 people in 1 room.
Dario Stoewe
Dario Stoewe 4 gün önce
I totally agree to everything said in this video. My father spent some time working in the emirates, and though he didn't see it, blinded by the high salaries paid to europeans, the perversion is painfully obvious. Thank you for your contribution to creating a better human society, Adam.
ges Aylar önce
I was born in Dubai and honestly I was really confused as to why my parents moved to New Zealand when I was 10. There were no taxes to pay and the idea of moving from a mega city to a cosy suburb was a perplexing move. But growing up and hearing awful stories from my parents when working under a state-owned construction company made me think otherwise. My parents were smart enough to get the fuck outta there
Mansur Ali
Mansur Ali 7 dakika önce
@Vitesse ah yes, colonising a place to "topple the inequality and use its rich resources for peace". What could go wrong?
qusai maskary
qusai maskary 2 gün önce
@Markus it's one of the best worldwide tho at least top 5 country
Sheikh Trudeau
Sheikh Trudeau 7 gün önce
@legalcanada based and red pilled
legalcanada 7 gün önce
@Sheikh Trudeau per human rights watch: UAE law permits domestic violence. Article 53 of the penal code allows the imposition of “chastisement by a husband to his wife and the chastisement of minor children” so long as the assault does not exceed the limits of Islamic law. *Marital rape is not a crime.* In 2010, the Federal Supreme Court issued a ruling, citing the penal code, that [allows] husbands’ beating and infliction of other forms of punishment or coercion on their wives, provided they do not leave physical marks.
Sheikh Trudeau
Sheikh Trudeau 7 gün önce
@legalcanada nice source lol wikipedia, the source that put jfk’s middle name as “fortnite”
L. P.
L. P. Aylar önce
I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE UAE and have only seen photos . But I instinctively and intuitively felt everything you have said about it to be true. it's the last country (and Dubai in particular) that i would want to visit. I have an instagram account and one of my followers is a native of that city and is highly defensive and elogeous of it and it's leader or king (as you will). He worships the Sheik and was highly offended when i pointed out that the head of the Royal family had treated some female members of his family very badly. One of his wives had escaped to UK and one of his daughters had tried to escape but was caught, imprisoned and probably tortured. This IG follower seems to hold the Royal family in awe as though some kind of religious leader and said that he makes everybody happy. (Of course everybody has tons of money) I also mentioned the way they treat immigrants from India, the Philippines and other countries, allowing them to starve and withholding their passports. Needless to say our virtual dialogue ended there. Lisa British from Spain
Гугл Гавно
Гугл Гавно 2 gün önce
Totally agreed, they could do better for that sea of oil money :)) global unification of architecture, culture, way of life, people mentality is worst than world war
Mad Man
Mad Man 4 gün önce
I'm from Qatar and you are spot on for most of the video, but looking at worker death counts instead of death rates is extremely misleading. There actually is a lot of mistreatment of migrant workers in the gulf countries, but whenever I see ridiculous exaggerations I can't help but cringe. Using misleading statistics does not help focus on the actual mistreatment of migrant workers.
Celeste Lopez
Celeste Lopez Aylar önce
I can't help but agree with you Adam, Dubai is so artificial and materialistic. It never appealed to me.
Dalek-2rooper 4 aylar önce
Moment of silence for the 9 and a half million views that the original had.
drksideofthewal 30 dakika önce
It’s back up to half
Sai Gün önce
@here we go again no thanks
मराठी माणूस 🇮🇳
@here we go again 🤮🤮🤮 my ears died because of this
yark mates
yark mates 16 gün önce
I thought I’d seen it before …..
Khalid Safe
Khalid Safe Aylar önce
They ⁧‫said UAE(Dubai) do not respect human rights! UAE won membership in the international organization of Human Rights They said UAE supports terrorism in its counter-form "organized crime", so an Emirati brigade became the leader ⁧‫of the interpol‬⁩! They said Dubai is 50 years old! The response came by making UAE national day “a global day for the future” Wants more ? Dubai hosting EXPO 2020 during the pandemic The UAE/Dubai during pandemic achieved the fastest vaccination rate in the world Dubai/UAE achieved the number one on the world list of the safest countries to walk at night Despite the United Nations estimates that foreign investment flows worldwide will decrease by 42% in 2020 due to the pandemic, the UAE / Dubai achieves 44% growth in foreign investments coming to our country in 2020 compared to 2019 to reach 73 billion dirhams UAE/Dubai in the top 15 countries in the world with the best quality of life Dubai launches Hope orbit to Mars Dubai is one of the least countries in the world with artificial intelligence universities and a minister of AI! The UAE / Dubai in 2017 topped the global ranking as the largest donor of humanitarian aid in relation to its national income, with a value of 19.3 billion dirhams.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Aylar önce
I had a two day stopover in Dubai a couple of years ago, and I kid you not, I was bored to death after half an hour. No culture, no sights worth seeing (unless you’re into skyscrapers and malls). The only thing that was somewhat interesting was Dubai Museum. Everything else just artificial blingy crap. I travel via Dubai quite regularly (Emirates is an excellent airline), but haven’t bothered leaving the airport since.
Sayyid sahal
Sayyid sahal 2 gün önce
Cement and all
Kat Kat
Kat Kat Aylar önce
come to abu dhabi instead
miwa 12 gün önce
Dubai always looked like an over expensive concrete jungle, a dystopia... never had any intention of visiting it in the first place.
Johnny D.
Johnny D. 25 gün önce
Indeed. Not to mention the ecological disaster that a place like this is in many respects. Just think about the absurd amount of energy and carbon footprint required to maintain a system like this in the desert, including car dependency and constant cooling. Ironically they will be the first ones to drown when the sea level rises.
kristijan1985 Aylar önce
Brilliant video! It shows really well how fucked up is our civilization. I like when some glorify our civilization and they repeat some ridiculous things/achievements to make the people think we are very advanced.. Actually, we are a really primitive civilization and it seems like we are developing backward. You have a new subscriber ;) Cheers, Kris
Sleeping Repurr
Sleeping Repurr Aylar önce
i LOVE the idea of future humans finding those dumb man-made islands underwater and just thinking "what the fuck"
perhaps Gün önce
@parislondonNY what the fuck are you talking about lmao
frenchiveruti Gün önce
Ha, what future humans
MK 17 gün önce
But the real question is will humanity survive till then?
hcief Aylar önce
"future humans" good one
Jose A
Jose A Aylar önce
I wonder if rich people waste there time with youtube and the comment section or if its just broke people claiming to know how everything works🤔🤔
Blackstar 76
Blackstar 76 29 gün önce
Never actually been outside of the airport in Dubai but that place gave me enough of an indication that it would be horrible. Basically in the airport there was very little to no public seating anywhere so if you were waiting you for a connecting flight for 3 hours like us, you just had to sit on the floor. The only places I saw to sit were private businesses where you had to spend money to get a seat. So I concluded its an uber capitalist hellhole where the public's needs are basically ignored unless someone can make a profit from them.
Khalid 27 gün önce
Thank you so much for making this video. It's amazing how oblivious the world is about how cruel and idiotic the gulf is. Dubai especially pays so much money to PR agencies to dress up themselves as modern. This has only increased now that they're trying to bring in more foreign investment.
Kasper Aylar önce
Never before has there been a better example of "lipstick on a pig" than Dubai.
Josh McCollen
Josh McCollen Aylar önce
7:35 I totally get this point. Architecture in our modern era is soulless out of economic expediency. But for investors with the ambition and resources, especially for such a grand and ridiculous project, why not look for inspiration in the historic and cultural tradition?
mattchensan 16 gün önce
The video is completely off about the Architecture and it's frankly an embarassing point of view to go from. Some of the most prominent architects of the 20th and 21st century are from the middle east and talk about, at length, how they take inspiration from previous architectural ideas explored in older Arabic and Middle Eastern Architecture. Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi Woman, talks about how she was enamored and inspired by Arabic Calligraphy to design her curvy buildings. She has a building in Dubai called Opus which is inspired by Arabic Calligraphy. There is a long legacy of modern arabic architects which are taking unique points of view on the legacy of modern architecture, mind you, arabic architecture also inspired European architects like Le Corbusier, one of the fathers of the European tradition of modern architecture. Like European architects exploring new concepts past neoclassism, Arabic architects are also exploring concepts in unique ways that are still in dialogue with, but aren't obviously recognizable from past arabic architecture and architectects. While the history of modern architecture was heavily influenced by economics and capitalism (quite negatively, in my opinion) i think just straight up calling it soulless without knowledge and understanding of the architectural concepts itself is just ignorant. I mean, the guy is so ignorant he had the gall to just use Diablo concept art instead of just googling "arabic architect" and using something from Rifat Chadjiri or Zaha Hadid and attempting to criticize that. Edward Said is rolling in his grave from the lazy orientalization, Adam something could've at least tried harder.
Eltipoquevisteayer 20 gün önce
Because the Gulf is culturally bankrupt, rotten from the inside out
Aviation Club
Aviation Club 2 aylar önce
Dubai is the perfect example that you can't buy taste, a soul and culture.
DQ Dukey
DQ Dukey 4 gün önce
A lot of very mindful people here. Y'all know that sometimes in some cases and if there is even evidence that they are shit people (the most of them... mimimi...) racism, like you call it, isn't wrong if the facts are true ?! Get over it. Not everyone has a right to life how they like to when others have to suffer from it. So yeah... UAE has a serious megalomania and is stuck in the middle ages. And you with the blue hair... fascist. Don't just throw defamations around. Learn to discuss!
로라 [Laura]
로라 [Laura] 7 gün önce
@Desta Pratama At least we don’t have widespread slavery like Dubai does with their South and Southeast Asian “workers”
Célio Vinícius
Célio Vinícius 15 gün önce
@Desta Pratama Brazil don't slave people like that... We do have modern slavery (same as every country) but not on this big scale, not with millionaire/billion dollar companies as responsible. And unlike Dubai we have a rich culture, people and cities are so different that the most things we have are harmless stereotypes. And we don't waste or money like that. If you aren't rich, life here is overall better.
Célio Vinícius
Célio Vinícius 15 gün önce
@Fahad The fact that you have School trips to other countries prove everything...
Célio Vinícius
Célio Vinícius 15 gün önce
@Powered By Decaf if you tourist a place without taste, soul, culture or natural landscapes what you are wanting do see there??????
Skapie Aylar önce
I always wanted to visit Dubai. But now I'm like 'Nah fam, I don't want to visit a place that prioritize looks over functionality and full of snobby rich people. '
Skapie Aylar önce
@NhalloI guess you're right. It's pretty unfair of me to judge it like that. I guess it comes with it's pros and cons, just like every country. Thanks for letting me see another viewpoint. I was too hard on it, I apologize.
Nhallo Aylar önce
@Skapie honestly Dubai is not only what is shown in media with fast cars and rich people. 90% of the cars are normal Toyota etc. and most people here are Indian. These people are happy that they get a job in a super safe and clean city and make 4-5 more than in their home country
Skapie Aylar önce
@Nhallo Really? I thought it was really expensive, because I always see celebrities and business men there. Interesting. Thanks 🤙
Nhallo Aylar önce
@Skapie Dubai is actually really cheap, it's cheaper than most western European countries
Skapie Aylar önce
@Nhallo Nah, I'm good. I'm too poor. Thanks anyway. 🤙
enjoying the drama.
i’m 23 years old and whenever I look at Dubai I feel unimpressed and bored while my family are so impressed in it, when I told them “it’s just a big mall and some good looking streets and that’s it” they didn’t believe me. They thought Dubai had a lot of fun things but now I showed them that video which was shocking to us; because for me I never knew they do that to their workers and to my family they were shocked because of the truth, that Dubai is not impressive as the thought! and the way they treated the workers. So thank you for sharing this.
Dom Sjuk
Dom Sjuk Aylar önce
I love this annecdote an acquaintance likes to tell about his trip to Dubai: He's Muslim (but not Arabic, so bit of a language/culture barrier there) and walking around the city with his girlfriend wanted to go pray. They just happened to come across a place with an Imam standing in front of the building, and people entering, so with the assumption to have found a mosque he went straight in... Turns out, this building was in fact a sort of brothel, and the "Imam" in front advertising temporary marriages (or something of that kind), wedding the suitor to the respective sex worker to make it more morally appropriate or whatever... Again, it's not my story, and it readily and absolutely confirmed my prejudices about what a disgusting hypocritical place Dubai is, so I was quick to believe, don't nail me down on the details. But whether true or not, it's just FITS.
Youtube User
Youtube User 4 gün önce
@Clone Solar pretty sure non fascist Muslims don't care about your feelings regarding what's haram
Dom Sjuk
Dom Sjuk Aylar önce
@Dijle "Judging" my acquaintance? No no, of course not. My second comment describes his religious practice in contrast to a common conservative norm, but just for illustrating why he has no problem being unmarried (I just edited the previous comment to make this more clear). I don't endorse religious norms at all. In fact the less I need to bother with it the better.
Dom Sjuk
Dom Sjuk Aylar önce
​@Claire Sawyer No. The reasons why it is awful are mostly shown in the video. The story I told just illustrates the moral corruption and hypocrisy of that place once more. I'm personally opposed to criminalizing and marginalizing sex work, both being the case in the UAE and Dubai. Still, I wouldn't want to have any illusions about the conditions in that field given the horrible treatment of other groups of (migrant) workers either.
Dijle Aylar önce
@Claire Sawyer no he just means it’s awful to our religion and the religion that Dubai is meant to be representing
Dijle Aylar önce
@Dom Sjuk so are we judging him then?
Sintua Aylar önce
I don't think I'd want to live in a mile-high tower built by an army of aggrieved slaves, if not for the litany of ethical reasons, I'd worry about every rivet and weld... I studied the construction of Burj Khalifa (then Dubai) and all the slave labour used to built the entire idiotic city in the sand. Glad people are still spreading the word.
Incroyables Expériences
It's curious for a god believer country to have created what is closer in earth from hell, all humanity defaults are represented there. Very interesting to see what rich people with poor mind can do.
Kos12 5 gün önce
@AlexKeyOfficial Much of Europe's wealth came from enslaving, pillaging and raping, admittedly. In the present day however, many would prefer to live as a peasant in Paris rather than live with the uneducated 'new money' types in lego like Dubai
로라 [Laura]
로라 [Laura] 7 gün önce
Sweet sweet irony and hypocrisy
elitelevibes 7 gün önce
The Arab World needs a bit of a fixup
AtomicAnachronism 8 gün önce
@AlexKeyOfficial who could be behind this post, i wonder?
Jane Ross
Jane Ross 9 gün önce
@Reno Fox that might be because a lot of them go for the idea of "what you believe in is what determines how good a person you are", for which the only possible use is to pretend someone's better than they actually are (thus allowing them to be worse). I do believe in gods, but I don't subscribe to that. You're good or bad completely seperately from your belief system. There's also the popular thing of this "ultimate forgiveness" idea like that so long as you're in the right believer club, you'll always be forgiven anything in the end? That's an even more obvious, even more direct seed of evil in my mind. There is no possible way to interpret that idea than as a permission for evil. These two ideas are what I think combine to result in people who say things like "if I didn't have God I'd not have morals" which... yikes. Right?
TheYika1 Aylar önce
I have been to Dubai once.. Never again! I was young and wanted to see what the big deal was with it.. I can tell you I was impressed seeing so much richness and beauty… man their airport have Rolexes every 10 feet.. the restaurant’s, the hotels.. but my disappointment came when I saw workers in deplorable conditions! I couldn’t understand why so much poverty in a such “rich” country! Then I remember the Taj Mahal.. Almost the same story (both Muslim) but in this case the workers don’t get their hands cut off.. it is much worse! Have you ever seen Sex and the City movie? When Carrie gives her slave some money to visit his family in India? Because he can only afford to go every 4 months!!? Love your video.. keep making them so people can understand and not be fooled.
Joud khatib
Joud khatib Aylar önce
Nice ur bringing Islam to everything.
*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*
Dubai is the opposite of Islam. I am a Muslim and I feel ashamed of this fake, culture-less, showy, wasteful way of living. I never want to visit the place ever.
evanvelarde 3 gün önce
5:50 hahaha Lol i dont even know Romanian history but that was funny 😂
maf.9990 Aylar önce
7:36 As an Arab I do agree with you. we still have buildings and villages that are 500+ years old, but no one would take care of them and make them a tourist place.
M D Aylar önce
I saw on a youtube video that Dubai also have old villages which seem truly unique but that was not their touristic spot
Bahaa Aylar önce
babylon is even tho not as good as it should
eralp Aylar önce
I've lived in the gulf for over a decade when growing up and I always saw the harsh conditions given to Eastern workers, but never really understood them. What I saw was that locals always treated immigrants warmly, but the exception to that was always the Eastern people. In Oman especially, and those Eastern workers never had a say in how they were treated. Any sort of criticism was brushed off and returned with a threat of deportation, which honestly looking back now might have been the easy way of escape for those people. I have so much respect for the Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani friends I have made because they fought through these hardships for their whole lives. The gulf is a beautiful place with wonderful people and has rapidly developed over the past decade from a flat patch of sand to big modern cities, I just hope they realize that tall buildings aren't the only thing that makes a country, humanity is something they truly need to touch up on.
Ken Rehill
Ken Rehill Aylar önce
When anyone tells me that they are going/have been to Dubai on holiday, I judge them heavily, especially when they tell me how fantastic it was……….
TheBestDoorSkeelz 6 gün önce
Give this man that silly reporter award for informing me that the world's tallest tower... ...has to be emptied everyday by an army of trucks. That is equally the best and worst thing I have ever learned about something so expensive and pointless that I hate the look of haha.
Money4Nothing 11 gün önce
I've spent quite a bit of time in Dubai for work, and can attest that this video is 100% true. 12 lane arterial roads, and still traffic jams at 12 in the morning. Indians and Pakistanis working in slave conditions. Bad stuff.
Krayzie Stryker
Krayzie Stryker Gün önce
yeah Dubai modern day blender slave paradies. I was only there once during a stop on my flight to the philippines from germany. It looks boring up in the air. How people like to live in a desert is beyond me haha. But I guess if you are rich you can live in comfort there. But seeing all these normal workers I believe you really need to get used to it living in the desert. Yeah my flight was with Emirates and thats how they fly from Frankfurt to Manila. Yeah I am part German- Philippino and visiting my mothers homeland often.
Kairos 4 aylar önce
"You had all that money and you just rebuilt the worst parts of America?" "Yes."
War450 Aylar önce
@Imma Bee Because it's not really about the grass. It's about the space. American's are very independent and isolationist. Their biggest dream is to just get away from other people. Big yards means more space between the houses means more privacy. That's really what it boils down to. There's plenty of other factors that go along with it, big yards are easier to do stuff in like host parties, add a swimming pool, run around and play catch etc etc. They're also great for children. But ultimately american's just like being the kings of their domain and like having a lot of space where nobody can disturb them. You simply can't have that with smaller properties, let alone apartments. Even your 'normal' yard puts you so close that your neighbors can annoy the hell out of you. It's just different cultures. Asians and Europeans are raised very communally and to them being shoulder to shoulder with stacked buildings and narrow streets is just normal. But for Americans our culture is built on a super rural society, even to this day with half the country living outside of cities. We just enjoy our space.
Imma Bee
Imma Bee Aylar önce
@War450 I'm not saying i dislike greenery, I like greenery. But American suburbs and their lack of trees and perfectly flat grass lawns make them look dull.
Imma Bee
Imma Bee Aylar önce
@War450 I live in east asia and, in my opinion, I don't know why you americans like big-ass lawns so much. Why even need that much open space in the front *and* back of your house??? Why do you need massive roads for a supposed "pedestrian friendly" sub-urban environment? Are 1,200 square feet homes really necessary for every average 2-child american family? I'm not saying I dislike your styles of living, whatever floats your boat after all. But, why waste so much land for *grass?*
Ryon Atkinson
Ryon Atkinson Aylar önce
just say youve never been to dubai LMAO
War450 Aylar önce
@Sly Seal Dude I'm just going to repeat myself. Humans are not robots. I am not going to live like a robot or live in some communist "utopia" because someone thought they were smarter and more deserving of power and decided "you get what I say you can have because I said it's more efficient". I do not care whether it's efficient. Human beings do not live their lives pursuing the most efficient means. If we did we wouldn't have cities AT ALL either because cities are woefully inefficient. Cities are objectively more inefficient than suburbs which are they themselves objectively more inefficient than rural agrarian societies. The amount of resources that must be expended to maintain a city is astronomical. If you took the same amount of people but spread them out across small villages and towns you would have way more efficient use of resources. So your entire argument falls apart when you try to use "efficiency" anyways. But, to further repeat myself, humans don't live "efficiently" which is why we have cities and suburbs and multiple cars and multiple outfits. So take your communist nonsense and shove it. You do not have the right to dictate other people's lives. You're a classic example of how all the evil of the world is done in the name of "the greater good". You would happily oppress other people because, in your mind, it's more efficient and thus better for the whole. You're insane for equating a guy buying multiple cars to taking away other people's rights. And I'm done dealing with you. You communists are absolutely vile.
Metal Gaming Warrior
Thank you so very much for bringing this to light. I always had a 6th sense about Dumbai
Michael Dragos
Michael Dragos 3 gün önce
what he said about romania is a bit extreme... it seems like he does not understand what is it like to put up with a dictator! the people were pure geniuses to work it out behind his back
Terpsícore Inspiration
Thank you for this eye opening information. I always hear people excited to go visit Dubai, and I always think it is just an expensive place to glorify tyrants.
Sie, Evan Setiawan
7:49 Is not that "historical city" basically Constantinople/Istanbul?
Jaime Pujol
Jaime Pujol 4 aylar önce
I will not get tired of the equation "smooth-brained dictator + construction = dumb shit"
ctographer M
ctographer M 7 gün önce
@Lava the future is sinking to the sea at 5mm a year?
wetzner kdk
wetzner kdk 27 gün önce
@Lava So the future has no sewer systems?
Lava 27 gün önce
Y’all guys are just selfish seeing arabs from dessert environment overtake the future while European colonists are slowly becoming 3rd world countries
riderchap 2 aylar önce
Another perfect example is Turkmenistan.
jj cale
jj cale 2 aylar önce
@MelodicSavant OK, got it
Aussie Kawiman
Aussie Kawiman Aylar önce
Never thought of those questions until now, Now i will think of the answers and realise that there is too much sacrifice for the people who don't deserve it.. And not enough for those who do. Has definitely got me rethinking a lot.. Thanks for creating such a great Parody.
Rehmat Lokhandwala
Rehmat Lokhandwala Aylar önce
Thank you for this incredibly sharp and straightforward video. Loved it. I always knew Dubai was nothing but a capitalization of the foolish rich's astronomical desires. Meh! BS.
t2p Aylar önce
Finally people see it for what it is … I always chuckle at people obsessed with going over there again and again. subbed bro
Eya Hmidi
Eya Hmidi Aylar önce
i was really amazed by dubai before this video now im reconsidering a lot of things
TheKeyboardSlammer 2 aylar önce
About building the palm islands in the land instead of destroying a coral reef, Kuwait actually did this and it really is just as impressive as the one in Dubai.
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 22 gün önce
@Bsemi Augenstein may i ask, are you jewish
42 10
42 10 Aylar önce
@Bsemi Augenstein wow isn't Jesus also teaches you to respect other people and religion?
Abraham Jaleel
Abraham Jaleel Aylar önce
@سلطان inshallah he goes to heaven, Kuwait belongs to Iraq
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith Aylar önce
That's not very impressive then!
سلطان Aylar önce
الله يرحم صدام
Kass McGann
Kass McGann Aylar önce
Brilliant! Thank you. I see these "news stories" on EuroNews that are really commercials for Dubai. It is infuriating. Break every ecological rule and build a city in a desert when the world is already in an environmental crisis. And do it on the backs of slaves. My only hope is that the whole place sinks and the rich lose all their money and have to work for a change.
Perez Aylar önce
Mona Hasan
Mona Hasan Aylar önce
One thing many people don't talk about is the fact that any "expat" in the gulf countries isn't allowed by law to bring his family as residents in the country unless his salary is at least X per month (X being so high that only quarter or so of expat men in the gulf have their families/wife with them). This creates huge sexual and emotional tension for expats. It is really sad that many expats in the gulf spend their whole lives alone away from their families to server as slaves for tiny salaries.
MoOoz 8 gün önce
I am Emirati and I live in Dubai and DAAAAAAMMMNNNNN this video broke my heart, now I see why there is a lot of S**cide rates in this country, I really thought that our government cared about foreign workers here but no, I pray for these innocent people to live a better life and find some other jobs and not get treated like that.
MoOoz 23 saatler önce
@Reiterpallasch hey there, your comment was really helpful and I would like to know where do you get you info from about this issue because I did search a lot but didn’t find as much as what I believe you did cause you got FACTS going on, so could you maybe provide me with links to articles and studies about this?, I want to learn more about foreign workers rights in the Middle East 💔
Reiterpallasch 6 gün önce
It's very slick, it only looks that way *on paper* Also they get the money back by charging you _three times_ for residing there. First to the agency that hired you. Then the person who owns the land/building itself. Then the company you actually work for, if it is different than the first two, all charge rent separate. So a foreign programmer gets promised something ridiculous like $20k/month and winds up paying $17k for the "privilege" of working a bland normal job stuck in an office all day. Since most middle class have enough to 'escape' if they need to, there's very high turnover. For the poor it's likely if the job doesn't pay enough, they *wind up in debt to their own employer* yet in legal documents they are still considered "well off" because initial pay is high, which makes them ineligible for the aid available for local homeless. (Which is what causes the starvation. All their official documents _says_ they should be able to support themselves. It doesn't take into account the reaming they get over rent and basic utilities) There's a murky layer of corruption that basically allows government and business to both look at a problem and say "we did our part/enough, the rest of this is on the other side" It's done in such a way both who are to blame can in fact appear blameless when being investigated It's not the *only* region pulling the scam (Saudis are terrible for this too, and some former Soviet states), but it does have the most overt results, like at one point in around ~2010 not a single person working on the reefs was paid, as the entire work force *owed the construction company money* and survived for months off gifts from home, charity, or donations from tourists Some of those s**cides are legitimately because they feel they will never earn enough to escape, but are also _a recurring financial drain on the people that they were supposed to provide for_ so they end it to relieve the pressure on family supporting them from overseas.
Kevin Bate
Kevin Bate Aylar önce
Thank you for making this video and shedding done light on the fact I've always known. That Dubai is an absolute shit hole.
BruklinBridge 3 aylar önce
Expats is a word white people came up with so they don't have to call themselves immigrants. That line alone was worth the video.
Cynical_s Aylar önce
@Chris A either way I'm a immigrant and white and not ashamed to admit it, clicktivists need to stop looking for something to be angry about
Chris A
Chris A Aylar önce
@Cynical_s tbh it's more of a migrant worker, if they do it on a cyclical basis.
Just Cause
Just Cause Aylar önce
@When does the video actually start? So you’re going to gloss over and ignore my response and comment on other’s posts? You position yourself from a place of weakness.
When does the video actually start?
@punkmantion Tell that to the british "expats" in southern europe lol.
punkmantion Aylar önce
Not really true but ok……I am an immigrant and even I understand the differences…… Immigrant = moves from A to B to build a new life, leaves behind their home country. Sponsored entirely by the Individual themself. Expat = someone who has to move to a foreign country for work or other reasons. Not trying to build a life in the new county, plans to leave after their work term is done. Sponsored by the company. Diplomat = same as expat but for government/international relations purposes. Sponsored by their government department. Refugee = someone forced by the political or general status-quo to flee the country they are living in and doesn’t always have a say where they end up. Sponsored by charitable donations & governments. There’s a clear distinction but you could always choose to continue ignoring it…
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 13 gün önce
I got back from Phoenix, Arizona (another ostentatious, sprawled out, completely unsustainable desert city) the other day and I left thinking mostly the same things as Adam says in this video. You know how the Chinese make all these cheap knockoffs of European luxury goods? Phoenix is that if the original was Los Angeles. And who in their right mind would want to create another Los Angeles - probably the least liveable big city in the developed world - except worse.
Wandering Kev
Wandering Kev 9 gün önce
I live in Phoenix and I wish to leave, as much as I like some parts of the city (canals, local ponds, etc) the suburban sprawl and having to drive everywhere not to mention the city being built unsustainably is making me want to leave.
Lolo Blanc
Lolo Blanc Aylar önce
What you say is exactly what I felt when I went there. Pure shame and ecological insanity.
augusts1 16 gün önce
Appreciate you presenting the reality of Dubai in this video. It is also anti-LGBTQ+ there & the country since being anything but heterosexual is against sharia law.
Thomas Booth
Thomas Booth Aylar önce
this is genuinely one of the best videos i've watched in a long time. i knew dubai had some problems but i had no idea it was this bad, thank you for making such a well-informed, and well-constructed video that was so eye-opening. instantly subscribed, keep it up man
Adi Jaber
Adi Jaber Aylar önce
Im a arab who lived in UAE for 13 weeks working as a civil engineer, and i think you are been too kind to them. If you know the s##t i know you would lose your mind. Ps i was deported from Abu Dhabi back to the UK for asking to many questions about health and safety regarding my staff. Was told the are disposable by the project manager. Nothing in this video is a lie.
L. P.
L. P. Aylar önce
Glad you said this. SO true. we are being too kind.
Borrego a Yudando
Borrego a Yudando Aylar önce
@Adi Jaber what I meant by "evil" is putting profits over human lives. You know, the usual definition.
Adi Jaber
Adi Jaber Aylar önce
@Borrego a Yudando British Petroleum lol i wouldn't say they are evil but they have to follow the country's laws when the operate within the borders. But my work friend didn't put up with it as well 19 of us left the project one one stays a German contractor.
Borrego a Yudando
Borrego a Yudando Aylar önce
Sounds like you were employed by some evil bastards.
Adnan Fakhar
Adnan Fakhar Aylar önce
lol, sounds very much like Arab
A K Aylar önce
I always knew about the slavery there but I didn’t know how bad…. Heartbreaking that they get trapped for trying to take care of their family
The Traveler
The Traveler Aylar önce
it always makes me feel good inside when rich people prove how stupid they are😆
IronHawk90 Aylar önce
Wow... just wow... I knew that Dubai is a shitty place and I knew a bit about the slavery but I had no idea how horrible and dumb it really is. Thank you very much for this awesome Video and thanks for the funny story at the beginning of the Video.
Abi HT
Abi HT Aylar önce
I refused to go to Dubai for years and i'm glad this video articulates my thoughts.
Elisha Male
Elisha Male Aylar önce
I lived in Abu Dhabi for 16 years and I can confirm literally all of this, especially the modern slavery aspect. Referred to as labour camps but absolutely just Slums on the outskirts. It's so twisted and broken. Countries with that much money should not have people li
oight 4 gün önce
@mortuus only someone with no critical thinking believes this. if that was the case, statistics wouldn't show that rich people have vastly better outcomes in life. then that interlinks with race/gender/nationality which all make things harder or easier. statistics obviously show it's a societal issue, can't believe i'm even explaining such a simple reality of the world that's been known for thousands of years. these workers are not coming from richer countries, they're coming from exploited countries in africa, pakistan, bangladesh, phillipines etc. their economy is strangled by western modern imperialism to create the conditions that make workers desperate from their poor living conditions, (foreign aid being used to pay off dictators to ignore developement, rather than to help the people. this therefore allows richer countries to exploit these exploited countries' labour. read about all the regime change western countries have done in africa and the middle east to make sure development stopped - such as what happened to thomas sankara and others like them). once these workers are told they can earn money in dubai, once they're there - they usually steal their passports (this also happens in other countries too). they can't fly back home. they don't get paid wages on time and have to go into debt to buy food. then the debt from that interest basically means they're forced to work to pay off debt and earn nothing, meaning going into more debt. and all this while living in terrible conditions, dangerous work conditions and no means to fly back home and see family. it's truly evil. what real choice do these people have? you're too naive lol, are you stuck in 2014 and just discovered skeptic youtubers?? acting as if in the real world there are not many material conditions which affect people's lives. that's not true freedom, they are being exploited + coerced.
ctographer M
ctographer M 7 gün önce
@Khalid AlAli Can't really have much freedom deciding where you live at 0-16 years.
BabyPalpatine 9 gün önce
@mortuus tell me you are privileged without telling me you are privileged
Alexander Cortes
Alexander Cortes 9 gün önce
@Khalid AlAli he never said he was perfect we all make mistakes ...
Elowin 9 gün önce
@Khalid AlAli care to elaborate soyboy? or are you just drive-by shitposting
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald 10 gün önce
The one spot in the middle east I would not mind air-striking
Trydowave Zod
Trydowave Zod Aylar önce
Very informative video, interesting, funny and deeply depressing at the same time. I see the human race hasnt moved on much since the pharaoh's of Egypt and their slaves. With all the sodding money flowing through that place you think they could pay enough to the people who built it so they could bloody eat! Unbelievable. also.. the place has a real tacky quality to it. wouldnt go there if you paid me. oh well... ocassionally theres some justice in this wicked world... in this case im talking about what inevitably happened to the Ceausecus's ;)
USA Aylar önce
Say what you will about Dubai. I've been there, it's fucking awesome! It's the Las Vegas of the middle east, without the gambling. It's ostentatious and opulent. If you like futuristic, over-the-top living, Dubai doesn't disappoint. What I don't like about Dubai is the blatant modern day slavery. Indians, Pakistanies, Philippinos and Thai, all come to do extremely hard work for next to nothing $$.
I'll Getmecoat
I'll Getmecoat Aylar önce
So in other words don't worry about the slavery "it's awesome " fucking hypocrite
The Relaxed Student
I'll always claim that all the money wasted in these nonsense projects could be used to help the vulnerable populations in the world and to fight climate change. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Owen Sleicher
Owen Sleicher 4 aylar önce
Sounds like an excuse to watch again
Ggoddkkiller 4 aylar önce
Some people might think this video is biased but as a Muslim myself i have to say it doesn't even mention the most bizarre thing about gulf countries that they are a bunch of the most radical people out there!! Gulf countries are vast majority wahhabist while wahhabi means ''first ones'' refering to first Muslims but the problem is there are over A MILLION hadiths today describing the lives of first Muslims and ofc vast majority of them are FAKE. Including hadiths which directly contradict with Quran like considering sharia rule a must while there is absolutely nothing about sharia rule in Quran, considering women as lesser beings while Quran considers women and men as equals and everything is forbidden for women forbidden for men as well!! So at the end they move away from Islam and become a radical sect but how could it be if they are wahhabi aka ''first ones'', right?? And it is why they are so hostile against other Muslims often considering them as infidels and it is no surprise many terrorist organizations from isis to alqaeda and alnusra share wahhabi or it's modern variant salafi beiefs. So in short it is such an extreme joke ''the west is fighting against terrorism'' while in reality the west is the biggest supporter of those radicals buying their oil, selling arms, ignoring their atrocities etc... Here is a detailed article about wahhabism and it's history: huffpost.com/entry/isis-wahhabism-saudi-arabia_b_5717157
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 4 aylar önce
boyvidi 4 aylar önce
why tho
why tho 4 aylar önce
@Dyslexic Mitochondria I love your work.
h 4 aylar önce
@Dyslexic Mitochondria its you
Priyanka Nyamtabad
Priyanka Nyamtabad Aylar önce
I heard from my friend ... how badly he and his friends got treated in Dubai ... Once suddenly a work came in the midnight 2pm, My friend got fever, couldn't work in tht condition, So he was badly kicked by the owner and made to be worked... No human rights ... No complaints...No police would ever listen to them ...Company will take away there passports at the time of joining...Can't even leave in the mid of the job .... God is the only evidence how badly they got treated ...
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien Aylar önce
i watched this once and subscribed. youre brilliant and funny! and your heart is in the right place. great job.
SM 27 gün önce
Dubai treats their worker’s like that…while having so much wealth? Beyond stupid.
Ashwin Anandani
Ashwin Anandani Aylar önce
soo true... having been a (perpetually-unhappy) resident in the 2000s, I wholeheartedly agree. not to mention all the money laundering and modern slavery that actually does the work...
dangerouslytalented 4 aylar önce
using a traditional (ish) design for Dubai's architecture would have been more suitable for the hot Dubai climate. The local architecture uses passive cooling.
Vinzent Meier
Vinzent Meier Aylar önce
Would still have been built by slaves tbh
Pxstel_Galaxy Aylar önce
@Veronika Vartanova This is somewhat true but a lot of houses are quite cheap if you find the right ones. Sure there are a few homeless people around the city, but most of us try to help them. The place is centralized right? It wasn’t when it was created. Things were crowded in the middle and people couldn’t really get to places/get fresh air. A lot more people than you would expect here love going outside so don’t believe exactly everything you see. No intentional hate to anyone, just want to show the goods of the country for a bit :)
Pxstel_Galaxy Aylar önce
Yeah, the architecture isn’t that good. But with the it’s so busy and full, a traditional design would cause a lot more crashes, accidents etc. This also means younger children won’t have much space to play and adults wouldn’t have enough outdoor places to get fresh air. So to put it together, Dubai’s architecture is ,ost fit for the type of people here.
No One
No One Aylar önce
Traditional Arabic architecture is cool and interesting as fuck. Unfortunately they went with this soulless, dystopian nightmare of modern day greed
Lord Moncef
Lord Moncef Aylar önce
@Speed Junkie u aren t saying anything u added nothing it s like saying yh there s no european architect acc it s france who incented the style
Jason Tyler
Jason Tyler 5 gün önce
Everyone in my family believes Dubai is a paradise where everyone lives well and they all have a minimum salary of 10k Euro I didn't believe this, but i also never thought about it enough to realize just how much of a shitshow that place is.
Youtube User
Youtube User 4 gün önce
Hahaha Not even Switzerland has that kind of average income
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson 3 gün önce
Many Arab countries, espcially those in Africa, or nearby, have had a slave problem for the past 2 decades.
Henry the Green Engine
Henry the Green Engine 15 saatler önce
@Orgengy oh okay. mb
Orgengy 16 saatler önce
@Henry the Green Engine guys hello there is no slavery in arab countries
Henry the Green Engine
Henry the Green Engine 17 saatler önce
Meanwhile in north america: stupid people scream at each other about issues that don't actually exist while human trafficking is the largest business in the world
Orgengy 17 saatler önce
janaki pejov
janaki pejov Aylar önce
This is one of my favourite videos. The OP is so mad and edgy it's contagious. I absolutely agree on everything said
Sameer Maroof
Sameer Maroof Aylar önce
What a beautiful video thank you for spreading the awareness about workers I lived in Pakistan and I know many boys who went to work to Dubai and didn’t end up coming back
Connor Lowis
Connor Lowis Aylar önce
damn yea never thought of how uninspired the city of dubai is. An ancient arabic city with giant white/tan stone houses building and bridges would've been incredibly unique and would've had people in awe, truly admiring arabic culture and architecture. But nah, instead you get bejing/shanghai pt 2 with american suburbs and shopping centers.
oight 4 gün önce
@Nazar Boghosian this person is pretty racist against arab people and they don't even realise it. also generalising just all "arab countries" as the same is ridiculous. for example people from syria and palestine have vastly different political opinions and beliefs than UAE. most anti-lgbt laws happened because of british imperialism too, and lgbt palestinian groups always state they're palestinian before they're lgbt (this person needs to read about pink washing, falsly claiming to be against anti-lgbt laws but support acts that would do nothing to help lgbt people but just destablise the country more). yes things need to improve, and i'm sure they will eventually. there are big differences in social beliefs between different arab countries with complex histories, they're not one of the same. but how are a lot of middle eastern countries meant to erase old colonial laws, and also progress development, when they're being bombed left, right and centre?? this person is extremely ignorant, and i'm lgbt. for social conditions to improve, people in the west need to start truly protesting imperialism, illegal occupations and donating money to true financial aid organisations in the ME so the people there can gain some peace. arabic cultures have a rich history and for the majority of that history, even though they were predominantly islamic, being gay was not illegal in a lot of them and not seen as such a bad thing. it's more a thing that was made a lot worse by british imperialism. this person thinks that somehow all of arabic culture is bad, despite thousands of years of rich history?? insane lol
oight 4 gün önce
@GroggyNodbog yeah it's nothing like it LOL, they've clearly not been there. those cities are so well planned out (i know people who either haven't been there or are sexpats will try and nitpick, but in reality they're one of the best planned and upkept cities). they also are built with community housing in mind with loads of community gardens and parks. they're not built with mostly foreign workers either......... most of their supplies are from their own countries as they're more self sufficient. do they mean like modern? like high skyscrapers? that could be any city over 2m population lol.
TearDaTaco 8 gün önce
@James Howlett you could've chosen anything in the world and yet you've chosen Palermo cathedral, the most gothic/Norman looking cathedral I've ever seen in my life.. what on the lovely earth are you smoking? It's pretty good. Also the flamenco makes heavy use of the harmonic minor, not the hijaz scale.. you got them mixed up.
James Howlett
James Howlett 8 gün önce
TearDaTaco flamenco makes heavy use of the hijaz scale, which originated from Islamic culture. Sicilian architecture (such as Palermo cathedral) was also stolen from Islam as another example.
TearDaTaco 9 gün önce
@James Howlett flamenco originated from Andalusia (southern Spain) if you were educated enough you would’ve known that Andalusia existed way before muslims came. They just named the entire Iberia the name of southern Spain.
Simon Wood
Simon Wood Aylar önce
I've been to Las Vegas. It was a soulless nightmare. So no wish to visit Dubai. Cities cannot be planned. They have to evolve.
Lava 27 gün önce
It must be built and evolve by time grandpa
S D Aylar önce
Wrong though. Some level of city plannings are still needed.
IndieStudios 25 gün önce
Dubai (and the UAE) isn’t just the only country following this. Many other Middle Eastern countries (and probably China) are following Dubai’s route of modernizing through forced authoritarianism and brutality.
Pendle Lancashire
Pendle Lancashire Aylar önce
*Excellent exposition. Wonderful video. Thanks for exposing this filthy facade.*
Vlad Cazacu
Vlad Cazacu 2 gün önce
I didnt freaking expect Romania, and the national anthem :)))
LELE UU Aylar önce
its freaking ridiculous that they had money to even rebuild hanging gardens of babylon or sth more and they built the highest skycraper w/o sewers - humanity never stop surprising me, but the funniest part is that ppl still flies there and are like WOW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE IVE NEVER SEEN STH LIKE THAT BEFORE XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Øyvind Holmstad
Øyvind Holmstad Aylar önce
You're right, they're insane!
Stefan Gherman
Stefan Gherman 3 gün önce
Ya! Piața Romană Station, the worst metro station of Bucharest that I know. Of the architecture is good, but is to cramed and dark and humid place where I have been. And the space between the colums is too narrow, that you are at the risk to fall on the rails, if you're not careful.
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