Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Kids Talk Life After Beth's Death (Full Interview)

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ET sat down with Duane 'Dog' Chapman and his kids, Bonnie Chapman, Garry Chapman and Leland Chapman, to talk about their mother's death.
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14 Jul 2019

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Meirion Foxwell
Meirion Foxwell 3 saatler önce
With Beth being dead and if new episodes of the show will be made without her in it I could start watching it again....
Jana Müller
Jana Müller 7 saatler önce
Casey Rains
Casey Rains Gün önce
Where tf is Dwayne Lee?
Casey Rains
Casey Rains Gün önce
I’m not crying. I’m pretending to be a fountain
Pia Winter
Pia Winter Gün önce
This is for the chapmans ❤❤❤
Pia Winter
Pia Winter Gün önce
You are blessed, you look like her! She lifes in you. Look in the mirror honey. You look like your mom. She is with you. And leland,....you her heart 👍i saw all your stories here in germany 👍
Pia Winter
Pia Winter Gün önce
Soul heart feeling from germany. Sorry for your family. I cry tears for your family
Thomas Hut
Thomas Hut Gün önce
R.I.P 🙏🙏🙏
Amelia Shostak
Amelia Shostak Gün önce
oh man, this is the first time i've seen bonnie since dog the bounty hunter, she looks exactly the same as she did when she was a kid. i hope this family can get over this great loss they have suffered. #RIPBETHCHAPMAN
My3LovesJSA 2 gün önce
Beautiful family!!❤️I’m sure Beth is smiling down from heaven and so proud of all of you ❤️
Julie Mitchell
Julie Mitchell 2 gün önce
I'm thrilled that Beth & Leland finally experienced closure & are forever Family. God Bless the Chapman Family🙏🤙💕💕💕💕💕
April S
April S 2 gün önce
Such a great interview-so well done and respectful. I pray for nothing but happiness, blessings and peace for their family in the future♥️
Yvonne Mazzonne
Yvonne Mazzonne 2 gün önce
Dog,Bonnie,Gary,Leland seems like your all taking things day by day I'm a big fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter & loved watching Beth on it,god bless you all always, prayers for you all.She sees you guys all the time I truly believe it again take care y'all 🙏🤗💞💞💞
Melissa Gahn
Melissa Gahn 2 gün önce
There are people in life that you think nothing bad can happen to the and they will never die. To me Beth Chapman was one of those people. Rest In Peace, Beth.
Chris D
Chris D 3 gün önce
She was a very beautiful Soul ! Rest in Peace Dear Beth.💜✌🙏💘💞
BGF in the chest.
BGF in the chest. 3 gün önce
Chapmans, you are so loved the world over. We all miss you Beth.
Sheila Overby
Sheila Overby 3 gün önce
Sure didn't take him long to get over his wife's death. Discusting maybe had a girlfriend on the side. Anyone can pretend especially someone who is constantly in front of a camera. Don't be fooled if you really love your husband or wife you don't find someone else that quick. Probably all about the money he making the show 🤑🤔😝👹
Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown 4 gün önce
You're in prays.
Billybootlips 5 gün önce
I felt bad so I sent Dog a pair of DDD implants.
Margo Coram
Margo Coram 5 gün önce
I lost my father not to long ago. All I can say is that time helps and I still know he’s with me every minute of the day. I will not lie though it hurts like nothing I’ve ever been thru. Prayers and light coming y’all way. XOXO
Marilu Blum
Marilu Blum 5 gün önce
Danelle Marsh
Danelle Marsh 6 gün önce
🙏🏽🙏🏽 praying for her family 😢😢R.I.P Beth
Sharon Edmark
Sharon Edmark 6 gün önce
My prayers are with all of you...I lost the love of my life in 2012 and I still miss him. I know what DOG and the family is going through. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Sandra Turajlich
Sandra Turajlich 6 gün önce
I love Beth 💜🙏🏽🌹
Sandra Turajlich
Sandra Turajlich 6 gün önce
I hurt for you guys...omg 😭🥺🥺
Sandra Turajlich
Sandra Turajlich 6 gün önce
Wish I could hug you Dog. My son just died also ....unexpected weeping...Just changes everything...tears,tears...😓
Loretta Blond
Loretta Blond 6 gün önce
I’ve felt pain, loss and love. But not like this xxx
Cindy Curci
Cindy Curci 6 gün önce
Ruth P
Ruth P 7 gün önce
I know how the kids feel. I lost both my parents nearly 20 years ago. I was in my mid 20's. I can see Dog is having a hard time. I know it has been a month. I can imagine he is still having a hard time. With losing my parents, I can understand and relate a little. Losing a loved one is very hard. May God give the Chapman family the strength they need to get through their loss.
Phil Z
Phil Z 7 gün önce
Well she's lucky no one's going to be sitting up talking about me like that when I'm gone.....
Judy Houser
Judy Houser 7 gün önce
Beautiful family. Well loved
Ash qelon
Ash qelon 8 gün önce
Can’t stop thinking about my mother passing 1985, the moments of loss and emptiness never left, just didn’t! Can’t do anything to “cure” the realization and emptiness, it just doesn’t ever go away.
Austin Friedner
Austin Friedner 8 gün önce
Little Gary done grew up
Judy Bell
Judy Bell 8 gün önce
I was born the day Beth Chapman was borne and Beth Chapman passed on the day my mom was born. Dog is 66 as I am. Odd, just odd.
Carolyn Whitehouse
Carolyn Whitehouse 8 gün önce
😓😓😢😢R.I.P BETH. I love u guys.
Beautiful Strange
Beautiful Strange 8 gün önce
We love all your family would be there if I could. Prayers to everybody and Rest In Peace Beth. She will always be with you she’s not suffering anymore. She’s watching over all of you. The love will always be there. You have to be at peace for her to be at peace.
Angie Lawson
Angie Lawson 8 gün önce
You don't love Beth your dating something that you found in the dumpster
dawn Louise
dawn Louise 7 gün önce
Wth are you talking about
steve187 8 gün önce
Aha ok
Wendy Maguire
Wendy Maguire 9 gün önce
Great reply to that interviewer's clueless comment that their family is "a little dysfunctional" ... Dog says, "You want to see dysfunctional, follow us around and meet our clients." Right on.
Raven Whitechapel
Raven Whitechapel 9 gün önce
She was an incredible human being and she was incredibly beautiful in and out, she was tough as nails
Paul Wrest
Paul Wrest 9 gün önce
My heart go out to you dog. Loas my dad 3years ago lost my mum 15 years ago. Paul Scotland uk
peter meekhof
peter meekhof 9 gün önce
i am sorry for your and your family for this big lost .hang in there dog you will make it thru beth and god are watching over you guys blesses to all of you
Sharon Haynes
Sharon Haynes 9 gün önce
RIP Beth and rise in glory, you will be missed by many including your family.
Melissa Moore
Melissa Moore 10 gün önce
To the Chapman's love you all and prayers.
Mez M
Mez M 10 gün önce
Shit, this made me cry. RIP Beth
Tony Adams
Tony Adams 11 gün önce
God bless them all
Ayod2k7 11 gün önce
Sad story I was an accidental fan early when the show's started
Carla Davis
Carla Davis 11 gün önce
Wow this is so sweet but so so sad..im teary eyed..bless this family..i pray this brings all of them closer..
Colby C.
Colby C. 11 gün önce
Beth prepared them the best way she could a woman is the foundation of any family that's why they are as strong as they are love you dog
jules me
jules me 11 gün önce
I'm about to cry looking at Dog 🙏💔
B Juarez
B Juarez 12 gün önce
R.i.p. Beth fly high angel 👼
Jovanna Lopez
Jovanna Lopez 12 gün önce
My heart hurts 😭 sending so many hugs and prayers for Beth’s loved ones
H C.
H C. 13 gün önce
Feel bad for them! Can someone buy this guy a shirt with buttons, or a tank top? Tired of seein this fools saggy man boobs
Sassy Queen Hair
Sassy Queen Hair 13 gün önce
So heartbreaking 💔💔
Jon Lake
Jon Lake 13 gün önce
When does the new episodes come on and what channel?
John D
John D 13 gün önce
Dog looks terrible
Ran with Angels
Ran with Angels 13 gün önce
I agree, all us human beings whom do have a heart and soul, cannot watch this feeling heart broke. I feel this mans pain and my tears feel it too.
Gubbar Hunter
Gubbar Hunter 13 gün önce
Them younger ones are as fat asf they look like there in a good paddock well fed fattys,Leland has that pit bull looking face like his dad but that big fat youngest son needs to loose some weight look at how spoilt he is big fat faced looking porky pig gonna be a cop he looks like one,dog needs to take him out on a few chases with him make him slim down dere fat boy,that big girl needs to stop eating and get off her big chunky fat ass she says she’s like Beth where girl Beth had some pride in her looks unlike you fatty broomsticks 😆😂
Shelley Anthony
Shelley Anthony 14 gün önce
Hello Chapman family this is my way to say that i'm so sorry for your loss of your wife and mom. She was touching everybody's life in so many ways peace with you and your loved ones are taken away from you all Namaste your #1 fan of Bounty Hunter Shelley Anthony your she's with you in your mind and heart. 😙😙😚😚☺☺🙂💜🧡💚👼👼👼👼
terry walker
terry walker 14 gün önce
Beautiful family praying for you guys.
Mike will
Mike will 14 gün önce
Belly "idiot" Tripper NO! Dumbass. I stated exactly what I wanted to state and if the FACTS! about the Racist Assclown that you clearly support, hurt your "feelings", Cry to your mommy and ask for a cookie and a hug. Deal with FACTS! he is a RACIST!, Shit eating ASSCLOWN!
Heather 14 gün önce
He did this interview perfectly..... He’s so calming and respectful of their loss. Excellent approach and not pushy at all. 💜💕💜
Pin-Up Brooke
Pin-Up Brooke 14 gün önce
I am gonna go hug my momma and buy her food tonight and tell her how much I appreciate her!
Penny York
Penny York 14 gün önce
He's so sad. The kids look fine but Duane looks lost
Debbie Chamberlin
Debbie Chamberlin 15 gün önce
💗Sweet Beth is the angel sitting on her friends and family's shoulders💗
Vikki Nicholson
Vikki Nicholson 15 gün önce
Gary (boy) looks just like Beth.....good that Dog is surrounded by lots of family. He would really be lost if he was alone. So sad that Beth was so young and vital. She deserved so many more years and accepting that she was denied that is unexplainable. They were cheated a long life with her. This never is an easy part of life as so many others have had the same fate.
joan Mary desrosiers
joan Mary desrosiers 15 gün önce
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Dino 666
Dino 666 15 gün önce
Leland chapman owns the dog
old soul triangle
old soul triangle 15 gün önce
I'm not even a fan but I see a very powerful love with this family, it's not the end guys, believe me, xx
old soul triangle
old soul triangle 15 gün önce
loved ones who have moved to the other place do actually visit you in dreams, you will feel their touch and remember it when you wake, if not in your dreams they will leave you proof that their soul is still watching you and looking out for you, they already know that you will join them when it's your time, they leave signs to let you know that their soul is still living , you must not ignore these signs because they are very real.
Donnie Vandervort
Donnie Vandervort 15 gün önce
This is so hard to watch for me. I think about my own love with my wife of 32 years and really not looking forward to the end to either one of us. Thank you, Dog for this interview and God Bless you and your family. Very important is yes "Time heals all "
Winston Virgo
Winston Virgo 15 gün önce
NYC is hurting behind this.I'm taking it personal she was so nice.
Winston Virgo
Winston Virgo 15 gün önce
Thanks for shout out Miss Belly.This is so sad.Beth and dog was so close.
Winston Virgo
Winston Virgo 15 gün önce
Thank u Msr Frazier for this interv.I'm feeling this so much.May sister Betha RIP she will always be remembered.Brooklyn's finest.
belly tripper
belly tripper 15 gün önce
Lisa Barnes
Lisa Barnes 16 gün önce
A firm foundation! Amen! 😉
TexasGirl 1
TexasGirl 1 16 gün önce
I always loved watching them together. And those kids look like Beth. Bonnie looks exactly like her.
Deseree Ballentine Austin Blaque
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time
Alan Miell
Alan Miell 16 gün önce
That’s what you call True love, your Heart Breaks fore them, But you will see her again in Heaven , God Bless you Dog and Family , Are Hearts Break fore you and your Family, You ca Be so Proud Of love 💕 True love you both shared and your Family God Bless you all
Jenni from The Dock
Jenni from The Dock 16 gün önce
I'll tell ya....without realizing it they depended on Beth to instill such a strong moral foundation....so that now in her absence they're prepared to carry on without her.......and don't have to depend on her. That's the difference btwn doing everything for them (in which case they would be lost) and giving them the tools to do it on their own. I hope peace finds its place in each of their hearts.
Pien Pakvis
Pien Pakvis 16 gün önce
She loved her family so much and they adored her
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