Drivers’ Radio Reaction to Grosjean's Crash | F1 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Hello everyone, I tried to compile every single driver's reaction during the initial red flag. It's great to see that as fierce as they are when competing they still genuinely care for each other on the track as evident from their reactions and concerns over the team radio. Also not every driver reacted due to the hectic start.
Anyway I hope you enjoyed this video and glad Romain is okay, thankfully!
For those wondering, "Keep the delta positive" means to drive slower than the depicted time shown on the driver's dashboard. Similar to how drivers have to follow a time under VSC in order to ensure a consistent and safe speed.
Valtteri Bottas: 0:00
Lewis Hamilton: 0:19
Sebastian Vettel: 1:00
Charles Leclerc: 1:36
Max Verstappen: 2:17
Alex Albon: 2:43
Carlos Sainz: 3:07
Lando Norris: 3:32
Esteban Ocon: 3:54
Daniil Kvyat: 4:11
Pierre Gasly: 4:43
Sergio Perez: 5:00
Kimi Raikkonen: 5:21
Antonio Giovinazzi: 5:53
George Russell: 6:09
Nicholas Latifi: 6:29
This video is made available for informational and educational purposes.




29 Nov 2020




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F1 UNFILTERED Aylar önce
Guys, I tried my best to make every radio as concise as possible. Also not every driver reacted to Grosjean’s crash. (Ricciardo and Stroll) Edit: Apologies everyone for missing out Magnussen. I was in a rush to get this video out as quickly as possible, and didn't realise that I missed him out of the video... As for Kevin's radio, he was told by Haas that Romain was out of the car and safe. Here's what the team told Kevin: "Okay so Romain had an incident but he is out of the car and he's safe. Okay there's a fire near the car, but he's out of the car and safe." Kevin after seeing the fire: "Sh*t, is he... Is he okay..?" Engineer: "Yep he's out of the car, he's out of the car and safe. They're putting out the fire but Romain is out of the car and safe. There's no one is trouble, okay?" Once again apologies about the mistake.
jocelyn lacierda
jocelyn lacierda Aylar önce
Well ofc Stroll was flipped as well
Rishi Eastwood
Rishi Eastwood Aylar önce
Wow Kyvaat was the most disturbed. Didn't expect that.
klaymor73 Aylar önce
You've missed Magnussen??? Hold on, gonna check.
Golfie ButterBro
Golfie ButterBro Aylar önce
@F1 UNFILTERED: Ah don't worry man, you did a great job - thank you!
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Aylar önce
@MarcusBT i bet Riko Sakurauchi like to say this when looking Grosjean's fatal crash: Pit Crew: Red flag Riko, red flag. Riko: what happened? Pit Crew: there is a fatal wreck behind. Riko: Who? Hime chan? Grosjean chan? Pit crew: yep definitely grosjean. Is your car OK? Riko: yup.
Secretly we have all loved Grosjean all along.
GamesTV Brazil
GamesTV Brazil Gün önce
Formula 1 - GP Italia trvid.com/video/video-HqLqcP_lr2w.html
Eshref Memmedov
Eshref Memmedov 2 gün önce
Where is Ricciardo
TheWinGifter :D
TheWinGifter :D 2 gün önce
"A car on fire" Yo Bono why do you say this as calmly as if Lewis overtook a WIlliams
SubZero 2 gün önce
"Who's car is on fire?" "Grosjean, Grosjean." "He's out now?" Kimi, the car caught on fire. What do you think?
Noah Letwinski
Noah Letwinski 3 gün önce
If this was F1(60's 70's 90's) without the HALO Grosjean would have been seriously injured or worsely dead so the HALO almost certainly saved his life weither people would want to admit it or not despite it's less then adequate appearance it gets the job done
Luca Chimera
Luca Chimera 4 gün önce
Where are Kevins radio
Cleberson Siqueira
Cleberson Siqueira 4 gün önce
Charles is the best for this he is worried about his rivals
Jimmy Liew
Jimmy Liew 5 gün önce
Competitors in race but not enemy after race
arisneta_ 6 gün önce
the way leclerc reacted instantly indicates that he was reminded of what happened with rubens
nivas sainath
nivas sainath 6 gün önce
In spite of the competition.. Every driver seems to be concerned about the well being of Grosjean. Damn happy to hear the words " is everyone OK"
Debojyoti Sarkar
Debojyoti Sarkar 7 gün önce
Leclerc got scared as fk
Numatixx 7 gün önce
Watching this just to be thankful of the technological marvel that is F1's safety. I feel so bad for Leclerc in that situation though, he lost Bianchi, he lost Hubert, and I can't imagine the fear he felt in the cockpit seeing that in his mirrors.
Luffy but fat
Luffy but fat 7 gün önce
kimi sounded like he was about to cry... poor dude probably never expected a crash that big in modern day f1.
YRP 8 gün önce
LECLERC s reaction is best
Haltzo BE
Haltzo BE 8 gün önce
Everyone: Red flag, big crash Renault: Everything ok just a lil mess behind you thats all
Freddy Cavalli
Freddy Cavalli 8 gün önce
My son sums up Charles radio as: he was panicking like his car is on fire
Lima Mo NL
Lima Mo NL 9 gün önce
its so nice they care about the guy who crashed
Aqua _Michael
Aqua _Michael 10 gün önce
Lewis: Damn that start was good Me: bitch stfu someone could be dead. Ik he is okay but at the time I didnt
Karen Olarve
Karen Olarve 11 gün önce
Leclerc's reaction has the full emotions its because you would hear that he was concerned about romain...
sajin garfield
sajin garfield 11 gün önce
I love how this guys value each other even thou its a race.
Justin Pearce
Justin Pearce 12 gün önce
Why are all the pictures animated🤔
Oliver Southall
Oliver Southall 12 gün önce
"This was a big one"- Charles Leclerc
Shitass 8 gün önce
Confirm you're okay please.
Masakrer 12 gün önce
Leclerc is a ready movie scenario already at age 23 lol.
Mello FLUX
Mello FLUX 12 gün önce
Leclercs reaction and sportsmanship is ❤️
Kaas kipnugget
Kaas kipnugget 13 gün önce
Leclerc was panicing as shit
Tunga Troll
Tunga Troll 13 gün önce
Poor Kvyat, innocent bystander
Zayn Ali Sadiq
Zayn Ali Sadiq 13 gün önce
Seb knew more info about the incident than his own engineer
Rajprakash Bale
Rajprakash Bale 14 gün önce
The fact that Seb knew who crashed just through his rear view mirror shows his presence of mind!
Bram Groot Kormelink
Bram Groot Kormelink 15 gün önce
Vettel: race we in a f1 car? Ferrari:''We are checking''
Bram Groot Kormelink
Bram Groot Kormelink 15 gün önce
no you race not in f 1
Hazzo 15 gün önce
1:37 hit different
diego garcia
diego garcia 16 gün önce
someone touched and lost a wheel. Well,...That´s one way to say it
Gorkem Tok
Gorkem Tok 16 gün önce
Third Leg TV
Third Leg TV 16 gün önce
Hamilton is a prick, there is a car on fire and he says damn that was a good start
Third Leg TV
Third Leg TV 15 gün önce
@THE Riften Guard doesnt matter, if the race is red flagged you know it is a serious incident esspecially at a track with a lot of run off where a safety car is usually deployed for a normal crash
THE Riften Guard
THE Riften Guard 15 gün önce
The first thing he said was 'is everyone okay?' + he was at the front, therefore most far away from the crash, already turned into the next corner - therefore not being able to grasp the gravity of "a car on fire" It does not take much brain cells to connect those dots. The fact that you couldn't just shows that you are a simpleton with a very simple brain. Good luck with that.
Jon Luke
Jon Luke 16 gün önce
i’m so sorry.. but lewis said “that was a good start” LIKE NOT THE TIME LEWIS
THE Riften Guard
THE Riften Guard 15 gün önce
I explained already to the guy above you why your logic doesn't make sense. So try for yourself to think about WHY the drivers who were on the front of the pack sounded less concerned than drivers who were at the back of the grid close to the crash... Eh? Eh? Cmon I know you can do it. It's not such a complicated thinking process.
chloé 16 gün önce
Kvyat freaking out breaks my heart, he was the one that collided with grosjean (though there was nothing he could have done to avoid it, grosjean misjudged his angle and there was so much traffic and chaos going on at that moment). His first response was anger, because grosjean came out of no where, and then he realised what happened
Ricky Rickardo
Ricky Rickardo 17 gün önce
The Halo was the best safety innovation in many years. This thing has already proved it's worth several times.
Zack Teague
Zack Teague 17 gün önce
Love Kvyat's engineer. Rrred flag.
ChikaTC 17 gün önce
Ferrari response to anything: We are checking
Studio Potes
Studio Potes 17 gün önce
Grosjean’s car *literaly torn in half and burning » « HiS hE oUT? »
Hue_Vyron 18 gün önce
Alpha tauri: "he Lost a wheel" Errr yes but a bit more...
Adán C.
Adán C. 18 gün önce
A little part of me broke when listening to Kvyat... Fuck
Spadon56 19 gün önce
Ricciardo, Stroll and Magnussen ?
AR LS 19 gün önce
Where was Magnussen and riciardo
florian maetz
florian maetz 19 gün önce
Someone touch and lost a wheel, thanks for this great description mister Hamelin
StarFallen9525 19 gün önce
The quietest I've ever heard Kimi, shows his concern
Merlina Azul
Merlina Azul 20 gün önce
Did anyone else shed a few tears by the end of this video? It gave me the chills
Pieter Keyser
Pieter Keyser 21 gün önce
I feel like there must be an emergency feed to the teams from the medical car or marshals that tell the teams if a driver is okay after a crash... The age of information and everyone only knew whether or not Grossjean was okay after they started showing the crash footage.
Pieter Keyser
Pieter Keyser 21 gün önce
I feel like there must be an emergency feed to the teams from the medical car or marshals that tell the teams if a driver is okay after a crash... The age of information and everyone only knew whether or not Grossjean was okay after they started showing the crash footage.
Pikapowergirl 21 gün önce
It warms my heart to see how they instantly ask if everyone is okay. You don't see that in Nascar. Every sport needs more respect
Jeroen Groot Kormelink
Is 1+1 2 Ferrari: ''We are checking.''
north over
north over 22 gün önce
they have the same voices lol
Nina Plugge
Nina Plugge 22 gün önce
leclerc had memories.. poor him
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton 22 gün önce
I love how Lewis seems so wholesome
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I
2:03 Noooo.. please :(
TH3.RAPT0R 26 gün önce
Pre much everyone: is he okay everyone okay Red bull: what happened is he out
StoneXL 26 gün önce
Chilling to see Kvyat shift off his driver mode in an instant when he realized what happened.
Mike Longwill
Mike Longwill 26 gün önce
This ‘crash’ was actually a Terrorist attack, no accident at all.
THE Riften Guard
THE Riften Guard 15 gün önce
What are you talking about??
Xxpower Charizardxx
Xxpower Charizardxx 27 gün önce
1:51 should have censored that
I love leclercs reaction the most, he knows a big crahs when he sees one as hes seen Jules and Antoines crash
TH3.RAPT0R 26 gün önce
Yeah he’s definitly had the worst experience from bianchis crash and recently huberts. He knows how bad it is losing soomeone. So it’s understandable why he did that
Tommaso Bravo
Tommaso Bravo 28 gün önce
Vettel: “Am I a human?” Ferrari: “Stand by, we are checking”
Bomer 28 gün önce
Horrible to hear the fear of Leclerc's voice. Kvyat's too, you could genuinly hear that he was afraid of what happened of something tha he was apart of
Pünkösti Sára
Pünkösti Sára 28 gün önce
I love how they all are enemies at one point,but they still care about each other 😍
ItsMarkosPlays YT
ItsMarkosPlays YT 29 gün önce
Aaaaww leclerc is so sweet
Nick Hoffmann
Nick Hoffmann 29 gün önce
Literally everyone was concerned about the driver except Gasly
SoapyBanana -
SoapyBanana - 27 gün önce
Its because they didnt tell him what really happened because they did not want to worry him, he had no idea what happened
Jason Wyrick
Jason Wyrick 29 gün önce
Charles is my favorite in F1 and has been for a while, but this makes it even more obvious. His desperate concern for others shows what kind of person he is.
min kyu
min kyu 29 gün önce
what does "delta positive" or 'follow the reference" mean? everyone says it
RijkPS 28 gün önce
You have lap times. In a flag situation you need to slow down with some %. If you drive faster than allowed then after a time you will get a penalty. Ps. Im not an English person so yeah, i hope this was clear👍🏻😂😂
Hctans 29 gün önce
1:36 and 4:11 were the best
Stev Aryanto
Stev Aryanto Aylar önce
When Kimi was speaking in a complete sentence, the engineer got confused :))
Doohan Aylar önce
"No information" means "No, he's still in the fire right now."
Luke Madill
Luke Madill 24 gün önce
Well no sh
Luke Novelli
Luke Novelli Aylar önce
The fear in charl
Marie Gutscher
Marie Gutscher Aylar önce
I'm so thankful for this video and it is an honour to witness the humanity in the comment section. They Race as One. We Cheer as One. It is comforting to think that although we're totally disconnected, we were emotionally joined while listening to the drivers pleas for good news.
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry Aylar önce
Leclerc & Kvyat's reaction was quite something
The Scientist
The Scientist Aylar önce
everyone: red flag!!! red flag!!
Mike M
Mike M Aylar önce
Can you imagine being on that pit walk and trying to stop your driver fearing the worst - whilst still actually driving at around 70mph? Man, I couldn't do it.
Yabdi Football Challenges
Daniil and Charles where really concerned. And Kimi too I think.
Ian Commissiong
Ian Commissiong Aylar önce
Respect I like how mostly everyone asked if he was ok.
PaulJDC Aylar önce
2:04 Charles veryyy like Grojean lol
Shrek Aylar önce
wheres grosjean reaction?
Jerry 1293
Jerry 1293 Aylar önce
How safe and technological advanced Formula 1 had become..... In the past that thing crashed into the wall, car on fire and they just continued the grand prix... Someone died, they celebrated the winner of the event, some blokes where sad, some declared to not even having noticed (of cause sad as well), then they prepared for the next weekend.... trvid.com/video/video-5iIlL1WdjFg.html trvid.com/video/video-sPuhYjcHMF8.html
Zara Aylar önce
Hamilton only cares about the good start he got and Charles is very concerned, because his godfather was Jules Bianci and Jules died in F1s
Kennardi D.
Kennardi D. Aylar önce
Team : "is the car okay ?" Latifi : "yep, all fine" it's sad, they're just care about the car
Strögarn Aylar önce
Why didnt we hear what Grosjean and his team was saying?
Strögarn 15 gün önce
@THE Riften Guard that was my bad joke. after such a bad wreck i dont think the driver would be able to talk
THE Riften Guard
THE Riften Guard 15 gün önce
Because the entire car exploded? Radios are usually connected with devices.. And cables.. Ya know?
Aaron Halminen
Aaron Halminen Aylar önce
You can tell that Daniil felt guilty even if it wasn't really his fault
Charles LeChair
Charles LeChair Aylar önce
I understand why Leclerc reacted like that... He just lost a friend last year (Anthoine Hubert) and he was afraid to lose another friend.
Legendäres Item aus Pandora
Thats the first time I've heard Latifi and his engineer 🤔😐
Julio Canimo
Julio Canimo Aylar önce
those moments must have been tense for leclerc considering hes had personal loss with jules bianhci in 2014
Freddy Cavalli
Freddy Cavalli Aylar önce
My son: Not lectern, Grosjean lost Bianchi
94ジョン でエブ
What does "keep delta positive" mean?
The Daily Snail
The Daily Snail Aylar önce
Mike Wright
Mike Wright Aylar önce
The guy who saw it in his mirrors.
rcmanization Aylar önce
a bit underwhelming. i expected bigger reactions from more than just one.
rcmanization Aylar önce
should've edited out all the "red flag, red flag!" parts
BMK500 Aylar önce
Charles has only been in F1 for 3 years and yet the despair in his voice sounds like he's been racing in the ’70s-’60s when dudes where getting straight-up killed every year
pramez97 Aylar önce
I love how Magnussen,Stroll and Riccardo reacted.
DPadio Aylar önce
i'm glad to see these guys all care for each other!
WellFed Aylar önce
This was one of the worst viewing experiences I can remember. Listening to Leclerc on the radio just made me sick to my stomach all over again, I couldn't even finish the rest of this video. So happy Grosjean walked away from this.
a bc
a bc Aylar önce
touching that E.V.E.R.Y driver asked : is he ok, is he out
evvie campbell
evvie campbell Aylar önce
i don’t know if i missed it but i’m pretty sure daniel riccardo wasn’t there
K.A Faye
K.A Faye Aylar önce
ferrari’s “we are checking” sounds so lazy too. it’s like their race engineer can’t be arsed.
Mas Dwi
Mas Dwi Aylar önce
hai everyone, can you tell me about “delta positive” i dont know what that’s mean??
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