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5 Eki 2022




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Technology Connections
Don't hold back on those coffee opinions! It boosts engagement :)
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams Gün önce
For testing the coffee strength, you should use ph strips. Use the same water source for continuity of testing criteria.
Peter Renn
Peter Renn 4 gün önce
@Fredashay Klavierstein they sold out before you got here sir..
Peter Renn
Peter Renn 4 gün önce
@Björn Hansen Kind of you to share
Peter Renn
Peter Renn 4 gün önce
@SeanBZA Coffee bags are marginally better than instant but that's not saying much:-) The problem is too much air gets to the stuff (hard to vacuum seal the packs) so it's already started to deteriorate even before you buy it.
Nikiaf Aylar önce
I feel like you’ve opened the door to explore espresso machines now. It would make for a good video anyway, there’s a lot of mechanical goodness happening inside.
The Cake Never Lied
The Cake Never Lied 8 gün önce
He's opened Pandora's box with a simple kettle video
Spencer Lupul
Spencer Lupul 9 gün önce
@Rich Scinto but please only do a real espresso machine, don’t use one with the dual-wall/pressurized portafilters. Real espresso machines like the lelit/gaggia/rancilio/flair of the world are far more interesting. Could also discuss pressure and temperature, and mods 😬 so much goodness to explore
Ash Phoenix
Ash Phoenix 16 gün önce
I took one apart once and there was a coil with a diode powered by mains and that's what drove the pump. It was really obvious how it worked but I'd never thought of that before.
Arthur Zetes
Arthur Zetes 20 gün önce
I’m ready for him to analyze an Olympia Cremina
jon Q
jon Q 24 gün önce
Espresso machines are secondary to a quality grinder... so if you're just starting out, I'd go with a DF64 Grinder (I have one, it's top notch) and either a new or lightly used Rancilio Silvia. Have fun!
deadlysporks Aylar önce
I never cease to be amazed at how you can hold my attention for so long talking about something so mundane as a drip coffee maker. It's a nonstop unloading of information that's presented in a way that is compelling and entertaining. Great video as always! As a side note I appreciated seeing the Pentax cameras behind you. I've always been a fan of them despite other companies overshadowing them.
John Gladkowski
John Gladkowski 8 gün önce
I made it to 3.00. Grace
Jason Godwin
Jason Godwin 24 gün önce
If every teacher learned how to do that we would have a world full of geniuses.
David Wiggins
David Wiggins 26 gün önce
I feel like it's a very good thing he didn't decide to become a cult leader or pyramid schemer. I feel like he would excel in both. (That said, some of those schemes are pretty culty)
InedibleShultz Aylar önce
I remember my parents would always keep a penny or two on the hot plate to lift the pot up slightly & help keep the coffee from burning too badly. Every once in a long while the penny would end up a bit squished out from the heat & weight & they'd have to replace it. Wonder how effective it was.
ScooterFXRS 3 gün önce
lol ... slugs from an electric box would have been better.
Cheryl Gee
Cheryl Gee 27 gün önce
Interesting & funny
Gary Brueno
Gary Brueno Aylar önce
@Menaceblue3 a rail track squished penny is really flat , i know i used to do this when i was a kid, the rail tracks was my play ground!
Menaceblue3 Aylar önce
A squished penny? Like a rail track penny?
Brad Coleman
Brad Coleman Aylar önce
Super interesting. This is something I've always wondered and never knew. I thought "how in the heck is this gonna be 36 minutes?" and here I am loving every minute. Also, the innovation of machines before computerization are fascinating to me. The people who created that Mr. Coffee were super smart.
Fltchr 15 gün önce
So smart they should have been programming computers! Oh, wait.
snikrepak Aylar önce
Basic physics and some electrical knowledge, I can't see how the engineer is as intelligent as Sir Newton, or Bell..
eroi bior
eroi bior Aylar önce
The Engineer Guy is one of the earliest facts-based educational channels I found. I still watch his various clips, especially the marvelous aluminium can episode :)
Blakksheep 11 gün önce
Amazing episode, yes.
Chocococolatte Aylar önce
This man could make a whole 2 hour documentary on anything, and I would watch all of it.
TRX Tech
TRX Tech Aylar önce
I am not watching a 2 hour documentry no thanks. You tube videos that are over 44 minutes turns me away.
Beware the Lily of the Valley
His videos make perfect content to listen to while cleaning, lol. I always happen to notice he's uploaded right when I'm about to do the dishes, like just a moment ago.
walter Aylar önce
Perfectly put
MCmadness110 Aylar önce
Just watch the entire rca CED series back to back.
Lee Davis
Lee Davis Aylar önce
Petition to have him narrated documentary perhaps?
thatdangerbro Aylar önce
you are the absolute best tech channel on youtube to date, you do incredibly detailed research on common items and always make it interesting, you make it fun to sit back and actually learn something, and you make it incredibly easy to understand, even with things ive never heard of its incredibly easy to understand what you're saying, so thank you for your interesting and fun videos.
Bo Ek
Bo Ek 15 gün önce
I have to say that I'm reasonably knowledgeable about the information that the videos contain. I do still like the channel since i like to hear the opinion of a knowledgeable person outside the EU.
isingbass Aylar önce
Loved my parents' original Mr. Coffee. The brews always tasted great and were a delightfully sippable temperature right away. Also it seemed like the keep-warn plate ran a bit lower so that the the coffee did not go bad nearly as fast. Most modern drip machines run too hot, in my opinion.
Shamino0 29 gün önce
That makes sense. With a single heater for both brewing and warming, the warmer thermostat needs to be set to something higher then boiling, otherwise it can't heat the water hot enough to drive the pump action. Which means that hot-plate is keeping the pot at cooking temperatures, not at a warming temperature. A brewer with a separate heating element, on the other hand, can use a thermostat set to a lower temperature, which should reduce the amount of burnt coffee produced. I suppose a single-heater unit could use two thermostats, selected by a water sensor in the reservoir, but now we're talking about complexity and cost that would undermine the point of having a single heater.
Stop Think
Stop Think Aylar önce
During lockdown I took a trip down the coffee rabbit hole. After much testing I realized I just like a nice strong drip style brew through a paper filter. Nice and cheap and simple. I've got it dialed in so much that a coffee from one of the big chains tastes like well, bitter dirt. If I feel fancy I splurged on an automatic milk frother which produces a stunning result. With simple things like coffee, more expensive doesn't mean better.
Piccalilli Pit
Piccalilli Pit 3 gün önce
I live in Bulgaria now. I am unbelievably lucky that I live 200m from an "artisanal" coffee shop - they roast their own beans and have about 25 varieties - but being Bulgaria 1lb of beans is about $3 to $4. They will grind them for you to your requirements and going to buy coffee is one of my weekly treats.
Stop Think
Stop Think 8 gün önce
@Rijjhb Mine is not watery. I grind it very fine and use a strong dose. I would say it's close to Turkish but paper filtered.
Rijjhb 9 gün önce
I'm confused: if you use real coffee how come you make it so watery? It must taste terrible. I once tried "Americano" and it tasted like car tyres, utterly awful, not even close to coffee. Where I'm from we *_only_* drink espresso but I don't like it very much, I prefer tea but the process of making tea is too involved and I'm lazy, so I usually end up making cofee. EDIT: maybe it was Azera, not Americano, can't remember exactly.
TaiwaneseBoi 10 gün önce
This. You don't need to spend more money to get better satisfaction
Stop Think
Stop Think 26 gün önce
@Angus Clifford-Skinner lol no, I didn't go that far I guess. I've read the oils in unfiltered coffee can cause circulatory issues so I prefer to stick with the filtered method for daily use. I'll get an espresso at a shop every once in a while.
Imkindatired Aylar önce
This man deserves so many more views, if I ever am curious about how any household appliance works chances are there’s already a video on it on this channel.
A Darker Storm
A Darker Storm Aylar önce
"I'm not willing to become a coffee enthusiast!" *proceeds to name and model approximately a dozen different coffee brewing devices* "And I also weigh my coffee." ... Mate, you're an enthusiast. Perhaps not an afficionato, but definitely an enthusiast.
AgentTasmania 7 gün önce
Enthusiast but not obsessive or gate keepy. Critical distinction
Nick Miller
Nick Miller Aylar önce
He's an engineer, it's just an engineer type thing to do
Aizen Sosuke
Aizen Sosuke Aylar önce
@DozyBinsh Grinding fresh beans and throwing them on the coffee maker is like 90% of the hipster brewing methods.
Cobalt Aylar önce
@Sibula Finally, someone understands. I just like knowing things, and also not getting ripped off.
Quantumstardust Aylar önce
I dump in coffee by eye. If I’m tired there will be a bit more coffee in the brewer lol
天斬命 20 gün önce
I remember disassembling a broken drip coffee maker when I was 13 and got really amazed by how effective yet absurdly simple the design was. Coffee makers are not really a common household appliance to have in my country since real coffee grounds are EXPENSIVE here but it's one of those mundane things that got me appreciating technology more. Great great videos by the way! I love the way how you present these topics without it getting any boring considering how long the videos are.
Guilherme 27 gün önce
I'm from Brazil, here a cafeteira (coffee maker) is a essencial household appliance, since we usually drink it twice a day. Coffee is so important to us it even named the meals it participates in, breakfast is called "café da manhã", wich means morning coffee, and we have a meal around 4-6 PM called "café da tarde" - afternoon coffee. That makes so our traditional meal plan has 4 meals, not 3: Café da Manhã, Almoço, Café da Tarde, Jantar.
TessHM Aylar önce
Moka pots are just the best way to brew coffee imo. Cheap, convenient, actually good.
Your pacing is impeccable. I've gotten into a bad habit of skipping to the good part of videos, because impatience, but every part is interesting and I don't feel the urge to tap 10 seconds forward because I'm bored. Thanks for the consistently interesting content!
Andrew Joy
Andrew Joy Aylar önce
That bi-metal strip to control the water inlet is just genius. I love how limitations bring innovation.
McMegahertz Aylar önce
@quetsch Hell, they were even used in cars thermal turn signal flashers/blinkers up until the 80s.
lucas rem
lucas rem Aylar önce
80 celcius you do? on a bi metal? how old is that machine, 1950 drinks you need?
bundo13 Aylar önce
The really fun thing is that it comes back around! MEMS devices are things like this, just implemented in nano-tech. I don't know specifically that they've shrunk the bi-metal type mechanism, but I wouldn't be surprised!
RedCorsairr Aylar önce
Bi-metal strip sounds like a metalhead club.
zachary carlson
zachary carlson Aylar önce
@quetsch with sole exception of toasters, Bi metallic strips are still used in hairdryers and reset-able fuses consistently, in fact technically a reset-able fuse is what is in a hair dryer, and its purely for when something isnt right, say the air flow is being blocked because the filter is clogged, otherwise a hair dryer pretty much is a full blast machine, just running the heating element flat out and using the air flow to keep it from glowing to bright (learned that the hard way when my hair dryer had a tendency of turning bright orange inside then blowing cool air out for a minute afterwards)
kirk kopak
kirk kopak 18 gün önce
This episode has been SO informative for me. I always thought that the old Mr. Coffee's worked by water displacement (like my Bunn-0-matic). This has been an eye opener. Also, I noticed that the old machine was easy to dissasemble. There was a time when manufacturers kept the repair man in mind (owners didn't throw away expensive appliances) so ease of repair would have helped get the appliance in and out of the shop quickly. I do kind of wish more appliances were owner serviceable today.
Mellow Jello
Mellow Jello Aylar önce
As a former moka pot enthusiast, they make great coffee. Strong, super bold coffee on the verge of espresso, but great coffee. Lots of different techniques and the way I use it definitely isn't a set it and forget it type of machine, but as a concept it's basically a manual version of auto coffee but significantly more concentrated.
BetaRayBrad 9 gün önce
Moka pot is my preferred home brewer. Using the James Hoffman technique (and an electric kettle) for an optimal cup.
JacksonKillroy 10 gün önce
Does he even mention moka pots? For my taste its by far the best brewing method.
ChickenLips412 Aylar önce
For years, we’ve added a paper filter in the basket of our percolator type coffee maker. To cut the hole for the stem, simply fold the paper filter in half 4-5 times and then snip off the point. Keep the hole diameter slightly smaller for a press fit around the basket stem. This keeps 99.9% of the grounds in the basket and allows for using any available or preferred coarseness coffee. This mod works for coarse ground as well as medium ground and fine (espresso) ground coffees. Clean-up is easier and the coffee is smoother tasting.
smileyeagle1021 Aylar önce
An even better option for keeping your coffee warm than leaving the coffee maker on or reheating it if it gets cold is to just invest in a thermos. You can get a decent one for like $10 and it will keep your coffee hot for hours. No burnt coffee, no having to wait to reheat coffee (or having the impact on taste that you get from reheating it), and it uses less electricity overall (if that is something you are into).
Lee Blake
Lee Blake Aylar önce
The best thing about your videos is that they fly by. Most other videos that are this long tend to drag on, but yours seem so much shorter than their actual length. This is because you're so engaging and entertaining all while educating! Love your work, sir!
Jess H
Jess H 24 gün önce
@lucas rem I always wonder what type of person types insane comments like these
Nathan Brisebois
Nathan Brisebois Aylar önce
I have burned so many minutes watching these videos, and I do not want any of those minutes back. Time well spent
Muhilan Aylar önce
he has no fluff!
Al Davis
Al Davis Aylar önce
I agree. His videos may be long by TRvid standards but he still manages to leave me wanting more.
lucas rem
lucas rem Aylar önce
Way too long! he needs to tell the basics first, 20 sec 20 ml golden rules! then tell how crappy US people drink coffee! Mr Coffee and other crap is not they way! 5 minutes max, the bi metal machine, 5 for the Italian machines! that was enough.
L3XAN 20 gün önce
This has rocked my view of the humble coffee machine. I've never looked down on their results, but I assumed their design had to be sloppy because they're so cheap. That's delightfully clever engineering.
Slav Aylar önce
As a brazillian, I want to thank you for all this coffee drinking. You've, alone, moved our economy from ~1850 to about ~1960. We have like 40% of all our history based around the political shenanigans that arised from the economical power selling coffee to you gave the farmers (search the Café com Leite (coffee with milk) politics, it's fun).
Jesse Aylar önce
35:20 we bought a moca pot from a goodwill one year. It was a 4 cup machine with cone shaped filter. Made great moca! We eventually went back to normal coffee once the excitement wore off.
ZilinaSK Aylar önce
I found in the past that lime scale and other mineral deposits (that regular vinegar won't remove) lining the heating tube cause the thermostat to prematurely click off as it's mass has increased. It can also cause the fail-safe thermostat to trip part the way through the coffee making cycle. If you can get the crud out of the heating tube it will function correctly again. 20% ocot from Slovakia/Czechia (available in Eastern European shops) is the best stuff to clean coffee makers and kettles etc. It’s also fantastic for removing rust, cleaning windows and removing the deposits left from leaking batteries etc. Why not try the Slavic way of freshly brewed coffee. Simply add one measured scoop of coffee to you mug and simply add water. Let it sit for a minute before giving it a quick stir (add milk and sugar at this point). After leaving for another minute the grounds will fall to the bottom (like pond silt) leaving you with the easiest way of making super fresh coffee there is. Ever since I first went to Slovakia in 2005 I only drink coffee this way... the drip coffee machine is only use for guests. Just remember not to drink the coffee all the way to the bottom of the mug or you’ll end up with a mouth full of grounds. The used grounds make an excellent fertiliser when added to compost. You must use fine coffee grounds which still contain some moisture. Tchibo and Lavazza work well if you’re struggling to find the right coffee in the Western world. If the coffee grounds are coarse and/or bone dry it just won’t work as the grounds won’t sink to the bottom. P.S. Many drip coffee makers here in the UK use a reusable coffee filter basket that simply need a quick rinse under the tap.
hr suiter
hr suiter Aylar önce
I am an Old Geezer and I remember the invention of the Mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker. One thing you did not mention is the prevalence of instant coffee during the time before Mr Coffee. Between the years of the late 1950's and the early 1970's in office break rooms, the ubiquitous instant coffee and an electric percolator used to keep hot water warm was the de facto standard. There wasn't any time to use anything else during the week. It is no wonder that people loved perked coffee during the weekend, in spite of it easily scorching if not carefully watched. Even perked was so much better than the instant garbage they usually drank. When Mr. Coffee machines were introduced, coffee lovers saw light from heaven. They could make a pot fast at the office, and it didn't taste like bilgewater. Another thing you did not mention on the later versions is the handy little spring that allows you to take a quick cup even though the coffeemaker is not done.
Charles Cheshier
Charles Cheshier Aylar önce
I missed the coffee urn and coffee mess service vendor that came around every few days to clean the urn and replenish the coffee mess for the office.
lucas rem
lucas rem Aylar önce
hr suiter Melita you like? That is not Coffee, some other drink u got used to drink.
Korkee Konrad
Korkee Konrad Aylar önce
My Great Uncle invested in the Mr. Coffee and swore to the 200 degree thing his whole life. He was rich as hell and I remember him having a faucet in his house that put out exactly 200 degree water which was amazing in the mid 90s.
Nate Walker
Nate Walker Aylar önce
I was also waiting for the auto drip stop feature to be mentioned
Edwin Salisbury
Edwin Salisbury Aylar önce
@Melmo Omlem too messy
Robin Schaeffer
Robin Schaeffer 27 gün önce
If you buy ground coffee and find it to lose it's taste before you reach the bottom of the can you may want to transfer it to a number of smaller tight sealing containers (mason jars, etc.) to hold in the volatile /aromatic flavors.
Jan Hanten
Jan Hanten Aylar önce
Fun fact: In the EU, there are no drip coffee machines with a heated plate any more and all coffee machines must have an auto stop function for energy saving reasons. But the pots are usually thermal insulated and the coffee is still warm 4 hours later.
Bo Ek
Bo Ek 15 gün önce
I can't guarantee that this works in every country but searching for 'kaffebryggare' (the Swedish name for coffe machine/brewer) gives me a great amount of adverts for hot plate machines without any auto stop function. Somewhat of topic: about 30 years ago i was told that coffee shouldn't take more than 6 minutes to brew since it start giving of (as somewhat mentioned in the video) acid that degrade the taste. I don't know if that is indisputable true but the difference between a pot that took 6 min and a pot that took 10 min is notable.
Edward Tan
Edward Tan 16 gün önce
moccamasters still has glass carafe options so technically not all drip machines dont have a heated plate but you can switch them on or off independently of the boiler
Amber Clinton
Amber Clinton 22 gün önce
@Shadowguy Yes! It's pricey, though not by early Mr. Coffee standards I suppose. We bought the Breville when our Mr. Coffee died at the beginning of the pandemic. Since both my partner and I WFH its ranked in the top 5 best purchases. I like that you can adjust both the water temp and bloom time if you're brewing something special. Mostly we brew a medium roast using the gold function. It's fast enough but the taste is always very good. My only complaint is that the carafe lid is difficult to throughly clean on the inside. Every other part is easy to clean. Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm super jealous! Switzerland has always been on my geology bucket list.
Shadowguy 23 gün önce
@Amber Clinton Well, I'm American and living in Switzerland - I might take the cake there 😅Do you mean the Precision Brewer? I was thinking of getting one but I grabbed an Espro french press instead. Double-wall insulated 😃
dereinzigwahreRichi 25 gün önce
Oh, we don't have those around anymore? I think I saw quite a few drip coffee machines with glass jugs on Amazon recently, which to me suggests they do have a heated plate. But maybe you're right about the auto shut-off, that might well be. Thing is: those machines last forever, the most common reason to get a new one is if you break the glass jug and can't find a replacement. So you hardly notice changes in the market like that.
MC14 m
MC14 m 18 gün önce
I absolutely love my drip coffee maker, one other use is to just make hot water and leave on the plate to make instant hot cocoa for the kids when they come in from playing in the snow. You know how patient children are! Also, it's a great preheater if you need boiling water without having to watch it on the stove. You only bumping it up 20° or so 2 minutes maybe for noodles or whatever else.
Ash Phoenix
Ash Phoenix 26 gün önce
"There are only so many things I'm willing to become an enthusiast for and coffee ain't one of them." That's big words from a guy who made a half hour video on coffee machines
G0thique Aylar önce
I always love how your videos are a mix of How It's Made, BBC, TED talk, and elecronic dissection videos. It's really refreshing and informative at the same time. I never get tired of listening to your voice or listening to all the things you decide to talk about or explain to us. So many things I never knew I wanted/needed to learn about!
Matthew Gies
Matthew Gies Aylar önce
@coolbluelights According to Snopes, a use of "Joe" meaning "coffee" is dated to 1931, well before Mr. DiMaggio was selling appliances.
coolbluelights Aylar önce
@MonoLego I just asked my mom, she said yeah. I never knew that either.
MonoLego Aylar önce
Asking as a non American, do you guys have the decade or so of Joe DiMaggio product endorsements to thank for your expression 'a cup of Joe'?
coolbluelights Aylar önce
plus a little bit of Project Farm
Brent Reynolds
Brent Reynolds Aylar önce
Plus, the awesome theme song!
livemeyer 25 gün önce
Phocisticated! Love it! I got into coffee brewing experimentation a year ago or so. I had recollection of being a teenager and visiting my grandparents in Philly (I'm from WA state) and loving their brewed coffee, from a... percolator! So I bought one. (Two, actually. It was an eBay thing.) I still do like percolator coffee, but went back to my drip machine for one reason: the auto-off feature. It was all too easy to pour a cup from my percolator, go about my day, only to realise I hadn't unplugged the damn thing. Oh, and how about that, could they have designed them with a switch please? In my recent past I've also tried a french press or two, but I always seem to go back to the drip machine for pure convenience, speed and taste. It does help to use fresh coffee you grind yourself, so I've recently started experimenting with roasting my own beans. You know, with a pan on the stove, stirring for 20 minutes. I'm not sure it's worth the effort, especially if I forget to remove the battery from the smoke alarm first. That wakes people up quicker than a cup of Joe!
TheGamingMedic 29 gün önce
I remember growing up as a Scout our troop had this neat coffee pot one of our Scoutmasters had made out of some small copper pipes, a metal pitcher and it had a small basket for ground coffee in the lid. You’d put the coil of pipes over a campfire and it would make the coffee.
Biohazard Aylar önce
Personally I have a coffee machine that has a single cup (8-24oz settings) and pot drip brewer. It was $80 in 2015 and is still working hard today
Lawnmower American
Lawnmower American Aylar önce
I love my basic Mr. Coffee machine. They tend to last years even with daily use and proper cleaning, but still, if it breaks they are typically under $20 for a whole new machine
Arsen Vokrug
Arsen Vokrug Gün önce
This was brilliant - thank you! I wonder if the original design was ever seen in UK or Europe. I don’t remember anything like it, but I do remember electric percolators, leading straight to the modern drip design. Coffee snobs use the real stuff, but the UK does tolerate (or even enjoy) instant, better than most!
TJ McDonald
TJ McDonald Aylar önce
At work my friend and I have an old Mr. Coffee she found at Goodwill. It has an on/off button. That's it. I love it. I'm a coffee snob and love my single origin pour overs, but for slurping coffee while reading email this is perfect. Others have tried and failed to replace the Mr. Coffee with one with a gazillion functions. I hate over designed machines with functions you don't need. Car dashboards, I'm looking at you.
I love this channel. He's so thorough and asks all the questions inquiring minds want to know!
renevas2 Aylar önce
100% right that drip machines make a perfectly fine cup of coffee -- and a superb one for the price/effort. I've experimented with most of those other methods too (and I'll often use Aeropress for my afternoon cup if I have time), but my morning drip cup is still the best one of the day because it's so easy and so reliable. I might have failed out of college if it weren't for these things. A pillar of Western civilization.
Sarah Watts
Sarah Watts Aylar önce
A collab with James Hoffman could be really fun for this water/coffee series! (Plus he could do a video to see if he can figure out the difference in taste between machines)
Frank Aylar önce
@uvbeenzaned his closing is full on James Hoffman! He knows about it and decided not to get another hobby, same for me.
uvbeenzaned Aylar önce
He would learn so much about coffee with a collab with Hoffman.
Frank Aylar önce
The closing remark of this video was full on James Hoffman
Florian Sauter
Florian Sauter Aylar önce
We'd probably get some great facial reactions out of it too
TheBilgepumper Aylar önce
@James Helferty Eh. He's done some reviews of drip machines, including very cheap ones like this. He doesn't prefer them, but I wouldn't describe his reaction as "horror," especially when he's using his own choice of coffee and grind. Now, when he reviews sealed bags of coffee that have been in someone's attic for decades..... See also, his reviews of "coffee flavored" food and drink for some choice reactions.
pindab0ter Aylar önce
I've recently discovered and tried catching up with James Hoffman's channel. This is such a different experience, even only the difference between you two is enough to enjoy by itself!
68spc Aylar önce
You actually got me to buy an electric Kettle from your previous video. I found them at my local general store. Used it for a French Press coffee and hot cocoa
Wren Paasch
Wren Paasch 23 gün önce
@DiceMan321 A lot of Americans drink "hot cocoa mix" which is kind of like Nesquik, or Milo, but you're supposed to add water to it instead of milk. It tastes like a**.
NighttimeDemon Aylar önce
@DiceMan321 Depends on the mix you use. For example, the Swiss Mix Milk Chocolate stuff tends to be way too sweet if you use straight milk. IME, those shine best with 200°F water as the majority of the liquid in the cup (8oz), with a little milk added to it for richness to really make it sing. For other mixes, better to use all milk if you can, because they are extra good with it. The Land O' Lake cocoa mixes are some of the best I've ever had for hot cocoa. Can't go wrong with any of them, even Arctic White. It doesn't have that overly sweet issue in milk despite featuring white chocolate. Edit: Don't put anything other than water in a kettle. Heat your milk either in a microwave or in a pot over your stove top, stirring constantly as it heats up.
68spc Aylar önce
@DiceMan321 sure. Read the directions of most mixes. I wouldn't heat milk in the pot.
DiceMan321 Aylar önce
Hot cocoa? With water?!
NighttimeDemon Aylar önce
Ditto. I use mine for tea, coffee, hot cocoa, cooking that involves boiling water (my gas range can't compete; kettle is much faster), instant noodles, etc. I can't go back to not having one.
I'm always delighted by the seemingly random directions your topics take. I would love to see a collaboration with almost anyone I follow because you're so versatile, but lately the crossover target I've been imagining the most is This Old Tony. I really think your energies would play well together. Or maybe I've just been drinking a bit lately and want to parasocially introduce my parasocial friends to one another.
Sutekh the Destroyer
Up until a couple of years ago, my wife and I just used a cheap little drip coffee machine because we didn't think that it was worth spending that much on, but then my brother bought us a Moccamaster Technivorm for Christmas, and my goodness the difference is unbelievable!
Dwi Randy Pradhika
Dwi Randy Pradhika Aylar önce
I'm dreaming of a collab of you and James Hoffmann, a man of coffee makers, electric kettles, scientific method, and good old british sass.
Josias Lourenço
Josias Lourenço Aylar önce
Hebrews 12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. Acts 3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, John 3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
tyteen4a03 Aylar önce
Oh god yes please, would be 100% entertaining content.
Michael Vilain
Michael Vilain Aylar önce
The America's Test Kitchen video with Dan and James Hoffmann did demystify a lot about what to expect with brewing tech etc. However, Dan's take on tea brewing was just wrong, at least for me.
Carla Sanchez
Carla Sanchez Aylar önce
i would looooooooooove that omg
punkdigerati Aylar önce
I think James would have a characteristic disappointed facial expression at Alec's take on coffee.
GizmoFromPizmo Gün önce
Speaking as somewhat of a coffee snob, I learned from James Hoffman (TRvidr) that allowing coffee to "bloom" is an important step. Also, one of the reasons I like the newer Mr. Coffee brewers is that you can swing the "sprayer" nozzle out of the way, allowing the first few spurts to go back into the reservoir for recycling. Colder water "under extracts" the coffee and the first few spurts of water out of the nozzle is cold. Along about the third spurt, the water is hot enough. That's when I swing the nozzle back over the coffee basket. Now that the water is starting to go into the basket, I wait to place the coffee pot onto the burner because I want the coffee to bloom first in the basket. I count about 10 or so spurts and then I slide the coffee pot under the basket, allowing the water to release. This method gives the water time to come up to adequate brewing (extraction) temperature and an appropriate bloom phase to maximize the flavor of my 100% Arabica coffee. I'm a coffee snob on the cheap. The Mr. Coffee brewer is fine enough for me, although I wish it weren't made out of plastic. Yech 🤮 Edit: One other thing about the Mr. Coffee style brewers. When they get buildup in them then the water starts coming out funky. If you see that a big hole is bored into the coffee grounds after brewing, it's probably time to run some white vinegar water through it. There are several good coffee maker cleaning videos on TRvid for further instructions.
Zachery Robinson
Zachery Robinson 24 gün önce
You should do a video on induction stoves!! I just looked into them and wondered why and how they work.
Kyrinson Aylar önce
If you really want to keep all that coffee hot for a long time between cups, invest in a large vacuum walled thermos. Those will normally keep it hot for hours without adding more heat to the system.
Gerard Byrnes
Gerard Byrnes Aylar önce
Very cool! I like to think of myself as a clever guy, and I was a process engineer for several years. I am 66 years old and my parents had bought the old original Mr Coffee. I had no idea! Fun video. Thanks
MowLawner Aylar önce
Drip coffee machines are the dishwashers of coffee makers. They're consistent, reliable, and effective AS LONG AS YOU USE THEM PROPERLY. If you weigh your coffee and use the same mass of coffee each time, the other variables will make a much bigger difference (bean freshness, how recent the beans were ground, whether you're using an insulated carafe). Plus, guess what I'm not doing while my drip machine is making coffee! Yep, you guessed it! Making coffee! Great vid, Alec.
blokbirb Aylar önce
I'm confused. Aren't drip coffee makers those machines where you put in a paper filter cone? If so, then it's what we use in Germany as well. I think everyone who drinks coffee regularly has a machine like this esp. since they're the easiest cleaning wise.
Liam Aylar önce
most important thing is to shut then off as soon as they are out of water.
MowLawner Aylar önce
@Digital Dan interesting. I’m kinda used to weighing all my food so I’m not particularly inconvenienced by measuring the mass of my coffee, but I can see how some people could find it inconvenient.
Digital Dan
Digital Dan Aylar önce
@MowLawner That immediately destroys value #1 for these things: convenience. I settled on a constant number of heaping somethings, and put up with variations when I change beans.
micko11154 Aylar önce
They are fine if you like garbage quality coffee! Espresso quality only for if you like GOOD coffee!
novelezra 6 saatler önce
I live in the UK and I have never had instant coffee and thought to myself "Well that was a pleasant experience". So I got a drip coffee machine and would guzzle down caffeine like a demon. Then I got an espresso maker and holy cow. Perfection.
Mortam 29 gün önce
I have the smaller Mr coffee ( years old by the way), and also had many larger machines, which seem to die more often. I have to say I prefer the taste from the smaller machine.
Dan Russell
Dan Russell Gün önce
I underestimated how interesting this video would be at first. Awesome video and I love your technical engineering breakdowns
waylandsmith Aylar önce
Ah! You finally mention the moka pot! I have an Aeropress and I also used a simple drip maker for years (until it broke) and someone had left a moka pot as a display-piece above my stove for years and I tried it after the drip broke. I love it! It's predictable and very fast for making almost-espresso-strength coffee. I use a method where I (carefully) place already boiling water in the reservoir, then add the basket with coffee and then (VERY CAREFULLY, holding the reservoir with a tea towel) screw the top on and place it onto the corner of my smallest electric element. This leaves me with a complete batch of coffee in less than 60 seconds, minimizing the amount of time the grounds are near the heat. I then top my cup up with water from the kettle I just heated and I'm done. One potential downside is you don't really have much of a choice of how much coffee you're making. I have a "3 cup" moka pot, which is usually the smallest size you'll see at stores (1 cup ones do exist, though). It's not recommended to use it with less than a full charge, but I've honestly never tried. I would normally make about 10-12 oz of drip coffee, and my "3 cup" would make enough for about 16 oz of 'normal' strength coffee. Benefits over the Aeropress: No measuring. You fill the basket with grounds and you fill the reservoir with water. No timing. You leave it on the element until it's gurgles for a short time and then it's done. Less sensitive to the grind. If your Aeropress isn't ground fine enough, or you don't let it settle to the bottom long enough before pressing it you get under-extracted coffee. No filters. (I know lots of people use permanent filters with the Aeropress but I find it changes the flavour for the worse) It gurgles when it's done. My mom made perc coffee for many years and I have a fond memory of the sound, but don't like perc coffee. Cons: Your coffee will be a little "murky" and your cup will have a bit of sludge on the bottom. It doesn't affect the taste for me but some people won't like that, for sure.
Torq Shep
Torq Shep Aylar önce
The scale factor definitely has something to do with killing the thermostat. I lived in an area with hard water and even with regular descaling I would throw a maker out after 6-12 months. Switched to a Bunn Speedbrew which after watching this video, has more in common with original Mr. Coffee than a bubbler brewer.
YogalandaWellness Yolanda Tietgen
I watched this preparing my morning coffee - while also using an electric kettle to make my nighttime tea! - now so content to know how this thing I’ve used every day for 25 years works. Thank you!
Sven Enterlein
Sven Enterlein Aylar önce
I love my Ninja coffee maker thing. It can brew specific sizes which is great, because I often need only a single cup. It tastes wonderful each time. Also have a Nespresso maker, for when I want to be fancey. Keep those sophisticated (do you call it "fauxsiphticated"?) videos coming!
Joseph Lewis
Joseph Lewis Aylar önce
I love the outtakes at the end. Seriously it seems like making videos is so easy and it’s nice to see all the effort that goes into making a great video!
dgpx84 Aylar önce
With respect sir, you HAVEN'T gone on enough. Please keep doing what you do. Watching one of your videos is always the highlight of my week/month/whatever. I absolutely loved that this one was 36 solid minutes of details and explanations. It's exactly what I'm here for. So glad I'm a patron too! I hope you love making this stuff as much as I love watching it.
Wanda Pease
Wanda Pease Aylar önce
I’ve had an electric kettle on my counter for nearly 30 years. First thing I sought out after returning from Germany. Most of my friends have them now too. Good for everything from Tea to bullion to quick hot water for almost any need for hot water. I still have my Aunt’s two globe percolator which makes my coffee a draw for the younger set. .
yorktown99 Aylar önce
A few more points to consider. European coffee culture developed separately from North America: percolators never really caught on, nor did electric drip baskets. It was the development of espresso in 1901 Italy that set the stage there exactly when Americans were gravitating towards what we currently see. The technology behind espresso was just far enough outside the reach of ordinary Europeans to have in their homes for most of the 20th Century. Additionally, cafes were accidentally encouraged to serve espresso, since it was largely exempt from price controls. The larger picture is this: coffee percolators are an at-home appliance, a tool for a private kitchen, something that the electric auto-drip machine was perfectly designed to replace. Espresso, especially before electrification, operates on a larger scale from the start, speeding up what a cafe could serve waiting customers. This is all starting to look a lot like the video tape versus laser disc conversation.
Hawkticus' History Corner
Ok, can we just appreciate the fact that a *50 year old coffee machine* can match a modern one. Like, sweet god.
Ja Ri
Ja Ri Aylar önce
Just wanted to say - I've been watching you for a few years now (I was looking to build my own UPS, and found your vid, and stuck with you ever since), and really enjoy your content and videos. Keep up the great (esoteric) work 😀
Attila V.
Attila V. Aylar önce
I have to say, I always find your “documentaries” fascinating and have learned more from you than many other TRvidrs. Topics seemingly boring and mundane come to life. And the funny thing is it’s not even done with fancy video effects and production tricks. A dude in a chair talking about shtuff. Keep up the good work!
simon4043 Aylar önce
@Evan Thieme Why? Death from hypothermia?
5Andysalive Aylar önce
He has this cool lava lamp effect in the background though....
Evan Thieme
Evan Thieme Aylar önce
I constantly think about how terrible indoor ac units are. He has placed information in my brain that I will take to the grave
cpg100 Aylar önce
This is probably the reason I keep coming back to his videos. You put it very clearly. Dude is a master of subtle jokes.
Jon Goodwin
Jon Goodwin Aylar önce
i've had nearly the same experience! i had a keurig for a while, but i never liked the huge amount of trash it puts out (spent casings mostly), and the keurig starts to taste gross before long, probably deposits and new life forms and such. i've also done a lot with french presses, which taste awesome and get me wired for sound, but cleanup can be a chore. home "espresso" machines are kind of a joke if you've been spoiled on commercial units and can tamp a decent shot by hand. i always end up returning to the half-broken mr coffee i refuse to replace, the secret is to find exactly how much of a given coffee ground you can fit in the basket before it malfunctions and puts grounds in the coffee; find that amount and use just a pinch less than that. i also find that even though i'm a massive coffee snob and have had hand picked and roasted beans from Guatemala (amazing), and find starf*cks drip coffee an over-roasted abomination, the ever-affordable cafe bustelo espresso ground in the tin cans with the italian sweet cream coffee creamer is as satisfying as i need a daily option to be ^_^
Lingon -
Lingon - 23 gün önce
I recently found a drip coffee maker which has, instead of a heating plate, the pot is a stainless steel thermos instead of the typical glass pot. The thermos keeps the coffee hot for hours, without the burnt taste that the heater plate otherwise causes. Really happy with it! :)
Rachel N
Rachel N Aylar önce
You're right about the heating element and what it does to coffee, as well as how quickly cans of coffee go stale. For me, the Keurig solves both those problems--the pods are vacuum-sealed and designed for one serving at a time, so no more filling-dissolving, bottom of the pot coffee, and no big open bags or cans going stale. I do wish the K-cups were less expensive--and they are admittedly wasteful--but since I only drink two cups a day on average, the Keurig works for me. One thing, though: I wouldn't advise using those reusable K-cups to save money. Keurigs weren't designed for the sort of coffee we use in a drip coffeemaker, so it'll likely clog your machine. It did mine, to the point it was irreparable. Even flushing it out with water didn't work. I don't know whether the Brew Station is still around, but it at least appeared to be a decent middle ground between the standard drip coffee maker and a Keurig. If memory serves, that had a reservoir for the brewed coffee, so it wasn't constantly sitting on a heating element. The coffee is still being warmed, but at least it isn't getting stronger and stronger as you hit the bottom.
Walter D. Petrovic
Walter D. Petrovic Aylar önce
Throughout my mature life, and I am 62 now, I have had many coffee makers. I also used the Melita Style. Recently I have begun using a French Press. I found that how you make your coffee doesn't matter. Grinding your own beans, and mixing bean types, is what makes a great cup of coffee. It is more the European approach to coffee than that of America. The French Press, however, has become my favorite coffee-making device. Buying pre-ground coffee has ceased becoming a coffee option for me.
ian long
ian long Aylar önce
I don't know how you do it, but you consistently get me to watch long form informative videos on topics I care very little about. Your videos are always good for killing 20-30 minutes and increasing the amount of useless knowledge I posses in an unexplainably entertaining way. Keep up the good work telling me more about things I don't care about, but still find fascinating when you present them.
Jimmy M
Jimmy M Aylar önce
I don't even drink coffee anymore yet I watched this whole video. And even when I did drink coffee, I never made it at home, I only drank it at work.
monomille1 Aylar önce
I have used a kettle and decaf Folgers instant for years now and it meets my effort to quality results level requirements balance beautifully. I also like the fact that I can tune the taste intensity easily by using a little more or less of the crystals.
nalinux 17 gün önce
I remember when the first coffee makers cames with a valve to allow to remove the carafe before the process was complete. What a revolution ! :)
Roboterpunk Aylar önce
Interesting. Percolators are still very common here in Switzerland. And so is drip filter coffee. But many people who can afford it use capsules with special blends inside, which are then processed with steam.
/O\ Aylar önce
I live near a restaurant supply store. It had one of those heavy duty grade coffee makers that has the large reservoir with a hot water tap on the side. It was a bit expensive but there's something magical about making a bladder bursting amount of coffee while tapping off the perfect amount of water to make my instant ramen noodles at the same time. It's a coffee maker and kettle rolled into one. Plus the heating element keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature, no grose burnt taste.
Thoraudio Aylar önce
"There are only so many things I'm willing to become an enthusiast for..." said the man sitting behind 3 coffee makers during his 2nd coffee maker episode.
scaper8 Aylar önce
All from the channel that has at least two catchphrases (he's an enthusiast for those too!), one of which being "Through the magic of buying two."
PneubTube Aylar önce
His enthusiasm is actually for hording 10-20 different variations of everything.
Debra Baker
Debra Baker Aylar önce
Who grinds and weighs his coffee and can taste the difference between freshly opened and three day old beans.
Mad_Scientist Aylar önce
I never had a cup of coffee I think but this is pretty interesting. My dad seems to have been drinking instant coffee all the time when we still lived together, so whenever I saw a coffee maker of any kind anywhere I thought it's some fancy expensive espresso machine or something.
Capital Inventor
Capital Inventor 17 gün önce
Except for the price you would probably love the drip coffee maker I have. It's from Breville, has a thermal carafe, and a bean grinder built in. Every so often I load the bean hopper, which is tightly sealed to keep the beans fresh. There are settings available to select the amount of coffee beans to use and how long to steep the coffee in the basket. You may also use pre-ground coffee. Unfortunately they don't make this one anymore but they do make another model called The Grind Control which allows one to adjust the grind for the coffee beans that one is using.
Bradley Payne
Bradley Payne 3 gün önce
I am astounded at how thoughtful this video is. I would never have guessed at the level of engineering involved in brewing coffee.
Brittany Kittany
Brittany Kittany Aylar önce
I learn so much from these videos. Amazing that all this is free. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
Kevin Berstene
Kevin Berstene Aylar önce
When I first discovered your channel it took me a while to figure out what it was about your videos that was so fascinating and eventually realized it was the same itch that The Engineer Guy used to scratch. You're doing an excellent job carrying on Bill's legacy, Alec.
Tom Sko
Tom Sko Aylar önce
@Martin Jones I miss him too. He published a book and talked about his new kid in one of his last videos. I wish him the best.
Martin Jones
Martin Jones Aylar önce
What's happened to Bill Hammack? Is he unwell? Is he doing academic work? Has he just retired?
Kevin Berstene
Kevin Berstene Aylar önce
@Justin Rodriguez Sorry about that! I couldn't find a good way to say it without it sounding like he died :-|
faselblaDer3te Aylar önce
@Justin Rodriguez RIP big man. Gone but not forgotten.
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez Aylar önce
This comment made me think engineer guy had died. He's still alive
KingHenryVR4 Aylar önce
Growing up my grandparents always had an electric kettle on the kitchen counter, I think they mostly used it for making instant coffee/grits/oatmeal, my dad always used an aluminum percolator on the stove to make his coffee.
R T Aylar önce
Very cool Sir. You made a device we all see everyday and never give a second thought to seem interesting. That's a gift my friend, thank you.
Hal Richard
Hal Richard 29 gün önce
You absolutely smashed it sir. I have been drinking coffee daily for 62 years. I have used a drip style coffee maker for 35 years. For everyday coffee that requires really less than two minutes of prep and then 10 minutes of brew time, its difficult to get a better value or a better cup of steaming deliciousness. The only thing we vary on is the choice of coffee. I use imported French Roast for what I consider a superior flavor experience over Domestic American Coffee choices. I have tried all of the gourmet choices that are out there in todays coffee world but I always seem to drift back to the French Roast. Well done. It was a pleasure to watch this concise, informative video.
RCaIabraro Aylar önce
One could use the modern drip coffeemaker as a case study in good engineering.
TimeBucks Aylar önce
This is awesome!
Osmeli Montilla
Osmeli Montilla Aylar önce
JC19 GAMER Aylar önce
JC19 GAMER Aylar önce
ValjeanDK Aylar önce
I think here in Denmark we're on the same page as the US. Electric kettles are rare from what I have seen, and everyone has a drip coffee maker. And the amazing thing is, you can use it for making tea as well. Shocker! I actually thought electric kettles was mostly a UK thing, being snooty tea drinkers.
A Clever Name
A Clever Name Aylar önce
The most intriguing thing about coffee, to me, is how it can smell so incredibly heavenly good, yet taste so gut wrenchingly bad! I must be the only person in Sweden who doesn't drink coffee.
Ag Me
Ag Me Aylar önce
In my house we have a stove percolator, a french press, a capsule espresso machine, a reusable linen filter (that can be used to make coffee) and a couple of electric kettles lol we use the electric kettle for tea and the french press and also for cooking. The French press is really practical for that reason, you can make coffee really fast and very easily in bulk, so if you have guests it’s very practical. I don’t personally like the stove percolator, it’s a very old model made completely out of metal, so it’s very heavy and you have to wait for the water to boil. The filter is rather fast too (bc the electric kettle is used) and you barely have to clean anything afterwards. I love the capsules though, mainly bc I barely ever drink black coffee on it’s own, so the capsules give me a whole beverage in just a couple of seconds, its very fast, and easy to use. Personally I don’t love the taste of the capsuled coffee, i mean it’s fine I guess, but the other things I mentioned make me use it almost everyday
Kittie Chan
Kittie Chan 16 gün önce
It makes me unusually happy to know just how my beloved little single cup drip brewer makes me my daily cup (or two) of joe. My mom bought it for me for my birthday one year and it's been the best thing she could have ever given me LOL
Captain even slower
As a central European: we have both an electric kettle AND a coffe maker. Since we can't decide which hot brown we want at any given day.
Matthew B
Matthew B 4 gün önce
@Captain even slower *whispers* In America the K-Cups are PLASTIC And I think even the inventor of the single use coffee pod has acknowledged why that’s not good for the environment. I have seen a K-Cup shaped reusable filter basket type device, though.
Josias Lourenço
Josias Lourenço Aylar önce
Hebrews 12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. Acts 3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, John 3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
Masztufa Ä.
Masztufa Ä. Aylar önce
trick question, it's a cigarette
Termitreter Aylar önce
@forton Hey, sometimes theres emergencies, or worse, laziness :D But yeah coffee from the machine is way better, even cheap coffee.
Captain even slower
@Thomas Kern not to speak of the frankly AWFUL environmental aspect of those aluminum capsules.
Will P
Will P Aylar önce
Try roasting green coffee on gas grill! I've been doing this for years, and can attest it is the best coffee around- after you learn how to keep the beans from burning, and find the level of roast you like best. My preference is a light roast, which makes the coffee smell more like vanilla and chocolate. It's not efficient, but it's very tasty! I use a steel chafing tray because its rounded corners keep the beans from getting stuck in corners and burning. Definitely an outdoor-only activity. The aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans can be overwhelming. And awesome.
cotomaznaczyc 25 gün önce
In my limited brewing experience, percolator coffee seems to taste way better than what comes from coffee makers. Having said that, I do a pour over because of simplicity and not of requiring filters.
Robert F aka Bo_Diddly
I, personally, have succumbed to the convenience of the K-cup coffee makers! I can have a nicely brewed cup of coffee in less than 3 minutes, and then I can have another of a different flavor! This, of course has led to an addiction to coffee, so I have to dial it back a bit and limit myself to one or two per day, but the variety of coffees in those little cups are amazing! I can even go to Big Lots store and get the 92 cup box of my favorite Dark Brew when it goes on sale!
MangledGiblets Aylar önce
Really like your videos. I think my favorite was the dishwasher series. I am the only one in the house that drinks coffee. So to free up counter space I took my 4 cup maker to work and have a pour over at home. To me the pour over taste better than the drip maker. Yes the pour over takes more time heating water on the gas stove but I'm in no hurry on the weekends. I too grind my own coffee. Whole bean (as a whole) stays more fresh and longer not ground stored in a air tight container. Even though how simple a gadget is its ingenious how someone invented it to be a household item that most of us have.
Kelsomatic Aylar önce
I’m glad you briefly acknowledged that people who make pour over coffee have electric kettles. I was in the coffee industry and almost all my friends have electric kettles for this reason! It’s just funny to me that we don’t have many electric kettles as a country because coffee, but those that do have them because coffee 😅
namAehT Aylar önce
Our electric kettle is mostly used for ramen and sometimes tea. I also use it to pre-boil water when cooking since it's far faster than our glass-electric stove.
aprisia Aylar önce
That's because most people are fine with acceptable coffee. Drip coffee is good enough that it's ease vs optimal taste ratio is fine the vast majority of people. Basically, you are comparing an enthusiast group to a control group. It's like asking why most people don't do custom BIOS settings on their PCs or do custom tuning on their cars. However, I would like to say that if you are making Japanese style iced coffee, drip coffee makers are actually the way to go for the most part. Yes, there are more taste optimal methods. But since steeping time is less of a factor than rapid cooling, dripping on to ice directly is a fairly good method to achieve almost as good results as manually doing it with a chemex.
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis Aylar önce
I used my electric kettle for French press...but I don't think I ever used it for pour over. Because I had an induction burner...and a gooseneck pour over kettle for the burner was smarter. I do suspect that there are more of both induction burners and electric kettles than the video suggests. Oh, and I actually have 2 electric kettles. One's a Japanese vacuum electric kettle...gets the water hot, then mostly shuts off, using a double wall tank so it cools (and thus needs more heat) only intermittently. NOT particularly good for coffee...or black tea, for that matter...but the water holding temp was very good for green teas. It was also nice to have hot water on demand to, say, rinse out the fines that got into the cup using a French press, or for the residue if your cup sat for a while.
Donald Duff-McCracken
When you were being asked how you make coffee without a kettle, I don’t think most people were thinking of gross instant coffee! Or at least I hope not! ;-) We have three ways in our house alone that we make coffee from water from a kettle and I think they are superior to most drip makers. In no order of preferrence: bodum (or press), pour over, and airpress.
Dark 4x4
Dark 4x4 17 gün önce
I always enjoy your videos, however I've always found those drip coffee makers to taste weak and watery. I'm in the UK, stores mostly sell freeze dried stuff but I still find taste better than the drip, maybe we have better variety or something. Anyway without delving too far into coffee opinions (I also enjoy I strong cup of tea), I did notice that you didn't mention Syphon coffee, in theory it should be best, as the water never boils and you have absolute control over brew time. Or am getting things completely wrong? Not an expert, just know how I like my coffee, and I don't like drip. Never used a percolator so perhaps it it's worse, have had burnt coffee before but that was also in America, from a huge industrial what seemed like an espresso machine so know idea how they messed that up, but it was truly awful!
Johnny Veng
Johnny Veng Aylar önce
My vote is on Keurig machines with the strong brew setting and a reusable filter pod using my coffee and grind of choice. (a bur grinder with a timer makes it easy to get it right every time).
Print_Your_Bridges Aylar önce
Great video Sir. I love your content on the channel. I seen how much the content and you evolved over the time. It is simply amazing. I am looking forward for the next topic. All the best for you.
ekatss Aylar önce
For some reason, I'd like to see a collab between Technology Connections and James Hoffmann. I'd enjoy the combination of both the history review and the arguments over which brewing method makes better coffee. 🤔
prickles the cactus
I was just thinking that!
Sam Brown
Sam Brown Aylar önce
I would LOVE this
nejaa halcyon
nejaa halcyon Aylar önce
Yes, I'm sure their personalities will marry wonderfully in a collab
WiseParsley Aylar önce
I came to the comments to suggest the same!
hausofjulian Aylar önce
Humidifiers: Simpler is better?
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