Dream SMP: The Revival Book...

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Dream SMP: The Revival Book... This is a short video about the Dream SMP from Dream's perspective as a character. Spoilers.
All video profits from this video goes to charity.

For those of you who don't watch Dream SMP streams, the Dream SMP is a Minecraft survival multiplayer role play Minecraft server that features a lot of the top Minecraft creators. This video is a random short video giving some context to my character on the SMP. Actions preceding when my character was put into jail, and (spoiler), may potentially continue after his escape.

Punz: @Punz
Lazarbeam: @LazarBeam
Vik: @Vikkstar123
Ranboo: @Ranboo
BadBoyHalo: @BadBoyHalo



12 Oca 2022




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DreamXD 4 aylar önce
If you have no idea what this is about, feel free to ignore it! Or check out other videos on TRvid about the Dream SMP story and catch up!
CC Afton
CC Afton 22 gün önce
AakifahPlayz 26 gün önce
HI dream !!
Rj Basibas
Rj Basibas Aylar önce
Una Pelotuda Más ._. xd Dolores Delano
Green jesus x2
Ry Wheeler
Ry Wheeler 2 aylar önce
Green winged teletubbie😃
Animagician 4 aylar önce
Vikk and Lazarbeam, the undisputed main characters
Kloc-18 4 aylar önce
@Cossy es joke.
Cossy 4 aylar önce
@Kloc-18 KSI doesn't do minecraft content bro
grasdarat 4 aylar önce
vikk is indestructible
Nazma Akter
Nazma Akter 4 aylar önce
Tina Swope
Tina Swope 4 aylar önce
Very old men ✨
Ulises Marvels
Ulises Marvels 4 aylar önce
Wirh the Ranboo part we see Dream with the “:)” in the chat so Ranboo is Enderwalking and then the TNT perhaps hints to Dream using him to blow up something in the future (probably past) with the prison crumbling from Ranboos first time in the prison and then we see Bad giving the presumed Enderwalking Ranboo Maps so I’m guessing Bad is either working with them or Dream is using Ranboo to get something from Bad. Although he doesn’t have his ghost skin so this is something in the Past 🤔 no matter what, Poor Ranboo he just wanted a nice life with his Kid.
Citra 188
Citra 188 Gün önce
@Toxic_iris The question is, how did Dream know Tommy will come? More importanly how did HE managed to make the timing? Hence how did he even contacted EnderBoo-or Enderboo is really a puppet then yeah that makes sense
Toxic_iris Aylar önce
I think the tnt was confirming that his ender side did help c!Dream lock c!Tommy in prison
MarinasVoid 4 aylar önce
Tommys hate for Dream after he killed Vik just went up by like 100%
User_ 21 gün önce
Flashbacks to Sidemen among us: Tommy: It was KSI!!!!
WillDaGamer Aylar önce
Now he can't join the Sidemen
JustA_NormalPerson 2 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure it was already at 100
MyL0rd♡ :]
MyL0rd♡ :] 2 aylar önce
My hate for the british and americans just went wooooooooooosh
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 4 aylar önce
Can we appreciate the fact that dream finally made content on youtube about his own SMP
Grimm Soul
Grimm Soul 19 gün önce
yes shame it is only one episode and is when everyone should be at end game alr
User_ 21 gün önce
Carter Rebold
Carter Rebold 4 aylar önce
This legit feels like a movie trailer. Dream, what did you do.
Vatali 8 gün önce
He made a video, what do you think he did?
Euanimations 4 aylar önce
"Someone pretty old, like- like Phil!" Even when in seriousness, it is still the running gag
spector Aylar önce
@paulinawang1 he's at least a few centuries old i believe
paulinawang1 2 aylar önce
@Buplo how old do you think he is in the lore bc I have no idea how old anyone is in lore- Except Wilbur bc I think he said that he was in his 40’s when he got revived
Kakera ;
Kakera ; 4 aylar önce
@Qellsy Villanueva the bit never gets old unlike Phil
Nicodapeek2 4 aylar önce
They always bully Phil. smh
Aiko 4 aylar önce
Pwnish 4 aylar önce
OMG LOOKING BACK THIS, dream was SUPER messed up to kill tommy for “experimenting” CUS HE ALREADY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN 💀😫😍 THIS IS SO GOOD
ThatMeggamer 4 aylar önce
We finally get a dream lore! I’m surprised he was willing to use the revive book around someone. Hope C!Punz knows what he’s getting himself into
Crystal Cake
Crystal Cake 4 aylar önce
Cool to see some of the lesser characters getting involved with the lore like vik and lazer with dream, fundy, foolish, and purpled with las Nevadas, and Connor with the syndicate
MyL0rd♡ :]
MyL0rd♡ :] 2 aylar önce
Why does no-one spell lazarbeam correctly The dude is 27 or 28 years old and he was apart of my childhood. I still like play fortnite but i dont play often
Yfébo Anvakenss
Yfébo Anvakenss 3 aylar önce
Im still not sure if Connor joining the Syndicate was a bit or not lmao
Tigereye 4 aylar önce
I hope Vik actually stays relevant to the lore, I know he had fun doing little lore bits for How To Minecraft and it would be awesome to bring back some good memories. Vik will always be one of the best OGs
Ale_xdoesart 4 aylar önce
This was so cool and suspenseful but them calling Phil old and saying “he might die soon anyway” had me in stitches 💀💀
I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me
dude read my name
Aurora Animates
Aurora Animates 4 aylar önce
Ender 4 aylar önce
He'll never escape the old jokes
MsaoceR 4 aylar önce
@BlubooTheBeloved Ofcourse, he invented minecraft after all
BlubooTheBeloved 4 aylar önce
@Garuk the Gar Dragon I mean he is ancient 💀
AmosBoss 4 aylar önce
The burst of laughter when I thought I was going to see Tommy but instead was the commonwealth kings, almighty vikkstar and lazarbeam.
Ashi 4 aylar önce
this gives me "they're gonna know"....."how would they know?" vibes
100% not Frost Spirit(Yes I change my name)
Am laugh 5 mins when Dream said: "Let's kill Philza,no one would notice." That got me lmao
ItsJT 3 aylar önce
Dream, from here on out, I expect this kind of work in every dreamSMP related thing you do. :)
Emily Green
Emily Green 4 aylar önce
Punz: there’s not a single person who would go unnoticed Dream: you’re right, there’s not a single person Cuts to laser and vikkstar Me: bursts out laughing Genuinely forgot those guys existed on the dreamsmp, well played
User_ 21 gün önce
Vikkstar123 and Lazarbeam lore coming soon???
Speedy200 4 aylar önce
I thought they were gonna do puffy or something
DARK4ES 4 aylar önce
And connoreatspants
Jupiter 4 aylar önce
honestly when c!punz said that i thought c!george cause he only sleeps but then i remembered c!dream wouldn’t kill him
Crossfox 4 aylar önce
so true! That is very well played I am impressed lol
Classified 4 aylar önce
1:11 I love how there’s intense music and you just see they’re little legs moving like a cute cartoon 😂
Doodad Aylar önce
It would've been pretty cool if dream and punz had recorded a bunch of lore vids that they would release when the whole story is tied up. That way it doesn't ruin the Dream character mystery during, but we could finally see his perspective for the entirety of the lore, just after the fact.
suga suga
suga suga 4 aylar önce
I love how Dream defined Phil as “Oldza”
Alyse the Star ⭐️
Alyse the Star ⭐️ 4 aylar önce
Cool to see the SMP is back since we didn't get a lot of content during the second half of 2021. Hopefully 2022 will revive it!
Jοhnny 3 aylar önce
Bayarkhuu Lkhamsuren
Bayarkhuu Lkhamsuren 4 aylar önce
Killing Tommy once screwed him up so much, Wilbur was never the same when he returned, I wonder how screwed up their minds are since Dream killed and revived them so many times. Would be pretty interesting to explore.
CloudNine400 4 aylar önce
There was actually kind of a plot in comics like that. There was a Spiderman clone named Ben Reilly who was killed and resurrected 27 times and went insane. He stayed like that for a while, but ended up fine after the 28th revival. Just food for thought
Amelia G
Amelia G 4 aylar önce
Btw if you are interested there’s a fanfic that explores this idea really well called “the dead don’t dream” I would recommend it but check TWs
marlinazul 4 aylar önce
@Garuk the Gar Dragon the ghost isn’t him, like how ghostbur wasn’t will, actual ranboo is in some hell right now, and might not remember anything or anyone because amnesia go brrrr
Garuk the Gar Dragon
Garuk the Gar Dragon 4 aylar önce
I think Ranboo is going to turn evil, he’s already different as a ghost
marlinazul 4 aylar önce
Tommy was screwed up because he scared of the void after he dies, Wilbur is so different because he was in limbo for years, but these two were dead for a very short amount of time so depending on what there limbos were they shouldn’t be to affected by it
Kathryn Iredale
Kathryn Iredale 4 aylar önce
Dream. Do more lore. It's good, I want more. More.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 4 aylar önce
"Someone pretty old, like- like Phil!" Even when in seriousness, it is still the running gag
TheAdvertisement 3 aylar önce
Holy crap, Dream uploading a video about Dream's own server? Thought this day would never come1
Silver Chest
Silver Chest 4 aylar önce
The quality of this video was so good, I honestly was out off words. It was just a masterpiece. I honestly didn't except dream would upload LORE from the dream SMP, but I rly liked it!
ChronosKat 4 aylar önce
Yeah lets be honest, almost everybody forgot about those two. Very interesting how they incorporate that fact into the plot.
Kareem 4 aylar önce
@diplation fax
Names arent important
Names arent important 4 aylar önce
@diplation we were just talking about lore you're the one being cringe here
Sebable XD
Sebable XD 4 aylar önce
i didnt even know they were in the smp
Chief Yoshi
Chief Yoshi 4 aylar önce
No. Only the new gens forgot
YOLO SOLO 4 aylar önce
Epic , Dream ,you should make more short content like this, it's really cool
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 aylar önce
"Someone pretty old, like- like Phil!" Even when in seriousness, it is still the running gag
Jοhnny 3 aylar önce
Bot x3
Charlotte Neji
Charlotte Neji 3 aylar önce
this video just looks amazing! excited for the stuff you lot have planned
Bugs 4 aylar önce
notice how dream only ever traumatizes the minors: tommy, tubbo, and ranboo-
¿UNKNOWN? 4 aylar önce
"How about Phil? He's pretty old, he's probably gonna die soon." POOR PHIL CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THESE OLD JOKES 😂😂😂😂
robert downey junir
robert downey junir 4 aylar önce
your comment was stolen D:
PKbacon 117
PKbacon 117 4 aylar önce
Yeah its a joke but the character is saying it cause c!phil is like thousands of years old as an angel of death.
anora falls into art
anora falls into art 4 aylar önce
@Cole Slayz huh?- You alright? Ya know this is minecraft?
KILLERSCHEP 4 aylar önce
@Cole Slayz da duck are you talking about
Cole Slayz
Cole Slayz 4 aylar önce
Box Supremacy
Box Supremacy 4 aylar önce
this video just looks amazing! excited for the stuff you lot have planned!
ʟᴜᴠꜱʜᴀxɪ #roadto100
Can we take a moment to appreciate the animation ITS INSANE
Stella Pinkbird
Stella Pinkbird 4 aylar önce
This is interesting, cause he ended up memorising the book, and then when he was in prison managed to get Tommy stuck with him so he could try it out
Ry Wheeler
Ry Wheeler Aylar önce
Never I saw Dream make boring content this never gets old!
OX 4 aylar önce
Is this gonna be "experience things from the mind of a killer" type of thing
Olive-ish 。。
Olive-ish 。。 4 aylar önce
1000 like 👍
My_Ch33ms_Røm4nc3 4 aylar önce
Why dont we prove it?
jeck jeck
jeck jeck 4 aylar önce
From the 'hero' mind!
R9ns 4 aylar önce
Diamond 4 aylar önce
dude ⬆️
Kaylee Krajinovic
Kaylee Krajinovic 4 aylar önce
this literally gives me chills ahh this is so cool and i’m very excited for the dream smp lore and future!
ZombieKZ 3 aylar önce
Y’all remember Minecraft: Story Mode? I’m just saying I can’t wait for Dream SMP: Lore of the universe 😳
Coffee Succubus
Coffee Succubus 2 aylar önce
I am extremely curious to see how Dream would do on Stoneworks MC because honestly, he and his friends appear to be that type who like D&D and worldbuilding
HowToRoblox 4 aylar önce
This smp content from Dream is very hype, does this mean he’s gonna start dsmp content on TRvid?
Animagician 4 aylar önce
The first ever Dream lore...this'll be interesting.
Colcheco 14 gün önce
Not true: Dream used to stream on twitch in the L'Manburg revolution days.
Amaire Lachica
Amaire Lachica 3 aylar önce
Yes now he can revive himself in the speedrunning website
Sufya2802 Sufya
Sufya2802 Sufya 3 aylar önce
Ani ma boi
ItzDeme 3 aylar önce
Totally the first 😅
×#Introvert#× 3 aylar önce
First dream lore lol
daniwastaken 4 aylar önce
dream: phil, phil is old he's gonna die soon anyway. phil: "here we go again."
User_ 21 gün önce
Theory: The small glimpse of Dream with Ranboo was his (Ranboo's) personal limbo.
MrCube6 4 aylar önce
The cinematography was on point! Love to see the Minecraft in a more movie/cinematic way!
ItsPixelated 4 aylar önce
Hey MrCube!
Everett Brown
Everett Brown 4 aylar önce
That is incredibly cool, some of the best editing I have ever seen
Harbringer Boredom
Harbringer Boredom 4 aylar önce
Dream: lets kill Phill, he is pretty old Punz: *That's a terrible idea*
Neuroness 2 aylar önce
ya thats what he said. i dont know why u commented this
S Laskoczech
S Laskoczech 3 aylar önce
It really does sound like a bad idea
Dream’s cat
Dream’s cat 3 aylar önce
Kazifie 4 aylar önce
Good job Punz you saved Phill
TPX 4 aylar önce
Trechno: hold my trident i need my bow
Caroline Winn
Caroline Winn 3 aylar önce
Dream is just like “Phil’s old, he’s going to die soon anyway.” Ouch
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 3 aylar önce
"Someone pretty old, like- like Phil!" Even when in seriousness, it is still the running gag
Jοhnny 3 aylar önce
Bot x2
Avinli parker
Avinli parker 4 aylar önce
i know it was supposed to be dramatic but i laughed so hard when they where running in the woods.. but oml i love this
Berna Fadul
Berna Fadul 4 aylar önce
The way you edited this, the music in every scene, and just... the clear and concise story telling? absolutely masterful. thank you for this! hope to see more lore from you!!
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 4 aylar önce
“Phil is old, nobody will notice” -Dream 2021
Haka Aylar önce
wrong year
Jackson Rich
Jackson Rich Aylar önce
This man just put down some facts
Silly Siblings
Silly Siblings 2 aylar önce
Upuiff 3 aylar önce
@Time Gunner1 ohhhhhhhh
chocolatenotsochocolate 🍫
Dream, the fact the views your getting will be directly given to the charity. 👌 yes king
Dumbp0p 3 aylar önce
I love George but my first reaction to when he said “we should kill someone” I really said *”George.”*
Elyssa Pesante
Elyssa Pesante 4 aylar önce
This makes me want to write out the idea/theory I thought of on where the book could've come from. Gaaahhhhh it's so tempting!
Seiouli 4 aylar önce
the editing omg! you popped off dream, this is amazing
SatinySalt 4 aylar önce
Funny thing is, I’ve always had in the back of my mind : *”Is Lazar still on the server or…?”* (Sorry Vikk I actually forgor abt you)
I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me
hey! ok then read my name
Gamer btw
Gamer btw 4 aylar önce
I believe they are still technically whitlisted
A G 4 aylar önce
Thick Blues
Thick Blues 4 aylar önce
same! for months i've been wondering what happened to boomerville
Eline Hegrand
Eline Hegrand 4 aylar önce
Same, and i thought vikk eas just a guest soo
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 4 aylar önce
"Someone pretty old, like- like Phil!" Even when in seriousness, it is still the running gag
inot_shiloh 4 aylar önce
ngl The Trailer Made My Mind Feel Like I'm Watching A Whole Movie The Music And The Voice over with The Echos Is Just Super Cool
GhostRikuta 4 aylar önce
I forgot breathing for a minute. That was absolutely epic and i would've never expected that Punz is working with Dream, like, wtf!? Nice work man! Keep it up
The Rebecca Davi Show
The Rebecca Davi Show 4 aylar önce
Epic... Punz: "They’re gonna know..." Dream: "No ones gonna know..."💗
I'm Nothing
I'm Nothing 4 aylar önce
I laughed out loudly when Dream said that “Phil is old, no one will notice”
Cynical Souls
Cynical Souls Aylar önce
@Cole Slayz You fell off
Jοhnny 3 aylar önce
@loreyann and the Worst fact is that you can't leave negative Comments on Cole because he likes only the positive. And he has the like and dislike ratio off on his videos because he hates the huge amount of dislikes
I'm Nothing
I'm Nothing 4 aylar önce
@ω*_Ashy_*ω lol
STAR 4 aylar önce
@Cole Slayz nobody cares
ω*_Ashy_*ω 4 aylar önce
your pfp make this comment even funnier
SL33P1NG S4LM0N 4 aylar önce
Phil being the target old person made me laugh 😂 at the start
help me reach 100 subs without any videos
Let's appreciate how he always makes our days better
alex v
alex v 2 aylar önce
dream: "maybe phil, he's pretty old" fandom: how could you say that!!!!!!
Benji Wow
Benji Wow 4 aylar önce
This deserves an animation and a freaking award. Like the cliffhanger
Jenn Hall
Jenn Hall 4 aylar önce
Can you just imagine how the ooc conversation must have gone? Dream: hey, you guys don’t really care about playing on the smp, do you? Vik and Lazar: Nah not really. Dream: so how would you feel about us brutally killing your characters and bringing them back to life repeatedly as experimentation, only for us to kill them off entirely at the end? Duo: Yeah ok sounds good
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun Aylar önce
Silly Siblings
Silly Siblings 2 aylar önce
Lol kinda true
ArchWolf 2 aylar önce
Yes lol
Tigerer .
Tigerer . 3 aylar önce
@Dream’s cat yes.
Dream’s cat
Dream’s cat 3 aylar önce
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 4 aylar önce
This was so cool and suspenseful but them calling Phil old and saying “he might die soon anyway” had me in stitches 💀💀
Valentina Petrović
Valentina Petrović 4 aylar önce
This is blowing my mind. So technically dream got Vik and Lazar as an experiment to test does the book really work. He stole Ranboo's lives and they are back. Because of that, when Sam killed Ranboo he turned into ghost.
(Kamrynn) 4 aylar önce
Im happy that Vik and Lazar will finally have some lore to do, they have done probally the least for being on the server for so long.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 4 aylar önce
This was so cool and suspenseful but them calling Phil old and saying “he might die soon anyway” had me in stitches 💀💀
KayToday 4 aylar önce
I'm sorry but "Phil's pretty old he might die soon anyway" had me in tears ✋😂
CLEONgoWhy 4 aylar önce
★ SAISPACE 4 aylar önce
@Senpaija he's immortal unless he gets killed he's more than 1000 years old I've heard
F.G. 4 aylar önce
I mean he ain't wrong
Marii_ 4 aylar önce
Ikr I’m currently watching this at school and I bursted out of laughing lmao
jeck jeck
jeck jeck 4 aylar önce
@Marshall lee 63 Or his mortal enemy.... a baby zombie!
MrClips 4 aylar önce
Now we see that if Dream uploaded more videos about it, Dream SMP would’ve been much better.
Grant T
Grant T 4 aylar önce
I would like to see the occasional lore video from Dreams perspective
Megan Grayson
Megan Grayson 4 aylar önce
First Dream POV lore pog! Cant wait for next year for the next Dream pov lore lol. In all seriousness Dream this was amazing
Dark Gaming6009
Dark Gaming6009 3 aylar önce
Philza definitely has saw some strange anomalies on his time on this earth.
Himi G
Himi G 4 aylar önce
damn even in a 3 minute lore short video.... Phil's getting attacked for his age. You may regret it when Phil eventually.... y'know....
Ealive 4 aylar önce
Philza had a good run.....ya know
Named: Something
Named: Something 4 aylar önce
Yeah… even though he might…y’know….
tzi 4 aylar önce
Ohayo! 🤚 I write instrumental music with an oriental theme) 🏮 Thank you for your attention! 🙃 Sorry for the off-topic comment and have a nice day! 😊
:) gsfs
:) gsfs 4 aylar önce
@DraXas as said someone started it probably Tommy maybe will
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 4 aylar önce
yeah i know its gonna be sad when he outlives everyone ✌️✌️
Mary Allea T. Labine
Mary Allea T. Labine 4 aylar önce
This shirt reminds me of my street episodes holy crap the nostalgia is hitting me can't wait for more lores
Tilki 4 aylar önce
"there is not a single person whose death wont be noticed." Connor who has been in prison for months but no one noticed : 👀
Aliveskeleton27 4 aylar önce
For the first ever dream lore this is amazing
ABDmations 4 aylar önce
Finally now we can see dreams perspective of the lore
JohnElle4559 4 aylar önce
I love how Dream gives two members who doesn't do lore and gave them involvement on his first ever lore teaser. Edit:Holy S#@t!, i got a fast liked comment and second the seniors dead way before Dream's escape.
I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me
ok then read my name
Nefeli 4 aylar önce
I feel like DSMP season 4 in general was literally that: random members who didn't get really involved with the lore suddenly play their own part in the story, which is really good cuz now everyone's getting involved
Unknown girl
Unknown girl 4 aylar önce
ValkyRiver 4 aylar önce
in the thumbnail, it looks like dream is glowing
cloudy reverie ! ✧
cloudy reverie ! ✧ 4 aylar önce
ikr 😭
coolsindy345 4 aylar önce
"Phil's old nobody will notice" Also Phil later on gets taken by dream after he escapes-
Just a sad *enby* looking at memes at 2am
Okay so I'm pretty sure we know exactly why the prison was built the way it was and how the revive book works. Essentially, a book is needed to rewrite the contents of the original revive book, and then it needs to be thrown into lava for someone to be revived. That's why the chest in the prison contained empty books and why there was a reachable lava wall. All the clues were there for dream having built the prison for himself.
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
This is so good! Nicely animated.
Chase Warbiany
Chase Warbiany 4 aylar önce
this was so cool! keep up the great work i loved the music [:
Whispering Willow ASMR
Okay this is hype 🙄🤚 I’m getting sucked back into lore I guess
Jοhnny 3 aylar önce
@Cole Slayz Don't care+didn't ask+Fortnite trash
ok 4 aylar önce
Cole Slayz
Cole Slayz 4 aylar önce
OGHollylujah 4 aylar önce
My favorite ASMR-ist is a DreamSMP fan? pog
I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me
ok then read my name
Acceber 4 aylar önce
yoooo this was so sick, i hope there are more videos like this in the future! so good B^))
TalEmo 3 aylar önce
This is amazing new Dream lore but still waiting on more info from that teaser where he called Conner Son....
Shadow The Dog
Shadow The Dog 4 aylar önce
"It's not a mistake", 🐶 IT'S A MASTERPIECE 🐶
Shadow The Dog
Shadow The Dog 4 aylar önce
"It's not a mistake", 🐶 IT'S A MASTERPIECE 🐶
Hi :D
Hi :D 4 aylar önce
First time ever experiencing dream lore from Dream's perspective. This is soo exciting!
Dreaming Wonder
Dreaming Wonder 4 aylar önce
S 4 aylar önce
Dream seems much more like the antagonist because we never experience it from his side.
curbalist 4 aylar önce
Jan Naj
Jan Naj 4 aylar önce
Actually though
Sun 4 aylar önce
@Ash Puffy *WKR (We know right)
Shadow The Dog
Shadow The Dog 4 aylar önce
"It's not a mistake", 🐶 IT'S A MASTERPIECE 🐶
Shadow The Dog
Shadow The Dog 4 aylar önce
"It's not a mistake", 🐶 IT'S A MASTERPIECE 🐶
Shadow The Dog
Shadow The Dog 4 aylar önce
"It's not a mistake", 🐶 IT'S A MASTERPIECE 🐶
BlueInkSuits 3 aylar önce
I love that fact lazarbeam is becoming a part of the lore. I literally grew up watching lazarbeam. I kinda left the community and stopped caring but then I got roped back in because of this.
Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu 4 aylar önce
I love how Dream’s first showing of his perspective in the lore is posted on the DreamXD channel. (Aside from the obvious fact that it wouldn’t make sense for him to suddenly post dsmp on his main Dream channel,) I like to think this implies we’re seeing what’s happening through DreamXD’s eyes.
Colcheco 14 gün önce
It isn't the first showing of his perspective in the dream smp lore. He also did streams on twitch back in the L'Manburg revolution days.
Hayden Phillips
Hayden Phillips 3 aylar önce
@fellowship maybe for both reasons
The DMG Gang
The DMG Gang 3 aylar önce
that WOULD explain how we can see multiple things at once. a gods omniscient view is different than that of mortal eyes
Dream’s cat
Dream’s cat 3 aylar önce
Bubble :D
Bubble :D 4 aylar önce
I love this headcanon so much
XCINX 4 aylar önce
ah yes, the menacing return of my favorite villian
Faceless 4 aylar önce
Just wait until a specific someone who showed up for a month straight for cough cough certain reasons comes into hold of this canonically. *cough cough* starts with a Q.
coolsindy345 4 aylar önce
"Phil is old nobody will notice" Immediately thinking of the syndicate xD Yes he does have alot of allies punz
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