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Dream SMP - Rise of Las Nevadas!! In this documentary, I give a detailed storytelling of the Dream SMP. In today's video, I retell the story of Wilbur's Revival, the Syndicate, the Technoblade Prison Saga, and of course, Las Nevadas. In this series, I cover everything from the Disc Saga and L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Tommy’s Exile, the Doomsday War, the prison arc, the egg, and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!

Twitter: twitter.com/evanmcgaming
Discord: discord.gg/tmcqCqPNT9
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/evanmcgamingyt
Instagram: instagram.com/evanmcgaming/

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Thumbnail by KaosCreates: twitter.com/kaoscreates

LordKanter (Guy who recreated the entire server): trvid.com/u-LordKanter

My Second Channel: trvid.com/u-evanx2

Big thanks to my sister Kaiya, as well as CjSpy, Legacy, Dr Wiggles101, Misteyyy and Alf1es for helping get replay shots!!

Thanks to my sister @KaiyaBuffelen for the AMAZING cover of Wilbur's "Jubilee Line" at the beginning of the video

Recap/Cinematic: ( 00:00 )
Chapter 1 - An Empty Throne: ( 01:14 )
Chapter 2 - House of Cards: ( 05:45 )
Sponsor: ( 12:12 )
Chapter 3 - Taking The Gamble: ( 13:11 )
Chapter 4 - Living in Paradise: ( 29:10 )
Chapter 5 - A Man and His Book: ( 36:21 )
Chapter 6 - Seeds of Anarchy: ( 39:38 )
Chapter 7 - Blinded by Vengeance: ( 45:47 )
Credits: ( 59:08 )




2 Ara 2021




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EvanMCGaming Aylar önce
Make sure to subscribe!! This took over 200 hours =) Road to 1 MILLION
NoahFavs Gün önce
I Knew your are dharman but Minecraft dream smp
Thomasa titusa
Thomasa titusa 5 gün önce
R.A. Rhelfia's Channel
200 hours? God bless you . I'm ganna wait the episode 8❤️
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson 10 gün önce
When are the next episodes out?
Qudrat Karim
Qudrat Karim 12 gün önce
Your videos are the best
 ShortHax Aylar önce
“Don’t you see history repeating itself!” - Technoblade. Art of War
Xx_Løtus_xX 2 gün önce
@Jerry Andrews What the hell do you mean-
Neelima Rose kujur
Neelima Rose kujur 10 gün önce
@Barcotron 2b2t players are exploit lords.
Neelima Rose kujur
Neelima Rose kujur 10 gün önce
@T.S.B.S 2b2t players are lords of anarchy.
I know everything Socha
@Sad sponge… B Sc
Barcotron 11 gün önce
lol 8 gün önce
I love how technoblade canonically breaks the fourth wall
Bandito667 5 gün önce
He just has a good gaming chair
LOLrpop Aylar önce
I love how “las Nevadas” translates to “the snowfall” and yet it’s in the middle of a desert
Just Another Gaming Youtuber
I want some slot machines there tho lmao
Xx_Løtus_xX 2 gün önce
@G156 Dang gimme one of them brain cells. I need one
几卂爪乇 卄乇尺乇
@Racer501 _TRZ hate to break it to you, Las Vegas is a city inside of Nevada
几卂爪乇 卄乇尺乇
@G156 I think it is lol, that's what I was thinking anyway
LOLrpop 18 gün önce
@Mariam Studies omg- that- was beautiful- O-O
Just V
Just V Aylar önce
As someone who doesn't watch streams... Ever, this series has captivated me, I cannot wait for the next episode
Just Another Gaming Youtuber
Wdym, it’s already out: trvid.com/video/video-M5V_IXMewl4.html
I.J. Dragonfly
I.J. Dragonfly 4 gün önce
I would highly recommend giving Quackity's four Las Nevadas streams a shot! They're not that long (only about an hour each), and they go into a lot more depth with explaining his motivations and past
Just V
Just V Aylar önce
@name of the century Yessss, I watch Techno's
name of the century
i’m kinda the same, but rly recently i’ve actually taken to watching techno or tommy’s streams on yt, mostly techno :D
Adrienne Kinzel
Adrienne Kinzel Aylar önce
How Wilbur recruits: *gives inspiring speeches Quackity recruiting method: “you are worthless, utterly worthless.” Very different methods yet both very successful
Lucio Flores V
Lucio Flores V 29 gün önce
Yeah, true. I feel like they both have such good character development
George S
George S Aylar önce
I love how everybody else talks about the lore so seriously and techno is just saying funny stuff.
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf 13 gün önce
I'm thinking 'ha ha wilby x duck = gae ha ha" Because my brain is like that.
Xinfang Zhao
Xinfang Zhao 14 gün önce
100th like
Nashi X
Nashi X Aylar önce
"Ranboo's best friend" ah yes, spoken like a true historian xD
Bella Jovanovic
Bella Jovanovic 4 gün önce
and historians will call them close friends, roommates, colleagues anything but lovers, history hates lovers sidekicks, family, good pals, buddies anything but lovers, history hates lovers
Quinty 15 gün önce
@salem r o o m a t e s
JELLY_Sith 15 gün önce
@salem oh my god they were roommates
salem 19 gün önce
and they were roommates
Márta Nagy
Márta Nagy 20 gün önce
gigabot3662 Aylar önce
The things you miss when you only watch Technoblade.
swagmiester 6 gün önce
I know right
Nathan Stafford
Nathan Stafford Aylar önce
I can't really keep up with the dream smp, so I'm really glad that I have this, not only as a recap, but also a very well told story of how everything is happening and from each character's perspectives too! Really great video, and I can't wait to see the next part!
Cloud Aylar önce
I love how each character has there own tragic backstory and slimecicle just walked in
Comment² 8 gün önce
g o o p
Neelima Rose kujur
Neelima Rose kujur 10 gün önce
@evan brouillet KillAura is also a thing.
Kryztov Tank
Kryztov Tank 10 gün önce
We have once peaceful people turned violent, people who won't be remembered, and the slime who had no backstory before the event.
Carl Thorning
Carl Thorning 10 gün önce
@evan brouillet this is slimecicle. not techno
Carl Thorning
Carl Thorning 10 gün önce
Bro he was goopin around.
Shreyas Muppaneni
Shreyas Muppaneni Aylar önce
Guys .. Let's be honest. Nothing in the world gives me greater joy than seeing a new video from EvanMC. His videos are insane :)
Queenalex Aylar önce
"and his best friend" they were more then friends, Tubbo and Ranboo were more then friends
Victoria Oliviero
Victoria Oliviero Aylar önce
"Since the beginning, Wilbur and Quackity never seemed to get along" *flashbacks to Niki's birthday party*
up all night to get monke
Foolish: has no meaning and is and empty shell Purpled: lost his last meaning and has no footprint left on the server Fundy: trying to re live his past and trying to find meaning Slimecicle: hi im the new guy here
[a r i]
[a r i] Aylar önce
Quackity's lore stream, Techno's lore stream, Dream's Manhunt, AND this? We've been fed well this week
pepsipopz_ Aylar önce
@Kaezee. nah fam it just started
The Rhyano
The Rhyano Aylar önce
Sunaru8173 Aylar önce
And also George just posted a video with Dream so this week is rl just
Ricer pan.
Ricer pan. Aylar önce
And Tommy’s lore stream too
Márkó Orosz
Márkó Orosz Aylar önce
@KONG Who the hell is laughing. XD means laugh. xd means dissapointment/"bruh"
Hen Tai
Hen Tai Aylar önce
Quackity: I once thought that peace was a way to live Also Quackity: *helped the attempt to assassinate Technoblade* *has fought in multiple wars and revolutions*
jump in the cadillac
i mean, he was talking about the manberg era, so...
Derrt776_plays 13 gün önce
I love how Techno asks for a bell instead of an enderchest when DreamXD gives a wish
IndieLife Aylar önce
Evan needs to join dream smp, as the entirety of dreamsmp know what hes doing and he deserves it
Michael Tandilyan
Michael Tandilyan 2 gün önce
As some kind of Bard character who catalogs the history of the SMP
rhumrunners Aylar önce
I love how technoblade canonically breaks the fourth wall
KingYote Aylar önce
This series has actually made me interested in this story, that should show how good of a job you have done dude.
Pandanarian 12 gün önce
@MrPrick wont they know some? Especially since this series is episodic, but whatever. Good point
MrPrick 12 gün önce
@Pandanarian Isn't that the reason why they're here? To know about the Dream SMP lore?
D: Aylar önce
penta Aylar önce
@ZoldyckZone they aren't really complaining in the first place lol
ZoldyckZone Aylar önce
@Andrea Benton then make your own stories and stop complaining.
Simon Norris
Simon Norris 29 gün önce
I love how the production value of these gets better and better with each installment. Bravo
JuiceBox 12 gün önce
6:54 Holy crap this is such an improvement and adds so much to the atmosphere
Baticuchis Aylar önce
Wilbur: *fighting with quackity* Tommy: THERES AN EIFFEL TOWER
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
Quackity's lore stream, Techno's lore stream, Dream's Manhunt, AND this? We've been fed well this week
Outcast Aylar önce
I have finally watched this masterpiece of a video, and boy was it a blast! I never thought much of Quackity's character, of his role in the general Story. However, this video, this movie even, made me look at him at a new perspective. All thanks to you, Evan, you and your team! I never thought Quackity posessed such powerful manipulation skills, he is basically an equal to Wilbur, *the* Manipulator, *the* Mastermind! Maybe even more powerful than him...
Khye Sean Lai
Khye Sean Lai Aylar önce
Quackity went from side character to slightly more important side character
Night Fox - 777
Night Fox - 777 Aylar önce
Another outstanding video! I've been hyped for Part 7 for months, so glad I finally understand the origin of Las Nevades! Also, I loved how he had the guitar part for Wilbur's song ("Your City Gave Me Athsma", I believe?) playing during his recap of Revivebur's new beginning. Thanks for this incredible movie, Evan!
a Takoranodon Brachiosaurus
this is a side of the story I never even imagined, and it's one of the reasons why I love dsmp so much
pepsi man
pepsi man Aylar önce
56:12 "And seeing that book, Techno smiled." Reality: "I gave you that book Phil, THREE MONTHS AGO!"
Mae M
Mae M Aylar önce
"It said three days not three month. Phil can't read" Also don't forget "Do you think my streaming schedule is that bad"
Why Aylar önce
@A_Random_Hermitcraft_Fan This is like "HARRY DID YA OUT YA NAME IN DA GOBLET OF FIYA?" Dumbledore asked calmly
Cuong Van Dang
Cuong Van Dang Aylar önce
@WDinATX: Observer of the Listener Bloodline Technoblade:I ALMOST DIE Philza (at the same time): You said 3 months?
WDinATX: Observer of the Listener Bloodline
Harmen Aylar önce
@A_Random_Hermitcraft_Fan Men of culture are in this comment section.
Carl Thorning
Carl Thorning 10 gün önce
Techno saying "how's it going roommate?" Was the funniest thing.
BeautyHoof Aylar önce
can we just appreciate how much time this took and how amazing these stories are
Rainbo Weasel
Rainbo Weasel Aylar önce
To be honest, I would love for the Dream SMP to have there own animated show. I would bench it.
Stockysphere Evan
Stockysphere Evan Aylar önce
Can we just take a minute to appreciate the work that goes into each of these videos
Thesurp Aylar önce
I love how Quackity slowly descended to the person who he hated, Dream. He became power hungry, manipulative, and was willing to go to any depths just to get what he wanted.
Sumit Kumar Yadav
Sumit Kumar Yadav Aylar önce
@ֺ didn't the person above me said the same thing
ֺ Aylar önce
@Sumit Kumar Yadav He had a vault full of everyone's stuff and was planning to take everyone else's other things and had spots reserved specifically for them. He took friend, and Henry and the axe of peace. And then the discs Mans stole stuff to control the server. He even had a whole entire speech mate "If I could control, the things that people are attached to. Then I can control the server again."
Sumit Kumar Yadav
Sumit Kumar Yadav Aylar önce
@xd Oh my bad, I didn't see the timestamp below the link. Anyway, yeah I now remember that part, thaks for reminding me that but it was a long time ago when the server didn't had cosmic powers.
xd Aylar önce
@Sumit Kumar Yadav i literally sent you a timestamp too, 5:34
xd Aylar önce
@Sumit Kumar Yadav ??? did you not watch the full video? dream literally takes tommy to a corridor where are all the most precious objects by all the members of the server, such as the axe of peace of techno, the fish of sapnap, etc
RiverSauce Aylar önce
Dude when Quackiy was talking to Fundy and counting down lightning and thunder struck outside my house, that was cinematic af
P. M technicals
P. M technicals Aylar önce
I have watched the whole dream smp playlist at once trust me it is more epic and interesting thn any other series available on Netflix . I loved it the way he conveys and his stroy telling ability.its awesome 😎
Sarai Marley
Sarai Marley 11 gün önce
That was seriously so interesting I couldn’t get my eyes off of the screen! This helps a lot for people (and me) who don’t want to watch days of streams, but instead watch this summary of the Dream SMP streams!
green man
green man 28 gün önce
This is amazing and very helpful at catching up. Though as a note, at 50:10 you said the purpose of mining down was to swim away, but it was actually to break into the elder guardian's area so technoblade could kill it, being revived over and over by Dream. Pretty impressive he was willing to die over and over for Dream. I assume this was cut for simplicity, but I think its pretty cool
Unbearable Studios
Unbearable Studios Aylar önce
“He began his assent” Techno: “I could climb this mountain really dramatically or I could right click”
cringe Aylar önce
@杭 かられ rejected
gost Aylar önce
777 lucky
Tree Branch Studios
I love Techno when he does that
TheBabyCheez Aylar önce
I saw that part of the vid and thought "bruh what is this he literally just pearled up there lol"
Kingflower Aylar önce
I loved how they added the dramatic climb here and Techno really just went "right click".
Lego Aylar önce
It is really cool to see these weeks of streams condensed into short mini history videos, it's like this happened so long ago but it is fairly recent.
Pixel Raid
Pixel Raid Aylar önce
At the beginning there were 4 minors on the server, Tommy Tubbo Ranboo Purpled and they all fear becoming someone who manipulated them, Tommy - Wilbur, Tubbo - Schlatt, Ranboo - Dream, Purpled - Quackity
Alata Advena
Alata Advena Aylar önce
Hope to see the next part soon. You do gorgeous storytelling!
Luke's Videos
Luke's Videos Aylar önce
This is a pure masterpiece. the angles , the voice overs . PERFECT 👍 Your blowing up my guy ! good job
(Man Face)
(Man Face) Aylar önce
In kindness there is evil: Quackity In evil there is kindness: Dream Pink: Technoblade
Bempex 7 gün önce
@[UNTITLED_] and then there is people who can eat infinite cake: ranboo
[UNTITLED_] 7 gün önce
@Bempex and then there is people who steal hotels: jack manifold
maxi • hace 11 años
Ponk: ponk
TheHistoryAndBookNerd 89
In royalty there is anarchy/In anarchy there is royalty: Technoblade
fisha Pepe
fisha Pepe 12 gün önce
Diego Aylar önce
really well done man, i hope sometime the members of the dsmp will see this, its just amazing man congrats
James Burch
James Burch Aylar önce
Please make another one!! These videos are so much easier to watch to catch up on the story than watching hours worth of everyone’s perspectives. Thank you so much for making these videos!!
Claire Wilson
Claire Wilson Aylar önce
This dude really created a whole-ass movie. Good job man!
TeenDemon Girl
TeenDemon Girl Aylar önce
This is so well done. I'm so glad that these videos are here, other wise it would be impossible for me with school and work to fully follow the Dream SMP lore. Thank you so much ☆
Ryverse Aylar önce
Watching Fundy's recruitment live was literally bone-chilling
j Aylar önce
there are a lot of fake replies here...
Not gonna lie
Not gonna lie Aylar önce
True:) trvid.com/video/video-EbGk_BXUQLI.html . ..
Stefanie Letcher
Stefanie Letcher Aylar önce
DoomGuy Aylar önce
@Dekkers Power wdym
f4st Aylar önce
@Dekkers Power >:(
santiago lopez
santiago lopez Aylar önce
Historians truly saw Tubbo and Ranboo characters' marriage and said "They were best friends" Bruh.
TheAdvertisement 15 gün önce
It's terrifying to see how Quackity went from the happy-go-lucky :] guy on the server, to the menacing leader that he is today, seeking revenge. Hopefully, Slimecicle's lesson gets through to him, and he can leader his nation in peace. But now that Dream's out, that may be tested more than ever. Purple's sought his revenge, and Wilbur's likely going to be on Dream's side. But maybe Tommy can finally figure out where his loyalties lie...
UltimateDudeGuy Aylar önce
58:04 that part was so cool, the music was really well chosen
Rajveer Mukherjee
Rajveer Mukherjee Aylar önce
These documentaries are truly Exceptional Evan I can't wait on how your new Documentary will be
Taha Ahmed
Taha Ahmed Aylar önce
Quackity and Wilbur : Insane power-hungry people talk Tommy : Falls out of a tree
Taha Ahmed
Taha Ahmed 28 gün önce
@jump in the cadillac pls HAHAHAHA
jump in the cadillac
quackity and wilbur: talking capitalism tommy: look will i planted a tree :D
DragonMan1756 Aylar önce
44:00 Story: way too interesting if of a adventure to pass up Reality: my viewer retention rate will skyrocket when i go see dream!
ENCHANTMEN 7 gün önce
I'd like to shout out how cool and dramatic that prison system is. The wall of lava descending over the only exit looks amazing
Ω SmashCrafter Ω
Ω SmashCrafter Ω 25 gün önce
The Fundy nightmare sequence honestly spooked me, holy crap. great story telling though.
Lucas Miro
Lucas Miro 12 gün önce
EvanMCGaming makes the story so emotional and dramatic. I love it!!!
Liam Sullivan
Liam Sullivan Aylar önce
Evan: Techno was a broken man. Techno: What an experience.
last1live 11 gün önce
@Mirza Pramudya technoblade sounding like tricky now
Mirza Pramudya
Mirza Pramudya Aylar önce
@ColtyBoi Techno: you don't rip pig, pig rips you!!!
ColtyBoi Aylar önce
@Zeta None except he doesn't get ripped in half
Zeta None
Zeta None Aylar önce
Let’s be honest here: Techno is a Deadpool expy.
ColtyBoi Aylar önce
Techno: well yes but actually no
Venessey Aylar önce
Another exceptionally well-crafted story! I missed out on majority of the story, and you narrated in a way only you could have done! Cheers, and best of luck on the Road to 1 Million!
Vanillaqyoo Aylar önce
Man these are so good, love the series !
Jackie Jackson
Jackie Jackson 16 gün önce
Dude, this is amazing. You really stepped up on the quality and drama on this one. It’s soooooo good!!
Lavender Kitty
Lavender Kitty Aylar önce
I haven’t been keeping up with lore and this is always so fun to watch it like another episode of a drama:)
The_Nameless_Myth Aylar önce
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I stayed the whole time as I was writing something and it entertained me with not many distractions!!! Also helped break down things for me so Awesome!!
Lucio Flores V
Lucio Flores V 29 gün önce
I feel like I can relate to las Nevadas Quackity a lot. I used to see the best in people, and try to help those who have been wronged
micah 15 gün önce
the fact that quakity first came in as comic relief…
Static Force
Static Force Aylar önce
Thank you for making these! I'm not allowed to watch streams so this always really helps me stay up to date
β®!@N    ❌
β®!@N ❌ 23 gün önce
Why u not allowed?
Frog 21 gün önce
No way. In the background, while he talks about Wilbur's limbo being a train, there's an alternate version of Jubilee Line playing.
Mr. Technical
Mr. Technical Aylar önce
I don't know why but it feels like a movie every time I watch his videos 🔥🔥
Endellion_asmr Aylar önce
I cant wait for the rest of this series!
Megamon 256
Megamon 256 Aylar önce
God you don't know for how long I was waiting for part-7. Amzing narration Evan loved it
Milotic YT
Milotic YT Aylar önce
I love how techno is unbelievably chill when he gets locked in prison on his birthday...
Samantha Turnbull
Samantha Turnbull Aylar önce
@杭 かられ bot
LuckyUnlucky Aylar önce
I think its because he expected the pearl chamber to be activated soon, which didnt happen.
Cloud Aylar önce
422th ike
Tanish Aylar önce
It’s not like that, the whole smp lore has been written months ago
Skrinyar369 Aylar önce
@杭 かられ nobody asked
Galixy Stars
Galixy Stars 13 gün önce
This is how I get caught up on the lore of DSMP after leaving and rejoining the fandom
atticus smith
atticus smith Aylar önce
evan deserves 1 million subs. his videos must take long to make and they're sooooooooooo good :)
wait a minute-
wait a minute- 26 gün önce
he said this one took 200 hours- I would have gave up if it took that long to do anything ._.
Beckham Reed
Beckham Reed Aylar önce
I love to see dream&Techno, who in previous videos seen as a villain, a hero.
•aloeshi• 24 gün önce
wilbur: ... without healthy competition. tommy: *proceeds to fall out of a tree in front of the conversation*
Jack Gottsegen
Jack Gottsegen Aylar önce
"I would never defy authority. I love authority." always cracks me up
Harshit Verma
Harshit Verma Aylar önce
Techno : You (shakes head) should give (shakes head) Quackity (shakes head) the (shakes head) book (shakes head).
InfiniteNayc Aylar önce
Yeah that just sounds so wrong coming from techno
Tyler Schenk
Tyler Schenk Aylar önce
This is one of the best videos on TRvid. I got actual chills listening to the storytelling, even when I knew the ending, it still shocked me. I know this took a very long time to make but every TRvidr has their Magnum Opus, this was yours. I have cried 4 times in my life before this video, afterwards, it is now 5.
Oh boy will you love legacy arc
SettleLuna76 Aylar önce
Nicely done Evan 🎊🎉 the amount of work you put into the videos is mind blowing!!! Thank you for another's fantastic video💖💖
Blazefire999 Aylar önce
Can't wait for the next one . This is so good
ᴘʜᴏᴇɴɪx 12 gün önce
This came up as a recommended video for me, I have literally never watched any Minecraft videos before but this was really well done 😊
Jovan Wade
Jovan Wade Aylar önce
I was genuinely hoping he’d dive a little further into slimeciccles character but that complexity deserves either it’s own video or just a section in part 8
Annomi Domini
Annomi Domini Aylar önce
@Cosmic Caleb it’s a bot
Cosmic Caleb
Cosmic Caleb Aylar önce
@杭 かられ thanks for the reply but, no one really cares
Hyperion 46 dakika önce
Can't wait for the next dream smp video, probably focused on dream's escape
John Titus
John Titus 23 gün önce
This man needs more recongnition
Hedgehog Aylar önce
I’ve been missing out on the lore due to mental health reasons, thank you for this series.
Leo Potter
Leo Potter Aylar önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate the time and effort it took to make this video, and the time and effort it took to make Las Nevada
Dango Aylar önce
39:29 You know someone is strong when the biggest threat to the strongest nation on the server isn't another nation, but a single man
Nan Wang
Nan Wang 12 gün önce
correction: a single pig
Lynn ♣️
Lynn ♣️ 12 gün önce
This is so fricking good, the music, naration, and the whole video is so good!
Aashish Dandriyal
Aashish Dandriyal Aylar önce
"I could either climb up the moustain in a very dramatic way, or i could right click" - TechnoBlade
Bearly Clairely
Bearly Clairely 20 gün önce
These are amazing and you tell the story so we’ll keep up the good work
Troy TAB
Troy TAB Aylar önce
Jubilee Line was genuinely the perfect song to have playing during the segment about Wilbur's return from the train station of limbo.
Varad Mahashabde
Varad Mahashabde Aylar önce
Things they cut from the source material : Techno pearled to the top instead of climbing it. Even Evan's dramatics can't survive Techno's 4th wall breaks.
JrPlaysGames Aylar önce
Also Philza being late by a bit under 3 months on the stasis chaimber.
Diamond Cubey846
Diamond Cubey846 Aylar önce
And “techno smiled as he sees Phil” reality: I gave you that book THREE MONTHS AGO
SocksforFan 2 gün önce
The jubilee line playing in the back really makes it so much better oh my god
dante andries
dante andries Aylar önce
this makes it so easy to follow the story your content is out of this world
EwwCum 25 gün önce
i love dream and techno's dsmp friendship :)
Jasmine Watson
Jasmine Watson 8 gün önce
Super excited for the next one, thanks for all the effort you guys have put into series so far!
SuperBlock4508 !
SuperBlock4508 ! Aylar önce
Quackity has probably the most interesting lore out of any character
Althea Aylar önce
i love all lore but quackity's lore is the one keeping me interested in the SMP ngl
Michimochi Aylar önce
I like technoblade’s lore more. Wilbur’s one as well, but I think Quackity’s lore is still pretty cool
SuperBlock4508 !
SuperBlock4508 ! Aylar önce
@Sparklez Squad *no one with
Sparklez Squad
Sparklez Squad Aylar önce
@SuperBlock4508 ! there’s no one interesting story. Opinions.
Sparklez Squad
Sparklez Squad Aylar önce
@Serge Shuntov there’s no one interesting story. Opinions.
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate 24 gün önce
Quackity: I can't let you in because you're to chaotic! Wilbur: what about a war tho? Quackity: ...I'm listening
Keiku 10 gün önce
i love techno's character so much like he's the most feared person on the entire server but his personality is just a dude going "eyyyyyyy"
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