Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent FULL Pepsi SB LVI Halftime Show 

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12 Şub 2022




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rin 7 aylar önce
hands down one of the best halftime shows because all of these legends together was so iconic
Ysuelt 7 aylar önce
I think its the best performance
Ricky 7 aylar önce
@Ysuelt one of the best.
Sinkle 7 aylar önce
@Ysuelt no one can top mj
laura.of3 7 aylar önce
Molya Iskendirova
Они никогда не постареют❤ также как их песни❤❤❤❤
Nah Bro
Nah Bro 15 gün önce
You know a halftime show is loaded with star power when they don't even mention the fact that Anderson Paak is on drums
Tycoon 6 gün önce
He’s underrated as hell but he’s made so many good songs. He’s worked with both snoop and Dre many times so it’s no surprise that he was invited to play
Amy Reynolds
Amy Reynolds 5 gün önce
Anderson Paak adds so much to this 😊.
Seth Beardsley
Seth Beardsley 3 gün önce
im so disappointed that his name isnt in the title or anything. Criminally underrated
QueenJerelene Figaro
Chefs kiss 😚🤌🏾💋
shanell bailey
shanell bailey Gün önce
He did his thing on the drums.
Kingston Boi
Kingston Boi 5 gün önce
The fact that Kendrick is still in his prime and fit into this roster of stacked and amazing rappers is crazy
Donasium Gün önce
the best thing is that out of all these rappers, kendrick probably has the best discography outof them
Jay Lew
Jay Lew Gün önce
Latoya Gibbs
Latoya Gibbs 2 gün önce
I will Always come back and watch this! Complete classic and THEE absolute BEST Halftime show ever! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
JustHugeNet 5 gün önce
This show was phenomenal def deserving of an Emmy. So much work was put into this set mad respect to everyone involved.
Danaephia 7 aylar önce
You know a halftime show is epic if you get goosebumps multipletimes
Kimzzie Reenee
Kimzzie Reenee 7 aylar önce
I can’t tell u how many times I’ve watched this!!
Arizona Records
Arizona Records 7 aylar önce
@lil durk I seen this comment so many times that I have feeling no one listens to them
Ciclalli Silva
Ciclalli Silva 7 aylar önce
Cause brings memories not alot people can relate to this time cause you lived the party lifestyle .
Rochalle Racine
Rochalle Racine 7 aylar önce
They won an Emmy for this!
Brandon Parker
Brandon Parker 7 aylar önce
Tomorrows will be epic
Boss Man
Boss Man 24 gün önce
All my favourite hip hop artists in one stage!! I've watched this video at least 20 times. Still giving me the chills..
赵子昂 24 gün önce
emilia jönsson
emilia jönsson 21 gün önce
K Bailey
K Bailey 17 gün önce
me too
HackpigggPlays PSX
HackpigggPlays PSX 12 gün önce
This was by far the most iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show!✨ All of them were soooo good, but you have to admit that the crowd went crazy when Eminem showed up!🤪 I love all of them! They have to do a concert like this in Europe PLEASE! 🙏😅
Denis Izvarin
Denis Izvarin Gün önce
Это нереально шикарное выступление! Ребята вы супер 👍
Ingrid Borges
Ingrid Borges 15 gün önce
Eles todos juntos foi perfeito demaissss !!! Passa um filme na cabeça sobre a minha adolescência , sou fã demais ❤
Monica Noemi Olguin
Monica Noemi Olguin 15 saatler önce
Rayos ... Es la lección más grande acerca de no tener prejuicios.. No lo quise ver pensando que estaría aburrido y lo hicieron fantástico, es más , mejor show que the Weekend. Me encantó.
Daniel A
Daniel A 8 aylar önce
Was nice of Dr Dre to let the NFL play a game at his concert!
tribaltonks 8 aylar önce
tribaltonks 8 aylar önce
bros so nice
Jacob Ramer
Jacob Ramer 7 aylar önce
sooo trueee
Dingo 7 aylar önce
🤩there is nothing to add🤩
Jamie Sharp
Jamie Sharp 7 aylar önce
flavinho rodrigues
flavinho rodrigues Aylar önce
Dre e Snoop é relíquia os cara é muito foda representa muito
Kristine Nelson
Kristine Nelson 7 gün önce
This show healed all the 90s kids' pandemic trauma ❤❤
Semper Augustus
Semper Augustus 9 gün önce
This basically took all of my favorite artists from the early 90s to present day and put them on stage together. I have been lucky enough to see a few in concert over the years (MJB, Em, Kendrick) but seeing them all up there was truly amazing.
Sandra 16 gün önce
Kocham ich występ ❤ moja młodość, a te nuty są wiecznie na czasie - dla nich czas się zatrzymał !🎉
Luka 15 gün önce
Wogule rozumniesz co oni śpiewają?
Luka 15 gün önce
Przypomina mi to jak kiedyś się obudziłem do dzwięku sąsiada jak ganiał🪓 świnię🐖 w oborze. Podobny dzwięk...
Thomasinio86 15 gün önce
I wjazd 2pacaa baaajaaa❤
Michał Templariusz Marten
dokładnie sandra
samations123 14 gün önce
This is one of the all time best Super Bowl half time shows ever! It was so good!
Kerm Johnson
Kerm Johnson 8 aylar önce
The fact that they have Kendrick performing with them just solidifies his legacy. Imagine being Kendrick performing with the men and women you looked up too in super bowl show. This is for real hip hop fans and that's it. Just amazing.
MIMIH22A 8 aylar önce
Dre produced tracks with kendrick back on good kid maad city. Kendrick has been a goat for a long time now
Kerm Johnson
Kerm Johnson 8 aylar önce
@MIMIH22A I know. I was just saying how it solidifies what he has worked towards. Just an amazing performance.
Mel Rondeau
Mel Rondeau 8 aylar önce
You are absolutely correct. Man has put in a lot of work. Def a goat.
Peter Franke
Peter Franke 8 aylar önce
his performance was the worst
Fuq On Yo Bitch
Fuq On Yo Bitch 7 aylar önce
@Peter Franke truth...😅Kendrick had no business being in that stage
scarlet 18 gün önce
This was and always will be the most iconic halftime show in history
Camila Carolinny
Camila Carolinny 15 gün önce
Não me canso de assistir 😊
Larissa Oliveira
Larissa Oliveira 12 gün önce
Toda vez q vejo essa apresentação eu vibro ❤
Kurban Gurbanov
Kurban Gurbanov 13 saatler önce
Поколение которое выросло под ваши песни , всё ещё с вами !!! Вы всегда в наших сердцах !!! ❤
Ray McGirt
Ray McGirt 9 gün önce
This was one of the best halftime shows of all time🎉❤
Candice Ball
Candice Ball Yıl önce
The huge smiles on Dre and snoops faces when they first look at each other made me immediately cry lmao. The energy was too good
1 Corinthians 6:14 (JFA) Now God, who also raised up the Lord, will raise us up by his power..............
FJ Yıl önce
Steve On the Road
Steve On the Road Aylar önce
An great line up of talented artist and icons of music history. This will go down as one of SuperBowl’s best halftime shows.
Miicky Joseph
Miicky Joseph Gün önce
You know this Halftime Show was lit when you return to it multiple times & get the same feeling everytime.
Rodrigo Netto
Rodrigo Netto 13 gün önce
Só lendas , arrepiou cê Loko 👊🏾
Felipe Chagas
Felipe Chagas Aylar önce
Um show de verdade ! 🇧🇷
jhenifer Ranucci
jhenifer Ranucci 10 gün önce
Como queria verrr estes shows de perto 🇧🇷
Amanda Alvarado
Amanda Alvarado 7 aylar önce
One big reason this performance always hits is the fact that every single person in it screams confidence. It’s literally seeping out of every one of them. I love it
god is love
god is love 7 aylar önce
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6
3 Days and Other Lies
3 Days and Other Lies 7 aylar önce
Not just confidence but JOY to be there. Dre’s smile at the very beginning when he saluted Snoop says it all.
N Oneyng
N Oneyng 7 aylar önce
The artists were great and all but man by the cheers from audience you can tell that everyone had the time of their life
Zoolap Factory
Zoolap Factory 7 aylar önce
It's still playback...
Romerio Lima
Romerio Lima Aylar önce
Show pra ninguém colocar defeito amei ❤❤
Tavinder Singh
Tavinder Singh 26 gün önce
This was one of the best halftime shows ever! insane to see how much dre contributed to the music industry in my life, this is the new chapter in SB history!
Matt Wolf
Matt Wolf 9 gün önce
No words that are enough to express for what Dre has done!!.. you are the man!!
Patty Retrovatto
Patty Retrovatto 9 gün önce
Sem desmerecer todos os profissionais até hj.. mas este é o melhor.. que show.. que vibe... só agradecer
bianodograu 7 gün önce
Tô dançando sozinho até agora top de + 😂🤣🎶🔥
Jesse Neri
Jesse Neri 11 aylar önce
The fact they got Eminem, Kendrick, Mary, Snoop, 50 and Dre up there is monumental to say the least
Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal 11 aylar önce
Mary J. wasn’t needed in the halftime
jamal 10 aylar önce
@Smooth Criminal she did good bruh
Martina M
Martina M 10 aylar önce
I remember watching JLo being pissed she had to share halftime with Shakira. These legends came together and showed how it’s done.
Lev7L 10 aylar önce
Don't forget PAAK
HH9 10 aylar önce
If only Pac were still here 😔
1984margolcia 2 gün önce
Real music never gets old🤘
Mochamad Fachreza
Mochamad Fachreza 19 gün önce
this is one of the best half time show!! Dr. Dre and snoop is high energy
Leanquabean 3 gün önce
Calling snoop high energy is counterintuitive
Audrey Kotouo
Audrey Kotouo 2 gün önce
The crowd was on fire!!
Lita Chambers
Lita Chambers 29 gün önce
I don't even like rap music, yet have watched this repeatedly. One of the best half time shows ever.
VertLIVE 5 gün önce
This halftime show is the closest thing there is to a time machine.
Erin Hayley-Lawrence
Erin Hayley-Lawrence 7 aylar önce
Still one of the best halftime shows EVER. I never get bored of watching it over and over😩
TheLastUchiha 7 aylar önce
micheal jackson has enter the chat
Ferrer 7 aylar önce
The worst I have seen
M.il89 7 aylar önce
@Ferrercause you’re from the Midwest and listen to country 💀
diego 7 aylar önce
@Ferrer white
Daniel Martino
Daniel Martino 7 aylar önce
It was pretty regular... missed the "show" factor.
Devilkain 1
Devilkain 1 Aylar önce
I have to admit that this was one of the best Super Bowl half time shows ever
gebakjes10 21 saatler önce
These guys are legends. Their music was also accessible for non-rap lovers like me.
Sir Fenix
Sir Fenix 18 gün önce
This was an amazing show - sadly i wasnt there. Everyone there a legend of itself. Noone could do better. And the amazing audience feedback during and at the end of the show. GREAT. Sadly we dont have shows like that in germany :(
Lady Dahmer
Lady Dahmer 8 gün önce
TheMemeTeam 7 aylar önce
Seeing all these legends preform together during a halftime show was crazy, one of the best halftime shows ever.
andere naam
andere naam 7 aylar önce
Yeah they're all great playbackers
Mirko 123
Mirko 123 7 aylar önce
@andere naam they would be way to quiet singing live
Raúl Hernandez ramirez
@andere naam Kendrick was not playbacking Bruh
Luis Bruno Meza
Luis Bruno Meza 7 aylar önce
Waayy better than rihanna
Danielle Guyger
Danielle Guyger 7 aylar önce
Best half time show ever
Torch 59
Torch 59 10 gün önce
Literally the best halftime show of all time 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Francisco Bastos
Francisco Bastos 14 gün önce
There are a lot of iconic rappers and maybe most of us are familiar with their music and their stories. But man, I swear this wouldn't be the same without Mary J. Blige, she plays a huge role on the hip-hop history herself, lots of recognition towards her!
Joanna Pacheco
Joanna Pacheco 6 gün önce
Son una leyenda toda mi juventud ❤
Mariah K
Mariah K 2 gün önce
Just amazing performances ❤️
Зарина Вершинина
Горжусь за него и за народ! Он дал знать когда сдержать паузу и дальше кипишь😂 я росла на его рэп
Biggs Jones
Biggs Jones Yıl önce
6 days after the Super Bowl, and I'm still watching the halftime show again.
Yohel Yıl önce
Don't think your the only one
Joce B
Joce B Yıl önce
me too 🔥
Myst Yıl önce
You must be on the other side of the world to be 6 days ahead.
Letshego Morake
Letshego Morake Yıl önce
Same !
californiaa love
californiaa love Yıl önce
styphonthal2 Aylar önce
Best halftime show in the past 20 years. There is no competition. In ALL SB shows, only Prince and MJ compare.
Holka 7 gün önce
Marzenie tam być ❤️ jedyni w swoim rodzaju 🤩
Bellatrix ama Gryffindor olan
they never get old.
John Cheney
John Cheney Gün önce
Hands down official best halftime show ever
Bille Yıl önce
People have to give Dre his props he is due. He’s given us some of the greatest hip-hop artists, some of the most iconic beats, and left a mark that is hard to rivial.
AG Yıl önce
@Amazing Rofa cringe
LeLe Joyner
LeLe Joyner Yıl önce
Dr. Dre is the man!!!!
Stev Johnson
Stev Johnson Yıl önce
He gets his props. We know this
Ana Paula Galdino
Ana Paula Galdino 28 gün önce
Shannon Darcy
Shannon Darcy 13 gün önce
Best half time show ever. Honestly the only reason I watched the game!❤🎉
Ashley Michelle
Ashley Michelle 17 gün önce
I’ve watched this so many times and it just keeps getting better and better every time
Vitali Karuna
Vitali Karuna 19 saatler önce
Самое лучшее шоу ❤❤❤
Janete Anete
Janete Anete 5 gün önce
Sem dúvidas o melhor desculpa pelos outros,mais esses sim são lendas!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Blanca Duran
Blanca Duran 7 aylar önce
I just finished watching the Superbowl 2023. I asked my daughter if Eminem has ever performed at the Superbowl. She said, “Last year.” Of course I sat down to watch it. I’m a year late and yes, I got goosebumps. All this talent in one show is MAGICAL.
DUCKIE 7 aylar önce
Same here! This is my GEN X. My generation.
🎄 Hallmark Addict 🎄
Right! And Eminem was supposed to have 2 songs but he gave up one of his songs up for 50 cent
Ken liew chee keng
Ken liew chee keng 7 aylar önce
Same here. This is so DOPE.
MG4L GAMING 7 aylar önce
The fact they did they most famous songs and not one person used a curse word 🖤💪🏿
Nikiwe Lekholoa
Nikiwe Lekholoa 7 aylar önce
Jolanta Sz
Jolanta Sz 16 gün önce
Rewrelacja 🎉 oprócz tej raszpli🙆teszta rewela.Czekam na bis.Z biegiem lat -super😊
Afolabi Adigun
Afolabi Adigun 5 gün önce
When slim shady came up I literally cried out😭😭😭😭 EMINEM 😂 my mom came running worried what went wrong ……. Dr Dre finishing it with the piano himself gosh 😭😭😭😭 this has to be the most iconic super bowl
Laki83 22 gün önce
Fantastyczna podróż :)
Carlos Dalton
Carlos Dalton Aylar önce
Um apresentação épica
Kiran Sohi
Kiran Sohi 17 gün önce
Love to see all of my childhood fav artists performing together.
The Admiral
The Admiral 7 aylar önce
Still getting goosebumps one year later! Legendary halftime show! 🔥🔥🔥
Luvian Stana
Luvian Stana 7 aylar önce
Best halftime show ever this years was mid
Alexis Barber
Alexis Barber 7 aylar önce
WD Productions
WD Productions 7 aylar önce
@Luvian Stana Fr also I think the best was coldplays, Bruno mars, and Beyoncé
Adad Reznor
Adad Reznor 7 aylar önce
Was trash lol
Grant Robey
Grant Robey 7 aylar önce
Greatest Halftime show ever. No other halftime shows will ever top this. I wish Em could comeback one day for his own halftime.
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva Aylar önce
Simplesmente um dos maiores encontros de todos os tempos!
Marcos Nascimento
Marcos Nascimento 21 gün önce
Com certeza, infelizmente algo fora da realidade de quem vive no Brasil, aqui somos massacrados com a mídia da sofrência, triste realidade a nossa
ladydee78 12 gün önce
Now THAT'S how you bring it for halftime! The BEST superbowl performance ever!!!💯
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart 20 gün önce
Still the greatest 15 minutes of the NFL in the last 50 years
Julio Sianipar
Julio Sianipar 20 gün önce
Best half time ever. Extraordinary!
t3mb3ar 12 gün önce
The way Kendrick moves is so fascinating to me I love it
Ewlegion 26 gün önce
só os melhores sem chance os melhores dos melhor minha infância com eles
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 7 aylar önce
I will never forget this Superbowl Halftime Show. It was near perfect. Love to see all the big times in one performance.
Mario S
Mario S 7 aylar önce
If 50 didn't start upside-down it would've been perfection 😂😂
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 7 aylar önce
@Mario S true 🤣
Erica Ess
Erica Ess 7 aylar önce
@Mario S 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ladell 4 aylar önce
@Mario S Scarface deeolyrooted
Bob Mannion
Bob Mannion 8 gün önce
@Mario SThat was the point….
Aly Dall🗡
Aly Dall🗡 16 gün önce
I don't even remember which teams played. I just remember the halftime show! Legendary!
Dead Channel
Dead Channel 8 gün önce
Man I remember when this first came out, I loved it so much. Now it's been a YEAR almost 2 now, where did the time go?
Drew Preciado
Drew Preciado 26 gün önce
The respect to 2Pac with the California Love verse was perfect. This whole show was perfect. Really feels like a portal back to the late 90s/early 00s. (except for kdot)
Gospel0802 3 gün önce
That was everything a halftime show should be
son Yıl önce
1 month after the Super Bowl and I’m still not getting over it. My rap era is hitting me like a rock.
Mia Marie
Mia Marie Yıl önce
Anders Gjertsen
Anders Gjertsen Yıl önce
Oh, I've seen it 30+ times 😆
Amd2020 Yıl önce
Only been a month and its already legendery status...what we saw was magic and i know theres more to come
Waraluck Ookie
Waraluck Ookie Yıl önce
Me too!!! Come back almost every day!!
BETTER WORLD 13 gün önce
This performance is nothing without Dr.Dre❤❤❤
아멘 24 gün önce
저 공연 당시 현장에 있던 모든 사람들이 너무 부럽다
Leandro Costa
Leandro Costa 29 gün önce
Melhor performance
Angela Fuchs
Angela Fuchs 20 gün önce
This is epic ✌️ speechless❣️Some musicians of course are not here anymore, but are missed. Best Show ever❣️
James Earwood
James Earwood Yıl önce
Still gives me chills. I love the look of excitement on Dre's face throughout the performance. Thank you Doc for giving me a great childhood!
George 11 aylar önce
the amount of respect all these artists have for each other is insane
Socii 11 aylar önce
But Dre's day is Eazy's payday😁
Blaziki 11 aylar önce
@Socii if Eazy and Pac were alive they would totally be on this show
anna abzhandadze
anna abzhandadze 11 aylar önce
@George jj
anna abzhandadze
anna abzhandadze 11 aylar önce
@Socii kl
jonas eduardo
jonas eduardo Aylar önce
O melhor que já vi ❤❤❤
Ilo Kinny
Ilo Kinny Gün önce
I keep coming back here to watch the legends ❤
Cody Giroux
Cody Giroux 25 gün önce
The greatest halftime show of all time!
Catswaga 8 gün önce
Never watched american football in my life but all these legends in one place - A must see. If only Pac & Nate Dogg were still around this picture would be complete. Rip legends.
Moca Belle
Moca Belle 15 gün önce
I still get goosebumps everytime I watch this huhu 🔥🥹
Isabel G
Isabel G Yıl önce
Seeing them on TV together brought a whole different vibe in my living room. They killed it!!! I had a tear in my eye just from how much I appreciated this whole show. I'm glad to have lived to see them grow through the years!
LeBrow Yıl önce
I respect that emotion dawg
anime fridge
anime fridge Yıl önce
Yeah I teared up too. I mean for real this is growth on a whole other level
Allan Caetano
Allan Caetano 8 gün önce
Em pensar que foi o Dr. Dre que produziu esses monstrons do rap. Melhor show só faltava o PAC.
eduart 11 gün önce
El mejor mediotiempo, pronto lo consideraran como una leyenda.
jhenifer Ranucci
jhenifer Ranucci 10 gün önce
Pepsi se superou e superou todos 🇧🇷😛
Let's Be Klear
Let's Be Klear Aylar önce
Dre mixed the set live🤯🔥. I know it's rehearsed, but man! He still did it live!!!🔥🔥🔥
Shreemptoast 8 gün önce
ironically out of everything Anderson Paak being so happy on the drums might just be my favorite part, seeing all these legends I grew up with was a once in a lifetime performance but watching one of the most talented dudes in music get a part of this moment is everything to me
KIMI Yıl önce
Being a 90's kid, This hit me instantly right at my heart. Danced hard, sang hard and in the end eyes full of tears. What a nostalgia. Deep respect to these legends for making my childhood so much fun
Derek Hall
Derek Hall Yıl önce
Wow think it's time for up in smoke tour 2025 to be released
Rayan Muktiaki
Rayan Muktiaki Yıl önce
we all did bruh.... we all did! ...
1 Corinthians 6:14 (JFA) Now God, who also raised up the Lord, will raise us up by his power..............
1 Corinthians 6:14 (JFA) Now God, who also raised up the Lord, will raise us up by his power..............
I wished I was born in the 90's👿🤟🏿
B. Friedman
B. Friedman 16 gün önce
I’m literally getting goosebumps from this
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