Double Life: Episode 2 - BUILDING UP!

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Minecraft Double Life: Episode 2 Grian is back with another 3rd life / last life minecraft series with a brand new twist! Turns out you can try and change soulmates..


Grian: trvid.com/u-Xelqua
Smallishbeans: trvid.com/u-Smallish...
Smajor1995: trvid.com/u-Dangthat...
bigbst4tz2: trvid.com/u-Bigbst4tz22
Etho: trvid.com/u-EthosLab
Bdouble0100: trvid.com/u-BdoubleO100
Renthedog: trvid.com/u-rendog
InTheLittleWood: trvid.com/u-inthelit...
GoodTimeWithScar: trvid.com/u-GoodTime...
impulseSV: trvid.com/u-impulseSV
Tango: trvid.com/u-TangoTekLP
ZombieCleo: trvid.com/u-ZombieCleo
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23 Haz 2022




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Sharky Aylar önce
Someone needs to build a therapist room at spawn so whenever someone dies, they can have a nice chat with their partner about what went wrong in the relationship.
Gacha_Shadow 14 gün önce
Paralysis 14 gün önce
We love couple therapy
The Bard Of Hearts
The Bard Of Hearts 15 gün önce
Couples therapy
a random system glitch
Especially for grian and scar cause uh ya know probably not gonna have a nice time
Chantel Amari Roco
Chantel Amari Roco 19 gün önce
I couldn't agree more!😌🥸🤓👍
shego1142 Aylar önce
13:16 I know it’s because of Scar but Grian taking damage while looking at Martyn’s base made it seem like poorly built bases physically harm Grian
The Hmmmmm Gamer
The Hmmmmm Gamer 25 gün önce
Because they do. Both physically and mentally
TmT yesss
Caoimhe FlynnKelly
Caoimhe FlynnKelly Aylar önce
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Aylar önce
Grian: "I'm gonna drown myself a bit to scare scar." Also Grian, when scar takes a bit of damage: "what is scar doing?! this is why I need a new soulmate!"
Joeyjoe 303
Joeyjoe 303 24 gün önce
@imposter bro its a "naughty" bot get tf out
Ginge Aylar önce
@imposter Excellent argument, genius.
gren ben
gren ben Aylar önce
@imposter I'm just saying
imposter Aylar önce
@gren ben bro what its a comment
ItsHelian Aylar önce
@bred 6:15 7:25
batatatamata Aylar önce
The base should be named "Slice of Life" -'Slice' because of the dripstone and a "slice of cake" -'Life' because of Double Life
The tower of life.
It's Liviy
It's Liviy 16 gün önce
my idea exactly, also it’s three stories tall, like three lifes
perunajauho1203 29 gün önce
I like that
octopus realty
octopus realty Aylar önce
or... sLife?
Cap_Cube Aylar önce
Dexter’s boat name is exactly that lol
Ember Freespirit
Ember Freespirit Aylar önce
I love how Scar is actually genuinely quite helpful. He spent like two hours chopping down trees for Grian
Newcomb Rage
Newcomb Rage Aylar önce
I sense this being a very short season. A short, but chobblesome, season.
Chelsea M
Chelsea M 11 gün önce
Cobblesome yes indeed
kpop enthusiast :D
kpop enthusiast :D 27 gün önce
Yeah, very chobblesome
Silverwolf Millennium
Chobblesome indeed
UlyssesK402 Aylar önce
A chobblesome way to put it.
LpsSugarSpark Aylar önce
Can I just say I'm SURPRISED that Neither Grian or Scar has died yet! It's incredible. Oh sorry I broke the "Chobblesome" Trend. Ok the life series is incredibly CHOBBLESOME.
Cana Via
Cana Via Aylar önce
Grian: *being productive while mysteriously taking damage* Scar: *chilling in a block of snow*
Nyxaeia Aylar önce
We need to change the “bad goat horn” to be a clip of Grian and Mumbo saying “AHA!” together lmao
Danré de Beer
Danré de Beer Aylar önce
yes please
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
The best thing I can come up with for the base name: "castle at kingdom edge" (referencing the fact that the base is at the world border) and of course the acronym is C.A.K.E
Rania 6 saatler önce
Wait this is amazing
Spandwichh Aylar önce
Grian: "I'm not gonna tell you where this is.." Sheep: *I'm gonna ruin this man's whole career*
HoldenMakok Aylar önce
Everyone running from the warden while making the most noise possible is infuriating. The entire point of the warden is to stay quiet and sneak around it, which is why they added the sonic boom, which they were lucky to survive.
sycOwood Aylar önce
Joel: “anyone have any sugar cane?” Scar: “y’all got dirt?”
TheHolyM249 Aylar önce
Scar is like the Dr Bright of this series "No, Dr Scar, you are NOT allowed to breed pandas in the base"
Paperjam 8 gün önce
@FallenX Same here!
FallenX 8 gün önce
@Paperjam love your user by the way. It's been years and I'm still in love with that fandom lol
Paperjam 8 gün önce
@FallenX Thank you!
FallenX 8 gün önce
this is the true best comment
Paperjam 19 gün önce
@Alina Kessels YES
Pro Hunter
Pro Hunter Aylar önce
A name for your base should be “the wooding cake” ya know like wedding cake ❤
DragonsAway 26 gün önce
that's sounds like it would hurt to eat
JDLong006 Aylar önce
Scar being jokingly naive and Grian being like an overprotective fed-up parent is something I did not know I needed
Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf 29 gün önce
Gaug Hodge
Gaug Hodge Aylar önce
It's almost like the game called "who's your daddy"
Fearful Crowd
Fearful Crowd Aylar önce
Cat gang
KingedKimed Aylar önce
Lil Dee
Lil Dee Aylar önce
Yo same
IamtheBW 28 gün önce
“Mom can we have Scar and Grians Base?” “No, we have Scar and Grians base at home” Scar and Grians base at home: Logstedshire
Arty_ Aylar önce
Might I suggest you call your base “the spire” ,I think it sounds quite good with sharing the name of the famous building in London.
maybebaking Aylar önce
maybe susnspire like in unreal
Mr.Banana2010 Aylar önce
Bro I’m getting halo vibes
Arty_ Aylar önce
@Neeharika oh yeah whoops
Neeharika Aylar önce
The building is called the Shard.
ISS600 Aylar önce
Do you mean Hertsmere House or The Spire in Ireland?
xPanda Claw
xPanda Claw Aylar önce
The pun for Grian's Base: This cake was *”baked”* for a couple.
Barbi Aylar önce
Everyone thinks that their base looks like a cake, but for me looks like a bunch of coloured pencils (the wood type ofc lol). The only problem now is that i can't think of a pun for their base:(
AidenMB Aylar önce
Saying something is "Scar safe" is like saying something is "Grian proof" It's impossible
Doglover Loverof dogs
Haha nice
George Hoyt
George Hoyt Aylar önce
LpsSugarSpark Aylar önce
Logic explains everything.... *Except Grian.*
No li5e
No li5e Aylar önce
@MeefDesu or Jotaro not saying so your stand is like star platinum
we Aylar önce
Believe in the Son of God.
muffin Bunny
muffin Bunny Aylar önce
I love that grain is like ‘I’ve got bigger fish to fry’ while he’s eating fish 😂
StaticYTUser Aylar önce
Grian's genuine fear from hearing InTheLittleWood's voice makes me crease every time
BlazingRPI 26 gün önce
warden is literally one of the best thing that mojang has ever added to minecraft cause it revived the horror aspect of it.
GamerGirl2000 Aylar önce
Everyone’s reactions are just priceless in this episode. 😂
sleepy Aylar önce
grian last episode: "we either win together or we die together" grian this episode: "please god give me a new soulmate"
Anna Honeycutt
Anna Honeycutt Aylar önce
Ya he’s like Jesus Christ what did I do wrong to deserve scar!
devix levio
devix levio Aylar önce
``This is my series! Let's make a ritual in the deep dark or something!``
InsertName! Aylar önce
@Erebys 08 AYO 📷💥
Erebys 08
Erebys 08 Aylar önce
grian next episode: "we're gonna woo my new soulmate"
MizzenDoesMC Aylar önce
Hey grian, btw you dont need to put the propagule in water
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Aylar önce
Scar: gets half a heart of damage Grian: I need a new soulmate! Also Grian: proceeds to fight the warden 😂
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦
The cake base could be something like… “The slice of life that gets straight to the point” or something.
C4tastrophic G4m1ng
Says he won't reveal the sugarcane location: Scar while digging the panda hole: *Finds Sugarcane Location* Grian: *Intense internal screaming intensifies*
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 29 gün önce
Grian: builds a base out of wood. Martin: says how flammable it is. Grian: suprised pickachu face.
BobTheBox Aylar önce
Grian: "I don't care where these Pandas go, as long as it's outside the base" Scar: *digs a hole straight to the sugarcane farm*
ella Aylar önce
he better change the spot!
Cringy Texting Story
Hold up i just a bruh moment - grian's mind
TheAdvertisement 8 gün önce
13:58 Grian passive-aggressively trying to get BigB to like him more than Ren has love triangle vibes. The whole sequence with the Deep Dark and trying to get a good look at the warden too, gave off this feeling of a group of guys who stumbled onto a new discovery and are trying to figure out what they've found. Extraction and exploration team type stuff almost.
Lenny Aylar önce
Depending on how long this season lasts, I wonder if they'll do another Double Life with a boogeyman system
PactAnimated Aylar önce
I've been shipping Scar and Grian since episode one - talking Double Life/Series wise of course. Very excited to see how the show develops and how other pairs end up. Reminds me of Total Drama series all over again and I love it
Synergy Squad
Synergy Squad Aylar önce
idea: when someone dies, both players lose the life then all soulmates are randomized again gonna be fun
Cesar Ruiz
Cesar Ruiz Aylar önce
Considering partners are “soulmates”, call the base “The Wedding Cake” :D
AnimooBoi1 Aylar önce
I’m glad someone has ideas because mine are….just no. Thank you for being mature
Cesar Ruiz
Cesar Ruiz Aylar önce
@Callie Hannah ohhhhh that’s clever, I love it :D
Rest_Rock Aylar önce
@Rooster or soulstakes
perluc Aylar önce
Exactly My thoughts but I would have done the WeDying Cake
Kumachi_ Aylar önce
Jia Wei Ye
Jia Wei Ye Aylar önce
Love the seed y’all chose it includes so many biomes and different types of terrain
Liz Dittmann
Liz Dittmann Aylar önce
You should call it "The Layer". Cake layers and a play on lair.
disco seizure
disco seizure Aylar önce
top tips on how many wardens can spawn. four alerts and you're out, the four strikes are shared between EVERYONE, so even if you only set off one if someone else set off three before you, you're out. oh also everyone can summon there own warden :) so if you have a party of four, you could be chased by four wardens
Lovely Aylar önce
The base should be called Flamen-O because it looks like a fire 🔥 from a pale yellow to a dark red plus the spikes resemble a candle on a cake 🎂 and I think the name is cool ☺️
GatlingPeaFan722 Aylar önce
Love how Scar doesn't even realise that he accidentally leaked the sugar cane hole but Grian's fast reaction is pure gold to cover it like he is helping Scar building panda's hole lamo.
GatlingPeaFan722 Aylar önce
@̇ Yes
Mimi. Aylar önce
@Random TRvid User ik lmao and I also knew how many blocks he dug down based off of the one dirt block he placed plus the stack of 60 he had after the cut 💀
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Aylar önce
Ethos skin is Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto anime
Random YouTube User
Grian may had leaked the sugar cane farm, since there's a dirt block that hasn't got grass yet from the video cut...
Elmago 280
Elmago 280 Aylar önce
"that's right, I'm breaking into your house, I'm gonna steal ya man" Best line in the episode by far
Corrupt 5 gün önce
I love how they still find ways to make me laugh
? how does one socialize ¿
1:40 grain is really being the "mom" character, like nope nota no no no you cannot have a dog and it's hilarious
Haris Khan
Haris Khan Aylar önce
Technoblade will never be forgotten
Dalton Brown
Dalton Brown Aylar önce
Grian: "I'm gonna drown myself a bit to scare scar." Also Grian, when scar takes a bit of damage: "what is scar doing?! this is why I need a new soulmate!"
gin c
gin c Aylar önce
Lmao yeah
fahri agung
fahri agung Aylar önce
4:35 I don't know why, but the goat that rears while moving, briefly changes to a ghost-like entity
Kai Aylar önce
I’ve never seen this channel before, but I’m thrilled for this series!
Jaydon Roberts
Jaydon Roberts Gün önce
Grian last episode: *doesn't want to go for the ancient city* Grian this episode: *finds the ancient city without meaning to*
Jamieizdumb Aylar önce
The only name I can think for the base would be the totemporary relationship
Unmasked Aylar önce
Grian: *hides sugar can underground so no one can find it* Scar: “In the hole we go. Everybody get inside. It’s a beautiful hole it is.”
we Aylar önce
Believe in Jesus Christ 🙏. He loves you all ❤️.
QUBI-QUBED Aylar önce
@ALT_XL0NE probably
mikechad Aylar önce
PeaxhhXD Aylar önce
"that's what she said"
Gmatic_playz Aylar önce
Sugar cannot
DaanDanx 2 gün önce
For some reason i find the fact that they aknowledge etho's never changed skin at 3:04 really cool
Rotten Wayne
Rotten Wayne Aylar önce
Grian, your base should be the “Wedding Cake” in your wedding with Scar 😃
Rania 7 saatler önce
3:00 i interpreted "You've got someone nice on your top" completely wrong... but yeah Joel's skin is amazing
Christian Tan
Christian Tan Aylar önce
Could you make a tutorial on how to make all of your bases from the seasons of Hermitcraft and the Last Life/Double Life seasons? Also, for this base, maybe some non-flammable window surrounds, or some double-layer walls with the inner layer not being flammable? I dunno, just in case Scar accidentally burns down the whole base???
PhlutoGD Aylar önce
Scar's love for those pandas is surprisingly "chobblesome"
ItsPlaz Aylar önce
​@PhlutoGD it is
Stella Walker
Stella Walker Aylar önce
It’s already in the Urban dictionary AND the wiki dictionary page 💀💀
Juiceboy Aylar önce
Yes yes quite chobblesome
OURANDXD Aylar önce
Yes very Chobblesome indeed
Da Shadow Girl
Da Shadow Girl Aylar önce
@Ryan Chambey wait really
Nature Kiwi
Nature Kiwi Aylar önce
"all right I'm not going to tell you where it is" then shows us the dirt that has just been placed hahaha nice power move if you know what i mean
Cobra Instrumental
Cobra Instrumental 27 gün önce
Looking back at this episode... he missed a big opportunity to call it "The Good Grain lairs"
Naoyue 나우웨
Naoyue 나우웨 Aylar önce
It's so relaxing to watch this series, also when I watch this.. I really want to play Minecraft too. But then I realise I don't have people to play with ;)
Eda 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
The base should be named "Slice of Life" -'Slice' because of the dripstone and a "slice of cake" -'Life' because of Double Life
smolmoru Aylar önce
Grian: "why is Scar taking constant damage?!" Scar: sits in powdered snow as revenge for the panda ban
RainDewdrop Aylar önce
@Fayin Kay I think I've started a pun making army. I have snow regrets.
Fayin Kay
Fayin Kay Aylar önce
@KaboomGaming 42 chill out with those puns ya'll, leave some for us xD
꧁༒Linda’s Universe༒꧂
KaboomGaming 42
KaboomGaming 42 Aylar önce
@RainDewdrop nICE
Kayla_Scarlett The_K9
@RainDewdrop I snow, nice pun tho
•aFF• 16 gün önce
every time I notice Grian has released more last life episodes it's already has aired for at least like 3 weeks and tbh i like that cuz then I don't need to wait a whole week to see the next episode I can watch them all in one go :)
Itz Nyx
Itz Nyx 24 gün önce
Grian sounds like a mom/wife trying to look after Scar in this series 😂
Respectable Username
It'd be amazing if there was some rare item or difficult ritual that one could perform to change soulmates. It seems there's a lot of people wanting to swapsies lately, and if there was something maybe Deep Dark related with the "reward" of swapping soulmates with somebody else, but if you fail in the Deep Dark...
Joseph Helms
Joseph Helms Aylar önce
"Well there goes the postcode" is perhaps the British version of "Well there goes the neighborhood."
SpoonTail37 Aylar önce
The base should be called "the ring of fire"
Kryštof Studený
Kryštof Studený Aylar önce
Great video! 23:33 - you should call it the “Earth cake” - the cake, that makes the earth quake.
Krow 18 gün önce
I finally got around to watching this episode. oh my goodness Grian is unhinged in this episode
Padfoot Gold
Padfoot Gold 26 gün önce
Scar's fascination with the pandas is so wholesome
Serpentyme Entertainment
"I am not gonna show you where this hole is" 3 minutes later, Scar: ACCIDENTALLY SHOWS THE HOLE TO THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE
Art - Hur
Art - Hur 16 gün önce
Dragonking_lance 19 gün önce
I freaking love the "SUGAR CANE PANIC" caption he put there, absolutely solidified my vision of Grian with a fully wide eyed expression and jaw dropped with genuine panic
PassionateWeeb 26 gün önce
The chances he dug anywhere it had to be there
Blipblop Aylar önce
Oh god that was hilarious
Wombat Jedi
Wombat Jedi Aylar önce
Mhm that's DEFO where the sugar cane still is yup uhu
Corlz 15 gün önce
i never thought i would be watching you 6 years later, you came along way
Goatgang Aylar önce
I think you should call the base the “wedding cake”!
Human B)
Human B) Aylar önce
Man, the anxiety I felt from the deep dark scene was too much. The time I had been to the deep dark I left the game 3 times from the panic. You just starting in was so stressful. ;-;
lol lolololololol
lol lolololololol Aylar önce
"that's right, I'm breaking into your house, I'm gonna steal your man" so savage Grian, I love it
ok and
ok and Aylar önce
Grian: Doesn't tell us where the sugar cane is Also Grian: Shows AND tells us while trying to cover it up
Twisted Code
Twisted Code Aylar önce
yeah I was wondering about that too. Like don't point it out man! I thought that was the point!
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Aylar önce
BangDroid ✪
BangDroid ✪ Aylar önce
​@TyTheGuy27 Oh.. lol I can't remeber anything anymore
TyTheGuy27 Aylar önce
@BangDroid ✪ he stole a couple from the top of someone's farm in the last episode. I don't remember who.
BangDroid ✪
BangDroid ✪ Aylar önce
How did he get JUST one sugarcane though? Typically you get more than that if you find some growing. Was there some dirty deal made off camera? Or did he OP it in? lol
charms Aylar önce
the cake base should be called "A Slice of Life"
Shaaaaaaaaaaaannnn Aylar önce
The pencil stack base looks great grian. xD
Οδυσσεας Σουλιωτης
Rest in peace technoblade
Quinn Bracy
Quinn Bracy Aylar önce
Do you think the players in the half life series will ever learn to not build their bases out of wood?
Jellihuffy Aylar önce
I love him just yelling out "Why?!" To Scar telling him they have a couple of enemies.
Mike Aylar önce
Suvid Minecraft Tutorials
Very bad idea because Grian’s base is also very flammable
Жарко Шкребић
Report the stupid bot.
‘Cutie lucia’
‘Cutie lucia’ Aylar önce
They are a couple!!!
blaze 22
blaze 22 Aylar önce
I'm loving your series! You trying to win BigB over and make your own path is great- I'm very excited to see the consequences and reactions.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
I have a good name for the base, how about “Tower Power” because it’s a play on words with “Flower Power”. Anyways, I really enjoyed the video! Can’t wait for your next one!
Lawrence 23 gün önce
My heart sank when you started digging straight down, thank god you didn't fell in lava
When Grian screamed when Martyn scared him, the scream just sounded like BBH
Devin Wolferseder
Devin Wolferseder Aylar önce
If you don’t mind having walls that are two blocks thick, you can have waterlogged stairs on the outside, which don’t catch fire
Epicdumy Aylar önce
Epicdumy Aylar önce
Epicdumy Aylar önce
ima comment lots cus whoever i watch i want them to win idk why
Chels Aylar önce
Grian deffo needs to see this
Shadow Shinobi
Shadow Shinobi Aylar önce
Ye waterlogg the place
xX_Skazka_Xx 6 gün önce
The goat horn thing will never get old 🤣🤣
Smerky Randomised
Smerky Randomised Aylar önce
The base should be called the wedding cake!
Asphalt Aylar önce
The base should be called "The Rings of Fire"
Jenny Mironuk
Jenny Mironuk Aylar önce
I had to rewatch them screams over and over again.. makes my day every time lmaoo
Jenny Mironuk
Jenny Mironuk 19 gün önce
@Nexus Tragoon that is exactly what I was talking about best part of the whole episode
Nexus Tragoon
Nexus Tragoon 20 gün önce
If you’re taking about 9:18 then I totally agree
Cammurz Aylar önce
Scar and Grians panda relationship is the embodiment of “mom can we keep it”
Just_ISe Aylar önce
1k like from me wow
Tracey Ngo
Tracey Ngo Aylar önce
@Waylan Snider lol yesss
Waylan Snider
Waylan Snider Aylar önce
agentmail Aylar önce
Whoever did captions, great job it looks really nice
Angie the cat
Angie the cat 25 gün önce
I am so in love with this!
ghost1015 Aylar önce
The base looks like it has stakes on top of all the walls so I'd call it the Stake Cake :D
Ville Rousu
Ville Rousu Aylar önce
put a pumkin with curse of binding on someone so that they have to die to get it of if when you become red, if it is done with redstone then you wont be responsible of puting it on their face and they have to die to get it of since it is not legal in the server to cover the face to lovebirds one stone
Lily2o8 Aylar önce
The best thing I can come up with for the base name: "castle at kingdom edge" (referencing the fact that the base is at the world border) and of course the acronym is C.A.K.E.
Relatively Stable
Relatively Stable Aylar önce
I love this so much
Musket G
Musket G Aylar önce
Oh that's a winner
Bessie Booth
Bessie Booth Aylar önce
Bob Schlowinskii
Bob Schlowinskii Aylar önce
good one!
Mx Toonz
Mx Toonz Aylar önce
I was thinking The SPIKEFUL tower because of Scars spite for those who wrong him
• C4ND7 •
• C4ND7 • Aylar önce
this is absolute chaos and i love it
Sage Olmstead
Sage Olmstead 4 gün önce
When grain got scared and screamed I laughed so hard
Shadowed Enderman
Shadowed Enderman Aylar önce
first minute in and I'm making sure I am watching the right series.
YaBoiJSmith Aylar önce
the fact that grian kept the sugarcane location secret just for scar to accidentally find it 2 minutes later is so funny
David Bassett
David Bassett Aylar önce
Grian and the boys looking at the warden slowly coming towards them has the same energy as a couple of kids that say "hey look, a burning building, let's go inside and explore!"
Clogica Aylar önce
@David Bassett congrats i guess, the best i got was like 400 likes
David Bassett
David Bassett Aylar önce
Thank you everyone! This is the first time I've gotten this many likes. All those funny quips I've commented have payed off!
Clogica Aylar önce
@Elischio at last, its just not meant to be
SlayinXD Aylar önce
1.1k likes with 1 comment? lemme fix that
Elischio Aylar önce
At that moment i thought they were going to die
Beetle Tulloch
Beetle Tulloch Aylar önce
You could name your base “Castle Grainscar” after castle grayskull :)
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