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Roblox Doors IRL with The Figure, Seek, Rush, and more 🤫 Will they escape the hotel? What other Roblox games would you like to see us make?! Comment if you want a part 2!
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23 Mar 2023




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@shilohandbros 11 aylar önce
We hope you like the video! 😁
@epicpip 11 aylar önce
I do
@kexinzhang7489 11 aylar önce
@mikudeangel. 11 aylar önce
we ofc do 😄
@makaylavillasaya8380 11 aylar önce
i do like your vids a lot
@AleksanderMasty 11 aylar önce
@alexciadelarosa15 7 aylar önce
i love how Shiloh is the main character + she never loses, also very inteligent.
@Darko_Boi 7 aylar önce
contradicted your own point. mc always live. she legit is the creator 😂
@PedroHenrique85445 6 aylar önce
i too💫
@reaa34 6 aylar önce
Halo bang❤
@jojochow1697 6 aylar önce
@Menamed30371 6 aylar önce
Not in brawl stars
@1tzL1ghtn1nX 7 aylar önce
2:54 I like how Judah doesnt want to open the door and then tried to ask someone to open the door but no one's there. It gets me everytime
*haunted money*
@DBKS13 3 saatler önce
@DBKS13 3 saatler önce
free haunted money@@YourLocalVocaloidFan
@isabelnevershoutneve 2 aylar önce
0:00 lobby 0:25 going to the elevator 0:40 lights flickered 1:02 opening door 1 1:09 other players in the elevator 1:38 rush 4:10 rush again 4:32 naming Rush 5:46 a dark room 6:31 ambush 6:44 ambush turns around 7:33 a picture of a table in room 50 8:48 eyes appear 9:16 a dark room again 9:53 seeks eyeballs in the wall 10:22 seek chase 11:22 the seek chase ended 12:18 a dark room 12:35 screech 12:58 at the library 13:02 screaming in the library 13:06 figure 13:40 finds a table 13:42 read a paper with words 14:37 look back in the paper needs 4 more books 15:47 tries to get a sword 16:01 open door 51 door 50 ended 16:10 Jeff’s shop 16:52 rush again 17:00 screech again 17:10 I don’t know that entity 17:26 a dark room with a candle 17:31 Rush in a dark room 17:40 going in the wrong way 17:55 halts room 18:00 turn around 18:07 turn around 18:15 turn around 18:22 halts room ended 18:35 finally at door 100 18:48 figure at door 100 18:51 running away from figure 19:56 the people scream in a another room 20:03 the team follows him 20:32 2 guiding light defeat figure 20:44 guiding light says thank you 21:02 completed doors
@ninasihota4250 2 aylar önce
You don’t have to name every part
@alfamalapitan6635 Aylar önce
10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42 10:42
You can’t miss the party!!
How did you type all that😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
@amnhacsolla6812 Aylar önce
@princesssomzi1861 7 aylar önce
Anyone else loved everyone’s outfits they were so classical and definitely fit the scene👍🏾
@gamerkidc.j.7975 7 aylar önce
It did fit tbh
Oh it's set from like 1998 cuz mat made a theory about it
Me I do
@YusufYonet 5 aylar önce
@iroiro-hm6te Aylar önce
I always like their outfits. They look cute:)
@ScreechGaming100 Aylar önce
Judah and Elijah are the perfect comedy duo.
@DaPandaGirl 11 aylar önce
THIS IS AMAZING well done!
@KamEgg 11 aylar önce
I just came here from one of your videos😊
@-Xoxo_emma- 11 aylar önce
@SynQixx 11 aylar önce
13 like and 2 replys WHAT
@Chrissant.croissant 11 aylar önce
@maimunaali7642 11 aylar önce
@socatrelated 7 aylar önce
Respect of how hard they worked on this video and how they edited it and if they made it, then respect the hard work they put onto this
@jaminations1475 6 aylar önce
@Eva-nq3ce 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the video slightly and bros for making this video
@Thatusualgirl 3 aylar önce
@nicoleregan2058 2 aylar önce
HEY GUYS! GREAT VIDEO!!! I just have 1 question: How did you make the Seek costume? Just because it looks SO REALISTIC!!! so let me know. (also, I liked my own comment cause' no one else will lol)
@FinleyA19 28 gün önce
Well 5 others did that’s a win for you I guess
@CManning-br8mn 20 gün önce
@CManning-br8mn 20 gün önce
Not including him
@randomcloudcontent 11 gün önce
the seek costume is CGI
@LuWoo-oz8rb 8 gün önce
They used CGI (computer generated images)
@cecilia_plays1722 5 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how Shiloh and the other people are so good at acting?Like I don’t think I could act that good
@szymonrzepka4834 2 aylar önce
@FroggyFuns 2 aylar önce
Wow Shiloh and bros came a long way like the seek part was so impressive and there content is sooooo good the sound affect is also good plus all of them are amazing actors like Shiloh is the main person to solve everything, Elijah too, Judah and Micah are the greatest crewmates and very funny, very good video, keep up the good work!
@AforAdley 11 aylar önce
Shiloh is my favorite!! she always solves the mystery :)
@Shonduras 11 aylar önce
nah i'm more an Elijah fan boy 😂 and Niko always likes orange lol
She's good at maths
@drawingstuffIDK 11 aylar önce
​@@Shonduras Yazzz! I feel like its always Shiloh getting the attention. I love all of them tho! But yep defs an Eli fan girl!
@analyvera9240 11 aylar önce
@fandomben 6 aylar önce
The fact they’re able to make such legitimately captivating stories on a channel most would consider “kids channel slop” at a glance is absolutely insane, and I respect the heck outta you guys for doing such amazing work with such memed games. Keep up the amazing work!
@user-vu9eq1id1z 3 aylar önce
Yea Fr ❤
@Xxaura41 2 aylar önce
I love how
@user-rn2co2gw2e Aylar önce
@ScreechGaming100 Aylar önce
This is much more than “Kids channel slop”
@fandomben Aylar önce
@@ScreechGaming100 Exactly my point!
@Not_Lilianna 7 aylar önce
The dance at the end never gets old, mad respect for this channel
@samansaman-od8yn 14 gün önce
@samansaman-od8yn 14 gün önce
@R_style Aylar önce
Yeah, Shiloh always solve the mystery. She’s the best.😊
@ludovicabonati917 5 aylar önce
I adore this channel I have been watching before they posted their 1 among us in real life it so cool to see how much they changed from a small channel to and inspiration to so many people (including me) I love these guys Also I feel like the personality of all the characters match the person ❤❤
@reneekeyton660 4 aylar önce
Cool 😊😊😊
@lexihaney6825 2 aylar önce
Shilo has grown so much since she did puppy dog palls it’s amazing watching her and her acting grow same with everyone else ♥️♥️♥️
@DJNeonistPurple 11 aylar önce
Mad respect to Shiloh & Bros for literally putting so much work, they got a CGI team and an actual legit freaking set, they never fail to make us smile.
@titan_cameramen202 11 aylar önce
@titan_cameramen202 11 aylar önce
Your 50th like!
@Beingmeasme 11 aylar önce
never do fail
@baileybhamjee8080 11 aylar önce
I’m your 99 like. Also so true
@Dragonkiller17 11 aylar önce
@caciquedarbeau4375 6 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate that Shiloh is the most on point actress on earth
@eileencristobal6123 5 aylar önce
I really love your videos!!❤🎉
@proxylod3420 7 saatler önce
@porter1388 3 aylar önce
Someone finally made a doors in real life video, and they did good!
@GabbyTheGamer2008 7 gün önce
I LOVE your videos I'm so glad you guys keep posting! I wish I could be in one.
@ISuckAtChess69 11 aylar önce
5 reasons why you guys rock: 1: You pick the best days to upload videos 2: Great acting 3: Likable/Funny characters 4: Great game choices 5: Intense scenes
@OmniMon94 11 aylar önce
@uzairsulayman1178 11 aylar önce
True Friday right after school
@SCoolBoyYT 11 aylar önce
@@uzairsulayman1178 yes!
@drakeson3069 11 aylar önce
@arishlodhia130 11 aylar önce
@theangelicat 4 aylar önce
4 words. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love doors (and I love your content) so this is perfect! Definitely one of my favourites of you videos. ❤ Also keep up the amazing work! My favourite yt channel by FAR ❤
Shiloh, you are probably one of my favourite TRvidrs. Thank you for making these awesome videos.
@isaac.chan.703 8 gün önce
shiloh really grew a lot during these amazing videos, and still is pretty, amazing!
@Therealhctv 4 aylar önce
Respect to Shiloh and bros for making our day so much better❤
@shilohandbros 4 aylar önce
@zidanegomez6201 4 aylar önce
@Poppyplaytime1375 Aylar önce
⁠@@shilohandbroshi Shiloh👋
Hi Shiloh
@RealAriaa 2 aylar önce
these people need to be more apreciated i love their editing
@Kazoo.playzzz 11 aylar önce
omg Shiloh looks absolutely beautiful in this she looks like she comes straight from the 70s-80s
@PilinLo 11 aylar önce
@old_tinyq_acc 11 aylar önce
@laurennicole9169 11 aylar önce
I thought it was 40s-50s, minus the footwear
@theomixer3811 11 aylar önce
1 door 100 doors 52
@theomixer3811 11 aylar önce
100 book
@Jord23game23 7 aylar önce
This is one of the best video's I have ever watched. And I know that its not much of a compliment coming from a small TRvid channel, but Shiloh and her Brothers deserve 100 million subscribers or more. When I'm bored, I'll watch one of their tiktoks. Shiloh, Elijah, Daniel, Judah, Mary, Britney, and all the rest of them are all awesome. Thank you for amazing content, Shiloh and Bros!
@Clashofplaying 7 aylar önce
Everything is so amazing thank you please make more and i love that it’s adventurous shiloh and Judah saved the day. Who is your favorite?
@Therian_Ari 5 gün önce
Just a question, I was wondering if I could do a reacting video of this and use green screen. If yes I have a problem, it won't let me see if I can green screen the full video, it just puts me on shorts. If no then it's totally fine.
I LOOOOOVE THE OUTFITS IN THIS ONE!! Especially Shiloh’s, at the beginning when she was looking at the window at first i thought she was looking in a mirror to see why she was dressed so fancy! Lol
@KawaiiXgamers 2 aylar önce
I always love watching your videos
@LonelyCosmo 11 aylar önce
YAYYYY DOORS IN REAL LIFE!! :D I'm 100% sure this video will be awesome!
@tristangameryt1716 11 aylar önce
it fr is
@lws0520 11 aylar önce
@p0st_lar 11 aylar önce
@@tristangameryt1716no hate but it isn’t realistic rush can’t come at door 1
@belindapressley376 11 aylar önce
@@p0st_lar It happened to me before
@minbhonemyat5595 11 aylar önce
Yeah fr
I loved it I watch it every day I like how Judah said “I love this song” I also like the part were Shiloh says “we have to go through that door” Love you all so much
@DFlowerCreations 7 aylar önce
This video is amazing and adds all the excitement to doors. The outfits they chose are perfect for roblox! You guys are awesome!
@zkralikova56 2 gün önce
I like the slaps keep going! 13:59
@rulaibrahim5205 5 aylar önce
12:40 is very hilarious, I love this part
@Swswsis 3 aylar önce
yea it is think noodle's fav scene😂
Thanks for the Great video
@gjc3569 11 aylar önce
I love that this episode is more serious than the other ones, keeping up with Doors’s aesthetic! Keep up the great work guys!
@gaming_withdraco 11 aylar önce
I thought the same thing
it’s funny and scary at the same time
@@allofthehandlesiwantedaretaken i got way too hyped when they're near a closet
@Serenity27not 3 aylar önce
It’s actually crazy how much feeling and lore is in this! Matpat would be proud 💜💜👏👏
@definitelynotjoulyy 6 aylar önce
can we just focus on how much effort they put into this video :)
@R_style Aylar önce
I love you vids you guys are the best😊
@charafserine6729 7 aylar önce
This made my day better ❤❤❤ love your videos shiloh & bros ❤❤❤
@ammikki_canori 2 aylar önce
4:05 that eye roll shiloh did was everything 😂
This honestly might be your best video yet, the CGI used for most of the entities and the fact you built a set from (from what I can tell) scratch, this video has a lot of work put into it and it’s clear to see. Hope the CGI isn’t a one time thing and we can see more of it in future videos.
@noturlocalghost 11 aylar önce
I agree! Also I think that they used CGI in a rainbow friends video for “purple”
@@noturlocalghost Now that you mention it they probably did use CGI for purple during the rainbow friends episodes.
@R-Animates13 7 aylar önce
@limononeni 6 aylar önce
hey i love your videos so much! they give me the motivation to move forward and try to achieve the same achievements as you. I just want you guys to know that you are awesome! I would like to shoot with you, but I'm not in this country.. I repeat - you are very cool!!
I love this video so much. I keep on watching this like a lot like thank you sooooooo much
@whisssp. 7 aylar önce
Please make a bloopers! This is an amazing vidoe and my favorite one of all! ❤
@billrowlett2246 14 gün önce
Perfect editing bro
@ezrapark9494 11 aylar önce
I already love this! Everyone in this video looks amazing, especially Shiloh. Judah still has his sense of humor and I love it. I also liked the chase scene, felt like a life like rollercoaster. Keep up the amazing work guys. Looking forward to your next biggest idea.
@shilohandbros 11 aylar önce
Thank you Ezra!
@ezrapark9494 11 aylar önce
@@shilohandbros Of course!
@@shilohandbros my sister had an idea even though she’s like seven years old she said what if you guys make a music video about the game doors 🚪
@@ezrapark9494 and yeah, I agree
@jacobsshow 9 aylar önce
I love your videos
@Maria_Plays01 7 aylar önce
Shiloh, Elijah, Micah, Jocelyn and Judah are my most favourite and ofc the other ones to!
@user-gv1vy2nt8q 5 gün önce
i love how shiloh is so brave you guys brighten up my day!!!!!
@GingerFilms892 2 aylar önce
1:05 Daniel, Josiah, Zakiya, and Cole 6:45 Micah 15:50 Elijah Survivors: Shiloh and Judah I love your videos they are so amazing!
@user-mp5eb3ic6b 25 gün önce
I love the editing 🥰🥰
@alexandray1984 3 aylar önce
Do more pls I love your videos
@juliepenoyer3062 11 aylar önce
I'm so glad that they finally did Doors, one of my favorite games on roblox. I also think that it would be funny to see some bloopers, those always make my day.
@mattphoenix7381 11 aylar önce
I a gre
​@@mattphoenix7381 agree you mean 😂😂😂
@rosiiroblox 11 aylar önce
ye ikr
@zhongyang4031 11 aylar önce
Can you make more videos like this please it is so nice
@user-bm1qb3pd8l 6 aylar önce
Shlioh and bros are the best ❤
@Liam_Gamer_TV Aylar önce
@TSR315 5 aylar önce
This is awesome
@stanleyjohnson1446 25 gün önce
When the door hit Juda😂😂😂😂😂❤ btw I love your videos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊
@blazeee. 11 aylar önce
You can see how much hard work they put into this. They deserve all of their likes and subs.
@wassimjabbour 11 aylar önce
They put so much work on everything but screech😢
@karolina1513 11 aylar önce
@Lillymeowbattl 11 aylar önce
Of course, I like the video
@TylerPham-vw8zw 11 aylar önce
@belaissa2942 11 aylar önce
They did so much for us😢
@Jellyoung 7 aylar önce
The acting and editing is amazing!!
@lisadefoe1881 13 saatler önce
❤ the outfits So classy ❤
I love your videos and do you know all the characters name in Doors
@Handle29279 2 aylar önce
Y’all, always do good on your vids!
@zirene Aylar önce
When Elijah said," Hey, Where'd you get that face? The butt factory". Had gone me Crazy 😂 I love your guys videos they are sooo interesting and I love when Shiloh solves the mysterys it's just soo fun....You are doing great....Shiloh and bros is my favorite youtube channel...I love you guys ❤
@zeblem 11 aylar önce
You don’t realize how terrifying an experience like this would be from just playing the game until you watch it. That also just shows how much effort they put in this video. Respect.
@Sadodere_ 11 aylar önce
the game is doors and it in roblox .
@w1nt3r11 11 aylar önce
@@Sadodere_ everyone knows that
@FatCat454 11 aylar önce
the cgi is really nice.
@rush6957 11 aylar önce
@jesicarichardson1082 4 aylar önce
I love the 4 people squad *Shiloh,Elijah,Judah & Micah*
@Celestes_Angels 6 aylar önce
@nevimkdo007 3 aylar önce
I like to seek pod😊
@joannewaring4409 2 aylar önce
I love your video so much😊
@DefinitelynotManroop 7 aylar önce
I love shiloh shes so smart shes my favvv❤❤❤❤
@DefinitelynotManroop 7 aylar önce
Omg omg I'm so happyyyy you guys hearted my comment I'm jumping up and down I love you guys all the way to infinity Shiloh and bros ahhh I'm so happy I'm screaming in joyyyy sorry for being crazy I just can't believe you hearted my comment ❤️💗💖
@user-eg1yt3rd7z Aylar önce
Hey guys thanks for making this vids they are so I mean huggie waggie in real life wow❤❤❤❤🎉
@Snatch2 11 aylar önce
I have to agree with a lot of the comments I've seen. Your videos are literally ALWAYS perfectly timed whenever I need them most. That along with the quality and laughs, you're one of my favorite channels for when I'm feeling down. Thank you so much guys for having fun and giving out smiles!
@shilohandbros 11 aylar önce
I'm so glad! 🥰
@CrazaVindicatorGD 11 aylar önce
​​@@shilohandbros the seek animation was SOOO GOOD
@baileybhamjee8080 11 aylar önce
@@shilohandbros i loved the seek animation
@Pokeben1220 11 aylar önce
@@baileybhamjee8080same it was fire
@Wyatt07 11 aylar önce
​@@shilohandbros who is "I"?
@Orsilla.H 6 aylar önce
This is amazing ❤❤
@llcoolbro 2 aylar önce
Cool! Good video! make some more doors content! Basically, just make some more Roblox Contant! I love this video!
@user-bu5qb9br1h Aylar önce
Keep up the good work
@Brendan-wk2xj 4 aylar önce
10:23 The best part of the whole video! Sell is the best Doors character in my opinion. 🎉🎉🎉🎉👁️👁️👁️👁️🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
@HerecomesOrange 2 aylar önce
Zakiyah: Died to Rush, reached Door 1 Daniel: Died to Rush, reached Door 1 Josiah: Died to Rush, reached Door 1 Cole: Died to Rush, reached Door 1 Micah: Died to Ambush, reached Door ??? (Maybe Door 19) Elijah: Died to Figure, reached Door 50 Entities spawning times: 0:40, 1:33, 4:09, 16:52, 17:34: Rush attacks 6:31: Ambush attacking 8:48: Eyes spawning 10:22: Seek chase (but without second) 12:33, 16:58: Screech attack 13:06, 18:48: Figure hunting 17:55: Halt attacking
@aJhLsmi 3 gün önce
micah died at 17
@HerecomesOrange 3 gün önce
So they got Ambush in Door 17, this is rare, because Ambush got a rare chance to replace Rush when spawning in, which said chance getting higher the further the player progress throughout the Hotel, unless Halt spawns, if Halt doesn't appear, Ambush would guaranteed to spawn in the run, if Ambush didn't appear, Halt will guaranteed to spawn in that run.
@suelee7620 11 aylar önce
0:00 The recruits 0:35 Kidnapped 1:08 Elevator 1:51 6:31 17:28 19:06 Hideout 2:08 I lost the elevator 2:29 Micah hitting reality 2:49 No one wants to open the door 3:15 Free haunted money 3:44 Going in circles 3:56 Questions about the hotel 4:15 Micah’s fingers caught 4:38 Judah in an occupied hideout 5:48 Dark room 5:25 Crying 6:08 Elijah and Judah mistaking each other as monsters 6:42 Micah kidnapped 7:23 First clue 7:56 Checking Judah’s room 8:48 17:56 Halt 9:36 Blackout until there was hope 9:53 No where to hide until… 10:22 Seek 10:33 Chase scene for a minute and three seconds 11:48 Spooky dooky 11:57 Attempting to crack a lock 12:34 16:58 Screech 12:59 Room found 13:42 Second clue 14:21 Guiding light helping them 15:33 Elijah sacrificing himself 16:11 Third clue 17:09 Harmless monster 17:38 Judah attempting to be tough 18:28 A new room 19:16 Finding parts of the power box 19:54 Recruits found 20:13 Shiloh attempting to use herself as bait 20:26 It’s over 20:59 Victory
@dogeofdestruction 11 aylar önce
Respect to this man for literally putting all of the funny/monster parts in one comment
@suelee7620 11 aylar önce
@@dogeofdestruction I’m a girl😊
@pauljackson735 11 aylar önce
I ain't reading allat
@dogeofdestruction 11 aylar önce
@@suelee7620 Oh sry
@Th0m4s575 11 aylar önce
Actually, Daniel, Josiah, Cole & Zakiyah died at 1:05. No questioning or criticism here, just saying is all. Oh yeah, and Micah died at 6:44 and Elijah died at 15:50 in case you wanted to know. Edit: Minor text fixes.
@Just_abfdi_fan 6 aylar önce
Congratulations on 6M Shiloh and bros!🎉❤
@Hollywool Aylar önce
I like how elijah makes sure that micah is safe before getting into the wardrobe
@tryingnewfoods833 19 gün önce
Hi Shiloh poppy playtime 3 Came out can u play it😊
@user-ji9no8qx3b 18 gün önce
Nice , Good video . 👍
@Munamuasherr 8 aylar önce
Can we just focus on the fact that Shilohs acting has gotten way better over the years, at first she was really young and doing the among us videos but now her acting is realistic and on point.
@marievereb6798 8 aylar önce
That’s some facts
@BenMedia7 8 aylar önce
I don't think she was ever bad, she was always good. But her acting has definitely gotten better over the years.
@joserlilang6196 8 aylar önce
@kingvaldovinos4736 7 aylar önce
Shiloh has one of the best acting ever it’s gotten better
@loganh6019 7 aylar önce
Bro there cgi team for seek is insane
@salimjabbour1275 7 aylar önce
I loved it I watch it literally every day so good😂😂🎉🎉🎉❤❤😊
@liamgamez 3 aylar önce
I love your guys videos they’re so great
@AndreSilva-qo5rg 2 aylar önce
beautiful editions especially sekk
@BellaAsh11 7 aylar önce
I think u guys should do one of these for rainbow friends chapter 2 it would be really cool!
@Iheartmyownn 17 gün önce
I love your video cause you do in real life.keep doing the best yaa
@AbandonedChannel682 10 aylar önce
one kids channel that actually has effort in it and isn’t just slaving out their editors.
@sandylunde 10 aylar önce
It’s not really a kids channel…. I think🫤
@YanYan-es3ep 10 aylar önce
@bjtvh 10 aylar önce
from what i know watching this video, yes.
@beccasvibe1754 10 aylar önce
Yea it’s not a kids channel in some videos it says ur hot, sexy ect
@Duncan9910 10 aylar önce
@gamingwithlina 6 aylar önce
Ive enjoyed ❤ Thank you so much for this video
@shilohandbros 6 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it!🎉💖
I loved every part of this
@Huggamer335 Aylar önce
Im love your videos ❤❤❤