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Scott is the chosen one.

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Animation by
Emily Wolver ( twitter.com/emily_wolver )

Music by
Chapman “Chipper” Hammond ( www.chapmanhammondmusic.com/ )
Garrett Williamson ( trvid.com/u-gwilliam... )

"Opening" Full Credits
Composed by Chapman “Chipper” Hammond

"Barrel Blast Completion Montage" Full Credits
Written, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Garrett Williamson
Guitars by Joshua Taipale
Bass by Gary Lunn
Drums by Scott Williamson
Keys, Orchestration, & Programming by Garrett Williamson

"Break In (End Card)" Full Credits
Written, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Garrett Williamson
Rhythm Guitar Programming by Joshua Taipale

Music Used:
Coming Soon



21 May 2022




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We found Scott, and what is he playing? Donkey Kong B*rrel Bl*st. Happy to see your big return! Hope your break was good :)
It was such a great moment to see Scott saying goodbye to his old outro theme and embrace a new era for him
This is pretty subtle, but at
Fire Madness
Lets go scott is back.
K Del Valle
K Del Valle 28 gün önce
KayJay YT
KayJay YT 21 gün önce
I love how at
Daniel FitzPatrick
I just realized, the last Christmas special ended with “I’ll get to [barrel blast] later.” This certainly later, but he got to it!
It's sad to see breakout no longer be the ending theme what break-in is still an amazing little song and breakout may be gone but it will never be forgotten for being the famous Scott the woz theme
SignUp-Man #42
Still on trending two days later, the world could not live without Scott the Woz.
Jsslade 28 gün önce
Fun fact: This entire review is a call-back to a visual gag from the We Dare review. (Scott said that We Dare and DK Barrel Blast were the only two Wii games where you could have sex. I haven't watched that exact episode in a while, so I could have misremembered the quote.)
Tomb Cruisin'
My jaw hit the floor when you mentioned Tube Slider. It's one of those games you could only really get exposed to during the "parents grab something random from the bargain bin on the way home" era. Like F-Zero but entirely in tubes, with a very strong futuristic atmosphere. Definitely check out the OST for a taste of it.
Linus Owen
Linus Owen 14 gün önce
I never realized four months felt so long, it’s like a third of a year has gone by with no Scott
Alex Pine
Alex Pine 21 gün önce
Scott the Woz has some of the best morals at the end of each story, and also the most dramatic final battles. I love this channel so much.
Lustful Option
Lustful Option 28 gün önce
I fkn love Scott's episodes. I feel like he has picked up the slack where some of the online gamers have lacked recently. Not to say any names haha
Jermoose 21 gün önce
I hope that montage music gets released on Spotify. It's so. damn. Good.
Jinja 21 gün önce
“You’re not a f**king creep. You’re a f**king friend.”
Donkey Scott and King K. Woz
SleepyOtter 8806
Now there is a special gimmick with these things, this item boxes are balloons, both blue and red. Red balloons are for the Kongs and blue are for the Kremlings, while you can go through either or as one or the other, If you go through the balloon color of your team, your item will be a little enhanced, so since the Melon is only in red balloons, as a Kong you’ll be invincible for longer, since Mini-Necky is only in the blue balloons, as a kremling, using them will not only nab 10 bananas from your opponent, but remove a Wild Move of theirs as well, and this mentality applies to pretty much every item in the game.
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