Donald Trump Throws A Tantrum

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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As Donald Trump gears up for a trip to Japan, he lashes out at his former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, throws a temper tantrum over Nancy Pelosi, and his son Donald Trump Jr. is finally releasing a book!
Lena Waithe's Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live trvid.com/video/video-X_y_pcq8XYM.html

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Donald Trump Throws A Tantrum




24 May 2019

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MattyIceyyy 2 saatler önce
i wonder if he was very calm
FWU - Finally Waking Up
Trump is the dumb
carl perry
carl perry 3 gün önce
Aren’t you all very ashamed to have this man represent your country?
FWU - Finally Waking Up
We are but a few idiots keep him alive
Mike McAllister
Mike McAllister 4 gün önce
Misleading title.
Bonnie Plastino
Bonnie Plastino 7 gün önce
georgina wildschut
georgina wildschut 9 gün önce
Trump is a first class nutcase!
jessica M
jessica M 9 gün önce
Takes a shot when the word calm is said
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Leifendeth Official
Leifendeth Official 22 gün önce
Trump's white house is a revolving door of failure... What a global embarrassment!
Clothilde 23 gün önce
That graphic of Conway and Hucka-Sanders is going to haunt my dreams. 😢
Rita Hassing
Rita Hassing 26 gün önce
Pull my finger and say what i want you to say, tRump says.
Chuck E
Chuck E 27 gün önce
A dink
Chuck E
Chuck E 27 gün önce
He is a moron
Didn't Jimmy Kimmel used to be a comedian? Now he's just a sad TDS sufferer.
Jonathan Aylar önce
Wow Trump is four years old mentally
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Aylar önce
Trump an uneducated , man baby , who has zero , brain power .
Douglas Milton
Douglas Milton Aylar önce
Donald Trump: Super extremely stable genius. Trump constantly saying stable genius proves he has narcissistic personality disorder. Ps. If Trump is a genius why call Obama a terrible student, why did he hide his grades sat scores. and threaten his schools to never show his grades or SAT scores?
DeeDeeMe Aylar önce
American politics is a farce.
Sherrion Jenkins
Sherrion Jenkins Aylar önce
He’s an idiot 😐
astara94 Aylar önce
I really wish this guy would just randomly quit, go away, and sit somewhere quietly for the rest of his life
fpshooterful Aylar önce
hmmmm...... HOW is this guy the PRESIDENT of USA?! AGAIN?!
Teenie Aylar önce
kiss asses if I ever saw any
Elaine Mezick
Elaine Mezick Aylar önce
U people need to leave our country trump will win again 2020 yay
Star Brand
Star Brand Aylar önce
I would have given a year's salary if one of his underlings had said "Well Mr President, you were a bit worked up. "
Ke Tho
Ke Tho Aylar önce
ppl make jokes about bush puke over the japan premier... but my knowing of japan ppl says me, that this guy had the boner of his life this day....
Pete Timbrell
Pete Timbrell Aylar önce
POTUS Donald's achomlishmrents
Jonathan Sakks
Jonathan Sakks Aylar önce
I’m thinking all 5228220 Democrats running for potus in 20 are just Russian agents
Rich Wimmer
Rich Wimmer Aylar önce
Jimmy Kimmel :the biggest Moron in late night TV
Deana Carlson
Deana Carlson Aylar önce
Omg, does he even realize they are all laughing at him? LMAO!
65wiseman Aylar önce
Horrible person and president. Name any good quality and he lacks it.
Ain't nothing like having words put in your mouth by the president of the United States of America confidence is one thing Trump doesn't have enough of !
bert nailer
bert nailer Aylar önce
Thanks for giving trump more free air time, this is why he will win in 2020 He’s always on tv or in the media.
GDSpecificOcean Aylar önce
bert bolt the left is why trump will win :) They’re the most insane
Jeff Varchmin
Jeff Varchmin Aylar önce
KFC heart attack! Come on!
Aniston Kemmerer
Aniston Kemmerer Aylar önce
lmao i like how he kept asking them how he acted wtf XD
Queenie Mack
Queenie Mack Aylar önce
Dtrump thinks that he is still in Hollywood and he runs the white house as if he is still in Hollywood.
IM Afrayed knot
IM Afrayed knot Aylar önce
Drunken uncle? Wow Kimmy you do have a few family issues but that’s to be expected eh buddy . Here I gave you another opening . Should be good .
tornado b
tornado b Aylar önce
Trump lives in opposite day. When he says he is "a stable genius", he means he is a crazy moron.
Annette Rodriguez
Annette Rodriguez Aylar önce
What’s new!! Mr. chief whambulance 😭😭
miranda smarty
miranda smarty Aylar önce
Trump is good
Grimmer Sanches
Grimmer Sanches Aylar önce
Jimmy kimmel for President.
stevendprice Aylar önce
Very stable pinhead
Roman Darius
Roman Darius Aylar önce
Nancy Pelosi is nothing abut an old white woman! She does not want to give up her power, because if she were to ever give up her power, she would no longer be a god in her own eyes, but an old, nervous white woman. She needs illegals for their vote!
Roman Darius
Roman Darius Aylar önce
Do you know where the left came from? They actually came from the foot of the cross. You see, these are revolutionaries! They represent Barabbas!!! Christ was evil and must be put to death, but Barabbas must go free!
lorettacamp Aylar önce
How can anyone take 45 seriously...what a loon. 😂
Jeffrey Evans
Jeffrey Evans Aylar önce
ya'll are too rough on the trumpet , he's just doing the job putin elected him to do
April Jones-Foston
April Jones-Foston Aylar önce
The self professed "STABLE GENIUS" & his easy-to-control WH robots.. I meant .. staff.
Deba Dev
Deba Dev 2 aylar önce
Asking people who work for you whether you were calm 😂
oldrrocr 2 aylar önce
"Sugar Vladdy "out prepared the Donald? Is that why his hand is up your A$$ and not the other way around, Donny? Or is it that he has decades more political experience? Or does he just know how to take advantage of a greedy fool?
Sharon18042 2 aylar önce
Trump is an unstable moron.
R B 2 aylar önce
Donald JACKASS Tramp
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 2 aylar önce
Stupid uneducated prick , he's like his entire family classless vulgar coward
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 2 aylar önce
Baby dictator!
Chaz Brookshire
Chaz Brookshire 2 aylar önce
Trump's s baby. A whining crying baby. Too scared to fight in Vietnam, abusive to his wife and children, a pathetic liar. Every American despise Trump.
Chaz Brookshire
Chaz Brookshire 2 aylar önce
Trump and all those with him will rot in prison.
Ron S
Ron S 2 aylar önce
Why does he only surround himself with white people?
Kay Bergstrom
Kay Bergstrom 2 aylar önce
This White House is so pathetic.
Alys Mari
Alys Mari 2 aylar önce
MAGA hat guy @ 3:59... When you finally realize that your home team hopelessly sucks.
FWU - Finally Waking Up
Alys Mari
Alys Mari 2 aylar önce
😂😂😂 if you just look at the people around him 😂😂😂
Marco Paez
Marco Paez 2 aylar önce
What a clown !!
Dop3matt3r _
Dop3matt3r _ 2 aylar önce
Jimmy Kimmel is a disgrace to America
Mutton Rolls
Mutton Rolls 2 aylar önce
As a conservative IDK why I watch this
Zena Fanom
Zena Fanom 2 aylar önce
Lawrence Binelli
Lawrence Binelli 2 aylar önce
Very calm but extraordinarily hot . I really mean Donald you are hot and you heat me up . UGHHH! Bring on the intervention.
Fallout Guy
Fallout Guy 2 aylar önce
I'm just her to see and laugh at these liberal retards with their hopes of impeaching President Trump LMAO
Jasmine G
Jasmine G 2 aylar önce
Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde 2 aylar önce
Our president is a joke 😂
William Stalvey
William Stalvey 2 aylar önce
Love Pres. Trump....he just laughs at all you poor bastards.
jim doe
jim doe 2 aylar önce
Trump is much smarter than all you buffoons including that kiss ass kimmel
Geo 2 aylar önce
Trump is a genius These liberals deny facts😂 Liberals in 2019>>> 🤡
*There's a comedy act happening in the White House until 2020 😌😂*
Dave Newbold
Dave Newbold 2 aylar önce
jax 2 aylar önce
watch out jimmy your next.... more info coming out about who you really are....
Linda Dimira
Linda Dimira 2 aylar önce
Trump will win reelection easily no contenders worthy of his attention.
Joseph alk
Joseph alk 2 aylar önce
The Bear's Den
The Bear's Den 2 aylar önce
Charlie woulda been better!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 2 aylar önce
It's like a scene out of the Death of Stalin...
r m smith
r m smith 2 aylar önce
They are all so calm, think I'll take a nap.
John 2 aylar önce
Jimmy Kimmel, The Twilight Zone
arien marsian
arien marsian 2 aylar önce
Some people throws tantrums. Specialy the bosses. Is that an issue now? Trump is a boss, rich successful businessman, not only that a hes also a celebrity like kimmel. Kimmel is a host of a talk show and trump is a president. Between the two kimmel is a lesser value. :-)
Phil Shockley
Phil Shockley 2 aylar önce
If there was a God, then TDS would be fatal.
AnotherScaldingHot ButtloadOfLiquidFeces
What a pugnacious, despicable turd Trump is
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