Doing the Groceries While Speaking Russian 

In Russian From Afar
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What could I buy for 25$ in Vietnamese health store? Check it out while learning Russian.
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In this video, I go to Vietnamese health store and showing to you what can you buy there. You can follow me while practice Russian listening skills.
💡💡💡About me:💡💡💡
Hi! I’m Sergey! I’m creating easy and comprehensible stories in Russian.
I’m teaching Russian since 2016, and although I’m not a professional teacher, I do have a lot of experience and I’m a language learner myself. I use comprehensible input (CI) and TPRS, which are some of the best methods in natural language acquisition. On my channel you don’t have to memorize bunch of words or learning grammar rules. Just sit, watch, read and enjoy!
CONTACT me if you have any questions, or comment below.
Email: inrussianfromafar@gmail.com




21 Ağu 2023




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@InRussianFromAfar 2 aylar önce
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@sophiexblair 6 aylar önce
Hi Sergey! I have been so impressed with your videos. I am trying to learn Russian on my own, and you have such kind and uplifting energy. Your videos bring me peace and help me feel like I can learn this language. Thank you!!
@unisonrul1171 6 aylar önce
Я серб который очень любит и уважает Россию как нашу братскую страну.
@RockieJ3 5 aylar önce
As a Russian student, thank you so much. Your voice is so nice, I love that you speak slowly and clearly! Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹
@rachel7306 6 aylar önce
Really easy to follow along, thanks for making fun and interactive videos for language learning!
@777elements 6 aylar önce
Я долго посмотрел и услышал ваши канал. Это очень важно и интересно для студентов которых изучают русский язык. Большой спасибо.
@CallMeRashed 6 aylar önce
Hello Sergey, I just wanted to say I really appreciate the amazing videos. I wish I had a bit more money to be able to donate to you. Because of you, i’ve been able to talk to my mom in russian at a b1 level. Thank you so much! I wish you all the best in life. If you are ever in Germany or Dubai please do tell me, so I can show you around!
@InRussianFromAfar 6 aylar önce
Thank you very much!
@audibledarkness 5 aylar önce
Great overall informative vid, showing the 'normalcy' of Vietnamese shopping to those of us who have no clue, or know much about their culture (sorry, I'm American😏).Through you, I learn about two cultures, as well as evolving my Russian! Cпасибо
@lowgpu1687 6 aylar önce
Thanks man! A very helpful video for basic nouns that are used commonly in Russian 😄
@liliansparrow1132 6 aylar önce
Amazing, thanks a lot for your work. This is really great content. When I saw the title, I thought that it was going to be the usual boring "meat, milk, cheese...." But here you talk about so many different foods, and I love the fact that you're also vegan! I remember visiting some amazing vegan restaurants in Vietnam. The annoying thing is that we still need to learn all the words even for the foods we don't eat, so that we can recognize them in a menu and know how to avoid them. 😄 Can't wait to check out all your other videos and podcast now!
@InRussianFromAfar 6 aylar önce
Great to hear that you’ve enjoyed that :)
@buffalothunder3479 6 aylar önce
I know! Vegan Russian lessons, how perfect is that!😅
@Katerina-fc7nt 3 aylar önce
Seriously very good video. informative,educative and fun..you are very charismatic..bravo!
@amandanelson9697 5 aylar önce
добрый день ☀to you, kind gentleman-at least you come across as such. Thank you for your videos.
@johncena04101 6 aylar önce
The quality of this video is insane! I love this video! You deserve so many more subscribers and views!! Such amazing quality camera, video, and content. I loved seeing things in the store. Просто потрясающий и качественный контент!! Большое вам спасибо !!!
@DrOrson 3 aylar önce
Great videos! Life in Vietnam seems rather pleasant.
@taigapavlosky6847 6 aylar önce
perfect i needed something like this thanks
This is a great channel!
@petrosstefanidis6396 5 aylar önce
Очень хорошо человек! Спасибо большое. I've watched that at least 10 times during the last 2 weeks😅
@kvuppal1 6 aylar önce
Very very interesting and useful lesson! I didn't visit any grocery shop when I was briefly in Vietnam, but only bought stuff in the street! Now my curiosity is satisfied, thank you!
@taygasari 5 aylar önce
More videos like this please🙏❤
@angie504 4 aylar önce
Привет из Луизианы! Табаско - отличный выбор! :)
@UroSoriano-cy2pf 6 aylar önce
Очень классно большое спасибо Сергей this video is not only for learning Russian, but also getting an insight into Vietnam culture.
@harune6594 6 aylar önce
I love foreign supermarket tours :D thanks for this!
@whichevermirror 6 aylar önce
я обожаю ваши видео, где вы идете в супермаркеты!! так комфортно
@user-qn2ln9zu7g 6 aylar önce
Спасибо большое учитель. Мне очень нравится ваш видео. 😊😊😊
@pietrolauria9001 5 aylar önce
I notice that we Italians export our rice milk from the Scotti company as far as Vietnam. I saw it on the supermarket pantry.
@amarsalem5671 5 aylar önce
Cnacu6o BAM brother Sergui, ♥️👍
@nicktoran1609 5 aylar önce
I just found your channel. These are wonderful videos for learning russian.
@buffalothunder3479 6 aylar önce
Fun shopping with you! Really like all the vegan references. First found you through your video making vegan Russian salad.🥔😆
очень полезный !!
@clementepadilla1341 4 aylar önce
Sugar rices blood sugar levels but it doesn’t spike insulin into the blood. Great video!
@rabiaabbas262 6 aylar önce
love your channel!
@rebeccamiko9156 4 aylar önce
Я живу в Японии, и я замечала несколько вещей по похожему в этом супермаркете. Там, была японская хлопья (которую мой сын любит). Тоже, в японских супермаркетах, используются много пластика. Все овощи и фрукты в пластике. Интересное видео!
@wdilankakmw 6 aylar önce
Прекрасная поездочка
@SuzieFeodoroff 4 aylar önce
Very comprehensible. That was quite interesting. A few surprises, such as the price of some items, and the range available. I used to brew my own kombucha, очень вкусно. But now I make my own coconut water kefir. I haven’t tried Кокоcовая сгужёнка in my coffee. I’d like to try it, but I don’t like my coffee too sweet. But with a desert, yeah.
Great video. I think you are perfecting the art of interesting content that is easy to follow in Russian, Cheers from fellow YTer Miss Liza Myanmar
@slagunes4705 5 aylar önce
Для человека который пытается выучить русский язык, это видео легко просмотреть. Спасибо большое Сергей 🌸
@rusun5360 5 aylar önce
А вы англоговорящий? Просто, если русский язык у вас не родной, то вы - большой молодец!
@AlxParrish 5 aylar önce
Было весело посмотреть! Поняла почти всех! Вьетнам выглядит хорошим местом жить. (извините для моих ошибок грамматики)
@alertaalerta5775 5 aylar önce
You enjoy a lot while being in the supermarket.
@guangdawang6374 5 aylar önce
That store looks really clean! Looks like whole food or sprouts store. A lot of individual Asian stores in the US is a little bit messy😅
@guangdawang6374 5 aylar önce
Oops, I didn’t realize u live in Vietnam, I thought it’s a regular Asian store in Russia
@InRussianFromAfar 5 aylar önce
@ravik24_moscow 4 aylar önce
I invited you to India. Come to New Delhi and many city make video here i will help you and your vlog style is unique very nice video of learning language with fun. I like Russian accents some word similar to English as well . ❤
@Cactus_Langs 6 aylar önce
Так что расговорил о гранолу, я часто приготовлю гранолу дома, используя овес, смесь орехов и изюм для сладкого вкуса, измельчая в блендере, и получает очень фкусно
@anaismoret6769 6 aylar önce
Мне очень нравится твой видео❤
@Cactus_Langs 6 aylar önce
Добры день! мне очень нравится твой канал, очень качевсвеный видеос, интересант сидить и послушать в то же время, что я полчаю пониманий ввод!
@Frankd22003 6 aylar önce
I grow all kind of berries, apple, apricot, and even Vietnamese tropical fruits, including wax Jambu (Mận) in my backyard. But one mysterious thing I can't solve yet is I let them all ripe and fall on the ground and buy them at the grocery store😂.
@max89109 5 aylar önce
@joelstewartpa 6 aylar önce
Магазин красивый но кажется что мало клиентов. Кому продают если цены высокие?
@InRussianFromAfar 6 aylar önce
Просто я пришел в тихое время)
@InRussianFromAfar 6 aylar önce
Обычно богатые вьетнамцы и иностранцы покупают там)
@lauracristescu8398 6 aylar önce
@VUITUOIGIA 5 aylar önce
@g1ld 4 aylar önce
Interesting but you forgot to show us the meat section, I wonder if beef, pork and chicken are cheap there. Thanks.
@InRussianFromAfar 4 aylar önce
That’s what I try to avoid in the stores😬
@miguelcamacho3030 6 aylar önce
Im hungry😅
How about spelling some of the words on the screen? I love your videos but often I cannot quite make out the word and would like to see it spelled out. ❤
@InRussianFromAfar 5 aylar önce
You can turn on the subtitles :)
Yeah I did think of that later, but then it's a choice of Russian or English - you can't have both! But anyway, these shops are expensive everywhere, or "dear" as we also say. I have to buy toothpaste free from SLS because of autoimmune illness, I will be bankrupt soon! @@InRussianFromAfar Blessings to you Sergei, you seem the least Russian person ever, the same as I am the least English person ever. My countrymen may kill me before I ever get to leave. 😂
If your wife is afraid of you getting cavities check out the benefits of xylitol. You could probably find some in that health food store. 😊
@emirmert100 6 aylar önce
Merhaba Sergey ben Türkiye Marmaris'te yasiyorum.Dil öğrenmek seninle çok güzel 😊Çok fazla Türkçe alt yazı eklermisin🙏
@InRussianFromAfar 5 aylar önce
Daha yeni türkçe subtitle yapmaya başladık. Artik hep olucak! :)
@user-vo9ll5fn8f 6 aylar önce
@NickOvchinnikov 6 aylar önce
Was this guy in the movie "the mummy?"
@user-ii8rc2xx5z 2 gün önce
Нет, его там не было
@wasfuerkeksigkeit 4 aylar önce
may i ask why your wife doesnt eat garlic or onions?
@InRussianFromAfar 4 aylar önce
For religious reasons:)
@user-jv2kg2ic8l 3 aylar önce
Похоже в России давно не был....
@malte5140 6 aylar önce
Слишком много пластика 😢
@InRussianFromAfar 5 aylar önce
Да, я знаю:(
@johnnywilliams2641 6 aylar önce
Good Russian lessons though.
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