Doing Redstone how Mojang Intended (Then doing it better)

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I recently purchased the Minecraft guide to redstone, an official Mojang product designed to teach people how to use Redstone. Learning redstone is hard, and every redstone circuit in Minecraft has it's use, with thousands of variations of all the Minecraft redstone circuits. This Mojang Approved redstone guide is a very good starting point, but it definitely has some odd builds! In this Minecraft redstone video we take the Mojang approved redstone contraptions and improve Mojangs redstone.

Inspired by Playing Minecraft How Mojang Intended:

Buy the book (this is an affiliate link, so I get a small amount for every purchase!):

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20 Mar 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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MysteryOre Yıl önce
I cannot think of someone more qualified to make this video! :)
Jamie Hayward
Jamie Hayward Aylar önce
@Mumbo Jumbo iTs aCtUAllY qUItE sImPLe
klarissa briones
klarissa briones Aylar önce
babyodagghh 2 aylar önce
Wanna know why cause skellys have a brain and zombies dont
Hazardous 3 aylar önce
zyZzyva 3 aylar önce
mubo jubo
Ninja Noodle
Ninja Noodle Yıl önce
If Mumbo wrote the Minecraft Redstone Manual it would be called “It’s really quite simple.”
Mattigrati 14 gün önce
ElderlyReptile Aylar önce
Jesse Elliott
Jesse Elliott Aylar önce
@NOWHE REMAN I would like that, he pretty much is *"the"* redstone Minecrafter.
Astrical Aylar önce
Proceeds to write a 90 page essay
Jesse Elliott
Jesse Elliott Aylar önce
"it's really quite simple!" He says while making a computer within Minecraft to play Minecraft on the computer in Minecraft on his computer.
Kaalin D
Kaalin D Yıl önce
i think that mob killer was meant for skeletons since they actually seek out shade instead of accepting fate
Evi Hippogrief
Evi Hippogrief Aylar önce
@maxdecphoenix that isnt possible, he was in creative, which means the mobs arent able to attack
Lucky 4 aylar önce
It's prob for skeletons
Lucky 4 aylar önce
PX77 4 aylar önce
The book says “creatures” in general, also there is a zombie on the image of the final build.
Muna Abi Saab
Muna Abi Saab 5 aylar önce
@maxdecphoenix but he was in creative
Luke Falciani
Luke Falciani Yıl önce
Mojang: This is a redstone clock Me: thats a weird design for a lag machine.
Witek Thiele
Witek Thiele 6 aylar önce
oh god I have no idea what you do on servers but I like it
Shroove 7 aylar önce
@Tosterboy HMMM???
duckie _mo_mo_77
duckie _mo_mo_77 8 aylar önce
@Tosterboy ayo?! 🤨
Tosterboy 8 aylar önce
The Germans in ww2 used that clock as a symbol on their flag
Sauce Yıl önce
I sometimes forget Mojang actually intended redstone to do stuff, I’ve seen so many crazy contraptions that seem to not be intended that I forget there is some redstone things that are intended
RoyalBlueJay Aylar önce
@Jack of All Trades, Hermes if bedrock works as intended, then I’m happy Java got it broken. As a bedrock redstoner, it can say that bedrock redstone is terrible, it’s very buggy and random. One time I built a pillar of observers attached to a slime pillar getting pushed by a piston, these observers powered pistons, it was completely random which pistons actually activated, some would fire, some wouldn’t, and next time it would be different. It’s terrible.
Jack of All Trades, Hermes
I heard somewhere that Bedrock redstone was how it's supposed to work but they kept some bugs on java.
Bread 2 aylar önce
@Davud Edgell Like how there are a lot of redstone machines that will use buggy or unintended concepts (mojang constantly trying to patch out auto-fishers comes to mind)
porky 6 aylar önce
Davud Edgell
Davud Edgell 7 aylar önce
Man idk wtf this means
SirThePlague Yıl önce
I like how mumbo still gets surprise how his machine works with him having years of experience
EddyKidPlayzYT 10 aylar önce
Welcome to redstone And coding
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
Welcome to the life of a coder
Patrick U.
Patrick U. Yıl önce
At that point your brain just understands and goes into automatic mode. Like your brain just knows what it needs to do
ratioed Yıl önce
Observers, compact ice, and bubble streams really revolutionized redstone and made it far more accessible and less daunting to lower skilled players. It's amazing to see how far this game has come since beta.
Max Dukhovskoy
Max Dukhovskoy Yıl önce
This is like going back to the beginner tutorials when you're a maxed out player
Toad Boy600
Toad Boy600 Yıl önce
I’m pretty sure the manual was written before observers where added so I’d like to consider that is they had those improvements they would use them
Yeera 7 aylar önce
There must have been a new one that was created but I was thinking the exact same thing. I remember the original red stone book coming out when I was like in early middle school or maybe even elementary tbh.
Living Murphy's Law
Actually, they have an entire section on observers in the book!
CatRyBou Yıl önce
The book was made in 2017
Mukuro Yıl önce
Mojang : explaining Redstone the simple way Mumbo : "proceed to make it complicated"
hendoskelly Yıl önce
Alternate title: “Mumbo replacing all of the redstone dust with observers in Minecraft builds”
Varun Joshi
Varun Joshi 11 aylar önce
@Redstone Engineer as someone who plays bedrock mostly, and occasionally dabbles in java, java redstone isn't easy either. Not hating or anything, my point is that redstone is quite weird on both versions, and in different ways. So no matter which version you start with, if you switch someday, you're screwed😂
SynbaGames Yıl önce
To be fair, that book came out before observers were I thing I'm pretty sure
Whiteoutline Yıl önce
We had redstone with only target blocks. Now we should have redstone with only observers.
hendoskelly Yıl önce
@Shannon Stevens making fun of a friend with the name Jan.
Shannon Stevens
Shannon Stevens Yıl önce
Your name is Jam Your pfp is Jan I am confused
Weltschmurrz Yıl önce
The piston clock is actually useful for making flashing beacons or putting stained glass to have them change color.
VoltisArt 5 aylar önce
@Arrow Master have built it, you just don't use the moving block for power transmission. This is more about the configuration to move the block, than _technically_ being a "piston clock."
Arrow Master
Arrow Master 6 aylar önce
@Weltschmurrz build it.
Weltschmurrz 6 aylar önce
@Arrow Master you push it with pistons???
Arrow Master
Arrow Master 6 aylar önce
@Weltschmurrz but you cant power stained glass, which is required to push it inthis design
Weltschmurrz 6 aylar önce
@Arrow Master you put stained glass over the top of the beacon to change it's color
Kuro Alwars
Kuro Alwars Yıl önce
Armor stand swapper Mumbo: "This is a winner" The original armor stand swapper is WAAAAY cheaper, and that's a win for a noob
Yannick Stevens
Yannick Stevens Yıl önce
I've always had great success just matching the button to the surface it's on. I usually do this in mountain sides where there's exposed stone, a slightly tucked away stone button is almost invisible if you're not looking for it.
Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa
Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa 9 aylar önce
There were way older versions of these books, I had them, I'm guessing they updated them and didn't really improve upon much, hence the lack of observers and buttons on the floor and stuff.
Dmoney 2204
Dmoney 2204 5 aylar önce
I think that book came out around 1.8
Agent Rubio
Agent Rubio Yıl önce
Just like coding, on first day they teach you how to print string "hello world" then you realize there's a ton of ways to print "hello world"
APEX Aylar önce
Tamim Rafin.
Tamim Rafin. 2 aylar önce
@Living Murphy's Law console.log() ?
Tamim Rafin.
Tamim Rafin. 2 aylar önce
me, a gigachad who learned only the names of arguments and read error messages and stackoverflowed them *I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you*
Not visible lol
Not visible lol 3 aylar önce
process.stdout.write('hello world ')
Manloloyo Josh
Manloloyo Josh 8 aylar önce
Very true
SingerOfSongs 10 aylar önce
This is science vs. engineering, to a T - Taking core theoretical concepts and making them into useful designs! To make a great redstone build, as much thought goes into the actual theory (circuits etc.) as does the optimization and final design. So cool.
SpiFi Yıl önce
I’ve enjoyed this! I’ve been learning redstone since 2019 and I have learned some new stuff today.
matt Yıl önce
with the first redesign, it might have been cool to keep the 1 block high passage, but add an automatic trapdoor hidden behind a banner or as a wall decoration. stand in the right spot, place the torch, the passage opens, the torch gets broken, and the trapdoor pushes you down so you can crawl through the passage!
Nouche 8 aylar önce
For the piston squisher, since you said it was designed before we could crawl, that was also before we could even have redstone dust placed on top of pistons and powering them without breaking.
Vizerm Yıl önce
Mumbo is like the teacher who says your homework is “good” but then tells you the “correct” way of doing it
adrian johnson
adrian johnson 8 aylar önce
The difference between knowing an equation and understanding the equation. Sure take a dozen steps. Or just three.
unknown. person
unknown. person 8 aylar önce
Henzai Yıl önce
For us a good from him is a 0.1%
Preetam Wagh
Preetam Wagh Yıl önce
Actually he is correcting the syllabus XD
Michael Parham
Michael Parham Yıl önce
And were the students who copied the answers from the smart kid, but it was obvious because there's several ways of solving the answer, but 'coincidentally' everyone used the exact same method.
Ivy Moth
Ivy Moth 10 aylar önce
3:12 you could make that even smaller by placing 2 redstone observers facing eachother
Iambread_ Yıl önce
i love the armor stand one, it will be extremely helpful for my house in the sootsmp. i live in a small town and not a lot of people wear their armor around so it would be nice to have a place to put it while i'm doing some work around town.
GlacialBreak729 Yıl önce
1:37 forgot about trapdoors? you can literally squeeze yourself in that one gap block. Just hide it though
Last name First name
I remember when I first found Redstone I used observers for literally everything, you’re not too complicated for beginners especially given that I substituted basically everything for observers
yaicob.com Yıl önce
Mbn to have started playing minecraft after observers
Ender Yıl önce
Note: Zombies don't seek shade from sunlight but skeletons do.
Oooo_ 21
Oooo_ 21 3 aylar önce
Zombies do seek shade they just are willing to leave it in order to attack the player/ villagers, at least they do on bedrock
PotatoMonkey 3 aylar önce
Yes true
xX0GLITCH0Xx Draws
xX0GLITCH0Xx Draws 6 aylar önce
A note to this: on bedrock zombies seek shade
Gamer du Québec
Gamer du Québec Yıl önce
about that first one, I think simply putting a piston under the block and adding some repeaters with a small delay would work better
johonn 8 aylar önce
For the last one, I thought they only added redstone on the back of pistons recently? That would explain all the repeaters if so.
RhinoBlock Gaming
For your redstone clock improvement, just use a hopper and comparator. It'll be easily toggleable and smaller than ur observer clock
Rhyno Yıl önce
2:23 once you get a little more advanced and start doing 0 ticks, you will see clocks similar to this (but that create 0 ticks) a lot more. That is, if you ever do 0 ticks, which I highly doubt
Wilf Roberts
Wilf Roberts Yıl önce
Only the OGs remember the old Redstone Handbook
EngineerinFuture Aylar önce
@Zolfir same bro!
EngineerinFuture Aylar önce
Still got it!
SpringGreenCloth Aylar önce
i have that handbook lying around somewhere
V the Dragon Prince
V the Dragon Prince 2 aylar önce
Switchblade_01 2 aylar önce
I have it
Tommy TV
Tommy TV Yıl önce
I remember Redstones first got added to this game,, for all these years I've been using the redstones for torches, didn't realize they could do this
CountessPlz Aylar önce
Just got into redstone for the first time since beta, and it is just crazy how different everything is now. Most of my automated farms are essentially just an observer and piston now, when in the past it would have been some big redstone circuit that I would have just given up on after a few attempts.
SurvivalIsHisRevenge 10 aylar önce
9:21 Make a maze out of this! I think that would be hilarious xD And awesome! 😱🤩🤣
JCTyrtle 🌹
JCTyrtle 🌹 10 aylar önce
I think people are supposed to recognize the suboptimal designs of the builds, and improve them as part of the learning process, a soft encouragement for people to teach themselves and get them to think like a red stone engineer.
Zoran Stam
Zoran Stam Yıl önce
This episode actually taut me something about red stone, I’m good at building so I could become good at both soon
james14294 Yıl önce
You could make an interesting combination lock with the armor stand swapper, like a puzzle :P
Gdawg Main Guy
Gdawg Main Guy Aylar önce
9:58 I think that the manual was designed before the update that allowed redstone to be put on transparent and nonsolid blocks, including the piston
Crow •
Crow • 11 aylar önce
The smallest redstone, idk if you’d call it a clock, that I’ve found is using a subtraction comparator and running the signal back into its side with a lever at its back. It uses five blocks total over all three dimensions.
Tobias Yıl önce
Redstone contraptions in a minecraft book: small, simple and easy to understand Observers: Allow us to introduce ourselves
Bear the confused
Bear the confused Aylar önce
@SM8TAL I tried to build a flying machine for the first time… observers will be the death of me. It is so hard to understand how they will react if you place it. Like seriously half of the flying machine got pushed away and I had to build the whole thing all over again.
Evi Hippogrief
Evi Hippogrief Aylar önce
yeah, i mean like, why are they so difficult 😢
Małgorzata Skrzelowska
@Filbert Ferdinand No, observer is listed in it
JustUrAverageCunt 6 aylar önce
Imo observers make redstone easier
M4x 8 aylar önce
I dont understand why you need observers for everything...
A P Yıl önce
3:50 stick piston pulling one of the observers out of the initial design is what I always use, cheap and easy
Timothy Crowther
Timothy Crowther Yıl önce
"it's time for us to learn some redstone" ~ The redstone genius.
Tsaddiq Yıl önce
This was really cool! It would be really cool of you could cover the whole book.
LEB Yıl önce
This is the equivalent of going on a jog and actually taking a car, the best redstoner with red stone basics
Forgotten Influencer
For why lever and not button: The book is old back then you couldnt place buttons on the ground For why the repeater: The book is old back then you coudlnt place redstone on pistons
Jeet Basa
Jeet Basa 4 aylar önce
So basically the book is old
ThunDerd 4 aylar önce
For the repeaters on the squisher, they could’ve just placed the redstone on the blocks adjacent to the pistons and that would’ve powered them just as well too. Also don’t know why they put the repeaters on full delay. Why not just leave them in their default state?
Forgotten Influencer
Forgotten Influencer 11 aylar önce
@Luchiscrash2010 The other answers I gave under this comment sum up everything :)
Luchiscrash2010 11 aylar önce
If you look at the beginning but you can see that it’s the new set of books that came out in 2019
AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Forgotten Influencer that's a great plan using cringe, grammar mistakes, and all that stuff
Klutz Specter
Klutz Specter Yıl önce
Some of your contraptions are less efficient. Like the redstone clock, you could just use 4 repeaters.
Cuco Sánchez
Cuco Sánchez Yıl önce
1:53 remove the observers and the dust should power the piston and the door
Tyler Thurman
Tyler Thurman Yıl önce
I think the point of the lever at 7:40 is to show that the circuit is being activated by the signal going off rather then when the signal is on :)
MysticPaul97_YT 5 aylar önce
I would put hoppers in the floor to make it more secret with the first one, but good vid
smurphas Yıl önce
I genuinely enjoyed this video so so so much. Also can't wait for season 8!
agentyamski 7 aylar önce
Curious on how the armor stand swapper works. Trying to replicate it, and just keep getting a destroyed repeater
RobasterGaming 2 aylar önce
7:30 couldn't you also use redstone torches to get rid of the delay by making the default state on and using the button to turn it off?
Shy Deer
Shy Deer 8 aylar önce
Aw man... I can literaly watch any video this man has made, and it would be like watching it for the first time even if I already watched it beacause I'll still won't undertand a bit about what he is saying... and I will love every minute.
peteman1000 Yıl önce
I think what we learned here is that Mumbo needs to write his own redstone book.
Cypher_black Yıl önce
@Mal many ppl would, and yes writing the book would be difficult but he could prolly just make an entry into it every so often and we would have the book in a year or two. And yes updates would mess it up. So, instead of just a hard copy; why not a digital one that gets updated along side MC. Grated it would most likely be more expensive. It would be a treasure trove. Plus, Mumbo could collab with other ppl too.
Mal Yıl önce
I feel like writing a book about redstone mechanics, even an introductory one, might be difficult as redstone often changes with major updates, and sometimes even fundamental stuff gets changed. I guess he could make updates after majors changes? That could actually be a pretty neat thing to do to supplement your income? I bet a lot of people would buy a mumbos advanced redstone techniques ebook
Maelly Rivard
Maelly Rivard Yıl önce
Cypher_black Yıl önce
Agreed, one for bedrock 2?
Bedrock CHAMPION Yıl önce
Smartoy 10 aylar önce
The armor stand switcher one might have been builded in the times where butons where not aloud to be place on flors and roofs
drake 4 aylar önce
i think that its interesting to see how the redstone in the book can be improved upon
Jedi Bricks
Jedi Bricks 3 aylar önce
I love the armour stand swapper! Hello Sir Jumbo, I really admire yours and Grian’s work. Thank you for all of the amazing content you and the Hermitcraft team creat! Me and my friends made a private server based off it. I am definitely building that 1x3 armour stand swapper. Again, thank you so much for the content! From a fellow Minecrafter.
Doug S
Doug S Yıl önce
Did they present the 2x3 torch+repeater clock? That one's honestly sufficient for 90% of applications.
Logan14 Yıl önce
The best part about Minecraft is that we don't have to play it the way that Mojang intended.
Noveau User
Noveau User Yıl önce
@Badger 320 is the limit
Keedak Yıl önce
That's basically every game
ShadeVial Yıl önce
Unlike some nintendo games lol. I love nintendo mine you but some of their design philosophys that seep into EVERYTHING. Are just... exhausting.
C.I.A Yıl önce
@Shaku Mohan FACTS
Badger Yıl önce
Sky's the lim- wait never mind, sky is not the limit
Maya Moon
Maya Moon 7 aylar önce
Redstone breaks my brain which honestly makes watching videos about it even more magical. I feel like a child watching a magician
HarrierHawk2252 8 aylar önce
You have taught me more than that book has. Honestly I kind if just put that book back on the shelf, watched a few of your videos, then figured the rest out by myself.
zoroden67 8 aylar önce
so as someone who has taught my entire game group redstone my issue with the book is that they show the bulky designs but don't show alternate ways to do the same thing. the reason i take issue with this is two fold: 1- when teaching some things some people take what you show them and hold it as the ONLY way to do things. 2- many people will learn in diffent ways and understand things differently based on how it's explained.
Henry Foutz
Henry Foutz Yıl önce
With the observer clock you could make one of those redstone signals on the corner lead to a dispenser that puts crops in a composter and then a comparator senses when the composter is full and when it is then the comparator sends a redstone signal to a bell to make an actual clock. Idk if it would work but it could be cool
Henry Foutz
Henry Foutz Yıl önce
and you could also make a bone meal farm with the same composter
Alex Yıl önce
Mumbo: "My girlfriend thought i wanted to learn more about redstone... Oh, bless her." *Self-confidence: Level 100*
aiz toh
aiz toh Yıl önce
@erich_ika keep your pride up brother, keep your pride up ✨
erich_ika Yıl önce
well, I too am confident that my Redstone skills are better than an official beginner textbook guide lol
Felipe Vasconcelos
The joke isn’t that she thought he wanted to learn more about redstone, it’s that she thought reading a book about redstone would be a sensible way to go about it.
Azophi Yıl önce
Dang that's a new redstone guide, I have the old one and it is massively improved
DrumStyx25 5 aylar önce
The piston squishier was made to suffocate you, it was created before crawling was introduced
Clyde De Jesus
Clyde De Jesus Yıl önce
the last trap, I think I would change that single block popping at the back into dispenser, and put a redstone torch behind it (I mean in another block, not sticking in the dispenser of course) then put arrows inside the dispenser idk
20quid 11 aylar önce
That piston clock reminds me of a triden killer from Bedrock edition (something I really wish they'd bring to Java)
Aiden Doig
Aiden Doig Yıl önce
“im not entirely sure but its certainly teaching them something” sounds like school
DashN Yıl önce
@THE GREAT MIND GORB all of the except finland
1021 Yıl önce
@luidgi I am confusion, but I also agree
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Yıl önce
@Lukazadian most of em in Europe
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Yıl önce
American public schools in a nutshell
Lukazadian Yıl önce
@THE GREAT MIND GORB most of the worlds education system sadly. It’s only a few select countries with systems that actually do what they’re supposed to do.
Amaroq Starwind
Amaroq Starwind Yıl önce
For the firecharge mob farm, you could probably have it detect mobs to trigger the firecharge
ItsUnpug 10 aylar önce
This was hilarious and at the same time really awesome
ANK Gaming
ANK Gaming 10 aylar önce
for the observer clock you could just use a piston to move one observer to turn off
CyanideInMyCereal 3 aylar önce
"It's time to learn redstone!" Mumbo, please, I just wanna see my family again.
Natibe_ Yıl önce
I love how Mumbo’s channel started out with compacting redstone using complacated chains of block update detectors and has evolved into... compacting redstone using complicated chains of observers... come to think of it nothing has changed tbh
Grim712 10 aylar önce
Please turn that last contraption into a really frustrating maze!
Javier Nunez
Javier Nunez Yıl önce
I would absolutely love more vids like this
Ye Yıl önce
Alternate title: “Doing Redstone The Way Mojang Intented (Then Using Observers).
Bo Provisorisch
Bo Provisorisch 10 aylar önce
Nice video! Btw. You could have made the observer redstone clock even smaller with only 4 observers! But Really good video as always
Aro algezion
Aro algezion Yıl önce
Minecraft redstone handbook: **teaches basic redstone stuff** Mumbo jumbo redstone tutorials: *i am 4 parallel universe ahead of you*
Infius:ß Yıl önce
Frogieder Yıl önce
That book actually shows you QC (without explanation), that's not the most basic thing at all
Chris Sternbeck
Chris Sternbeck Yıl önce
New idea after you build a machine apply a texture that just says The name of the block and an arrow for dropper/pistons or you could draw something up to help us recreate these machines
Brett Fuller
Brett Fuller Yıl önce
I believe you actually couldnt place redstone on top of pistons in previous versions which is why they used repeaters and it was much larger
MrPup 6 aylar önce
I had an amazing video idea… I think. So when you where talking about the piston clock and how it’s old and big, make a few redstone stuff with only old methods.
shiwanabe Yıl önce
I love the 'drifting' minecart from 10:32 onwards.
Ashton Giertz
Ashton Giertz Yıl önce
I kinda prefer the big and loud piston clock. It really feels like a power generator, and you can build a nice metal, stone, and glass she'll around it to really sell the industrial generator look.
floop 6 aylar önce
9:00 what if that was made out of the new reinforcements deepslate, that can be moved by pistons but takes an incredibly long time to break? It would be very time-consuming to make the trap in survival, but oh so worth it, it would take them a very long time to escape. Put a guardian out front, give them mining fatigue, and they’re stuck forever
Gavin Dawson
Gavin Dawson Yıl önce
just out of curiosity, does redstone still work slightly differently on Bedrock than Java? Only reason i ask, most of my redstone contraptions on my Bedrock realm seem to cause massive server lag. For example, my auto kelp farm causes lag in the chunk when the pistons fire. luckily its triggered by a daylight sensor so i can handle 1 lag spike every 10mins
Ian Bunch
Ian Bunch Yıl önce
I think it was also designed to be easy and inefficient so that players could find satisfaction in finding better ways of doing things.
Skyes Yıl önce
How dare they try to write a book without asking you to write it
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 10 aylar önce
@Angelus_Solus there are many red Stoners who are more sophisticated than Mumbo but they don't have as many subscribers. Mumbo is an engineer who makes things that might be useful or cool in an actual game. Mumbo will never write a working Tetris game or Implement Conway's Game of Life. On the other hand the cave that turns into a base and back into a cave was pretty cool. Also Mumbo has a pretty good intuitive sense but I don't think he approaches it from a computer science microprocessor point-of-view.
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 10 aylar önce
I definitely think if they had had Mumbo contribute a few designs at the end it would have increased Book Sales.
Lilster 89
Lilster 89 10 aylar önce
@BigBadCiviC did you run out of responses or what
BigBadCiviC 10 aylar önce
@Lilster 89 :/
Lilster 89
Lilster 89 10 aylar önce
@BigBadCiviC that doesn’t explain why you put the “:/“
Ethan Lattimore
Ethan Lattimore Yıl önce
You can make the mob trap with a skeleton spawner instead of a zombie since skeletons naturally go for shade when burning
Grant Martens
Grant Martens 11 aylar önce
I just watched this video, I think you should build the last one on the hermitcraft server and trap scar or impulse in it, that would be so funny to see what they do
JD Milton
JD Milton 11 aylar önce
I'm curious as to how you would make a redstone book, possibly for different experience levels as well
Deeker Jones
Deeker Jones Yıl önce
I think they intentionally made some silly goofs like using levers in odd ways to encourage the players to try the obvious improvements themselves. It's a good way to teach.
Beenis Weenis III
I'd love nothing more than a "Mumbo's guide to redstone" book. Just imagine it!
Anindita Paul
Anindita Paul Yıl önce
Whole book is just 4 words: "It's actually quite simple." 10/10 would buy again.
10 10 aylar önce
For the last one you cant go wrong with 4 iron doors and a pressureplate in the middle
Shadow Reptile
Shadow Reptile Yıl önce
3:50 what about the clock with just the four redstone repeaters connected to each other in a circuit?😀
Rae Lynn Clinard
Rae Lynn Clinard Yıl önce
You should make a maze minigame out of the pressure plate design!
I think all of the contraptions are also made to work in both versions
Zyon Yıl önce
It's a good thing Mumbo didn't write this book because it will cause the reader's brain to implode in on itself
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell Yıl önce
@giuseppe galeotti Laughs in while loop
Monochrome Art
Monochrome Art Yıl önce
@András Kmeczó well, the community cried that they were removed in a snapshot, so Mojang left them there. And anyways, most advanced redstone is based on unintended mechanics anyways.
András Kmeczó
András Kmeczó Yıl önce
@Monochrome Art yeah, Ig you're right, but these are bugs left there intentionally
Monochrome Art
Monochrome Art Yıl önce
@András Kmeczó the most known BUDs are based on QC and lack of updates. Pistons get powered like a door would, but they're too far to receive the update, same with droppers/dispensers.
crinox 4 aylar önce
imagine using 4 iron doors and a pressureplate in the middle to trap someone
Ferry1337 _
Ferry1337 _ 3 aylar önce
my mind was blown for that armour stand contraption never seen anything like it before ever!
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