Does Hogwarts Legacy Live Up to the Hype?

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I was fortunate enough to be invited out to Warner Bros Studios to play Hogwarts Legacy early! Never have I wanted a time-turner more than after my play session was up.. excited to show you early never-before-seen gameplay and tell you all about my experience with the game! Thanks to Warner Bros and Avalanche for inviting me to play the game early.

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00:00 Intro
01:37 Character Creator
02:28 Cutscenes
02:45 Environment Review
05:48 Combat Explanation & Tutorial
09:50 Stealth Gameplay
11:01 Criticism & Concerns
14:03 Final Thoughts
15:30 Giveaway and Outro

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26 Mar 2023




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Toine Aylar önce
When you've already bought the deluxe edition and still watch "before you buy" videos you know you're excited😁
HPedits Aylar önce
Me too
Tzf Muleboy14
Tzf Muleboy14 Aylar önce
Me lol
evan Aylar önce
Or worried
Sambro99 Aylar önce
Same tho
MugiwaraNoKaiyan Aylar önce
not me
General Vestal18
General Vestal18 Aylar önce
I can't wait for this series. It's been a long time since I was as excited for a game release as this.
How’s my Living
How’s my Living Aylar önce
@MrTheoneandonly no I thought that about the graphics, but you got to keep in mind they created it for last gen as well switch (somehow ) an I think threats why they didn’t shoot for the stars with the graphics.
MrTheoneandonly Aylar önce
Am i the only one that thinks the graphics are not that great? It feels very plastic, the spells does not seem to pack any punch and the environmental details looks out of place and sometimes very empty.
PorschePal79 Aylar önce
I'm still more excited for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown though.
How’s my Living
How’s my Living Aylar önce
First game I preordered in years
Waka Flocka Project
Don't have to tell me twice
Kelefane Aylar önce
The great thing about this game is that if there are any bugs, the devs can just call it magic.
Nightside Relaxation
I can't wait for it to come out. I do want to thank you for correcting a misconception of mine. I had been a little confused in regards to the stamina meter when flying. To me the way they described it in the second showcase made it sound like it automatically started falling as soon as you went any distance from the ground while on broomstick, which would limit long you could be far from the ground. However, after watching your video and another I could see that it's not how it acts. It seems like the stamina meter is better described as a boost meter to make you fly faster, so you get infinite boost while near the ground but limited while high up. This method feels much better and more understandable. It also makes it that much more possible that at some point in the future we might see a quidditch dlc for the game.
Louka Deschênes vanier
@seth johnson like bruh😂😂😂
seth johnson
seth johnson Aylar önce
@Nightside Relaxation agrred, single player games don't need to suit competitive gamers
Nightside Relaxation
@GuineaGirlGaming As long as they don't goof up the game the way some others got goofed after they added in the multiplayer elements. Elden Ring was great at the start, but it really started to piss me off because they kept changing the balances of the weapons because they weren't good for multiplayer. Stop screwing up my single player experience in a single player game just because people are complaining about the multiplayer experience.
Kiko ice
Kiko ice Aylar önce
It’s been out
GuineaGirlGaming Aylar önce
Yes for quidditch!!! Hopefully a multiplayer option too!!! Would be amazing!! To have that multiplayer capability at least for things like that!
Joe2000 Aylar önce
This series is going to be unbelievable can't wait to watch you dominate Hogwarts !
Craig Hipp
Craig Hipp Aylar önce
Because I can say what I want
Craig Hipp
Craig Hipp Aylar önce
Cool ?
Ashley Barnes
Ashley Barnes Aylar önce
@Craig Hipp series as in TRvid series dude, not a bunch of games, he means he can't wait for all the videos of gameplay he's gonna make, which is a series
Craig Hipp
Craig Hipp Aylar önce
Series ? I feel like this can only be done in one game
Skiippiii Aylar önce
I cannot wait to see "The Beginning"
N Kal
N Kal Aylar önce
Exactly! Super excited to see how we are accepted and taken to Hogwarts
Fight-Flow21 Aylar önce
I'm so hyped
Guess Who
Guess Who Aylar önce
Aah yes the legendary, "The Beginning"
paturi rishithkumar Goud
Legendkiller456 Aylar önce
Regardless of any bugs or glitches, I still believe this is going to be the DEFINITIVE wizarding world game we have all been waiting for - and I cannot be more excited to play it!
CooKi3Monst2r Aylar önce
So ready for this series to begin! God bless you and your family.
Finimus Maximus
Finimus Maximus Aylar önce
A little feature I’d love to see is just being able to use the ‘big’ spells ‘casually’. You know, like you become so skilled that you can cast them without much effort, still having the same cool down but maybe you can use it inside a combo with more basic spells.
ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ⬇️
thanks for commenting, got something for you 🤝🎁👆
FlexOffender Aylar önce
Glad the hype is real and even more happy that fans like us get to really enjoy the wizarding world again.
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
@Marcel Rodriguez if that's a dealbreaker to you then you're a weirdo lmao
Marcel Rodriguez
Marcel Rodriguez Aylar önce
Ngl the fact that you cant hurt or do anything to NPCs is a real dealbreaker.
FlexOffender Aylar önce
Came back to watch and realized what you said about the spell diamond and how you can have several (up to four) sets to swap through quickly. That sounds amazing.
Facehugger89 Aylar önce
@Vikas Kumar Patel this game way more hyped then cp2077 cause harry potter is a well known franchise
Clay Aylar önce
I’ve literally watched hours of this footage from every content creator that played and yours is by far my favorite video. I love your energy and man ur hype is getting me even more hyped. My fiance knows she’s getting neglected for 2 weeks after release 😅
kippzy Aylar önce
I’m so hype for this. I can’t wait to read lores, the combat system, learning new spells, just everything.
Iniquity Games
Iniquity Games Aylar önce
I haven't watched a Tmartn video in years. I'm super impressed with how much you've improved and I really enjoyed how you articulated everything here.
Darian Hakeem
Darian Hakeem Aylar önce
I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS GAME! I know this isn't the full version, but I hope they fix the voices when you adjust it higher or lower frequency
Shi-Woon Yi
Shi-Woon Yi Aylar önce
@Darian Hakeem You can't fix dead NPC that fast, maybe they will fix NPC start doing things only when you are near them, well they will just try to make you not notice this. But standing NPC without a schedule is a design choice, which I don't enjoy.
Darian Hakeem
Darian Hakeem Aylar önce
@Shi-Woon Yi Well like @ironmytaco said I'm sure they'll have a good majority if not all of those things fixed my final release and day 1 update
Frabu Lakris
Frabu Lakris Aylar önce
@Shi-Woon Yi yes same to me...
Shi-Woon Yi
Shi-Woon Yi Aylar önce
The bug with the NPC's not doing anything until you come 10 meters near them is much more of an issue to me.
Taco Aylar önce
they did tell creators that it would be fixed by launch!
Sushi Animation
Sushi Animation Aylar önce
I really can’t wait to see your play through. I literally rewatch the films and read the books on a yearly basis
Brett Aylar önce
Can't wait to play the game and watch this series... Definitely one of the series I'm most excited for
Melissa Ramirez
Melissa Ramirez Aylar önce
I can't wait to see some spells, Not to mention all the magical creatures
Punit Lahoti
Punit Lahoti Aylar önce
@Vikas Kumar Patel Damn that's actually a good idea, I'm already going in thanks to your comment
Vikas Kumar Patel
Vikas Kumar Patel Aylar önce
I might read all the books again while playing the game. Just to see the details of Hogwarts put in the game.
Agent Endive
Agent Endive Aylar önce
Amazing video, Trev! Thank you for the break down and the pros & cons!
Angus Lawson
Angus Lawson Aylar önce
it's exciting to hear that each house that you choose to go to has a different storyline, great for replay-ability
Dylanbruhhh420 Aylar önce
Bro what!! Do they actually go scrambling around to pick their wands back up?!?!? That’s actually so awesome 😍
Damien Mault
Damien Mault Aylar önce
Me not being a huge Harry Potter fan this game has me so excited just for the idea of exploration the game looks so beautiful! I have a feeling this game is gonna pull me into being a fan of the series for sure
GascoigneGames Aylar önce
@spaceli0n exactly still waiting for that
spaceli0n Aylar önce
now we just need a lord of the rings universe game, no not shadow of mordor although thaty was good. a proper rpg.
JazzTKO Aylar önce
should watch the movies again
81cochj Aylar önce
Great review and I can't wait for this series! I really hope you don't just go through the main missions and skip most of the side content. Let this playthrough last a while.
@MajinDat a lot of people, like myself, can't really afford to
MajinDat Aylar önce
Or you can play the game yourself ..?
TravD23 Aylar önce
This is one of those games that I tried very hard to not get TOO hyped about, but it was impossible. Everything I have seen so far has got me so ready to play! I did have my concerns about the combat looking a bit "stiff" (still do), but your explanations of how the combat felt first hand makes me feel better about it. That said, everything else is spot on great looking! From the movement, exploration, the world, the details and obviously Hogwarts itself - very cool. I truly hope the full experience delivers where it counts, because this is one of those games that has a lot to live up to. Fingers crossed! 🤞
Jay Aylar önce
The scenery looks really nice. They captured the Scottish Highlands really well ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Corrupted Ice
Corrupted Ice Aylar önce
Cannot wait for this series and keep up the legendary work trev
Selah R.
Selah R. 10 gün önce
This game delivered. The lack of loading screens was really nice, kept you immersed. I’m not an HP fan and I couldn’t stop playing this game. As close to perfect as any game I’ve played.
Draiko Aylar önce
I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch any of these preview videos but I am happy that I did! Didn’t spoil anything for me and has increased my confidence in this game! Can’t wait to dive in! I will probably be in character creation for a few hours first 😂
Robbieh Aylar önce
I never thought my love for Harry potter could ever be rekindled and I simply grew out of it. But this game has ignited the flame once more. I'm half way through the chamber of secrets and couldn't be more hyped. It's nice to have this magic back in my life again.
Guillermo Coronado
Guillermo Coronado Aylar önce
I'm so excited for this game, it looks so full of wonder and things to do. I wish there was more spells combatwise but everything looks very polished and good
Draven Aylar önce
Great video! Not overly hyped up and some honest criticism about some things you saw in the game. I believe that there will be some issues that have been fixed and the day 1 patch will handle those. I'm also positive that this development team will continue to patch the game along the way. I can't wait to see how my journey begins! Thank you for an honest review!
Blaster Anonymous ⏳
Such great review & details! Very excited for the official playthrough!
Mizzo Aylar önce
the attention to detail in the castle is just stunning
Mitch Sledge
Mitch Sledge Aylar önce
I’m beyond excited. This game is everything I’ve ever wanted in one game.
John Sacco
John Sacco Aylar önce
As a fan I can’t wait for this game, it was made by Harry Potter fans for Harry Potter fans!! This game screams everything that I ever wanted in a HP game! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! Can’t wait for more!
Luis Ramos
Luis Ramos Aylar önce
The combat is what I was waiting for before getting this. You damn near got me. I definitely feel better about this now.
Kamoonra The Wolf God
I loved the Harry Potter series as well. This game sounds very interesting. The graphics are amazing.
Mikegamer50 Aylar önce
VegasX Aylar önce
Thanks for talking pros and cons. The game looks amazing, and I can't wait to play.
Ashe Ashe
Ashe Ashe Aylar önce
I am really looking forward to getting so immersed into this game & the lore of the world
It's been a while since I've watched anything to do with Harry Potter, but this game looks absolutely fantastic! The last Potter game I played was the Lego one and the one based on I think fourth film...not sure, but it was a huge world game, but nowhere near being open world. The flying has me really, really interested because I love any character that can fly and flying in an open world....yes please!! I don't even have game system anymore and I think this is the game to get me back into gaming...wow, looks beautiful! Also I entered your giveaway so that's cool, would love to have a chance to win this.
Christina Mayers
Christina Mayers Aylar önce
The game is awesome! Can't wait to immerse myself in Hogwarts! Wish we could create a character that looks very close to Ron, Hermione and Harry but I doubt it since in this timeline they weren't even born yet
Sniffleblox Aylar önce
Great informative video, this game seems too good to be true. I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks at the launch and if it really does match the hype, or exceeds it.
Funkyyy Aylar önce
was so so excited to see this video trev!!!! HOLY CRAP like ahhhhhh just seeing your review and also i preordered the duluxe edition… i had too, i feel like this will be so amazing. Just the rpg element, the gameplay, combat and story line and environment is so fantastic. I can’t wait to get lost and not even do the story majority of times and get lost in everything of the game… So excited to see you play as well as play myself
SOUL Aylar önce
Thanks for your information. As a non Harry Potter super fan I will give this game a chance. It definitely looks like unique. And when devs take a chance with something new i think they should be rewarded at least with our curiosity.
I agree with your point Tmartn, in looks like it is going to be a good RPG even for the non-Potter people. Looks like a fun world to just live inside of and explore, its going to sell well because of this.
Danny Boylan
Danny Boylan Aylar önce
After over 20 years I'm finally watching all of the movies before the game comes out. I want to be able to recognize stuff in the game. Now I'm even more hyped!
YungWildAndFreee Aylar önce
I’m so excited for this series! Crazy how I haven’t played a Harry Potter game since the Quidditch World Cup for the Ps2 lol. Glad they bringing back the throwback games to life again
John Marston
John Marston Aylar önce
whoever tied all these locations together is the goat
blx Aylar önce
It was me
Miguel Reyes
Miguel Reyes Aylar önce
I’m hyped for this game! Just preordered the game earlier today. Can’t wait for the release 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
ChrisMeisterBR Aylar önce
I think for the people that aren't big Harry Potter fans can still look forward to this masterpiece. Alot of similarities with Bully and everyone knows how great that was. Cannot wait man!
Don Diddy
Don Diddy Aylar önce
They made wand fights look amazing, I'm not even a huge H.P fan but I wanna play this game now!!
Brandon Garvin
Brandon Garvin Aylar önce
This series is going to be awesome
Sagasaurus Aylar önce
I'm not a huge potter fan. I've seen the movies of course and enjoyed them the way I enjoy most movies. But I am absolutely thrilled for this game. It looks like one of those games that you don't get to experience as often in your gaming life. It's not a game you want to miss out.
Omg I thought they said they wouldn't put the outside broom stadium in the game but we see it in the beginning 😮😮😮 also can't wait to see the hogwarts express train.....it is going to be in the game right?? Hehe,it HAS to be,it's always been my favorite part in the movies idk why,guess I just love trains and that cool bridge lmao🥺
Danny Gibson
Danny Gibson Aylar önce
Looks incredible and the absolute smartest way you could ever build a Harry Potter game.
Juarez J
Juarez J Aylar önce
Yes it's perfect! One company that actually loves the game they are making and you can tell from the attention to detail. Every little thing .
Noel Atcheson
Noel Atcheson Aylar önce
Was very, very skeptical of this up until what I've seen over the last few days. Has totally changed my mind. Actually looking forward to playing this now.
soul crusher2078
soul crusher2078 Aylar önce
I always love hearing your feedback on games! I can’t wait for the beginning!
Stuart Lipo
Stuart Lipo Aylar önce
Fantastic review and great content...as always Trevor!
Pablo Recart stollmann
This is the "before you buy" video that we need and we deserve. Im ready for this on Pc
Nishay Bennie
Nishay Bennie Aylar önce
Me 2, just hope it runs well on pc, with drm being added
Melissa Newingham
Melissa Newingham Aylar önce
Looks amazing and can't wait to see you play.
Brandon_vdw72 Aylar önce
I can't wait for the release am sure this will turn into a brand-new series my excitement is building
ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ⬇️
thanks for viewing, got something for you 🎉🎉👆
Eh-Dee Aylar önce
Just entered the giveaway, very cool of you! Insanely hyped and even more now, seeing all the gameplays drop! Hope you have fun with the series, I know I'll be watching!
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee Aylar önce
I like that if you see a place in the movie you wanted to go,but they didn't go there in movie. You can go there in the game. The soundtrack is awesome and combat is fire. Very good video "Trevor. I really enjoyed this video brother 👍🏼
Piece of Schmidt Gamer
I guarantee there's going to be a mod that brings this game to the era of the books at some point and I 100% support this.
Hunter Marney
Hunter Marney Aylar önce
Let's goo CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS and can't wait for the Beginning of hogwarts legacy from my favorite youtuber
Voodude Aylar önce
One question I have: for the character creator, is there any option at all to make them fatter, even a little? Because it's kind of weird to me that every single student at Hogwarts seems to be the exact same level of fitness, and that seems weird for a team that keeps saying they want you to be able to make yourself.
djmuel Aylar önce
Idk for that you’d probably need a game that isn’t based on a universe created by someone extremely fatphobic
Brian Richards
Brian Richards Aylar önce
Super excited to watch this series and play the game!!!
Vintage Aylar önce
This makes me even more exited, I am like you... I only care about the world that looks so gorgeous and the story.
WRETCH Aylar önce
Might be really random but this is the first time I’ve seen the sprinting animation and it’s so clean.
Addicted _57
Addicted _57 Aylar önce
Can't wait for part after part after part, let it begin Trev (⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)
Micheal Westendorf
Micheal Westendorf Aylar önce
This is game of the year for 2023 by far
Ron Mexico
Ron Mexico Aylar önce
It looks great but let’s wait til it actually comes out before getting too crazy lol
Xzenock0343 Aylar önce
I'm expecting this to be a "Wait is the sun comming up already?" kind of games and i havent had that in forever i cannot wait to play this man
Moses W
Moses W Aylar önce
Every problem that I've had with this game so far, can easily be fixed with mods. I'm definitely excited to jump into this world.
DarkCynical Aylar önce
I've never been more excited about a game than I am right now, and the same goes for your uploads
Darren Jackson
Darren Jackson Aylar önce
This is THE ONE. I, like many others, am gonna be on this the second releases. Coffee at the ready, a long nerd out session ahead of me.
JayVersaye Aylar önce
That’s good that they actually did a good job with this game, was worried they were going to mess it up. Will def buy this..
Ricardo Madleno
Ricardo Madleno Aylar önce
The game does have masterpiece vibes coming I hope it comes to be true
GHOST LEGIT Aylar önce
@Nuh-Uh Bro gears of War is a masterpiece. Tell me ur joking right
Nuh-Uh Bro
Nuh-Uh Bro Aylar önce
@GHOST LEGIT You have a Gears of War logo for a profile picture so I don’t think you can speak on masterpieces
GHOST LEGIT Aylar önce
Masterpiece 🤣🤣
Mitch Ryan
Mitch Ryan Aylar önce
Informative review 👌 glad to hear it lives up to the hype
Famous Trouble
Famous Trouble Aylar önce
The devs did a awesome job
Jacob Dowd
Jacob Dowd Aylar önce
I’m very excited about this game. A perfect time to rewatch the movies and read the books. Gonna subscribe to you and I’m very hyped for this game. Wish we could play quidditch but maybe that might be a DLC.
mel Aylar önce
i'm not even a HP fan but i'm so excited for this game already preordered the deluxe edition! it has so much future potential as well for dlc, mods etc. can't wait to play it
Tyler Millay MclarenF1972
Im so excited to play this I wanna be a full evil wizard and use all the unforgivable curses and pick all the evil and selfish options and basically go full Voldermort also riding a dragon will be something I'm 100% going to do
DADDYDC650 Aylar önce
Can’t really say you weren’t influenced 😂
Steven Aylar önce
I’m so excited about this, I’ve actually started dreaming about it. I never have dreams.
Kizzy Aylar önce
It could just be me, but I definitely like your commentary over the uploads. If you have that available for your gameplay on this I’d love it!!
Tyryn Allen
Tyryn Allen Aylar önce
Seems like this game is the one we’ve been needing for a while
mokegamer123 Aylar önce
i am so exited i have been waiting years for this game and i am a huge fan of the potter world and i am so exited can not wait to play this game even the stealth just sound so good i just really hope my computer can take it even tho i kinda know it doesn't but i am so exited for the series and to see the community be so happy and wholesome it is just so cool i can't wait and i can feel the sweat and time that went into this 😁
ben webb
ben webb Aylar önce
As a guy like you def has played every call of duty I feel your energy. One of the things I've always been quiet about and needed out on is HP. Thanks for the video, I appreciate it.
It’s Crossbow
It’s Crossbow Aylar önce
Is it worth buying if your not a Harry Potter fan ?
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
Watch the first movie to see if you like it. If you do, watch the rest of the series and then buy the game. Preferably read the books as well. Otherwise you won't understand anything.
Junius Loves Gaming
​@Conner Baslow considering hogwarts was founded over 1000 years ago by the 4 greatest wizards and witches the lore from harry potter will be important to know before playing this game. As a non harry potter fan he wont know about the chamber of secrets and the hidden secrets within hogwarts legacy.
Conner Baslow
Conner Baslow Aylar önce
Ignore those two idiots, yes it's totally worth it since the game takes place in the 1890's about a hundred years before the main story from the movies, so this game will be a great way to get into fantasy games in general so yes I would still 100% recommend it
silenceyouidiot Aylar önce
It's a fantasy game in the end. If you can handle playing skyrim or fable, I don't know why this won't entertain you.
Darth Opinion
Darth Opinion Aylar önce
I would love to know how the performance is in all graphical modes.
It’s Jaden
It’s Jaden Aylar önce
I'm so excited to play this game and watch more of your videos on it 🤗
Asjad Khan
Asjad Khan Aylar önce
I’m glad they didn’t show everything. I want the experience. They did beautifully.
Bryan Beck
Bryan Beck Aylar önce
Goosebumps all over definitely during the opening of the game.
Geek Girl
Geek Girl Aylar önce
So pumped for this! Thanks for this video Trev
NYC_Goody Aylar önce
Can't wait for the 7th I'm absolutely pumped for this!
Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas Aylar önce
I can’t wait for this game yes I preordered and I’m skeptical and plan on going into the game knowing it may be disappointing or it may be a great game that said I hope everything I have heard from the folks who demo’d this early is true. I will be starting off this game as my Pottermore house of Ravenclaw and the wand that was chosen by the quiz I took on Pottermore as well which is a Yew wand with a phoenix feather core I hope it looks good in game I also plan on going down the dark arts path that seems like it might be a lot of fun
kusogaki shion
kusogaki shion Aylar önce
I've never been interested in Harry Potter, but I saw some of the combat and I just had to check this out
Mark Watson
Mark Watson Aylar önce
Love your vids Trev! Can't wait to watch this Let's Play. Been a faithful subscriber for more than 10 years now and am not going anywhere!
Chris Buchanan
Chris Buchanan Aylar önce
I can’t wait for Part 1 - The Beginning
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