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Dr. Gregory House MD might be a genius doctor, but he’s a bit extreme to say the least. In “Insensitive”, Season 3 Episode 14, he encounters a patient suffering from CIPA, or Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. This is naturally interesting to House, because of his chronic pain issues, so he dives in to study this young patient’s body and learn her secrets in an attempt to better understand his own condition… but not before discovering she’s been siphoning off her Vitamin B12 to a 25 foot long tape worm. Yikes. Today we look at the unethical and downright torturous methods House and his staff used to treat this girl, as well as discuss the effects a tapeworm can have on your body.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Scott W Pilgrim
Scott W Pilgrim Yıl önce
My favorite part of this episode is where the girl says "boys can't hold me too long cause I can overheat" and House goes "girls can't hold me too long cause I only pay for an hour."
David Floro
David Floro Yıl önce
Talk about dark humor. Bam!
Adam Matthews
Adam Matthews Yıl önce
The best is “morgenthal, that’s one of them jew names”
Shiroyasha Yıl önce
House is the goat 😂
Jarcophagus Yıl önce
House is just the living embodiment of a chad
Skade Yıl önce
AtlasTheYote Yıl önce
I went to school with a girl with this condition. She told us about how she accidentally burnt her hand because she was resting it on the stove and didn’t realise it was on until she could smell the burning flesh.
Beyond13 Reaper
Beyond13 Reaper Yıl önce
I bet every girl at your school was jealous of her for not feeling period cramps.
Keatherton Yıl önce
Who rests their hand on a stove, even if you think it's off? I've never found myself doing that
GdWill Yıl önce
Annie B.
Annie B. Yıl önce
@Keatherton Someone who has never felt pain.
Pootatoe Yıl önce
Cip ( can't feel pain
J4K0V M4R1C 9 aylar önce
Love the Mikes reaction when she was calling code and bringing icepacks... Mike: "FOR WHAT?!?!?!"
Kawaii Universe
Kawaii Universe 8 aylar önce
Gabs Nandes
Gabs Nandes 2 aylar önce
And then he immediately realizes why lol
Collin Carey
Collin Carey 5 aylar önce
I actually love this episode, because you're absolutely right - House took the case for literally no reason other than that he was interested in someone who has CIPA, and felt jealous of her inability to feel pain. She coincidentally happened to actually be sick, despite showing no outward signs. But what this episode does is blatantly demonstrate that House and his team care more about results than process. It's a case study in "the ends justify the means." They are breaching so, so many ethical codes and legal statutes regarding medical care, but since the patient doesn't physically feel worse, they can get away with it. I mean, the surgery scene alone would have probably resulted in several people losing their medical licenses. Performing surgery without consent, barging into an active operating room, cutting a patient open without putting them under to prevent them from moving around... But because House was right, nobody even brings it up again. The ends justify the means. Doesn't matter how much trauma the patient walks away with, as long as they're able to walk away.
vinni 4 aylar önce
Please explain if he is md how can he do a surgery
C. Dexie
C. Dexie 2 aylar önce
If I remember correctly she was also having psychotic episodes and the surgery was an emergency, so that's why they got away with it that easily. An appendix removal was literally happening next to them, but House said that it's low priority, and stole all the surgery staff.
vinni 2 aylar önce
@C. Dexiethank u for the explanation...I haven't seen the show so as an Indian medical student it was hard to digest that md medicine is doing abdominal surgery
mac daddy
mac daddy 7 gün önce
exactly how its supposed to be
Traci Williams
Traci Williams Yıl önce
As someone born with a condition where it is rare that I feel pain, I can relate to some of this... I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease and was literally born without myelin on my peripheral nervous system... I can feel pain, but only when it is extreme, so the pain warning system does not work for me... I dislocated my knee over 80 times and used to hit it back in place with a book, I would get fillings without any anesthetic. But it is dangerous too... I can get into a bathtub and not realize the water is too hot until my skin starts turning red. And most recently, I started having some discomfort in my mouth, and it turned out I had a deep infection, and it was too late to save the teeth... anyone else would have felt pain months before. It was even too late for root canals, so two teeth had to be completely removed. I do take good care of my teeth... and the X-rays taken four months before treatment showed no infection or issues. When I went back to the dentist, the dentist looked in my mouth and said that he was in pain just looking at your teeth. Anyway, as Dr. Mike said, it is more dangerous not to have pain than to have pain. I regularly bruise myself, probably bumping into things (CMT also involves a lack of coordination and balance issues)... sometimes I will come home really bruised and have no idea why because I did not feel that I bumped into anything.
kim berley
kim berley Yıl önce
I have so many questions
BluePurplePink Yıl önce
Yeah it’s not a condition to be revered by people or to treat people any different. Not feeling pain doesn’t mean the people are on a mental level different than others. The drama made the girl seem like a psychopath.
Scott W Pilgrim
Scott W Pilgrim Yıl önce
@BluePurplePink tbf, Dr Mike only looked deep into the medical portion of this episode. There was a lot of psychological stress this girl was under and the staff at this hospital didn't let her see her mom. On top of that, she felt guilty about the accident because she was arguing with her mother before the crash. It all adds up when you watch the whole thing for yourself.
S.S Gaming
S.S Gaming Yıl önce
@BluePurplePink yes you are right. The reason pain exists is to let us know when something is wrong with our body, not to make our life harder. so people who envy people with CIPA are either ignorant or they really do live through unimaginable pain everyday.
Heidi Kickhouse
Heidi Kickhouse Yıl önce
I can't imagine how hard that must be to have to self monitor constantly so you don't hurt yourself.
lnz 9 aylar önce
If all these traumatic things happened to me in a hospital there is no way I could live a normal life. I would become so crazy
Adam March
Adam March 9 aylar önce
Good thing House is already crazy
RantingMagpie 9 aylar önce
Same... But unlike us, she is strong and stubborn. 👍
Furkan Bozdag
Furkan Bozdag 7 aylar önce
@RantingMagpie and an actress in a serie
PBMS123 7 aylar önce
What traumatic things though? She didn't feel the pain in any of them, so its unlikely a traumatic event would hvae been recorded in her brain
EreshkigaI RBX
EreshkigaI RBX 6 aylar önce
​@PBMS123 she might not have felt the physical pain but she was aware of what they were doing, conscious the whole time and being treated like a lab rat. she was being forced to do a ton of different things she didn't want to do. watched them cut her open & pulling out the worm, getting 2nd degree burns without being able to feel it, loss of sensation in her legs which led to her falling off of a balcony, being fully alert while they were drilling into her skull. not feeling physical pain doesn't mean it can't be traumatic.
Psych2Go Yıl önce
Dr Mike, I just wanted to wish you a happy new year. Thanks for everything in 2021, the Psych2Go team loved working with you and seeing you change so many lives. :) Take care. x -Monica
Mrs Fahrenheit
Mrs Fahrenheit Yıl önce
love your videos ! Happy new year!🙋🏼‍♀️🥂
Troll Warzone
Troll Warzone Yıl önce
Happy new year! 🤗🤗🤗
Ganjalf the Grey
Ganjalf the Grey Yıl önce
Ha ha dont forget to join in on S6! And a Hny :D
Introverted Band Nerd
You two should collab, I would love to see it, love your videos😊
Phantom Gato
Phantom Gato Yıl önce
Hello Psych2Go! Love your videos!
Shendue Yıl önce
My mother knows a person with nerve damage that can't feel any pain or temperature in a large part of her body. She's pretty much perfectly fine outside of that, but once she got badly burnt because she was basically sitting on a stove that was heated and didn't realize until she perceived the smell. Not feeling pain isn't as cool as it sounds. Pain is important. You can have all sorts of bad stuff happening without realizing.
John McCrossan
John McCrossan Yıl önce
Fair enough but it would be really cool to be able to toggle your pain on and off or only feel pain if it's life threatening
Chris Botos
Chris Botos Yıl önce
This story about stoves burning people who can't feel pain is heard again and again to the point where I don't think all these stories are real.
Humanoidfreak Yıl önce
Why would anybody sit on a stove????
Devon Smith
Devon Smith Yıl önce
"Not feeling pain isn't as cool as it sounds. Pain is important. You can have all sorts of bad stuff happening without realizing." Pain is imperative to recognize when you are in peril, to give the human mind context.
S.S Gaming
S.S Gaming Yıl önce
@John McCrossan you are wrong here. There are also injuries that while not life thretening, can make your life way harder or indirectly cause your death. Pain is a function given to us so that we know when something is wrong with our bodies, scale isn't the main issue here.
phsopher Yıl önce
Dr Mike: "If she already knows she has CIPA why run the battery of tests?" Also Dr Mike: "She has CIPA and was just involved in a car accident, you should pan scan her, make sure she doesn't have internal bleeding or injuries". Also, House had an ulterior motive for wanting the nerve biopsy. He wanted to graft her pain-free nerve into his painful leg. Probably doesn't make sense medically, let alone morally, but at least it explains why he wanted the biopsy in the context if the episode.
Trey Gracen
Trey Gracen Yıl önce
The battery of tests are to check for everything that would have be noticed from pain responses. So she doesn't bleed to death internally while checking on her mom. I wouldn't be surprised if she has many other "little" injuries. My family can feel pain, but without the panic response. So we can sit still while someone digs into a wound.
K bee
K bee 11 aylar önce
The first question from Dr. Mike was in response seemingly to prove that she had CIPA, even though House had just mentioned she had it. The second statement was in light of the fact that she clearly had CIPA, why did they not run a pan scan to check for injuries she would otherwise be unaware of, instead of just treating the superficial wounds. His questions/remarks made sense.
phsopher 11 aylar önce
@K bee Not really. What House was saying in the beginning was that because she had CIPA she had to be tested for internal injuries she might be unaware of, not tested for CIPA. He literally says "We have to do X-rays to make sure you don't have internal injuries, blood tests to make sure there are no infections and EEG for neurological anomalies...". Nothing about testing for CIPA. Clearly Dr. Mike didn't realize this at the time and was confused by the battery of tests. He did realize it later on, though, saying that she should be tested, echoing exactly what House said in the beginning and what he made fun of him for. Hence my comment.
K bee
K bee 11 aylar önce
@phsopher I think to Dr. Mike it may have seemed like House's tests were unnecessary in the beginning, since House was testing for things out of personal interest and less the patient's... Which, is in character for House. But either way it's not a big deal; the show is exaggerated, House wouldn't make a very good doctor based on attitude, and Dr. Mike's just responding to that.
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy 10 aylar önce
@K bee ...no. He just fucked up. It's okay to admit it.
Person: goes to hospital with a cold Doctor: how many tests do you need to diagnose a cold?! House: *YES*
Shelby Pictures Limited
None? How many patients did he send away when they just had a cold on clinic duty?
Courtney Grice
Courtney Grice Yıl önce
House is the reason I developed anxiety to every single symptom I've ever had. Like actual psychologically ruined me. Not wven being dramatic. The amount of weird illness that I just thought happened all the time
anotherspawn Yıl önce
Same I had to stop watching medical shows bc 99% of the time I'm literally fine, just severely paranoid about EVERYTHING
FiNNiK Yıl önce
Happens to literally every single medical student. You learn about a new disease and you're immediately convinced that you have it.
Courtney Grice
Courtney Grice Yıl önce
@FiNNiK oh good glad I'm not the only one
Daniel Perales
Daniel Perales Yıl önce
@FiNNiK When I was a kid, I read a lot about medicine, so that's something that happened to me back then XDDD.
David Hartin
David Hartin Yıl önce
That happened to Omar Epps. (Forman)
tomás costanzo
tomás costanzo 8 aylar önce
As someone who suffered a stroke and ended up with constant numbness on one side of the body, I can say that I totally understand her. And yes, I agree with Mike. A world without pain is a dangerous world. It's scary how ironic it is.
Eli Sa
Eli Sa Yıl önce
"A world without pain is much more dangerous and problematic than a world with pain" - Dr. Mike 2022 First quote of the year
Nizar L
Nizar L Yıl önce
Rolling Home
Rolling Home Yıl önce
This needs to be told to some people who think it would be better to live in a padded cells.
Aleksandar Ivanov
I would debate that quote
Soham Chandratre
Soham Chandratre Yıl önce
Nagato: Sounds about right.
You Are My Bias
You Are My Bias Yıl önce
Who would’ve thought a doctor would have said that?
I M Yıl önce
Love that there’s always a point in every episode where we can see Wilson wondering why he’s choosing to spend his time with house just by the look on his face lmao
Daniela Esthetician
Dr Mike, you must remember a few very important points about House and this episode: one, he wanted a nerve biopsy so he could study it for his own personal purposes, as you undoubtedly discovered later in the episode when Wilson called him out on it. Two, since, as you now surely know, House specializes exclusively in Zebras, he and his team will already have started out with results from all the Horse tests done before he gets the case, and three, since House is Sherlock Holmes, his head is chock full of all sorts of trivia, so with his ultra quick mind, he tends to make immediate, wild assumptions a LOT. And he’s often right. P.S. More House please!!! My rec: Skin Deep from Season 2 - gets a lot wrong about hormones, you’ll have fun picking that one apart. Maybe a joint review with Mama Doctor Jones! :)
Jartran72 Yıl önce
Yeah Dr Mike does not seem to understand the premise of the show. And ofcourse the show is filled with drama, because drama and exaggeration is entertainment!
Heimen Stoffels
Heimen Stoffels 11 aylar önce
Yeah, House doesn't run the ER, so by the time he gets the patients (bar a few episodes where he snatched patients from the ER), so of course all the Horse tests have already been carried out.
João Barros
João Barros 4 aylar önce
i mean sure, i love the show and watched it many many times, but i'm also a doctor and the series makes lots of mistakes in order to increase the drama. It is purposeful but wrong anyway. B12 defficiency and high eosinophil counts are simples "horses" as you put it, hardly would be missed even in someone with CIPA. You can't defend that the show is right about everything because it's clearly not, on purpose. Unfortunately, real life medicin is not all that interest all the time.
Daniela Esthetician
Daniela Esthetician 4 aylar önce
@João Barros Who says it's right about everything? David Shore himself, the creator of the show and oft director, admitted as much. It's not meant to be realistic, it's meant to be a medical version of a detective show.
eric money
eric money 10 aylar önce
As an epileptic I about fell out of my chair when he said "you can SEE if she having a seizure!"🤣🤣🤣
Geoffroi Le Hook
Geoffroi Le Hook 3 aylar önce
if you don't know what a petit mal looks like, or aren't looking for it, you might miss it
Martin Colvill
Martin Colvill Yıl önce
I know a gentleman who has this condition. He travels a couple times a year to Sweden where the do a bunch of tests trying to see if they can duplicate this in other people for non-narcotic pain relief. Fascinating story. An article in WIRED documents his condition.
Bella Matos
Bella Matos Yıl önce
Whats his name or the names of the wired article?
Martin Colvill
Martin Colvill Yıl önce
@Bella Matos His name is Steve and regretfully I don't remember the title of the article but I found it by Googling the condition and WIRED magazine.
Heimen Stoffels
Heimen Stoffels 11 aylar önce
CIPA is so rare, yet so many people in the comments know a person that has it. Seems suspicious to me.
Michael Frey
Michael Frey 8 aylar önce
@Heimen Stoffels I think this is a selection bias. People that know that are likely find a video about it. People that have something relevant to say likely comment. Also: "Rare" is sometimes odd. Some times are not tested enough for, under diagnosed (test was done, but symptom not recognized), sometimes under reported (reporting a typical case already published in literature is not interesting), ... What I find to be very strange is, that some "rare conditions" that are seen in 1% of the population are taught in Med. School and Clinics, but have very little mention in text books and studies. The result is that a specialized doctor intuitively advises "the standard plan" for that condition, yet as a lay person, you barely find any information.
Midnight 4 aylar önce
@Michael Frey My thoughts too, 200k(random number) out of a billion is considered rare. That's still 200k people, now consider how popular House and/or Dr Mike is. If not a CIPA patient finding this directly, consider the possibility of a friend of theirs pointing them here.
lesil1000 Yıl önce
You should do a video on performing pain. How some people will report their pain as a 10, but are too tired to “perform” a 10, so they aren’t taken seriously. And how people with chronic pain will rate a high pain as lower because they label their everyday pain as 0; they don’t realize 0 is supposed to be no pain.
Cactus Yıl önce
Absolutely! As someone with chronic fatigue, I think it would be wonderful if Dr. Mike used his platform to raise awareness about chronic conditions and how they affect the way patients experience pain on a day-to-day basis
Holly Huntington
Holly Huntington Yıl önce
LauraTheDad 7 aylar önce
took my doctors longer to figure out i had pancreatitis in part because i had been dealing with chronic pain so long i had a high pain tolerance and what should’ve been a 10 was just a 7 or 8 for me
Hudnora 6 aylar önce
If you can hold a conversation, Your pain is not a 10...
LauraTheDad 6 aylar önce
@Hudnorait hurt but i could talk i needed to i have a high pain tolerance there’s no way to know what intense level 10 pain is if you don’t feel it yourself
Clerns Yıl önce
We definitely need a weekly "Dr. Mike raging at House" episode.
jade stark
jade stark Yıl önce
Then again who isn't raging at house? hahaha
S. Haynes
S. Haynes Yıl önce
Ptr2680 Yıl önce
100000000000% @S. Haynes
• I'm Just Lizz •
246kisses Yıl önce
It’s really annoying, I’m going to unsubscribe to him
Levi Nyman
Levi Nyman Yıl önce
I actually met a guy with this condition and it was very interesting to get to understand the things he couldn't partake in because if, for example he got internal bleeding from an injury, he wouldn't be able to feel it. As someone with hypo-introceptive awareness (I struggle to feel signals from my body which for me extends to things like the temperatures and even feeling if I have to go to the bathroom or not) it was really interesting to find out even from that perspective the increased limitations he had
Some_IcedTea Yıl önce
bro can feel pain but just forgets its there.
Levi Nyman
Levi Nyman Yıl önce
@Some_IcedTea My brain has evolved past the need for sensation
Some_IcedTea Yıl önce
@Levi Nyman "he's too dangerous to he left alive!"
Tuxedo Sam
Tuxedo Sam Yıl önce
I know this video is a few months old at this point- but if this girl had been a real patient I cannot even begin to IMAGINE the amount of trauma she would have to live with after this hospital experience. Regardless of whether or not she can feel the pain, she was physically mutilated both by the drilling into her skull, being hit, having her hand put in scalding water, being cut, and having her stomach opened all while she was conscious. Also the fact that they let her stand on that ledge in the hospital without anyone trying to talk her down or safeguard under the ledge to attempt to break her fall? Ridiculous. The psychological effects of watching a (I believe they said 25 ft) tapeworm pulled out of your own body has to be debilitating on top of all the other things she was conscious for against her own will. They obviously don’t seem too against wasting hospital materials, so why couldn’t they have gotten her anesthesia at least for the removal of the tapeworm?
DocProc Aylar önce
One of House’s best zingers was in this episode. At the end of their back and forth, the girl says, “Boys can’t hold me for too long cause I’ll overheat.” And House, being the absolute legend that he is, claps back with, “Girls can’t hold me for too long cause I only pay for an hour.” 🤣
Tony M
Tony M Yıl önce
I actually thought Doctor Mike was going to rage quit this one! My man was HOT through most of it. We need a special release of the whole House series with Dr. Mike doing bonus commentary! Take my money! 😂
Colby Flohr
Colby Flohr 9 aylar önce
I wonder how much the patient's medical bills are after House gets into the patient's case.
just saying
just saying 8 aylar önce
He works at a free clinic
Midnight 4 aylar önce
It's a teaching hospital so it's free care to the patient.
Charlene Mcdonald
This was a interesting episode to break down. House must have the highest malpractice premiums out of any TV doctor ever 😂😂😂
Ahmad Kapadia
Ahmad Kapadia Yıl önce
No doubt
BSRaven Yıl önce
I mean the hospital literally has $50k/month put aside to cover legal fees that HE ALONE causes.
David Floro
David Floro Yıl önce
@BSRaven I know his liability was mentioned in an episode; did they give that $50k number?
Ruthie Cole
Ruthie Cole Yıl önce
@David Floro Dr Cuddy mentions it, I she was talking to Dr Wilson. I think it's 50k.
David Floro
David Floro Yıl önce
@Ruthie Cole If you’re trying to be Gregory House’s friend, or even just his coworker, you need somebody to commiserate with. And you should probably add to your own insurance, just in case
bidwell13 4 aylar önce
Being someone who has chronic pain I can see Dr House’s point of view wanting to not be in pain. I also see the need to be in pain. It lets you know you’re alive and protects your body.
Louise Rosado
Louise Rosado 9 aylar önce
Mike wincing and confusion throughout the entire episode is a freaking mood
TheAudioAuditor Yıl önce
Seriously entertaining! Seeing you recognize the diagnosis just before House said it, so cool! Lol, part of my brain thought this episode was dramatized and exaggerated, but I guess not that much 👍
Jack Trainer
Jack Trainer Yıl önce
Thank you! It's endlessly frustrating when a doc makes you relitigate a diagnosis. Doc: "How do you know you have X? I've been a doc for 20 years." Me: "I've been me longer than you've been an MD, and the diagnosing physician was better at this than you will ever be."
Geoffroi Le Hook
Geoffroi Le Hook 3 aylar önce
Don't compare your one lecture in med school ten years ago with my four years of living with this 24/7
roselover411 Yıl önce
This episode gave me SO MUCH anxiety for so many reasons. The portrayal of things that should hurt which didn't, her complete disregard for all of the doctors and her maddening behaviors, not to mention the giant worm.
Ester Jane 61
Ester Jane 61 5 aylar önce
Maddening behaviors? How about the maddening behaviors of the doctors? Who sticks a drill into a girl’s head or forces her to burn her own hand all just because she couldn’t feel pain??
Asia Yıl önce
I love how all the previous "House MD" episodes covered by Dr Mike, were a way to calmly teach us about medical misconceptions. But this one is just him having a mental breakdown. We've all been there with that show ❤️
Ziya ESMER Yıl önce
meanwhile i was having a mental breakdown watching Dr. Mike react, cuz 90% of his comments are unnecessary if he just watched another 10 seconds then spoke
Ryne4S Yıl önce
@Ziya ESMER what do you mean unnecessary?It's a "react", not a "review"
Chrysantha Piano
Chrysantha Piano Yıl önce
I burst out laughing when they called for the ice packs and cooling blankets and he just exploded "FOR WHAT." My heart was hurting for the girl (I'm extremely sensitive emotionally when watching this kind of stuff) and then laughed at the same time, it was almost painful the dramatic shift in my chest. XD But it was so funny.
Asia Yıl önce
@Chrysantha Piano I lost it at that part too xd
Fandom Fox Blossom 👑🎗️
@Ziya ESMER he's allowed to react to just a few episodes without knowing the whole story and just react based on what he knows it's not like he's saying oh I know everything about this show he's just doing it for entertainment and education
Andrea Batul
Andrea Batul Yıl önce
I’m glad he laughed too when House smacked her on the shin with the cane 😂 and then the “imagine he’s wrong….” I was dying. 😂
Loved this episode, both Hannah's condition and personality serve as a perfect foil to House
Hayfa Alkhulani
Hayfa Alkhulani 9 aylar önce
“BeCuZ u PuT hEr HaND iN sCaLDeD WaTeR..DOCTOR“ the way he mocked 💀
M Rose Krause
M Rose Krause Yıl önce
wow, this episode is insane. it’s literally just hospital staff experimenting on a patient?! how did they get away with this?!
Tiana R Hastings
Tiana R Hastings Yıl önce
Not being able to feel pain was an interesting subject for me because my brother couldn’t feel pain all of our growing up. Had one time he stepped on a board with a screw in it, it went completely through his foot and got stuck to his foot so he called for our mom saying that he was stuck. Him having no sense of pain created some interesting predicaments because he didn’t know we could feel pain and so he was not aware that taking a burning stick and poking someone with it was dangerous 🤦‍♀️ I don’t really know how and neither do his doctors but he seems to have grown out of his condition which is a really good thing. The only thing the doctors have guessed at it being is they discovered that my brother has a cyst in his brain and they said there is a chance that as he has grown whatever pressure that cyst was putting on his brain was slowly relieved which gave his nerves feeling. I think it’s a bit bizarre but I’m not a doctor so I’m just going with whatever they say it was 🤷‍♀️ either way I’m very happy he can finally feel pain and seem a bit less like a sociopath because of him finally understanding how other people feel and not having a lack of empathy any longer 😅
Anomaly 5 aylar önce
Well, cipa patients can't really grow out of it and they die early too. It's genetic so random people won't be having that at least...
Јебем ти живот
Mike: “I feel like house just likes wasting hospital recourses” House: *Destroys MRI machine*
Gleeful Porcupine
House: Throws medical supplies around Emergency room to waste enough money to cover the cost of the cable Cuddy took away
Me Yıl önce
Umm. Wouldn’t the tests be to meticulously search her for injuries that would be easy to miss in a person who can’t feel pain? I don’t think the issue is determining IF she has it, it’s to find out if she’s turned sections of her body into bone chip piles.
An Wen Tan
An Wen Tan Yıl önce
@Never be afraid of being yourself hang on if i remember rightly he WAS mute, and house relaxed the vocal cords with botox. Season 1 if memory serves.
John McCrossan
John McCrossan Yıl önce
Eh, he's definitely the type to hold a grudge and we saw in a previous episode that hospital staff thinking horses not zebras led to his chronic pain so he probably holds them responsibile
Bryanna Cloutier
Bryanna Cloutier Yıl önce
@An Wen Tan yep.
Laura Menard-Locs
As a new mom 18 years ago, the pediatrician told me not to stress so much, she was a healthy baby. She had another baby patient that bit off their own thumb and couldn't feel pain.
Allison D.
Allison D. 4 aylar önce
How’s your baby now?
[gronks_place] 6 aylar önce
i love rewatching the videos where he reacts to stuff- house md is so UNBELIEVABLY out of bounds, crazy and so unexpected its funny XD
goaliedude32 Yıl önce
"imagine if he's wrong and he's just hitting a poor kid" I wish my doctors were like you. I was 12 and thought I broken my ankle so I had my mom bring me to the emergency room. It was just a bad sprain so no real substantial injury. As the doctor was leaving he grabbed my big toe in the food I was having trouble with and shook my whole leg and said "you're going to be alright" as he left the room
With decisions like that, if your family didn't hit him with a lawsuit, someone else certainly did for something else.
K bee
K bee 11 aylar önce
@Delightfully_Bitchy Medical lawsuits are actually pretty difficult to prove unfortunately. After I was born via cesarian section, the surgeons left a sponge in my mom's abdominal area and sewed her up. She was having problems and intense anemia (other issues, not from the sponge), and they had to open her up again to get the sponge out, which was traumatic for her. My father and her explored the legal options, but not only couldn't afford it, lawyers said they probably wouldn't get anything for it after wasting money.
Delightfully_Bitchy 11 aylar önce
@K bee *yeesh...* :(
Hudnora 6 aylar önce
And...... my dad did that to me. Fell off my bike as a kid, hurt like hell, checked to make sure I wasn't dieing. Slapped where it hurt and said "walk it off" A little pain won't kill you.
Memez_R_ Life
Memez_R_ Life 8 aylar önce
10:29 Dr. Mike was so confused by this episode that he didn't even notice House endangering the girl because he cut her open without a surgical mask on, thus compromising the entire sterile field!
Chels Cara
Chels Cara 8 aylar önce
As a daycare teacher, fever meds are a serious problem. I had a student get a seizure at nap time because the fever meds her parents had given her to make us take her at school wore off at nap time, while she was under a heavy blanket. She was luckily fine, and her parents were very good about keeping her home after that, but it’s just not a risk that needs to be taken.
Kjirsten Yıl önce
“Because you put her arm in scalding water!” That voice is so funny. I also appreciate very much that you are triggered by inaccuracies of the medical variety. It makes me happy that you know what you are doing.
Kjirsten Yıl önce
@just a random very intelligent drake the second half of my comment wasn’t criticizing that scene in particular.
Aki Yıl önce
@just a random very intelligent drake they shouldn’t have done that in the first place lol
Qualske Yıl önce
I don't get this Chase put her hand in cold water and then told "her" to move it to the hot and then take it out when he said to. It's not his fault she didn't listen.
@Qualske it’s his fault cause they shouldn’t have put her arm in burning water in the first place.
Ana Kelly
Ana Kelly Yıl önce
I love "House". I have severe Whiplash Syndrome. I'm in constant pain every day. And, that pain causes headaches and nausea every day. Too bad CIPA affects the whole body. I'd love to have it target my chronic neck pain.
max 🫶
max 🫶 Yıl önce
i love watching all of his videos because even if i wouldnt usually be interested in the topic, watching him react and put in all these little bits of input and information is so interesting and i learn so much. LOVE these videos, keep up the good work.
Michael Lombard
Michael Lombard 7 aylar önce
I would love more house reactions. They are obviously often far-fetched but still a blast to see your reaction to.
AtotehZ Yıl önce
I love that you said mild fever :) In another episode I watched of yours you said to just let fevers do their thing more or less. The body reacts the way it thinks is best, until it isn't... which could lead to a very high fever.
Princess McD
Princess McD Yıl önce
In 1981 I went into labour with my second child & I didn’t know it. Luckily I had an anti natal appointment on the day & the Dr surprised me by asking me how long I’d been in labour & immediately had be admitted to the maternity ward. I had what the Dr said a “Rare Pain-free Labour. They had a nurse sit with her hand on my tummy to time how far apart the contractions were. They even asked for my permission to allow some student nurses to come in & learn about a pain free labour. The only pain I felt was when I had to push & my son was born pretty quick after that. I didn’t have an epidural, no pain meds nothing. I can’t say for certain how long the labour was but I was in the labour room for around 7 hours. Weirdly, to me, is that with my 1st & 3rd babies I had all the normal extremely painful contractions.
Anomaly 5 aylar önce
That's kinda unrelated to this condition though. CIPA patients can't taste, sense hot and cold, sweat or feel pain. If they ever get appendicitis and their organs start rotting, they wouldn't know. It's a genetic condition as well...
Allison D.
Allison D. 4 aylar önce
Not a doctor, but I’m guessing you had some bizarre neuro/hormonal response. Maybe stress-induced insensitivity.
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny Yıl önce
Fun fact: House does in fact like to waste hospital resources, either out of his sheer amusement, to conclude his pulled out of thin air diagnosis is correct, and/or to annoy Dr. Cuddy.
dolf ericsson
dolf ericsson Yıl önce
And fun fact two, I remember Cuddy saying somewhere in the beginning of Season 1 that she had a special budget post for legal expenses due to House, and that he was clearly insane, even though he was a genious, but that there was limits to what her fund could handle.
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny Yıl önce
@dolf ericsson I remember that! 😆
hannah montana
hannah montana Yıl önce
@Lola Bunny Same!
Anastasia Hejduk
Anastasia Hejduk Yıl önce
Yeah it’s a plot point, Dr Mike. C’mon man😂😂
Darksahde Yıl önce
its kinda funny lola bunny droped this fun fact, but move on.
Hailey Crawford
Hailey Crawford Yıl önce
I find pain reception very interesting. My brother has sensory processing disorder and he reacts very differently to pain. Small things like papercuts hurt a ton to him. But he has found huge cuts on himself randomly and felt no pain from them
Amy C
Amy C Yıl önce
This is probably one of the funniest reactions you've had 🤣 Love your videos!
SpaghettiYOLOKing 5 aylar önce
I love House, I love watching Dr. Mike react to House. This one by far he had the most issues with when it came to medical accuracy lol it was an extremely outlandish episode.
Purple 42
Purple 42 Yıl önce
This episode was fascinating to me when I watched it. But at the same time I was scared, I am constantly in pain, so I worry about stuff happening to me and I won't notice it because I am used to pain. Also my favourite line from this episode was "I sat on the stove when I was three. Wanna see the coil marks?" And then House just stabs her with a needle.
pey Aylar önce
I LOOOOOOVE how much he's calling out everything they're doing wrong, it's so so funny
alaska washington
“Honestly, I wish I was this girl simply so that I could sue this hospital and become a billionaire.” I’m dying. but like yes me too.
Cody Eble
Cody Eble Yıl önce
I mean Cuddy did say in an episode the hospital puts aside a bunch of money for all of Houses lawsuits lol
mleigh123 Yıl önce
“Judge, jury.. they drilled into my skull cuz maybe they thought I’d feel it. I win.”
Chakral Heart
Chakral Heart Yıl önce
This is why I'm considering medical law & ethics.
Leth Fuil
Leth Fuil Yıl önce
I wouldn't want to be her. For whatever money. This is a horrible and very dangerous condition and even being a billionaire will only do so much for you if you're in constant danger of everything.
Matthew Talbot-Paine
I don't know if I'd want to do that. If you have cipa you are going to need a hospital and some doctors might shy away from people who sue people for billions.
Grim Thoughts
Grim Thoughts Yıl önce
Two things: House does like wasting hospital resources. I believe early in the series, Dr. Cuddy says that she has an entire separate fund specifically reserved for House when he gets up in arms against hospital machinery or other resources like medicine and tools. Secondly, and it's kind of a personal gripe of mine, Chief did put her hand in scalding water, but I think you can't blame the burns on him because the girl didn't remove her hand as the doctor instructed (Admittedly, because she felt no pain and didn't know it was destroying her hand)
Jared Linder
Jared Linder Yıl önce
I needed an EEG when I was going through diagnostic testing for my migraines to make sure my migraines weren't caused by micro seizures, something I was told can be difficult to diagnose without an EEG as it could be shown by one of my extremities having deep muscle twitching. Spoiler alert my migraines ended up being caused by concussions and swelling, and set off by bright lights.
dlpheonix 10 aylar önce
I love the commentary 😆. Its always fun to see doctors confront the zaniness of house.
John Arellano
John Arellano 11 aylar önce
Interestingly, in one of the DVD commentaries (yes, I’m a nerd), the writers stated that they would start the episode with a diagnosis, and research a litany of strange and outlying complications. They would work backwards from there incorporating all said “crazy” symptoms. They had medical doctors advising them as well. Unfortunately, Hollywood can’t make a medical show that’s 100% accurate.
Jekmyster Yıl önce
I am so happy that Dr. Mike is doing House again. I believe that there is no other show that pull out more stress in our good doctor that House MD. I'm on the floor laughing, just seeing the look of frustration in Dr. Mike.
AdderTude Yıl önce
Personally, Mike should also keep watching ER.
Peanut Butterman
Peanut Butterman Yıl önce
Ok weeb
LunAria LoonAtic
LunAria LoonAtic Yıl önce
I love House so much even though I understand Mike’s pain 😂 House would get his license removed so quickly irl
Andrew Jens
Andrew Jens Yıl önce
So much frustration.
hannah montana
hannah montana Yıl önce
@LunAria LoonAtic He gets so upset at House's rudeness
awakenedCrowl 2 aylar önce
For my novel, I have written two characters that cannot feel pain and have always wondered whether that's actually a condition that exists in real life. Glad I know now!
ModestAlchemist Yıl önce
i have the b12 anemia problem, and even when my levels are in the "normal" range, i can tell when they are tanking. so i mean if she's normally around 1000, and her levels dropped to 250, she's still in "normal" range, but it can make a huge difference in how her body is working.
Chase Harden
Chase Harden 11 aylar önce
This episode went from her not feeling pain, to a worm in her stomach. How did we make that leap?
David Johannes
David Johannes 10 aylar önce
Just catching up on all these and Doctor Mike gets progressively more exasperated with each House video 😂😂😂
Wilson 4 aylar önce
Doctor Mike, you need to watch 'House M.D.' from Series 1 Episode 1 to understand all the nuances of the character. For a start, Gregory House is a brilliant diagnostician who 1. suffers chronic pain from a botched operation 2. is addicted to Vicodin but is still allowed to practice medicine 3. only has x1 friend 4. speaks at least x6 languages fluently
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
As someone who's even seen one of these types of tapeworm cases in real life, it still creeps me out just seeing them pull it out of the intestine.
CorvusGlaive Yıl önce
Woah there...
CorvusGlaive Yıl önce
Do you remember me?
Andrew Singleton
Andrew Singleton Yıl önce
The part that would scare me is 'what if a part of it got left in?' All the worm needs is a segment left attached and it can grow into more.
jordyn rodriguez
jordyn rodriguez Yıl önce
yo i see u everywhere
some guy
some guy Yıl önce
Hold up you changed ur Pfp?
Gaelic fleur-de-lis
Gaelic fleur-de-lis 9 aylar önce
Dr. Mike is 3 months younger than me and is a doctor. I am a simple CNA, but learn so much from his videos. My favorite thing about Dr. Mike is that he's a doctor with a clear empathetic soul. A medical researcher I know talks all the time about how most doctors he knows just see people as a file number. And I'm like.......yeah but check out this guy 😂
Hellhound316 Yıl önce
As someone who has no medical knowledge I always wondered how accurate this show was Glad you reacted to this and pointed out all of the flaws
Mo on
Mo on 6 aylar önce
Not all episodes have this many flaws, i'm a biologist and i think that house MD is actually very educational and pretty accurate compared to other medical shows but i have to agree that in some episodes they do overdramatize for the sake of entrainment.
lynn Yıl önce
it is absolutely hilarious to see doctor mike give up on trying to calmly explain things and just react with utter disbelief as anyone else would. prime content.
Christopher Litzner
Christopher Litzner 7 aylar önce
i always loved her reaction when he starts pulling the worm out. She is completely enthralled with it.
KRDsonic Yıl önce
I want to address the seizure thing. Internal seizures, while rare, are actually a thing. My aunt-in-law has a form of epilepsy that causes her to have internal seizures that last a full 2-3 days, and they happen about twice a month. She's on medication that controls the typical external seizures most people with epilepsy have, but the internal part is there, and it's kind of hard to describe because you pretty much have to know her, her personality, her routines, etc. to understand when it's happening. Her concept of time becomes messed up and she'll think it's daytime when it's in the middle of the night and vice versa. She won't want to talk to anyone and says she has a headache. After the seizure finally stops, she has very little memory of what happened throughout those days. While I didn't know her at the time, her family told me that her doctor didn't believe them that the internal seizures were a thing, because from an outside perspective, she looks fine aside from her acting a bit off. When they did tests to monitor her brain during one of her internal seizures, they found out that it does look the same as it does when someone is having an external seizure. The main problem is because her condition is rare, it's hard for them to know exactly how to treat her. They wanted to try an implant to see if it would help either remove or reduce the amount of seizures she has, but she asked for her mom's opinion on it and she said it wouldn't be worth it because there was a high chance it wouldn't do anything at all. One of the sad things is that over time, the seizures have been causing permanent damage. She's not stupid, but there are concepts that she can't grasp anymore. Sometimes you can tell her something and she can't make the connection at all. There was also a time where I was looking for something thinner than a needle open up and get a sim card out of a phone. She started suggesting things that she thought might be smaller than a needle, and one of them was chopsticks. Another was a penny. But again, she's not a stupid person. There are just certain things she can no longer understand. I stay with her as her carer because she needs 24 hour supervision to make sure she doesn't accidentally hurt herself on anything. She's had times where she's wandered outside at night thinking that it was daytime and that she needed to go to the store to get groceries, even though she's never once gone to the store by herself in her life as far as I'm aware. But yeah, the main thing I just wanted to see is that just because you can't physically see someone having a seizure doesn't mean one isn't happening internally. It's rare, but it is a thing.
rikidoni24 Yıl önce
Dr. : "I feel like he is wasting hospital resources" House: **orders paternity tests that costs 5000 dollars just for a bet**
Bianca Arrosi
Bianca Arrosi Yıl önce
And he won because he had already noticed the chin dimple, wasn't it? Omg I was a kid but I remember this XD
Protoka Yıl önce
It only costs 5000$ because there's an insane markup. Isn't an IV bag like 200$ or something absolutely insane like that?
Wen Yıl önce
@Protoka I was going to say something similar. Prices have no basis in reality, they're made up.
Dark LPs
Dark LPs Yıl önce
@Wen except you live in the USA (fortunately not me) then these prices seem awfully realistic
Petr Fedor
Petr Fedor Yıl önce
That´s basicly premise of this series.
Adrianne Koonce
Adrianne Koonce Yıl önce
Dr. Mike’s reactions are the best. I literally laughed out loud several times. 😂 👍🏼 Good stuff!
jolynn souder
jolynn souder Yıl önce
I wish there was more doctors in the world like you that care
Aaron Sooter
Aaron Sooter Aylar önce
Love how when it was at the "So you wanna torture the girl?" Part, him and the doctor in the show both tilted their heads to their right. 😂
Just a Crystal
Just a Crystal 4 aylar önce
Another thing that wasn’t mentioned regarding not feeling pain/temperature, dehydration. I don’t know the actual medical explanation of it, but I remember reading an article about a girl who had the condition. This was probably a couple of decades ago, so I don’t recall all the information. They said they had to be so careful with her that, unlike the other children in her grade school, she had to have a water bottle on her desk and had a drink X amount every so often to make sure she was getting properly hydrated.
Misty_ktl Yıl önce
All she wanted to do was see her mom throughout the whole episode and House be like: "You don't feel pain, I do. So I'll keep you hostage so I can feel better about my own pain! 😄"
Santiago Ariza
Santiago Ariza Yıl önce
"I feel like House just likes wasting hospital resources" *Well yes, yes he does*
Andrew Singleton
Andrew Singleton Yıl önce
House is just good enough on weird enough cases that administration feels he is worth the expendatures.
Ron Maximilian
Ron Maximilian Yıl önce
I don't think he just likes it. He likes it but finds reasons to do it most of which are valid on some level
hannah montana
hannah montana Yıl önce
DaBomb8493 Admin hates him-Cuddy is the only reason he's still there. Remember that investor in one of the early seasons who really hated House?
Imapuppy Yıl önce
Good sir! I have a question since you reviewed this episode and all (I know it’s been awhile since then). But I have a character (I write stories) who happens to not be able to feel pain like the girl in This episode. It’s a whole big struggle for her- anyways question being could they experience a false pain? Or if someone who can’t feel pain had an anxiety attack would it hurt the same way it does in normal people or would they just feel a pressure on their chest? I did some research on this and found a lot of other stuff (like the can’t sweat thing) but I couldn’t find this particular piece of informations if you don’t know that’s fine I’m just curious! As a side note- love your House MD review!
Jason Nichols
Jason Nichols Yıl önce
I totally agree with you on fever reducers. Unless you're dealing with fever that risks brain damage, you're reducing the body's natural immune response and ability to deal with infection. It may be uncomfortable, but interrupting the body's immune response can't do anything good. Natural response is sometimes the best medicine. Natural immunity is often the best way to stop future infection.
Ryan 9 gün önce
Tbh a lot of people have problems like this that go unsolved that was the whole reason why this was a good show. House saw that using regular tactics wouldn’t help the patient and he was the last choice.
DrTaverner Yıl önce
I've had Osteonecrosis for 25 years, 4 major joints affected, 2 prosthesis, medical PTSD, and the idea of being able to reduce pain permenantly appeals to me very much. Especially when government mandates have cut my meds in HALF because I have "non-Cancer pain." Research on this condition could vastly improve the quality of life for people in chronic pain.
Amanda Reicha
Amanda Reicha Yıl önce
The EEG part and the part about getting the blanket for the seizure made me laugh. I’m an epileptic and they are soooo wrong! Oh, and you don’t hold people down when they have a seizure, roll them on their side so they can keep breathing and put something under their head.
Volbla Yıl önce
None of that really had to do with seizures though :) They had to hold her down because she was resisting being sedated. The cooling blankets was for her out-of-control fever. I don't think she actually had any seizures in the episode. I think it was the fever that made her pass out. I can't explain the EEG to you. That might actually be medically irrelevant. House was obsessed with finding a way to treat his own pain, so several of his suggestions weren't for the sake of the patient. They were for his own science experiments.
Charlie Yıl önce
Many people can experience non-epileptic seizures (absence, simple-partial)
Amanda Reicha
Amanda Reicha Yıl önce
@Charlie I have those as well, epileptic and NES. The NES was diagnosed a few months ago when I started having new types of seizures and my VNS magnet wasn’t stopping or working with them at all. The hospital stay VEEG showed me physically have 2 NES in my sleep.
Charlie Yıl önce
@Amanda Reicha I'm sorry your condition has changed and you have to deal with more seizures now. I had tonic-clonic and absence seizures as a baby through pre-teen years before medication and haven't had one in a few years. I hope you find a way to treat your new seizure types.
Amanda Reicha
Amanda Reicha Yıl önce
@Charlie thanks. My VNS works really well for my epileptic seizures, but nothing fully controls them. I’m waiting to start treatment for the NES. I was diagnosed in 1988, so nothing new. I have 7 different types if you don’t count NES. Glad you found control.
Vitor Frota
Vitor Frota Yıl önce
I love how Dr. Mike freaks out because of how insane House is. Because that is the point of House. As Cuddy said in one episode, he runs around the hospital playing mad scientist. He's not moved by treating pacients, he's moved by curiosity, it's only about finding something interesting to tackle and this episode shows exactly that. So House finds this girl, she twitches in a weird way and he figures "hey, maybe this girl doesn't feel pain, how cool is that?", and try to make her his lab rat. I really love this show.
Darkshadows123 Yıl önce
Wish he would review the one where Foreman accidentally give a patient cemo that ends up killing her. House doesn't do as many crazy things in that one.
Omar yasser
Omar yasser Yıl önce
@Darkshadows123 the nerve biopsy though. High risk.
Darkshadows123 Yıl önce
@Omar yasser Which season was that one I recently bought the whole series of house and notice there are some episodes where house isn't as crazy in his diagnosis wish he Dr. Mike would review one like that.
dolf ericsson
dolf ericsson Yıl önce
I recall Cuddy saying somewhere in season 1 that she had legal expenses included in her budget because of House, but that there was limits to it.
Mrs Fahrenheit
Mrs Fahrenheit Yıl önce
Hahahaha true😂
HSMfanatic17 Yıl önce
I still remember watching this episode with my mom and we were amazed that she was watching them dig through her intestine.
Angie Arias
Angie Arias Yıl önce
I am not a doctor nor a medical student but I enjoy watching him react to silly things so energetically 😂😂😂😂😂 “FOR WHAT” 😂😂😂😂
SumeaBizarro 10 aylar önce
I think the ending of video was in line with why general audiences and fans like the episode. Not only does it have house's world of constant pain versus the world where none, even the pain you need, exists. Also the most interesting mask for something nobody expects. But it was fun, really fun to see genuine "you wot?" Reactions if a doctor against this episode too, as well the "I will sue and win" take, though that applies to a lot of House episodes.
IDA M SMITH 10 aylar önce
I worked at a veteran's hospital and we had two code levels...condition A was potentially life threatening and condition C for other emergencies such as possible stroke, seizures, or diabetic issues such as hypoglycemia.
Krista Davis
Krista Davis Yıl önce
I’m glad you brought up letting a fever do it’s job. We never reduce a fever and have had doctors thank us for that. Our oldest tends to only have a fever, no other symptoms. It will be around 104 to 105 for 5-7 days and he acts normal the entire time. While hubby and I will have the other symptoms of the illness. Also, my youngest couldn’t feel pain and is still struggling with active pain receptors due to food allergies causing leaky gut and lack of the nutrition needed. Guess you figured this out after all the test came back normal? Our amazing chiropractor! She also did a lot of spinal work for months due to the swelling at his gut and neck, which also contributed to the lack of pain, peeing like a newborn, and loss of speech. She is such a dear friend and a blessing for helping him when we weren’t financially stable (shutdown caused a loss of income for 10 months and eating allergy based food from a food bank).
Maurice Cooper
Maurice Cooper Yıl önce
The way Doctor Mike tackles these episodes makes it MORE interesting. He brings that much-needed knowledge!
za hando
za hando Yıl önce
his videos make me smarter
Abhinav Thapliyal
@za hando Za warudo , tokio tomane
logirex Yıl önce
The "what is CIPA" or "how does she know her temperature" when the patient has a big thermometer in her mouth ? 🤣
Bhlack Bishop
Bhlack Bishop Yıl önce
@logirex That part was weird. You have to wait for the light that comes on when the thermometer gets a final reading, Dr. Cameron didn't and just took the first number she saw as the temperature. Production time i suppose
GoreJess 7 aylar önce
Just came across your channel randomly today and have been binging watching, love your content! =) Loove House, was such a great show!
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 15 gün önce
if I had a nickel for every time Doctor Mike correctly predicted that a House diagnosis was a worm, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice, right?
Hibiscus 🌺
Hibiscus 🌺 10 aylar önce
I am not a doctor and watching the bit of the episode made me so angry as well. I feel like that was torture they did on that poor girl. Yeah it’s quite the way to get sued alright.
Mage Joy
Mage Joy 3 aylar önce
I understand the need for pain, to protect us and let us know something is wrong. But I wouldn't dismiss House's feelings of wishing for no pain (as a chronic pain sufferer myself). Also I haven't watched House since I was a kid, he is like, a bad man. It's ridiculous to even think it would be possible for him to keep his license with all the scary stuff he does. Love your stuff, it's always interesting to get to hear what medicine is and should and could be. Thanks for educating! :)
anonygoose1986 7 aylar önce
these episodes are so much more fun to watch with Dr. Mike's commentary
MJake Yıl önce
I would love to see Mike reacting to every episode of House :)
Heimen Stoffels
Heimen Stoffels Yıl önce
Me too!
R VW Yıl önce
He'd have a stroke
Lau Serravite
Lau Serravite Yıl önce
Yes please!!!!
Lens Hunter
Lens Hunter Yıl önce
Watching Mike get angry over this one was aaaaaalmost as entertaining as the episode itself.
breynolds376 Yıl önce
I actually had a friend in high school who has a similar condition to this! There was something wrong with his sense of touch and he had a really hard time telling temperature through his hands. Kinda problematic especially as he wanted to he a chef.
flickchick235 8 aylar önce
In this case, I think he wants the tests not to confirm CIPA but to check that she hasn’t been hurt in the accident in ways that she can’t tell. So I think he might be being responsible lol
Josette Andres
Josette Andres Yıl önce
I actually have a higher tolerance to pain than most people, but I can still feel pain and discomfort. The most annoying type of pain I get is when I have heavy menstrual bleeding. Whenever I'd get a vaccine, the sensation of the syringe going into my arm hurt, but now I hardly even feel it when a doctor or a nurse puts a needle in my arm for a TB test or a blood test. It probably helps when I look away. I only look after the hypodermic is embedded in my flesh so my nerves are like: "Oh, something is embedded in the body? Whatever."