Do Salt Lamps Work?

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Do negative air ions improve mood, anxiety, depression, alertness?
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Special thanks to Prof. Jack Beauchamp and Dr. Nathan Dalleska from Caltech for all their help running these experiments and discussing the research. For more, check out the links below:

If you want to dig into the research on negative ions yourself, I suggest starting with the review studies:

Air ions and mood outcomes: a review and meta-analysis.
Perez V, Alexander DD, Bailey WH.
BMC Psychiatry. 2013 Jan 15; 13:29 .

Air ions and respiratory function outcomes: a comprehensive review
Dominik D Alexander, William H Bailey, Vanessa Perez, Meghan E Mitchell, and Steave Su
J Negat Results Biomed. 2013; 12: 14.

Exposure of laboratory animals to small air ions: a systematic review of biological and behavioral studies.
Bailey WH, Williams AL, Leonhard MJ.
Biomed Eng Online. 2018 Jun 5; 17(1):72.

Thumbnail photography by Raquel Nuno

VFX by Alan Chamberlain

Sound recording by Whitney Clavin

Motion Graphics by Charlie Kilman

Music from Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com "Capture a Picture 1" and "Seaweed"



5 Şub 2019




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alfepalfe Yıl önce
Never knew those lamps were supposed to produce ions I thought they were just a cool decoration item.
paradise island
paradise island Aylar önce
Me too
God Aylar önce
Leonie Jazz
Leonie Jazz Aylar önce
Me too?
Z3roKelvin Aylar önce
Me too. The title really confused me.
Molten Ren
Molten Ren Aylar önce
I said almost exactly that moments before I saw the coment, laughed my ass off
Jack Hades
Jack Hades 4 aylar önce
He's been studying ions for 55 years? Wow he's really been keeping his ion them
nhật minh vũ đình
great pun you have
Jordan T. Teeterson
Jordan T. Teeterson 28 gün önce
IXCapnCrunchXI Aylar önce
I laughed :(
Lemon K
Lemon K Aylar önce
Slow clap for you my friend, you deserved it
Elhant Aylar önce
That's so dumb and I love it.
Dan Coulson
Dan Coulson 5 aylar önce
I have never believed that salt lamps have any benefit for the health, chemically speaking. However, I do believe that their warm, pinkish, orangish glow is good for mood. And they look very cool.
Frilo Aylar önce
Yep for sure there is the psychological factor in play and it depends on person, nothing too spiritual
Josh Cee
Josh Cee Aylar önce
I just like em for the pretty soft light and the cool decor that I can grind up into my food if I felt inclined.
ssp Aylar önce
@Goose Gas maybe you have alien bloodlines.
MusikCassette Aylar önce
they might have an effect on air humidity.
Rebecca Hicks
Rebecca Hicks 2 aylar önce
@luc rative You misunderstood. The comments aren't claiming that it has magic ions. Just that pretty things are good for the mood, and the lamps are pretty.
Loch Ness Hamster
Loch Ness Hamster 2 aylar önce
8:51 "So, your conclusion is that it's not producing any negative ions?" "We certainly aren't able to detect any ions." I love his response. It's such a humble, carefully worded, and scientific response. He doesn't say definitively that the salt lamp is not producing ions, just that they simply are not detecting any ions from the salt lamp. It is a subtle but important distinction, and a great example of how easy it is to develop hubris from literally anything if you're not paying attention to yourself. The scientific community ⁠- no, the _world_ needs more of this.
Paul H
Paul H 27 gün önce
Knowledge of the scope of one's own ignorance is one of the most important things to know, but can it be very easy to forget.
TSP Aylar önce
Exactly. That is the humble scientific way. Don't make claims. Just observe and report on what you see.
Ukrainian Patriot
Ukrainian Patriot Aylar önce
I noticed that too. Well-chosen words.
xj58074 2 aylar önce
@Loch Ness Hamster Hmm. I mean something like the response you liked, saying stuff in a more rigorous and precise manner.
Loch Ness Hamster
Loch Ness Hamster 2 aylar önce
@xj58074 I don't think I've heard (or read) the word 'rigor' in the context that you're using it. What do you mean when you say you practice rigor a lot?
Elias 4 aylar önce
These salt lamps are great, I've had one for many years. Even when I bought it I didn't truly believe it was going to cleanse the particles in the air or something, I wanted it because it has very similar light and mood to a candle. It's a soft calming light and that's why peoople buy them.
사랑~❤ 11 gün önce
@Some Guy wasnt talking about "smoke".
Jordan T. Teeterson
Jordan T. Teeterson 28 gün önce
Can't go wrong with a lamp you can rub your steak on.
Rene Gomez
Rene Gomez Aylar önce
John Lewis
John Lewis 2 aylar önce
It does work, cleans the air in my apartment very noticeable
WOODA Reclaimed Wood
WOODA Reclaimed Wood 6 aylar önce
I love how the scientist responds to the question "does the lamp produce ions?" We certainly are not able to detect any ions produced by the lamp. Thats a cientifuc answer.
Steve Naranjo Barboza
Steve Naranjo Barboza 2 aylar önce
Exactly, he is not saying is not producing any ions, he is not ruling out that categorically, he is just saying that at this moment with the resources available he is not capable of detecting any... I love it.
John Doe
John Doe 2 aylar önce
Just about to make this comment because of how well he stated his conclusion.
WOODA Reclaimed Wood
WOODA Reclaimed Wood 2 aylar önce
@ImTheOfficialFox I would correct it, but then your comment would have no sense.
Lord Felidae
Lord Felidae 2 aylar önce
@Refined Edusoft he is also saying that any ions it might produce are in such a minimal amount that it is unnoticeable.
OP 1000
OP 1000 2 aylar önce
You need to take some homeopathic drops before you can detect the negative ions.
Duncan Lafferty
Duncan Lafferty 5 aylar önce
I love the definitive short answer in the thumbnail itself. that is anti-clickbait. we need more of that!!
Vicious Fate
Vicious Fate 2 aylar önce
The thing with the thunderstorms, oceans and beaches is that they are already quite exciting on their own - so it's normal to feel different/better when experiencing them.
Grutar G
Grutar G 28 gün önce
@Jade Desormeaux Me too! But now I want to know the science of why that works.
Jade Desormeaux
Jade Desormeaux Aylar önce
@Grutar G just watching a small fountain would calm me
Grutar G
Grutar G Aylar önce
I was wondering how the effect would compare if you put a small fountain of water in your home or office, or even a recording of waterfalls or ocean waves. Also if the ionized air is creating a breeze, has that been tested against a gentle fan for creating the impression of fresh air?
Essential Oil Diffusers
I just love how the scientist are so open-ended with their responses. None of them said absolutely not to any experiment. They all said stuff like " i believe or, or it appears to be that way".
Kabangu Kabangu
Kabangu Kabangu Yıl önce
I like how the professors were not jumping to conclusions, they just spoke within the boundaries of the results they are seeing
Megasteel32 26 gün önce
lol the first one did for sure
Generic Developer
Generic Developer 2 aylar önce
@I Z "it's literally in the definition" So in your mind the "scientific community" are people who perfectly apply the scientific method? So no one? "What are the "appointed authorities" saying that you disagree with and on what basis are you disagreeing? Your intuition?" That is a very broad question, and the fact you need to ask it shows you completely missed some major happenings in the past two years. No point in trying to explain it now, you're well bought in.
I Z 2 aylar önce
@Generic Developer I don't claim to speak for any scientists, it's literally in the definition. Science is the practice of systematically testing hypotheses, verifying information and experimenting. And I'm not mocking people who question my knowledge of scientific consensus, I'm mocking people who have no idea how the scientific method works. What are the "appointed authorities" saying that you disagree with and on what basis are you disagreeing? Your intuition?
Generic Developer
Generic Developer 2 aylar önce
@I Z "the scientific community advocates for never questioning scientists." Another person speaking for all scientists. I really needed more of that in my life. "Usually the people who moan about "scientism" " Ah so questioning is just fine, but you're also going to chastise and mock people who question what you think the "scientific community" believes. Brilliant.
I Z 2 aylar önce
@Generic Developer Well what a fortunate coincidence that literally nobody in the scientific community advocates for never questioning scientists. This is literally their job they question, test and research. Usually the people who moan about "scientism" tend to "question" the science by just rejecting scientific findings that contradict their feelings.
TH i NK 2 aylar önce
My entire life I got bad grades in school. Geography was the exception because of the passion I had for Nature... So it was easy to learn something I intuitively understood. But... YOU have made learning any subject a want to do, not a have to do... I am so grateful for the scientific learning you provide on Veritasium! I wish people like you ran schools across the planet. We wouldn't be in this divided world if education was performed correctly... Thank You!
Draekon 25 gün önce
Great video. I’d love to see one on the concept of “Earthing” (connecting yourself to the ground) and maybe one about EMF radiation.
Gilly Monster
Gilly Monster 8 aylar önce
I bought a salt lamp during a time of deep depression and it helped me feel better…specifically because it gave off a warm pinkish/orange glow when everything else seemed gray and depressing.
사랑~❤ 2 aylar önce
Wow really? 😮
Paulina Ó.R.
Paulina Ó.R. 7 aylar önce
Great video. I have 2 salt lamps just because I like the way they look. However, I’ve heard about their “benefits”, so it’s good to finally confirm they’re just a nice piece of ornament.
CS Ghost Animation
If the lamp turns on, then the salt lamp technically works. Checkmate Veritasium.
CubicGoldfish Aylar önce
That's what I thought when I saw the video. I'd never heard anything about atmospheric ions.
Cewla Aylar önce
@Rodel Manueli it LITERALLY is a joke
Elise in the Attic
Elise in the Attic 2 aylar önce
Hey! You beat me to it....by a year. 😁
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy 2 aylar önce
I use one for a night light and the pink glow calms me
Robbery 2 aylar önce
@Yuunaki LOL way to call him dumb without calling him dumb bruh, spot on.
Mastermind Wisdom
Mastermind Wisdom Aylar önce
Watching this video inspired me to buy indoor waterfalls. Would you mind making a follow up video with indoor waterfalls? Using those fancy machines to see indoor waterfalls create negative ions?
Ben McReynolds
Ben McReynolds Aylar önce
I'm so glad you put a logical and scientific explanation to this craze that gets so misused by certain people.. no offense. The things are still awesome, I collect rocks so I appreciate minerals, crystals but I don't think they heal me in anyway other than the benefit I get mentally and physically by going out and gathering them in Nature, exercising as I collect and gather rocks and hike my dogs. That alone. That experience, the act of exploring, hunting, finding. Is so beneficial to my soul and mind. Then just being out in the woods here in Oregon and exploring the woods is the best type of therapeutic experience for me. It's like active meditation because even tho I am not sitting in one place - I am in a state of hyper awareness and I get in tune with my observation skills more and more each time I go exploring in the woods. There is just something magical about going on a walk in the wilderness by yourself and with your dog. Or, just by yourself if you don't have any dogs. The experience of hiking alone innately teaches you a lot, even if it's subconsciously. Nature is a amazing teacher, and you can learn how to be more connected to yourself, just by practicing going on solo hikes in the woods. (The one thing I am facinated about, is the effects scientist's have found Magnetic field waves are showing medicinal benefits and I'm curious to see where that field of science is going to go and evolve to...? 🧲🧠👍🏻)
WOZ888 5 aylar önce
Not wanting to waste electricity 24/7, I removed the power cord. The salt blocks work really well for absorbing humidity in my kitchen when we have rainy/ sultry weather. Just remember to place a dish under the lamp to hold the accumulated water if you leave it turned off.
Wolfette Plays
Wolfette Plays 26 gün önce
You could’ve just unplugged it smh
ThePersianPopinjay 2 aylar önce
My salt lamp totally works! I had a severe lack of glowing rocks and now I have a pretty one to fill the void
Nenacu Yıl önce
Never thought salt lamps did anything besides give off a present soft pink/yellow light that's perfect for a bedside stand. I like them for aesthetics and practicality.
Pedro Guerrero
Pedro Guerrero 2 aylar önce
Yep. Remember that in the past salt was worth more than gold, so now you carry a treasure with you in case the markets go to hell (which they have) and a good source of salt when you're too lazy to restock.
Jason 2 aylar önce
@Yixdy i try to explain this to my family and friends but they always just dog on me for looking angry all the time since im squinting constantly. It also doesn't help that I have autism so miscommunication constantly leads to the impression that im mad or being rude... like, I get this is really a non issue, but I already struggle with communication so it makes me sad that they can't understand this weird and unfortunate coincidence. I swear im not mad at you!!
사랑~❤ 2 aylar önce
@Silburific 17 is why i am kicking my "cats" out, they're so useless why do ppl have them? lol
Dmoon1234 2 aylar önce
Yup. Same.
Izaquan J’Mooki
Izaquan J’Mooki 4 aylar önce
@Blake Kinningham I love warm salt
I. M. Notamoose
I. M. Notamoose Aylar önce
Not having watched this video as yet, I have issues with these lamps as a chemist for a few reasons. One, the salt is held together by ionic bonds... you need temperatures much hotter than a lamp to ionize the salt crystals. Secondly, a chemical "salt" consists of both positive and negative ions... any temperatures high enough to break apart the saly into component ions will generate both types, which will recombine as very tiny salt crystals the moment the heat is removed and the positive and negative charges are drawn back together.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 2 aylar önce
Love this! I have a whole Himilayan Mountain range of these lamps in my house, but have only ever purchased them for their aesthetic qualities, a.k.a their moody pink and orange glow. Everytime anyone comes over and comments on them, I feel I have to give them the disclaimer that I don't actually believe the new-age-woo associated with them, and that they're just for decorative purposes.
xxx 2 aylar önce
@Jason Send her this video? lol!
Jason 2 aylar önce
Same, I received one from my mother who genuinely does believe in the pseudoscience, but I have to continually remind her of its falsehood. She is not willing to accept it. In the meantime, I have acquired a wonderful mood-lighting lamp.
Victory Gardening
Victory Gardening Aylar önce
When I worked as a pilot, we’d get a strong ozone smell in the cockpit when we operated near thunderstorms. This usually preceded and then continued once we’d start getting St Elmo’s fire on the windscreen. I’m kind of curious what caused it and if it was unhealthy.
George Blank
George Blank Aylar önce
Lightning produces ozone
DemstarAus Aylar önce
Like others have said, I had no idea salt lamps were meant to be a woo generator. I have also never had a salt lamp that didn't act as a dehumidifier and leak everywhere/rust to bits (underneath) so after the second one went bad I've never gotten another one. I know that ionisation is not woo. I am referring to the practice of attributing shaky science to something intended to increase one's wellbeing. Here's looking at you Body Mind Spirit expo!
Chasing Curiosity
Chasing Curiosity Aylar önce
Hey, great video as always. If you would do one on "earthing" I think it would be interesting.
Monster? No. Definable? Never.
Yes, salt lamps work. They generate light, and even disperse it ambiently.
Pudgy Buns
Pudgy Buns 4 aylar önce
I walk around tower sites all the time with signs that say "exceeds FCC recommended human exposure levels of RF Radiation".......I'd love to see you do a video about any potential damage that could be caused by RF and electromagnetic forces at low and also high levels. Maybe also mention if Electromagnetic sensitivity is possible, as my mother purchased a copper heat sink and it was advertised as a EMF blocker that she sticky taped to her wall.... =/
Draekon 25 gün önce
My mom buys the same sort of crap, little stickers that say they “absorb radiation” and puts them on electronics
Peter Hicks
Peter Hicks 4 aylar önce
@Stacker 2022 Yes we got rid of our microwave a meter would light up 3ft away from it !
Stacker 2022
Stacker 2022 4 aylar önce
I have a $500 EMF/RFI detector, put a cup of water in your microwave and fire it up, the meters nearly max out!
Peter Hicks
Peter Hicks 4 aylar önce
There was a guy in the UK ,site manager did not have a cell phone said they made him ill he used to phone in on a land line , a disbeliver was with him on site when he said he felt ill he was looking around and could not see anybody with a phone ,there was a wall & other side of it a guy was on a cell phone , the site manager was feeling off if there was any RF around ! /UK
Cerinaya 4 aylar önce
I have one of these that my brother gave me. It has a color changing LED so it doesn't get warm (which if it did give off ions meant it wouldn't work) but I love the look of the colors through the salt.
Markus Penny
Markus Penny Yıl önce
As someone who has been electrocuted before, negative ions definitely did NOT improve my mood that day
Danijelovski Kanal
Danijelovski Kanal Aylar önce
@Ilman's Alt 380 is much worse,trust me...
The Gorn
The Gorn Yıl önce
That’s shocking
Kévin Tapp Minville
If you die it's electrocution. If you're injured, as in burnt, cut, bleeding etc... It electocution. If you're just shocked, it electified.
k k
k k Yıl önce
@Saimeren awesome! Thanks for clarifying my friend!
Saimeren Yıl önce
Electrocuted, or shocked? You were definitely not electrocuted. You're simply being dramatic.
Dr Bright
Dr Bright 2 aylar önce
I mean, if they’re a lamp, their primary function is emanating light. Since it does that, it does indeed work.
Mr. Bigglesworth
Mr. Bigglesworth Aylar önce
didn't you get your level 4 clearance taken away?
Links Between Drinks
Links Between Drinks 5 aylar önce
I once asked my doctor if a supplement I was taking really did anything, so he asked me, "Do you feel better?" I said that honestly I kinda did. He said, "Well, at least it does that, then."
David A. Dennis
David A. Dennis 6 aylar önce
Very interesting. We have a large air purifier in our dining room. It was on automatic and turned to high. After a while I could smell ozone and wondered where it was coming from. Ozone is, of course, corrosive and we don't want it. I looked and looked and turned off the air purifier. It slowly went away. Turn it back on high and viola' it returned. NOW I know why. Thanks!
jason brown
jason brown 3 aylar önce
Can you do a similar show about other efficacy issues, like antioxidants?
Joe Dowling
Joe Dowling Yıl önce
I love how humble that man was, didn’t want to say he’s an expert after a mere 55 years of study. Contrary to the guy selling the salt lamp, he had all the answers with zero knowledge.
Stacker 2022
Stacker 2022 4 aylar önce
Expert wasn't selling anything, salty was though!
Jared Jenkins
Jared Jenkins 8 aylar önce
That guy selling the salt lamp was an arrogant maniac that needs to get a life and loose the ponytail.
Steve Hills
Steve Hills 9 aylar önce
@Oy Oyy All people are equal, but some are more equal than others. (paraphrasing George Orwell)
Jacob From All State
Jacob From All State 9 aylar önce
@Hank S well said, friend.
Alternative Headlines
Alternative Headlines 2 aylar önce
I had a small ionizer in my room and every time I entered the room I'd get hit with the smell of garlic. Surprises me that nobody describes the smell of Ozone in this way.
Yuri 5 aylar önce
Thanks for video, I bought 2 of these lamps exactly the same as in your video and been using them past year, one thing I know now for sure it’s pleasant for a dim night lamp use on night stand table and now I know it’s only good for that. P.S. I paid 6$ each lamp so I guess it’s okay
M H Aylar önce
Damn, I almost bought a bunch of synthetic tourmalines hoping to prevent depression in the future. At least I'm more alert when hearing about unbelievable moodchanging lamps and air-refreshers.
Mariska C
Mariska C Aylar önce
I often wondered why the mystic shops always sell this type of lamp, I had no idea they were meant to generate negative ions. Very interesting video.
Wolfette Plays
Wolfette Plays 26 gün önce
@George Blank according to your materialist worldview
George Blank
George Blank Aylar önce
They don't
Daniel A Millar
Daniel A Millar Yıl önce
when i saw the title, i had no idea salt lamps were supposed to be anything other than aesthetic lamps, so I was like of course they work. They produce light and look nice.
My cat is a supermodel
Same lol
Asylus 7 aylar önce
@Rebecca Rue you probably made that assumption because salt dries things out
Kozmosis Yıl önce
also they taste great and are less filling
egguy Yıl önce
@feelgoodlost have u never licked it ? Never been curious?
SpeedandPower Yıl önce
Yes, I love how it makes the light less harsh.
Glen Coco
Glen Coco 4 aylar önce
Salt lamps might not work for all that energy stuff but I can say having a warm orange light in my room as opposed to a bright white one is definitely a positive
mason hogan
mason hogan 7 aylar önce
I love your videos, I find them so interesting and learn so much from them. Many of them blow my mind, and have changed the way I look at alot of things in a positive way. Thanks for making them. I am a big fan. Thank goodness for youtube and youtubers like you, because you can't find good knowledgable entertainment on tv anymore. All my favorite channels when i was a kid don't show anything but reality TV and garbage anymore. When I was younger I preferred watching nat geo and discovery channel over cartoons anyday back when you could learn interesting things from them.
Undarth 5 aylar önce
I was sussed out immediately by the small amount of ions. It sounds like a lot, but considering the density of anything outside a vacuum it's absolutely nothing. That said, I found this video to be extremely interesting.
jffry sith
jffry sith Aylar önce
I love the look the scientist gives when Derek mentions that the salt lamp is meant to give lots of negative ions... 4:42
james abbott
james abbott Yıl önce
I adore how when Derek asks "are you an ion expert" the answer isn't yes or no. It's "here is my level of experience in the field." which gives you a way better idea of why you should listen than just "yes i am"
Taha H. Babikir
Taha H. Babikir 10 aylar önce
That's called extroverted feeling over introverted thinking. Follow me to know more.. (or you can read Carl Jung's book "Psychology Types") -Not Jesus
FakeWeeb Yıl önce
It's funny how to the right people that could come off as smug or arrogant.
Danny C.
Danny C. Yıl önce
I noticed that, too. It's the exact opposite of Dunning-Kruger.
Vlachy goes by Kuba
Yes, 55 years and still humble, that's someone worth the respect :-)
joymychoice Aylar önce
Our salt lamp works! We turn it on & we get the soft light we want in our house in the evening. You actually can feel yourself getting ready for sleep which is helpful in a world where our homes are flooded with blue / white / bright light. That is all we ‘ask’ of our salt lamp. Have never believed all the woohoo benefits attributed to salt lamps. 😀
Damian! Emerys!
Damian! Emerys! 2 aylar önce
They are great for a soft light, especially in a bedroom. Mine has a little glass bowl that you can put essential oils in, and it gets heated by the light bulb under it.
Trevor Viall
Trevor Viall 2 aylar önce
I’ve owned one of these light for years. I’ve never heard of these claims of ions before now, I just think it looks nice
hereticpariah 6/66
hereticpariah 6/66 4 aylar önce
In-depth analysis and thorough Hard look at a subject. If this is an example of Veritasiums' work, i'm in. *SUBSCRIBED.*
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 2 yıl önce
“Are you an ion expert?” “I’ve been studying ions for 55 years.” I love it. He’s not saying he’s an expert, he’s giving you information and letting you decide.
Asylus 7 aylar önce
@Sbi information could have also been an assertion that he is an expert, but no, he didn't say that.
cypher Yıl önce
Owen Toad "One could practice art their entire life and never become an artist."
Carn Soaks
Carn Soaks Yıl önce
because today's internet expert does 30 mins of online browsing and calls themselves well-read on topics like vaccines, gravity, QED, medicine.
Dutchy McDutchface, Bsc
@OUF I read your comment just before 10:17. Although I'd probably like the man, that face is not (always) elegant. :)
@FirstAidSack , because behind most of the so-called "experts" in our fake news mainstream media, the one's pushing the "scientific consensus" on very broad scientific topics (like climate change, or COVID), is a journalist, an activist, an activist-journalist, or a politician. Basically someone who is entirely unqualified to speak on the topic, but somehow has the authority to dictate public response. Absurdity at the highest levels. Yet the people just drink up the coolaid and never question actual the actual expertise of those reporting. Because....... they're experts right. We live in a propaganda state, and it highlights the fact that the DK effect is real, and people are sheep.
Adam Martin
Adam Martin 4 aylar önce
Ok, this is where I jump in and say Well Done!!! We need more of videos like this.
Munchkin of Pern
Munchkin of Pern 2 aylar önce
I had no idea that salt lamps were apparently supposed to do anything other than be a light source. The more you know!
Loki D. Wolf
Loki D. Wolf 5 aylar önce
Ok, I'm so happy this video was made!!! I've been skeptical ever since I bought one of those damn salt lamps and felt no change. I was doing someone a favor since she was selling them and I wanted to help out. I stopped using it and just thought whatever, no biggie. But, knowing WHY makes me feel better. Also, those ion fans I hate. I didn't know it was causing ozone. I just knew I hated the smell of one whenever it was on. Smelled like metal or something. Hope they've been banned!
Rhodie 2 aylar önce
Given the makeup of a salt lamp, wouldn't the only negative ions it could release be chloride ions? Seems like that would probably not be the best thing to breathe. Nevermind the fact that serotonin does not contain either Na or Cl atoms. If you're looking to synthesize more serotonin, you're far better off eating more tryptophan rich foods.
nekokna Aylar önce
I have a hair drier that by chance, has a label that syas negative ions... Something about a coat of jade?? It was cheap may be a lie, but my hair gets less static? I wonder wtf is going on. Is telling about negative ions something like putting' quantum' into any name nowadays?
Mike Wassef
Mike Wassef Yıl önce
Professor Beauchamp missed a perfect opportunity to say that he’s been studying ions for eons.
Christopher Sariles
Christopher Sariles 4 aylar önce
I see what you did there
Roger Burtnick
Roger Burtnick 5 aylar önce
He's a scientist and i'd be dubious of any of his results if he professed studying ions for half a billion years ;)
Jonathan Walther
Jonathan Walther 6 aylar önce
Kelly Doyle
Kelly Doyle 7 aylar önce
Rakanishu 8 aylar önce
He said it off camera...
Issac Dunham
Issac Dunham 4 aylar önce
I never knew a salt lamp was supposed to do all that BS. I thought it was just supposed to produce a nice soft light.
CrimsonAlpha 5 aylar önce
The way this video was going, I thought you were going to say that ions did have an effect on mood. I was dubious but quite interested. You definitely got me with that one!
Patrick McDermott
Patrick McDermott 8 aylar önce
I had no idea salt lamps were supposed to DO something…. I thought they just looked cool.
Marielia 4 aylar önce
My Sister gave me a Salt lamp a couple years ago. I got it in my Bedroom, and a smart timer turns it on about 6 hours a day. I have had no real maintenance to do other than dusting it. I can't honestly say I have felt any health benefits, but they are nice to look at.
Giovanni Giorgio
Giovanni Giorgio Yıl önce
I absolutely love how scientists maintain plausible deniability at all time. - "are you an expert in ions?" - "I've been studying ions for 55 years" - "so it's not emitting ions?" - "we certainly cannot detect any ions"
ssp Aylar önce
meanwhile on youtube.... some millenial right now is posting something they've never even tried and calling themselves an "expert"
Ophidahlia 4 aylar önce
@Xenophilius It's also the flipside of the more well-known Dunning-Kruger effect, where people who have a small level of knowledge in a topic greatly overestimate their expertise because they know a little bit about a subject but they don't know enough to grasp just how much they don't know. Truly, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and Socrates famously said that true knowledge begins with knowing what you don't know. But true experts have such a deep understanding of the subject and all its nuances & complexities that they tend not to make oversimplified or black-or-white claims; they even tend to rate their subjective expertise lower than the overconfident people who have a low level of knowledge. It makes sense, they spend so much of their time learning about the bleeding edge of a subject and wrestling with the difficult to answer questions that are the current focus of research in a subject, as well as understanding the deeper intricacies that often underlie simple facts or the different ways of conceptualizing a single topic. I tend to look for that fuzziness of certainty as a hint that someone really might know what they're talking about, especially since on the other hand the quack & the snake-oil salesman will often make bold, sweeping statements involving claims of "absolute proof!" or perfect confidence in simple answers to difficult questions.
Rangvald 4 aylar önce
… that is proper science
Rusty Cuyler
Rusty Cuyler 4 aylar önce
I'd like to add to this conversation by quoting one of the best scientists the world has ever known, Richard Feynman. "I have approximate answers and possible beliefs in different degrees of certainty about different things, but I'm not absolutely sure of anything."
RoseMarie M
RoseMarie M 4 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure most of us just thought the effect it was supposed to have was simply: relaxing. It's just a mood/vibe thing. 😊
kiwigal 2 aylar önce
I have the lump of salt left, it's pretty, natural and looks good with indoor plants. The bulb fitting rusted years ago, so that's well gone. Not surprising with all that salt.
Santanu Bar
Santanu Bar 3 aylar önce
It's a great. So much information. Big thank you for the thorough research
owls 2 aylar önce
I like when people make thumbnails like this. It answers the question and makes you go like: well why doesn’t it work? And then you have to watch the video to find out why. This is a much better strategy than click bait
Perry McShane
Perry McShane Yıl önce
Salesman: "Serotonin is, like, the primary transmitter in your whole body" Acetylcholine: 👀👀
vorpal22 Yıl önce
Norepinephrine, GABA, endorphins, and N-methyl-D-aspartate readily agree.
Honking GOOSE
Honking GOOSE Yıl önce
@Perry McShane he didn’t even say *Neuro* he just said transmitters
Honking GOOSE
Honking GOOSE Yıl önce
@Petaurista me, a coffee addict: eyyeyyeah Shaddap!
Honking GOOSE
Honking GOOSE Yıl önce
Red blood cells, Red. GODDAMMED. *BLOOD CELLS* be like:
Lőrinc Kóródi
Lőrinc Kóródi Yıl önce
I was looking for this comment
Floral Couch
Floral Couch 2 aylar önce
I didn't even know these lamps were anything other than a cool lamp, I like them regardless of what they do just because they look really cool
T Nicholas
T Nicholas 4 aylar önce
Salt lamps are great at looking pretty and providing mild illumination. Sure is a shame people insist on making all kinds of wild made-up claims about them in order to sell more of them. Would be nice if we could just appreciate salts and crystals etc simply for what they are.
Dane Rose
Dane Rose 6 aylar önce
I love it when hype of all kinds is brought down to size with facts.
Alexandria Faith
Alexandria Faith 2 aylar önce
I have one, I just think it’s pretty. I love the soft and warm light it gives. I’ve never bought into the ion thing.
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia Yıl önce
I love when you visit a Scientist, and they don't just say "no it does nothing" they say "Interesting, well, let's go test this thing with a very specific machine I've been working on for the last 50 years."
LC 4 aylar önce
@OneVeryMadLad which is fine, because just a "yes" or "no" from someone means nothing without evidence, irrespective of that person's expertise. if they're an expert surely they can demonstrate their belief
morphman86 Yıl önce
Scientists rarely say "this doesn't do that". If you noticed, they never said that the salt lamp produced no negative ions. Instead, they said "we cannot detect any". Few scientists will deal in absolutes.
Syllight Yıl önce
That's the specialty of scientists, they never guess or anything(even the small ones) and need solid proof to find out.
OneVeryMadLad Yıl önce
@Hectic Hive Suppose I should’ve been more specific
Hectic Hive
Hectic Hive Yıl önce
@OneVeryMadLad I bought one just cause I saw one in a gift shop and I thought it looked cool. Didn’t hear any of these claims about negative ions when I got it. Just looks nice
Schakka Aylar önce
Fantastic video, thank you so much Derek!
Real John Tapang
Real John Tapang 5 aylar önce
I think that the light from the salt lamp makes you feel better, not because of the emission of negative ions.
J JBud
J JBud 2 aylar önce
I thought the purpose of these lamps was to give off microscopic salt particles. Didn't ever hear they were for generating ions. Breathing salt particles from the air is supposed to be the beneficial effect. Salt water in a neti pot, salt gargles, saline eye rinses are all standard. Dry salt particles should also be useful.
E mj
E mj 2 aylar önce
I love that I never know which direction this channel is going, but that it'll be interesting anyway
Scott Gates
Scott Gates Yıl önce
My salt lamp works perfectly...It lights a hall at night so I don't trip over something and break my leg. Works perfectly at keeping my legs healthy. :-)
Real John Tapang
Real John Tapang 5 aylar önce
"I see, you're a man of culture"
Kay Anderson
Kay Anderson 6 aylar önce
@Youkyuu Love it! Chuckling.
Literally a Dragon
Literally a Dragon 6 aylar önce
@hzuiel Maybe not necessarily placebo. Placebo suggests using a control to help an ailment. Warm light being soothing is a different phenomena than a control, but it is distinctly a different thing that tones down mental arousal and relaxes people that does actually have some degree of scientific merit behind it.
hzuiel 6 aylar önce
@Literally a Dragon Sometimes placebo is a hell of a drug.
Lurch456 Youtube
Lurch456 Youtube 8 aylar önce
@Youkyuu no the metal impurities make it taste very metallic and it doesn't taste like salty its just weaker metallic taste :/ if you want a very salty taste get a salt lick a salt lick is pure salt for horses so it should give you the super salty taste you want + it should taste better
NickDa_Awesome 5 aylar önce
Hey, could you test if a home water fall (fountain) produces any clean negative ions?
Sean Aguayo
Sean Aguayo 7 aylar önce
With my personal experience, I have always noticed the room to have a weird feeling with these salt lamps in them. I'm not sure if the type of people who carry such weird energy are attracted to these or if these salt lamps do anything though
Hkplayzmc 2 aylar önce
Placebo effect
Maygan Phynix
Maygan Phynix 6 aylar önce
I would have been the kind of person to get one of those ACs, so thanks for this video. ❤ I also got a salt lamp in the past 🤦‍♀️
Jinpachi Bobochan
Jinpachi Bobochan 5 aylar önce
I had one of these air purifier that most likely produced that ozone stuff. Caused me a headache every time I activated it while in the room. Eventually, I gifted it away. Best air purifier is to open a window.
Dan Albu
Dan Albu Yıl önce
I like to think that when he's walking with the camera he's actually grabbing us by the throat a dragging us along while rambling about ions and salt lamps
Danijelovski Kanal
Danijelovski Kanal Aylar önce
@Dan Albu very sus
Andrea Schanck
Andrea Schanck Yıl önce
JamesDyll Yıl önce
Me too
World Series of Ghosts
Best comment I have ever seen.
Mumu Spain
Mumu Spain 2 aylar önce
I always chalked the atmosphere after a thunderstorm up to the ozone that is produced by the lightning. You can smell it. I don't know anything about this ion business. The lamps do look cool though, and I think they have value purely as a decoration item. I don't think I would buy one, but I don't mind the sight of them even if they are likely to be in the home of a crystal worshipper.
Ultimate Eye
Ultimate Eye 2 aylar önce
I use mine as a lamp and it works pretty well for that.
Brendan White
Brendan White 2 aylar önce
Apparently rainfall and waterfalls ionise the air, usually negative ions as far as I recall. People generally like the feeling of breathing the air after a rainstorm or near a waterfall. Also, burning Bees Wax is said to create negative ions instead of burning parafin based wax. Is it negative ions that make us feel better or is it that ionised air can attract dust etc? Still, it is interesting to know that over 100 years it is still being looked into
Lynda Lee Abdo
Lynda Lee Abdo Aylar önce
Very thorough info, thank-you.
Ray S
Ray S 9 aylar önce
These things totally work. I had serious problems with a lack of chalky white mineral deposits on my desk. I got one of these lamps, and I got chalky white mineral deposits in spades.
Grutar G
Grutar G Aylar önce
Did you do a double-blind comparison of the salt lamp versus a small chalkboard? I think the daily use of a small chalkboard at your desk for notes or a To Do List, could match the chalky deposits of the salt lamp.
Random Ginger
Random Ginger 2 aylar önce
@Sciathoir buy a salt lamp
Upsetmilto's plays
Upsetmilto's plays 2 aylar önce
​@apathetic to a fault *you're
apathetic to a fault
apathetic to a fault 2 aylar önce
@Upsetmilto's plays *placebo
AKIRA KRIST 6 aylar önce
the salt lamp makes the air smell amazing in the close vicinity of the salt rock, as long as the bulb is a heated bulb. i changed the bulb to a heatless LED bulb and the salt no longer makes the air smell any differently.
Lynn Keating
Lynn Keating 5 aylar önce
I always figured the ions part was bs but felt other than a glowing chunk of salt being cool to have, that a warm big chunk of salt kind of dehumidified the air. Idk might just be a mental/placebo effect type of thing.
Tristan Robinson
Tristan Robinson 2 gün önce
I didn't want to watch this video because I wanted to believe they did, so I watched it anyway to deplete my confirmation bias. I definitely learned a lot especially all the ways they were marketed as doing. Yay learning.
Tamertamer Tamer
Tamertamer Tamer 2 aylar önce
And then there’s me who just gave my mom a salt lamp because it looks good and I had no idea about all this ion stuff
Not Just For Me
Not Just For Me Yıl önce
I love scientist. "so this means that there are no ions" "we certainly weren't able to detect any"
Stacker 2022
Stacker 2022 4 aylar önce
@Altrantis We've studied for decades.
Stacker 2022
Stacker 2022 4 aylar önce
@Not Just For Me ROFL
Kozmosis Yıl önce
Better keep your eye on that ion detector just to be sure...
Juan-o-Matic Yıl önce
@Timothy Parker I've been studying ions for eons
Mike Q
Mike Q Yıl önce
There are always ions they’re generally ambient but alway react to relative charge. So if your not detecting them it means they’re chilling positive with negative. I get your point though and like the silk over electrical sockets as a concept. Imagine that movie pulse but the ghost is blocked by thin black silk over the electrical sockets, the exploitation practically writes itself!
heatherso 7 aylar önce
Thanks for doing that. Please keep debunking fake marketing. It is very useful and money saving.
Steve Rempel
Steve Rempel Aylar önce
I clicked on this video thinking that there was some sort of problem with these salt lamps, melting, dying quickly, or not giving off much light. I didn't know there were supposed psychological benefits to these things until now. I thought they just were cool.
Kirk J
Kirk J 2 aylar önce
I never even knew salt lamps were suppose to do anything other than y’know provide light… but it’s still my favorite lamp!
Ajax Son of Telamon
Ajax Son of Telamon 7 aylar önce
I like that Veritasium wasn't immediately dismissive to the idea despite its obvious absurdity.
Duck Master
Duck Master Yıl önce
Salt lamps may have really poor “science” behind them, but they still look really neat.
first_name LAST_NAME
Yeah I just like the way they look
Zedi gan
Zedi gan Yıl önce
Nothing wrong with getting a serotonin release from some nice ambient lighting
BJCMXY's Lists & Commentary
It's probably the Aesthetic & placebo effects that give Salt Lamps their "positive" impacts.
BlåMeese Yıl önce
And taste better
Random Guy
Random Guy Yıl önce
The ionizer may be incorrect, but it makes me wonder about the first caveman to suggest warming up using fire.
Dr. S. P.
Dr. S. P. 5 aylar önce
Great presentation indeed!
Zealeo 6 aylar önce
The most estute, interesting, and scholarly way of saying ... "Touch grass." Learned a lot more about ions, thanks!
Not Important
Not Important 6 aylar önce
I remember when my brother bought a salt lamp. He wasn't an energy healing nut, he just thought they looked cool. I think everyone in the family licked it at some point.
plop pill
plop pill 4 aylar önce
I’ve never heard salt lamps advertised or sold referencing ions in anyway this is the very first time I’ve ever heard of this in over 40 years I’m skeptical
Cole Hanna
Cole Hanna Yıl önce
The fact that you made this whole video without saying the word 'placebo' is impressive
O. Kyklop
O. Kyklop Yıl önce
@Rafaël I'm not from your "barrio" bro. So try and express yourself in a intelligible manner. Ok?
Rafaël Yıl önce
@O. Kyklop yikes bro go outside
O. Kyklop
O. Kyklop Yıl önce
@Felis Super The mechanisms are not hidden. It is just so that, otherwise, nobody had a look at them. This "old" paper did open the way of killing pathogens and cancer cells irradiating them with their own frequency. But I'm not going to do your job, Felis. Wrap yourself up and look into these topics. Someone who can show you how much you don't know about human physiology, related to electric and EM influence, is the late Harold Aspden. first do your home work and call back later.
Felis Super
Felis Super Yıl önce
@O. Kyklop Even if there were these receptors that were meant to pick up certain wavelengths, then that doesn't mean that all other wavelengths are harmful to the cell. It just means that the cells can't pick up those wavelengths. For example, we have receptors at the back of our eyes that detect visible light (perhaps these are the receptors the paper was talking about?), but that doesn't mean that all other wavelengths hurt those receptors. "Besides, to claim that certain waves are "harmless" it presupposes that you have a complete knowledge of the human physiology". First of all, my claim was that radio- and microwaves are as harmless as radiation can be, not that I know for 100% certainty that they can do no harm at all. Second of all, I am simply asking a question: why would our cells be significantly damaged by an extra background of radio- and microwaves (which are the waves with lowest frequency and would consequently be expected to do the least damage) when we are always bathed in higher frequencies of light (most notably IR radiation and visible light), and much with bigger intensities of them too (you can often even feel the heat that they carry). Not to mention that these long wavelength waves are not as well absorbed as other wavelengths (which is why we use them in telecommunication). If you claim that the cells are somehow harmed by these wavelengths due to some hidden mechanism that nobody has seen yet, then it's up to you to present the proof for that, not me (using a single 100 year old paper which doesn't even necessarily give the conclusion that radio- and microwaves are harmful is certainly not enough).
O. Kyklop
O. Kyklop Yıl önce
@Felis Super If you read my comments why are you insisting with things that are there explained? Whats your problem with discoveries made 100ys ago? They found those receptors. It doesn't change with time. This means, we're designed for a certain range of waves. Anything different is like hitting a pan in the middle of a Bach symphony. Besides, to claim certain waves are "harmless" it presupposes that you have a complete knowledge of the human physiology. Well. I doubt that.
Hanrique Grobler
Hanrique Grobler 5 aylar önce
Love your capably to make it easy to understand your foundings.
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