Do All Couples Think The Same? 

David Alvareeezy
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I got all my favorite couples to see if they all think ALIKE!
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25 Şub 2024




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Chelsea is so brave for been genuine and transparent. It takes so much self awareness and maturity to point out her own weaknesses as part of her explanations 💕
@MariaCabral555 Yıl önce
i was thinking that too!! we love her for being so open and vulnerable 💗
@itzerinn2489 Yıl önce
i love her so much
@napturalkassie Yıl önce
i really loved how honest and open she was too
@DavidAlvareeezy Yıl önce
she’s the best! always so open. gotta love her
Sup guys
@shelbi5204 Yıl önce
tara and jake are so real and genuine - they’re literally made for eachother
yes 😍
@CaitWylie Yıl önce
@leensalocin Yıl önce
@jackyflores245 Yıl önce
@aubreyy__15 Yıl önce
I feel bad for Jake tho at the end lol.. when he was talking about kids and she interrupted him you could see it In his face so he had to slowly add his answer while the other people talked lol DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE TARA SO MUCH AND THEY ACTUALLY TALKED ABOUT THIS PROBLEM IN JC STREAM SO DONT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY
@katrinasierra2733 6 aylar önce
The way people really use "breaks" as an excuse to sleep around and then say that they are "so necessary" for relationships to thrive is actually insane. No way a person who isn't manipulative or narcissistic thinks this way.
@vivianahernandez1130 5 aylar önce
trynna to find a comment that talked about that bc there’s literally no way you date someone and randomly when you’re comfortable be like do i want this person? leave and go fuck someone .. like huh? it’s a break like they said. if it’s a break that’s considered cheating to me personally. just break up if you want to fuck other people. your partner shouldn’t be a second choice because you’re unsure ? how are you unsure after 4 years? make it make sense.
@kissmyasss420 5 aylar önce
I also agree but it's a good thing we can choose our person and we can choose to leave. If someone asked for a break I would just leave and never return lol I'm not dealing with that 😂
@jam3269 5 aylar önce
No fr. Like Why do u have to sleep around to know if u really want to be with skmeone
@tinymogi 5 aylar önce
@Meccarox 5 aylar önce
@kevinadiel777 Yıl önce
“I have my life Tara has her life and we have our life” that line was simple but very powerful. I liked a lot!
@jiminjimin1227 8 aylar önce
Ya I agree …. They are young but seemed to have more of a healthy relationship then most older people … I love that … they know what they want and it feels like if they came to a bump in the road and wanted different things in life … they would part ways relationship wise with ease … and they would probably stay friends …
@kaywee4200 6 aylar önce
100 percent.
@krissed7770 2 aylar önce
@@jiminjimin1227the fact that you’re right
@heartclouds 2 aylar önce
@@jiminjimin1227they did exactly that
@samanthaxo819 Aylar önce
@@jiminjimin1227ahaha that’s exactly what they did!
@jiayiwang4973 Yıl önce
Tara and Jake is the relationship I would want to be in No kids, no trust issues, no looking phones, stylish, perfect.
@thedcvilswhcre_ 8 aylar önce
Sameee it’s what I strive to have.
@WillowTree363 7 aylar önce
Yeah, and I like that Tara acknowledges that she won’t be a perfect mother. Not saying she won’t, but many adults have kids without thinking and they might not be the best parents, so I really like that about Tara
@Subsistence69 7 aylar önce
Same, that shit looks tight
@tevarose 5 aylar önce
this didn’t age well
@denjiwh0re 5 aylar önce
@@tevarosethey still love each other tho, they just decided to follow their own ways which i find really healthy!
@kelseyfrazier7110 10 aylar önce
Throw back to when Kian & Ayla said they wanted a baby within the next 3 years and now look at them 6 months later 🤍 Congratulations Ayla & Kian!!
@roseyfan 9 aylar önce
yay! 🎉
@amyserrano5823 9 aylar önce
I came back to watch this video because of the foreshadowing 😢🎉❤
@miadaniel294 8 aylar önce
right omgg
@cheyennediedrich 5 aylar önce
At first I thought Ayla was already pregnant but haven’t told anyone yet. 😅
@makaylagaitan 10 aylar önce
this aged so well for kian and ayla😭❤️ so happy to see them become parents
@roseyfan 9 aylar önce
@landoncoffel3104 Aylar önce
Just found and followed bc this comment
@eerriiiika 28 gün önce
@glendagonzalez4217 28 gün önce
definetly did not age well for tara and jake :( i wish they didnt break up
@lester499 24 gün önce
@@glendagonzalez4217 i mean you could tell from the video they wouldn't last
@Wra8h Yıl önce
You know why Tara and Jake work so well? Because they are fantastic people who know themselves even if they weren't in a relationship! As they said, there's her, his, and their lives, not just one. I really love their input.
@ashleyh2578 Yıl önce
This. They seem like confident people. Idk them but they exude that idea of knowing yourself first and also healthy effin boundaries.
@ShayNola Yıl önce
you cant stop having your own life because youre in realationship yes youre together but its kinda sad if youre one person honestly
@shrutik9673 Yıl önce
@@ShayNola Tara is the most intelligent of them all
@ShayNola Yıl önce
@@shrutik9673 agreed
they were my favorite
@haileystrang Yıl önce
It’s was so weird to me seeing Kian and jc talk about kids until I realized that they really are grown adults now, it’s hard to believe how far they’ve come sometimes I still see them as the kids they were when I first started watching
@shutupnvibe Yıl önce
exactly! time flew
lol I was kind of shocked, then remembered they are full on adults JC is already 30
@brynnamanda6278 Yıl önce
FR I remember seeing kians first ever video
@iris-xo 10 aylar önce
I seriously am struggling to comprehend they’re like 30
@avin374 10 aylar önce
And now kian and ayla are having a baby😭🥹
@megan_1 Yıl önce
JC saying "WHAT IS A BREAK" is literally me 😂 and then Kian telling Ayla "and then when I kicked you out of the house we took a break for a weekend" lmfao Kian 💀
@lgerd8828 Yıl önce
Taking a “break” is different than needing space for a second. In my 10 year relationship we have faced many of hard times that required space but we never once needed a “break”. We worked though it together and that’s what makes you stronger
@StellaRose. Yıl önce
I love your comment and I agree. My boyfriend and I been together for 7 years and we never want our own space and we never fight, we agree and disagree but never a fight.
@ecstasyecs Yıl önce
Same. I always said it’s an excuse to sleep with other people and they kinda confirmed it here lol.
@blueskies6475 Yıl önce
@@ecstasyecs yep! I think Chelsea is late 30s which explains her views!!
@MC32595 9 aylar önce
@keyLimner 7 aylar önce
​@@ecstasyecs Maybe that's healthy sometimes.
@corischrade6787 Yıl önce
But really, Chelsea shows so much maturity, bravery, and self awareness. You can tell she has put in work to better herself for her and therefore for her relationship. That’s not easy, so I just want to commend her on that and being so authentic during this video. I feel like so many people can relate to the struggles she talks about and it is extremely validating to hear someone with a platform and in a long term relationship speak up about it ❤
@DavidAlvareeezy Yıl önce
she’s the best
@ognjenmisic7128 Yıl önce
Lol no
@abz7881 Yıl önce
@@ognjenmisic7128 ong
@keirakeirarahh 9 aylar önce
@@ognjenmisic7128 shut up
@ilovekittys 5 aylar önce
who is chelsea
@savannahdamico2011 8 aylar önce
watching ayla sprint to strongly agree to having kids in the next three years knowing they’re pregnant is crazy
@abbeyz4920 Yıl önce
I honestly love seeing how healthy and genuine Tara and Jake's relationship is - every time I see them together I’m always so impressed by how well they communicate and are so clear and comfortable within themselves and with each other. Both such well-rounded humans who balance being mature and knowing what they want with allowing themselves to have fun and make the most of life by doing what makes them happy. Honestly so lovely to see partners that understand each other in that way and have clearly put in the work to cultivate such a strong and healthy relationship.
@aubreyy__15 Yıl önce
They were made for each other
@abbeyz4920 Yıl önce
* Should clarify that I don’t mean to take away from anyone else’s relationship! Everyone seems happy and secure in their own style and doing what works for them. Just feel like (especially for a young couple) they are a great example of what I’d love to see in my own life!
@@aubreyy__15 honestly tho, they're so compatible
@iman4944 Yıl önce
@@abbeyz4920 you are so right and don’t worry you weren’t putting down other relationships but relationships now of days are toxic and them being so young while maintaining a healthy relationship is something I want as well🥺
@etherdragun Yıl önce
@meetoo5088 Yıl önce
I love the boyfriend giving support to his girl every time she talks about her insecurities and the toxic traits she’s able to acknowledge and work on ❤
@bri7614 Yıl önce
Kian has the ability to be immature but mature at the same time😅
@josse1yn Yıl önce
i’ve always been told by my friends that i was “too chill” in relationships but seeing that i agreed with jake and tara with every topic and knowing that they’re in a beautiful, healthy relationship makes me feel at ease. everyone is different and sees healthy relationships in different ways, you just need to find your person and work through those different ideals together.
@zarahshabs7936 Yıl önce
I think people mistake fighting for passion and care in the relationship When in reality if you guys have your boundaries and can handle conflict calmly, there’s nothing wrong with be calm!! Go you!
@MiaAshlynM 29 gün önce
this didn’t age well
@Xx-ic8ym Yıl önce
kian, jc and david saying they see themselves as parents in 3 years kind of made me a little emotional. i grew up watching these people so i'm definitely gonna cry when that day comes
@Xx-ic8ym 9 aylar önce
@nishamiah4564 10 aylar önce
who’s watching after kian and ayla announced their baby news🥺been watching kian for the last 11 years and i cant believe he’s going to be a dad, so surreal to hear them talk about it in this video 💕
@unoriginxlity Yıl önce
i’m really happy they mentioned the FOMO type of jealousy because i always feel like such a horrible person when my bf gets to hang out & have fun with his friends and im sitting at home because i have no other friends besides him and i get that FOMO kind of jealousy, but i also don’t wanna break boundaries by insisting that i have to always be there when he’s hanging out with them
@blueskies6475 Yıl önce
Then, have your own friends! Get busy!!
@unoriginxlity Yıl önce
@@blueskies6475 if you don’t understand my struggle then ignore my comment. it was not targeted at you. it was for anyone else who might share my struggle so maybe they won’t feel so alone like i do. maybe try to be a little more kind in your replies because whether you believe it or not, reminding the wrong person of that in your tone could send them over the edge. i’m glad you’re able to make and keep friends but not everyone on this earth is as lucky. it takes more energy to type up a rude response than it does to not type one up at all.
@p_roduct9211 10 aylar önce
Hey hun, I'm kind of horribly ambivalent towards wanting to be part of my BF's friends hangouts (I am always grateful to be included, but I don't expect and feel obligated to always be there as the 2nd half). But I get what you mean. I think it feels normal because there's this unsettling thing between his ability to have fun with another group and possibly have a different story or bond develop without you there... and the contrast to your lack of friend action at home. Don't feel obligated to always be a social butterfly. I can count my true friends on one hand, we connect and chat maybe 2-3 times a year since we are all spread across the world now but go to each other with all our deepest insecurities, goals, secrets and successes. Fun is overrated, remember 90% of the time boys are sitting around doing the dumbest shit, drinking and jking around. Don't feel guilty to not match the same level of social activity. Protect your energy and be happy with those closest to you.
@michelle2367 Aylar önce
i LOVED tara and jake's explanation about the looking through phones. they explained my thoughts perfectly they get it
@MM-tj9to Yıl önce
jake and tara are probably the most mature, healthy and genuine couple i know
@mipox2851 12 gün önce
what are you on about bro
@mipox2851 12 gün önce
what did you smoke brev
@shegotit143 Yıl önce
Really appreciate Chelsea being vulnerable and real even when it shows her own toxic traits or low self-esteem. I think we all can relate but to vocalize and be real about it… oof girl 🙌🏼❤️
They definitely need to start doing these blindfolded. People look at what others are doing, and then follow.
@MT-ov8qf Yıl önce
i disagree, i think it adds to it when people are being indecisive and have to explain why
@daisyhayzzz Yıl önce
if they were blindfolded how would they see the lines to know where to go to lol
@Nisa-oe9dd 5 aylar önce
I mean they literally ask for their ideas so anytime they talk it’ll be obvious
@DavidAlvareeezy Yıl önce
Hi guys! hope you enjoyed the video! comment so you have a chance to win! also... I'm gonna be doing this again. with other couples and some of the same. what questions should I ask?
@user-zx1er7to9k Yıl önce
@Sashasancheez Yıl önce
Bring roni & Aaron!!!
Nezza and Crawford Or Jac and Scott !
Oooo you should ask if there has ever been a moment they thought “ I can’t do this anymore “ like being in a relationship with them ?
@mackdaddy5146 Yıl önce
You should do one with ex’s and new partners or just ex’s !
@winnierenee0 Yıl önce
“having a break” is a high school mentality. i have been with my spouse for 9 years. you are either in it or not. if you are gonna take a break like tara said then most likely they aren’t for you.
@thumbsuckerjoe 2 gün önce
I'm in my late 20s and this is one of the first videos I've seen that had really made me feel old. I truly don't understand how someone can rationally say "Sometimes in a relationship you need to take a break to go sleep with people to see if you truly want to be with someone and if they're 'your person'". It's just a selfish mindset and a lack of respect and commitment to your partner. You're either in, or you're out.
Jake and tara have the most healthiest and adult relationship. They also look like they’ve come straight from an 80s & 90s movie
@tess98y Yıl önce
it's so nice from Chelsea to be genuine and transparent about her insecurities 'cause I could relate so much to her and I'm myself on a journey trying to get better about it. Also seeing how a beautiful and smart girl talking about having times of weakness made me feel a little better about myself like the fact i'm insecure doesn't mean i'm not pretty 💞
i love chels and jc, she’s so mature and grounded, alpha female vibes the intellectual level is there
@DavidAlvareeezy Yıl önce
love them to death
@ARajantara777 Yıl önce
For sure she is a diva ✨️
@nutella9446 Yıl önce
This is the first time I saw grace in a video and she absolutely killed it , such a smart , articulate & effortlessly funny person & she’s also stunning You complement each other beautifully, sending you lots of love
@DavidAlvareeezy Yıl önce
I agree :)
@sashac175 Yıl önce
Tara and Jake are so good at communication. You can really tell by their boundaries that it’s a healthy relationship too
@hannahknolly 8 aylar önce
right?!! and im pretty sure they have been together the longest out of all the couples! they compliment each other so well, i love them!
@morganhall7336 5 aylar önce
this didn’t age well
@divyaa4459 5 aylar önce
@@morganhall7336 oh, did they break up?😐
@andreagonzalezo.7954 5 aylar önce
@@morganhall7336wait, they broke up?
@tessaelto1472 5 aylar önce
@@morganhall7336just because they broke up doesn't mean they didn't have a healthy relationship with good communication lmao jeez
@ereenemiera6057 Yıl önce
absolutely loveee jake and tara’s relationship!! and also love how chelsea is so transparent and recognises her own weaknesses ❤
@casswynn4273 Yıl önce
bro jake and tara are amazing together and are like a solid couple, but also all the other couples seem great for one another and you can tell there’s so much trust and love between all these couples. mad respect to all of them for being so open and honest. we need more representation for healthy and honest couples :)
@ReganSkye2010 Yıl önce
This video is so important and I’m so glad it exists. So many great conversations displaying HEALTHY, non-toxic relationships, but also being open about “toxic” traits and explaining how they’re actively working to improve, for themselves AND their relationships. BRAVO 👏🏻
@damitamarie2458 Yıl önce
Tara and Jake have one of the strongest "influencer" relationships I have seen in a while. They just meld so perfectly and are clearly on the same page about a lot of things in life.
@BlackLightning47 6 aylar önce
A break is a breakup for people in denial. What they are describing is just having some "me time" away from your SO. Which is okay and probably necessary for healthy relationships. It could be a weekend away from each other or going to see family or a friends only vacation. A break sounds like someone who fell out of love or isn't interested in the relationship anymore but hasn't realized it yet.
@thumbsuckerjoe 2 gün önce
Bro exactly. Every relationship whether a bf/gf or even close friends are allowed to have some distance and me time whenever its needed. The only reason they use the term "a break" is because of exactly what the girl said in the video: they explicitly want a time where they can go fuck around with other men/women. Saying its "a break" is just an attempt at a guilt free pass to do so at the detriment of their partner.
I cannot believe Tara is only 22. She is wise beyond her years and so mature! I genuinely think she would be a fantastic mom and give such good advice
it’s usually how it is, the people that would be great parents doubt themselves bc they understand how much effort it takes to raise a great human being and put too much pressure on themselves
@R2S0725 Yıl önce
she said herself she’s too selfish and self centered right now to be able to be the best mom lol which is very apparent so it’s good she’s that self aware to prevent any accidents bc she knows she’s no where near ready
@arielm.4997 Yıl önce
@@R2S0725 yeah I agree, it's better that she's honest & aware instead of having a baby she knows she can't take care of
@jewel8439 Yıl önce
She said she doesn’t have motherly instincts. That’s actually the most important thing you need to be a mom, to want the kid. I’ve loved kids and babies my whole life and she says she doesn’t even like them. I applaud her self reflection and knowing herself, she’s a very nice and mature person
@arielm.4997 Yıl önce
@@jewel8439 oh yeah, I forgot she said that too, but you're right
@raqueelbm Yıl önce
i don’t know why it hit me so hard the conversation about babies. im so used to seeing them being goofy and have fun for so many years that i forgot that now they’re older and getting to a point were they think about that stuff. damn also i love tara and jake🤩 they sound so mature and secure in they’re relationship is so nice to see!!
@kittyfairy662 7 aylar önce
I agree with Tara and Jake so much especially with the phone thing, i think that everyone deserves privacy, just bc youre in a relationship doesnt mean that you have to show that person everything all the time, you still deserve to have private conversations etc. for me i use my notes app as a therapist and diary and i just want in there and i would be so uncomfortable if i caught someone looking through it
@lovalexis Yıl önce
I just love this whole friend group. And everyones relationships are so different but yet so similar because there's so much trust in each one of them. Everyone was so vulnerable and honest with each question and that amazing and so helpful for the people in relationships watching this not so much to compare but to see like "oh yeah they went through this also" kind of thing. I relate so much with Chelsea and I'm happy for her and her own growth.
@diana5571 Yıl önce
@ree-ree8030 Yıl önce
i love chelsea's openness, that is her strength 💖also you can tell grace is very down to earth through your vids and i admire that + any possibility with a part 2? roni-aaron, nezza-crawf, alex-alexxis but there may not be enough couples so it's understandable if there isn't. loved this vid david!
@DavidAlvareeezy Yıl önce
Mariah and health also Scotty and jac perhaps🧐🧐
yes I agree sm :) and also David yeah pls give a part 2!!
@brandimunguia Yıl önce
I aspire to have the level of confidence and security that Tara has, in herself and in her relationship.
@meg_collins Yıl önce
“let’s all fight” kian is so effortlessly funny 😭
@aubreyy__15 Yıl önce
I literally cant get enough of Kian HAHA
@dolahdoles4481 Yıl önce
@andrewnunez7163 Yıl önce
His gf is too much man, she just likes to disagree lmao
and also when he said "I trust Ayla with my heart, she could take it out like a heart surgeon and keep it alive" lol
when was this?
I have to say, this was honestly an amazing video. Props to everyone for being so raw and honest and sharing their perspectives. Also, great thealthy communication between the couples. Loved hearing everyone's views. It's wonderful to see so many happy healthy couples
@iits_raelyn5825 Yıl önce
i love how every couple has their own style
@napturalkassie Yıl önce
Jake and Tara really go together, you can tell how much they respect and trust eachother.😍All of the couples had a really great dynamic. This is such a fun friend group to watch. Keep em commmin!
@elenaguti Yıl önce
Jake and tara going to basically every line together is so cute like it shows how similar and perfect for each other they are 🫶🏽
Yooo David's girl said such a great thing🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 yessssss about the genuine friend thing cause there are girls who are very conscious about their friend's girlfriend's feeling and don't want to be anything more than friends. Being mature is a HUGE part of that. Trusting yourself and your partner has to be there to be comfortable with outside friends
when JC says “speak your truth, baby” to Chelsey, my heart melted omfg 🥺
same omg I love them
@ri6516 Yıl önce
That was so cute. 😭
“Your truth” is such a dumb term, there is only 1 truth in any scenario. You can have your own experience and your own opinion.
@@cheddarsunchipsyes8144 it’s poetic actually. As you said, you can have your own opinions and I believe JC didn’t mean to say the real definition of truth what he meant to push her to say was what’s really on her mind and feelings so meaning that’s her truth
@romanbisek1498 Yıl önce
@@cheddarsunchipsyes8144 taking it too literal bro.
@SorayaAlami 6 aylar önce
tara speaking my mind every single time
@alex12759 Yıl önce
jake and tara are so mature and have such a good outlook on relationships, i love it! everyone really does honestly, but especially noticed their answers.
@ainsleym9202 Yıl önce
JC's girlfriend is so sweet, I get you with the insecurity and the fact she recognizes it and is obviously self aware and honest is so sweet and JC comforting her as she's talking is so sweet
@dianatorres5315 Yıl önce
Tara and Jake would do great as a married couple. So much communication and honesty. And although everyone else doesn’t agree on everything, these questions and videos helps put things into perspective which is brave of everyone! Marriage is up and down, just know that as long as you’re willing to stick it out together, you’re already on the upside of things. I’d like to see more videos like these, but how about adding married couples in the mix..it would be nice to see the different answers. I’ve been married 22 years, and some of these answers made me cringe lol😅❤ love to all of you though!! 😊
What a great set of couples! They all have good morals and care about their relationships. I can understand Chelsea with the questions thing because I have been guilty of doing the same thing with my boyfriend. It’s toxic and isn’t helpful to yourself but you do it anyways due to anxiety and being an over thinker. I commend her for being so transparent and honest
@ItsMe34120 Yıl önce
Jake and Tara are literally perfect for each other!
@jackyflores245 Yıl önce
@amik98 Yıl önce
I love how open & honest Chelsea is. Makes me feel less alone in the way I feel
@faatxwadi1873 Yıl önce
Absolutely loved this video❤Could not get enough of it. I literally watched it a couple of times! Please make a part 2! Your content is very refreshing to watch!!
@DavidAlvareeezy Yıl önce
yay! more content to come :)
@sakshi3034 10 aylar önce
here after kian and ayla announced that they are pregnanttttt!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR THEM
I love that you are making these videos because I enjoy hearing from people who I have grown up watching talk about just real life topics that i discuss with my friends. I hold a lot value in hearing your guys genuine opinions. And just the fact that as I grow up, you guys are growing up too 😢
me and Chelsea are the same. Her answers were all so relatable to mine. I also feel like this would be a great idea for couples to just do. Gets you guys talking more, and will most likely make your relationship stronger, or realize that you guys aren’t great together. Which is not a bad thing.
@scottysire Yıl önce
omigosh all my favorite couplesz!!!!
@gymfoodie20_42 Yıl önce
It’s so weird hearing Kian and jc speak about having kids - time flies by so quickly. I’ve practically grown with them on TRvid, it’s such a bittersweet wholesome moment.
@AllyAsmr_ Yıl önce
I LOVE Jake and Tara’s relationship they have so much respect for one another they are amazing communicators and know their boundaries as 1 and as partners. The best part is that they both agree on almost all questions. I STRIVE to be like TARA so confident not jealous of Jake having girl friends ❤😊
This is probably one of my favorite questionarries that David has done. I don't know why but I loved this one for sure.
i love taras and jakes relationship, you can tell it’s very genuine and they trust eachother alot
@arifapatel13 Yıl önce
Ahhhhh I'm sooo glad you decided to make this video!! I remember commenting on the Do All Guys Think The Same video to make one with the couples, glad to see it, it really was great conversation and also very eye opening. I love watching these kinds of videos because you get to hear so many different perspectives and sometimes they help me make decisions if I'm on the fence about a question that was asked. Love the content, can't wait to see what's in store next! Lots of love to all ☺
@outroseok Yıl önce
chelsey's answers were so real and relatable, I love how she wasn't afraid to be transparent with her answers.
@fatsanii Yıl önce
yes !!
@anjieeee Yıl önce
she’s so real
@blueskies6475 Yıl önce
Being honest about your "lack of values" doesn't really give you a lot of points! She's"honest" tho, I guess.
@lulue.5655 9 aylar önce
@@blueskies6475 how does expressing insecurities mean she lacks values???
@blueskies6475 9 aylar önce
@@lulue.5655 Sorry, I don't recall her insecurities. What were they?
mad respect to all the couples! I love that Chelsey was super honest with her answers. Also, Jake and Tara are just super go with the flow and unproblematic, I love their relationship! Great video David!!
@cherishhhhh Yıl önce
Great video David. I love seeing where everyone stands on certain topics and the reason why they think what they do. I also love Tara and jakes relationship they have great communication and you can tell it's a super healthy relationship.
I feel like you are all well rounded adults in healthy relationships, being able not only communicate to each other with different opinions, but to the internet as well. It shows relationships will sometimes have different dynamics, and as long as it's expressed it works.
Goth couple is definitely my favorite! They’re definitely the most mature & healthy & grounded. Both super cute together & attractive
@arianamarcotte8691 9 aylar önce
coming back to this after kian and aylas pregnancy announcement :'))))))
@melh5531 Yıl önce
Legit can’t get enough of this friend group, from the dating blind series to the series where you get to see everyone’s mindset. Love all this content
@Xx-ic8ym Yıl önce
what a good video david. such good and mature conversations that i think they and us viewers needed to have
@georgiajoyy Yıl önce
why is tara literally a queen. she’s just standing here like 💅 popping OFFFF
chelsea is seriously stunning and seems like a sweetheart. it makes me sad to hear her say she’s so insecure, but it’s incredibly admirable that she’s willing to be honest about that
@blueskies6475 Yıl önce
When there is deceit and trickery, you feel fake which leads to insincerity.
@lowrider0013 9 aylar önce
@@blueskies6475 you’ve commented twice about chelsey being a cheater like what’s the beef? I’ve got way heavier insecurities and I’ve never cheated
@blueskies6475 9 aylar önce
@@lowrider0013 Exactly. I'm not the only one who noticed it either.
@lowrider0013 9 aylar önce
@@blueskies6475 oh are you saying jc did something?
@blueskies6475 9 aylar önce
@@lowrider0013 no, not jc. I just recall thinking that she wants to keep her options open so she must not be into jc that much. She appears older than him.
I love Tara so much, I can relate to their relationship opinions. It’s the most real way to think
This video made me realize how well Tara and Jake work and made me adore them even more their relationship is amazing
@Asshlaay1 Yıl önce
I feel like everyone is talking about how healthy Tara and Jake are, and they are. But I appreciate how vulnerable and open everyone else was sharing their honest opinions. Especially Chelsea. You can tell she struggles with insecurities and trust. I’m happy that she and everyone else is open to talking about these things not only with their partners but with their friends as well. Talking about these things really helps others learn and realize their own toxic habits. I would love a part 2 of this!
@lexxluuther Yıl önce
I 💗 Jake and Tara. Giving genuinely secure & comfortable vibes. Also love Ayala's outfit 😍
@ayshafidha7 Yıl önce
I loved seeing similar opinions within different genders. I think it's so common for people to simply assume "oh it's a boyfriend thing" or "it's a girlfriend thing". No, it's a people thing. Loved the video David✨
I always love these type of videos with my favorite people, good work david!! and i love the honesty from every couple
i NEED a part 2 to this!! soo many more questions you could ask!!
Chelsea, I can relate to you on so many levels girl! I always felt insecure about being so insecure but you make me feel better about myself!
This video just reinforces my belief that “healthy” relationships are different for every single human. What’s healthy to one person could not be to someone else & that’s why there’s specific people for each other.. because you’ve gotta find someone who aligns with you. It’s kinda a beautiful reminder of how diverse each individual person is. ❤
@@kaylahmatano1749 :))
@lorelylopez9448 Yıl önce
So true!!!!!
kinda true. but! there are still some universal concepts of health ...
@@onemillionpercent For sure. I’m not saying “it’s okay you’re partner beats you or controls what you wear bc it’s healthy to you.” I didn’t think I needed to include toxic/abusive behaviors, because those things are obviously not healthy.
@alexandra-jm4kb Yıl önce
I really really loved this video! I feel like Jakes mindset is so impressive for his gender and young age! Jake would be an absolute fantastic dad, he is made for it! 🫶 David please post more!!🤩
@lunacy47 Yıl önce
Interesting. I've never taken a break without it just being a complete break up, I would be questioning everything about my relationship if I felt like I needed a "break" from that person. Jake and Tara seem to have such a healthy relationship too
@ashlynnfelker Yıl önce
Tara and Jake were literally made for each other. Definition of soulmates.
Thank you for this amazing content! 🤩 It was interesting hearing everyone’s different perspectives.
@lilliansara6768 Yıl önce
4:52 - 5:12 It's so funny watching that couple try and defend their breaks and breakups XD I'm just like, I couldn't personally do that. Either you're together or you're not.
You can really see that age difference matters when answering these questions. Love jake and Tara for keeping it real and truly enjoying their early 20’s as they should
@smome7773 Yıl önce
Lol absolutely. I feel like my expectations and mentality really developed over time.
@vicxxo_ Yıl önce
I honestly loved the honesty and realness of this video. Great job 👏🏻
I love these videos and hearing all their opinions on these topics. Thanks for the great content David
@jadaonye Yıl önce
Its really nice and refreshing to see all of them in a healthy realtionship, I love that for all of them ❤
@jjjjjd9585 Yıl önce
This was a great video, Chelsea is so cute and genuine. I would identify myself as her with a lot of her responses and the way she backs up what she says. I feel like she speaks for many girls who deal with a lot of self issues & such. Loved it ❤
@paris7033 10 aylar önce
Crazy how they were talking about ayla and kian having babies soon and now she’s pregnant 🥹
@Emily-ln5ko 9 aylar önce
this friend group just seems so safe and fun. i hope one day i’ll be able to find a true group of friends like this. y’all have amazing souls and will each move on to amazing things. can’t wait to see what they are♥️
@aubreyy__15 Yıl önce
Couldn’t of said it any better. I fully agree with you. This is like my biggest wish.
@indierain8524 Yıl önce
100% agree. Even though i am 21 and i feel like finding a group of friends like this is pretty much impossible now, i still hope that i can find ones like them.
Completely agree
@jujumariex Yıl önce
couldn’t agree more, and i’m 29 so i feel like times ticking 😂 but supposedly 30’s are the new 20’s!
@sydneyrisse 10 aylar önce
the fact that this video isn’t even 6 months old! and kian & ayla announced THEYRE EXPECTING!!!! so exciting.
@Selena_xz Yıl önce
Chelsea is so lucky to have someone as kindhearted as Jc. I hope to have someone like jc who reassures his gf. I mean we all have insecurities and it would be nice to be reassured.
@Michelle-ko1lj Yıl önce
I loved all the honesty from all couples!
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