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Novak Djokovic has skillfully dodged questions on whether he is the greatest male tennis player of all time, after winning his tenth Australian Open Men’s Singles title.
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28 Oca 2023




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@normthom123 Yıl önce
Not only a great tennis player but a man of great principles, who was prepared to lose everything for standing up for what he believes.
@JulianYach Yıl önce
That doesn’t make you a great man - that makes you stubborn and ignorant to western medicine.
@billle6419 Yıl önce
@xavierb9061 Yıl önce
Lol lost nothing took a break..still rich..health prob better
@cbp117 Yıl önce
Yea but either way wouldn't have changed or helpt anything in the world... Thats the difference.. With that said.. Me personally I had no problems with his decision tho. I was for him being Abel to play last year
@jmikhael1886 Yıl önce
a man of great principles, who was prepared to lose everything for standing up for what he believes.
@e.daniels5971 Yıl önce
Such mad respect for this man. His ambition, determination, discipline, focus, and competitive zeal make him a Great Champion. His honor, humility, personal dignity, and courageous defense of truth and freedom under withering global assault, make him a Proven Leader. 👏☝
He is a true leader. When everyone else caved out of fear, he stood up with courage. That's why he's a winner.
@volgarin Yıl önce
@SunnyFLBoy Yıl önce
He was humiliated last year on this tournamant and now he returned to beat them all. I love this guy so much. He goes his path and he fights everybody who's in his way. Even the mainstream Media. Congrats 👏👏
And now they're cheering him. How the turns have tabled.
@seasidestudios Yıl önce
Obnoxious deceitful fake...
@cbmtrx Yıl önce
"even the mainstream media" oml It's called a public health policy for a reason
@TheMtotheZ Yıl önce
@@cbmtrx duvaj ga sabane
@francisakorful Yıl önce
@cbmtrx public health policy my ass. It was more of politics. Glad Karma caught up with all those politicians who conspired to humiliate him last year. Djokovic is having the last laugh now. 🤣😂
@padmarajan291 Yıl önce
So intelligent, humble, articulate, strong, grounded - and now back to number 1!!! He is probably the greatest athlete considering this is not a team sport…what he has accomplished during his professional career is simply inspiring! ❤
@RisingPhoenixNK 11 aylar önce
There are a lot of great athletes out there , I wouldn’t say he is the greatest lol. And yes definitely not grounded, all the grace end quick as soon as he is loosing ( then he act like a little kid with a tantrum).
@moooozart Yıl önce
Since five years ago, I started to admire him no matter if he is #1 or #50 in rankings. He has great principle and steely resilience, being genuine and thoughtful with interview questions. Congratulations on his win.
@mp-uh1jm Yıl önce
Mostly #1
@sug.3267 Yıl önce
@28DL28 Yıl önce
It’s called being stoic
@flawlessmsc Yıl önce
How he responds to the GOAT question is truly impressive. He is not being fake humble like most other would. He is giving logical and convincing reasons what he believes. What a man
He’s orthodox. Goats aren’t great 👹 God bless him.
@mikechan2942 Yıl önce
he is not humble at all, look at his on-court actions
@Milan_M95 Yıl önce
@@mikechan2942 it's called being carried by the Game, he can't exactly give out points or kiss opponents hands
@francisakorful Yıl önce
@Mike Chan that's an arrogant statement. Nothing wrong with his on court behaviour if you have any understanding of tennis being a highly passionate sport
@mikechan2942 Yıl önce
@@francisakorful so is he supposed to say I am the goat? How else do you expect him to answer? Oh yes I am the goat
Last year Novak banned by the government.but this year huge crowd supported to nole and proof he is the king of Melbourne park
@andreichivu7653 Yıl önce
..banned by nazi governmnt...
@charleso6316 Yıl önce
No vaxx Djokovic is the real GOAT, he could have slumped on the court if ever he took that poison being mutated by that company protected by MS media
@arvindkugan9667 Yıl önce
Yup he got a huge support inside and outside court esp his native ppl travelled far to see their star. Normally he gets less support today it was reverse.
@cobrakilla8 Yıl önce
@@arvindkugan9667 Nah, there is a huge Serbian diaspora in Australia. After people saw how he got treated last year, out of inat, they all came here to give him their support.
Enjoy. All these people are Serbs. He hasn't soo much support outside of Balkan because people are monsters, they only see the bad things and not the good things. Djokovic deserves more fans than every other tennis player.
Talented, humble, respectful, hardworking and firm. A Fine example for us all 🙏🏽👏🏽👑👑
@RisingPhoenixNK 11 aylar önce
Talented yes hardworking yes but definitely not respectful .
@aln4244 Yıl önce
Funny this is hardly in any media. A man with principles and morals, well done!!!!!!
@milica30july Yıl önce
Kakav čovek, kakav sportista! ❤❤❤
Repent to Jesus Christ “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ U
@str8ballinSA Yıl önce
@@repentandbelieveinJesusChrist3Blah blah blah Jesus blah blah blah God
@blindchannel- Yıl önce
@@repentandbelieveinJesusChrist3 sorry but what does that have to do with the video
@Madhosters 8 aylar önce
Naravno kad ima Hrvatske gene
@artemiss1706 Yıl önce
He is not only Goat for us , he is pure Love
@yxppppppp Yıl önce
Favored by God
Its so nice to see two flags -- Greek and Serbian -- side by side in the background among fans of both players.
So heart warming, as it should be ♥
@@chryssisidiropoulou7736 yes ma m ..we will never forget what greece did for us in ww1.when it was most difficult for us Serbs, you gave us a home..thru love
@@dejanjuhanovski9504 Хвала Дејане, ми смо братски народи. А Ноле је наш херој!
12 months before being detained & deported from a country where he has enjoyed the most success in his career, it’s tough to comprehend the emotion & level of mental strength this one took. One of the greatest athletes of all time. ❤
Physical strength too.
Djokovic is a true champion and unstoppable for more than 10 years. Despite the many setbacks he suffered at the hands of the media, he kept his faith in his abilities, thus demonstrating courage and willpower - qualities that are inherent in any hero. His victory over all odds brings him the well-deserved title of "Titan" on the tennis court as well as off it. This triumph is a symbol of resilience and a sign that one should not bow to the media.
Aussies just look like fools for having deported him
@martal11 Yıl önce
And INAT ...no. english word for this
@autogin3487 Yıl önce
Incredible human being and generous spirit! He must feel the love of so many of us! ❤️ Novak is the GOAT!
Naš Nole najbolji čovek i teniser svih vremena. Vi ste prevazišli samog sebe. Sve najbolje u životu vam zelim. ❤❤❤❤🇷🇸
@chrismarcel7 Yıl önce
He resumed all he´s been through these couple years: "I would say this is the biggest VICTORY in my life". We know he was not talking only about tennis. What a giant model and a great person. You are definitely the GOAT !!
Now nobody can stop him, he is just built different, the best ever, GOAT🐐
@tswrench Yıl önce
"Now nobody can't stop him..." What you wrote is a double negative, and it means the opposite--everybody can stop him. Change "can't" to can, and it will be correct. I hope this helps.
@flashstar1234 Yıl önce
I’ve always been a fedal fan until last years 2022 drama. Ever since I’m starting to realize how great djokovic has been. Absolute legend, he will be winning for many more years to come
@TheMtotheZ Yıl önce
Wow! Finally some smart person 👏👏👏
Bravo 👍 Truly fedal fan 🙏
@volgarin Yıl önce
@roybatty- Yıl önce
Djokovic is a true warrior and a real man. Easily the greatest ever but more importantly the bravest ever. He stands up for what he believes in and does not submit to bullies. So much respect for him.
@recration Yıl önce
That’s so true. He has incredible resilience, self belief and determination.
@vjanssens399 Yıl önce
And a true spreader of pseudoscience
@alexisofts Yıl önce
@@vjanssens399 any examples?
@thanhphung9768 Yıl önce
You're right.❤
@stormcrow999 Yıl önce
@@vjanssens399 My friend. A year ago, it looked like pseudoscience, but every human being can decide for himself. Today, with information we got about shenanigans around covid and vaccines, he was absolutely right. In future, when we learn full story, that truth will be only stronger and more obvious. Wish U everything best...
@Turrican60 Yıl önce
Novak, you touch all our hearts with your honesty, modesty, humility and common touch. You have the heart of a lion and an irresistible thirst to win. Many congratulations on this magnificent triumph, but we know that more GS titles will be coming your way as you're the best tennis player that this world has ever seen. You may not say it, let alone think it, but the whole world over knows it. You're the greatest of the great, and the People's Champion. Love from England.
@terencekoh6954 Yıl önce
It's funny how he can be humorous and humble at the same time lol.... Amazing.
What a man. 💪 Thanks Novak for representing the good vibes of life. ❤️
Today there are very few real men like Novak Djokovic in this world -- with so much strength & integrity! We need millions of Novak Djokovic type - for us to maintain our Freedom !
@lesp315 Yıl önce
You nailed it.
@teresawright7389 11 aylar önce
@@lesp315 Thanks! God bless you & all people of good will !
Parliamo di un grandissimo campione, in campo ed anche nella vita. Per me il più grande di sempre!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
@jameshickey1294 Yıl önce
Novak is true real guy. Respect him so much-humble legend. Didn't practice between matches-simply outstanding. 🇷🇸 ❤️u
BRAVE heart Novax Djiokovic the only one changelling all experitemental ogm mandates and defendig our body and free rights !!!
@sug.3267 Yıl önce
@DrMrPersonGuy Yıl önce
Just goes to show how weak this era is. He doesn't even need to practice to beat these kids...
The world loves NoVax - A man of honor and principle!
Such a humble guy. A true champion 🏆
@sane2158 Yıl önce
If anyone carries extraordinary skills with a touch of humor, this is him. He never fails to entertain. He is to tennis what Jackie Chan is to action movies.
@derekgiesbrecht-xp5yc 10 aylar önce
A short chinese man?
Skinuo si kamen sa srca❤️, sada laganica....najbolji ikada 👑
@sumymathew3804 Yıl önce
What an incredible champion. My all time favourite irrespective of the sport. Talent meets hardwork, dedication, & mental toughness ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the one and only ❤️
@TheGroin38 Yıl önce
Astounding player and great man ! He stayed focussed and free while all the medias were insulting him last year... So proud of him. He is not a sheep, and as time goes by, he was right to behave that way, the more so as he was almost alone in that position, wow, I admire this guy.
@thanhphung9768 Yıl önce
Congratulations with 22GS and the world No 1, Novak! You're the GOAT. With ❤from Vietnam.
BRAVE heart Novax Djiokovic the only one changelling all experitemental ogm mandates and defendig our body and free rights !!!
@Raven135 Yıl önce
This man is a living Hero! He shows us all to stand up for our principles and never give in to peer pressure! God bless him and his family from the USA!🇺🇸
Yes, such depth of character. Novak is a real fighter. Huge respects.
@bobashmusic9134 Yıl önce
Nole, svaka čast! Drago mi je sto tako predstavljas svoju zemlju i sto si normalan! Pozdrav iz HR
@user-ud4fp3pk7m Yıl önce
Джокович уникальный во всем, не поколебим в своих убеждениях, просто потрясающий человек, игрок феномен. Удачи Ноле.
@Srem_Srem_ Yıl önce
Z 💪
@mmblb3229 Yıl önce
Z for Zelenskyy motherfuckers - why aren't you mobilized yet? Turning into sunflowers soon
@motorola33 Yıl önce
🇷🇺🇷🇸 Наша победа је и ваша победа! Ваша је и наша!
@aussiegirl3473 Yıl önce
Translation: "Djokovic is unique in everything, we will not waver in our convictions, just an amazing person, a player phenomenon. Good luck Nola." I totally agree 👍👏
@dukaivan Yıl önce
Congratulations Nole for 22 GS title, well deserved!
He Will win, at least, 5 more GS Title 😀❤️😀❤️👍👍👍
@samuelmorse784 Yıl önce
@@budychristaruna821 No-one cares. Federer=GOAT
BRAVE heart Novax Djiokovic the only one changelling all experitemental ogm mandates and defendig our body and free rights !!!
@tonymiller6847 Yıl önce
@@budychristaruna821 Maybe two.
@@samuelmorse784 Hahaha little fanboy 🤣🤣🤣
@williamc.915 Yıl önce
Congrats. I am so happy for you and your sweet success against all the odds especially in Melbourne. Such a warrior for each match and humble for your achievements. I admire you and appreciate the joy and excitement you always bring to tennis. 🏆🥇🎊♥
Saludos Nole, eres grande, siempre grande por ganar un nuevo slam, pero más grande tu corazón de Jelena y tuyo por la ayuda que realizan, mi admiración por ti y familia un abrazo grande desde Lima Peru
@amiladda8600 Yıl önce
Loved his answer. The more he achieves in tennis the more being humble
Браво, дивни, драги Човече! Усхићење људског Рода, бивствујушчег на овој нашој Планети пуној бујица и распуклина. Неуништива Луча у Срцу Непобедивог Лучоноше! Спорт, то је само један правац, а остало је Озарје новог Сванућа и Буђења. Весели се Србски Роде!
@milosjekic2075 Yıl önce
Always love to see those flags together 🇬🇷🇷🇸❤️
@NicolaA-kj8hl Yıl önce
Always and forever 🇬🇷❤️🇷🇸
@@NicolaA-kj8hl 👏👏
@oza801 Yıl önce
Why - just a turk asking 😂but hey balkan warriors and djkovic is the greatest :)
@NicolaA-kj8hl Yıl önce
@@oza801 We love Türkiye too,😉
@mikerzisu9508 Yıl önce
What a champion. Wasn’t a fan of his for a long time, but he has changed my perspective. Amazing athlete.
@Tennis-3582 Yıl önce
How nice of him to mention that he will take some time off to recover and spend time with the family balancing his social life is necessary too, that shows non-greediness
@idoyahel Yıl önce
what a charming, great and a brave guy. Not to mention one of the greatest sportsman of all the time. A real inspiration
Love, Love his game. Actually, he's a very humble man. I have a lot of respect for him and what he has to stand for and still on 💯 . Congratulations 🎊
As a big Fedal fan, I have no option but to admit, Djokovic is by far the GOAT
@glenandrews9725 Yıl önce
Well said
Weird to say that as Fedal fan. I am not a fan of anyone, but imo they were all great in their own ways. Would just say those 3 are the greatest tennis players of all time, without making a ranking. What makes you say Djokovic is the GOAT despite being Fedal fan?
@cgtdj Yıl önce
No u r not a fedal fan...
@ctt82 Yıl önce
@@cgtdj Cope
@tugatgalut Yıl önce
Djokovic is doping, so it doesn't count... 👎👎
@Mike310780 Yıl önce
Love you Novak! So admire what you are! Congratulations on your winning!
@miraniksic6373 Yıl önce
He made us so proud and happy! We have always known how wonderful he is as a tennis player, but even more so as a human being, and we are overjoyed that more and more people around the world are also seeing that.
Naš zlatni dečko naš Nole naj bolji na svetu...neka nam je živi zdrav ovo majka jednom rađa....želim puno zdravlja sreće i ljubavi uspjeha i njemu i njegovoj porodici......
Been following his career since Johnny Mac said to watch out for this guy... all those years ago. Here's to the GOAT!!!!
Congrats Novak! 15 yrs ago he won his 1st AO, Such a incredible Career!
Stats and facts given him the goat status already, such a gentleman and down to earth personality.
weak era chump
@@steinanderson9849 he made everyone weak😂🤣especially Roger and Rafa 🤣😂
@2CSST2 Yıl önce
@@steinanderson9849 It's actually the opposite, that's the craziest in all this.
@gelvisblue Yıl önce
@@steinanderson9849 Embarrassing comment chump. Salty and bitter. Take a look at probably the weakest slam in history, which Federer won: The 2003 Wimbledon Championships. Roger beat the unseeded Mark Philippoussis in the final. That's laughable. Also, Hewitt was the defending champion, but was defeated in the first round by Ivo Karlović. As a result, Hewitt became one of only two defending Wimbledon men's singles champions to lose in the first round of their defence. Sampras didn't play and Agassi was knocked out in the 4th round. Novak makes the top players look ordinary. He's broke records in same era as the 2nd and 3rd best players in history. Matches Vs top 10 players: Novak - Played: 350, won: 243. 69.5% win ratio. Roger - played: 347, won: 224. 64.6% win ratio. Rafa - played: 288, won: 186. 64.6% win ratio. Novak has won more matches against the top 10 than anyone in history. 31 wins in a season in 2015 Vs top 10, which is an all time record.
@@steinanderson9849 Federer was in his mid 20s beating up on nobodies and still losing to teenaged Nadal.
@user-ns2cl5yl2i Yıl önce
Поздравляем Новака с победой! Мастер своего дела!! Лучший!!🎉
@motorola33 Yıl önce
The guys mental fortitude is astounding
@josephvaes6987 Yıl önce
Very sweet to go to this fans outside to thank them too👍😃
@carlosfeng5139 Yıl önce
❤He shows that compassion wins over hate always!
This guy is amazing and very humble...love him even more....
Hvala ti No1e Legendo Thx Nole Danke Nole 22 and counting, unbelievable, what a legend, the KING of KINGS!!! 🙏10🎾🏆22 🇷🇸🥎🐐‼️
@AndyJ77 Yıl önce
There is no doubt... Djoker is G.O.A.T.❤ Btw. is that really in Melbourne? It looks like he just won tournament somewhere in Serbia😁 It's incredible!!!
his ability to convey his message is clear, artistic, rational and calibre...his skills are both mesmerizing, and entertaining, character of a wise, brilliant, humble and dedicated person, surely has every quality and rights to be the GOAT
When the heart speaks, everyone who listens to it admires and loves it.
The one who is ready to bend low....will one day rise beyond the Skies.... Absolute respect for Nole
It's amazing how politics has kept this man out of at least three slams... This dude is the greatest of all time. Coming from a Nadal and federer fan, but the facts are the facts
@andrejaOSHO Yıl önce
Yeah they keep hitting him harder and harder, but each time he gets up even stronger!
@kikaa1884 Yıl önce
Fedal is having 42 major titles and 6 atp finals titles and 60 atp masters titles in total. Djokovic must win 42 major titles to become goat of tennis sport mostly
@kikaa1884 Yıl önce
Fedal era(2003 to 2010) They have 25 major titles with them Djokovic had only 1 major title 🤣🤣 It means Djokovic was waiting for Federer to turn 30 years old and Nadal being finished at Wimbledon then Djokovic started dominating tennis world for 11 years bravo. It is marvelous and fantastic only Rafael Nadal is fighting with injuries and other players to win major titles Djokovic is enjoying with girls and women. When Fedal are working hard to win major titles and big titles Rafael Nadal didn't wait Federer to become old like Djokovic he just wants to beat him in his prime time. Djokovic was wearing diapers when Fedal ruled tennis world chasing for major titles that era. How can Serbian player can be goat it is insult to Spain and Switzerland. Hence I declare Federer as goat of tennis sport. Fed have 20 major titles Fed have 6 atp masters titles Fed have 28 atp masters titles Nadal have 22 major titles Nadal have 1 Olympic gold 🏅 Nadal have 36 atp masters titles Nadal is 2 time atp finals finalist Hence Federer is goat of tennis sport in the open era Djokovic was wearing diapers in 2003 to 2010 so he can't be called as goat of tennis sport.
@KmY-jl6rp Yıl önce
​@@kikaa1884 hahahahahaha novak has most Master , Finals ATP and tied for most GS , has winning record aginst federrer so yes fedderer might be best swiss player of all time
@kikaa1884 Yıl önce
Their is high chances of Djokovic of taking steroids and PED drugs to win major titles and play highest level of tennis. How can player from Serbia can play highest level of tennis for many years like that. Rafael Nadal is same since 2001 he is fighting with injuries since 2001 to 2023 which is acceptable for sure. How can Djoko who used to wear diapers win 21 major titles since 2011 Something is strange and fishy
@DVDKC Yıl önce
The most true personnality that ever existed in Tennis...
@asteven5308 Yıl önce
NoVax with the BIG W in AO. Haha, last laugh is always the best!!! 🇷🇸👑
@edomajka737 Yıl önce
Svaka cast Nole na osvojenom AO.Nadjacao si sve one koji su se urotili protiv tebe ali bjese im sve u zalud.Molim dragog boga da te zdravlje sluzi a ti ces sa svojim profesijonalnim radom jos dugo vladati u svijetu tenisa a tvoji rezultati ce biti nedostizni i za narednih 100 god.
@kmr3614 Yıl önce
Respect for a Man of integrity who understands Body Autonomy is every Humans’ Basic Right and a damn fine tennis player to boot!
@TheGreatDudist Yıl önce
Even though the final wasn't as exciting as I had hoped, I've loved this entire tournament simply because of how much LOVE AND SUPPORT Novak has been given. Not just from his Serbian fans, but from the entire audience in general. His unfair treatment across 2022 by world governments has resulted in a HUGE number of fans rallying behind him, and he's finally getting the love and support he's rightfully deserved for years now. Just goes to show that it's rare when the will of the government is in line with the will of The People.
@annabielica9069 Yıl önce
for me it was also a symbolic battle between the darkness and light, and the light won🎉. I love you, Novak❤
@janestones323 Yıl önce
Ураа! Мы непобедимы! Правда с нами!🎉
I still remember how much he was chastised and persecuted for his stance. Lost millions, lost no 1 seed, lost most grand slam titles to Rafa. Yet here he is again... Back on top! Superb.... Astounding... Incredible... Undeniable. He won't say it but everyone else will... "Greatest to ever hold a tennis racquet" -Stefanos Tsitsipas
@tatianaaust8827 Yıl önce
He is a true champion and a man of integrity!
@user-mf5ue6rc5n Yıl önce
How can you hate this guy ? He's humble ,honest ,respectful ,great on and off the court ! He achieved everything in life and he's just 35 ,he completed tennis ,got a wife and two kids just wow ! I hope that in the future GS champions will be humble as well and respectful towards history and the achievements of others ! IDemo Nole this year will be very special for us tennis fans with 22 -22 and 3 more slams to go !
@l.w.paradis2108 Yıl önce
Haters find a way.
@akapela2343 Yıl önce
Elites who always use mass medias to provoke people & bully their objects. Even to create haters. As they succesfully did to Monica Seles
@user-hv3yo2hi9t Yıl önce
Новаче , Бог те Благословио !
O Maior de Todos os tempos....o G.O.A.T........
After last year this must be the most satisfying win of all. He just can not bring himself to say it. The way he was treated in 2022 was utterly disgraceful. All because he is a man of principle.
@juttaweise Yıl önce
actually he said it yesterday during the after match interview: this is the most special! That made it clear.
@nd2997 Yıl önce
Congrats King. He is the Bestest and Greatest player ever and much better human being with strong principles 💥
@vankidnoah8822 Yıl önce
How does some become so humble grounded and composed even with such immense success. I love this Guy all way.
@TontonPapaTV Yıl önce
I was smiling the whole time watching this interview! 😊
@RobKlarmann Yıl önce
I saw him for the first time in 2004/2005 and back then I was certain he'd become the No. 1 tennis player. Glad to have followed his journey and grateful to witness such great tennis! Thanks Nole! Keep on moving...
I'm so happy for you Novak ❤️
I love Nole. He is a very humble down to earth gentleman. He is the reason I picked up a tennis racquet. Number 1 ranking goes back to its rightful owner 😍
@PranabDas-ed1ko Yıl önce
I too picked up the racket because of him
whos nole?
@dorothypozi543 Yıl önce
@@medalgearsalad1419 Novak Djokovic. It's how Serbians refer to him.
@@dorothypozi543 Thanks
@sorenp1332 Yıl önce
Bless you I am a Rafa fan but my God Nole is such a class act Roger too but Novak is the funniest person in sports and his mental strength is unmeasurable… the Serbinator for real
@sac1303 Yıl önce
What a beautiful soul! He is a man of great courage and integrity. Yes, he is obviously the GOAT. God bless him and his family.
@agungsantoso599 Yıl önce
i love this interview… full of happines and the spirit of a champion 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Bravo Novak again!!! A really great man,athlete ready to loose everything for his beleives.Althouth i m Greek, I respect Djokovic!!!!🇬🇷🥰
@YellaVilla Yıl önce
Serbia love 🇬🇷
Ti si isto pravoslavac❤
@@milijagugunovic3532 Dober den da pravoclavec cym.
@@YellaVilla we love you too,.🇷🇺❣️🇬🇷
@Sai-jw8og Yıl önce
What a legend 💕🙏🏼
@Music_New_Style Yıl önce
He was humiliated last year on this tournamant and now he returned to beat them all. I love this guy so much. He goes his path and he fights everybody who's in his way. Even the mainstream Media. Congratulation great man. Hafeez sports updates
Stood true to self and came out on top. Incredible.
This man is intelligent, smart and powerful enough .
@NicolaA-kj8hl Yıl önce
Yes, very intelligent indeed.
@jeffhgv Yıl önce
On GOAT, what a superb answer. Great champion and a great ambassador for the game.
I first saw Novak live at the 2008 AO (the year he first won it) and never imagined he would win even 5 grand slams, let alone 22 and counting, amazing! ⭐️
@derekgiesbrecht-xp5yc 10 aylar önce
He really grew up, became consistent
Najbolji nema ti ravnog ❤🎉🎉bravo bravo bravo
Bescheiden im Sieg . Stark in der Niederlage . Guter Mann .
Es el mejor y se merece lo mejor👍
THX Lacoste for making that 22 already 🐐🐐🐐
@demiaxify Yıl önce
Love you Djole! You deserve all this happiness!
@cirogomez7932 Yıl önce
Jamás habrá un tipo con esa cabeza ese que supera todo que vuelve y vuelve ese jugador absolutamente dominante dominante porque es superior trabajando los partidos un deportista absolutamente genial extraordinario nada lo hará retroceder siempre vuelve con más fuerzas felicidades nole
@elwick7375 Yıl önce
He reminds me of Tim Duncan. Quietly went about dominating the best players over his career. Odd how some of the greatest players ever are underrated solely because they are not flashy
@jo_anne44 Yıl önce
This champion stood up for his beliefs & we are all being gifted with watching him succeed. My heart is so full of love. Thank you so much Novak, may God continue to bless you 💙🙏
@freeman37 Yıl önce
Happy to see this great sportsman smiling. You deserve it Nole, and may God watch over you.
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