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Novak Djokovic has skillfully dodged questions on whether he is the greatest male tennis player of all time, after winning his tenth Australian Open Men’s Singles title.

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28 Oca 2023




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Lina Dicktator
Lina Dicktator Aylar önce
Novak is a symbol of freedom and humility off court, and greatness on court. Australia should be ashamed of the way they persecuted the greatest tennis player, the greatest athlete and one of the greatest human beings on earth.
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 7 gün önce
@Jovan Djordjevic I am not talking about politics I am talking about rules that applied to every other player . So Novak got himself in trouble by going there , they would do same to Nadal Federer Or anyone .
Jovan Djordjevic
Jovan Djordjevic 7 gün önce
@Nikita Kryvonos The way Australian government treated Australians during covid is way way worse than how they did our man Novak. The idea that he was a danger to anyone in a 1v1 match is idiotic. Everyone can keep plenty of distance from each other... but it was never about safety, purely political power move in order to further infringe on the rights of ordinary Australians.
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
What are you talking about ? They had a rule and Novak chose not to follow it . If he didn’t want to get vaccinated it’s ok his choice but why go to a tournament where every other player had to get vaccine in order to participate? If you’re such a “hero” choose not to get vaccine and don’t play the tournament . So they sent him home and it was a correct thing to do .
Dino Ćeman
Dino Ćeman Aylar önce
cbmtrx Aylar önce
E. Daniels
E. Daniels Aylar önce
Such mad respect for this man. His ambition, determination, discipline, focus, and competitive zeal make him a Great Champion. His honor, humility, personal dignity, and courageous defense of truth and freedom under withering global assault, make him a Proven Leader. 👏☝
sa Aylar önce
He is a true leader. When everyone else caved out of fear, he stood up with courage. That's why he's a winner.
flawless mr
flawless mr Aylar önce
How he responds to the GOAT question is truly impressive. He is not being fake humble like most other would. He is giving logical and convincing reasons what he believes. What a man
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
@gunnerman laying about what ?
gunnerman 15 gün önce
@Nikita Kryvonos stop lying Nikita
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
He’s only “humble” when he wins. As soon as he is loosing he throws tantrums as a kid and retires a lot too
Mike Chan
Mike Chan Aylar önce
@gunnerman so why it is arrogant to assess him based on his on court action, and it is fine to assess based on his answer in public media? And anyone know ppl behaves differently when speaking to media vs speaking privately. It is a simple logic
gunnerman Aylar önce
@Mike Chan my quarrel is with your initial statement. I don't care whether he is humble or you don't like his on court actions. As long as he is true to himself and remains genuine, he remains a greater man his peers
Padma rajan
Padma rajan Aylar önce
So intelligent, humble, articulate, strong, grounded - and now back to number 1!!! He is probably the greatest athlete considering this is not a team sport…what he has accomplished during his professional career is simply inspiring! ❤
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
There are a lot of great athletes out there , I wouldn’t say he is the greatest lol. And yes definitely not grounded, all the grace end quick as soon as he is loosing ( then he act like a little kid with a tantrum).
Tribal Events 96
Tribal Events 96 Aylar önce
Talented, humble, respectful, hardworking and firm. A Fine example for us all 🙏🏽👏🏽👑👑
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
Talented yes hardworking yes but definitely not respectful .
Chris Keller
Chris Keller Aylar önce
He was humiliated last year on this tournamant and now he returned to beat them all. I love this guy so much. He goes his path and he fights everybody who's in his way. Even the mainstream Media. Congrats 👏👏
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 14 gün önce
@Stefan Stefanovich that’s irrelevant question!!! I believe if human’s immune system function properly it can fight off any disease. But that doesn’t mean I can go to play at Australian Open if the don’t allow it .
Stefan Stefanovich
Stefan Stefanovich 15 gün önce
@Nikita Kryvonos You still believe in Corona?
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
@Stefan Stefanovich Why is his letter stringer then mine lol because he is Serbian and I am Ukrainian ? And you’re Serbian ? Lol I think that’s what Novak thinks as well that he is a better human just because he is a great tennis player , so everyone should do whatever he decides. Whatever it’s pointless for me to write any comments on here as you guys have your views and I have mine .
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
@Stefan Stefanovich I told you facts , sorry you dislike facts. Bye .
Norm Thom
Norm Thom Aylar önce
Not only a great tennis player but a man of great principles, who was prepared to lose everything for standing up for what he believes.
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
He can stand up for what he believes without trying to participate in a tournament where every other player had to get vaccinated . This is called feeling like he is above others!!!
Njolson Aylar önce
@Phillip Edward Ness no one explained it to you, so you dont understand.
Emiliano Zapata
Emiliano Zapata Aylar önce
Thats a real Serb.
Les P
Les P Aylar önce
@Suresh Kumar You can have your own opinion no mater how idiotic it is.
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar Aylar önce
@Les P i don't think so. It was a decision taken by Australian and and its also applicable to TAO. They stood for that. It was good nothing happened to Novack. If he falls sick there during the course of his play, if he were allowed to play with taking the jab, then also the world would have blamed the government and the Australian open authorities.
Auto Gin
Auto Gin Aylar önce
Incredible human being and generous spirit! He must feel the love of so many of us! ❤️ Novak is the GOAT!
Milica Petkovic
Milica Petkovic Aylar önce
Kakav čovek, kakav sportista! ❤❤❤
percy Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ sorry but what does that have to do with the video
Hank Kingsley
Hank Kingsley Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus ChristBlah blah blah Jesus blah blah blah God
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ U
Flashstar 123
Flashstar 123 Aylar önce
I’ve always been a fedal fan until last years 2022 drama. Ever since I’m starting to realize how great djokovic has been. Absolute legend, he will be winning for many more years to come
TheNotorious Aylar önce
Bravo 👍 Truly fedal fan 🙏
TheMtotheZ Aylar önce
Wow! Finally some smart person 👏👏👏
Cedric Lee
Cedric Lee Aylar önce
Since five years ago, I started to admire him no matter if he is #1 or #50 in rankings. He has great principle and steely resilience, being genuine and thoughtful with interview questions. Congratulations on his win.
DL28 Aylar önce
It’s called being stoic
m p
m p Aylar önce
Mostly #1
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright Aylar önce
Today there are very few real men like Novak Djokovic in this world -- with so much strength & integrity! We need millions of Novak Djokovic type - for us to maintain our Freedom !
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright 24 gün önce
@Les P Thanks! God bless you & all people of good will !
Les P
Les P Aylar önce
You nailed it.
Holly Jasmine
Holly Jasmine Aylar önce
I still remember how much he was chastised and persecuted for his stance. Lost millions, lost no 1 seed, lost most grand slam titles to Rafa. Yet here he is again... Back on top! Superb.... Astounding... Incredible... Undeniable. He won't say it but everyone else will... "Greatest to ever hold a tennis racquet" -Stefanos Tsitsipas
Stephane Private
Stephane Private Aylar önce
@SD 14 nobody will ever read your books lol
sead kapic
sead kapic Aylar önce
@Shahrokh Shahsavari ok what gives nadal a upper hand vs nole 22-22 GS 209-374 weeks#1 36-38 masters 1000 5-7 years ending at#1 0-6 ATP NITTO finals 29-30 HTH 92-93 tournament wins 82.9%- 83.5% wins BTW🤣🤣🤣
Shahrokh Shahsavari
@sead kapic I know one who has won more US open than djoker and has the winning record against him in GSs😜. Guess who he is
Turrican60 Aylar önce
Novak, you touch all our hearts with your honesty, modesty, humility and common touch. You have the heart of a lion and an irresistible thirst to win. Many congratulations on this magnificent triumph, but we know that more GS titles will be coming your way as you're the best tennis player that this world has ever seen. You may not say it, let alone think it, but the whole world over knows it. You're the greatest of the great, and the People's Champion. Love from England.
Sumy Mathew
Sumy Mathew Aylar önce
What an incredible champion. My all time favourite irrespective of the sport. Talent meets hardwork, dedication, & mental toughness ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the one and only ❤️
Maria Vlahon-Elgin
Maria Vlahon-Elgin Aylar önce
This man is a living Hero! He shows us all to stand up for our principles and never give in to peer pressure! God bless him and his family from the USA!🇺🇸
Prakasa Vigraha
Prakasa Vigraha Aylar önce
Yes, such depth of character. Novak is a real fighter. Huge respects.
Velinka Simic
Velinka Simic Aylar önce
Naš zlatni dečko naš Nole naj bolji na svetu...neka nam je živi zdrav ovo majka jednom rađa....želim puno zdravlja sreće i ljubavi uspjeha i njemu i njegovoj porodici......
12 months before being detained & deported from a country where he has enjoyed the most success in his career, it’s tough to comprehend the emotion & level of mental strength this one took. One of the greatest athletes of all time. ❤
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 14 gün önce
@TITIK KOMA so it’s illegal and if they get caught they will get deported. And nobody calls illegal immigrants heroes. I don’t understand your point of view in this comment regarding Novak .
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 14 gün önce
@TITIK KOMA ok so why did he even go there ? Don’t play and stay by your word without being disrespectful towards other players.
TITIK KOMA 15 gün önce
@Nikita Kryvonos Novak said ,, if they allow me to play i will but If they do not .i will not.. this is not the end of the world,
mikerzisu Aylar önce
What a champion. Wasn’t a fan of his for a long time, but he has changed my perspective. Amazing athlete.
Branislava Cuignet
Branislava Cuignet Aylar önce
Naš Nole najbolji čovek i teniser svih vremena. Vi ste prevazišli samog sebe. Sve najbolje u životu vam zelim. ❤❤❤❤🇷🇸
Al N
Al N Aylar önce
Funny this is hardly in any media. A man with principles and morals, well done!!!!!!
chrismarcel7 Aylar önce
He resumed all he´s been through these couple years: "I would say this is the biggest VICTORY in my life". We know he was not talking only about tennis. What a giant model and a great person. You are definitely the GOAT !!
Grog Ice
Grog Ice Aylar önce
Astounding player and great man ! He stayed focussed and free while all the medias were insulting him last year... So proud of him. He is not a sheep, and as time goes by, he was right to behave that way, the more so as he was almost alone in that position, wow, I admire this guy.
Roy Batty
Roy Batty Aylar önce
Djokovic is a true warrior and a real man. Easily the greatest ever but more importantly the bravest ever. He stands up for what he believes in and does not submit to bullies. So much respect for him.
Davey James
Davey James 13 gün önce
@Nikita Kryvonos You don’t get more genuine than standing your ground when heavily criticised and judged by the sheeple mob. Not everybody would or could do that. I also like truth and Novak is by most criteria the goat of Tennis. Thankfully, you don’t have to date him, just enjoy the Tennis.
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 14 gün önce
@Davey James Well he tried to play at a tournament where everyone had to get vaccinated , and it’s ok to choose not to get a vaccine but then be a man and how his fans call him a “hero” and stay home and not try to sneak into the tournament . But yeah if people get inspired by him and do something productive is all good . Just not a source of inspiration for me , more like something to cringe / laugh about. I like truth and appreciate genuine stuff .
Davey James
Davey James 14 gün önce
@Nikita Kryvonos I don’t think he has ever suggested rules be changed just for him, that’s just plain silly.. but whatever, a lot of fans don’t like Novak and that may have affected some of his behaviour. I personally think much of the criticism is unfair so let’s Agree to disagree👍
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 14 gün önce
@Davey James I am not vaccine purist . It’s just a principle , I don’t like when people act like they are better then other people just because they can play sport better then you. It’s not just vaccines : at the us open my friends sister worked and she asked Novak for a players pass at the gate and he cursed her out and threw a tantrum. She was just doing her job but it looks like he has this attitude that he is so great that every one should just drop all the rules for him. Same thing on court of he is getting pressed and clearly beaten he retires . His game might inspire some but his attitude is not for me to call a champion sorry.
Davey James
Davey James 14 gün önce
@Nikita Kryvonos As I said, it’s pretty clear you have deep dislike for him, you’re allowed.. but so are ppl who consider him inspirational. You may be a purist for the vaccine rules but the whole thing was a load of nonsense and many agreed with Novak too. I also was a huge fan of Agassi and am still Roger’s biggest fan btw.
mario boscolo
mario boscolo Aylar önce
Parliamo di un grandissimo campione, in campo ed anche nella vita. Per me il più grande di sempre!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Mary papaioannou
Mary papaioannou Aylar önce
Bravo Novak again!!! A really great man,athlete ready to loose everything for his beleives.Althouth i m Greek, I respect Djokovic!!!!🇬🇷🥰
Mary papaioannou
Mary papaioannou Aylar önce
@Весна we love you too,.🇷🇺❣️🇬🇷
Milija Gugunovic
Milija Gugunovic Aylar önce
Ti si isto pravoslavac❤
Весна Aylar önce
Serbia love 🇬🇷
Litsha Butler
Litsha Butler Aylar önce
Love, Love his game. Actually, he's a very humble man. I have a lot of respect for him and what he has to stand for and still on 💯 . Congratulations 🎊
amiladd a
amiladd a Aylar önce
Loved his answer. The more he achieves in tennis the more being humble
Владимир Васильев
Джокович уникальный во всем, не поколебим в своих убеждениях, просто потрясающий человек, игрок феномен. Удачи Ноле.
Biljana Krneta Stevanovic
Poseban covek. Covek principa pravde i istine. Uz to najbolji teniser na svetu. Nas Nole!
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ U
Aussie Girl
Aussie Girl Aylar önce
Translation: "Djokovic is unique in everything, we will not waver in our convictions, just an amazing person, a player phenomenon. Good luck Nola." I totally agree 👍👏
Србољуб Србић
🇷🇺🇷🇸 Наша победа је и ваша победа! Ваша је и наша!
Artemis S
Artemis S Aylar önce
He is not only Goat for us , he is pure Love
YXP Aylar önce
Favored by God
MrCarl722 Aylar önce
This man is such a great ambassador and spokesman of tennis
F.T.M Aylar önce
I still remember how much he was chastised and persecuted for his stance. Lost millions, lost no 1 seed, lost most grand slam titles to Rafa. Yet here he is again... Back on top! Superb.... Astounding... Incredible... Undeniable. He won't say it but everyone else will... "Greatest to ever hold a tennis racquet" -Stefanos Tsitsipas
mira niksic
mira niksic Aylar önce
He made us so proud and happy! We have always known how wonderful he is as a tennis player, but even more so as a human being, and we are overjoyed that more and more people around the world are also seeing that.
sane Aylar önce
If anyone carries extraordinary skills with a touch of humor, this is him. He never fails to entertain. He is to tennis what Jackie Chan is to action movies.
Doctor Garbonzo
Doctor Garbonzo Aylar önce
Congrats Novak! 15 yrs ago he won his 1st AO, Such a incredible Career!
Evan PD
Evan PD Aylar önce
Nunca se dio por vencido, luchó contra la adversidad de los gobiernos. Se mantuvo fiel a sus convicciones. Dios lo siga bendiciendo 🙏👌💪
Fabio Caetano Figueiredo
As a big Fedal fan, I have no option but to admit, Djokovic is by far the GOAT
gelvisblue Aylar önce
@c56gtd43j0 Thank you Sir. You made some great points yourself.
c56gtd43j0 Aylar önce
@gelvisblue very well said sir
gelvisblue Aylar önce
@kika A Novak makes top players look ordinary, when he is at his best. Same with Rafa. The big 3 have dominated for so long. You can't ignore Novak's positive H2H v Roger and Rafa, particularly post 2011, when he had his celiac disease treated. You can't ignore his record wins v top 10 players (unmatched). Federer was already established and had experience on his side as an advantage v the still developing Rafa and more so with Novak (who started 2 years later than Rafa). You could argue, that if they all started at the same time, that Roger would have won less slams early on.
gelvisblue Aylar önce
@kika A Hard to compare the big three's prime and peak. They are such unique players and can't be compared to any other players in history. All 3 have been crazy good throughout their careers and have peaked and dipped many times throughout their careers. Therefore, it's hard to quantify prime for any of them. Rafa and Novak over the last 3 years have played as well as they ever have. Roger was still winning slams late on in his career. They have all had injuries, personal issues, celiac disease etc that has affected their form at different times in their careers. We all have our favourites and opinions and it is hard to properly say who is the greatest. Even though most players and pundits, stats etc lean towards Novak as the GOAT, it is only slightly. What we can say, is that the big three's legacy will never be matched. They have all helped each other to drive on to be the best. On one hand they've each prevented the others from winning many more slams. But, on the flip-side they've developed each other's desire to keep improving and to beat each other. TBF I would prefer to put all the GOAT arguments aside, as it is disrespectful to all of them, to try and dissect all their careers. Roger changed the game and is poetic to watch, Rafa is such a warrior and has incredible power, Novak has incredible adaptability from defense to attack and a terminator mind set. They are 3 tennis gods who deserve equal respect and we are so lucky to have witnessed the greatest 3 way rivalry in tennis. Novak, King of the hard courts, Rafa, King of Clay, Roger, King of grass. For all our disagreeing, I like your passion for your player. It keeps the tennis world interesting.
gelvisblue Aylar önce
@c56gtd43j0 Novak's achievements still outweigh Nadal's though. This has been confirmed so much in the MSM by experts over the last few years. It was only when Rafa reached 22 slams that they then considered him as the GOAT over Novak. Now Novak has 22, the GOAT title reverts back. Re the Olympics, it is nice to win, but not held in the same regard as the ATP tournaments. Most sports don't rank the Olympics that high compared to the other, regular tournaments in their sports, aside from athletics, swimming and a handful of minor sports. If you look at the top 20 all-time tennis greats, 90% of them participated, but didn't give it their all. The Olympics is non ranking, no points, best of 3 sets. Equivalent to an ATP 250 tournament at best. Olympics holds little weight in tennis compared to other Olympic sports. Look at all the greats who haven't won/not been bothered with it. Look at the winners of it: Miloslav Mecir (no slams won) in 1988, Marc Rosset (no slams won) in 92, Yevgeny Kafelnikov (2 slams won) in 2000, Nicolas Massu (no slams won) in 2004. Look, Roger and Connors still hold a number of records too. We all have our favourites and opinions and it is hard to properly say who is the greatest. Even though most players and pundits, stats etc lean towards Novak as the GOAT, it is only slightly. What we can say, is that the big three's legacy will never be matched. They have all helped each other to drive on to be the best. On one hand they've each prevented the others from winning many more slams. But, on the flip-side they've developed each other's desire to keep improving and to beat each other. TBF I would prefer to put all the GOAT arguments aside, as it is disrespectful to all of them, to try and disect all their careers. Roger changed the game and is poetic to watch, Rafa is such a warrior and has incredible power, Novak has incredible adaptability from defense to attack and a terminator mind set. They are 3 tennis gods who deserve equal respect and we are so lucky to have witnessed the greatest 3 way rivalry in tennis. Novak, King of the hard courts, Rafa, King of Clay, Roger, King of grass. For all our disagreeing, I like your passion for your player. It keeps the tennis world interesting.
Cata Petrovich
Cata Petrovich Aylar önce
Its so nice to see two flags -- Greek and Serbian -- side by side in the background among fans of both players.
Chryssi Sidiropoulou
@dejan juhanovski Хвала Дејане, ми смо братски народи. А Ноле је наш херој!
dejan juhanovski
dejan juhanovski Aylar önce
@Chryssi Sidiropoulou yes ma m ..we will never forget what greece did for us in ww1.when it was most difficult for us Serbs, you gave us a home..thru love
Chryssi Sidiropoulou
So heart warming, as it should be ♥
Terence Koh
Terence Koh Aylar önce
It's funny how he can be humorous and humble at the same time lol.... Amazing.
Venture Group
Venture Group Aylar önce
his ability to convey his message is clear, artistic, rational and calibre...his skills are both mesmerizing, and entertaining, character of a wise, brilliant, humble and dedicated person, surely has every quality and rights to be the GOAT
U2Ver ParaCreer
U2Ver ParaCreer Aylar önce
What a man. 💪 Thanks Novak for representing the good vibes of life. ❤️
Slavica Juric
Slavica Juric Aylar önce
Nikita Kryvonos
Nikita Kryvonos 15 gün önce
Serbs definitely worship him, I wouldn’t say the rest of the world does.
Hermano de Jesús
Hermano de Jesús Aylar önce
I love Nole. He is a very humble down to earth gentleman. He is the reason I picked up a tennis racquet. Number 1 ranking goes back to its rightful owner 😍
Michael Smith-Palliser
He is now 😂 you should have seen him before because he was very arrogant. But it is facts, he has become a very humble person which is amazing to see since he is a role model for many people around the world.
Soren P
Soren P Aylar önce
Bless you I am a Rafa fan but my God Nole is such a class act Roger too but Novak is the funniest person in sports and his mental strength is unmeasurable… the Serbinator for real
MedalGearSalad Aylar önce
@Dorothy Pozi Thanks
Dorothy Pozi
Dorothy Pozi Aylar önce
@MedalGearSalad Novak Djokovic. It's how Serbians refer to him.
MedalGearSalad Aylar önce
whos nole?
Mladenka M
Mladenka M Aylar önce
Novak is a symbol of freedom and love. A warrior of light who unites people for good. A real living angel. Congratulations GOAT
Matthew Burgar
Matthew Burgar Aylar önce
For an athlete who is so amazing and so talented, he is so humble and such an awesome person. That’s one of the many things that I love about the big 3. They’re great athletes, but as good as they are and as legendary as they are they’re so modest, decent and they’re never boastful or obnoxious. If only all pro athletes were more like Novak, Roger, and Rafa.
אסף גזית
אסף גזית Aylar önce
what a charming, great and a brave guy. Not to mention one of the greatest sportsman of all the time. A real inspiration
Manh Nguyen
Manh Nguyen Aylar önce
Love you Novak! So admire what you are! Congratulations on your winning!
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs Aylar önce
There have been many men who have risen above average. Fewer have become great. Even fewer have become legendary. Then there's Novak. He rises above all others into a realm of extraordinary that has no rivals. People like Novak come around once every century or so. Novak is that man of our generation. He's an amazing human being who happens to be the greatest tennis player of all time. What kind of lion is in this man's heart? I'm utterly amazed! Congrats to Novak. Well done and well deserved!
Stefan Vuckovic
Stefan Vuckovic Aylar önce
Now nobody can stop him, he is just built different, the best ever, GOAT🐐
tswrench Aylar önce
"Now nobody can't stop him..." What you wrote is a double negative, and it means the opposite--everybody can stop him. Change "can't" to can, and it will be correct. I hope this helps.
Tatiana Aust
Tatiana Aust Aylar önce
He is a true champion and a man of integrity!
Елена Калужская
Поздравляем Новака с победой! Мастер своего дела!! Лучший!!🎉
Србољуб Србић
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan Aylar önce
I first saw Novak live at the 2008 AO (the year he first won it) and never imagined he would win even 5 grand slams, let alone 22 and counting, amazing! ⭐️
El Wick
El Wick Aylar önce
He reminds me of Tim Duncan. Quietly went about dominating the best players over his career. Odd how some of the greatest players ever are underrated solely because they are not flashy
David Curioso Aranguren
Saludos Nole, eres grande, siempre grande por ganar un nuevo slam, pero más grande tu corazón de Jelena y tuyo por la ayuda que realizan, mi admiración por ti y familia un abrazo grande desde Lima Peru
James Hickey
James Hickey Aylar önce
Novak is true real guy. Respect him so much-humble legend. Didn't practice between matches-simply outstanding. 🇷🇸 ❤️u
Wayne M Bienek
Wayne M Bienek Aylar önce
The world loves NoVax - A man of honor and principle!
Dr. Mr. Person Guy
Dr. Mr. Person Guy Aylar önce
Just goes to show how weak this era is. He doesn't even need to practice to beat these kids...
F.T.M Aylar önce
BRAVE heart Novax Djiokovic the only one changelling all experitemental ogm mandates and defendig our body and free rights !!!
TheGreatDudist Aylar önce
Even though the final wasn't as exciting as I had hoped, I've loved this entire tournament simply because of how much LOVE AND SUPPORT Novak has been given. Not just from his Serbian fans, but from the entire audience in general. His unfair treatment across 2022 by world governments has resulted in a HUGE number of fans rallying behind him, and he's finally getting the love and support he's rightfully deserved for years now. Just goes to show that it's rare when the will of the government is in line with the will of The People.
Gregor Schmidt
Gregor Schmidt Aylar önce
Bescheiden im Sieg . Stark in der Niederlage . Guter Mann .
M Aylar önce
During the match I felt the majority of the public was against him, but this guy Novak, has the mental to overcome every pressure !
Lucia Maria de Morais Souza Morais
O Maior de Todos os tempos....o G.O.A.T........
Andy_Jajcayova Aylar önce
There is no doubt... Djoker is G.O.A.T.❤ Btw. is that really in Melbourne? It looks like he just won tournament somewhere in Serbia😁 It's incredible!!!
Reiner Duvenage
Reiner Duvenage Aylar önce
Come on Novak just admit you’re the GOAT. It’s undeniable at this point. Holds all the records and could see him winning 3-4 more at least. If you take the 2 slams he missed as a result of Covid and the Karen US open incident into account he would have been well clear by now. Greatest athlete I’ve seen (along with Messi) in my life.
Keith Hiew
Keith Hiew Aylar önce
Michael Phelps. Forgotten him?
Andy Kurmann
Andy Kurmann Aylar önce
@shivansh jain Ronaldo is the real 🐫🐫
SHARP Aylar önce
@Duncan 1. U wouldnt say that if it was the other way around. 2. Ahead is ahead
SHARP Aylar önce
@Red Mosquito ill give him credit for the french open 2022 which is grand slam he is best at but he only won the aus open becus novak was not allowed to play 🤫
iJuMp-BoUnCe Aylar önce
Novak deserved to be disqualified, also, she might be a Karen or not, she was directly hit in the throat with a ball that has a speed of 50km/h, + in the end, the main issue wasn't that much the hit but the dangerous behavior of hitting someone with a ball, although it wasn't on purpose etc but he deserved it, no question about it. And i think Tsitsipas for example should have deserved to be Disqualified against Kyrgios in Wimbledon 2022 for sure too.
UchihABitachi Aylar önce
Congrats to Novak’s big return to the tour! Back on form as #1! It really was a test to see if Novak can keep the legacy he created. If he lost, a lot of ppl & opponents wouldn’t see him as he was at the top. Great to see him prove himself time & time again.
Ciro Gomez
Ciro Gomez Aylar önce
Jamás habrá un tipo con esa cabeza ese que supera todo que vuelve y vuelve ese jugador absolutamente dominante dominante porque es superior trabajando los partidos un deportista absolutamente genial extraordinario nada lo hará retroceder siempre vuelve con más fuerzas felicidades nole
SAC Aylar önce
What a beautiful soul! He is a man of great courage and integrity. Yes, he is obviously the GOAT. God bless him and his family.
Jeffslops Aylar önce
On GOAT, what a superb answer. Great champion and a great ambassador for the game.
Elsie Greer
Elsie Greer Aylar önce
Loved NoVax even before he won anything and the other top players were sarcastic about him having heatstrokes during matches. Loved his humour. His determination, his confusion and emotion when people were not fans during matches. He was genuinely hurt. He is a good human being who works hard and is intelligent and determined
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Aylar önce
@Just Me I'm also pure blood but i'll never call him NoVax! :)
Just Me
Just Me Aylar önce
@Marko Nikolic I am proud that he is called Novax. I am Novax as well. Pureblood
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Aylar önce
Still you call him NoVax!! Sorry but i don‘t believe you.
Robert Towns
Robert Towns Aylar önce
I can relate to how you’ve seen him
Rob Klarmann
Rob Klarmann Aylar önce
I saw him for the first time in 2004/2005 and back then I was certain he'd become the No. 1 tennis player. Glad to have followed his journey and grateful to witness such great tennis! Thanks Nole! Keep on moving...
Stricker Aylar önce
So deserved! What a man, a champ, a character...
Jose Antonio mendez oliva
When the heart speaks, everyone who listens to it admires and loves it.
chirag mehta
chirag mehta Aylar önce
I am not into tennis but he earned my respect along with Messi. He stood upto covid mafia. In my book he is hero just for that
Mony Aylar önce
Amazing support, not just in Australia but all over the world. NoVac 😉 has won the hearts of many not just as a sportsman but also as a human being. He's always spoken the truth, showed care and respect to everyone. And what has happened to him last year has won him many fans. The world stood by you and with you then, and always will from now on, NoVac!!! ❤️ US can stick their titles up their own arses if he's still not allowed to play. But I feel, they will. People started to wake up and come together 🙏
Les P
Les P Aylar önce
@Farmer2492 I Like Federer as a player. He is or was technically the best ever, but I don't like him for being a sheep.
Farmer2492 Aylar önce
@Les P his booed all over the world not like Federer they cheer him when he walks out
Les P
Les P Aylar önce
@Farmer2492 These who boo him are not people these are sheople.
Farmer2492 Aylar önce
Just llok how many people Boo him thats your answer
Dona Markovic
Dona Markovic Aylar önce
Skinuo si kamen sa srca❤️, sada laganica....najbolji ikada 👑
FreeMan37 Aylar önce
Happy to see this great sportsman smiling. You deserve it Nole, and may God watch over you.
Edo Majka
Edo Majka Aylar önce
Svaka cast Nole na osvojenom AO.Nadjacao si sve one koji su se urotili protiv tebe ali bjese im sve u zalud.Molim dragog boga da te zdravlje sluzi a ti ces sa svojim profesijonalnim radom jos dugo vladati u svijetu tenisa a tvoji rezultati ce biti nedostizni i za narednih 100 god.
Do-Khac-Cau Dang-Vu
The most true personnality that ever existed in Tennis...
Mabbina Park
Mabbina Park Aylar önce
Federer made me love tennis, n then after understanding Nadal's game I was in awe. But then when I sat back n watched Nole omg he is the 🐐
Emeka Akude
Emeka Akude Aylar önce
The respect he has for Nadal is amazing. Such a great person.
z1az Aylar önce
@SJ yeah, I recall now. He pops up once in a while like a jack in the box spewing his bile 😬
SJ Aylar önce
@z1az Yes he is. Average Djokovic fan
z1az Aylar önce
@Guru K There was no tweet. I think you are the weasel.
z1az Aylar önce
@Do-Khac-Cau Dang-Vu Alcaraz, sinner, rune, Ruud (on clay, maybe slow hard) plus FAA, zverev, tsitsipas, Medvedev. The field is deep
Do-Khac-Cau Dang-Vu
He respects Nadal and Federer a lot, there are the reason he has to step up that much to get that level. Now Federer has retired, and Nadal body seems to reach his limit... so he can't expect the competition to be as challenging it used to be, but still new generation is coming, Alcaraz...
Đorđe Madžarević
Novak Đoković is not a GOAT, or any other animal, he is simply the best, most complete and most successful tennis player ever. Really one of the greatest sportsman of all time. And there is more to come, I'm sure.
Ligia Castellanos
Ligia Castellanos Aylar önce
Es el mejor y se merece lo mejor👍
Jeannemarie Viggiano
Been following his career since Johnny Mac said to watch out for this guy... all those years ago. Here's to the GOAT!!!!
Research Aylar önce
An incredible champion Novak Djokovic. A man of great values and moral principles. A man stand for his principles and moral values. This is an incredible moment in our life to witness such a nobel champion..Go for it great champion Novak Djokovic. He is so considerate to always appreciate others and look after everyone.. We have the pleasure to witness your greatness and happy to see your final match capturing few titles first 22 grand slam , new number 1 and new unique champion Novak Djokovic.
Jo Anne
Jo Anne Aylar önce
This champion stood up for his beliefs & we are all being gifted with watching him succeed. My heart is so full of love. Thank you so much Novak, may God continue to bless you 💙🙏
Feliciano Lopez
Feliciano Lopez Aylar önce
This guy is amazing and very humble...love him even more....
Snezana Bojanovic
Snezana Bojanovic Aylar önce
Браво, дивни, драги Човече! Усхићење људског Рода, бивствујушчег на овој нашој Планети пуној бујица и распуклина. Неуништива Луча у Срцу Непобедивог Лучоноше! Спорт, то је само један правац, а остало је Озарје новог Сванућа и Буђења. Весели се Србски Роде!
K T Aylar önce
Unstoppable! The greatest tennis player ever.
Jelena Karadzic
Jelena Karadzic Aylar önce
Bravo Novače ! N 1 !!! Kao i uvek odmeren , kulturan i iskren u odgovorima , mada je u nekim pitanjima bilo i malo ironije.Ali... to N 1 ne umanjuje.Gospodin kome se sviđa jakna i broj 22 treba da zna da bi tu pisalo 23 da oni nisu bili onako " ljubazni " prema njemu prošle godine. Ali umesto 1 titule prošle godine uzeo im je 2 ove.
Battleground Aylar önce
I'm so happy for you Novak ❤️
Martin Eyer
Martin Eyer Aylar önce
Novak is the best that there ever was. 👍 We will never see that again.
bones23jones Aylar önce
He's the GOAT. He's been absolutely amazing for so long. We're all so lucky to have had players like him and Rafa and Roger to watch.
Vasile Pavlica
Vasile Pavlica Aylar önce
@captain obvious Nadal won the Australian Open because Djokovic didn't let Djokovic participate
Grace G
Grace G Aylar önce
A humble champion. This is how a sports person should be and behave.
Clarity with KJ
Clarity with KJ Aylar önce
To think of his journey in the last 12 months is astounding! His vulnerability, authenticity, and strength are just remarkable and he has always been the GOAT to me but this cements it. Everyone has their favorites but it's now undeniable that he is the Greatest tennis player to ever hold a racquet!
Himanshu Bhaskar
Himanshu Bhaskar Aylar önce
He's the GOAT both on and off the court.. love from India
Carlos feng
Carlos feng Aylar önce
❤He shows that compassion wins over hate always!
KmR Aylar önce
Respect for a Man of integrity who understands Body Autonomy is every Humans’ Basic Right and a damn fine tennis player to boot!
Maroun Abou Jaoudeh
Such a humble guy. A true champion 🏆
Sai Aylar önce
What a legend 💕🙏🏼
Dusan Jokanovic
Dusan Jokanovic Aylar önce
No doubt that he is the goat! Not only because of his trophies and ranking, but also according to his human features! Novak, I am proud of you and always is a special feeling to be a Serb when you play!
Sukkerfar Aylar önce
A true rolemodel and a real champion - Respect!
Coeur Passion
Coeur Passion Aylar önce
Mad Respect for the Great Novak 🏆🎉👏
CMorales Aylar önce
Dokav is such a Champ. Great and humble. This is a great day for Tennis.
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