DIY Double Decker Bus tiny house conversion - Family of 8

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You're looking at a 47k lb, 13' 5.5" ft tall, 43ft long beast of a tiny home! The Everly family decided that time spent working, to take two weeks a year together, was off balance. With some research and a quick decision, they fell upon the double-decker bus they had renovated to suit their family and full-time travel.

This rig has two bathrooms with a separate indoor and outdoor shower! The kitchen has a farmhouse style with a deep sink, induction stove, and plenty of gear for outdoor cooking. The rooftop deck has a sturdy railing so the entire family can enjoy the views, including hammocks that can hang from the safety guards! The kids dominate a daytime play area that turns into the parents sleeping quarters at night. This crew is family-oriented and travel driven. What an adventure!

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Facebook: facebook.com/doubledeckerfam

Shot by: @theirhappytrails
Edited by: @theirhappytrails

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5 Ağu 2022




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Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Aylar önce
Did this tour motivate you to live tiny? This video got me pumped up to mod my very own tiny house 😍
Vishnu Vardhan
Vishnu Vardhan 3 gün önce
How much does it cost to make
Rafael Exposito Sanchez
​@mike severino
game test
game test 5 gün önce
There's people who's dream to have a house inside a bus and all of them thanking you for sharing the video many people like to have house inside a vehicle its too expensive
elizabeth williams
elizabeth williams 6 gün önce
betty dunne
betty dunne 9 gün önce
NO its an awful way to live. Is this a joke????
mitre hj
mitre hj Aylar önce
As an adult i'd love this, but i can't imagine how much i'd hate being in this cramped space with 5 other siblings and my parents.
AnnzeL 20 saatler önce
Believe it or not, those kids actually spend most of their time outside
AlbertaPrepper86 Gün önce
@The Red Spoon The thing is, I grew up in poverty as did the majority of my friends and my experience seems to be the antithesis of all the "expert advice" here on opinion tube. My financially well off friends were never as morally grounded or mentally structured as us kids who had very little. I believe most of them were spoiled, entitled, and took their luxuries for granted. Many of whom became addicts or burn-outs because they never had to earn anything and lived for the moment. Whereas many of the folks I know who grew up with nothing are hard working and FAMILY oriented rather than sharing the selfish mentality propagated my modern media and childless fornicators. Basically, to each their own should go without saying, but that's certainly not the mindset of any washed brains who practically demand the world adhere to their selfish rhetoric.
Divya 3 gün önce
looks like you never shared a bedroom with your siblings .... trust me sharing a bee with your siblings is worse... here they are getting their own bed !!! I'd be dying for it !!!
This Guy
This Guy 5 gün önce
@Dream Believe it’s practical if it’s just u or and one other person but after that it’s very unpractical and uncomfortable
Dream Believe
Dream Believe 5 gün önce
The gas price is expensive. I wonder if this people still live in the bus. It’s very uncomfortable to stay forever no matter how you update it. Living in a bud or tiny house is not practical!
SheyTheGay 17 gün önce
This is the first RV family I've ever seen that has respect for the kids needing space as well. It's usually the kids who are forced to work around the parents dream
Matic 5 gün önce
It’s still bad
betty dunne
betty dunne 9 gün önce
Rhonda Light
Rhonda Light 10 gün önce
@chumleyok He made it clear that not only was it a FAMILY decision but that they would re-evaluate every 6 months to make sure the FAMILY was still happy with the decision Every family and individual for that matter is different I know people who would have given ANYTHING ( certainly a litle space) as a child to have a father who wanted to spend ANY time with them, much less completely change his entire way of living in order to spend 100% of his time with them Traveling the world together in a small space might not be your choice or mine, but don't assume his children are going to be miserable or that THEIR wishes were not and will not be considered at all times Unlike many I've seen, this father does not seem to be one who is dragging his kids along for the ride of HIS dream, but rather is giving up life as he knew it in order to be present in THEIR lives and dreams I don't understand the need for negative, judgy, sarcastic and critical comments about someone whose life, family, children and intentions that you know absolutely NOTHING about Waste your time responding with more garbage if you like, maybe you'll get a few more "Thumbs up" from other like minded little people but I won't be coming back to waste MY time reading it
ML Guy
ML Guy 12 gün önce
@chumleyok probably means the kids enjoy the outdoors more so - but as a kid that enjoyed being inside as well as out, this would have been a nightmare (especially when you are going through puberty ha) - that being said, they are continually going to reassess so I think this family will do what is best.
Matt Straughan
Matt Straughan 12 gün önce
@chumleyok battery farm? What are you talking about?
Daphoid 8 gün önce
What a fun adventure! As a young kid I think this would've been awesome. However as a teenager / someone getting into their own hobbies - this would be pretty cramped I'd say. I really appreciate that you're revisiting. I'm sure it'll be a great adventure but may lead back to a bigger house, and that's totally OK!
Alexander Stollznow
Alexander Stollznow 17 gün önce
Gosh that is brilliantly executed. My first thought was 'hmm well done but probably not the best way for 6 kids + parents to live' but hearing the incredibly sensible and flexible discussion about the overall plan around the 15:00 mark, I am dead impressed.
hhef83 10 gün önce
@largol33t1 It seems from his story that they were settled and have a home. Maybe they've sold it or are renting it out during their journey on the bus. I can't fathom they were renting a house with that large of a family, but who knows. The story he told about wanting more time with his family leads to me to think that was their life (owning a home & in a non remote job) and they want to try out traveling around for a bit. Obviously we have no idea the background story from one video, but he comes off as a sensible and responsible man. Building out that bus was a lot of $$$, especially since he had a company building out the living quarters until they picked it up to finish the build in TX. My sister designed her tiny home and her husband built it. They did everything themselves over a couple years. Once they were about to start traveling, they found out they were expecting their second child and ended up selling it to buy a home. Some families can handle that lifestyle and enjoy traveling together. I doubt many of these rv families plan on living this way for their kids entire childhood. It's just fun to do for a bit and make those memories. 😊
largol33t1 14 gün önce
He's a bit over his head. There's no way this can be done long-term with SIX kids. He needs to settle down VERY soon and plan to build a house at least twice the size of that bus. Even my mom didn't have that issue and she came from a family of four kids altogether.
Boyd Family Adventures
I love the double decker for a big family! I feel like they could have made slightly better use of the space, it feels very narrow considering it’s actual width. But definitely beautifully done, and I love the rooftop deck!
Rylie 🔥 34 y.0 -check My V!deo
I love that you decided that if anybody's bed space was going to be converted for a secondary use, it was going to be yours and not the kids'. So many people ask their kids to make compromises when living on the road but I personally think the adults should make the compromises, because adults are more adaptable but also the adults are the ones who ultimately made the decision to choose this lifestyle. Good parenting.
Weeaboo Central
Weeaboo Central 2 gün önce
I agree, and also it's the parents that make the decision to live on the road, kids may get an opinion, but not the final say. It was a good choice as a parent to make their space convertible.
AL Lim
AL Lim Aylar önce
A very smart and simple design. The kids bed area gives me Japanese capsule hotel vibes and it's extremely practical with that many kids. The long tables that come from the back of the seats is pretty good and the honesty regarding the Aircon units and washing machine is very much appreciated. Oh and I almost forgot, the vacuum thing on the upper floor, genius !!
MoutainStateDronedom 13 gün önce
This is by far the most amazing conversion I’ve ever seen I’m floored by the thought put in to this project and my hats off to you sir thank you for sharing your new home and adventure pod!!!
Strindberg 19 gün önce
Having spent about 6 months a year for 8 years straight on tour in pretty much the exact same model as this bus, together with 15 smelly men, I'm so jealous of this setup. I wish our tour promotor had gotten us something like this.
keweenawbee 3 gün önce
Brilliant. I love the dual purpose area upstairs where you actually give-it-up for the kids! I have a Quigley Transit van that everyone tells me to convert but it's just too small (went with a 22' airstream that it pulls marvelously) and I need the cargo space, but this thing is inspiring. Glad I didn't log in today I would have never seen this!
Ella Eadig
Ella Eadig Aylar önce
I love that you decided that if anybody's bed space was going to be converted for a secondary use, it was going to be yours and not the kids'. So many people ask their kids to make compromises when living on the road but I personally think the adults should make the compromises, because adults are more adaptable but also the adults are the ones who ultimately made the decision to choose this lifestyle. Good parenting. 👍
Tin Tin
Tin Tin 13 gün önce
@Fate Little partition, not a thick wall.. no bang bang, more like swish swish.
Tin Tin
Tin Tin 13 gün önce
​@suzanne Haley Just a partition, not a fully thick wall. So, still, either no sex or silent sex. Neither one is good for a marriage. But, he did insinuate they would be leaving this bus behind at some point...
Prettyprivacy 15 gün önce
@Zveebo 😂😂❤❤
Prettyprivacy 15 gün önce
@Eugene if they ever actually move out! Kids today are living at home way longer than the last generation-like into their late 20’s without expecting to pay for anything while there. It’s so different today in this upside down world!
Prettyprivacy 15 gün önce
Sorry totally disagree! Kids today are living in a completely different world and parents seem to be giving up more of their present for their children who are too young to understand and will ultimately resent them in the future! Hopefully I’m wrong but this generation of young adults feel very entitled and everything is the parents fault! Hopefully I’m wrong in this case!
b 19 gün önce
What a cool dad. It's cool that you wanted to spend time with your kids during those years. I know many of us didn't have parents like that. Your kids will look back on this and have such fond memories and that's so rad. Cheers man.
0221serendipity Aylar önce
Love this guy's attitude and realization that family and happiness is more important than money and a big house! Great video and home! 🙏🏾👍🏾
Double Decker Family
@david spade totally wrong. Not a millionaire by any means. We live in a $200k bus, something we sold all of our belongings including our permanently placed home to do. ❤
Double Decker Family
@ayaxro it’s not that money doesn’t matter, it’s that at some point you realize there are thing a that matter MORE than endless amounts of money. Ultimately, I chose to give up a significant amount of my income in exchange for time with my family. You spend you money on whatever you want, I’ll spend it on my family. ❤
Double Decker Family
@Jacob Gray why guess, we posted a video about the cost on our TRvid. Roughly 200k. ❤
Double Decker Family
@slime street this guy used to live in his car and made money selling furniture found in dumpsters. If only you knew me you’d know how far from the truth your judgement is. ❤
Avana 10 gün önce
I hope you realize that the cost of building or buying one of those is not that far off buying an apartment. It's true that being truly happy in life is more valuable than having more money than you can spend, but it's insanity to deny that having money is the key to living good nowadays. It's really hard to not work your life away and stay happy if you're low on money and struggling.
Lachy Cullen
Lachy Cullen 6 gün önce
This is amazing truly! 😊 I have 6 sibling’s and 1 parent now and I feel like I couldn’t even with a double decker the love must be very strong ❤ I would love to have my own space like this but wouldn’t imagine it would be easy planning all the detail’s of this bus like with everything from a too z it is incredible the space and how well everything was thought out! You are living my dream incredible 😊 I will definitly be tuning in and joining you’re family virtually along you’re path❤
Arhan Solo
Arhan Solo 22 gün önce
Loving this idea of turning a double decker bus into a tiny house. I must admit seeing this video I feel the space looks way smaller then I imagined. Thinking that in a bus you have 4 seats with a path in between you would have more space. Perhaps the furniture and the kitchen are normal size, I would have gone for smaller furniture instead. Those bunker beds or cabins are very nice. I think you made a very nice house for your family...
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris Aylar önce
Well thought out having a separate shower. Especially with a large family. Two half baths and a separate shower was one of the best design decisions you made.
s g
s g Aylar önce
@Bob jones 1/2 bath is another way to say it: it is the term I have usually used (don't like the term powder room: the rooms are obviously usually used for other things than powdering noses).
Bob jones
Bob jones Aylar önce
Powder rooms not 1/2 baths
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬ N
Barb Aylar önce
And then there's always the great outdoors or campground facilities if needed.
Steve Robey
Steve Robey 27 gün önce
Massive respect to you guys for taking the risk and making it work so well. So glad that you’re all happy 👍
Paul Mcgeever
Paul Mcgeever 19 gün önce
I love the bus and how well thoughtout it is. What realky grabs me is his attitude and outlook on life ! Living the dream away from the rat race . Very best wishes to you and your family.
SharmClucas 16 gün önce
Beautiful! Especially love that you've made the kid's spaces permanent. With such a big brick of a vehicle I'd be wanting a secondary around town vehicle, like a moped or something.
Dive Oshin
Dive Oshin 18 gün önce
It’s enormous, just thinking about the driving, parking and not fitting in certain areas because it’s to big or heavy is a lot to think about. They certainly have put lots and lots of thought to this adventure…
Mike Oneil
Mike Oneil 18 gün önce
This fellow is living my DREAM life! I’d love to be able to travel all across the USA for two years with my family along for the trip; THAT’S going to make lifelong memories that his children will be telling THEIR grandchildren about 60 years from now… Well done, I envy you, Sir!
Lettuce Play
Lettuce Play 15 gün önce
I've been watching these tiny homes on wheels for awhile now and this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite one. Love it and subscribed!
Shine Sun
Shine Sun Aylar önce
Kudos for just wanting to keep your family together and spend more time with them as they grow. Sjounds like a real reality show in the making! Blessing!!!
Captain Allergy
Captain Allergy 16 gün önce
@Jugo Betrugo ikr?? This guy is "homeschooling" his kids and torturing them in like 5 sqm. I am deeply worried about the kids evolution. Very bad parenting imo, it's the parents dream to live in a bus not the kids dream
Jugo Betrugo
Jugo Betrugo 28 gün önce
yea but the kids should rather hang out with kids in their age and learn how to socialize + go to school
Heather Neff
Heather Neff 4 gün önce
I love that you wanted something different and you and your wife made it happen!!! What a blessing you can work from anywhere!!!
HqHoney Aylar önce
It’s the regard for the children that I appreciate. Many of these buses throw the kids in caskets and the parents have this palatial master suite with closed doors. I had to add a thumbs up to this video just because of that part. The convertible master area was the icing on the cake. Great job supporting their developing minds. Kudos.
Joe David
Joe David 8 gün önce
@Johann H. monged
suzanne Haley
suzanne Haley 19 gün önce
@Johann H. you clearly do not know what child abuse is. This family is doing this to have MORE TIME with their kids, quality time..AND giving them the gift of seeing this country ( before its too late)! I suspect you are young, with no kids....and too much time on your misguided hands/mind.
TheYeetus14 20 gün önce
@Kimmy I think they've had enough children.
Lora Krauss
Lora Krauss 20 gün önce
Thanks for your tour! I’m envious; (am 70 years old now). When I was a kid, my parents owned a tavern in northern Wisconsin, and my Grandma Judy (dad’s mom) lived in St Pete Florida, so we drove down there every winter for 2 weeks. My dad wouldn’t drive at night, but drove all day, but NEVER stopped anywhere. The point was always getting there ASAP. So have fun, be safe, maybe keep us posted; or better yet, take notes and write a book! I’ll keep you in my prayers for a safe journey! 🙏
M 18 gün önce
You are adept in knowing all you need to operate the bus; the electric, water, solar panels, safety rails, lighting, washing machine, etc. Very impressive. I hope your family enjoys their journey.
Alex Zavrazhniy
Alex Zavrazhniy 4 gün önce
This looks just freaking awesome! Great job! I'm highly motivated to do similar project
M2M ...
M2M ... 18 gün önce
That was amazing, taking care of the family like that and having them as priority 1 is great 👍 The bus is verybwell organised and so fun to live in
Joshua Olivero
Joshua Olivero 17 gün önce
Speechless. Didn't even know something like this could be done. Congratulations. What an inspiration.
Germaine Ludik
Germaine Ludik Aylar önce
I hope you continue to travel in your mobile home. We did it with our kids when they were little and it was the best experience they could have had. It teaches the entire family to be adaptable and flexible and also prepared for anything. Plus the value you get from spending so much time with each other is irreplaceable.
Jaden Tran
Jaden Tran 17 gün önce
@Controversy Is Me what? How is staying inside all day self-sustainable? If you like being inside all day and never go to the outside world then have fun. If anything, you are just being lazy and arrogant if you think that staying inside all day is the way to go in life
Jaden Tran
Jaden Tran 17 gün önce
@Controversy Is Me At this point you are just wanting to be lonely but you can’t justify it so you took what I say the wrong way. The whole point here is that your kids (and yourself) need the social aspect of life in order to thrive. If all you do in life is just stick with your family in a vehicle, you will never grow. Name one successful person in this world who only relies on him/herself. I will wait
Jaden Tran
Jaden Tran 17 gün önce
@Controversy Is Me yes and you shut yourself from the outside world which means you have less knowledge than everyone else. This is just one side effects - there are more than just this for this type of life. Try living this life and see for yourself. Loneliness is just one issue of many
Jaden Tran
Jaden Tran 17 gün önce
@Controversy Is Me sure if you want to be a loner and clueless then this is the way to go. I prefer having my kids getting friends but hey, everybody has a different way of taking care of their children
Julie Wilbanks
Julie Wilbanks 18 gün önce
@Jeremy Hood I did this with my now ex-husband and our special needs daughter and we had many wonderful experiences... I think she gained a lot from it and having my 1:1 attention while learning. The one warning I will give you was given to us by many people when we were planning, but we failed to take it to heart. If you and your wife argue and have times when you do not get along, you should think long and hard about living and traveling in an RV or any small place. Everything you disagree about will become magnified and make your relationship more difficult. It has led to a few divorces... including mine. I will say that I believe we would have divorced eventually, and I sometimes think the good it did for my daughter was worth it in the long run. For couples that are solid teams, it can be the best thing you've ever done and I would say GO FOR IT! I wish you great luck and success should you make this leap!
CarCounsel Aylar önce
You, sir, are an inspiration. You really raise the bar on fatherhood. So glad we watched.
Venus Richardson
Venus Richardson Aylar önce
Hands down the coolest bus conversion I’ve ever seen. Well done!
Ryan Jensen
Ryan Jensen 20 gün önce
I’d like to see an update with this family in 3 months. Big family, big bus=big adventures……and eventually big problems.
Gentleman Of Moisture
Gentleman Of Moisture 11 gün önce
They're living fine in their regular mansion.
Ham549 12 gün önce
Please don't give TLC any ideas.
JoeCubicle 13 gün önce
Nice rig! I would totally travel with you guys! I love the family aspect the most. God bless you all.
Aimie เอมมี่
I love that you didn’t make your bedroom like a private room and take half of the bus and instead make it convertible for your kid to have more space. Most of the rv family just put their kid in the bunk and that’s it. No extra space to hangout other than the living room.
# 16 gün önce
they should have done that they have no privacy
Skeletor Rocks
Skeletor Rocks 16 gün önce
@Jay HYVE yeah but you're doing the exact same thing as the Aaron character. You're basically just playing to the crowd for attention. Equally sad.
A. GM 14 gün önce
Love the bus! Just an aside, those inexpensive metalized plastic emergency blankets can be cut to each window size moistened with water, and applied to the windows. Really cools an area down.
Stavros Tsitsopoulos
Stavros Tsitsopoulos 19 gün önce
This is huge, I used to spent my summer vacations in an RV during my childhood years, but it was much smaller. Your RV is like a palace, well worth every penny!
Diana Hall
Diana Hall 21 gün önce
Beautiful story; how brave of you to take your “ahh haa” moment to heart and make a life change. Wish all kids had such loving parents. Enjoy your adventures!!
Christina Kinne
Christina Kinne Aylar önce
What a great adventure for your kids you can save while traveling and then when the kids are ready to co-mingle with their friends you can settle in a smaller place and then travel whenever you want to, sounds like fun! Beautiful home bus!
Angel A
Angel A Aylar önce
I've never seen a build quite like this one. It's really awesome how much you and your wife thought about the kids, their mental wellbeing, and their safety. No judgement to other people who are living in RV's or self built vehicles, but I do often wonder if the kids are fully able to enjoy living on a bus because there are no places to play, etc. And I know that there's outdoor spaces but there's also inclement weather, days where they are not feeling as well or up to exploring outdoors, etc. But you guys have done a truly amazing job or trying to give them everything. The safety behind the rooftop deck is really genius. I hope you enjoy the bus for years to come.
Charles Bennington
Charles Bennington Aylar önce
@Ronan Jordan Nope, not cheaper. And even worse after the depreciation.
Ronan Jordan
Ronan Jordan Aylar önce
Well the kids growing up they will have own bus one day and independent :) Guess is cheaper to buy another bus than big house :)
Charles Bennington
Charles Bennington Aylar önce
Spank Buda
Spank Buda Aylar önce
@Angel A A typical response. Look, normally when an individual says "no offense..." there's always going to be something they say offensive in their comment. And no, I'm not "bothered or offended" because I'm have a conversation with you and that you don't like the words what I typed. This "reverse psychology" tactics that you and others have done for many decades is a tell that you are the one committing these behavioral acts. The one tell is that if you wasn't bothered or offended you wouldn't need to assume to tell me that I was and just simply ignored my comment. But as a black female you must fire your weak shots off to have the last words with shaming/insults before closing the door behind you.
Maureen McKenzie Lueder
What wonderful innovative ideas you’ve employed in your pursuit of family time!
Mike Aylar önce
A family of 8 in this lifestyle is pretty hard to pull off. While the double decker is a cool idea, I think the lack of slide outs would have been a deal breaker for me if I was trying to do the same. But I imagine that will subconsciously force everyone to want to be outside more times than not. And there is where the point of this lifestyle transition lies.
Catherine Brown
Catherine Brown Aylar önce
What an amazing gift you are giving your kids. You truly are blessed to spend so much time together. Please sat “HI” to the oldest three from Mrs. Brown, their Art Teacher ❤️
JoAnn Rivera
JoAnn Rivera 20 gün önce
I love this concept. Nice job Mom n Dad. Your children are so blessed. I was raised camping. We grew up my folks bought an RV. And off they went traveling. Such great memories. Safe travels to you and yours.
Kris Johnstone
Kris Johnstone Aylar önce
This is honestly more well-thought out than a lot of professional RVs for various practical reasons. The transforming master bedroom in particular is smart. It really opens that space up for the kids to enjoy so much more. Love how open it is for any activity. Likewise the roof deck fencing, especially the part that sections off the solar panels. Very simple solution, very effective. I had a similar idea myself if I were to ever do a bus roof conversion, it really is a simple way to protect from very serious accidents if someone slipped or there was a large gust of wind suddenly. That height is... yeah, not so good to fall from lol Roofs are incredibly valuable spaces on vehicle builds and they are horribly under-utilized in so many builds that I see. Even the argument of "yeah that's where my solar goes" isn't really all that good. You can put those solar panels on a frame that rises up either manually or by motor and BOOM ton of space to chill on. Not even that expensive either, even with the electric motor versions. If anyone reading is ever considering doing a vehicle build, seriously consider doing this, it will make for a very nice change of scenery when you can chill on your roof at dusk with a cup of your favourite beverage. Either that or a side tent that expands your outdoor living space, or even a simple side awning, it really makes a difference when you can shield yourself from light bad weather but still enjoy the outdoors. Downside with side extensions is you can't really do that in a lot of areas you park outside of wilderness or larger parking spaces, roof is viable everywhere.
HighTide  •  🌑
HighTide • 🌑 Aylar önce
Gezzus- You must be rich enough to be spouting all that justifcation b.s.
Kris Johnstone
Kris Johnstone Aylar önce
@William Sevier An easy solution there would be to make them (or just one) capable of unlocking and sliding up to the edges similar to the railings when you need to pass them. In fact, adding them on to a rotating frame could be quite handy for better sun targeting depending on where you are and time. Too fiddly though lol, especially if it wasn't automated. Sure the panels don't really need an exact angle like a satellite, their efficiency angles are fairly wide.
William Sevier
William Sevier Aylar önce
I agree...a lot of great thought and design went into this build, and it looks great. Inside you don't realize how tall this thing is, but I don't think there would be any other way to somewhat comfortably house 6 kids. The only thing I saw is the location of those solar panels could be a hazard to anyone going up on the roof, they really should be moved so that you don't have to try and walk between them to get to the roof top deck. Someone at some point is going to slip and its a long ways down.
Arlo Wright
Arlo Wright Aylar önce
Good on mom and dad for sacrificing their bedroom space! Seen so many other conversions where the parents have a pretty luxurious bedroom and the kids are in short, tiny bunks
Federico Gambadori
Federico Gambadori 11 gün önce
This Is probably the best house on wheels that i ever saw, beautiful work
newlywedbeth 28 gün önce
I love your decision and the reason. Good on you for being flexible to any housing plan in the future. My friends' kids are the Tiny Shiny Home channel and they loved the road life so much with their four kids that they actually DOWNSIZED! to an Airstream. The kids were basically outside most of the time anyway. They loved it! After two years in the trailer and four years (I hope I got the timeline right!) in the tiny shiny home, they bought land in Arizona and are homesteading, still living in the Airstream.
Kelli In Texas
Kelli In Texas 23 gün önce
I grew up as one of these RV Kids in 1979-1994 LOVEDDDDDDDD IT! I crave it as an adult now! I married a man who also chases turn arounds and travels! We traveled from 2009-2017 This life makes outgoing, people loving & down for anything people! Loved the way I was raised!! Me and two siblings shared the master and my parents slept on a fold out couch. We were all so close and knew no different. Kids are so maluble, adults forget that.
game test
game test 5 gün önce
I never tried RV in my life but looking at it for a sec makes me feel better than sitting on sofa in a villa some people have mental problem thinking RV isn't the true happiness for kids
Lynne Scaddan
Lynne Scaddan Aylar önce
Your home is FANTASTIC, you've put your children's needs first, unlike a lot of other traveling parents, so top marks to you & your wife. You've had some brilliant ideas. 😗
modvault E
modvault E 23 gün önce
@JENDALL714 beyond having enough for the basic necessities of life, money has no relationship to happiness. Some of the happiest people I've ever known have also been the poorest, and there are so many miserable millionaires, it's astounding. Everyone gets to decide what success is for themselves, and for this man, a happy, cohesive family and a sense of adventure and exploration are the foundation of his happiness and therefore his success. If only we all made such choices to prioritize our own happiness, the world would be a much nicer place.
dancindan84 17 gün önce
I love the way they've converted their bed space.
Ellie Rainford
Ellie Rainford 27 gün önce
You and your wife are truly fantastic parents. The love you all have as a family and the safety, care and time you’ve all taken into converting this bus is so worth it, it’s beautiful. Great job!
Steve O
Steve O 17 gün önce
This is amazing, I can't say I could do this conversion but an RV that's already built out for 2 or 3 kids will work for me.
Robert White
Robert White Aylar önce
That’s one of the best builds by far I’ve seen! & all that room ! Very accommodating! Looks & feels cozy
random21811 Aylar önce
One of the best segments so far. Love the process you're using to build your family's adventure! Chasing 70 degrees, 2 weeks per state, re-evaluate every 6 months
Sylvia Vines Music
Sylvia Vines Music 7 gün önce
So wonderful! What a thoughtful lifestyle to Give your children! Blessings to you and your family! Thx Tiny Home Tours for always bringing interesting features!
Don Spafford
Don Spafford 20 gün önce
This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing your learning curves. I'd love to talk with you about something that may help you enjoy living the RV life even more.
Raver Operator / Heeza_Geeza
This is such a cool home!!! Love it! ♥️
Diabetic Life with Tim
I’ve been looking into doing this for quite a while myself! I live in the UK, and our housing market (even renting) is extortionate, we’re talking about the equivalent of around $1200-$1500 for a reasonably sized 3 bed apartment or house. My parents pay £1350 a month for a 3 bed former social housing property (built by the local city council in the 60’s, and sold in the 90’s). Doing this in the UK would require me getting a specific driving license on top of my regular license that enables me to drive anything up to a 7.5ton truck. It would also require me buying a patch of land to park it on when not on the road, as parking in the UK is usually not free and can quickly rack up charges (a week has costed me around £45 a couple times). Our buses are also much smaller than US buses, so I wouldn’t have as much space unless I had bus imported from the US or a very particular bus bought from a long distance bus company called Mega Bus (often much longer a little wider than regular buses). Even with those obstacles, I’d still save a butt ton of money by doing this. You can buy buses here for around £15,000 for a really good condition bus, a decent sized plot of land is around £10K to £15K too, so you’re looking at £30K max to get a bus and land. Conversion would probably cost another £10K to £12K. So a max of £42K to buy, park and convert a bus to live in full time. Compare that to £250K to £350K to buy a property here (that’s outside London, inside London’s boundaries is MUCH more expensive). The only annoying thing is that with me being type 1 diabetic, I’d have to renew my driving license (I believe) annually for a bus driving license, as well as every 3 years for my regular license. A small price to pay I guess for the freedom bus living would give me.
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
Well thought out having a separate shower. Especially with a large family. Two half baths and a separate shower was one of the best design decisions you made.
MaskedGamer2154 11 gün önce
@That Lol Guy outside you go.
Construct2011 12 gün önce
@That Lol Guy nice thirsty 3 year old ego
That Lol Guy
That Lol Guy 15 gün önce
@senni bgon nice t#ts
princessofjezuz 20 gün önce
Awesome home. You guys are doing a great job with your kids!
Tom Downing
Tom Downing 17 gün önce
I looked in my rearview mirror way too many times. This really hits home. You are an amazing person and did the right thing. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Ramon Padilla
Ramon Padilla 15 gün önce
Wow!! So Inspiring!! I wish I could live like this with my family!❤
Sandi P.
Sandi P. 14 gün önce
Looks great! I truly enjoyed the tour. God bless you and your entire family.
Hanky Aylar önce
love how fast things changed for you guys, the fact you were on a road trip and decided before making it home shows how much you value you're time with family. wish you the best for you're future travels.
K Salter
K Salter Aylar önce
I love that little switch he was talking about. It's flipped on me a couple times, and I never regretted it.
David Ascher
David Ascher Aylar önce
This is an excellent home, congratulations to your family
MyCup Overflows
MyCup Overflows 14 gün önce
I have 6 kids and I would have loved to try this when they were younger. They're 5-15 now, and this would be fun for a week or 2. But my teens would miss their privacy and the piano. Hope you enjoy your tour of the US!
Simone Uilenberg
Simone Uilenberg 19 gün önce
It looks amazing and I love it how you want to spend time with your family so you decided to change your entire life.
John Dobb
John Dobb 26 gün önce
What a great build!! No I'm not interested in your travels but I thank you for showing us your home. Certainly looks like a lot of time and money went into that. I wonder how much work of it you did and how much was contracted out? I can only imagine a lot was contracted out because it's a very complex system. Anyway, but thank you for sharing this. I hope you and your family have a great happy prosperous life. I think it's funny that this was listed by tiny home tours. This is anything but a tiny home. 😂
chapman 14 gün önce
WOW! This is an amazing transformation! I am not sure they have enough storage for clothes but it seems ok. I wish them the best, I am glad they found what makes them happy, they have to enjoy their kids when they are still young.
writercard4 23 gün önce
I love the creativity that goes into making a home and the love
john thomas
john thomas 19 gün önce
You speak well, articulated your wants and needs perfectly to the builder and came up with a perfect home for you and your kids. Towards the end of the video, you said your videos will be delayed for the safety of your kids. Good for you Big Papa. I wish only the best for you and your family on this adventure.
D K 26 gün önce
Oh wow I really admire everything you’ve done and your kids are so lucky. I grew up in a city but when I had kids I moved them out to the coast which they loved but you’re living my real dream 🤣👍 👏👏
Sahdora Aylar önce
I grew up with crappy parents in the ghetto and I'm 43 now wishing I could do this some day still. God bless you for putting your kids first and letting them TRULY LIVE. You are great parents🥰
Iya Toy
Iya Toy Aylar önce
@Marswmn whoever ⁰
Nicole Elocin
Nicole Elocin Aylar önce
🤨”Crappy parents in the ghetto.”
Choose To Shine
Choose To Shine Aylar önce
You got this! Plan your move!
Shaunna M.
Shaunna M. Aylar önce
Have you put it to God? I prayed for years that Jesus relieve my burdens of the 40+ work week grind. I wanted raise my children right, and be home with them. Jesus answered my prayers. I am humble & grateful for this gift. That said, of course we sacrifice extra spending, but it’s 💯 worth it!
Teach a man to fish
Sahdora - I hope you have kids because it’s your chance to do parenting right!
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez 18 gün önce
Ever thought about adding ceramic tint to the windows on the first floor to help the AC units work better. Might help cool down the first floor while driving or parked.
AK 15 gün önce
Love it bro, y'alls family sounds great! Hope the best for it and all of you having the best time ☺️
Clark Stone-Bear
Clark Stone-Bear 22 gün önce
Beautiful bus, looks like a fun life man. Happy for you and yours.
Rayellen Kishbach
Rayellen Kishbach 26 gün önce
This is awesome, thanks for the tour. Congrats on living the dream.
Gentleman ❤️
Gentleman ❤️ 16 gün önce
Hi Rayellen how are you doing today
James Oldman
James Oldman Aylar önce
Beautiful conversion. The double decker gives lots of room without having to go with the slides. Will be watching when you do your family updates of how it is going. Kids might want to settle down when they get older.
azimuth361 Aylar önce
I'm 5'6". I fit in a double decker nicely. Anyone taller won't like it.
Amy Bagnall
Amy Bagnall Aylar önce
It is lovely. Although if any one or more of them values solitude that might be tough.
Ritchie J
Ritchie J 25 gün önce
I’m in love with this, this is perfection. Absolute perfection
MINECRAFT & GTA V 22 gün önce
This bus is a masterpiece Wooow it's difficult classify it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 It's well designed of insideout
lisa m
lisa m 18 gün önce
What an amazing dad, wife, family! To give your love, values the opportunity for your children to see what nature/God has to offer and teaching them and you're doing it too...u don't need to be tied down and money doesn't buy happiness
bob smith
bob smith Aylar önce
I don't know why you said you didn't like the outside, I absolutely love the gray colors. It looks sleek like a sports car. Great video and thank you for the tour.
Randy Crones
Randy Crones Aylar önce
I love your build! To fix your AC unit issues - You could have floor vents (with fans) so that the air between the two levels can circulate directly (the upper floor/lower level ceiling). That way your various AC units can all help each other out as opposed to having to entirely separate zones
Monster McBoo
Monster McBoo 22 gün önce
I know from experience that works in two-story cabins so it should work in the double decker bus. We have a class A and we rely on our Max-Air fans and our little Vornado to keep the ACs from running constantly and struggling.
C K L Aylar önce
Great suggestion 👍
AfricanFlightStar 19 gün önce
FAR OUT!!!!! Absolutely amazing, well done to you all, what an incredible space you have created, congratulations! 💥💥👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Anna Pilgrim2006
Anna Pilgrim2006 25 gün önce
Beautiful design. I wish you and your family a fantastic and very lovely time on your travels! What adventure you embark on. 👍💕
S 25 gün önce
Congratulations ❤️ Your new home is beautiful! Many Happy Trails to y'all 🇺🇲
Andrea Jameson
Andrea Jameson 27 gün önce
awwww!!!! Wow this is so cool! We would love to do this in the future and travel 💞💕
It's Nicole!
It's Nicole! Aylar önce
Beautiful build, everything is gorgeous! I love how your headboard turns into a door for privacy for you and your wife! Love it, safe travels! You guys will be able to save a lot for retirement! 😜 Have fun and cherish the moments with your family! ❤️
Arcane Thoughts And Wisdom With Maji Micah
What A Kind Thing to Say ! You Have a beautiful perspective on life Nicole !! 🥰
Tyyne Viljakainen
Tyyne Viljakainen Aylar önce
Again...what surprise that this bus looks good he said he didn't build this himself.
Zoidmo 27 gün önce
Great idea. I was curious as to household financing/budget per this lifestyle choice. BTW, top deck...u can get away from city/town & spend the whole night doing nothing but gazing at the heavens. Awesome!
R N 19 gün önce
Thanks for posting....we've got a 40' diesel pusher but your rig is an absolute Beast! Good luck on your travels and stay safe.
Anastasia Phenix
Anastasia Phenix 8 gün önce
This is an amazing story. I love that your biggest motivation was family and not money (which is my problem at the moment).
TheVikingGamer 17 gün önce
I loved this, this is a big dream for my family and me aswell, but sadly its not possible in Norway, due to the system Norway is built around. Big Respect for you and your family to push your dreams, and involving the kids in the way you do ❤
Hugo 15 gün önce
Candid Aylar önce
I can listen to Big Papa all day; he speaks so eloquently and seems very tech savvy. Safe travels to you and your family.
Stephanie Spain
Stephanie Spain Aylar önce
@Johann H. Wow I’ve seen all of your other comments and you’ve said nothing but nasty things. You clearly have really negative feelings for this type of life and this family so you should move on to something else. Like a different video all together!!
SkinnaMov Aylar önce
As someone that has a Prevost H3 with 5 people, you’ll find out the pain points of your ride really quick. Hopefully you have space to expand them (tank capacities and electrical seem concerning especially boon docking.). As a software guy, logs on everything will help you navigate that. Have fun with the journey, your going to need to learn skills you never knew, that you never knew. Lots of prayers and breathing brother.
GOD'S SON Aylar önce
Double Decker Family
@Brenda we prefer boondocking, but end up hooking up because we can’t run the AC long if we aren’t hooked up.
Gmama Aylar önce
OMG The wood shower is beautiful. You did an amazing job with this bus...
My Google
My Google 21 gün önce
Wow respect not only for an amazing conversion but being able to live with 6 kids on a bus full time!!!!! & home school, I’m not sure I’m the same species, I feel ashamed bc how I get annoyed with 3 in a very large house ! Well done, a real adventure!
Cielo Azul
Cielo Azul 24 gün önce
This is so cool.... Love it... Nice to see that ppl can live and make a life anywhere... anyway... Love it ❣️ wish you guys the best
gurnoor singh
gurnoor singh 17 gün önce
Great job on building this car! Could you also create a video around the Financial planning part of it?
Cianna Coleman
Cianna Coleman Aylar önce
I love how even though your bed is the convertible one it is still contained, just covered. Many convertible beds you have to make from scratch every evening. Also love each kid having their own space.
P. willi
P. willi Aylar önce
The hidden parents bed under a kids play area was a work of Genius. So much of this build was so thought out. And the ongoing adjustment thought process, wow. Life is not set in concrete, it's flows and keeps changing direction, like a river. You, Sir, seem to have understood that more than MOST. 💕
The Fatal Physics of Falling Objects
Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science
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