DIY Coat Rack Made of Hands 

Evan and Katelyn
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Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
I dunno how y'all feel about this project but we give it 8 thumbs up 👍 Plz submit your best hand puns below ⬇ p.s. We know many of y'all are curious about how the new house is coming along. We're filming a workshop setup video in parallel w/ our project videos and we hope to have that done... well sometime lol. There are sneak peeks & mini vlogs on Patreon if you don't want to wait: www.patreon.com/evanandkatelyn
Parker Vance
Parker Vance Yıl önce
First reply
Proxy_gal22 Yıl önce
How many opposable thumbs does it take to hold up a coat
malee Yıl önce
second ryply and btw you should make a whole house for joobie
Freqenc Yıl önce
Let me give you a hand with your coat. Cool idea, I'm going to do it for my ballcaps but with heads. Applause not needed. :)
Sun Mok
Sun Mok Yıl önce
@Freqenc really? Good joke
BeatEmUps Yıl önce
This is single-handedly your best video guys
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
I can't handle such a thoughtful compliment, thank you!
Or well.... multihadedly
Nawaf Al Dossari
Nawaf Al Dossari Yıl önce
a very handful project
Ashykins Yıl önce
We really have to hand it to them
Davin C.
Davin C. Yıl önce
Hands down one of their finest pieces of content yet
RyenHeart Yıl önce
Evan and Katelyn: "This is definitely our weirdest project" Also Evan and Katelyn: *make temperature responsive toilet seat*
Kat Yıl önce
Don’t forget about the Jean butt bed for there cat
Andra Chirnicinii
hmmm.. this is worse than anything else.. ever... 😅 I would take the color changing toilet seat over this cursed thing any day 🤣
Ramiew Yıl önce
@Andra Chirnicinii a!!!!a!!
Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf Yıl önce
But that's not really weird, I'd buy a heat responsive toilet seat.
Slightly Distressed Slug
Crossed Salt
Crossed Salt Yıl önce
I love how they call it a “hand nub” when the most logical name for it would be a wrist
Lara İpek
Lara İpek Yıl önce
nah, hand nub
Kwyjibo Yıl önce
lmj Yıl önce
hand nub is the logical name
Crossed Salt
Crossed Salt Yıl önce
Esther C. wow I didn't even realize it had that many likes haha
Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf Yıl önce
*intense thinking* *Realization* OHHHHHHH,SO THATS WHAT IT'S CALLED- (I genuinely forgot 👁️👄👁️)
Sunnyspinach Yıl önce
I love that Evan’s “boop” is still in episodes. Please never stop
Emily Fogerty
Emily Fogerty Yıl önce
I literally never noticed that until now omg that's hilarious
Bobble Bardsley
Bobble Bardsley Yıl önce
If you fitted the catio with hands so Joob could get pats anytime she wants, would it be a... PATIO?? Wait... aw dammit.
Dana Weiss
Dana Weiss Yıl önce
Maybe a petio?
Melanie Wilson
Melanie Wilson Yıl önce
A patcatio?
Lara İpek
Lara İpek Yıl önce
CAT PETIO? ah. dammit.
Gustav Holmström
Kat C.
Kat C. Yıl önce
Look, you tried.
Jaden Fleener
Jaden Fleener Yıl önce
The vacuum moment was the most I think I’ve ever seen them “break character” and just play around like they weren’t on camera. Unexpectedly wholesome considering what the actual act was
Mellow Manta
Mellow Manta Yıl önce
her screaming cackle was so good, that's how I laugh w hen I absolutely lose my sh!@ so I enjoyed that immensely
wow. wow. wow.
wow. wow. wow. Yıl önce
ha, ikr lol.
pileofstuff Yıl önce
There were 2 or 3 "it's not that kind of channel" moments!
TerrifyShifty Yıl önce
Time stamps
Deebrio Yıl önce
I’m just imagining all of the potential for holiday, seasonal and random accessories. . . Mittens and gloves on the hands in the winter, bracelets and watches, gardening gloves, sweat-bands, handcuffs. . .
Becka Ruiz-Guerrero
Handcuffs 😂😂😂
Cclil cat
Cclil cat Yıl önce
Why are you arresting them???
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
@Becka Ruiz-Guerrero furry ones even ;)
yourlocalfooler Yıl önce
@Cclil cat They're getting out of hand.
non-player character
"we're not that kind of channel, evan!"
Bamzer Daniel
Bamzer Daniel Yıl önce
VENTILATION! Is going to become the new “we forgot to level it”
Alder Kliffkeep
Alder Kliffkeep Yıl önce
Don't forget mold release too
Magnolia Tree
Magnolia Tree Yıl önce
It’s taken me a while but I’ve really started appreciating Katelyn’s editing more. It seems minimal and seamless but that only attests to the quality. There are so many components, whether it be the subtitles, effects, well timed shots and cuts, or even adding wording to what she thinks was said too quietly or quickly and needs clarification. Well done.
Emily Fogerty
Emily Fogerty Yıl önce
Agreed, good editing is an art.
wayward badger
wayward badger Yıl önce
you missed a chance to call it a hand stand, then you could do another ep called foot stool. good fun vid as usual
A Nerdy Hobbit Girl
VidHoard Yıl önce
10:12 I feel like this is the first time we heard Katelyn's real laugh. I laughed my eyeballs out at this moment. 🤣 ❤️
CatJoob 9 aylar önce
Yea ❤️❤️❤️‍🔥
zizi 33girlpanini
zizi 33girlpanini 4 aylar önce
VidHoard 4 aylar önce
@zizi 33girlpanini 😂😂
Katelyn A
Katelyn A Yıl önce
Sounds like this project might’ve been a bit of a *handful*
I think it will come in very *handy* tho
antlergore Yıl önce
Andrew’s Reptiles
This is pun
harvey yt
harvey yt Yıl önce
lol hahaha
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
it was definitely challenging tho I can't put my *finger* on why...
Johanna Mckibben
Johanna Mckibben Yıl önce
To hide the visible screws, why not just put a dab of 'wood-fill' over them and sand it smooth?
hi Yıl önce
70th like
Wilbur Yıl önce
If you needed to replace the screws, what would you do?
Johanna Mckibben
Johanna Mckibben Yıl önce
@Wilbur As long as you remember where they are, just grab a screw driver and replace the screws. Wood-fill is still softer than wood.
Ioana Yıl önce
The piece is cool af, there’s only one addition I wish you guys had made to it: something to go on the top of the centre pole, like a little hat or an ornament of some sort. :)
Shianna Beccue
Shianna Beccue Yıl önce
Wood mannequin head...
Ioana Yıl önce
@Shianna Beccue …sometimes the most obvious answers are the best ones.
Zathras NotZathras
*Evan forgets their anniversary and comes home to a coat rack giving him the bird* Uhhhh.. honey?
Liss Q
Liss Q Yıl önce
The way Evan gives up on words sometimes when he’s really passionate about the making is so pleasing to my autie self P.S. t r u l y g r e g 😎
big man
big man Yıl önce
I saw the shirt too isn’t that Danny gonzales merch?
Banana Bot151
Banana Bot151 Yıl önce
@big man yes
Elizabeth Gomez
Elizabeth Gomez Yıl önce
This is… hands down the coolest coat rack I have ever seen
Triani Kamalia
Triani Kamalia Yıl önce
Seeing how you are now sponsored by brands which are able to let you create even bigger projects makes me happy! I immensely enjoyed the contents you have made so far, cursed or blessed 😂
Zoe Lehenbauer
Zoe Lehenbauer Yıl önce
Evan: "I knew I had to destroy it for reasons." Evans's brain: Reason: For fun
Nitpick Obscurity
"Because I can"
Evan Henderson-Wilson
I absolutely love your channel and I have to say it's really refreshing to see a video not based around resin. I love your random crafts like this!
Grayspace Yıl önce
This is the first time I’ve seen anything partially inappropriate on this channel and I think that was hilarious😂
Beth Trumm
Beth Trumm Yıl önce
I was waiting for a not that kind of channel comment lol
Izzy Yıl önce
I’ve been scrolling threw the comments for 15mins looking for one of these 😂
Leviathan Sandkeeper
You two have such genuine fun together, you're always such a joy to watch!
Princess Leia
Princess Leia Yıl önce
You’ve got to HAND 🤚🏽 it to E&K for their creativity, definitely including Katelyn’s editing! Can we get a video on the editing process? Then Evan can do his Technology Corner office/gaming setup tour!
Mackenzie T
Mackenzie T Yıl önce
You guys really deserve a big HIGH-FIVE after this project! 👏🙏✋
•sᴏᴍᴇʙᴏᴅʏ ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ•
I see you two are already making your house feel like a home 😂
angeleyes12323 Yıl önce
Katlyn's editing is always spot on 🤣 the kittens 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛
Jimmer Seiber
Jimmer Seiber Yıl önce
The vacuum clip was one of the greatest moments of your channel ever haha mostly because Katelyn found it just as hilarious as Evan did hahaah
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Yıl önce
You guys are maybe the most happy and wholesome thing that exists on the internet. I always hope for the best for you guys and I hope that Evan is recovering well! So glad to hear things are looking up, good luck you guys! So luck love and happiness sent your way from this Kevin!
Vadim Banev
Vadim Banev Yıl önce
You two are just awesome! No matter how poorly a day is going, I can always go to your channel, click on a random video, and charge up on positivity!
Deadly Soy
Deadly Soy Yıl önce
There are so many TRvid references, katelyn is wearing a camp [Redacted] shirt, Evan is wearing a truly Greg shirt, the a hot dog is a sandwich podcast. Love it
Spencer Yıl önce
I love both of those ofc Greg the largest fanbase on the internet
Beeish0Fries Yıl önce
Momento mori
JustAHuman Yıl önce
We were here.😔
Banana Bot151
Banana Bot151 Yıl önce
@Spencer fastest growing don't look it up
tired-snail Yıl önce
i'm not gonna lie, i am extremely jealous that you guys got a glowforge! also the project looks great, all thumbs up!
Abi Bissett
Abi Bissett Yıl önce
You two should really make a DIY kaleidoscope. I think that would be a really fun and interesting project.
Adi Vizgan
Adi Vizgan Yıl önce
Only you guys can make a video about wooden hands so good and entertaining, this is awesome!
Chris. Yıl önce
The final plushie came in the mail today and I was honestly surprised with how great the quality is on all three of them. They look amazing. Thanks guys.
Kelsey Bucknell
Kelsey Bucknell Yıl önce
With all of the sponsors cool new pieces of equipment and all of your silly jokes and puns, this video has me grinning from ear to ear :D so happy for you both, you deserve everything good that is coming to you
Calvin Clark
Calvin Clark Yıl önce
K: "today we're going to be making a coat rack out of hands" E: "why?" Me: "because Ikea sells hands"
“ Spr0ut “ ☻♐︎
IKEA selling hands is single handedly..handy :)
I love these guys so much they're so adorable together and makes the most cursed but awesome things 😂😂
Jason Birch
Jason Birch Yıl önce
I've gotta hand it to you , this is hands down the best video for a coat hanger. The waves of ingenuity leave me hooked for more of this kind of video. What stands out is the way your intro hooked me in, held me in place with the tactile approach of a maker video. I'll fetch my coat.
Tuulia Tamminen
Tuulia Tamminen Yıl önce
This is the cutest video! The editing is getting so on point, love you two.
Sophie Marie
Sophie Marie Yıl önce
If you guys made these and sold them, I would 100% be buying one! I can already picture this in my flat ❤️
Bev ish
Bev ish Yıl önce
I love how you guys never cut corners (at least not intentionally 😅) like making the wrists the same width, always finishing everything so well etc.
Shelby Felts
Shelby Felts Yıl önce
They need to make Joobie a “human-free cat petter” with hands just mounted for her to get pets all the time.
CaseyMaggie Yıl önce
Legit came to say the same thing. Joob needs a petting station.
ber Yıl önce
that fit along w the jeans butt bed
Lynn Harris
Lynn Harris Yıl önce
This needs to happen!
littledergon Yıl önce
Maybe with some electronics to make the hand move
Jan Boll
Jan Boll Yıl önce
@littledergon Yeah - motion or touch activated (um - cat-tivated?).
Crystal L
Crystal L Yıl önce
You guys are the only channel where I don't skip over the sponsored ad content. Yours are always super well done and entertaining.
Great job! Love the end result 💜
Bridgeotto Yıl önce
Wow that coat rack slaps! I wood expect it to be a very handy piece of furniture. Though it looks like it was all hands on deck for a moment there, you really knuckled down and made an applause worthy rack.
100% Artificial
100% Artificial Yıl önce
This is hands down one of my favorites of your creations. I would like to make one, but I'll probably have to ask for a helping hand. This video will definitely come in handy when figuring out how to make it!
8circlesofhell 4 aylar önce
this is really cool!! if I was making it, I'd have painted the fingernails the same colour as the base to really tie the whole piece together :0 I love the idea
Waffle Yıl önce
Someone: selling hands Evan and katelyn: *We’ll take your WHOLE STOCK*
Aiden Losee
Aiden Losee Yıl önce
Fun fact its IKEA that sells the hands
-SW33T♡GUT5- Yıl önce
@Aiden Losee they mentioned it-
R Shadow
R Shadow Yıl önce
I gotta hand it to you, this is a really great video! That coat hanger is really handy!
Krystyna Rohde
Krystyna Rohde Yıl önce
I love you guys! Thank you for keeping me company on a sick day 💕 best channel recommendation TRvid ever gave!
Madeline Yıl önce
this is *hands down* the best project you guys have ever made
alice torres
alice torres Yıl önce
This is hands down your best project yet!
Sean Stevens
Sean Stevens Yıl önce
The look on Katelyn's face when Evan hit the ceiling 🤣 "It's been less than a month, I'd like to keep our ceiling for a bit longer, please"
Dixie Cripps
Dixie Cripps Yıl önce
How many videos until he falls through the ceiling in the new house?
Oliver Coine
Oliver Coine Yıl önce
I'm actually surprised they didn't color the hands and made it super simplistic. I was expecting a hand of different seasons or something! XD But it was still awesome to see it come together!
Stracia Yıl önce
This is hands down one of the most handy ideas you guys had!!
Dot2TheLock Yıl önce
You guys are really becoming my new threadbangers iv been watching them since they lived in NYC with backyard effects and you give off the same vibe
Tad0t Yıl önce
7:10 I love how Evan's wearing a truly greg shirt from Danny Gonzalez' merch line. so wholesome.
Falsehood Intensifies
Falsehood Intensifies 6 aylar önce
Also Katelyn's wearing a [REDACTED] channel merch!
Red Riot
Red Riot 2 aylar önce
This is hands down, single-handedly your most handsome project!
michelle james
michelle james Yıl önce
When katelyn scream laughs at the vacuum insident, i was crying with laughter. Love you guys, thanks for being hilarious
Little Squishie
Little Squishie Yıl önce
I'm just saying I can tell you guys have your mojo going at a higher level than usual becuase the editing is extra spicy funny today!
Matt Hornsby
Matt Hornsby Yıl önce
Your handmade projects are the best!
Karen Rademacher
Karen Rademacher Yıl önce
I really like the fun and functionality combined!! 🤗 Very cool!! 👍👍 Time to use the sawdust with resin to create fun things!! 😉
Seybl Yıl önce
Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your videos because they are so entertaining but calm at the same time that it really helps me to get the transition between gaming all night and calm down to sleep afterwards. I love to watch your videos because they are just fun, calm and overall amazing vibes that make me smile. I always see forward to the new video when you post a teaser on ig so that I check yt daily bc of you haha. Keep the work up guys, whatever, I wish you all good in the world
Audrey Caviness
Audrey Caviness Yıl önce
Katelyns laugh at 10:13 is the best thing ever
Joseph Yıl önce
It’d be a tad more cursed with a wooden head on top for hats
Arturo Huete
Arturo Huete Yıl önce
Tibsentribe Second Channel
They should make a hat rack. Pretty much any craft store sells styrofoam heads.
Its me
Its me Yıl önce
littledergon Yıl önce
Or the beard
Nikki Nguyen
Nikki Nguyen Yıl önce
and what, feet for slippers?
William Blankenship
Y’all are so handy! This gives me @Simone Giertz vibes! You two are my fav you tubers and I think a collab with her would be so cool!!
Šrot Yıl önce
Do a project where you put broken glass into resin. I want to see what it looks like. I saw you did glass marbles and I thought this would be cool.
That sounds cooool
Karl Alan
Karl Alan 10 aylar önce
I think Peter Brown did one or two videos of this, if you're still wanting to see that.
JDB's extras
JDB's extras Yıl önce
Katelyn's editing is top notch 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anthony Wiktor
Anthony Wiktor Yıl önce
Who said you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole? With Glowforge anything is possible! Great video! 🤣👏🏼👏🏼
Neko Yıl önce
Hands down one of my favourite videos you guys have made 😂
AtomicPudding Yıl önce
"It's a lot less cursed that I imagined!" Wait until you pass by it in the middle of the night
Tainted Pure
Tainted Pure Yıl önce
You see the silhouette of the hands. You're not sure if you imagined it, but you think the hand was in a different position before. Was it your partner who did that? Because you didn't touch it.
Ariana Stephens
Ariana Stephens Yıl önce
Right then and there, its like a horror movie, as the hands start to creepily drop the coats.
Scooter Yıl önce
Hands coming to grab you
Elizabeth Marcum
Elizabeth Marcum Yıl önce
Congratulations you wrote a horror story about a coat rack covered in hands 😀
Anni Yıl önce
you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of something wooden dropping to the floor. you ignore it and go back to sleep. just hours later you're awaken again and as you open your eyes you see 8 hands crawling up to you with a rattling sound
mooq! Yıl önce
Good one! btw: just countersink the screws and fill the holes with sawdust (you already mentioned you have enough) and glue mixed together, then sand it down to level. Should look much better than just the ugly screws.
Sabrina Morelli
Sabrina Morelli Yıl önce
You guys are so handy. Gotta hand it to you. It turned out handtastic!
Cheezbuckets Yıl önce
I’ve gotta hand it to you guys, I can’t put my finger on it, but this may be single-handedly the most handy household project you’ve ever handed to your audience! If I write the word “hand” enough times, it’ll eventually become a joke, right?
xX-Ghost-Xx Yıl önce
I've gotta hand it to yah.... This is beautifully blurssed, I love it.
finnigan16 Yıl önce
Wonderful video as usual! Quick recommendation: you guys should pick up a set of Dowel Center and Transfer punches. They're affordable, and very handy ;) when using dowel tenons for joinery.
BIGCapriSun Yıl önce
I think Jenna Marbles might hands down approve of this project.
Ashley Haubert
Ashley Haubert Yıl önce
Katelyn’s choker was all the evidence I needed. 😂
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan Yıl önce
Sabal Yıl önce
gosh what i would give for a glowforge. You guys are so lucky! Hopefully one day. My friend and I have endless possibilities. also weirdly love the coat rack.
V1nceisgod 10 aylar önce
The vacuum moment just goes to show katelyn is focused on cleaning while evan is well… evan 🤣🤣🤣
My neighbors built a version of a catio that looks similar to Joob’s from the inside, but it’s essentially a tunnel that goes to a large outdoor room enclosed with chicken wire, so their cat has room to walk around “outside” but still be safe, since he can’t escape. I would love to see you guys do something similar for Joobs in your new house!
May Shepherd
May Shepherd Yıl önce
Love all the crazy spins yall put on everyday items like this. Also, I was able to get one of the plushies of yall. I ended up getting Joob and I love her
OMGlitters 11 aylar önce
I would have painted the wood hand nails black to fit with the black base! Super cool project! I want one now
Liza Kalytenko
Liza Kalytenko Yıl önce
The Way Katelyn always has to finish Evans sentences is so funnt
concretetsunami Yıl önce
Just a thought to hide the screw a little, counterbore that screw then put a matching dowel in it and flush cut it. Great video! As always.
The way Evan said, “That was a big screw! How much do coats WEIGHHH?” 🤣🤣🤣
joel Yıl önce
this is such a handy diy project!
Janel Cloutier
Janel Cloutier Yıl önce
The original Willy Wonka (1971) had a hand wall rack, but it was real hands and grabbed the coats 😆 Missed you guys; glad to see you back!
Rae Jay
Rae Jay Yıl önce
I so love your opening montages.😍
Arlette Yıl önce
Let’s give Evan and Katelyn a round of applause for this episode 👏🏻
Skate gaming studios
I agree
SALT T Yıl önce
CSN Yıl önce
Do they have a PO Box? We should all ship them an endless supply of hands until all of their projects are hand-based and the entire new house is hand-themed.
Bowl Of Shortness
I’ve gotta *hand* it to you, this is such a *handy* coat rack
EvergreenPeaks Yıl önce
I’ve gotta Hand it to you this was a really smart idea 🦌🦊✨
It looks like that project was quite a Handful tho
Sohvi Suomi
Sohvi Suomi Yıl önce
I love this idea. I actually have a similar hand on my wall to hold a pendant light.
Deja Yıl önce
It's handy to learn that sometimes 1 dowel isn't always enough. You could have always counter sunk the holes for the screws and use wood filler or small wood plugs to cover them up. Mind you, it's not too late to do that if you feel the need to. :P
abbyabby Yıl önce
This could also be a cool ring/jewelry holder!!
ginacervi Yıl önce
Wow, I walk into IKEA and see inexpensive decor, you walk into IKEA and see inexpensive creepy wood hands and make a complicated coat rack that lets you play with thousands of dollars of tools to assemble. Its perfect for you guys, 8 thumbs up
William Thomson
William Thomson Yıl önce
Hello, how are you doing
Mrs.Cupcake Yıl önce
Such a hands on project. I give it a thumbs up.
DearPajamaParty Yıl önce
It came out great! I like it a lot! 😊
Manon Yıl önce
I love that the hands can be arranged in all sorts of different ways 😄✌🏻🤟🏻☝🏻🤙🏻
Magical Mishap
Magical Mishap Yıl önce
I've got to hand it to you guys, this thing seems pretty lit. I bet it could really come in handy if I'm ever in need of a coat hanger. Its single-handely one of the most creative/wacky things I've ever seen!
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