Divorced Dad Mistreats His Ex-Wife Then He Learns An Important Lesson | Dhar Mann

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The way you treat your ex-wife or ex-husband will also shape how your child treats their significant other.
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13 Feb 2020




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Naomi Reber
Naomi Reber 2 saatler önce
Eddie's ex wife is so beautiful
Jackobeans9001 YT
Jackobeans9001 YT 12 saatler önce
Dhars mom: did you break the vase? Dhar: well you see
Antika Rani Roy
Antika Rani Roy 20 saatler önce
More like :Happy valentine day
Ewok Yep
Ewok Yep 22 saatler önce
Imagine going to Disneyland for mother’s day?
Prc clark
Prc clark Gün önce
uknowitboy Gün önce
2:51 the face I make when my mother congratulates my brother for a good result on a test
Killua Gün önce
My dad, Is like Kevin well should I say my ex-dad because my mom and dad divorced. I don't really miss my dad though. I just want my dad to be a better man
Brooklyn Lopez (Student)
Me Sad When I Can't Go To Disneyland 👁💧👄💧👁
Mike Beathe
Mike Beathe Gün önce
3:41 who else noticed the dahr man magazine?
Tanya Marie
Tanya Marie Gün önce
This is so true...I went through a very nasty divorce/ custody battle years ago...we were in court all the time over the littlest things until one day I realized what it was doing to our children...at that point I just stopped arguing and fighting...we have to learn that even though we might not like/love each other anymore we have to put aside those feelings for the kids..what we show them , they will see
Monique DarkAngel
I am sharing all your videos via skype >^.^
Star Sunshine
Star Sunshine Gün önce
This is like part 2 of about the nagging thats actually caring
sylvia morales
sylvia morales Gün önce
Why did the other guy do you have a divorce that would be perfect for each other
Amra Mujic
Amra Mujic 2 gün önce
Why they always say (you see)
TheIbis 2 gün önce
The part where they learn they're lesson is kinda cringy- Please don't attack me My brain just functions that way So please. Dont-
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 2 gün önce
Actor:so you see... me:**already crying**
Micah Camerino
Micah Camerino 2 gün önce
Just because you are divorced that doesn’t mean that u should be rude to ur ex
Flamin Hot Red
Flamin Hot Red 2 gün önce
6:53 u look like a german shepherd:/
Chelsey Davids
Chelsey Davids 2 gün önce
Hey dhar !You have awesome and inspiring videos!I watch them so much i now know your outro ! You and your actors are such an inspo to me!
bilal ahmad
bilal ahmad 3 gün önce
end of every story : " so you see"
Evelyn Mukungu
Evelyn Mukungu 3 gün önce
The way the mother said wow sounded cute. 😊
Orbin Moreno
Orbin Moreno 3 gün önce
Does anyone realise the kid is in pipers squad and is crushing on symmone. (Don't know how to spell her name)
A Blessed Oreo
A Blessed Oreo 3 gün önce
Has anyone realized that after EVERY flashback or like showing stuff that person says “So you see”
Jafet Miranda
Jafet Miranda 4 gün önce
Thank you dhar mhan you have really change my life Thank you so much
A.N Carson
A.N Carson 4 gün önce
The dad who taught the other dad if you see him in a video you know it’s gonna be heartfelt
anna piskorzyi
anna piskorzyi 4 gün önce
When you hear “ you see keep i hipe and deep
anna piskorzyi
anna piskorzyi 4 gün önce
Not that
anna piskorzyi
anna piskorzyi 4 gün önce
When “you hear and keep it hipe and deep
Midnight_gacha 5 gün önce
Guess they always say u need learn parenting...
Eris Fabella
Eris Fabella 5 gün önce
Your outri song looks scary XD btw I still love your vids! Stay safe! Dhar! :)
Brayen Brayen
Brayen Brayen 5 gün önce
When u said "Disneyland" isn't there coronavirus his dad correct because Disneyland is a very gud place to get coronavirus
Jaden Bates
Jaden Bates 5 gün önce
Every single heart warming generous inspiring video I like it even before the video starts 😭😭😭
Jayson Vo
Jayson Vo 5 gün önce
he might be running out of advices but has different actors
Itzel Jacinto
Itzel Jacinto 5 gün önce
They made a part two
violet Robinson
violet Robinson 6 gün önce
mom: why did you hit emma at school me:so you see mom: ok i know now i'm so sorry me:my plan has worked! mom::wait what me:nothing 😏
Ethan Kat
Ethan Kat 6 gün önce
I’m so confused the other ex husband treats his ex wife so nice, so why in the world are they divorced???
Mary Little
Mary Little 6 gün önce
Oh Man love all ur videos
FattyCakes BunBuns
FattyCakes BunBuns 6 gün önce
I'm sorry but I disagree with this videos message... As someone who is married to a man who has a child from a divorce, as they (ex couple) continued a relationship like the one in this video while we had just gotten married about 2 years ago... It crossed WAY too many lines and boundaries and made me feel like the other woman and didn't prioritize me or our child... I think if you aren't seeing anybody seriously and you aren't remarried that's one thing but if you are remarried it's another thing and it's just too many lines crossed... It doesn't help him or her move on from the relationship, it doesn't help the ex certainly move on from the relationship and encourages leeching if they're that kind of person, and it most certainly does not help the child and creates a false expectation and a false hope... Feel free to disagree- this is just how I feel in my own experience with this sort of thing. I am simply not comfortable with the idea of my husband interacting in this way / pampering his ex-wife / doing things for her that he would not had done for me at a drop of a hat just to keep the appearance that everything is okay for the child... It sends a mixed message and is confusing for everybody! I'm on the side of the other man, you left for a reason how can you move on with your life if you interact like you're still married, it also gives the child false hope and that's not fair to them... Take it from me, my stepdaughter has begged for everybody to live together and I don't mean hang out together I mean live TOGETHER- all sleeping in the same house under one roof... And that's just because of the fault of what my husband's done alone in the past when we first started dating where we all lived together... It's just like out of a Jerry Springer episode!!!! Very awkward don't recommend it doesn't work and it builds resentment from all parties... Not worth it sorry you can do all those things if that video is trying to tell you and be the parent/role model your child needs you to be without bending over backwards for an ex, you can still do that without the ex with you all the time / a little too close for comfort... otherwise your ex is going to expect to be invited to your new spouse's wedding and expect to hold her / his first baby with you... It may sound extreme but yes this happens it happened to me it's real if you don't set boundaries then you're effed in your new serious long-term relationship / marriage
thewaterninja's adventures
Aren’t they in America? Like, DisneyLAND is in FRANCE, so they’re flying so far
Aly Req
Aly Req 7 gün önce
My parents hate each other lol.
꧁꧁PotatoTea Boomer꧂꧂
Mother:Explain to be WHY DID YOU HIT ME IN THE ARM JUST NOW? Me: So you see.... Mother: Oh, I didnt even notice.. Im so sorry sweetie...
Nat W
Nat W 7 gün önce
hoW COuLd hE nOT WaNT tO GO To DIsNeY LaND OmL
Giovanni Tovar
Giovanni Tovar 7 gün önce
The kid was in piper Rockell nice
sceptre kulit
sceptre kulit 8 gün önce
When i hear the music i will just cry.
M. Athallah Nur Hidayat
Straight Up... *OMG*
Sarai De mendoza
Sarai De mendoza 8 gün önce
Mendyl Landau
Mendyl Landau 9 gün önce
Is very good there is is a saying thet i s never to late
Jade O 'Hara
Jade O 'Hara 9 gün önce
Too Good advice but shouldn't this video be the other way around !
Aidan John WIRTH
Aidan John WIRTH 9 gün önce
Owoooooooooo poooop heeeeeaaaaaddddd
Marvin Ayson
Marvin Ayson 9 gün önce
Benedict Koala
Benedict Koala 9 gün önce
I feel like something is mixed up in this message.... like that they don’t do it for the ex, but for the kid. No matter what the person is to you, always treat them with respect, even if your divorced, and don’t have a kid it doesn’t mean you treat a woman that way. Always treat someone right.
Food_noob 9 gün önce
Me and my bestfriend were dating we broke up but we were still such good friends
Bellaboo 9 gün önce
My parents are divorce and you should never fight or be rude or mistreat them even when they are your EX-wife
Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans 9 gün önce
He probably saw her in too many, Dhar Mann videos🤷🏻‍♂️
Good life Com
Good life Com 10 gün önce
If only some of our South African father's did these things for their kids !!!😤😤😤😤😤😤
StopMo Spartan
StopMo Spartan 10 gün önce
Why was this video released before the divorce video
Kaylee Mwa
Kaylee Mwa 11 gün önce
2:52 that face of cringe tho Lol
RAYHAN Shanawaz
RAYHAN Shanawaz 10 gün önce
Mateo Editsシ yessir
Anah Handayani
Anah Handayani 11 gün önce
It is so cool
MJpenguin 1707
MJpenguin 1707 11 gün önce
6:21 his brain "isnt kevin the name of the kid in home alone?"
周秀娟 11 gün önce
I loved that message
jeffrey driessen
jeffrey driessen 11 gün önce
I dont like when woman hide behind their childeren i dont respect that
Angela Woodside
Angela Woodside 12 gün önce
Wow a great lesson 👍
Kayur Sewsunker
Kayur Sewsunker 12 gün önce
Teacher : where is your home work Me : so you see...
Unknown k1ng 1 hand3r
Unknown k1ng 1 hand3r 12 gün önce
Luke’s dad is a super good actor
Michael Shane
Michael Shane 12 gün önce
dhar mann u should make a video that u r in it it would be cool :]
Justin Liu
Justin Liu 12 gün önce
Let’s talk about how good their acting is 😊😊😊
Margaux Soliman
Margaux Soliman 13 gün önce
My parents are also divorced and they are so far away from these actions from this story..🙂
James Kegley
James Kegley 13 gün önce
*you see*
Jemimah Grace Phiri
Jemimah Grace Phiri 14 gün önce
Daniel Lu
Daniel Lu 14 gün önce
Divorced Dad Mistreats His Ex-Wife Then He Learns An Important Lesson | Dhar Mann
YaBoyCon 14 gün önce
Wow we definitely can’t see the flowers behind his back
ITI MAITY 15 gün önce
Riham said
Riham said 15 gün önce
That boy Kevin I noticed him in this super hero movie called Shazam
Tina Hepler
Tina Hepler 15 gün önce
who never watched till the end and never new the husband came back
s201600079 5C10高樂施
Why don’t anyone say about James look King like a little bit Donald Trump
adam mohammed
adam mohammed 16 gün önce
مسنحنيحنمي نذنبحيني
Sheeta Properties
Sheeta Properties 16 gün önce
Divorce is nothing. Parents don't think about their children's life when they divorce. Kids will get stressed or trauma because eof this it is so sad
Tox1city Builds
Tox1city Builds 16 gün önce
3:42 who else noticed he had a dahr man book
Athena Abordo
Athena Abordo 16 gün önce
Omg I didn't notice haha 😂
Poopid Woopid
Poopid Woopid 17 gün önce
My parents are divorced but dont hate on me but thats kindof accurate my mom and dad dont hang around eachother on mothers day...so thats kinda inaccurate
UBD Faker
UBD Faker 17 gün önce
Pin my comment for Nothin 😂
Cleotha Hollings worth
Some people relationship can be this cover of everything they do
Emma Gacha
Emma Gacha 17 gün önce
This video also tells us that even when we have different colors of skin, we can still be friends👏
Julie Harrison
Julie Harrison 17 gün önce
Just cause you’re not together anymore doesn’t mean you’re enemies
Jazzy G. Jackson - Yaman
Being a gentleman or a good man, a good citizen will always starts at HOME or in parents because I believe they are the models of the new generations. Even they are DIVORCE...
Gurmit Singh
Gurmit Singh 17 gün önce
Kevin is always the mean one in other videos but sometimes
Violet Cream' Wolf
Violet Cream' Wolf 17 gün önce
Wait...why is the door open? Imagine is there was a thief instead of James 😳
Ryder Unangst
Ryder Unangst 18 gün önce
2:50 He looks 50 and she looks 15 895-674-7588 ChIlD ProTecTiOn SeRvIcEs
achi aav
achi aav 18 gün önce
Kinda hoped he walked on them to see the son talk back to the mom and the beginning of him mistreating her, that way the dad would apologize to her and the son would do the same to at the end
River Perumal
River Perumal 18 gün önce
I can definitely relate to this video like 999999% But only difference is that my dad is fun
Alaa Jaz
Alaa Jaz 18 gün önce
When he says when u share u help others but i hear that his saying when u share the vid u help me get nore veiws amd money
òen 18 gün önce
buffet panda Rico
buffet panda Rico 18 gün önce
maghraby media
maghraby media 18 gün önce
What this is teaching us also is tk teat every one nicely weather it's twards your ex wife, a homeless person a stranger etc. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Corgiwolf Potatoqueen
Corgiwolf Potatoqueen 19 gün önce
You're skits inspired me to write some meaningful story's. Here is a example of a story I wrote meaning You're actions can effect others Everyone is equal And I am writing more
SHERY ASHTIE 19 gün önce
if he still doing nice things , what’s the point of getting a divorced?
Jill Butler
Jill Butler 19 gün önce
Bruh I cant believe that this man came in here like if his wife did something you should be happy for what you have not for what you want ever
Linda Barney
Linda Barney 19 gün önce
They thought they was going at Disneyland but on March covid 19 start 🤣🤣🤣
Roblox GirlGaming
Roblox GirlGaming 19 gün önce
Why everyone call a 13,14,15 year old child and I’m only 10 and born in 2010 and littirly my uncle call me an old woman and woman😫 BUT IM STILL A CHILD😭😭😭😭
K work for The Most High
This would have been good except for the child molesting disney land garbage, along with the 33 symbolism of the micky mouse ears.
Khadija Elwakil
Khadija Elwakil 19 gün önce
It not only because of the son it is also because she is still a human