Diving into a Moving Swim Cap at 1000FPS - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
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Most swim caps are put on while stood on the ground, but that doesn't always have to be the case.
Also that bloke in the thumbnail looks familiar.
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Filmed at 1000FPS on the Phantom VEO 4K PL
Diving into a Moving Swim Cap - The Slow Mo Guys



21 Oca 2022




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The Slow Mo Guys
Tunnel complete.
The joy I felt when Gav scooted over after introducing himself was indescribable. Dan birthing himself from the earth was just the icing on the cake.
So good to have Dan back. Huge props to Gav for keeping the show going, but I always got such a sense of sadness in his solo videos that is completely gone in this one. The slo mo guys are back!
Not Gary Oldman
I really like that after all these years Gav and Dan are still using the minimal editing and production style, as well as understated performances in front of camera. I'm sure it's deliberate, and I think I can speak for us all when I say that it's appreciated.
Hacker By Night
That clip at the end, even if staged it was so wholesome and heartfelt. Glad to have you back Dan!
Welcome Back Dan!!!! That was the single most joyous moment I've had in the past year. So happy to see you guys back together again!
Hearing you guys laughing together is so refreshing and kind of nostalgic too. You guys are a great team and glad to see ya back together!
Zachary Weitl
The Slow Mo durring the “Dark Times” was great and educational. This, however, is Comedy. You two bring the best content together. Welcome Back Dan and a huge thanks to Gav for keeping the channel rolling. Cant wait for more!!!
MechaNick W.
OMFG - I've been watching while Dan has been away, and love Gav solo - but there is something about the infectious chemistry between the two of you that just makes the world a bit cheerier and better. Welcome back, Dan!!!!
Cat Girl
i’m so happy dan is back! props to gav for keeping it up solo, but he seems also so much happier in this video. missed this a lot!
asioe kiou
I'm glad Gav kept the show going the pandemic, but I am SOOOOO happy Dan's back. There's pure, palpable joy in this video, and that really is what made it worth watching.
Jarno Jansen
The sheer fact of them having fun makes this channel so fun to watch
I'm so glad Dan is back we have missed him. Brill entry and brill freak out ending. Gavin's reactions was the same as mine haha.
Gabriel Sanabria
So happy to see Dan back! The solo vids were still cool to watch but the shenanigans and dynamic between you both is what makes the channel I think!! So much gratitude to you both for all the incredibly content!
Samuel Baxter
Dan!! Gav!! Together again! This is glorious. Can’t wait to see you BOTH in the next One. Seeing you two back in action after these dark years just lifted my son and my spirits, thank you!!
Matthew Stauffer
This makes me so happy. It must have been emotionally difficult be stuck apart like that. So happy to see Dan back and hear Gav laugh again!
Anweshan Roy Chowdhury
And finally DAN is back. This literally feels like a dream!
Tyler Claypool
I LOVED the ending. Looks like you guys really missed each other. Much 💕
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