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0:00 - 1:23 Introduction
1:24 - 2:28 Reaction
2:29 - 3:14 Hyunjin's Inspiration
3:15 - 4:15 Reaction cont.
4:16 - 5:00 The Art of "Hairography"
5:01 - 5:37 Reaction cont.
5:38 - 6:50 Complexity & Control
7:52 - 9:25 Reaction cont.
9:26 - 10:12 HYUNJIN IS SWEATY AF!
10:13 - 11:42 Passion of Hyunjin and the K-Pop Industry
11:43 - 12:37 SHOE ANALYSIS
12:38 - 13:24 Reaction cont.
13:25 - 15:22 Final Thoughts & Outro




16 Eki 2021




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Anonymous Beardy
Anonymous Beardy 3 aylar önce
SKZ without Hyunjin already got high score in kingdom, if Hyunjin was in there, then SKZ would be unbeatable in every round
Giovanna Orozpe Rodríguez
Totally, but he did not miss Kingdom, Kingdom missed him. He is too much for Mnet
PDL T. 2 aylar önce
And this is FACT!
Lino's Toe
Lino's Toe 2 aylar önce
@ineedthatkindofconfidencewhenjypsangwaekurachimola Sorry but your name distracts me kskjskjssk
• 𝅄ׁ ⸙͎ Mahina
@azshadow32 If you think that what do you do watching a solo Hyunjin video? came to compare to see if he did better than your favorite? each has their individual talent, which should not be compared but appreciated and respected, and Hyunjin should not be mentioned when it comes to the kingdom as he did not participate.
azshadow32 3 aylar önce
I think Hyunjin and SKZ are awesome but ATEEZ killed itnon kingdom as well. I loved seeing them working together as well.
Gaea Rin
Gaea Rin 3 aylar önce
It's definitely sweat that you saw. Hyunjin sweats a lot that it tends to rain lmao 😂 he also tends to glisten which is attractive as hell
Kayla Feng
Kayla Feng 4 gün önce
rain lmao
Jyjae 3 aylar önce
@G. TH skdkdl no
ignore me
ignore me 3 aylar önce
@haru okinawa 😆Yea yea
haru okinawa
haru okinawa 3 aylar önce
IN is proud of u 😌✨
G. TH 3 aylar önce
he's shiny like a Twilight's vampire xD
Кулёк 🍀
Кулёк 🍀 3 aylar önce
It wasn't Hyunjin who lost the Kingdom. This Kingdom has lost Hyunjin. It still hurts that he was so framed and that he was not there. He would gobble up the scene every round. There are many good dancers, but such exceptional performers and all round skill dancers are rare
Aeonys Aylar önce
We were robbed q.q
ignore me
ignore me 3 aylar önce
@Hanniesung :3 hyunjin is perfect
Hanniesung :3
Hanniesung :3 3 aylar önce
Not to mention that he's attractive and can sing and rap
Agero Agnis
Agero Agnis 3 aylar önce
Penguin Minariii
Penguin Minariii 3 aylar önce
True. I'm glad he came back 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Seungmin Kim
Seungmin Kim 3 aylar önce
"How can you not like this man though?" The very question that's been up for people who have been making fun of Hyunjin and Stray Kids in general. Thank you for highlighting his definitely hard moves and for also emphasizing how 'passionate' Hyunjin is. I look foward to more 'dissecting videos' with Stray Kids from you! More power to you and your team!
StephanieSTAY 3 aylar önce
Hyunjin's dancing is phenomenal and I actually want him to have a duet with Taemin feom SHINEE. MOTF also choreographed Thunderous and I think other songs as well. They have an Instagram account and they post the dances they choreograph. I love your dance analysis videos, gives me more in depth understanding of the dance itself, so thank you.
tamiirae 3 aylar önce
Duuuuude a duet with Taemin and Kai would take me out!!! 😭😭😭
Baunaventure Kathy
Baunaventure Kathy 3 aylar önce
@ELLIOTT NEW VILLAGE indeed I always enjoy the dance more when you analyzed it because I know how hard they go , but you’re explaining make it 10 times better😊😊😊😊😊😊💯💯💯👍🏿👍🏿
A. Christian
A. Christian 3 aylar önce
@StephanieSTAY I think it's only 4 times? I actually laugh when I see him do that habit so I'm glad the next part they hard wet looking his hair 😁 though he kinda forget later & shake his hair. Hyunjin such a fun talented dude
Giovanna Orozpe Rodríguez
@candy^ㅅ^Dlight the dream
candy^ㅅ^Dlight 3 aylar önce
I wanted too in whole kpop i can definitely say hyunjin is great dancer and performer with most strong qualities and facial expressions , my too 3 is kai teamin hyunjin It's my dream seeing stage hyunjin best kai and teamin
jenny 3 aylar önce
hyunjin is notorious for sweating an insane amount very easily, which i'm sure has caused him a lot of annoyance from time to time but honestly in performances like this one, seeing the sweat literally fly off his body just adds to the impact of every single move and to the intensity of the choreo and the concept as a whole. this was a great analysis, you pointed out some things that i hadn't noticed even after watching the video idk how many times, and it made me appreciate what he showed us even more. i'm off to watch my favourite parts in half speed to catch every isolation bc every move deserves its moment. and yes, hyunjin in kingdom would have likely stolen the entire show, but that's just me.
ignore me
ignore me 3 aylar önce
I know it had nothing to do with it haha
ignore me
ignore me 3 aylar önce
sweats and does not smell bad (said by Felix)
Jessica Badere
Jessica Badere 3 aylar önce
Same! Hyunjin’s my favorite dancer/performer in skz, I’m a huge fan of his fluidity & overall presence when he performs. Also not sure if you knew but the Post Malone remix was created by Versachoi, who coproduced God’s Menu, Domino & Wolfgang and is also the producer that helped 3racha remix/compose the instrumentals for Stray Kids’ Kingdom stages. Men of the Future (MOTF) choreographed songs by Stray Kids such as Double Knot, Levanter, TOP, Wolfgang, Thunderous and Scars. I love how you can feel his passion through his dance and it’s pretty cool how he really wanted to incorporate a strong side of him with a lot of sharp movements and hits and he DID THAT. He fucked it up, I love him lmao 👏👏👏 Hwang Hyunjin: October Artist of Month you guys, let’s gooo 🔥
Jessica Badere
Jessica Badere 3 aylar önce
@ELLIOTT NEW VILLAGE my pleasure, but it was all you my guy! YOU did that. You blew our minds with your analysis. So thank YOU 😊
i just want to say that i appreciate your efforts on twitter. thank you for showing my content to more stays. much love
ARMY Dear 3 aylar önce
When people criticised him for cutting his hair and now in this choreography he has a hairography hahahaha .. I mean, for me, this haircut gives it more power than if he had his long hair, wouldn't have elevated his choreo like this one. Yet, I would watch him bald and still be dead by his performance.
Tracie J
Tracie J 3 aylar önce
Now i understand why hyunjin said there's no time to breathe" Man, he did a very good job as always . Thankyou for your dance analysis , loved it !
Delle Tricia Parayno
Delle Tricia Parayno 3 aylar önce
"how do you not like this guy tho?" FR!!! WHO WOULDN'T LIKE HYUNJIN. but srsly speaking, he said that he was not confident with his dancing but he definitely nailed and killed this. Every time he dances, his passion and love for his craft shows. He puts his everything on the things he do. So there's no reason to not like Hyunjin. And thank you for this reaction vid, i'm really waiting for your reaction 😭
lisvids 3 aylar önce
fun fact: the choreographer was the same one who did the choreo of thunderous and many more title tracks and b sides of stray kids :) i am indeed so proud of Hyunjin, he's been through a lot but he keeps outdoing himself edited: 9:34 yess, Hwang Hyunjin sweats a lot, if you watch his fancams or live concerts, he is the member who sweats the most among all
Ringo_____94 3 aylar önce
I'm not even a Stay but I'm constantly amazed by what the boys put out. Hyunjin is on another level, even I can tell (and he's def not hard on the eyes either... lmfao)
Ringo_____94 3 aylar önce
@my name is alexander hamilton I watch almost everything skz-related bc my brother is a stay ahahah his video was amazing too, felt extra especial after all the crap with the rumors and kingdom
my name is alexander hamilton
He is! Thanks for appreciating Hyunjin! 🥰 hope you’ve seen his self-choreographed dance vid play with fire and when the party is over cover. The style is very diff from this but he said he wanted to show another side of his dancing skill
G. TH 3 aylar önce
I love that you pointed out his hairography, because I also noticed that and it really makes his moves even more powerful :D
Sam 3 aylar önce
Thank you for your analysis on this dance cover. Thanks to that, I know how great Hyunjin's performance
Sam 3 aylar önce
@ELLIOTT NEW VILLAGE I always look forward to seeing expert reactions to Hyunjin and Stray Kids' performances! And you are the one I want to see the most! ❤
Thank you for watching my content so quickly 😭😭
Thinni Sultana
Thinni Sultana 3 aylar önce
Thanks to your analysis I'm even more impressed by Hyunjin as his and SKZ I'm glad that you analyse their dances !!!!
Harliyana H
Harliyana H 3 aylar önce
Watching Hyunjin dancing is so satisfying. Like, I am not sure how to explain it but he is so SO good. This performance hits so hard. I saw the Spotlight version with some practice scene, he was sweating A LOT. He was really hitting that hard. Losing Hyunjin in Kingdom has 2 sides of the coin, it highlights others (Lee Know and Felix) but we are missing Hyunjin legendary dance moves. The opening of Kingdom was SO good with him in it.
inspireclé 3 aylar önce
Hyunjin fixing his hair is like a part of choreography 😆
Minute Movie Pop
Minute Movie Pop 3 aylar önce
He is talent itself, I can’t describe how his passion shows in every single move.
Green Tea
Green Tea 3 aylar önce
When u mentioned inspired by skz dances, that's when i only noticed it. i mean, i did think of God's menu during his first dance section. and his solo dance reminds me of how Lee Know does his own solo, except they have a slightly different style. And i love love how you even noticed sweat just flying 🤣 Hyunjin really knows how to complete a move edit: and oh, i counted 7 times that he swept through his hair. 8 if u count before putting on the cap. sir said, 8 is life 🤣
Green Tea
Green Tea 3 aylar önce
@A. Christian oh u're right, i just saw 11:50 and ran with it. i'm sorry 😭
A. Christian
A. Christian 3 aylar önce
Actually his dance break reminds me of his own Circle dance esp with the white top & black leather pants, his dance part in victory song MV., his dance break in The View. His detail iso reminds me of his when the party s over, his intense pops reminds me of play with fire. This is SKZ Hyunjin afterall
Lailia F. Saputri
Lailia F. Saputri 3 aylar önce
"The way how he interpret movements" OMG. YES. THAT'S IT.
S L 3 aylar önce
I’m also upset and sad Kingdom would be one of the most precious moments in his career
Mona S
Mona S 3 aylar önce
He came back with a bang tho thankfully, it shows that he's not to be overlooked with his hard work and talent :D But yeah, he did not deserve to go through what he did.
Sanchia Mirchandani
Sanchia Mirchandani 3 aylar önce
At 12:37 I love love loveee how he moves his head to the song it’s crazy how he does such small things which really made this choreo crazy
xunknownx .m.
xunknownx .m. 3 aylar önce
Dissecting hyunjin lol🤭 but this was my favourite reaction! You really explained the performance in detail and made me realise how hard hyunjin actually worked and did the dance &that makes me proud of him! Thank you
Annabelle Han
Annabelle Han 3 aylar önce
It's sweat lol. He sweats a lot when he dances- check out some of his fancams, he goes so hard
candy^ㅅ^Dlight 3 aylar önce
Hyunjin found his own style he put his feelings his everything into dance ,stage is his empire his facial expressions is perfect is such a gorgeous thing that nobody can't do that like him nobody, he's my favorite dancer in skz and top 3 after kai and teamin in whole kpop
Mark's oppa🗿
Mark's oppa🗿 3 aylar önce
Hyunjin is ✨PERFECTION✨
nuel williams
nuel williams 3 aylar önce
I just love Hyun-jin's lower body movements throughout the video, those popping movements with his legs especially at 1:52 and 5:24 are just awesome,
Mizuki 3 aylar önce
He tell me to count... I count it.... 8 times.... 🤣👌🏼 I'm not mad at all when he is replaying again and again I'm enjoying it!!!!
jubily 3 aylar önce
my aunt and I counted and we think it's 4 times he fixed his hair 🤣 he did it probably because he always hit so hard on the beat that his hair went up flying
Maria de Lourdes Nogueira
The first time I saw a Stray Kids coreography I did not know anything about K-pop. I have always work with classical ballet. While I was watching the M/V I asked my daughter (a big fan) who was that guy who was dancing as he was not making an effort doing it - It was Hyunjin. He was born to dance. He is a miracle. And then my daughter said that he has just becoming my bias. I accepted that. He is my bias despite I am a very old lady kkkkkk.
Nadia Sankar
Nadia Sankar 3 aylar önce
Just thrilling!!!!....I used to dance when I was a teenager (mainly dance hall)..but I love watching all genres of dancing and k-pop just brings the fire all the time!!....the swag man, the swag!!!.....and Hyunjin as a dancer, just DAMN!!!!...he got a standing ovation from me for this, his other dances were really good but this was just outstanding!!!....for real!!!...😊😊😊....
MsTristen12 3 aylar önce
Hyunjin is amazing
jiayi is confused
jiayi is confused 3 aylar önce
@ the comments, let’s not regret over something we can’t change and just keep hyping up hyunjin’s future work :D
I clicked faster than changbins rap
my name is alexander hamilton
Omg 😱
Bunny Bee
Bunny Bee 3 aylar önce
florastar 3 aylar önce
This choreography.. made it really easy for me to get screenshots. Lol. Thanks for breaking down what allowed that to happen.
zohreh ebrahimyan
zohreh ebrahimyan 3 aylar önce
This was really one of the best aotm performances
Here to STAY!
Here to STAY! 3 aylar önce
This makes me want to watch the whole performance in slowmo just to watch how clean he’s hitting those moves 🤣😅
Char loveSKZ ⚡
Char loveSKZ ⚡ 3 aylar önce
Amo tus videos y más cuando se trata de straykids realmente siempre tendrás contenidos para reaccionar de lo talentosos que son, gracias
lovingtae 2 aylar önce
Hyunjin is really a great dancer and deserves much more recognition, thanks for your analysis I have never seen them but give very good reviews !!
dahlya 3 aylar önce
hyunjin did say he was breathless while dancing haha. love your reaction!
glinadaily - gracia carolina
I really love your reaction! Like, I like Hyunjin & team's performance from the beginning but watching your reaction makes me more aware of the details and appreciate them even more!
redblueblck 3 aylar önce
I think he got that 'fixing of hair' as a habit bc of the long long time that he had a long hair and now that he have a short hair , it became a habit to him just like how girls fixing their hair whenever its getting off of our faces 🤣. Anwayss hyunjin really did a good good job in this aotm and I know he will gonna ate that performance, my god. He keep outdoing himself everytime and keeps getting better and better, he always exceeding ppls expectations on him and I'm so proud of him
LyShel Éclair
LyShel Éclair 3 aylar önce
Yes! I'm waiting for your reaction too! With your dance analysis.. Thank you! Hyunjin's dance do really seems too tiring, and I think that is sweat you saw.. he sweats a lot when he's hard into the dance but that's attractive too. I agree with your analysis, Hyunjin really has his own style of dancing and he's my favorite dancer of all of kpop because of it. He just hits differently, flawless moves with that charismatic facial expressions.
Jade Duquet
Jade Duquet 3 aylar önce
Our dancing king is amazing
Linna Hu
Linna Hu 3 aylar önce
Amazing dissection xD. Loved how you are pointing every move, because every move was awesomely done. Thankss
candy^ㅅ^Dlight 3 aylar önce
One of mysterious and most sad things in kpop kingdom without hyunjin was pity was a empty, people all around the world every time seeing hyunjin dance they spontaneously saying sigh if he was in kd if.. I wish he was... everyone wants to imagine kingdom with hyunjin
Margarita *
Margarita * 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing your reaction and point of view. It's really good to watch an opinion of a professional in the field.
Abbie Lee
Abbie Lee 3 aylar önce
i really love your dance analisis videos, i enjoy them so much
상추 Hyunjin’s Lettuce
Your reaction is so funny 😂 anyway love your reaction ~
Chiara 3 aylar önce
loved the reaction and the analysis! i’d love if you could do one for ateez wooyoung’s aotm as well!
Jade Ward
Jade Ward 3 aylar önce
13:14 can we just appreciate these few seconds of silence lmao. He was left speechless
Bren P
Bren P 3 aylar önce
His facial expressions are always out of this world it makes everything just hit so much harder and adds to the performance so much!! He has worked so so hard and we see it and acknowledge that. When you slowed down all those sections and how he hit all that... gosh this has to be so tiring for everyone involved in this choreo. It goes so hard and they put their all into it and you can tell. Also love the hairography as well I love that in dances and how he messed with his hair a lot. Always proud of him and always look forward to his solo dance videos 💕
Jose Vicente
Jose Vicente 3 aylar önce
Love your reactions and analysis Elliot...Hyunjins hair movement has me entranced
Natadecocogasm Aylar önce
7:30 "ughh" is our official language on hyunjin's amazing work
Lune F.
Lune F. 3 aylar önce
I was expecting something more on the sentimental modern style, so when I watched his AOTM I was the tiniest bit deceived. But, I really enjoyed! His blocking and his stage presence are soooo good. So, I have some videos of yours to watch yet and I'm shocked with the change of watching you without the earphones the whole video hahahahahaha Years of watching you and this change has been the biggest :D
Lune F.
Lune F. 3 aylar önce
@jiniret Yes, exactly! I didn't know he wanted to learn another dance style tho. I'm glad, because this style is more in tone to SKz' style so it can be useful in the future ^^
jiniret 3 aylar önce
yep, first time watched i felt that bcs the play with fire perf was really bang! but after seeing hundred times, its getting better. If im not mistaken, bcs hyunjin want to learn another type dance too. Maybe he chose this type dance.
Joceline Dumangan
Joceline Dumangan 3 aylar önce
I bet Hyunjin, I'm honestly talking about the way he control his dancing skills or to manage it clearly well, and even more his facial expression that making him hard nor tough look, his charisma never lying everytime he's onstages performing, those agressive movements/gestures that make noise shouts due to audience specially STAY. He's even more amazing day by day and at the same time incredible. Hyunjin literally nailed it! 🔥
IStay4_SKZ 3 aylar önce
I like your reactions, you point out things I dont notice.
Júlia Abreu
Júlia Abreu 3 aylar önce
"How do you not like this guy?", question of the century!!
Andrea Bell
Andrea Bell 2 aylar önce
The hair fixing is a bit of a diss toward everyone who thought he was just a pretty head of long hair. Back during Psycho he became a bit famous for being "that long haired blond dancer guy" because he stood out. It's very possible he hasn't been allowed to cut it. It's also never a mistake... he is a king of detail. And he doesn't forget that. Look at 30 seconds into his Billie Eilish cover. His tiny hair shake is the same thing as this. It's part of what he's saying. He's a storyteller.
TotyDely -BR
TotyDely -BR 3 aylar önce
Mikxki 3 aylar önce
Like many already said, it's definitely sweat flying, we always get it from Hyunjin and he is usually just wet with sweat after doing just one song on a music show, so how he manages to do a whole concert I really don't understand!
A. Christian
A. Christian 3 aylar önce
The studio is hot & humid that's why. Concert is airy with air flow so he managed plus his endurance is great 💪
dreambigandhigh 3 aylar önce
Ellioooott~ Can you do a cover on the solo part?🥺💕
Peter Han
Peter Han 3 aylar önce
"How can you not like this man tho" EXACTLY!!! anyway tysm for this
Super Rocket
Super Rocket 3 aylar önce
9:52 that was a sweat he actually sweat so much and for me its like an effect i like it 😭
Margot Mars
Margot Mars 3 aylar önce
Thanks for reacting! And would you react to other aotm video? The Artist of Last month is Juyeon and I’m also curious to watch your reaction!
Nicoline Torres
Nicoline Torres 3 aylar önce
Will you do an analysis to The Boyz' Juyeon Artist of the Month performance? Love your reactions btw! I learn something new everytime I watch your videos.
K. Wolf
K. Wolf 3 aylar önce
You pointed out so many things I hadn't noticed! Your videos are really in-depth, I enjoyed this a lot. Have you seen Wooyoung's (from Ateez) AOTM video? It was my absolute favorite, would love to see what you think of it.
Giovanna Orozpe Rodríguez
It was so sad that he could not participate in Kingdom, they lost an amazing artist there
Zariella 3 aylar önce
Wow i learned more about your detailed explanation:)
Kuroo san
Kuroo san 2 aylar önce
hyunjin already take the crown even before the kingdom start
Gwyneth Hannah Yapan
I wonder if you had already reacted to this performance, but I really would suggest reacting to their Side Effects performance last year! trvid.com/video/video-7B1MiHJKIlo.html
Gray.Karen333 Aylar önce
Did you just say "Hairography"? Because that is now my new favorite word. Hyunjin uses hairography a lot, lol!! And yes, that's sweat. Hyunjin is very known to sweat a lot when he dances. :)
atzjxnet 2 aylar önce
Please react to Wooyoung's Artist Of The Month performance video on Studio Choom !!
mel L
mel L 3 aylar önce
I stayed to watch kingdom just because of other SKZ members as i love the boys and the group as a whole so I wanted to be supportive of them and appreciate their hard work whatsoever but honestly as I found out that Hyunjin wouldn’t have been participating in Kingdom with the rest of the members it broke me down to the point where I didn’t even wanted to watch the show at all because it is a big deal for the group and especially in dancers perspective it’s such an opportunity to show their talent and passion towards performing and to highlight the group in general but one of the Danceracha members one of the main dancer was missing it’s like a tragedy for me I missed Hyunjin in every performance even tho SKZ did it all perfectly fine cuz they are professionals and they gotta do what they gotta do for the sake of the group but for me SKZ was missing him it would have been much more fun if he participated in team’s success from the beginning to the end but he had to be in Hiatus literally was forced to not be there which was unfortunate for everyone🥲🥲
mel L
mel L 3 aylar önce
@L. A. B. Chimmy yeah it was painful for me too but i was waiting for it for long time and also as i say it was for the sake of all the members not only Hyunjin so idk I just couldn’t miss it in the end
L. A. B. Chimmy
L. A. B. Chimmy 3 aylar önce
I just couldn’t watch Kingdom 😑. It would be painful to me .
Ana Luíza
Ana Luíza 3 aylar önce
this was such a cool video and analysis, thank you!! (and you were super fast omg)
Hannah's chip and Chan's seven dwarfs
This man is a- he’s just so good!!!(he fixed his hair maybe more than five times lol) Oh also!! I hope you can react to Lee Know’s ‘DAWN’ it’s kind of short but really worth watching, it’s really cool and badass(i can say that right?) anyways enjoy watching/reacting to skz!! Take care!
LEAF 3 aylar önce
Exactly!!!! "How do you not like this guys" wise words
Sarah Kang
Sarah Kang 3 aylar önce
I agree with everything what you’ve said: 1)How can you not like this guy?’ ‘It’s so good to see an artist who is also a good dancer’. And I always say, the more professional you are, the more you appreciate the awesomeness of HyunJin. 2)The Kingdom…Me too. Until this day I get so upset thinking about it. How glorious, beautiful, jaw-dropping, and breathtaking HyunJin would’ve been…Woe to us. (But I wonder if you saw him with his group in second time performing of ‘Wolfgang’ in one of the live show? It was definitely a contribute to HyunJin. At least it quenched my thirst little bit. I forgot if it was MUSIC CORE or Showchampion.)
Leandra Leo
Leandra Leo 3 aylar önce
it was on their comeback show on mnet channel
Bang Chan
Bang Chan 3 aylar önce
The make up and tattoos requested by him, he said that before
candy^ㅅ^Dlight 3 aylar önce
Im As who loves dance so much and little dancer as who is kpoper more than 7 years just can swear there are 3 dancers can make me speechless kai teamin and hyunjin, hyunjin is the only thing gen boy can dance like it's art ,he put his everything into dance he feels that,hyunjin facial expressions is everything and no one doesn't have that in 4th gen idols that's why I'm agree with you in not just in skz in whole 4th gen I will definitely choose hyunjin as best dancer and performer
littlesushie 3 aylar önce
12:34 that jump and kick is similar to Double knot choreography
this observation!
Maria Ellysia
Maria Ellysia 3 aylar önce
When you talk about how he slowly removes his wardrobe,I havent notice them before until you mentioned them
Joyce Jeon
Joyce Jeon 3 aylar önce
He did that hair choreography for 7 times 😅
ella 3 aylar önce
MOTF (Men of the Future) also choreographed Thunderous, as well as ITZY's Swipe!
ItsmeSoumya 3 aylar önce
I've been waiting for this one 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Mei Maisyaroh
Mei Maisyaroh 3 aylar önce
image seeing him in Kingdom 😍,thanks for Analysis
Nicolas Novais
Nicolas Novais 3 aylar önce
your analysis is so cool, please react to AOTM of Juyeon too
ChristineYoutube 3 aylar önce
Your slow motion made me notice he's dressed in LV from head to toe 😍
Llawrencesmith 2 aylar önce
I would love to see him krumping.. nice movement and expression. Dope dancer hyunjin!
angela tavares
angela tavares 3 aylar önce
Hyunjin it’s something else! Can you also react to the boyz juyeon artist of the month? It was also so legendary! I used to love your reactions to the boyz.
Anz 3 aylar önce
It's his sweat hahahah, he tends to sweat alot when he dance, peple often called him "the sweating bucket" lol
peepz luv em
peepz luv em 3 aylar önce
"You don't need dope hair to be a dancer" ~ Elliott 2021👨🏼‍🦲
Jaiden Weber-Herring
7. he fixed his hair 7 times. you’re welcome lmao
Mary Joy Managuelod
Mary Joy Managuelod 3 aylar önce
"HYUNJIN IS SWEATY AF!" 😭😫 That's when you know
Tamia. Hamilton
Tamia. Hamilton 2 aylar önce
I would love it if you reacted to/checked out juyeon from the boyz aotm😭😭😭 i havent seen many dancers react to it and I'd love to hear from you
Tamia. Hamilton
Tamia. Hamilton 2 aylar önce
Hyunjin and juyeon are my fav aotms so far😭💓
LEAF 3 aylar önce
Oohh btw do check out psyco cover by 0's line he did amazing their too( original red velvet) and you can check put hyunjin skz-player. He have done masterpieces their.
Shining Lady
Shining Lady 3 aylar önce
Wow that fast. Happy holiday🌤, will wait for your final live streaming of kingdom 😊 and hopefully I won’t be late this time.
Shining Lady
Shining Lady 3 aylar önce
@ELLIOTT NEW VILLAGE so bad I was late I join half way the stream party.
lol omg! stay tuned for the announcement! Thank you for stopping by the latest stream! Late or not, the more the merrier!
dreambigandhigh 3 aylar önce
Ellioooott!! Been waiting for youuu! Spot on! 🔥
Head Leeknower
Head Leeknower 2 aylar önce
Omg What
Omg What 3 aylar önce
Hyunjin Supremacy
ENGSUB Weekly Idol EP477 Stray Kids
Arka Sokaklar 611. Bölüm Fragmanı - 2
Yargı 17. Bölüm Fragman
görünümler 2 040 169
"Geçmişe Gitmişimdir" Part 14