Disney Channel's Theme: A History Mystery

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19 Kas 2022




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The Completionist
The Completionist 2 aylar önce
Kevin, This video is true content creation. This is art. This is film. You are amazing. This was amazing. I’m so freaking inspired. Thank you for this. Jirard
swisserty 2 aylar önce
Complete my own twank and then %100 franking me off as hard as you can you dwizzler fronked scaff
Macayla Cayton
Macayla Cayton 2 aylar önce
@Eminster 2000 because it felt like you were calling me a stupid, idiotic individual
Eminster 2000
Eminster 2000 2 aylar önce
@Macayla Cayton why are you so triggered lol 😂
Macayla Cayton
Macayla Cayton 2 aylar önce
@Eminster 2000 well excuse me if i only ever seen other content creators comment saying it was joy working with the creator/uploader of the video never that they enjoyed watching it, excuse me for NEVER SEEING SOMEONE COMMENT ON A VIDEO THAT HAD NO HAND IN MAKING! EXCUSE ME IF THIS A NEW THING FOR ME TO SEE! geez not everyone have seen the same crap you have, EVER THOUGH OF THAT?!
Eminster 2000
Eminster 2000 2 aylar önce
@Macayla Cayton because he can? I don't get comments like this.
Brandi Martin
Brandi Martin 22 gün önce
When a documentary about Disney makes you feel more emotion than anything Disney has put out in the past year. ❤️
One Pill Two Pill Red Pill Blue Pill
past year? try decade
The Max
The Max 7 gün önce
True, except for the Owl House/Amphibia
he_who_is_nobody 10 gün önce
Sideways would say it is Dies Irae
Puckered 12 gün önce
adults obsessed with disney are pathetic. You can still like it, but it's time for you to grow up. You aren't a child anymore who is obsessed with princesses and cartoons.
Fred Jones
Fred Jones 14 gün önce
Ella B
Ella B 23 gün önce
1:24:03 The reveal that it was Alex’s music playing in the background all along I felt a wave of emotions, that was the best way you could’ve captured the complexity of what this video brought the message of, sometimes unheard artists or underground artists are really the best artists and they get so little recognition that it seems sort of unfair that these passionate and creative people go practically unheard. Amazing documentary I will think about this all the time
Jason Atwood
Jason Atwood 11 gün önce
That welled me up a bit, but when he showed the picture of Alex! :O This man is one HELL of a story teller
avokka 13 gün önce
I am not lying, i haven't cried in months, sometimes i feel like i am unable to, and this reveal made me cry. God, i would've loved to have a chance to chat with a great mind like Alex Lasarenko.
Marshal6000 26 gün önce
That plot twist though. Man, you should really submit this to Sundance and enter it into film festivals. The story telling as well as your dedication to the research is simply incredible. I've been a regular viewer for probably the last 4 or 5 years and it's been amazing to see how you've grown in your talents. I'm willing to wait 7 months if this is the kind of quality that you're willing to put into your documentaries and I really think that this is something you should pursue outside of TRvid (But don't forget about us of course). The pacing throughout was incredible, I was so excited when you got the final lead which led you to the conclusion we were all looking for, no other video on TRvid has made me so excited to see what happens next, and unlike a lot of other documentaries I've seen, you not only cover somewhat niche topics, but you have a great sense of dry humor and manage to tell the documentary cinematically through your point of view. I really felt the fatigue and despair which is something I don't usually feel when watching the History channel. You're style is something I can't say I've typically seen before in the world of either TRvid or most documentaries, and It's something I really admire about you and your art. As someone who has gotten their degree in film and is pursuing an MFA in this field, I really think you have got what it takes to be a true artist, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.
Julia Westmoreland
Julia Westmoreland 2 gün önce
Yes!!! Like he really went for it!!! I’m legit so excited to have found this channel! The craftsmanship is just *chefs kiss*
Jampersand 9 gün önce
34:13 feels much more like foreshadowing once you know the twist.
CGBK 14 gün önce
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 15 gün önce
I'm thinking the same thing. I started feeling sad at the end and got chills by the end.
Stupid Rare!
Stupid Rare! 20 gün önce
Hearing his sister’s voice break while talking to him was heartbreaking
avokka 13 gün önce
I'm trying to be the best big brother i can, but i can only hope mine remember me as well as Lisa remembers Alex
Christian De La Cruz
Christian De La Cruz 2 aylar önce
This is honestly a masterpiece. You should submit this to a film festival no lie whatsoever.
Blue Typhoon2017
Blue Typhoon2017 4 saatler önce
@Krystal Fuller well, why not, do film festivals have like, really bad movies or mediocre movies or something?
Soul Slugger DoomBat of Maximum Destruction
imagine being the people who have to watch and hour and a half minute video about the disney channel theme.
John Doe
John Doe 11 gün önce
I agree
4thStreet Studios
4thStreet Studios 15 gün önce
Love your last name!
alexa kate
alexa kate 15 gün önce
Vlad D
Vlad D 26 gün önce
When it was said that Alex could write notes from the name of a company like "Encore" it dawned on me that could be what the 4 notes are. Dis-Ney-Chan-Nel It's so simple and encapsulates everything Disney Channel was: fun, upbeat, a little different. Even if that isn't the case, it's still such an iconic, genius little flit of sound. Along with his other brilliant pieces you added for us. I'm glad Alex is memorialized in both it and this documentary. I may not have needed to watch something like this, I also don't need chocolate cake or a dog, but it still enriched me and provided an unknowable comfort. Thank you for this.
ArendAlphaEagle 13 gün önce
I had that exact same revelation when that was brought up! It's just like those three notes in the Double Dare theme, where you could literally fit in the DOU-BLE-DARE syllables inbetween the guitar riffs!
BigCityKid 17 gün önce
I honestly always thought it said Disney Channel too. I had musical type ocd back then and I would always count on four fingers when it came on and said it Dis-ney-Cha-nel
Sapphire Supernova
Sapphire Supernova 21 gün önce
I think there's even a version where they SING Disney channel with that jingle. I just can't remember when it was.
Aurora Ghost
Aurora Ghost 17 gün önce
As an artist, the tribute to Alex brought up at the end, brought me to tears. It was the perfect send off. To realize the music throughout the entire film, was his. To realize that in the moment you said it. I couldn't think of a better way to give a tribute to a composer. It just goes to show how much heart goes into your work. This is such a master piece. I can only dream someone treats my work with this much respect when I'm gone.
howgan 22 gün önce
The editing in this video feels like a documentary that would be in a film festival. Great work
Lucas 19 gün önce
He definitely does use the editing to focus in on his point. I'm sure it wasn't actually quite as much of an ordeal as he made it out to be (hence his interview with Eric before the dead end was probably the same interview as when he tells him at the end of the video that Alex wrote the theme, Eric is wearing the same clothes and has the same amount of stubble in both of those) So I'm sure Kevin already knew it was Alex pretty early, but we still got to enjoy being taken along the ride and learning about some other info too!
poqu 19 gün önce
@m f I'm unfortunately too unaware of Bo Burnham things to understand this reference
m f
m f 19 gün önce
@poqu this is the bo burnham inside treatment to a documentary
poqu 22 gün önce
This, I feel like this can’t just be called a video anymore This _is_ a documentary
Jamal Waterford
Jamal Waterford 19 gün önce
You are a filmmaker, TRvid is simply a platform. Amazing work.
Mama Doctor Jones
Mama Doctor Jones 2 aylar önce
This is the most niche video I’ve ever seen… and I loved every minute
elda 2 aylar önce
Sam Aronow
Sam Aronow 2 aylar önce
I'm thoroughly pleased that you're here.
WhatAlsaid! 2 aylar önce
OH MY GOD! I watch your videos! Fancy seeing you here.
VanDangerousInc 15 gün önce
"This sound has the ability to bring back anything, from the feel of carpet to the color of walls. It can return one's mind to a happy childhood, or represent a safe reprieve from a difficult one." That is legitimately one of the best lines I've ever heard. It's so touching on so many levels, and it makes us all appreciate having these tiny moments that grow more significant with age. Crazy how something as simple as a sound can make us feel so much.
Kathleen Ellis
Kathleen Ellis 25 gün önce
At no point in the first 75 minutes of this did I expect that you have me crying in the last 15. What I thought would be a light silly video was actually a a masterpiece about one musicians legacy.
CelticShadow 12 gün önce
i love how in the end it becomes a tribute to someone who nobody knew existed but was essentially so integral to all of our childhoods. i didnt even watch disney channel as a kid but this dude had a hand in at least something ALL of us had come across growing up.
cowberry 13 gün önce
you just gave somebody who was widely unknown a name. you just helped someone who created history have their name remembered. that's insane. i didnt know him of course but thanks for helping him be known. he sounds like an incredible man and musician.
Madison Allman
Madison Allman Aylar önce
The fact we were honoring his work the whole video without knowing?! Absolutely incredible
OhiChicken 8 gün önce
@HYP3RI6N Once he revealed that, I got goosebumps all over my body and the urge to rewatch the video.
avokka 13 gün önce
@Chez Napoli why are you in the comments if you haven't watched the video.
Patricia Carrasco
Patricia Carrasco Aylar önce
When he revealed it, I was absolutely brought to tears. It's such an amazing way to honor a man.
HYP3RI6N Aylar önce
the video was really really good, like 9/10, beforehand, but that reveal easily brought it all the way to a masterpiece for me. One of the best YT videos ever, no doubt.
æþýéř Aylar önce
@Chez Napoli you literally went out of your way to read the spoilers before the movie
2ndperky 25 gün önce
Music doesn't have to be complex, elaborate, or fancy to be iconic and legendary. Alex is proof of this. 4 notes. You know what else is famous for its first 4 notes? Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Those first two measures include four separate notes, played in a certain way, and is instantly recognizable too. As a writer and musician myself, this all give me a huge confidence boost. Alex, you're legendary, you're a genius, we love you, wherever you are right now.
Hey Jude
Hey Jude 8 gün önce
@Austin Reed even more simpler: the start of welcome to the black parade. Just one note
sad strongman
sad strongman 14 gün önce
@angel they were plucked for stardom to influence the new disenfranchised teens. Its marketing. You like them because u were told to like them. There were much better grunge bands
CGBK 14 gün önce
iconic and legendary, except people who work on the shows and the channel couldn't even recognize it lmao
angel 15 gün önce
@sad strongmanNirvana shaped grunge and inspired bands to come after them bands still come out inspired by them now? what do you mean mid
sad strongman
sad strongman 16 gün önce
well nirvana is mid teen programming just like the tv shows on disney channel
Hunter Duke
Hunter Duke 22 gün önce
You have an innate ability to pull in and captivate an audience that previously had no interest in a topic. It’s the same feeling I got when I saw “The Alpinist”, “Man on Wire”, “Dear Zachary” or any of the other truly fantastic documentary. You’re just as much a documentarian as any of those creators. Bravo! Keep up the good work.
Joepfrey Alvarez
Joepfrey Alvarez 12 gün önce
Andrew N
Andrew N 11 gün önce
I feel no hesitation in calling your work a public service. To release a documentary of this quality for free is an act of altruism, and in twenty years we are going to have great films that only exist because their creators saw this work in an accessible format and realized art didn't just have to be a dream for them.
Shoeboot Aylar önce
Listening to the background music and thinking "Damn, this is good, I wonder who made it?" made that ending even better
monohanie 27 gün önce
fr its crazy cos like 20 minutes before the reveal i was like aye nice music choice for the bgm
fcantil 27 gün önce
Oh my. I'm so glad that I didn't scroll past the first comment. This is literally right below it as I'm typing this. Can't believe I'm saying it but I almost got spoiled on an TRvid video. Well, it's more than just a TRvid video but you get what I mean.
Nernx Ultima
Nernx Ultima Aylar önce
it threw me for not just a loop but a whole damn planetary excursion
Blake Nelson
Blake Nelson 19 gün önce
This was super impactful and so well done, my partner and i watched this together on the big screen in my house and i had to come back on my own account to write this comment. Thank you for honoring his life and subjecting us all to his other works. Please never stop doing what you love.
Blake Nelson
Blake Nelson 19 gün önce
Also im so glad you drew your own mickey ears.
bones 24 gün önce
This documentary is the best thing I've watched in a long time. The video production is very high quality, I feel like this should be on some kind of paid/streaming service because this deserves it. it's crazy that a question that simple can have such a hard to find answer. The research and dedication you put into this to find that really shows. When you did finally find the answer to the question, it was slightly bittersweet. Knowing the composer behind this famous, highly recognisable mnemonic, but never getting to interview them. All in all, this was an amazing rollercoaster of a journey, and I'm so glad I stuck it through to the end.
Will, Everyman
Will, Everyman 2 gün önce
If Andrew Callaghan can get a HBO doc off of just letting people talk, Kevin and crew definitely deserve a shot at the big money
MJ 25 gün önce
David Norland's compositional prowess and memory is something I had to mention also. He had 2 keyboards in shot and when he moved to a full sized piano to demonstrate something, it really showed his dedication to the craft.
Phlegm_Mucus 23 gün önce
This is a documentary. Thank you for documenting the weird world of forgotten and lost media, attractions, theme parks, and even recipes over the years. You are a true historian and documentarian. I truly believe that one day you and many others who have been documenting media and it’s history as a whole will be thanked and revered for your now seemingly (hopefully less) thankless work. History is important. Recording things in a permanent space is necessary to immortalize humanity. Thank you for working so hard to preserve just a piece of our history.
CZsWorld 2 aylar önce
Yesterday it was clear that FastPass: A Complicated History was Kevin's magnum opus. Now, that is no longer the case.
WellBattle6 2 aylar önce
Jugging from views though most people will remember FastPass for this channel.
John Smith
John Smith 2 aylar önce
PumpkinPatch10 2 aylar önce
No. His/the team's Magnum Opus is the Sesame Street/Jim Henson run for Defunct TV. This and FastPass are both amazing, but they way the channel framed and developed the story of Jim Henson's life is just stunning.
Sean Rothberg
Sean Rothberg 2 aylar önce
You’re awesome CZ!
Clapper Dan
Clapper Dan 2 aylar önce
The Jim Henson episode of Defunctland is my favorite. Never in my life have I cried so hard over the death of someone who died a year before I was born. That man was truly a visionary with a pure soul and a craftsman to the very end. He deserved a much better ending
Lucas 19 gün önce
What a great story! Its also funny to see how single day interviews can be edited to make things appear to be an ongoing set to fit the narrative of a company or person. Like Disney filming the wand IDs and express yourself at the same time, which you can tell from the clothes. And then Kevin doing the same thing with his interview with Eric before he hits the dead end and then going back to Eric after he finds out it is Alex and tells him later in the video, even though it's clearly the same interview (hair style, facial hair length, and clothes) I'm sure Kevin knew it was Alex much earlier than you would think, but then we would've missed out on the story and interviews with others that really were interesting in their own right. It still is funny though that Kevin and Disney likely use the same methods to craft the image! So much goes into storytelling and world building, and its nice to see a inside look at it.
Jenna Embers
Jenna Embers 17 gün önce
I watched Disney channel during the glow stick era and it was literally the thing that got me through some a time period when I needed it most. This documentary is brilliant from start to finish and moved me to tears multiple times. Thank you Kevin for showing me so many legends who impacted those pivotal years for me.
Lucky V
Lucky V 5 gün önce
This was one of the most inspiring documentaries I’ve ever watched, it was beautiful. And yes, a documentary, this is absolutely a film!! A beautiful film. It’s so amazing how just one film on this corner of the internet can affect the rest of it so much. Alex’s name will be known through generations now because of you and I think that’s wonderful. It warms my heart to see artists get the recognition they deserve and this is thanks to your hard work and amazing production. You definitely deserve recognition for that too. Astounding work my friend.
Shakti Aquaria
Shakti Aquaria 18 gün önce
I know that you’ll probably never read this but…Kevin, never doubt your skills as a documentarian. I have watched and rewatched so many of your films. Your pieces on Jim Henson make me cry every single time. I love your work! You’ve given me an inside look at the artists and at so many of my happiest childhood memories. YOU ARE AN ARTIST AND A FILM MAKER. ❤️
HijabiGamer 2 aylar önce
Kevin, you ARE a documentarian. You ARE changing the world with your art. You have preserved the memory of people like Alex and Jim in a way almost nobody else can. Plus, your cinematography is fantastic. Don't sell yourself short, man.
Situation type deal
Situation type deal 27 gün önce
@Usmc0331 ew so you work for an oil company managed by pigs with sticks?
revoblam 29 gün önce
@Usmc0331 oh a vet, responses make sense now
revoblam 29 gün önce
@Charalampos Fanoulis jeeeez dawg don't calcinate the man with that burn
brandovlogs Aylar önce
@Kurt Hutchison a video about a dead guy lol crazy to think right?
Flett Aylar önce
@Usmc0331 before you go on and describe basic human emotions and being affected by art as “woke weakness”, consider these facts: 1. half of the people you are arguing with are teenagers that have a genuine interest and passion for documentaries like this 2.the other half are well intentioned individuals that want to express how important telling someones story can be. the man behind those four notes deserves more credit, and this creator is giving credit where it is due. 3. somehow, you’re making this documentary and it’s comments about yourself and your tough persona
Molly Hennig
Molly Hennig 18 saatler önce
as someone hoping to get their phd in musicology, this brings me unbelievable joy. Thank you so, so much for this
Justin Lamb
Justin Lamb 19 gün önce
What an incredibly touching tribute to these unsung heroes of our childhood. This honestly made me emotional. This video was beautiful. It is so exciting to get such a deep look into the creation of the auditory and visual icons of our youth. Thank you for your hard work!
AerynK Designs
AerynK Designs 23 gün önce
Why am I crying right now? For this man I didn't know who wrote four notes that I didn't even grow up with as I was 19 when his work premiered and not really watching Disney channel at the time. I think I have a hard time with legacy stories, and wondering how those left behind will carry on. I think what David says resonated the most with me. The idea that we don't get to choose what we're most remembered for, IF we're remembered. We don't get to choose what has meaning to someone or why. It reminds me of my writing. I struggle so hard, and I come up with an amazing sentence, maybe a paragraph. The BEST part of the book, in my eyes. The emotions I felt, the importance to the story, whatever it is, it's the best I have to offer. And yet if someone reads it, I could, and have, watched someone just skip right over that moment. Zero impact. And yet they focus on something that took no time, that I didn't even remember, but it touched something in them because of their own experiences. It connected to them in a way it hadn't to me, even as the writer, because of their own lives. That aliens, or future people, or archivists, will find even a portion of our work, examine it, and find worth in ANY of it, has to be the takeaway. That something we create can touch another person, can make them feel something, regardless of if we know about it or not, that HAS to be the reason.
Trice 24 gün önce
As a fellow documentary creator, this film was inspiring. Thank you for this.
mikedeeez 2 aylar önce
Kansas City native here, just like Kevin Perjurer. The voice on the KMBC station ID at 22:45 is my late father, Drew Dimmel, who was KMBC's announcer as well as anchorman and weatherman, plus the voice of KC International Airport for years, and many other things. Hearing his voice again really made my day! Thanks Mr. Perjurer for using that clip! 🙏
Hog Hug
Hog Hug 2 aylar önce
leaving a reply here so i can find this comment again
R66F Plays Games
R66F Plays Games 2 aylar önce
@Defunctland That's neat. I am from Carrollton, MO & grew up, in the 90's, watching KMBC-TV, as well as WDAF, KCTV, KCPT, KCWE & KSMO. I think that KMBC-TV id came from their 1980's signoff.
gfdggdfgdgf 2 aylar önce
@Defunctland replying to a random comment so you may see it, I immediately recognized the first notes of the Disney theme (which I never heard before) Nobody's gonna mention the first notes of the theme are directly lifted from I got the fire in me by the guys n dolls? Original song is Ricchi E Poveri - Sarà Perchè Ti Amo
Dy RR 2 aylar önce
Reading this brought tears to my eyes. What an absolute joy it must have been to hear and see him again, especially for a video with the context of this one. Sending you best wishes bro.
mikedeeez 2 aylar önce
@Defunctland Many many thanks Mr. Perjurer, and everyone, for the kind words! I miss my dad a lot, and it's a bummer illness forced him to retire early, but he was an awesome guy who was able to do more exciting things than I could in five lifetimes, and we had a great relationship. Kevin, I've been watching all your terrific vids since the beginning - huge fan here! Drew would have LOVED Defunctland, and would have had nothing but great respect for your incredible productions and staggering amount of effort that surely goes into each one. He did video production and editing himself back in the analog days. MAJOR kudos and thanks to you.
The Photographic Eye
The Photographic Eye 15 gün önce
"I dunno, I like his stuff, but 90mins feels like a movie' Mr Perjurer and your team. There are 20,000 odd comments on this video, so it's unlikely you'll ever actually see this. My wife and I have enjoyed your content for a few years now - despite the fact that neither of us either care about Disney, or theme park rides. We are also the silent subscribers who watch but never comment - until now. If there is one overriding reason why TRvid (and being a TRvidr) is one of the most important platforms in visual creation it is this. This is the type of content that would never have been made either through outlets like PBS, BBC or Network television. This kind of devotion to what would be demographically a totally niche market is outstanding. The production, passion and performance are of a quality that pays tribute to an era I feel your enthusiasm for . You cock a snoot at people calling you a TRvidr in a derogatory sense. If I were able to create films such as these with even a fraction of the quality about my own passion of photography, then I would consider it a blessing. This is your finest work ever - even better than class action park. I thank you and your team for showing 3 million people the true beauty of what TRvid can be.
G Velazquez
G Velazquez 2 gün önce
you are a movie maker, a documentarian, and an artist. i didn’t start this film thinking I’d be crying at the end of it, but here we are. not only did you honor a fellow artist in such a beautiful way, but you made so many people care about him and his work in under two hours. That’s magic.
kittiecatz 15 gün önce
This has definitely made me cry. Absolutely fantastic work, this was so moving and I am so glad that he was found and can be honored now for being apart of so many childhoods, including mine. I grew up hearing the tune.
Nana _ Sachi
Nana _ Sachi 19 saatler önce
This is more than a documentary. This is a beautiful tribute.
Paint 2 aylar önce
There are so many remarkable moments in this it’s hard to leave a comment. Just know this is a singular piece of work, literally nobody else could have done it. Marrying TRvid with traditional cinematic elements is so difficult but you did it brilliantly. Thanks for elevating the form
Gabrielle C. H. V.
Gabrielle C. H. V. Aylar önce
Hi Jon! How've you been?
lamp Aylar önce
omg hi Jon
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour Aylar önce
Oh hey, Jon Cozart, love when TRvid worlds collide!
sebastian nye
sebastian nye 26 gün önce
I’m too old to have nostalgia for this tv era and I never had cable anyway. But your filmmaking is so captivating that I watched the whole damn thing
TripleMoon 2 gün önce
After seeing this, I think you deserve the title of documentarian. Along with film director, because the live action segments you shot for this are up there with shots from mainstream films.
Max Murray
Max Murray 22 gün önce
This documentary is a masterpiece, starting with a question that has evolved into a public appraisal for a verity of publicly unknown individuals is a journey I will not forget on this platform. Thank you for creating this 🙏 you are an artists in the eyes off every viewer here today
Matt Klein
Matt Klein 3 gün önce
This was a truly inspiring video. I can't even imagine the amount of time, energy, and dedication that went into its creation... Thank you so much for this.
wanderingnightfury Aylar önce
The fact that this was free to access doesn’t make it any less of a documentary. The amount of work you put into this is incredible, and the quality of it really reflects that. You got me so invested in a topic I had never given any thought to before
reeser2807 7 gün önce
Oh my god Kevin! This is the probably greatest documentary/video essay I have ever seen! Well done! I loved every second!
Wercia ***
Wercia *** 2 gün önce
There is something magical in documentaries about bringing forgotten artists to deserved spotlight. Thank you so much for all your afford and hard work
oceanmoontea 19 gün önce
Just finished watching and I felt I had to clap, applause for your work, for Alex's work, for Andrea's work, for everyone involved. This was incredible.
Zehlua Hulderbat
Zehlua Hulderbat 22 gün önce
I'm in awe. I have had to sit here at the end of it, shaking or vibrating slightly, on the verge of tears and with a feeling in my chest that is a concoction of pride and joy and bittersweetness. This is wonderful, Kevin. You knocked it so far out of the park, I think it's in another galaxy.
Inga Aylar önce
You know what got me? If you google "who wrote the Disney channel theme?" now, Alex's name comes up in bold at the top of the screen... You did that. You made that happen.
Bran R
Bran R 3 gün önce
It says "Kevin Perjurer" on Bing
Omar Enriquez
Omar Enriquez 7 gün önce
B T 12 gün önce
Alex Lasarenko still doesn't have a wiki page, if anyone has the time and motivation to do it. For someone as accomplished as he is outside his Disney work too, he probably should have one for research and reference.
Lydia Mardin
Lydia Mardin 15 gün önce
i just asked my alexa and she said it, was a crazy world we live in
Xen Queen Neptune
Xen Queen Neptune 17 gün önce
This was really amazing, as a former jingle writer… it hit me in my gut 😢 you are a filmmaker.
Shane2907 12 gün önce
In a million years I would’ve never thought of watching content on the Disney channel. However, your serious is the caveat. Love it, in my book TRvidr, documentarian, whatever, your work is appreciated and remembered. I think they’ll figure out how to honor and acknowledge people who do work like yourself as film makers. The production and work that goes into these films is top notch. Salute to you! I appreciate and enjoy your work!
Orton Long Gaming
Orton Long Gaming 27 gün önce
This is a masterpiece. This is art. Never before has a piece of media made me feel the way this has. Thank you.
skalach Gün önce
Seeing Alex have no regrets, seeing you see him have no regrets, understanding the complex emotions everyone has about wasting their life in seemingly fruitless pursuits, all this just hit me in the face. I cried, it was beautiful, thank you.
Amber Blunt
Amber Blunt 26 gün önce
I knew it couldn't have been a ska band. This is the first video I've stumbled across from your channel, what a journey. I tilt my hat to your efforts, friend. And Alex's.
Nick 2 aylar önce
Take this to a film festival. This is by far one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. Your videos are always so educational and well researched.
Kenny McKee
Kenny McKee Aylar önce
You’re correct. The simple answer is release the next documentary of this scale at a film festival. That’s the easiest way to jump from ‘TRvidr’ to Filmmaker.
『Daystain』 2 aylar önce
@somebody's throwaway i don’t think it’s about the money, in the video Kevin says he wants to he remembered as a artist and filmmaker not a youtuber
Laith 2 aylar önce
if this did end up at a film festival that would be extremely ironic.
Gavers23 2 aylar önce
@Beastly because there is a parallel that he found between the story he is talking about and his own life, so he incorporated it.
Blake McMillan
Blake McMillan 2 aylar önce
If not festivals just awards! Anything. This deserves all the acclaim
Kelandry Yemrot
Kelandry Yemrot 25 gün önce
Can't believe I'm getting goosebumps from a documentary about the Disney Channel theme. I put this on as background noise to work to and ended up watching the whole thing and doing no work whatsoever....Amazing documentary! True masterpiece
residentgrey 2 gün önce
You gave them a chance to celebrate their friend and colleague through sourcing four notes. This was astonishing. You are all those things you listed. One does not exclude the other.
Sabrina Mitchell
Sabrina Mitchell 21 gün önce
When your little hunch on how to find the writer after you seemingly gave up got you to a website finally finding "G Owen" I got so excited for you ! Seriously this was like a really good mystery movie
Billy Mays
Billy Mays 21 gün önce
Watching this channel unfold into this top notch quality of production value and research really brings me joy. I am ever so grateful for these videos (masterpieces).
Just Juli Jack
Just Juli Jack 2 aylar önce
Why am I getting emotional over a man I didn’t even know existed two hours before this video? The fact that everyone around him loved him and talked about his passion for music is so beautiful. His art is literally so nostalgic for so many people and he probably had no idea.
Victoria Lee Florence
Victoria Lee Florence 25 gün önce
I think what got me, is the way that when everyone spoke about him, they had to softly mention that ‘he’s no longer with us’. The way that they couldn’t share their love of him without the grief of his loss seeping through the cracks… he must have been an amazing man.
Tiffany Cash
Tiffany Cash Aylar önce
Literally crying
Erick Gramajo
Erick Gramajo Aylar önce
We all cried brothers and sisters
Nelson Smith
Nelson Smith Aylar önce
Exact emotions I was feeling toward the end. A loss for this incredible talent that I'll never get to meet or see.
MikFlores Coffee
MikFlores Coffee Aylar önce
I cried.
Trahvex 26 gün önce
This is a masterpiece. I've been a fan of this kind of videos in TRvid and i love how these people get to talk about their passion and show it to other people who may never heard or know about amazing stories. This video is a perfect example of that, I love it, thx for your work
Eevee M
Eevee M 26 gün önce
The intensity of my sobbing when you revealed I was already hearing his work. This was a beautiful documentary and you should be proud to call yourself a documentation, journalist, and an artist. Thank you for making something to honor Alex. I hope someday someone makes a film about my art like you did for his.
Ianthe Warlow
Ianthe Warlow 25 gün önce
This is one of the most thoughtful documentaries I’ve seen. Thank you.
Tiffini Walpole
Tiffini Walpole 6 gün önce
Thank you for your work. This was one of the most badass documentaries I’ve ever watch and listened to. Keep doing what you do!
mattcrowing 2 aylar önce
Kevin, you have just made a major, MAJOR contribution to the preservation of this man’s legacy. Because of you, your efforts, and the colleagues and friends in this documentary, his art and genius are front and center. Congratulations, and thank you!
Gaming Moyai
Gaming Moyai 2 aylar önce
StainlessBike 13
StainlessBike 13 2 aylar önce
rabbitruler44 2 aylar önce
Not just Alex’s but all of the people that were interviewed too and even others unnamed or mentioned. It’s amazing how much brilliant people are behind things part of our everyday lives that we don’t think about.
M 2 aylar önce
twistvillain 2 aylar önce
Hibiki 26 gün önce
Please people PLEASE share this documentary. This is an absolute masterpiece
Raxiel Etrama
Raxiel Etrama 10 gün önce
I didnt realize how long this DOCUMENTARY was when i started maybe like 10 minutes in i saw, i thought to myself theres no way im sitting through the whole thing....but it was interesting and engaging, you made me sit through an hour an a half video about four notes. well thought out and presented and then the twist at the end where you were playing his music throughout. You can do with video what he did with music. this was great and well worth the watch. Thank You.
emmitgandlodder 24 gün önce
This documentary literally moved me to tears. About the damn Disney channel jingle. You are an amazing filmmaker, Kevin.
Jason Kennedy
Jason Kennedy 9 gün önce
The way you feel about bumpers is how I've always felt about movie trailers. Often overlooked, they are tasked with turning a 2 hour narrative into a 2 minute emotional impact.
Miss Doll
Miss Doll 2 aylar önce
Honestly, as someone who studies archives and recording history, this is a documentary and this is archival work. This is remarkable, not only in its dedication and completeness, but in the fact that it puts a name to someone's work. We have this now. We know who composed this work, we can remember him now. Thank you for this. It's absolutely fantastic.
Gaming Moyai
Gaming Moyai 2 aylar önce
@carley onion how about you stop malding about someone honestly caring about a jingle in a bumper from 20 years ago, seems like the one who need to pull their big boy pants up is you.
ThePickleUpYourNose 2 aylar önce
@Simon Van Liew it is, indeed, a literal job.
dia 2 aylar önce
@Simon Van Liew "studying archives isn't a job" have you heard of archivists. it literally is a job
Aza Aza
Aza Aza 2 aylar önce
@carley onion ‘he makes money so he can’t have specific feelings about where his life is’ that’s basically what you boil down to here and it’s moronic.
pixelk 2 aylar önce
Omg!!! Fellow archivist!!!!!
gadgetboyj 2 gün önce
This legitimately brought tears to my eyes throughout, what an incredible film from an incredible artist. TRvid may be your platform, but you are undoubtedly a true filmmaker, whose content I and many have enjoyed countless hours of, and will continue to enjoy as you put it out into the world. Your passion is undeniable and comes across so strongly, and it makes your content honestly magnetic. I was hooked the whole way through. Thank you for enriching all of us with the entertainment, the knowledge of the history, and the legacy of Alexander, an unspoken artist who you’ve also left a lasting impression of.
Kas 12 gün önce
I teared up when everyone was talking about Alex, he seemed so passionate. I hope a lot of people watch this and keep his legacy alive
leaglem 19 gün önce
Oh, but Kevin! You ARE an artist, and you just showed us, without a shadow of a doubt, that your art is brilliant.
Sir Potato Bottom
Sir Potato Bottom 26 gün önce
Thank you for highlighting the life and work of someone so talented, whose work is so nearly ubiquitous to the point it is so admired but still overlooked. And not only him, but all the talent behind the fantastic bumpers and idents. I believe you have done them, and especially Mr. Lasarenko, a great honor.
Alistocrat 2 aylar önce
I was so convinced at the beginning when the camera zoomed out of the screen and turned to Kevin's silhouette that he was gonna say *"me."* and this entire video was gonna be Kevin proving that he was somehow the one who made the disney channel theme lmao
The Scary Jokes archive
Mr “Hugo’s Mind Palace” creator himself! Hi!!!
Ween E
Ween E Aylar önce
I thought he was somehow building up to say Michael Eisner 😂
Powerman Aylar önce
Reminds me how some people think Kuro the Artist is the creator of Ben 10 considering how much his youtube channel focuses on it. When he's just a super fan.
Ashe Aylar önce
No that would've been so fucking funny
Michelle Davies
Michelle Davies 2 aylar önce
That's literally what I was thinking as well!
Aludra Kijurorin
Aludra Kijurorin Gün önce
I wasn't expecting to cry over someone I never knew, or be interested in a subject I never looked into. But this was a treat from start to finish. I hope you, and all others here, will be remembered for what they have done, and not how others define them. You made a great documentary, and you should be proud.
kamekakarot 12 gün önce
I rarely feel compelled to comment on videos. But man, you've truly outdone yourself here. I was gripped from beginning to end. I've been subscribed to your channel since 2018, so I'm familiar with the quality of work that you and your team put into every video. And I think this honestly may be your best one yet. Anyone who doesn't acknowledge your works as legitimate documentaries is simply ignorant. Bravo.
Jacob Rothschild
Jacob Rothschild 26 gün önce
Your style of storytelling was phenomenal. I honestly never cared to know about the theme, but your investigation and narration captured my attention. I didn't even choose this video. It came on after the end of another video. You made me want to watch this. This was excellent
#1 Fin Fang Foom Stand
I want a full-length documentary done by the Defunctland team so bad
Hb1290 Logos
Hb1290 Logos 2 aylar önce
Hi. I’m an admin on the Audiovisual Identity Database (AVID). Your comments about the wiki mean so much to us as a community. We’re just emerging from a huge period of change at the moment and hearing you speak that way about us is so affirming after all the effort we’ve put in these last few months. Thank you so much!
lifes short
lifes short Aylar önce
This was great. Please continue creating documentaries like this.
Nathanfx2006 Aylar önce
Fair plays mate, nice one! 👏
Bread Aylar önce
This comment was such a sexy read
Andy V
Andy V Aylar önce
I now know avid exists and so glad! Those bumpers, the early ones got lost in my memories and I can relive and share with others. Keep up the great work, thanks
aliiita Aylar önce
you’re awesome keep it up 🙏
Haydon Grams
Haydon Grams 4 gün önce
One of your best documentaries yet Kevin! Thank you for the hard work you put into educating, entertaining, and inspiring.
Flaubert 21 gün önce
God I cried at the latter part. This was a brilliant memorial to a creator. I love the whole video. The latter part becomes so wholly existential that I believe everyone should watch it. I came out of this video having much more appreciation than I already have to artists everywhere. I am also grateful to everyone who made this film happen. Each and everyone has made a significant contribution, no matter how big or small.
Brendan Scott
Brendan Scott 19 gün önce
After this randomly started playing after whatever i was watching, i was instantly captivated. Such an amazing documentary.
kimzee59 25 gün önce
I came in for a documentary finding out who composed the disney channel theme. I come out crying. This is not what I signed up for.
Palomi N
Palomi N Aylar önce
I don't know why I got so emotional about this composer, this man I never knew, but seeing how much love and appreciation people had for his work and art is so wonderful, even though he wasn't in the spotlight or was credited for the theme song, I hope he knows how many people his melody affected and stayed with, you could tell he was such a wonderful person with so much talent
Leopardmask Aylar önce
Nathanfx2006 Aylar önce
Just finished watching and still wiping the tears away lol. Speaks volumes to the film making, story and the human endeavour. I'm glad I learned about this musical genius too.
RavioliForDays 18 gün önce
I've watched this documentary three times already, and I'm sure I'll watch it many more. It's an absolute work of art that makes you feel every emotion.
REV-law 20C
REV-law 20C 23 gün önce
I think after this video, I'm sure a lot of people, myself included, will think of you as not only a TRvidr, but an amazing film maker and artist as well. I hope you make more videos in the future and if not, I'm glad that you made this and I'm so grateful that I saw this too. 😌 I'm glad that I wasn't too late in discovering you either. 😊
Ryan S
Ryan S 4 gün önce
“No. No regrets.” I hope to one day be in a place where I can say those words. Incredible work. ❤
MushiShroom! 24 gün önce
Dude. Oh my god. This was literally a MASTERPIECE. I literally have chills and was so incredibly invested the entire time because of just how WELL you represented your interviews and the explanations of your research. All of this over four notes. Both you and Alex are so incredibly talented. My god. Keep up the work man!! It will definitely take you so far!!
Doswallo 2 aylar önce
It started as "Who wrote the Disney Channel theme?" and ended as "What sort of legacy should artists leave behind?" And it is beautiful.
Trevor Lamperti
Trevor Lamperti Aylar önce
@MrDman21 it shows u how often melodies are often recycled and claimed as ones own or passed off as someone else's original work.
jennifafaa Aylar önce
@Doswallo that’s beautiful
Stilt Aylar önce
I mean thats usually how these videos need to end. Like a essays, a conclusion should end bringing the viewers to think about a bigger picture.
StrikeWarlock Aylar önce
The perfect palate cleanser to Hbomberguy's Roblox_oof.mp3 video These 2 videos should be a double feature, it's insane how they both came out on the same day.
MrDman21 2 aylar önce
It's weird because I was just thinking about the Mighty Bosstones and that song before I watched this video.
Aubrey Miranda
Aubrey Miranda Gün önce
This was amazing and it brought back so many good memories. You are a gifted storyteller and documentarian. You are not just a TRvidr, you are truly an artist. I am so happy I found your channel I have learned so much about the coolest subjects. Another job well done sir.
lil pepis
lil pepis 22 gün önce
You seriously knocked it out of the park with this one... my heart is still racing after going through so many emotions, the emotions of an adult wanting to feel like a kid again, the emotions of an artist that, frankly, struggles to do art even for fun lately, the emotions of an individual who feels rage and impotence at the fact artists whose work exists mainly on the internet, are not taken seriously enough... suffice to say you succeeded with your video's creation at making me feel those things at the exact right time. This was marvelous, and it deserved nothing less than melancholic tears and a huge applause from me to you, from artist to artist, and from documenter and filmmaker to viewer. While it's indeed a pity that Alex is no longer with us and we can't know his specific wishes, my personal opinion is that you did well in putting his name out there as the creator of this iconic jingle, he would've loved to know how many people young and old it's impacted and continues to impact. And, I have to say it, I refuse to let a company, much less the big D, take credit for an individual's work like that. I refuse to let TV companies and other media giants to continue to belittle the work of artists like you just because of the words youtube or internet. People like you have put so many faces and names to so many pieces of media already, so many hours of research, hours of waiting for your inbox to show a new email, all of them so obviously filled with passion and love for the project that shows through the end result, which sadly can't be said for every piece of art (just as you said, because this was a company thing, Alex might just have come up with this in a day and never thought more of it, which wouldn't have been the case if it had been his personal work) I don't know if I'm making too much sense... and as I said there's something very inspirational but still a little melancholic to this video, especially as an artist, but it's given me a lot of hope, a bit of reassurance that every creation matters as long as it matters to one person, even if that person is myself, because no matter how many times you say it in your mind, the mantra doesn't always work. I could've just written the first paragraph, but that's not enough for me, because I know that damn "I'm not enough, this is not enough" voice in our heads very well, so, if you read this Kevin, all I can say is, I hope you loved creating and producing this video as much as I did watching it, I hope everyone who took part in it loved it as well and I'm glad we could all remember Alex together even if most of us met him for the first time today. And of course, I hope that Alex, wherever he is, is happy with his work :')
Ludwig von Buzzthoven
This one of the best, most brilliant pieces I’ve ever seen on an online platform. Kudos.
RuniTuni 20 gün önce
You are amazing. This production is fantastic, it doesn't even feel like a normal documentary, this is beyond those Netflix interview shows, this really is a work of art.
Ally Abernathy
Ally Abernathy Aylar önce
1:24:30 i have never been more gutted by a reveal. i’m sobbing in my car. i honestly can’t even effectively describe the different competing feelings i’m feeling right now. you are a filmmaker. you’re a documentarian. you have moved me and clearly many others with your beautiful storytelling, your art. the medium is not always the message.
Leopardmask Aylar önce
Thrillhouse Cycling
lol I don’t know - it was a good turn yes, but it’s not THAT incredible.
Lucius Aylar önce
This shit left me completely speechless
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade Aylar önce
BigFrankNitty Aylar önce
@CapnKeyes i change my profile picture often
Lethal Lee
Lethal Lee 26 gün önce
This brought me to tears and honestly is a piece of art, your commitment to the story and to the life of Alex is so admirable and refreshing and I will now be listening to Alex lasarenko as often as I can
The Warman
The Warman 3 gün önce
Kevin this is a feature length documentary that needs to be submitted to film festivals! Yiu deserve awards for this!
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 22 gün önce
It’s really disappointing that your not considered as an documentation because this was a true MASTERPIECE everything about it. From the pictures to the sound and music. But what really took the cake was the passion you put into the video your a brilliant documentarian keep your passion in your work and people will follow. One day you’ll videos will be on tv and Netflix, Hulu, paramount I HONESTLY believe that. Masterpiece truly.
Sylvia Moonbeam
Sylvia Moonbeam 20 gün önce
this was a beautiful documentary. I mean that. This wasn't just a youtube video. This wasn't even just a video essay. Thousands, including myself, have made those. But this... this was inspiring. A moving tribute to a man who went relatively unknown for most of our lives. I think he too would be moved to see the toil and effort you endured to credit him.
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