Disgusting Bio-Hazard BMW Full Interior Removal and Detail BMW 5 Series

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This is a BMW 5 series from Kars4kids.org. Unfortunately, it was going to be destroyed (crushed) due to the extreme mold and urine smell from mice infestation. Clearly, the vehicle is not able to be sold in this condition, nor is it safe to perform a restoration detail. However, with a Chlorine Dioxide tablet disinfection, we could then disassemble the interior parts and clean behind all doors, buttons, seats, etc...where more mold and mildew will be hiding. In most cases, the detail cost more than the actual car, but in this instance, the parts are more valuable as individual car parts...then as an entire car! So we detailed the Bio Hazard BMW 5 series just to get the parts clean to be resold individually after its auctioned. At the very end we tally up all the hours of disgusting detailing and polishing so that you can get a rough idea of cost vs value. Hope you enjoy! -L
Sell your car for parts: www.pullapart.com/sell-my-car/car-sales-tips/parting-out-vs-selling-a-junk-car/
For more info (and you are a BUSINESS) on Chlorine Dioxide ODOR OUT contact: www.simoniz.com/Customer-Content/www/CMS/files/Car-Wash-Catalog/Odor-Out-Brochure.pdf
Products used:
Leather cleaner: www.ammonyc.com/product/ammo-lather-interior-cleanser/
Carpet Cleaner: www.ammonyc.com/product/ammo-shag-fabric-cleaner/
Wheel Soap: www.ammonyc.com/product/ammo-brute-wheel-soap/
Wheel Cleaner: www.ammonyc.com/product/ammo-plum-wheel-cleaner/
Carpet Brush for hand drill: amzn.to/31F2PKL
Rapid Adhesive Remover: amzn.to/2WcuOjN
Mini Shampooer: amzn.to/2W7swlT
Headliner Adhesive: amzn.to/33Ts9Ox
Window Squeegee: amzn.to/2BAcE1X
Induction Heater: amzn.to/2N4YUBF
Festool Vacuum: amzn.to/33PuKJk
Steam Machine: www.ammonyc.com/shop/steam-machine/
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AMMO Formulas used in this video:
Recommended products and tools approved by AMMO NYC:
Grit Guard & Washboard amzn.to/34d66m4
Stanley FatMax amzn.to/2Pr0iRM
Rupes Paint Light amzn.to/2JxzGuD
Clay Bar amzn.to/2NmWkXP
Wash Mitt amzn.to/330wYWc
Invisible Glass amzn.to/2PrCNrN
Megs D300 amzn.to/2BUnXSQ
Foam Applicator Pads amzn.to/2MVU7U6
Foam Gun amzn.to/2PEgNub
Wheel Woolies amzn.to/32YhGBx
Tar Remover amzn.to/2pYK6ga
Tire Gel Applicator amzn.to/2MVcf0o
Festool Vacuum amzn.to/31Vv6wN
Milwaukee Packout amzn.to/32VthkE
Festool Vacuum Crevice amzn.to/34benXD
Rupes Polisher 21 amzn.to/2NisKCQ
Rupes Polisher 3-in. amzn.to/2Wnl9Hj
Megs Foam Polishing Disc 6" amzn.to/2PqILJD
Megs Foam Cutting Disc 6" amzn.to/2MXPbOT
Rupes Bag amzn.to/2PulLcw
Positector Paint Depth Gauge amzn.to/2JwqOpf
Mercury Spray Bottle amzn.to/2PrFRnN
Masterblaster amzn.to/2C4Rt8F
CR Spotless Water Filter amzn.to/31Y7DuW
Megs M205 amzn.to/2JwrNpr
Megs M105 amzn.to/2Ps31dS
RoboReel amzn.to/2Pud6qP
Steam Machine VX5000 amzn.to/368WBGm
Gorilla Gloves amzn.to/36k2ZLg
Long-handled Window Scrubber amzn.to/2JyxZgJ
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen amzn.to/2JMhPAz
Fight Tech Dust Mask amzn.to/34bPZVR
Carpet Brushes amzn.to/2qQiWIx
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13 Nov 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Nature Boy
Nature Boy 9 saatler önce
I have some bad news for you, as soon as winter rolls along that mold will come right back! You would have to remove every piece of the interior and throw it out, clean every piece of the frame and replace all the interior..trust me I know what I'm talking about, I'm a mold expert
I itched through the whole video. 😬 How does one let their Bavarian go in this direction???🤦
Popcorn Gün önce
what is wrong with people
Moses Yu
Moses Yu 2 gün önce
After all that cleaning the signal lights probably still didn’t work 😂
Wong Kong Yew
Wong Kong Yew 2 gün önce
Waste of time and money to clean up this car. But it demonstrated your strong effort in fix it up 🆙!
Which is the best paint for mercedes? Please suggest me best brand.
David Cohen
David Cohen 3 gün önce
You can these 5 series in the UK run and drive for like £1k 😄
w00dmii5t3r 3 gün önce
How does this happen to a car?
Arief Ramdani
Arief Ramdani 3 gün önce
I'm speechless
Maher SG
Maher SG 3 gün önce
100% there is a nest in the dashboard
Boss OK Boss
Boss OK Boss 3 gün önce
I think you forgot to change the Filters and clean the tube of the AC System.
Monsieur Longbow
Monsieur Longbow 3 gün önce
Seats still carrying deeply entrenched spores... meh... remove biohazard, auction off as parts.
Furtek Couch
Furtek Couch 4 gün önce
Why wouldn't you steam clean the interior?
Corey Brown
Corey Brown 4 gün önce
All that work to find out mice destroyed the electrical system!
Gregory Lichtenson
Gregory Lichtenson 4 gün önce
You do a Great Job...but you gotta be Ripping your Customers off!! Don't lie Dude!!
Frederic Agullo
Frederic Agullo 5 gün önce
You have nice friends. Reflects on you I’m sure. Thank you for an entertaining video. Regards Frederic
KingdomOfRandom 5 gün önce
They look like they’re searching uranium in the car And I don’t understand how people get their car like this..
Ondrej Ivančík
Ondrej Ivančík 5 gün önce
It reminds me Mythbusters when they put inside a dead pig and let it flourish for a long time...
fearman026 6 gün önce
Dzabe što je sad lepo čist kad već znamo kroz šta je prošao, opet će da smrdi kad sve hemije ispare
THE LAST FURIAN 6 gün önce
Another brilliant video just one thing would you not be safer running the cars ventilation system when using that chlorine tablet to make sure there is no legionella spores in the ducts etc also removal of the pollen filter too as we know spores and grems like to hide there too
Raphael Szok
Raphael Szok 7 gün önce
their house is probaly worse than the car.
Rich Polecat
Rich Polecat 7 gün önce
$2900 to strip and clean an interior...? That once finished still has dirt and stains on it, are you serious? Not sure what drugs you're taking but they must be good!
Rich Polecat
Rich Polecat 7 gün önce
Simoniz paint is the worst quality paint I've ever used!
Rose Bencosme
Rose Bencosme 7 gün önce
I start to worry when I leave a McDonalds coke cup in the car for more than 1 hour. I cannot understand how someone can let their car get THIS bad. This is sensory overload anxiety hell.
Dzeki M
Dzeki M 7 gün önce
How can someone let this car go under?
PrivateSnowbal8 7 gün önce
Can fine that clo2 efficiency system where did you but it an the tablets
Shaikh Ahmed
Shaikh Ahmed 7 gün önce
I am trying so hard not to judge the owner of this dumpster😱
Twitch Cdog
Twitch Cdog 8 gün önce
What dos that blue soap that you used on the outside smell like?
Christian does MTB
Christian does MTB 8 gün önce
0:32 is that a masterlink for a bike chain?
Cyr Parlapiano
Cyr Parlapiano 9 gün önce
Tom from Simoniz! He's literally the OG, he trained Nico who trained me when I went to the Hartford Garage. What a team up!!!!!!
Aspes 60
Aspes 60 9 gün önce
Lavorate in Maniera dilettantistica... 🙄 🙄 🙄 Avete molto da imparare da noi in Italia... Vi metterebbero in galera. Veramente da dilettanti. Lavorare in mezzo alle foglie, senza un lavaggio adeguato... Senza scarico filtrato dagli inquinanti. America....
Rob 10 gün önce
What's more dangerous mould or covid 19😂
Citromlé 10 gün önce
My dream car is a BMW. It is so sad for me to see this kind of car in this shape. :(
Mike D
Mike D 10 gün önce
It was totalled for a reason. IMO it was and always will be a health hazard. Stopped watching about a 1/3 of the way, did they remove the dashboard & HVAC system? And Jesus, it's only an e60 525xi, not even worth the work.
Moyna Pakhi
Moyna Pakhi 10 gün önce
what are you people cleaning,,,??? When even your Corridor is also dirty,,, ☹️☹️,, not satisfied brooos
yhshah21 12 gün önce
What’s that steam machine called?
Daniel Triantopoulos
Daniel Triantopoulos 12 gün önce
How is this possible?
Benszg 12 gün önce
Fire dissolve it lol
fuhrerpolizei86 13 gün önce
Equally shocking if not more is the state of restoration from the state of where the car was at the start....
Abdul Majied
Abdul Majied 13 gün önce
in my country BMW is a luxury car. Most of the owner will taken care of their car really well.
Abdul Majied
Abdul Majied 13 gün önce
if the car is terrible, i always wondering how their house look likes.
Esh Khan
Esh Khan 14 gün önce
Diver seat still dirty tho
R Thévenet
R Thévenet 14 gün önce
So boring...
markus 14 gün önce
Роман Яблонский
Влажка, пылесос и вонючку на зеркало
Yuli Fadida #keepinitreal
Its a shame its goin for parts
StarvingPixels 16 gün önce
Whats the difference between using chlorine dioxide instead of ozone?
mpvnguyen 16 gün önce
I was eating lunch while watching this video and I pride myself for having a pretty strong stomach in regards to things like this but I can't lie, I needed to look away in some parts *gag*
Elaine Cuenca
Elaine Cuenca 16 gün önce
Larry, have you done any Plymouth Fury's yet? Because I absolutely LOVE those cars.
DevPack 16 gün önce
Not even Covid would last inside that. LOL.
Prithvi Chauhan
Prithvi Chauhan 17 gün önce
Who else had the same Porsche ad again and again 😝
Kalyan Krishnan
Kalyan Krishnan 17 gün önce
Absolutely mind blowing video.
VariousMan 17 gün önce
does anybody notice alpin7 audio system?
John Doe
John Doe 17 gün önce
Sreten: Coooooming up. Someone paid me to get this car and I still feel ripped off about the deal. I throw up multiple times and contemplate suicide. Even my evil twin is crying. For the first time on this channel, I use a flamethrower as the sole tool.
Look It's Trending
Look It's Trending 18 gün önce
Just scrap the car 🤦🏾‍♂️
Tristan Xavier
Tristan Xavier 19 gün önce
The exotic squash histopathologically suggest because rub realistically grease excluding a spiteful hot. judicious, tearful motorboat
PrivatPauler 20 gün önce
I think netter buy a new carpet for the car
PrivatPauler 20 gün önce
Where the Hell you found such a vehicle?
ChrisKsan 21 gün önce
I have seen quite a few absolutely horrible garbage bins on wheels on YT but never, ever in real life. I have seen plenty of abandoned cars and filthy cars but NOTHING ever to the level of filth in these garbage bins. I live and have travelled throughout Europe and never seen such a thing, much less people using such waste bins as daily drivers. I cannot understand how is it possible for people to be so filthy and literally throw garbage and leave it in their cars, much less getting into these cars at all and driving them... I mean, would they climb inside a garbage can and get all comfy in there? Then why do it in the car?!
Yasha Howard
Yasha Howard 21 gün önce
Does someone know the name to the beat that starts at 6:32? AMMO you must list things like this man, good vid as always.
Nicolas Hughes
Nicolas Hughes 21 gün önce
I always cringe when car detailers take out seats that are this dirty but fail to recline them before disconnecting the power. Like I’m sure that area is still nasty, EWWW
dennis s.
dennis s. 22 gün önce
It's in the foam of the seats and backseats and everywhere. Simply not possible to remove all of the dirt and stuff like that
Dutch detailing Center
always good to see im not the only one with this kind of cars ;) nice video
B S 23 gün önce
This car is worse than COVID.
Leonis Lau
Leonis Lau 23 gün önce
Bro just burn it
ShotsFired andMissed
ShotsFired andMissed 23 gün önce
From where I live, we view BMW as really expensive luxury cars, to see one in this bad a state is unfathomable. Looks like the previous owner was too rich to do anything
Luz Hamilton
Luz Hamilton 23 gün önce
The sparkling calculator roughly hang because lyre legally fear for a teeny-tiny booklet. festive, discreet softball
GAMMA Fahrzeuge
GAMMA Fahrzeuge 23 gün önce
WTF happen to that car?? omg
Ahmad Ibrahimkhill
Ahmad Ibrahimkhill 24 gün önce
You have done a good job but by 2900$ I could by a better car .You could have say by 300$ not 2900 $ .people are working for benefits not for a fool loss
Peter Bellini
Peter Bellini 24 gün önce
The former owner should lose his license and the priveleges of car ownership FOR LIFE.
Eralp Kuru
Eralp Kuru 25 gün önce
wow huge change! But i think the mold will come back after a certain time
VMD D 25 gün önce
how much to detail & wash the bmw?
Jim5pt7v8 25 gün önce
Found these Chlorine Dioxide tablets at BioBombs.com if anyone is looking for them like I was. Small business with great prices and a super helpful owner (Christian). Can’t hurt to give them a shout-out here. Great product, I used them to annihilate the mold, dead rodent, and cigar smell from a very neglected customer car after an exhaustive detail. Larry coming through as usual with the helpful videos always exactly when I need them!
Thomas Michaelsen
Thomas Michaelsen 26 gün önce
What will this cost to do?
Matze 1887
Matze 1887 26 gün önce
Sorry, but this car has to be put into press of yunkjard....you will get sick, because the mould is inside the seats and the carpet even what you do....
David Pringle
David Pringle 26 gün önce
Where do I get those Chlorine dioxide tablets?
Abrams Donald
Abrams Donald 26 gün önce
The snobbish laundry metabolically scratch because fight regrettably follow below a berserk fertilizer. broad, black-and-white peen
Adam55 26 gün önce
I'd consider the seats to be totaled. The seats are like bread, the mold is more than surface deep
xaraxen 27 gün önce
Watch this wearing full PPE gear.
SIMON PEIRIS 27 gün önce
The boorish iran broadly suffer because mini-skirt retrospectively place down a capable capricorn. smelly, confused hat
fred zeisler
fred zeisler 27 gün önce
I was eating and ended up giving my food to my dog as I about got sick.. I can't believe you put that inside your garage! I bet it took forever to get the smell out. 🤮
Chrrissy 27 gün önce
It seems like it would run and looks decent considering all, why not sell it as whole not for parts
Donald Thomason
Donald Thomason 27 gün önce
Absolutely fantastic...well done!!!👏👏👏👏
Yani Bidaweed
Yani Bidaweed 27 gün önce
Times 14:52 ????? You forgot to clean that seat bell and you guys already put seat back lol
carmanfx 27 gün önce
So Steve doesn’t need a PPE suit? Interesting...
Roger Onslow
Roger Onslow 27 gün önce
Chinese owner?
Str8 Cash
Str8 Cash 27 gün önce
Great job. I still wouldn't want any part of that car.
Kurt Diminieux
Kurt Diminieux 28 gün önce
Why not make the car nice and sell it fully as it is a very nice car, great video, please sell the car as a whole.
MrEvin 28 gün önce
It's all fun and games untill some one turns the AC on 🤣
Just Sayin'
Just Sayin' 28 gün önce
I got a little throat and lung irritation just WATCHING this.
TEXpanteraAS 28 gün önce
what the hell happened to that bmw???
Holly 28 gün önce
In my country its even illegal to wash Ur Car in Ur own place because of unclean water coning in ground. So we need wash them in washingstreets. Even when U wash them urself they have spots für that which father the water. Environment protection Rules are very high Here
You Tube
You Tube 28 gün önce
1:54 Is this where covid started ??
Gamer's Talk
Gamer's Talk 29 gün önce
Was this car just sitting? And why?
Mister X
Mister X 29 gün önce
Wow, this is indeed ridiculously dirty. Really bizarre. If you have to clean this by yourself (if even possible) then it's a really difficult job. I think it would be in stages, spreaded over several months.
Selman Vardarcılar
Selman Vardarcılar 29 gün önce
%90 good👌👍👏👏
MLG_Shiba_Inu 29 gün önce
Why did i think that this was a good video to watch while eating? 😂😂😂
George ____
George ____ 29 gün önce
I'm amazed a car could be so neglected
Arno G
Arno G 29 gün önce
Yes, but whats the market for used rear seat off of this BMW
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