Diego Maradona Amazing Skills in Training

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Diego Maradona best skills and tricks during training. Rare footage.
Music by Aries Beats: trvid.com/show-UCVz37WOEw1mPyIpx8xPHBmg




27 Nov 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Tomzo Aylar önce
I delete by mistake subtitle at 2:22 It say: "Then it came down and bang, he did it again. And he did it 13 times and the most he ever did was walk three paces to it". ... that's impossible! -it is
Josan Marin
Josan Marin Aylar önce
jimmy foot
jimmy foot Aylar önce
@CC CC yes well said, he was the first of this kind, you can't over take a Ali, woods, or a senna or Schumacher. Mind you Maradona did draw level or surpass Pele
jimmy foot
jimmy foot Aylar önce
@A B C Well said, too true. Mind bending
jimmy foot
jimmy foot Aylar önce
Yes that's Lineker and Michael Owen talking, he said that Platini and Zidane was in ore of him. Damme wish I'd seen this guy in the flesh..... Wow wow wow
Sbstn Slrzn
Sbstn Slrzn Aylar önce
@Somerset Belenof What? Dude, Argentina was the biggest tv and cinema country in all latin america since the 30's, wtf are you talking about? That's a clip from a tv show, maybe a local city channel or something. Nearly every home in Argentina use to have a camera back then, it was a common thing...Hah, obviously you don't know shit about Argentina.
Trajano Silva
Trajano Silva Saatler önce
Descanse em paz rei do futebol mundial Maradona
Trajano Silva
Trajano Silva Saatler önce
Descanse em paz rei do futebol mundial armando Diego Maradona
kk k
kk k 2 saatler önce
Rossana Fiorini
Rossana Fiorini Gün önce
Abeje Belay
Abeje Belay Gün önce
My childhood hero. R . I. P. Diego. You were a special gift to the soccer world.
denemeeposta0026 Deneme
Sergen yalçın
Luciano Cartino
Luciano Cartino 3 gün önce
Thanks Diego from Napoli fan
Ivan Lo Russo
Ivan Lo Russo 5 gün önce
Grazie Diego per tutto quello che i miei occhi hanno visto ⚽️❤
Vilim bubaš
Vilim bubaš 5 gün önce
Only guys who can match with Ronaldinho as kid are Messi- best technique ever and Maradona - skills and unlimited power, but maybe bc Ronaldinho is Futsal GOD
Cyrus Pittman
Cyrus Pittman 6 gün önce
Rip Diego Maradona 😭😭😭😭
Steve M
Steve M 7 gün önce
Ball is glued to his body
Dilson Torres da Rocha
Um dos melhores no domínio de bola, grande Diego! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
farid shawqy
farid shawqy 8 gün önce
Maradona precede a Messi B 100 años luz en el fútbol y Messi lidera al resto del mundo por 500 años luz Me encantaría saber que las habilidades de Maradona se adelantaron a su tiempo porque las habilidades de Maradona no se jugaron en 1986. Maradona jugaba en el año 5000 para entender un fútbol que conoce un fútbol que era ajeno al mundo Chloe y nadie entendía quién era Maradona y no hacía qué porque por eso nadie vendió se trataba de Maradona y cuando ella vino, habló. Sobre el fútbol, ​​Maradona, todas las habilidades futbolísticas, y cuando Messi lo dirigía, jugaba a los 40 en el agua del nivel y las habilidades de Maradona, decía, Messi es mejor que Maradona. Messi no entiende en fútbol, ​​Messi es mejor porque está comprometido solo si Maradona se comprometió como Messi Juro por Dios qué equipo fue cualquier equipo qué equipo Maradona cualquier Campeonatos de Europa Maradona es el que conocía las ligas europeas, Maradona es a quien todos los clubes europeos son de Marruecos, y les enseñó literatura para que cuando habla de alguna leyenda, Maradona se quede pensando antes de hablar de tu amor, Maradona.
Bradley Nolan
Bradley Nolan 8 gün önce
Goat 🐐 no 1 can ever do that but him
Kira Caraballo
Kira Caraballo 8 gün önce
Yeah soccer was his life, he dedicated his life and career to it. May he R.I.P ⚽
Gerzon Maassen
Gerzon Maassen 8 gün önce
Ik kan dat dat weet ik al zijn ze 10 tot 12 jaar jonger geen probleem ik weet hart trenen un paar maanden dan veld in
Maria Palomo
Maria Palomo 9 gün önce
Maria Palomo
Maria Palomo 9 gün önce
noquitar 9 gün önce
Gracias Diego Maradona
فوزي ارسلان
فوزي ارسلان 10 gün önce
Aman K.S
Aman K.S 10 gün önce
RIP king of football
Ellie 10 gün önce
His ball control is insane, the best i have ever seen , only person that can come close is ronaldinho both legends in my eyes
CassLuc OrDev
CassLuc OrDev 11 gün önce
The best of all time, MARADONA
kurukshetra war
kurukshetra war 11 gün önce
Miss you Diego....
Herbert Mische
Herbert Mische 12 gün önce
Great, fantastic and immortal Diego Maradona!!! Rest in peace Diego!!! Respect forever!!!
Hatice Açıkgöz
Hatice Açıkgöz 12 gün önce
Damik Bik
Damik Bik 13 gün önce
Как он владел мячом, таких возможно больше и не будет!
Vanderlucio Teles
Vanderlucio Teles 13 gün önce
O cara é bom mesmo .👏👏👏👏👊✌👍
Prabu 13 gün önce
Fantastic,,,super player
neet 13 gün önce
Diego Maradona heights kitni thi
Rm Nathan
Rm Nathan 13 gün önce
He can tell the ball where to go... when to come... he can talks to the ball.. RIP Legend
Maria Grazia Riva
Maria Grazia Riva 13 gün önce
Giuseppe Saitta
Giuseppe Saitta 13 gün önce
Maradona 💪💪
david smith
david smith 13 gün önce
I have seen a lot of players messing with the ball in the same way that Diego did. Only Ronahdinho comes close but all of them progressively lose control of the ball - Diego never seems to, or at least not for a long time. I am 59 years old and never seen anyone else like this man so, those who wish to criticise the things he got wrong rather than praise the incredible things he did have kind of missed the point really.....
Vicente Ballester
Vicente Ballester 14 gün önce
LAMENTABLEMENTE ya no esta con nosotros los argentinos amamos a diego nos dejo el mejor futbol de todo los tiempo y no sabemos cuando tendremos un mago como diego es y sera el deportista mas querido por los argentinos
moose 1018
moose 1018 15 gün önce
He was born for football. R.I.P
Subin K
Subin K 16 gün önce
Ke Dro
Ke Dro 16 gün önce
Mastered that sweet spot ⚽️ practice practice.
Jonathan Gault
Jonathan Gault 17 gün önce
Maradona is the best of all time...we are all epic...he was the best....Xxx
TIGER KANG 18 gün önce
호날두 메시 호나우두 호나우지뉴? 마라도나는 상상도 못할 존재다!!
홍성민 19 gün önce
0:15 OMG
Rifat Sahin
Rifat Sahin 19 gün önce
Boş işler
TV태수 19 gün önce
어릴적 영웅이 진정한 영웅 그러므로 마라도나는 나의 축구 영웅임
trooll eando
trooll eando 19 gün önce
19ninty9 lee
19ninty9 lee 20 gün önce
with maradona.almoast worldcup participating teams aims to champion,with messi,almoast worldcup participating teams re dark horse. that s difference
Simone Martino
Simone Martino 21 gün önce
Bello rivedere tutti i capolavori di Maradona .solo peccato
Mohammed Bounoua
Mohammed Bounoua 21 gün önce
Best players in the world
John Guerra
John Guerra 21 gün önce
파니아라 22 gün önce
0:13 ????? A foot is hands?
Míra Fizek
Míra Fizek 22 gün önce
Nice M!
roberto Tonelli
roberto Tonelli 22 gün önce
Inmortal, perdurara hasta el fin de los tiempos
Amaan BG
Amaan BG 22 gün önce
Rip maradone the legend of football wee all sad whit maradone the legend of football✨🎇🎆⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Jafar Sultan
Jafar Sultan 22 gün önce
Mirical Man 🙏
vilson josep
vilson josep 23 gün önce
Rest In Peace one of the best footballer in this world has died We lost Maradona we lost football completely there is no meaning to football after Diego Maradona passes away. Again lots of respect to only and only 2 of legends of soccer in the world that never will come again in this world to replace there place and there Fame and legendary of all the time goes to Diego Maradona and pele this 2 players are one of the best of best in football world and they will not born again as no one can be them or even pretend to be them unfortunately they can’t And they well never no one replace this 2 legends again😞
เรา เพื่อนกัน
Number 1 of the legend pkayer
singh jaswinder
singh jaswinder 24 gün önce
I miss Maradona. RIP legend of football
Alan Gac
Alan Gac 24 gün önce
This made me cry soo hatd😭😭😭😭😭becase now he is dead😭😭😭
Paste Gaming
Paste Gaming 24 gün önce
2:30 the ball understand Diego maradona now the ball has end for diego maradona rip 1960-2020😭 We miss you you are the best player and has skill pro no one can have your skill that bro you are the best we miss you 2020 is the bad year
apu 24 gün önce
alain deloin
alain deloin 24 gün önce
Incroyable.....il défiait les lois de la physique !
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 25 gün önce
Maradona was the greatest player in 1980s and 1990s, even bette then pele
mounir dalina55
mounir dalina55 25 gün önce
Maradona history
James Germaine
James Germaine 25 gün önce
His half volley’s that he used to knock about 40 feet in the air then is magical.
E-De 25 gün önce
Why not the original when he did his famous warming-up on Opus?
Thor Del
Thor Del 25 gün önce
Thank you Diego, for visiting Planet Earth
oswaldo astudillo
oswaldo astudillo 26 gün önce
Su amor el fútbol que destreza con el balón por eso es el más grande futbolista que ha tenido Argentina y el mundo entero
جابر الغامدي
samrat banerjee
samrat banerjee 27 gün önce
Diego Maradona the hero of Mexico World Cup 1986 and won the title for Argentina legendary footballer of the century skill drivling is incredible.
Hormonfrei UND Sicher Verhüten
Yeah Maradonna was really Amazing. Thanks for this nice video - I have never seen something like this before.
ClaudeMagicbox 27 gün önce
Messi looks like a slow clumsy imitation of Diego Maradona.
ClaudeMagicbox 27 gün önce
As his teammate in Napoli Ciro Ferrara once said: "I know from the stands you can't get this but from the field we could see and hear how actually the entire opposing teams were all focused on one thing: trying to stop Diego...everybody from their goalie to the last forward struggled on that from the kickoff whistle. He literally kept all of them worried and busy, they almost didn't care about the rest of us."
Gerzon Maassen
Gerzon Maassen 27 gün önce
Nog een keer wil nog een keer spellen voor de eer in het veld geef mij 3 tot vier maanden de tijd om te treinen ik bewijs het jullie voor de laatste eer te bewijzen voor de love
Lake of Avalon
Lake of Avalon 28 gün önce
Damn that skill at 1:22, I though it was Ronaldinho who invented it. Maradona did it when Ronaldinho was a baby. 🤯
RODRIGO angelo
RODRIGO angelo 28 gün önce
Maradona, the best ever !!
Osman nuri Özoğlu
Osman nuri Özoğlu 28 gün önce
Işıklar içerisinde uyu KRAL
Can't wait to see this recommended on you after 10yrs
Martin Loglen
Martin Loglen 28 gün önce
Al final ganaste por goleada !! El mejor por su calidad y trato ala pelota la zurda inmortal .. elegancia , liderazgo , huevos , coraje , héroe y villano , haciendo frente .. el mejor de todos los tiempos porque .. hacia todo desde abajo como vivió desde abajo para llegar a ser grande .. no te la hacían fácil lo hiciste con un Nápoles para dejarlo en alto desde abajo .. por eso es el mejor de todos los tiempos .. ganaste por goleada .. nació argentino y murió sin nacionalidad por ser tan conocido .. descansa en paz mi papá seguro está mirándote esas gambetas .. gracias por hacerlo feliz a el y a todos en la tierra genio
massimo mare
massimo mare 28 gün önce
0.3% don't like Diego, luckily I'm a fucking minority
박언저리 29 gün önce
마라도나 정말 최고의 전설적인 선수였어.대체로 작은 키를 가진 사람들이 축구를 잘했어.공을 콘트롤하는 능력이 정말 환상적이네.스타라면 저런 묘기도 관중에게 선사해야 된다고 봄,,성격이 유별 난게 흠이지 축구로써는 나무랄데가 없는 선수였어..
Ritesh Ghosh
Ritesh Ghosh 29 gün önce
You can't explain him you just watch him and say WOW!!
Pre16A 29 gün önce
1:28 I've never seen something like that before 😮
Hoho Hoho
Hoho Hoho 29 gün önce
What a talent. What a cheat.
AMCDS Aylar önce
ball control second to none.
Le Nord Canadien
Le Nord Canadien Aylar önce
Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi.
Nizzy 7
Nizzy 7 Aylar önce
Why he is doing all this with his shoelaces untied??
Ankur Shakya
Ankur Shakya Aylar önce
Process of becoming the great LEGEND 🙌
paola espsoito
paola espsoito Aylar önce
Er dieghito con la maglia de la camicetta della selecioòn
gino portugal
gino portugal Aylar önce
he was the best to bad the drugs got to him ,believe me i know how hard it is to stop doing drugs, i myself am adicted to cocaine and can't get off of it :(
OldTown Kaffee
OldTown Kaffee Aylar önce
He is born just for football
Pasquale Marsilio
Pasquale Marsilio Aylar önce
amazing.. Dio della pelota
mike murphy
mike murphy Aylar önce
I with Linaker... no one like him. A unique legend
Cazus Belli
Cazus Belli Aylar önce
Quelle sourire ! Dieu qu’il était beau et rayonnant . Il lui sera tout pardonné .
victor gabriel turpo
Entre buscando oro y encontré más oro.
Vlad Mihai
Vlad Mihai Aylar önce
i like how his shoelaces are undone and he simply doesn't mind
Martin Loglen
Martin Loglen Aylar önce
De Argentina para el mundo !
Hariharan S
Hariharan S Aylar önce
What Sachin is for Cricket , Maradona is for Football. Both are pure emotions !
Hariharan S
Hariharan S Aylar önce
Maradona made Argentina Famous. My father doesn’t know a thing about football but he raves Maradona.
balaji karthik
balaji karthik Aylar önce
Maradona was the Michael Jackson of football n mj was Maradona of break dancing!!
Fabio Dondi
Fabio Dondi Aylar önce
Really awesone
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