Diddy Receives His Lifetime Achievement Crown 👑 | BET Awards '22

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Watch Diddy accept his 2022 BET Lifetime Achievement Award!

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25 Haz 2022




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sydnee gross
sydnee gross Aylar önce
Shout out to Mama Combs. If it’s one woman Diddy always treated right- it’s HER. A mother’s sacrifice is truly eternally appreciated
tamir sharif
tamir sharif 19 gün önce
Mamma combs need to take off that ridiculous blonde wig and wear her Black natural woolly hair.
Sarah Aylar önce
Big ol facts!
The Life of a mom of young man and lil man
She is beautiful and look good black don't crack baby ❤️
Brandonb90 Aylar önce
Mel B
Mel B Aylar önce
Imagine accepting a lifetime achievement award and ending your speech with a 2 million dollar donation. Diddy really puts his money where his mouth is 👑
Benjamin Tribe
Benjamin Tribe Aylar önce
Puff still got that energy like he did over 20 years ago!!.... despite the rain n the pain the uphill battles losses and battle scars he's still here!!...he is the epitome of Bad Boy 4 Life!!!🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✊🏾👊🏾💪🏾🙏🏾👑😎💯
Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence Aylar önce
Wayne Pailman
Wayne Pailman Aylar önce
puff daddy is the devil's keeper
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
Sad that y’all pocket Watchin another man…
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
@5M views I've done it, i watched it in real time, Puff hasn't robbed anybody
5M views Aylar önce
@SHOWGamez do your research
Crystal Grose
Crystal Grose Aylar önce
I love that he honored the people in his life who helped him get to where he is today. That was very wonderful of him. Humility 🙏🏾
james baker
james baker Aylar önce
True definition of remembering and honoring everybody that helped u get to the top ‼️
Tebza Emm
Tebza Emm 28 gün önce
True facts man
E. J.
E. J. Aylar önce
It's deserving. Give him his flowers while he is still young to appreciate it. Beautiful to see the love he has for his mother. Diddy looks good to be in his early 50's ... he believes in skin care and self care.
Makaveli out for justice
@michael stallion duh all that money wot u expect.
Patty Bee
Patty Bee Aylar önce
Yassss he does look good!!!
michael stallion
michael stallion Aylar önce
@Jon Jon not even one grey hair at 50 loool
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Aylar önce
He a black billionaire he supposed to look good.
Mia Price
Mia Price Aylar önce
Man can’t we just congratulate him without all the extra! None of us is perfect so no need to bring all the negativity. It was beautiful seeing a black man be honored by black people and his raw vulnerability and honesty was sincere and relatable. Great tribute and his pledges to 2 HBCU’s was incredible. Icing on the cake
Bailey Smooth
Bailey Smooth Aylar önce
I've always enjoyed puppies music but see he threw God's name up there but then again I don't know what God's name he worship you calling yourself love but yet you still beat now out of women and praying on them that's not a good look and I'm sorry puffy and has a lot of positivity I'm not going to take away his talent I'm not taking any of that from him but don't talk God's name and think it's okay because when you walk with God trust me you change who you are I'm talking about the son of me and I'm talking about Jesus people worship different gods I'll give him his prop for the music when I was younger I did listen to it and I like the music but I really don't listen too much music at all these days because my life has changed because I walk with God and you tube is my only social media
min_blogs28 Landing
@I and I Twin oh and to answer your question or maybe it was rhetorical, I do have the same energy for any record executives who steal from their artists, Pepples stole from TLC, I talked about that amongst people, Michael Bivens stole from Boyz to Men and others, so you are wrong with that analysis
Emile Marie
Emile Marie Aylar önce
Starr Jones-Peat
Starr Jones-Peat Aylar önce
I cannot be proud of Diddy enough. I grew up to Puff, Diddy, Bad Boy ent and he was the King of collabs and Remixes. Be vibed with everybody. He believed in success not only for him but others as well. He is human like us all and so he's had failed relationships. I was rooting for him and J LO, him and Kim and heck Cassie too. We know that man truly hurts for all the friends, mentors, loves and much more that he's lost. His faith in God, patience, hardwork got him where he is. This award is long overdue but Gods timing is the best timing.
NYAMARIE Aylar önce
Yo big up to this man for thanking and giving Cassie her flowers!!! Because she did a lot for this man and even if he did her dirty, you can see the growth in him that he appreciates life and people more than ever!
Xalimo X
Xalimo X Aylar önce
@Assane Afai kris jenner is an oldie with 6 kids. She was married twice, now she needs a tomboy to keep her young. Cassie was a young woman with no children or family of her own. She wasted her time with him but oh well it was an experience and lesson
Dorian Harris
Dorian Harris Aylar önce
​@riz1738 exactly how those scorpio men are, I learned that long time ago
Assane Afai
Assane Afai Aylar önce
What has cassie done for diddy more than what diddy did for her brother, only putting her on spotlight was enough coz if they ain't been together Cassie wouldn't be the cassie she's now, diddy paved a way for the Cassie, if he hadn't no wishes to have babies with her it's normal it's not a big deal, kris Jenner is with corey gamble and they ain't got no baby, sometimes u need someone to be by yr side just to be by yr side only
NYAMARIE Aylar önce
@riz1738 all them years she was either on Birth control or God didn’t see him fit to be the father of her child
MZDezi1010 Aylar önce
Hes never been married i can't see him being married, hell he was with Kim way longer than Cassie never married her
Charlie Cheetah
Charlie Cheetah Aylar önce
Diddy is a living legend. An icon. An inspiration
Papi_Gill Aylar önce
Zaki Isaac
Zaki Isaac Aylar önce
The real Puff Daddy I knew and listened to as youth re-emerged tonight. This man inspired me to pursue my dream job. He’s a businessman, music mogul, entrepreneur, entertainer, and. activist. Tonight he revealed his next mission in life which is to unite black people in America 🇺🇸 and set an agenda to control their own destiny. I’m 100% for this dream to become a reality.
Tee Tee
Tee Tee Aylar önce
He deserves this, he has been around for a long time. The man has developed some great hits. Much love to diddy❤
Sway toy
Sway toy Aylar önce
@Nici M lol if u say so
Sway toy
Sway toy Aylar önce
@Lady Bear extra dirty
Lady Bear
Lady Bear Aylar önce
@Sway toy tell the truth he did them dirty
J Jeter
J Jeter Aylar önce
@Sway toy these kids don't know nothing about that.. They being found on the internet. When we had go out of town and grind to try to get thing popping..
Nici M
Nici M Aylar önce
@Sway toy ohhhhhhh you are mad for real. Ok. Gotcha
Domi niQ Official F.A.M.E
Well deserved this guy literally pushed the whole industry so that we know one of the best hiphop rnb artists over the past generations. Growing up from the early 2000s I'd like to congratulations to Diddy King Combs thank you for the culture. RIP Biggie Smalls.
Emilee Ida
Emilee Ida Aylar önce
Pushed? You mean took out the whole industry. RIP Biggie and Pac.
Blended Crew TV
Blended Crew TV Aylar önce
And robbed his artist blind too
LION S Aylar önce
he looks so good for his age. literally could be in his 30s
EK Aylar önce
he be dying his salt and pepper beard and hair tho. That helps lol.
R Hill
R Hill Aylar önce
Got those genes 🥰 as they say “Black don’t crack.” Fr Fr he looks good 4 any age 💖💖💖
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson Aylar önce
Diddy is very inspirational and he did it his way…
Lady Bear
Lady Bear Aylar önce
@SHOWGamez If you don't no you will never no Google and out.
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
@Blairwhite139 proof???
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
@Lady Bear lol who
Blairwhite139 Aylar önce
Killed big an or knows who did an steals from all his artists bye with tht
Lady Bear
Lady Bear Aylar önce
Foh robbed people 😒
Dee Wade
Dee Wade Aylar önce
What people don’t understand he is a brand with multiple companies and that brand is it’s own economy in and of itself, that provides jobs and livelihoods for countless people. This is across arts sports and entertainment. Liquor, tv, music, etc. without him people aren’t eating. He has been a pioneer and one of the first to do many things. Putting his own money up and finding investors that believe in him. PUFF is a Goat. Period.
Green Team Global
Green Team Global Aylar önce
@Artisan Windchimes he definitely doesn't have kids lol and probably one of those kids who thinks his daddy owes him something 🤣
Black League
Black League Aylar önce
smh... " in and of itself" would not go into a sentence structured like that... my people be adding too many damn words to their comments, tryna be all fancy an shyte lmao. " And that brand is it's own economy unto its own end." in fact the entire comment you made isn't structured correctly but this part just made me giggle, so silly to try and use phraseology like that.
Artisan Windchimes
Artisan Windchimes Aylar önce
@Mel Smith you ask your parents to thank you?
Mel Smith
Mel Smith Aylar önce
Ruthless and self interest is his name and game...Capitalism 101 Baby...lol He forgot to thank his beautiful children. 🤣
Brooklyn Bred
Brooklyn Bred Aylar önce
You obviously never worked for him
Ronni Latrice
Ronni Latrice Aylar önce
Everyone is saying he didn't thank Miami.. I'm confused what is she doing or has done for this man!?!
Chiselcakes 21
Chiselcakes 21 Aylar önce
Period 💯 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AK4L (AleaK 4 Life)
People are ridiculous, that man thanked the people that got him THERE smh and he l8ves that's why he thanked Cassie bc she got him through grieving and dealt with him at his lowest
iLLa Jones
iLLa Jones Aylar önce
He up there sounding like Kayne 😂
Bpsince2k Aylar önce
Thank you for saying that. Like since when they both are so deeply connected?🙄
Pablo Alvarado
Pablo Alvarado Aylar önce
Nook Alpacino Films
I always joked about Diddy.. But Mane Tonight Diddy set the record straight and showed major love to us as A people 💯❤👑 that's real bra
Nook Alpacino Films
@riz1738 🔥🔥💯 That's a good look, proud of my folks.. Steady elevating then he's bringing God back in it.. Love it
riz1738 Aylar önce
You know he’s apart of the awards now he knew it was going down hill and now it’s been good go Diddy 🥰
Daniel Marquis
Daniel Marquis Aylar önce
I always liked P. Diddy (Puff Daddy when I was in high school). I enjoyed his speech because it obviously came from the heart. I am also proud of this man’s accomplishments. 🥇🏆🏆🏆
🕯️Chakra Hun ❣️
Preach Diddy! Wow! This speech is so inspirational in every single way.
I AM CHAKA Aylar önce
I love PDiddy's Mother! PDiddy's father was murdered (May He RIP), and she raised her son on her own. This woman is a great example of why I do not believe in that Po Single mother Nonsense! This woman right here Ms. Combs raised her son to be a Billionaire! I respect her so much. I love how PDiddy treats his mother. Any man who treats their mother right has my vote. Congratulations PDiddy always! I love your DiddyBops
ThrowBackHEAT 8 gün önce
@Brianna Martin u learn first
Ų B Ø N G Aylar önce
@Brianna Martin Don't bring a woman in a while growing ideas..
Shane J
Shane J Aylar önce
His mom is 80 and looks 50!
K. Grace
K. Grace Aylar önce
Much love to Mama Cimbs. Recognize also everyone at built like that. Everyone is not going to raise a billionaire. Everyone won’t be strong enough to do it alone. Sometimes people best is not enough.
Edna Reid
Edna Reid Aylar önce
Kendra Smith
Kendra Smith Aylar önce
Yes...love him for that tribute!! Love the fact he is a mama's boy. His hustle& work ethic is 🔥. What a testimony to God!!!
The truth
The truth Aylar önce
Love the fact that Diddy paid tribute to Bobby Brown 🤎 .... It showed his realness.
Jared Smith
Jared Smith Aylar önce
I love how he thank God with real conviction. All that he said had true feelings.
Haya Glamazon
Haya Glamazon Aylar önce
I loved how he thanked God. So powerful.
kaykilla1000 Aylar önce
You can say what you want to about Diddy and his business dealings with his artist but that man gave the 90’s and 2000’s the sound of hip-hop and R&B that we know. The culture needed him like a plant needs water
kaykilla1000 Aylar önce
@Mrs G them folks signed contracts. Whether right or wrong them contracts may have been bold but they signed them. I not excusing bad business dealings but Puff can’t assume all the responsibility. These were grown men we are talking about. Regardless of all that YES he deserves his flowers, the man was heavily influential in the sound of black culture music in the 90s and 2000s. He still put artist on the map and was behind hit after hit!
min_blogs28 Landing
@Fight Gamer speak
Mrs G
Mrs G Aylar önce
damn he hurt and rob so many ppl but he it gets his flowers...I guess
CherenaDP Aylar önce
I have so much respect for this man!!! He is the picture perfect to what excellence looks like!! I admire his work ethic and how genuine his spirit is!! God bless you sir!
Sarah Aylar önce
His speech was not as bad as the internet made it seemed. The thank you to Cassie seemed genuine.
Sarah Aylar önce
@min_blogs28 Landing “stole his b@$&%” y’all wild on this internet 😂😂🤣🤣.
Rai Renee
Rai Renee Aylar önce
It was she was there for him during dark times we should have known miserable internet trolls would make it a thing 🙄
min_blogs28 Landing
@Sarah he stole his b@#$%, period. And Diddy is a b and he lost Kim and Cassie. Money is money but when you lose love you feel dark and lonely no matter how much money you got. I'm also a hip hop head and know hip hop like the back of my head but he was being salty
Sarah Aylar önce
@min_blogs28 Landing well a couple of things…I’m a hip hop head so I have followed Diddy a long time and fully aware of his shady self lol. Second stealing somebody from somebody else is not possible. People are grown and willing 😂😂😂. In my opinion, I felt he was sincere because he mentioned his dark times…could it have been wrapped up in some shade… it’s Diddy so of course it could have been 🤣🤣😫😩.
min_blogs28 Landing
Naw he was being salty his trainer who stole Cassie from him told about him being bisexual and he wanted to be petty for the world to see like a b
Sincerely, Sheni
Sincerely, Sheni Aylar önce
He said everybody...most importantly God Nd his mom. I was moved by his closing of his dream. It's my dream too. Can we focus on that. I love Diddy!
Lauren S
Lauren S Aylar önce
PUFF DADDY is a legend. Takes me back to my childhood and those 90s classics. Big respect.
SuperSmiley1981 Aylar önce
He said it very clearly! Whoever I didn’t thank, thank you EVERYONE!!❤️❤️
Michael Jays
Michael Jays Aylar önce
Love the growth ,success and positive energy Diddy pushing now days ward well deserve this is black excellence 👏🏾
Markcus Vongphachanh
Two legends standing behind him
Bpsince2k Aylar önce
@Black League Huh?🙄
khabba Aylar önce
I can't believe babyface is standing there low key holding that award for him.
Black League
Black League Aylar önce
you cant prove thats Kanye its a clone.
Kiki Frazier
Kiki Frazier Aylar önce
Those were some great words I've been waiting so long for one of us to stand in front of the whole world and say what he said thank you Mr. Combs
Jazz Derico VLOGS
Jazz Derico VLOGS Aylar önce
You can love or hate diddy but can’t take away the masterpieces he’s given us, the talents, the generational inspirations! …yeaaaa it was about time he got his flowers! ……. & his speech was beautiful.
Tana ross
Tana ross Aylar önce
That's what I love about Puff he thank everybody that helped him everybody that expired him he is a true legend!! I've been listening to him since I was a kid and he's still in the game he definitely deserves his flowers and this award🕊❤🙌🙌🙌👏
No matter what he DESERVES ALL HIS FLOWERS!!!! 🌸🌺🌺🌸🌷🌸🌺🌷🌸🌺🌷
bigace79 Aylar önce
THANK YOU PUFF! Thank you for inspiring and representing and last but not least, thanks for keeping us on the dance floor. You are truly one of the GOATS.
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
Diddy really is motivational and has been the culture since he came out, much respect to the OG!
ThrowBackHEAT 8 gün önce
@Blairwhite139 capper
ThrowBackHEAT 8 gün önce
@Christopher Moultrie BIGGEST CAP
ThrowBackHEAT 8 gün önce
@Blairwhite139 big cap
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
when @Blairwhite139
TheRealKristyJ Aylar önce
This is one of Diddy's most greatest speeches! S/o to Ms. Combs the real GOAT. Big ♏️ Energy!🥰❤️🥰❤️
Maame Danquah
Maame Danquah Aylar önce
Love how Diddy is always thanking his mum....he's a great son. Congrats Diddy!💐💐❤❤❤❤
Denise msmj73
Denise msmj73 Aylar önce
And to think the first time I saw or even heard of him was when he was a dancer and choreographed Stacy Lattisaw’s music video “What You Need” she wasn’t a dancer and they actually used the footage of him showing her the steps in the video. Diddy has come a long way! Congratulations 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Mz Right
Mz Right Aylar önce
The last shall be first and the first will be last 💪🏾 love you Diddy! Congrats and well deserved 💪🏾🔥🎉🙌🏾🎉👑
VICKY'S WORLD Aylar önce
Congratulations on that award, you deserved it ! Much success, prosperity and wealth to you.
AJ A Aylar önce
His energy and personality are unmatched congrats Love
A QUEEN FROM queenz carmel jones
You definitely deserved this diddy 👑🙏🙌
Nizz LaLucy
Nizz LaLucy Aylar önce
Periodt puffy!!!! This man isn’t just dreamin… he’s living! And that’s what matters most!
Jordan N Reactions
Jordan N Reactions Aylar önce
Diddy ain’t a saint…but he truly has a legacy of artists he’s put on a label from Uptown to Bad Boy. And the speech is motivational to any aspiring entrepreneur. Go head Diddy 👏🏽
MAX CARTEL 28 gün önce
Here’s the Puff Daddy/Bad Boy legacy Craig Mack- Dead Biggie Smalls- Dead Black Rob- Dead Andre Harrell- Dead Kim Porter- Dead G- Dep- Incarcerated Shyne- 10 years in prison/ cordial Loon- Converted Muslim Mase- Estranged Total- Estranged 112- Estranged Faith Evans- Cordial business relationship Danity Kane- Estranged Cassie- Estranged Carl Thomas- Estranged The Lox- left label for Ruff Ryders Cordial business relationship
Qu R
Qu R Aylar önce
@Rai Renee I'd prefer to see the good in everything. It helps to not make me Ka raz zee.
Rai Renee
Rai Renee Aylar önce
YOU AINT A SAINT EITHER! 🤬 What kind of backhanded compliment was that?🤡
Qu R
Qu R Aylar önce
Qu R
Qu R Aylar önce
@JL I'm Old School, "tt" meaning Is " The F#*k "? Regardless, I try to put myself in another's POV.. I try to Agree To Disagree.. Respectfully, Try It?
What an image 3 icons standing together. This needs to be on a statue. What a moment.
Danielle Williams
Danielle Williams Aylar önce
I love Diddy for this. So inspiring❤️
DJ Diamond K
DJ Diamond K Aylar önce
Very inspirational. He has been on an amazing journey.
Yeda Yeda
Yeda Yeda Aylar önce
THEE best acceptance speech I've heard in a while!
sai kissa
sai kissa Aylar önce
Well deserved , true testimony of a hustler 🙏
Tammie McPherson
Tammie McPherson Aylar önce
Congratulations DIDDY on all your hard work! Yes. BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOUR MOM who was a mom at all times. May God bless you more and more and your babies
A Goddess Rising
A Goddess Rising Aylar önce
That was awesome. Much love, Sean!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️🙏🏼
Tipperella Curiale
Tipperella Curiale Aylar önce
Idc what anyone says about you Diddy you thanked everyone, even Cassie for holding you down during the dark times, you're a good dude to me. 11 years! A lot of people seem to have short term memories nowadays. Also, momma Diddy looks amazing too! 🤍
MZDezi1010 Aylar önce
@Davorah Gusta oh ok I gotta watch it
Davorah Gusta
Davorah Gusta Aylar önce
@MZDezi1010 because he said it on that interview with young miami.
MZDezi1010 Aylar önce
@Davorah Gusta how are we clear the song about Cassie instead of Kim? Kim couldn't come back either if you listen to his speech at her funeral he has DEEP regret over her
Estrellitawilliams Aylar önce
That was most definitely a dig at Cassie’s husband.
Stephanie Crumpton
Stephanie Crumpton Aylar önce
@Davorah Gusta I thought the same thing lol
Donna Roache
Donna Roache Aylar önce
Diddy is the man!! Keep shining!!!🌟
La Keisha Brown
La Keisha Brown Aylar önce
Congratulations 🎊🍾🎈🎉 P. Diddy on your success and your willingness to continue to strive with not just yourself in mind! G❤️‍🩹D bless you‼️
Belonce Kamz
Belonce Kamz Aylar önce
A legendary night🔥🔥. What a speech👏🏾👏🏾recognizes the Legends before him💐💐, love the fact that He acknowledged God in his life. "Prayer Works" 💯🙏🏾
Christopher Quatrocci
Diddy couldn’t thank God enough! It takes to be at the bottom of life to see Gods blessings as your coming up in life! If you’re born into money and you have had nothing to worry about in life, then you go back into your family’s legacy so you can picture it and how God Blessed them so you can be blessed and not get caught in Satans traps!!!
Tonnie Clark
Tonnie Clark Aylar önce
Amen Amen Amen
Pretty Gypsy tarot
Pretty Gypsy tarot Aylar önce
@925Soul.utions TV exactly!! and when hi say L-O-V-E hi means it the other way E-V-O-L
925Soul.utions TV
925Soul.utions TV Aylar önce
he’s not thanking the same GOD you are
Kenya N. MBA ⚜
Kenya N. MBA ⚜ Aylar önce
No one is perfect, he’s always SOOOO positive!!!
Jabbie238 Aylar önce
I loved this speech. It was genuine. He been through a lot. He not perfect; and he knows that. Bless him.
Emma Vines
Emma Vines Aylar önce
One of the better Awards show. Love his era of Hip Hop genre. The music was great...Congratulations SEAN COMBS...your contributions and blessings to your future.
Stephanie Magriff
Stephanie Magriff Aylar önce
God has blessed him and he is speaking a testimony 🙏...love diddy🥳💜
Congrats To You, Diddy! Well Deserved!
Anjel Ridgel
Anjel Ridgel Aylar önce
Listen, diddy is so humble and loving I feel his energy omg!
Shekhi Aylar önce
Congrats to you Diddy!!! You're so deserving of it all!!
Jean Jackson
Jean Jackson Aylar önce
Well deserved 🏆💫🎉❤️ I knew he was who he is when he ran the NYC marathon and raised a million dollars for public schools… He a bad boy for life!! Can’t stop Wont stop. ( vote or die). Clearly he voting ✈️
Velicia Story
Velicia Story Aylar önce
Wow! You really opened up. I love you. Thank you for being open with your fans. God bless you and your children ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌
Tommy D Namafela Official 🎵
This man will never die..coz even after life his love will still be alive..
BIG MICH Aylar önce
Was never a diddy fan but he put in the work he deserve it
IdenOfficial Aylar önce
this was an amazing speech and i mean that. gotta love diddy or should i say love as he refers to himself now. said a lot of meaningful things. true leadership as a male and og.
Alexandria R.
Alexandria R. Aylar önce
Great speech Sean! Congratulations and well deserved. Thank you for acknowledging GOD in all your ways. HE is directing your path when you do so.
Sheirah Wilson
Sheirah Wilson Aylar önce
Absolutely wonderful inspiring speech and I am holding the same dream as he. All of our minds focused on that same dream thought has no choice but to EXPAND!!! And so it is! Ase'
Moon.mp3 Aylar önce
Any man that can take nothing and turn it into something should be commended. Period. Nice job, Puff.
Eruth K S Morris
Eruth K S Morris Aylar önce
Best Speech ever and BET made the room for it.
Taffy Aylar önce
Receive your flowers Black man. You've truly earned them. Congratulations Diddy!
Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive
Wow him being inspired by Bobby Brown makes so much sense. He’s literally the hip hop version of Bobby Brown! That’s so dope 🔥.
Anita Joiner
Anita Joiner Aylar önce
Kiersten Nicole
Kiersten Nicole Aylar önce
This was an amazing speech
C.J. Bates
C.J. Bates Aylar önce
I will forever love Diddy. No matter what was done , he created two of my favorite groups Day26 and Danity Kane and produced most of my favorite songs . He deserves this!
Amy Aylar önce
Great job Diddy!!!!
junior Chandler
junior Chandler Aylar önce
It’s good that people are giving Bobby his flowers while he’s still here Kingbobbyforever 👏🏾🔥
junior Chandler
junior Chandler Aylar önce
Definitely agree on that, which is something Chris brown decided not to do and stay dedicated his fans that’s why he’s still relevant
Fi Rouz
Fi Rouz Aylar önce
Bobby had a three album run and ruined it for HIMSELF! I truely adored him but he really disappointed his fans. He was set for greatness. He was supposed to be the new MJ and a nspired Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Usher and the rest to come…
Naomi Vazquez
Naomi Vazquez Aylar önce
Congratulations to you, You DESERVE IT 🙂!!!!🎂🎂🎂🌈🙏
D M Aylar önce
Congratulations he honestly deserves it. Has he ever won an award before? Seriously, I can't remember.
MZDezi1010 Aylar önce
I think he won stuff for producing ..but not nothing like this
S'busisiwe Shaba
S'busisiwe Shaba Aylar önce
He hasn't?? In 25 years? Wow
His mom looks young. That was so sweet to acknowledge how hard she worked for her family.
19th Dynasty
19th Dynasty Aylar önce
This truly shows that strong men are the centers of peace and war dude even thanked his ex that moved on from him with his employee…kills this argument about how bitter men of means are in the aftermath, definitely territorial but after the fact just replace and appreciate the experience that person gave you
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Aylar önce
"Last will be first and first will be last, we need to unify!" - God, my private school chapel worship leader and Puffy are the reason I've given almost 30yrs to music.
Mashunda Lynch
Mashunda Lynch Aylar önce
We love you Diddy your Relationship with the Most High has come along way.idc wat people have said to try to destroy you u are a king in my eyes.
butterflybless bless
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Rest in peace Andre Harrell 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Rest in peace Heavy D 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Rest in peace Kim Porter 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Rest in peace BIG
butterflybless bless
@Muaarijih Lyons Yesss 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
butterflybless bless
@Muaarijih Lyons Yessss 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Muaarijih Lyons
Muaarijih Lyons Aylar önce
RIP Black Rob
Muaarijih Lyons
Muaarijih Lyons Aylar önce
RIP Craig Mack
Obibinii Akwasi
Obibinii Akwasi Aylar önce
I have tears on my eyes when p didy talks about his dream of black poeple being free soos,i also had the same dream of Africa continent and black poeple in the whole world getting together and loving ourself for the first time,lets all work hard for making it happen for loving ourselfs regardless than any race to take our rightful place,cos we have tied in the hands of all the other race,the first shall be last and the last shall be first,God help every black man to love his fellow black racially regardless cos thats what other race are doing to reach where ever they are now
Carolyn Jones
Carolyn Jones Aylar önce
Congratulations Diddy nobody can do it like you did it baby boy!! Yes Mom my head's off to you one bus driver to another now truck driver you did that and I'm so glad your son has you rewarded and retired thank you so much continue to rest in power Andre Harrell wouldn't be a lot of artists if it wasn't for him I remember his name on the radar everywhere
April Aylar önce
This was the most beautiful unified speech and I loved it. You made our ancestors proud. Thank you 🙏🏿
The Bulletz gotti show  2.0
Salute to puff for getting his flowers he definitely deserve it
Marquita Shiver
Marquita Shiver Aylar önce
He so darn excited! Lol it's cute. Salute to his mom ❤️
Valrodchi K.
Valrodchi K. Aylar önce
Great speach. Very inspiring to the ppl✊🏿
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris Aylar önce
That's spelled speech! ✊🏿
Diane Wilbron
Diane Wilbron Aylar önce
God is soooooo good! Congratulations Mister Diddy. Your beautiful, lovely, loving and kind Mother. God bless her beautiful spirit and God continue to bless your entire family!! Congratulations!!
LaToya Braxton
LaToya Braxton Aylar önce
We love you Diddy!!!
MC CABE Aylar önce
*Diddy is & was always a great inspiration for all of us! 👏 HipHop Legend*
Alvin Copeland
Alvin Copeland Aylar önce
@Are You Not Entertained is your mammie lol
Are You Not Entertained
@Alvin Copeland that part
Keke Aylar önce
He's unGodly PERIODT
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
@Shawn Carter plus that's all matter of opinion
SHOWGamez Aylar önce
@Shawn Carter i dont pocket watch and neither should you
Diddy is IT for me... he didnt co-found, he was not CEO or any of that but he by himself started Bad Boys. A lot of power and money at a young age, Im sure a lot of behind the scenes things that we will never be privy to. He made mistakes, he aint prefect but he is a LEGEND! AND he acknowledges and take all of kids equally! The highest respect for you Sir!
Carrie Moyler
Carrie Moyler Aylar önce
I love ❤️ you. Diddy.This man is an inspiration and what a well deserved honor.
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