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Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse is a dimension-bending, media-mixing, action-packed thrill ride that tells the origin story of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man like you’ve never seen before! And this tricked-out flick has got more surprises than Dre’s got Beats! Alright people, let’s do this one last time!
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14 Eki 2022




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@jram4649 Yıl önce
Little Fun Fact: Each animator wanted to get the oppurtunity to draw Stan Lee. Every single train scene he is in one of the cars
@RaKMeT 10 aylar önce
69 likes don’t like
@davidtapley2932 Yıl önce
Did you know?: If you look very closely at one part of the chase scene with the scientists, you can actually see Gwen leap up into the air and basically transform into spider Gwen.
@SudiPaddi Yıl önce
Dude doesn’t even mention that the actor of Gwen played Kate Bishop
another thing i noticed, in the final scene when the collider is sucking everything up, you can see it sucks up flints machine from cloudy with a chance of meatballs
@jacombodoescare Yıl önce
Not only do all the spider man’s meet in the movie but Frozone is Miles’ uncle! 💀
@jerrylouis8930 Yıl önce
.... Shhhhh....
@Nohandlehehheh Yıl önce
@@jerrylouis8930 ?
@mustarhgah Yıl önce
Where’s his super suit
You mean the actor or the character...?
@Cheeseyu3000 Yıl önce
Fun fact: in the comics, peni parker suit and his mech were inspired by neon genesis evangelion.
In the first Toby’s maquire movie Peter talks about a spider that can blend with there surroundings and miles can blend with his surroundings so maybe it’s a reference
@Taddpole1998 Yıl önce
Into the Spider-Verse is my favorite animated movie of all time
Even more alternate things in Miles' universe, as seen on the billboards: *Mr. Tomato Head (instead of Mr. Potato Head) *Snapchat is called "Pickaboo" *Hi, Hello (instead of Oh, Hello) *Clone College (instead of Clone High) *Kitten Heels (instead of Kinky Boots, I assume) *Planet Inglewood (instead of Planet Hollywood) *Koca Soda (instead of Coca Cola) *RedEx (instead of FedEx) *What looks like the ESPN logo, but the letters are different (looks like BPRS)
@reedlarrison29 Yıl önce
When he talks about Richard and Vanessa I think Richard looks like Matt Murdock but it’s funny how he actually looks like Elton John
@lucasverzo5329 Yıl önce
Fun fact: in the contacts, Steve Ditko is also listed. :)
Best movie of all time. 😭😭😭😩✨
@_veloxity91 Yıl önce
btw the main dimension of the movie (the one miles and peter parker are from) is the ultimate universe.
I didnt know half of these easter eggs and i wached this movie 5 times in 1 week when it first came out
@AndrewCortesi Yıl önce
“I lived in New York, Troy. I think I would know how to say bahgel”
@ghfhjugghg367 Yıl önce
The snapchat “pikaboo” tho 😂
@sran438 Yıl önce
9:28 background song name? Sounds familiar.
@jaymat8602 Yıl önce
It’s funny af when he gets friend zoned by Gwen at the end💀
@Sadnessinz44 Yıl önce
no is not🗿
If spider man reports missing…I already ate my home cut ham😶
@6:27: Notice Miles is wearing Sony headphones
@kineuhansen8629 Yıl önce
my head hurt already
@darthhiro7425 Yıl önce
Extra mini trivia Spider-Ham first appeared in 1983, the year of the pig in the lunar calendar
@RayfieldA Yıl önce
Very nice!! Sure would be nice to get some new about a trailer?
@magicweaver4466 Yıl önce
The Colombia lady is the character that the statue of liberty is based off of I think
@Tyler_193 Yıl önce
No the Columbia lady is based off of the Statue of Liberty. Not the other way round. How the fuck do u mess that up.
@magicweaver4466 Yıl önce
@@Tyler_193 being extremely sleep deprived
@Tyler_193 Yıl önce
@@magicweaver4466 lol
This 'Statue of Liberty', she was also in the sequel of the main Ghostbusters trilogy. Did you know that? 🤔
In an alternate universe he would have said: don’t believe me? Backrub it
@arslanmalik151 8 aylar önce
His reason for revenge
@fdbffhuhehe8631 Yıl önce
and then there’s that one scientist laying on the floor on the left- 0:42
@Cakeboy03 Yıl önce
You forgot the Snapchat logo but really cool vid
@endo5464 Yıl önce
"spider pine" 1:05 - 1:06
@jordanmcgee4733 Yıl önce
you missed one, before Gwen's intro you can see a logo I think it's Facebook instead it's call picaboo
Our universe calls it Snapchat, ya know! 😁
@@MichelStubblefield3356 thank you for reminding me I forgor
I’m pretty sure Peter B. Parker is from our dimension
@dvqjacks7735 Yıl önce
Peter B. Parker is our Peter right?
@minnow468 Yıl önce
well, his universe is the one with the Coca-Cola sign instead of the alternate versions, so it's assumed that he's the one inhabiting our universe, which is why it's a bit ironic that he's the one experiencing loss and depression, because it is a subtle way of saying that our world and reality has the most flaws. however, idk if that means he's the peter Parker we are most familiar with from live action movies and comics, since those Spidermen may not inhabit our reality either
@jmsunday Yıl önce
Yeah he made a mistake on that part
@minnow468 Yıl önce
@@jmsunday wait who made a mistake?
@jmsunday Yıl önce
@@minnow468 movie logic because he said the “Peter Parker” is our spider man and “Peter B Parker” is not ours. Perhaps it’s a mistake on the perspective of narration, but we can say that Peter B Parker is our Spider-Man (or at least closer to ours) just for the fact that the products in his universe closely matches to ours (such as Coca Cola not being “Koca-Soda”)
@minnow468 Yıl önce
@@jmsunday ah true
@sctt- Yıl önce
Oh yeah I love beggles😂
@MDE276 Yıl önce
Whats your favorite spider man movie?
@Lisek_z_kebabem Yıl önce
Maaaan i love this movie
@britneysands5663 10 aylar önce
Juice , juice dez nuts
@kobe_rages Yıl önce
You really studied this for 4years
@con8036 Yıl önce
Now you probably aren't a fan of this movie because if you look in the very corner there is a number that appears for a split second and this shows that this this the exact universe they are in. (this is a joke)
@bolokaa8746 Yıl önce
look at the poster that says 17 December does it says something to you? pause for more details 8:27
Spider-Man: No Way Home related? If so, check out the date marked on the kitchen calendar in the first episode of WandaVision. Truly a day to rememba. I mean remambah. I- I- I lost my will to speak... 🤯
@bolokaa8746 Yıl önce
@@MichelStubblefield3356 i know the vandavison too
@bolokaa8746 Yıl önce
@@MichelStubblefield3356 now when i m watching marvel movie im always looking at the details in background
@Madboygamer. Yıl önce
0:28 why does is he say bagel like that
Don't dare call Kimiko Glenn an Orange Is the New Black actress in front of Peni Parker / SP//dr and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)! Why not just call her a Waitress cast member instead and acknowledge the fact that her birthday is on the same day as Tobey Maguire's? 😤
@woahclayman Yıl önce
No way Spider man furry universe i never knew this existed 😳😳
8:54 you forgot about the snapchat logo easter egg in the backround, Comment if you spot it
@kandi32 Yıl önce
Miles shirt wasn’t perfect
My name is kalel
Across not into the Spider-Verse
@dedede5586 8 aylar önce
isn't peter B parker "our" spider man? because in his backstory we see the brand coca cola
@shadownixon09 7 aylar önce
Bro I think Coca Cola exists in a lot of the other earths because it’s simply NYC
@SnakesRobbs Yıl önce
@_.starsettler._ Yıl önce
Nahhh this comment section is weird asf lmao-
@duckdude6789 Yıl önce
@jacombodoescare Yıl önce
“No, they changed Spider-Man so I didn’t watch it” -👴🏻
@elijah3965 Yıl önce
First comment
@notN3O Yıl önce
@GPMTT Yıl önce
@MeshDy Yıl önce
Spider ham is a furry
@BluelySPDR Yıl önce
@melissareedy808 Yıl önce
Your mom
kimiko glenn is not black she is a white and a little bit brown not so much so not black correct it
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