Did She Really Cut Her Hair?!😅 I'm Not Surprised Why She Crafted A DIY Hairdresser!  

Cool Tool Shorts
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Seems like the girls liked this diy craft!
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20 Mar 2023




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nabil nasif
nabil nasif 6 gün önce
If I did that to my mom.....my grave will be ready
Leah the fun
Leah the fun 3 gün önce
If my child cut a big fat chunk of my hair I would bring out the belt
Lee Ly
Lee Ly Aylar önce
•°ugly rat°•
•°ugly rat°• 10 gün önce
the fact that she was so chill
Aianne Leo
Aianne Leo 16 gün önce
If I did that to my mom I would’ve met Jesus 😊😅
Keddy Phillip
Keddy Phillip 16 gün önce
Andonov Mladen
Andonov Mladen 15 gün önce
AlliSter_:3 15 gün önce
We have the same mum
سند النعيمي
سند النعيمي 15 gün önce
ذحتنننام نعت❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Fabjola Roshi
Fabjola Roshi Aylar önce
Ma mum would never-💀 Edit: MAM DONT WHIP ME BUT IM FAMOUS
bhim tamang
bhim tamang Aylar önce
regja You
regja You Aylar önce
Перекосило Уфу и своей дочери очень красивая так и умею я скоро будет 7 я танцую а ты умеешь
regja You
regja You Aylar önce
Летающие так красиво красиво рисуешь София такое 7 лет😊
Ayupxon. Rustamov
Ayupxon. Rustamov 17 gün önce
Jake Harper
Jake Harper 4 gün önce
I would SOOOOO do that for my 4 girls AKA Maddie, Gracie, Josie/Jojo/jo and Ali/Ali bugs/Al😂😂😂
Serinity Glover
Serinity Glover 3 gün önce
Yes she did
liday boukrzrz
liday boukrzrz Aylar önce
😂😂😂So kyoto ❤
Мухтар Хожахметов
This girl will definitely become a hairdresser in the future ❤❤❤😊😊
Iqra Rehan
Iqra Rehan 12 gün önce
Jailma Matos da silva
sayid kanz
sayid kanz Gün önce
hueo far
hueo far Aylar önce
Nice idea
Archona Aylar önce
So nice ❤❤
Vinitha R
Vinitha R Aylar önce
That cardboard looks better than me 😭🥺🥺
Monique Magu
Monique Magu 23 gün önce
True 😅😊🎉
Monique Magu
Monique Magu 23 gün önce
Just Joking around with you
_.F0LL0WER0FG0D._ 13 gün önce
@Monique Magu dam 💀
You're okay with her doing that but trust me she would have DESCENDED if she did that to me
Fatma Bozaba
Fatma Bozaba Aylar önce
Ankata Mukherjee
Ankata Mukherjee Aylar önce
@Fatma Bozaba yg&hgghh
Bu Paimah
Bu Paimah Aylar önce
yourmom 28 gün önce
Haha lol
Bhupender Baghotia
Bhupender Baghotia 5 saatler önce
Very nice ❤❤❤❤
WaterFairy01 Aylar önce
Dude, my friend's mom would have whipped out the belt. 😂😂😂😂 I don't have a mom like that so I'm happy.
Pawan Jhagra
Pawan Jhagra Aylar önce
She didn't even care💀☠️
Alex Ke Summers
Alex Ke Summers Aylar önce
Amr Bolak
Amr Bolak Aylar önce
​@Alex Ke Summers 😊
Yasmim Santos Moraes
Yasmim Santos Moraes 28 gün önce
@Amr Bolak 😊
Sangeetha Sangeetha
Sangeetha Sangeetha 22 gün önce
Cute ❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉
Tru Johnson
Tru Johnson 14 gün önce
My 5 year old self would actually play with this
Seth and Jamie Vargason
Yes let’s just make a doll so she can cut her hair and every bodies hair and I like the fact that she just cut a chunk off her hair and didn’t care
dewi sartika
dewi sartika 18 gün önce
Rekha Kumari
Rekha Kumari 12 gün önce
Eva Setiayulia
Eva Setiayulia 3 gün önce
wow bagus banget kak kakanya kreatif 😅😂
victoria l
victoria l 17 gün önce
good thing she didnt try the bangs on the girl
Meghan Williams
Meghan Williams Aylar önce
The way she wasn’t mad tho☠️
Elke DB
Elke DB Aylar önce
xLilac Aylar önce
It's an extension
Майса Сакаева
Multerone696 27 gün önce
OMG you hair!!!
oddanimates 24 gün önce
Good idea😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Baby Yumi
Baby Yumi Aylar önce
Looks good like a hair cat i like it in pink hair❤️❤️
phoolmati verma
phoolmati verma Aylar önce
kleiton Palma
kleiton Palma Aylar önce
The mother is super good because the child cut her hair
Sidou Amine
Sidou Amine 22 gün önce
Soco Rios
Soco Rios 16 gün önce
Qué bonito 😃
Duser Seven
Duser Seven Aylar önce
I like it how she ignored the hair the little girl cut out
foufou fouad
foufou fouad Aylar önce
Chheki Sherpa
Chheki Sherpa 29 gün önce
So cute ❤❤❤❤❤❤
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚗 15 gün önce
How was the mother not mad at her daughter for cutting her hair 💀
Burhan Syed
Burhan Syed 15 gün önce
Bhoot ho kya tum 👻👻😈🤡💩☠💀🎉
Cutiepi3editz 11 gün önce
cuz it’s rip off troomtroom lmao😭💀
Marcinho acústico
Marcinho acústico 10 gün önce
Katerina Aleman
Katerina Aleman 10 gün önce
she didn't care
khaild khaild
khaild khaild 7 gün önce
@Burhan Syed ٧ظك
ゆりか ふじた
mazen attia
mazen attia 15 gün önce
cut the hair in live💀💀
A Pine
A Pine Aylar önce
Y did she not care what the child did and second, 5 minute crafts be like:
Michelle's Art
Michelle's Art Aylar önce
She just ignored the fact that she just cut a CHUNK of her hair
Dea Sayang
Dea Sayang Aylar önce
Эьзоза Мустафаева
Jdkt was hcccf
Эьзоза Мустафаева
Эьзоза Мустафаева
Эьзоза Мустафаева
Kh Manjunath
Kh Manjunath 15 gün önce
This kid really knows how to do bangs
Genie Cantrell
Genie Cantrell Aylar önce
Hahaha she cut her hair and she didn't even care😂
KIKK Aylar önce
How is she not devastated that she cut her hair. My child probably would be on a missing poster.
Sofiya Ansar
Sofiya Ansar Aylar önce
I saw the fakenes of that piece of hair💀
weam elnazer
weam elnazer Aylar önce
I would have yelled on her if she was my child
Itzfarrah 25 gün önce
Emily when she doesn’t get her 1000000 pop it 💀
Blina Shabani
Blina Shabani Aylar önce
She wasn't even mad that she cout her hair
Robin Bujang
Robin Bujang Aylar önce
Mary Thorne
Mary Thorne Aylar önce
Do we just ignore the fact that she cut her hair out and the mom did not care
Daniela Garcia
Daniela Garcia Aylar önce
rossi_ Aylar önce
Its a hair accesssories if you see the kid pull her mom hair there some kimd of clipper its a accsten
Jaime Vazquez
Jaime Vazquez 10 gün önce
Qué bonito le queda Solo que mi mamá no nunca me quiere hacer eso
Mia Ice
Mia Ice 26 gün önce
The fact that was her reaction
xxpeteforeverxx 15 gün önce
A future hairdresser:
Grulaj Lendrit
Grulaj Lendrit 15 gün önce
Hfodnnxkenlw7u4b😢😂😅😮😂😅j😊❤😊jdö3infk❤😮❤😅nrkknfkkelxn926494😮kflr flsno274ixä😮😮😂😢❤😅❤😅q🎉😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅u3krkkllrnflrrnrkflnfo3😅😂😮ä❤😊🎉ä❤❤😊
BunBunAudios 2 gün önce
@Grulaj Lendrit 4 year old-
✞✟⚰️ 17 gün önce
💜100%ARMY💜 25 gün önce
The mom stayed calm😌but inside she was dying😤
Cat 22 gün önce
Ff Ff
Ff Ff 22 gün önce
sergey kot
sergey kot 22 gün önce
😂 so true
Hanuscrazy 27
Hanuscrazy 27 22 gün önce
​@sergey kot p opp😊lm
Iris Castro
Iris Castro Aylar önce
if they cut my hair I'll kill it
Elvira Iacobucci
Elvira Iacobucci Aylar önce
K1.0 Aylar önce
I would've beaten the hell out of my child if they did that
vv_vvs Aylar önce
IRE Aylar önce
What if it is a fake hair
Mythic_Forest Aylar önce
​@IRE Beat harder wigs are expensive 😂
IRE Aylar önce
@Mythic_Forest 😂😂
Janette Cunningham
Janette Cunningham 7 gün önce
She is very nice to her
Devi Yusrini
Devi Yusrini Aylar önce
Wow mom so createf😊
A. J.
A. J. Aylar önce
If she cut my hair….she better pray and run!
Meteboi Aylar önce
Applepie Sugar
Applepie Sugar 9 gün önce
Why would you let a child cut your hair and you still be chill about it
Elisa Lima
Elisa Lima Aylar önce
Caitlynn Lucas
Caitlynn Lucas 18 gün önce
She's just going to act like she didn't just cut a huge CHUNK out of her hair.. i would have been TRIPPING
Its fake hair
NAGAMING 28 gün önce
The doll after 1 week "👩‍🦲the rock"
Rustan's Aylar önce
The fact she don't give no crap
l Yon Love🌸
l Yon Love🌸 Aylar önce
Просто отдайте её в дед дом
mia Aylar önce
Que linda muñeca de cartón
yathiraj yathiraju
yathiraj yathiraju 24 gün önce
yes she really cuted her hair
bety lu
bety lu 18 gün önce
😊 😊
KeyEdits Aylar önce
No damn way💀 She has the same brush that my grandmother got meH
Leksi 28 gün önce
Linh Nguyễn Khánh
She so beatiful
Linh Nguyễn Khánh
I love her hair❤
The Besties
The Besties Aylar önce
I saw the eye out line nice 👍
Sara Lezza
Sara Lezza Aylar önce
PolarLife 11 gün önce
you could do that or send her down to the ground
sanvigunnam 3 gün önce
are we all going to ignore these content farms?
Preppy Aesthetic
Preppy Aesthetic Aylar önce
She didn't even care
The cooking familiy
Bro she looks like she doesn’t even care
Sila 12 saatler önce
Girl- she will broke that dumb thing and cut her hair more and more, she is gonna get trouble-
Ataf Sultan
Ataf Sultan 10 gün önce
The fact she let a child use a scissor 💀💀💀
N. Ali
N. Ali 7 gün önce
childrens need to use scissors its importent for them, parents just need to watch them and if the kids are mature in off then it doesnt matter, like the mother is just in front of her. (not a hate just saying) have a great day :) also can you help me beat my likes record ? v
Enrique Saunders
Enrique Saunders 12 gün önce
You draw amazing
Varun Limbachiya
Varun Limbachiya Aylar önce
hi you are the best 😊😊😊😊😊😊
if I did that to my mum I would get a free trip to heaven
Rufet Musayev
Rufet Musayev 26 gün önce
Ana❤ata❤ Dnfvclichc🎉
Duck Aylar önce
You could of put your kid up for adoption lol
Ghania Boussadia
Ghania Boussadia Aylar önce
J'aime trop c'est trop beau
Patrick Okafor
Patrick Okafor Aylar önce
If I did that to my Nigerian mom,I would be in heaven 😅
OneAndOnlyBrookie Aylar önce
5 minute crafts be like-
remus draghici
remus draghici Aylar önce
Staged button 👇
yumyum_얌얌 Aylar önce
Seeing her not angry is such an angel😌
Bazigha Zalal
Bazigha Zalal Aylar önce
Everyone saying she didn’t care but if u look close its not her real hair and it’s an extention
Lilian Shali
Lilian Shali Aylar önce
Me if I did that to my mother💀💀☠️☠️
Zoe Graves
Zoe Graves 29 gün önce
Bro she isn't even mad about her cutting off her hair
Fernanda Burgo
Fernanda Burgo 24 gün önce
Celia De leon
Celia De leon 24 gün önce
Бакытбек Жакыпов
Ти кыто?
Света Мамбетова
Javed Iqbal
Javed Iqbal 13 gün önce
my mother have been buried me alive if i did this
D3vilxAl3x Aylar önce
my asian mom would've sent me to the adoption center by now if i did that
sasoo O
sasoo O 26 gün önce
How can a cardboard fit ALL that???
Kirina da aesthetic girl
It was quite a big lot she was hiding the evidence
Erika Enriquez
Erika Enriquez Aylar önce
Bro she just ignored the part that her daughter a whole chunk of her hair with a pair of scissors
benitorojas9893 Aylar önce
Erika Enriquez
Erika Enriquez Aylar önce
زياد حمام
زياد حمام Aylar önce
لماذا تقصي شعر امك
Erika Enriquez
Erika Enriquez 29 gün önce
@زياد حمام 😚
ANA 123
ANA 123 Aylar önce
Que legal essa ideia
Nonato Lira
Nonato Lira Aylar önce
Linda eu 😍💕
Even I don't know who I'm 🥲
kid ur lucky.. if it was an Asian mom. you would be like : huh..how did I reach hell so fast?💀
Софья Евгеньевна
​@Varsha Simon 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
بيان♡︎. Aylar önce
If your mom is arabic GG
Ahlay Aylar önce
みるく🤍 3 gün önce
Fátima Valeria Vázquez mesas.
Cuando sea mama lo intentare sigan este ejemplo
Regina Zepeda
Regina Zepeda Aylar önce
Como le quita el cabello la niñ 😂😂
Emma Byng
Emma Byng Aylar önce
Now I get to see you again 😊❤
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